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    Anonymous @

    oh and I love Perpetual Motion -that was one of my first discs until I found The Flecktones  and Wooten with Fleck. Whoa.

    Whisht @whisht

    I soooooooooo owe Arbutus a birthday choon.

    But first a choon that I was going to post at some stage but @madman1nabox made me think – “I really should do this for his bonkers theory”.

    Whisht @whisht

    and so a belated birthday to you @arbutus.

    Happy birthday to you
    Happy birthday to yooou
    Happy birthday deeearr Arrrrrrbuttuuuuuuuuussssssss
    Happy birth-day to yoooooooooooooooouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

    Now, there is no single piece of music that’s perfect for you, so a couple of random ones connected by the joy of “Life”
    Yep – you guessed it:

    and as a salve to that, some garden music (ie wilder life):

    (this is also gorgeous)

    (I hope Mr Arbutus doesn’t think I’m being forward with that choice)

    Anonymous @

    “and so a belated birthday to you @arbutus.”

    Ditto! And many more!!! 🙂

    Whisht @whisht

    now – someone else I should have mentioned as soon as I saw his post(s).

    @puroandson – &son I completely and utterly agree with you.

    From what you’ve posted on this forum I think you’re a good bloke.

    Here’s a song that appeared on my walkman while it shuffled (don’t they all now – or has everyone reverted to listening to full albums – filler an’ all?). Mainly as we want to a avoid a….

    But I’ll find something more fitting for you at some stage.
    Good luck with the revision (remember, you can only do your best. If you’ve done your best, then the ‘score’ is irrelevant. If you haven’t done your best, well…. why not?).

    Anonymous @


    Dear sir, thank you for your really nice comments.

    I was working really late last night but had to rope in Mum to answer the questions. Mum went a bit hysterical at my C+ -apparently that’s a draft mark but as she helped me she felt she let me down!

    Thing is, the teacher said my bibliography was “wrong” saying I’d missed a full stop and put in a comma instead. The teacher insists we’re using the Harvard system and Mum went a bit nuts saying “well, this aint the Harvard system, this aint anything like it and I should know”. She was already to email my teacher and I had to say “my god don’t DO that I have to take care of this.”

    Her response was “what, with an uzi, cuz that was she deserves.”

    “ermn, no Mother, not quite that far!”,

    She’s calmer today although gone further nuts as she’s watching Twlight -the 9th film or whatever it is. It’s so random it’s weird. This dude has a rapey wedding night and gets all happy about her bruises and then the guy drags her around for days so she doesn’t ‘want’ to make love although she secretly cries at night because she misses the rapey sex. I tell you, people are: odd. Very odd.

    I’m ashamed to say I’ve never heard the Beastie Boys before so thanks for this. I did a music assignment (for which I did get an “a”) and they all laughed because I chose a song by Bon Jovi -I like the 80s music.


    I want to hear some good punk rock from the UK. I think that’s where it began? Mum has a brain fart and cant remember any good ones. Im trying to locate the CDs but I KNOW she has a second set with The Stooges (the group band not the nutty guys) which I think has some naughty F bombs. Also I KNOW she has the Dead Kennedy’s because she used to play it to her students in History but thats hidden too because of  “this may spoil your brain thingamy”

    I also liked the music for @arbutus. I am saying ‘happy birthday to you’ Arbutus, Miss, but I can’t sing well at all so I think whisht should definitely keep on singing the tune 🙂

    Son of Puro (puricle)

    Whisht @whisht

    Hi @Puroandson – ah, so you hadn’t heard the Beastie Boys.

    Well – that track is probably an odd place to start, but there you go!

    I find them an interesting band in that when I first heard them I hated them (they seemed obnoxious brats) but their style changed and it grew on me.

    In terms of Punk, I’m certainly no expert so others here may feel free to educate us!

    In my mind the US ‘Punk’ scene seems very 50’s Rock n Roll based (but speeded up and harder), whereas the UK ‘Punk’ scene seems more a mindset of “I’ll get up and play because I want to, not because someone else has given me permission” – which leads to bands who have energy, even if they don’t always have musicianship.

    But its not really as defined as that as there are good punk musicians, 50’s Rock n Roll inspired UK bands etc etc etc.

    But that’s me out – here are a couple of links but I think others here (Phaseshift? Pedant?) may have more!

    If ever US punk is mentioned, this from New York Dolls gets linked to (so why disappoint?).
    And if UK punk gets mentioned then this by the Damned (which I actually like!) and this get linked to.

    However – before I link to anything by Stooges, The Fall, the Clash or anything, I’ll let your mum un-“brain fart” to see if she thinks that there are just too many F-bombs lurking in the right-hand sidebar of youtube etc etc etc.

    I really do try to not link to sweary music (though I’m not infallible!)

    Anonymous @

    @whisht Son thanks you for this -btw, I am listening to the SP’s On Holiday whilst typing this!

    “now I have a reason, now I have a reason

    to be waiting…I had no reason to be here…now I understand it”

    Whoa. I didn’t discover them till I was about 18? Pathetic! My life, honestly. He loved The Dolls but hasn’t heard the SP yet. If he likes them? He’ll be the coolest 14 year old ever!

    Yes, I know tough love. But the Dead Kennedys? I don’t think he’d get ’em yet? It’s an amorphous mass of notes and wiggles and I think the lyrics, whilst brilliant, get lost unless one concentrates or lets go and smokes….as for your description -you’re right! Sped up 50s music. Where did you get that? You need to do a PhD on this: it’s SO true.

    Thanking you -know, you’re busy.


    Anonymous @


    Why I love God Save the Queen. As a song. By the Pistols. Their tightness is unbelievable: during that first middle 8 (coz it is). His voice and the two lectric geetars together actually create the tightest most sharp sound -it bites you? The combo of the two chords -vi and ii (from memory -I’m listening to Anarchist at the mo) together creates a great seventh; meaning you want resolution and they don’t give it to you (kind of like great sex: thank god son aint home) but truly, God Save the Queen is good: and they banned it. Fools.

    Ban didn’t last for long. 😈


    Arbutus @arbutus

    @whisht    Thank you! I haven’t heard Iggy Pop in an insanely long time, that was great fun. And the PCO is just wonderful. I will have to add them to Bela Fleck on my list of musicians I don’t have enough of (in the case of PCO that would be none at all, and there’s no good reason for it!).

    Thanks too for your good wishes, @StitchInTime and @puroandson (Puricle)!

    Hee, hee, the Beastie Boys. There’s a walk down memory lane for me, back to my days living in shared accommodations with housemates of wildly differing personalities. Good times, good times. 🙂

    @puroandson    I’m not knowledgeable about punk, but for what it’s worth, you can google DOA, who were Vancouver’s contribution to the North American punk scene. (No promises as to age-appropriateness!) There are some complete albums up on YouTube, and back in the day they were a fairly big deal, although it wasn’t my scene, so I was only peripherally aware of them. Also, in Canada, you learn never to assume that anyone else in the world has heard of any of your products. It was years before I realized that Bryan Adams was actually famous in the outside world!  🙂  Their leader, the excellently-named Joey Sh**head, now goes by his birth name of Joe Keithley, and does things like run for political office. Great guy altogether.

    lisa @lisa

    Happy belated Birthday to  @arbutus


    So Punk — @puroandson   –    Definitely the Clash

    most punk rock was angry protest class struggle music and a lot of it was rubbish but not all of it.


    and Iggy Pop —  this is 1 YT vid I particularly like with scenes from old flicks to a great song


    @Whilst  –   LOVE   when you post the tunes!           🙂


    Intermission over back to work                 🙁




    Arbutus @arbutus

    @puroandson     Son of Puro, I feel your pain and your Mom’s, too. The struggle is real. Arbutus Jr. is dealing this year with a nightmare of a physics teacher, and as a result his grade has dropped considerably. He went from an A to a B, and it’s looking like his third term mark will be in the C+ range. I’m in a rage about it because the reasons have nothing to do with what he actually knows, and everything to do with her unfair exam procedures and bizarre marking systems, which she is apparently known for. But he won’t let me get involved, and I have to respect that. It’s hard, though! We mother bears are pretty protective of our cubs.  🙂

    Meanwhile, I’ll share a song with you (not punk) that I told my son he ought to adopt as his personal “story of my life”. PuroSolo and probably others here will know of my abiding love for the music of The Cat Empire. I love it with a deep love. The video that accompanies this track is pretty goofy, but it’s the song that’s the point, and what it says about priorities, youth, and the unpredictability of the future. I hope it makes you smile!

    (P.S., while I agree that people are in fact pretty odd, I don’t think that most real people are reflected in shows like Twilight!)


    Arbutus @arbutus

    @puroandson      PuroSolo, I loved your comments about God Save the Queen. Of course, it’s impossible to avoid the comparison, so here’s this:

    Arbutus @arbutus

    @lisa   Thanks!

    I wonder if hardcore punk fans would argue that the Clash is not punk enough, because people like me like them?  🙂

    That’s a great Bowie/Pop track, (I love the movie clips). Something about the quality of Bowie’s voice marries amazingly well with Iggy’s edgy sound. Thanks for posting!

    Whisht @whisht

    Hi @puroandson – well, as we seem to be linking to punk anyway……


    @son you mentioned the Stooges (great song!!)

    here’s an old goody

    John Peel’s favourite song

    and another great urgent song from 1978

    and at least you now have a right-hand YouTube sidebar to explore!

    And is this Punk? or New Wave? No Wave? New neu noi wav?

    who the hell cares?


    Anonymous @

    @whisht @lisa thank you for all those for Son.

    He’ll love it when he gets home. Yesterday he was in a stink -in tears. That persuasive essay he wrote about why animals shouldn’t be in cages (“they should run free, be in the air, flying”. LOL) only earned him a C so the music above will make him happy.

    Passenger will make me CRY -I was reminded of the film with Dean “Giant”? In the scenes from films, Dean arrives at the ranch covered in oil, grinning like a pig in mud? It then led me to watch the film ‘Dean’ with various modern actors. Interesting. I haven’t seen it before. I loved James Dean. To me Rebel and East of Eden are two of the best films ever made and those and Giant are featured (real quick) in Passenger with Iggy.

    @lisa yes back to work for you! We, in Aus, and everywhere are SO appreciative of the DEM work you’re doing in the States. Will that blob win the election? If so, presidential democracy is over in America for sure.

    Anyway, music @whisht the music you’ve given us (Son will listen when he’s home) is amazing. Thank you so much for linking -know you’re working long hours (as are most!)

    @arbutus Cat Empire! Whoo-ee thank you for that and hoping your birthday week was as lovely as it should be. And must be for our Arbutus!

    Back to the Music for another round!

    PuroSolo (for now)

    KBranagh @kbranagh

    Guys,  the soundtrack of the season 9 of Doctor Who when will be released?

    Whisht @whisht

    Well, for absolutely no Dr Who-related reason, here are 2 things people may want to listen to.

    Here is a gorgeous piece by Arvo Part:


    And I think it was @arbutus who mentioned that she’d nt heard Penguin Cafe Orchestra, so here’s a kind of ‘Best of’ album. Its them playing live, so when if you want to investigate further then their albums will still offer a bit of variation.


    Nothing harsher for the lug ‘oles today.



    Whisht @whisht

    Now, either everyone’s awfully polite, or everyone’s awfully fond of Arvo Part.

    Or…. no one reads my posts.

    OR….. its all three.

    Which is fair enough (and I probably fall into the ‘all three’ category myself).
    However, here’s the link I meant to use [ahem-damnthatcutnpaste-cough]

    Arbutus @arbutus

    @whisht   I had seen your post, just hadn’t had time reply, in the midst of year-end music school activities and Midget house league baseball playoffs, among other things. Although I do love Arvo Part, I confess I did not listen to him twice. I have put a few PCO things onto my wishlist since that conversation, but not this one. I will have a listen over the weekend– I really do think they’re great! Cheers!  🙂

    Arbutus @arbutus

    By the way, I’ve been listening to huge amounts of jazz over the last week or so, here’s something I listened to today. Anyone who likes piano, listen to the fabulous solo in the last few minutes. Jess Stacy. So awesome.

    Anonymous @

    @whisht @arbutus

    I love old Arvo!

    So much so you have the whole Te Deum here – no, not a prank,  but actually a terrific piece which is …OK, it’s quite long.

    No OK, just long. But you can pause it!  I find it consolatory, on a Sunday, to listen to this whilst ….mucking about.

    @pedant I’m watching the second last episode of S7 House. Unbelievable. Greg is doing surgery on himself!  Cripes this show is edgy and sharp. Alongside Buffy, TWW and possibly Boston Legal, I’ve never seen anything so beautifully sewn together (no pun intended). A perfect reconstruction of plot points at regular intervals: a great rhythm.

    Kindest to all and happy Sunday. It’s still 94% humidity in the ‘dead’ of Winter.  🙂

    Puro and Son

    Anonymous @


    Yes, the Penguin Café!  Thank you for commenting on that too. Great stuff.

    I’m editing this because I forgot to mention your end of term busyness. By now, your family might be on holidays and you not as rushed – I hope? 🙂 As we say here, stay frosty…

    P. x

    Arbutus @arbutus

    @puroandson    Hello, sweetie! Lovely contribution, the Te Deum. I shall play the whole thing tomorrow in the quiet of my own Sunday.

    Yes, things are gradually calming down. Music school is done now, and the boy has one more week of classes and just a few more baseball games. While not exactly frosty, the temperature has dropped quite a bit and we’re getting some rain, useful for the garden, less helpful when playoff games have to be postponed. We’re having a 6-day trip to Chicago in a few weeks, and I saw some truly scary temperatures being posted over the next couple of days. Heat, humidity, rain, thunderstorms, all in one great package. Well, I do remember driving around the Canadian Great Lakes a few years ago, and the trip was studded with “weather events”. However, we’re all very excited about our Chicago visit. Among other things, I plan on eating all the Latin American food I can get into my face over six days!  🙂

    Regarding House– oh, yes. Such a fantastic show. I’d like to watch it again some day, but it will take me awhile to recover from the first go round. Funny, disturbing, heartbreaking, thought-provoking, all in one package wrapped around a “hero” who did such a fabulous job of being almost likeable before letting you down! Props to Hugh Laurie and the writers for doing that so very well.

    Barnable @trump

    Donald Trump Campaign Song

    Anonymous @


    Hey there barnable? Mum said you used to be on this Forum all the time?

    Metallica! Awesome. Still, I expect there’s no way you’re for trump, coz, you know, that would be weird.  Not sure. Anyway, hi there from the Hybrid and hoped you enjoyed the last fantastic season of Who.

    From, well, a socialist in Aus 🙂 Seriously, in this household we laughingly call ourselves socialists _we have free health  care and medicine which is truly great: pretty much since 1974. But anyway, nuff of the history and back to the music!!


    The puricle.

    Barnable @trump


    Howdy Hybrid, NOOOO I’m not a Trump supporter.  I swear Trump is the real life Harold Saxon. Trump could start jumping around with a skeleton face eating everyone’s food like anytime now.


    But I’m not worried because the Doctor should show up by election time to sort it all out.


    I’m ready for our first Lady President, so I think a Lady Doctor would be cool too.


    Nice to finally talk you and I hope your moms is feeling well.


    Now I gotta get rid of this trump name soon, before he sues me for using it. 🙂

    Anonymous @


    Mr Barnable, oh LOL!

    I told Mum and she said “oh you didn’t say that” (I guess she meant write that). She also said “noooo he wouldn’t be a trumpie”. I think a “trumpie” is a great word. A lady president! Yes, that’s what I was saying on the other thread!! How did you know?? LOL. About lady doctors….but back to Metallica….:)

    Puro’s son

    Arbutus @arbutus

    @puroandson         Son of Puro, here’s a link to share with your mom. The music school where I teach had their year end recitals recently, and the little guy in this video is a great kid with some big behavioral challenges. He usually prefers gymnastics to music, and has a hard time staying focussed, respecting the other kids, and so on. At the recital he did this, and completely blew everyone away. Tears ensued (at least from me, but little kids singing has reliably made me cry for years!). I thought of Puro when I saw that the school had posted the video.

    By the way, I enjoyed reading your comments on the other thread, regarding gender and the Doctor. I know that my son and many of his friends share your views about this sort of thing, and have a greater open-mindedness than many people in my generation (because we had to learn it later, we didn’t grow up with this sort of thinking, for the most part, and so we find (or I do, at least) that we have to keep practising it. Here’s to you!    🙂


    Anonymous @


    Thank you Miss, that’s wonderful! Definitely Mum will like it and its lovely you put that there. I know mum cried over these songs too.

    I think the feminist issue is a strong one -maybe though there’s a lot of work to do yet and that we (me) on the feminist side need to be passionate but incredibly sensitive. I don’t understand why people have to say “I’m NOT a feminist” as if that’s a bad thing?

    When I think it’s good? Maybe they think feminists are aggressive women who are loud and angry. Well, occasionally that’s OK too. I can understand angry and I can understand how some women are really upset about how girls have to stay girls -all the lipstick, the shaving of every body part, the salons, the girlie clothes, I just don’t get it.

    It’s great in moderation but all that ‘trying to be like everyone else ‘ is very exhausting to the gals I know (those who speak to me and don’t giggle -I don’t like the gigglers!)

    From the puricle 🙂

    Whisht @whisht

    Well, this is for whether you think “can I learn anything from a different interpretation?”.

    oh, and as this popped up on my shuffle earlier today (causing volume uppage)… though I’m sure I’ve linked before

    Arbutus @arbutus

    @whisht      OMG, Jimmy Smith. You’ve just pushed at least four of my buttons– jazz, organ, Hammond B3, Jimmy Smith. I hadn’t heard that before. 🙂 🙂 🙂

    And Tito Puente. That’s funny, because I was just last night reading some stuff about Latin jazz while listening to Stan Kenton. Tito came up in several places. That’s a great track.

    Have a listen to any bit you like of this (or even all of it, if you have some nice fizzy beer or mojito fixings handy!):

    Anonymous @

    @whisht @arbutus

    She’s baaaack.

    Young Puricle had taken over for a few days.

    Tito and the Band – yee-hah! -aren’t they terrific??

    Cat in a Tree -awesome as well. Can Puricle learn from a different interpretation re other comments? I’ve found them all very funny. It takes distance I suppose…

    Love to wake up on a Monday morning to see what the Music Gods have put up. Thank you so much.


    Arbutus @arbutus

    @puroandson      Hello, sweetie!  🙂  Nice to “see” you. I have greatly enjoyed the Puricle’s contributions over the last couple of days. The Cat, not in a tree but among the pigeons; a polite, respectful cat, but not afraid to voice an opinion!

    Whisht @whisht

    Oh no – @thedentistofdavros and @everyoneelse

    I really know very little about music. I’d honestly love it if I did.
    And though I could sorely do with my ego being stroked, I’d truly hate it if people didn’t post to the music thread because they thought of it as the muso thread.

    so, as an admission of “I know nuffin…..”


    I’m the student that in a small club in Leeds congratulated one of The Sandkings (no? never mind) after their set on playing a Phil Collins song. The extremely polite and really nice bassist or guitarist said “erm, you mean the Beatles song?” and me saying “no, no the Phil Collins song” and getting a bemused (but kind) stare of bewilderment.


    My only reference point was from Face Value*.

    Face Value…. here’s the not-the-most-famous-track from that album and yet still a great track as are (nearly?) all of the others.

    One day I’lll write about Face Value in a way that will hopefully not be too “American Psycho talking about Huey Lewis and the News’ ‘Hip to be Square’ “.

    Basically – I know nuffin’.


    There are people who have never had the pleasure of aural nourishment.

    Please donate all your used music to this thread to feed their ears.



    (* btw – the rest of his albums are bloody awful)

    Anonymous @


    Ah yes, but you do know an awful lot! Demo’ed by the very last comment you made.

    I knew this nice lady a year ahead of me or thereabouts at uni who was Collins mad. She was so excited that she had tickets for three nights in a row for Phil. I was all “bahahahah you idiot” when I shouldn’t have been so rude -she was nice to me. She gave me fashionable clothes actually and was generally chatty.

    I don’t why I remembered this -it’s the song ‘You Know What I mean’ that done it 🙂 I love that track.


    Arbutus @arbutus

    @whisht   I’m sure lots of us have a story at least a bit like that. Back in the day, we all heard at least one great “new” song that was actually thirty years old or whatever. In fact, it still happens. A couple of years ago, my son was very keen on this song. He didn’t believe us when we told him that it was using a theme from something 30+ years old. We downloaded the Aha song for him, and he actually liked it better.  🙂

    @thedentistofdavros      I have no idea if this is the kind of thing you might like, but it’s a song my son introduced me to, by a Canadian group with the fabulous name Walk Off the Earth. My son has great taste and I find listening to his music very encouraging, because it shows me that positive, upbeat, interesting music is still out there! As well as their own stuff, Walk Off the Earth has actually done a lot of covers that they have posted on YouTube, and some of them are very interesting!

    (I may have put this up here before at some point, I think it’s a great song!)

    TheDentistOfDavros @thedentistofdavros

    @arbutus @whisht @puroandson

    @puroandson I will look forward to your birthday, please remind me when it does reach your birthday (I’m rubbish at remembering dates!) and what else could you want for your birthday when you have all of us giving you songs!

    @whisht Even if you deny it I would still pick you on my quiz team, I bet you’d be good at the music questions, I’m hopeless at them!

    @arbutus Thank you for the song, I listened to it and I’m pleased to say that I enjoyed it (Loved the ukulele!). I’ll try and post a song but I’m not sure how too… Ah I’ve just worked it out but YouTube isn’t working at the moment so I’ll try and post again tomorrow once I can get on to YouTube. You’re husband sounds like Sherlock, that’s some talent he has! You and your husband can join the quiz team as well, oh and so can @puroandson

    I shall try and post something tomorrow, Promise!

    Whisht @whisht

    So, we’re having a referendum in the UK.
    Lots of lies/ disinformation from both sides, but a massively important vote (In or Out of the European Union?).

    As with a referendum that was discussed before on these threads, all I’ll say is that your vote counts.

    In terms of ‘counting songs’, I thought I’d be oh-so-clever and link to this [strokes chin].

    But on looking for songs, I finally found this and remembered “bloomin’ hell, this is incredible!”.

    Kid’s TV and Jazz. Does this still happen? its incredibly funky and in no way ‘childish’!

    Bluesqueakpip @bluesqueakpip


    Ah, yes, referendum music. My favourite:

    Anonymous @

    @bluesqueakpip great Fred and Ginger. Awesome

    Now @thedentistofdavros -absolutely: will wait to hear what you’ve posted.

    @whisht Loved that Counting song from Sesame -thought that’s how I was brought up actually.

    Also, the Cornelius: on the comments it said “seizure alert” Vury fenny!!

    @arbutus Interesting song: I liked it. I hope Puricle likes it too -he’s odd about music of ‘the now’ (his words). Sometimes people singing in what he calls high registers is too much of a turn-off. Not sure. I think he’s gone a bit too Old School and isn’t interested in the Now; hopefully your song offering will change that. Let’s hope. 🙂


    Cripes, I’m still in bed. It’s cold and my kitchen is a mess (I haven’t seen it -I just know it)

    Arbutus @arbutus

    @puroandson      “It’s cold” is not a complaint I hear from you very often!  🙂  I do like a song with nice harmonies interesting use of instruments. A group that throws in the occasional violin, accordion, or trombone, for instance, will always win my love. Best of all is a group that will use all of those.  🙂

    I give you the fabulous Quebecois band La Bottine Souriante!

    TheDentistOfDavros @thedentistofdavros

    Here we go this is the first song I can ever remember being stuck in my head permanently and I still love it! I’m sure you’ve all heard it many times before. Enjoy!

    Here’s another song I heard not long ago and personally I just think it’s bewildering! No idea if anyone’s into this kind of stuff, I’m not anyway but thought it was interesting so I’ll share it with all of youHere you go…

    Barnable @trump

    Counting Referendum

    Anonymous @


    “alienation and no-one’s bothered”

    Hell yeah!

    Great choice. @arbutus -always love your music too and yes, quite right, I never ever say “I’m cold”.

    I do like the feeling though? Gives me energy? I think the QLD humidity can sap everyone’s energy (unlike Mr Dentist’s choice of alternative music -which is incredibly energetic!) and it’s good that the humidity has closed its doors for awhile 🙂

    @barnable The Ramones! Long time no hear 🙂 Love ’em to bits. The puricle discovered them a few months ago -more good choons to add to his youtube ‘player’ thingy. I don’t get it. Apparently one listens to these things on the ipod and then you put them permanently on the ipod but not thru iTunes? I have no idea how this works.

    <wanders off muttering about technology>

    Speaking of wandering where is @scaryb these days? How are you dear? In the ether somewhere, busy and busier?


    PuroSolo (I need to post a song PDQ)

    Bluesqueakpip @bluesqueakpip


    Yes, a little bit of Fred and Ginger usually helps. 🙂 As indeed does a bit of Queen.

    And now, for something totally different – whichever side our UK members are on, this is how I think of us at our best.

    Whisht @whisht

    Well, I was going to sit on the sidelines, and am aware that many people here are not actually in the UK!

    But, but…. but.

    I’m sick of the lies (in this referendum of whether the UK should leave the European Union).
    Both sides.
    But the most craven, dirty, and self-serving lies and manipulations are from Farage and Johnson.

    Fuck them.

    I know, resorting to swear words means you’ve lost the argument.
    What I’m trying to say is I really really object to how this whole attempt to manipulate the debate has gone on.

    And by “manipulate the debate” I mean ‘manipulate people’.

    “Its a vote against the Establishment” – no it isn’t Farage. But yes – a perfectly weighted emotional punch to get votes for something that isn’t anything to do with this but will win you power and influence.

    “Its the immigrants” – no it isn’t (everyone else). Its the planning and decision making. It was this government which decided to exercise its veto – illustrating how the country does retain sovereignty – to not protect the steel industry from China dumping cheap steel and destabalising the industry here. For Johnson to say it was the EU at fault is…. I actually cannot find the word. Duplicitous is too mild. The word I have in mind really I don’t want to type. Its this (Tory) government not investing in the NHS (not the EU telling us not to) as its against its ideology of small government and ‘Market Forces’ being better than Government decision making (the supposed opposite). Its this government not investing in homebuilding as its scared of the Middle Class vote after house prices fall (a bit) to allow more people a chance to buy.

    I know – all that should be in the Pub. I’m happy for that to be modded.

    But I’m angry.

    Here’s the jukebox song I’m putting on in the pub.


    Here we go…



    Absolutely. This white son of a truck driver is heartily sick of the keening, whining hatred from the wailing white boys.

    There is no group as adept as the English working classes at finding someone else to blame for their indolence, and no group better at exploiting that than the English elite.

    We are on the verge of kicking the door open for fascism.

    Bluesqueakpip @bluesqueakpip

    @whisht and @pedant

    Aaaand …. breathe!

    Whatever happens, whichever way the majority votes tomorrow, we will all have to work together on Friday. The worst thing about this damnable campaign is the way both sides have started spitting sheer hatred at the other side.

    This song has a Doctor Who connection: it was considered as a possible ‘entry’ song for a new companion, Penny. In the end, Catherine Tate agreed to return, so Penny never got to travel in the TARDIS.

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