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    syzygy @thane16

    And another Voice of d’Beehive…

    Whisht @whisht

    hmm – I wonder if it was I who led us down to this lascivious level?

    Syzzers – I should have said that “tighter than a gnat’s chuff” is probably more suited to the Mess than the Captain’s table.


    But as I think I’ve said before I never really listened to lyrics until I became part of this forum. In fact its probably @pedant who has made me listen/read the lyrics before posting songs and something I’m eternally grateful for.

    I really have learnt so much here.

    But still I don’t think about lyrics especially not to songs I’ve known for decades and so… I didn’t even get the hip-to-hip reference!
    … blush

    So, here’s a song that is purely a wall-of-sound with no inner meaning other than….

    wah wah

    (don’t tell me I’m missing something – I’m coming up on fifty)

    syzygy @thane16


    you. Never. Miss. Anything.  (YNMA). That’s your name now, sorry, but it is. You asked for it 🙂

    I love Wah-wah. Possibly boring anecdote: I had this playing really loud to a group of very sick gentlemen in the States (fiddling around with music therapy) as well as the Beatles and Merseyside groups.

    The patients were blue collar workers who opened up about music, how they met their wives (one guy had 4. He was a strict Catholic and all 3 had died from a variety of ailments), what they liked to do like going down to various halls having come home late from work on a Friday saying, “gal, get your glad rags on, put on some lipstick and  Marjorie is looking after the kid.”  They all started talking at once, colour gone for weeks returned to their cheeks and the ‘lead’ chap (who did more talking) said it was 1973 and his wife was pregnant. So pregnant that, in fact, shortly after listening to these songs (he included Wah-wah which I might have added in for the laughs) and other Harrison choons; and doing a slow dance to Johnny Cash, her waters broke and they just made it to the hospital. She wanted to name him “George” but he was flat-out against it so they named him Paul.

    Anywaaay, one of the guys had an acoustic guitar and having collected it from the lockers started playing it over the next few weeks but being LH I really needed to re-string the one I was given for 10 bucks. The patient did it for me. And being no kind of guitarist at all I followed him slowly, tongue stuck out, stretching index fingers over sharp cat-gut with basic chords. On this song he’d get impatient because the “entire song demands a resolution on the 5th chord and you, sweetie are taking waaay too long. You like to keep a man waitin’ do ya?”

    Perhaps unusually I burst into laughter and the other 3 patients in the ward did too. It was a wonderful few weeks, I learnt a lot but never found out what happened to them in hospice care. And I never followed thru with music therapy as I was never really good at it! I had other musicological potential 🙂 Most things would freak me out -as mentioned in The Sofa

    Arbutus @arbutus

    @whisht  @thane16   Awesome Woodstock content! And the B52’s. I have weirdly fond memories of dancing to Rock Lobster in high school. For some reason, we all had to fall to the floor at one point, and then bounce back up again. I lived in Calgary, Alberta, for my last two years of high school and Calgary was pretty much a disco, rock-n-roll, or nothing town at that time. I think the B-52’s were the trendiest thing I heard until I moved back to Vancouver in 1980 (because they did get played in the discos). Then all of a sudden there was all this punk/new wave/Brit pop/R&B stuff happening that I had barely even heard of. This was great until about the mid-80’s when all the music on the radio started sounding the same to me, and then rap was a thing and the tunes all went away, and I just stopped listening to the radio at that point, and went back to school and studied classical for about eight years. I pretty much missed nineties. 🙂

    syzygy @thane16

    @arbutus great to see you up and about on the Forum! I didn’t know you were in Alberta. Being as I have my secret ways I think I was in Alberta (for 2 weeks) when you were in school there.  But it was your last 2 yrs of school and I was 13-14 so….maybe not. But the Arbutus and puro line may have at least danced to the same music at the time, so bonus for this 🙂 And yes Rock Lobster….what was it with the falling down and getting back up again?

    I remember dressed up in various teacher clothes doing a Halloween gig where my friend imitated our history teacher who loved her tight jeans and denim shorts for work. She was a tanned teacher and so my friend, a very cream skinned young lady had to ‘paint’ her legs brown for the shorts-portion of the act. Tells you how long ago this was, as there were no tanning products in 1982-84 in Australia, then, at least.  Typically, I was dressed as the “boring librarian” who I didn’t think was boring at all!

    I need a song about a library. Or….maybe…. I have an idea for a surprise….

    I know, I’ve seemed to change names AGAIN. It was Thane’s idea to go for Syzygy…A The OA -type-of-thing.

    syzygy @thane16


    Not the best, but enthusiastic (singers)  and a library. Although not many people were smiling. To me, singing is smiling!  One of the soloists needed some tuition from …..Russell Crowe. Lot of people don’t like Crowe’s rendition (of anything). I did, though, even with ADR.  I’m not a huge musical fan then again it was JCSuperstar which I was brought up on -and Evita, of all things. 🙂





    syzygy @thane16







    syzygy @thane16

    Aaand coz I enjoyed the show 13 Reasons… S3)

    syzygy @thane16

    So Puro or Siggers posted Bowie which was SO good but I’m posting this: REM.  Mum did say (possibly being a little fried from watching too much telly)  “holy heck this sounds like Taylor.”  I dunno, but it’s the best recording of this used in anything I’ve seen though.


    @thane16 (the outlier)

    The Julie Covington Evita, then?

    Arbutus @arbutus

    @thane16   Well, I’m trying to be up and about! I seem to have some time-management problems nowadays. Love the librarians! I have a fondness for Les Miz, and thought the film was solid, although for me it can never compare to a stage version. Arbutus Jr. did “Stars” for a singing test in choir a few years ago—they had to sing along with a recording and try and match the performance. I think he chose the original London cast recording.

    I also have a fondness for librarians. Most years at Christmas, we watch It’s a Wonderful Life, and I laugh like a loon at the scene where Clarence is forced to divulge to a wild-eyed George that his alternate-universe wife is (the horror!) a spinster librarian! I’m pretty sure they never meant that to be as funny as it is. On the other hand, have you seen the Hepburn-Tracy movie Desk Set? She’s a librarian and he’s a guy with a computer. I adore that film.

    Siggers the Younger, nice pick. Despite having, as I said, bailed on the 90s, I did like REM.

    syzygy @thane16


    Yeah, I reckon people think the scene with George’s wife is awful -from a post-modern and whatever-it’s called perspective. I thought it was hilarious. But now I’m not so sure 🙂 ….. I haven’t seen Desk Set but they’re a great couple of actors.

    REM forever 🙂  But maybe some James….


    Whisht @whisht

    Hi all – ooh – looks like I mucked up my last posting (either browser open too long or too many songs!)

    So this is me re-writing and apologies if I’ve forgotten anyone I meant to reply to in the previous one.

    @thane16 – Voice of the Beehive. In *every* way something I should listen to more ;¬)
    REM too (though I can only do a song or two at a time – a whole album… maybe its the reedy voice. But individual songs… wonderful!
    And James Taylor – well there are so many friends here
    Speaking of which…. @arbutushowdy!!

    erm, I’m sure I’m forgetting stuff but as I notice that love is in the Message Inbox (awww now you’re telling me its not real!!) then I thought I’d post something for a Friday night.

    This is for the layydeeeezz…….. and all those who luurrvvve the laydeez

    And here (unsurprisingly) is a slightly different version that popped up in Google*

    *WARNING – images in this video are likely to SHOCK and cause enormous LAUGHTER but mainly shock.
    And smirky laughter.

    syzygy @thane16

    @whisht thar therrre  isz brillyarnt!

    “anything your heart can stand, it all depends on you…..I’ll turn your world upside down, I’ll blow your mind to pieces….”

    It’s been a huuuuge while since I did the ‘soul’ walking and exaggerated nodding ‘move,’ at that tempo, to such an “ohh, yeaaah, baby,” golden- syrupy- warm -and- steamy choon like that. He had 14 kids. Whoa!


    Whisht @whisht


    Isaac Hayes had 14 kids??!??!?

    hmm – probably just sound-checks….

    Whisht @whisht

    so – ya got me thinking of great bass playing (I can’t now work out why so…. whaddeva).

    What’s great about this (for me) is that the bass is really warm and sinousy when it can be and the vocal, horns et al are dry as hell.

    Carole Kaye is awesome.

    Perhaps unsurprisingly when I googled “dirty funky bass lines” what I mostly got was… prog, clever-clever, Rock, virtuoso bass playing.
    Which is all very good but… anyway here’s one that I remember from my yoooth and my teenage ear didn’t think about the different instruments (and it never grew up – I still don’t really think of them as separate nor listen to lyrics) but on listening back to this I think of the bass/ guitars/ drum and vocal as incredibly tight and locked.

    Whisht @whisht

    but yeah…. basslines when its locked in with rhythm guitar and vocal

    good times

    blenkinsopthebrave @blenkinsopthebrave


    I confess to being of the generation that responded to the Nancy Sinatra song (although I am not sure your clip did the song justice). But, to respond to the clip, with another clip from a different decade, that (in common with your clip) was ludicrously…well ludicrous.


    syzygy @thane16

    @blenkinsopthebrave the ladeez in stocking??  Didn’t do it for you?

    @whisht OH YEZ!  Just to be lecture-y we’d use terms like “locked” for what we’d call “the modern music” 🙂

    The Sinatra is flippin’ LOCKED! And LOADED! Seriously though, that’s one clever as shit producer. Could’ve been a really unrighteous bass sloppy and loud with the horns snarkin’ thru the upper registers & it was mellow. All the way through -and tightly dictated. I must admit to checking out the stockings & the boots. Very clever production assistants.

    Thane16 and Siggers.


    blenkinsopthebrave @blenkinsopthebrave


    Hi thane16 and siggers

    You know, when I watched it, I thought the tempo was wrong–I somehow remembered it as a bit faster. Of course, originally, my pulse would have been racing a bit faster…ahem.





    Whisht @whisht

    @blenkinsopthebrave – ah, interesting…
    Maybe its memory but it could be as the sound is now through different amps and speakers and possibly even slightly sped up videos.

    However, I also believe that pulse may affect this too!


    And yes, Bananarama were ridiculous in many ways (many of them the right ways!).

    Whisht @whisht

    thanks @pedant I hadn’t realised its World Suicide Day.

    A massive issue and one that I won’t make light of (if anything I post has lyrics or tone that somehow jars with anyone its not intentional at all – blame my cack-handedness or tin ear).

    y’know, I remember the Inspirals but (you guessed it) I didn’t listen to the lyrics.
    (when they played Leeds Uni I was outside walking back to my digs and all I could hear was the bass – but by god it was loud and deep!).

    A memory I treasure though this may sound odd or overly personal, but I was walking along Theobald’s Lane in London and I saw some graffiti down a side street.
    Maybe I was just more receptive than usual.
    It was odd graffiti – almost retro, like it was from the 60’s.
    It was a single statement painted by brush in white capital letters about 50cm high.
    Not rushed but not perfect.
    And it said


    I don’t know why, but that extra “ever” stayed with me.
    It was a desperate plea but an honest one.

    I guess these songs are my songs for hope, two of which I’ve done before so just links this time (though the songs really are wonderful and for my mind deserve the time to listen).

    Obviously Don’t Give Up.
    And the poignant but honest Do You Realise?
    As well as (again obviously) Everybody Hurts – this time I’ll embed it as I do think this has a simple message.

    Perhaps so many links devalue each of these songs and its not meant to.
    More like a prescription and dosage – each of these has individually or in combination allowed me time to feel at different points. And maybe for me they have to be that obvious lyrically to cut through (as I usually just listen to sound).

    But a song that made me possibly remember/ realise how much our friends and loved ones do things for us that even they probably don’t realise how generous and loving and supportive they are, is this.

    blenkinsopthebrave @blenkinsopthebrave

    @whisht, @thane16

    this one’s for whisht and syggers…maybe because it represents a moment in my youth, or…just because…




    blenkinsopthebrave @blenkinsopthebrave

    @whisht, @thane16

    come to think of it, there’s this as well. You can’t believe how important this..and the music–and performances of–Jeannie Lewis…was to me at a certain moment in my past.


    Whisht @whisht

    Hi @blenkinsopthebrave – thanks for the jeannie lewis songs.
    I’ll admit I’d not heard these nor in fact of her (sorry!).
    Her vocal delivery is really clear and even noticing that makes me realise that most of the people I listen to aren’t!


    Though the song ‘Gary’ made me think of a certain band, but… although a the track I’m thinking of is a ‘fun’ song (actually debatable) I’ll not post it yet as might seem I’m taking the proverbial and I truly don’t want to do that.

    Generally/genuinely I don’t but also I really do think there are songs from our individual pasts that are sacrosanct.

    Its irrelevant if they are good or even if we still like them. They have passed into the fog of fondness and I will never want to harm mine or anyone else’s songs in that fog-bank.

    blenkinsopthebrave @blenkinsopthebrave


    It was the voice. And it was what she could do with other people’s songs. It was a combination of the electrifying power of her voice and a sort of ethereal, poetic take on what she sang that captured a moment (in this case, the early to mid seventies in Sydney, undergraduate days, living in share houses, going to performances like hers, etc, etc). If you can track down an album called “Freefall through Featherless Flight”…

    Mudlark @mudlark

    Lady Hale’s arachnid brooch seems to have attracted a good deal of attention, so this seems appropriate

    Whisht @whisht

    I hereby decide that I myself will not be offended by the juvenile stupidity of this song.
    Instead, I decide that I will continue to enjoy the stupidity of this song until I realise that I shouldn’t.

    syzygy @thane16

    @whisht Love that idea: the “Fog Bank.”  Not to harm anyone’s choice of song or one’s own.


    “I hereby decide that I myself will not be offended by the juvenile stupidity of this song.
    Instead, I decide that I will continue to enjoy the stupidity of this song until I realise that I shouldn’t.”


    Youtubers think this song is “way ahead of its time.” I don’t think that. But I’m a changeable person. Sometimes even open to other’s opinions (except for Brexit, a Dr Woman, and Trump). It’s a neatly efficient song -it could’ve “gone on”  (something I do a lot)and didn’t. It’s a precise little choon. But it’s original and damn good.

    To our pedant.

    syzygy @thane16

    @mudlark! Good to see you on the music thread. Great song. Lady Hale, however is lost to me? Is she married to a time lord, at all? Or an earth Lord? 🙂

    I know. Not very funny. My humour’s a work in progress.


    Totally agree: the singer and the feelings of certain times attached to certain music. It’s incredibly important to us. Almost as important as our sense of smell and how we capture a scent/fragrance memory. I don’t think I’ve explained that well but hopefully you get that  🙂

    Oh @mudlark I hired an arborist who became very excited when I mentioned double digging. He said: “are you an archaeologist?” followed by: “a proper gardener?” I had to say “no, siree, I aint either.”  About 30 minutes later he’d figured out this for himself. “Why are you chucking out your leaves? I see egg shells in your bin (cue my red face). Can you pop them in the tree (the tuccarroo/tucaroo) or the soil? Your soil is dead. It’s inert.” 🙁

    I’ve since learned to “undead” it. Sort of. It involves worm wee. When a person says “wormwe” it takes a lot of “sorry, excuse me, what?” because I was unprepared for worm followed by a voiced consonant which followed a conversation on medial consonants and fricatives which went around in circles….. SO I’m totally on the wrong thread.

    Mind Gardens is pretty awful and REM’s Gardening At Night isn’t balanced AT ALL. So, I’ll go with the goodie I know and love, actually.


    Mudlark @mudlark


    Lady Hale is a judge and President of the Supreme Court of the UK.  She is known for her collection of zoomorphic jewellery – chiefly insects and amphibians, and when she read out the unanimous ruling of the SC that Boris Johnson had acted unconstitutionally in proroguing Parliament for five weeks she was wearing a brooch in the form of a large spider.

    I did wonder how many outside the UK – or within it for that matter – would get the joke.  My brother (the one in France), who is usually quick on the uptake in these matters and whose sense of humour tends to be similar to mine surprised me by being unamused and sniffy . Apparently he has always been too cool for The Who which surprised me;  his taste in music always seemed pretty wide and eclectic.  Now he has joined a choir which sings mainly liturgical stuff and laments that he is a bass baritone and  tenors have all the fun 🙁

    I could bore on for hours on the subject of garden compost and wormeries, but that is probably a subject best discussed over a pint in the pub.

    Whisht @whisht

    @thane16 – completely agree that “You Really Got Me” isn’t ahead of its time (also that its tight and not flabby!).
    Its simply still massively influential.
    Its kinda now-centric (not sure what the right word is!) of people today to think of it as ahead of its time as if now is when that sound is relevant! ;¬)

    And really enjoyed Lynn Anderson – not sure I’d heard her version before. If I did I probably mis-labelled it in my head as Dolly or someone. Thanks for both of these as I really enjoyed them!

    Happy Belated Birthday Pedant!

    Whisht @whisht

    So Ginger Baker passed away a few days ago.
    I’m not a massive Cream fan nor heard his work with Mayall etc.

    However I thought I’d post a couple of live versions here.

    I was going to put Rollin’ and Tumblin’ but I really dislike Bruce’s singing.
    So its going to be Crossroads.
    On listening, Baker is quite precise to begin with then when the guitar solo kicks in, he supports it with then really drives everyone along.

    Now this may test people’s patience so a warning – this includes a 10 minute drum solo from Baker.
    Normally that’s too much, but this post is in his memory.
    Its precise, pounding and there’s only one of him.
    Which may be the an epitaph in itself.

    syzygy @thane16


    True. It’s “nowish.”

    Also, I sounded daft: “changeable except Brexit, etc & woman doctor.”  When I meant (& those who know me would’ve gotten it), I like a Woman Doctor Who. Just sayin’ in case it became “whaa?”

    Thank you! You’re right it stands as an awesome solo.

    I have to admit I didn’t even know Ginger’d died & I was listening to Mayall recently. Mayall made some extraordinary moves, mainly quick moves & not always backed by anything except his hind brain….But that’s my silly opinion. And it is silly.

    Ah! John Bruce (JohnSAsherB -as music students we needed a cash ‘n’ carry way of remembering things by our 5th year as something else would brain-ooze). Bruce was classically trained & shimmied with the best. I knew of his collaboration with McLaughlin because of various mandatory units of minimalist modern music-making (had to alliterate that) where he didn’t always sing 🙂

    So, Things We Like was….something I liked. Not the whole album but snippets. The album cover is totally gross (my lad’s analysis)**. It’s not a rainbow triangle on black; nor a white vinyl. There’s no band feeding 7 goats; & there aren’t a collection of celebs & clever clogs in colourful clothes like WC Fields, William Burroughs & others…

    You would’ve all guessed those four with plenty of clues.  Uhm, Who? Red crosses for incorrects? Nah, maybe pink  😉  Actually the clues are funnier!

    ** ‘someone’s’ stuffing their face with a dog bowl of sausages & smashed spuds. If that doesn’t “gross” you out on an album cover then nothing else will. Although Iggy Pop had some flash & skin in the game too.


    Whisht @whisht

    ooh @thane16 – that’s jazz alright but a little bit more than I can take!
    But I do love testing myself nonetheless!!

    This is a song I found a few weeks back and meant to post but I managed to break my laptop (duh!) and didn’t.
    So, posting from another thing (tablet-with-a-keyboard).

    This is an incredibly beautiful song about Love and perhaps at least reminds those who have found love to pause and think and be thankful for what life can bring.

    Someone remind me to put this up at christmas.


    With @winston in mind, The Cure and the impossible sad and beautiful Pictures of You. 

    winston @winston

    @pedant  Thank you for your understanding.

    syzygy @thane16

    @whisht that  very sweet, He showed true feeling & a sensitivity. Lovely

    @winston I know feeling better is not probably where you’re at -yet but reach  out if you want to talk some more.  @pedant a terrific song. I heard The Cure a lot later than I should’ve . My colleagues ‘intervened’ & I’m glad they persisted. It’s been a bit of a silly week so the music helped.

    Jérôme @omega1972
    Whisht @whisht

    hey @omega1972 – thanks for sharing!

    I really liked the overall structure of that piece – it built well.
    I think though I may like your piece Octopus even more (will need to listen to both a couple of times!)


    Whisht @whisht

    Unfortunately I bust my last laptop (boo) so have lost my textpad of comments/ songs I’ve already posted over the years(!)

    So… I know I’ve seen this before but it was one that came up randomly(?) just now and I thought I’d post as I want to get over my own biases.

    I don’t want to like show-offs. I don’t want to be easily gulled. And he is showing off and speeding up when the audience grows etc.

    But, but…. sometimes its enough to just forget about my own hangups and say y’know what, I’m glad I’m tapping my feet, others are smiling and a young girl is going ohmigodwotisthisIthinkthisischangingstuffermmcan’tfigureitoutletmegetaphoneandjoinin

    and sod it, Jerry Lewis, Little Richard etc etc showed off enormously!

    So have at it man (and this is I think in St Pancras in London where noone stops for anything as we’re all far too cool/busy)

    Whisht @whisht

    ok, this is going to mean nothing to anyone here.
    So why am I sharing?
    well… I’ve no one else to share it with.

    It randomly popped into my head tonight and gave me warm and bittersweet memories.

    We were in Uni, 19 or 20yrs old. We were Design students told to make a video.
    A mate knew this song and we said “yay” lets do that!
    Luckily that video was scrubbed by our lecturers as soon as they saw it (if they bothered even watching – they scrubbed everyone’s – video in late 90’s wasn’t cheap to buy).

    But the vague memories live on.
    Yep, I was Jesus (was it cos I was the only one with a suit? the only one who wasn’t as nuts as the others?)
    We pranced through Leeds and made fools of ourselves.
    And somehow…. with a few other friends we supported King Missile when they played the Duchess of York.

    So, I’m reminiscing. No, its not my birthday.
    This is for Graham (grey) and Joe (and Joe) and others who made me literally cry with laughter.

    (to be honest I’m not that big a fan of King Missile… particular song and time and place)

    syzygy @thane16


    You still up mate?

    🙂 That was awesome. The comments on youtube were actually incredibly funny too.

    I have an “ishoo” with boogie the woogie. But it’s FUN (& & I shouldn’t dislike it…. I don’t really).

    It’s erm……repetitive. And his fingers are damned flat on the board. If he’d curl them he’ll have many years of playing to go….Gah! I know, I shouldn’t be negative. He sat down, & everyone had a helluva time. Interesing that many travellers kept on going & didn’t stop at all. At first. Imagine the people in the lift….wondering “what the heck’s happening down there? Get me down quicker!”

    He seems like a nice young man too -ie: youtube comments. He’s in the U.S. to do a concert tour soon. And he composes this stuff therefore he has absolutely my total respect.

    Just to blab about me for a brief moment. A terrifying organist teaching us…something….would always play some blues, b’woogie or jazz but he’d start with a bar from something very familiar, & we’d all be wracking our brains because he’d turn that teeny theme into a jazzy take & eventually back to the original theme until we worked out it was a Bach prelude or a Vivaldi concerto or one of The Seasons.

    syzygy @thane16

    So, last week I found out a really good friend of mine, a mentor & a friend has early onset Alzheimers.

    I was this nervous little thing & she’d say “right, take the chorus for this rehearsal” & I’d say “oh no, me? No, seriously, not me!” & she’d say “yes, you can & you will. 5 minutes. get ready.”

    I’d be red in the face & get through it & the next day would be better & the end of the musical on the final night would be terrific. Teachers who didn’t help (too busy, ahem) would even stand up & applaud. Some not so thrilled because Sue decided that the final night would have four of us drama/music ‘controllers’ doing a strip tease. Susan’s husband, Ted would be ‘seduced’ down (that would be me doing the ‘sexy’ finger pointing) so that he’d continue on the piano whilst teachers in the first 2 rows (some, I’d really grown to despise) were giving us  menacing faces whilst the rest of the audience was roaring with laughter as we’d do a ‘tease’ to the final coda of the chorus.

    OF COURSE this wasn’t a real strip tease. I had some silk PJs, from collar to feet & I took off the top bit under which I had another top whilst Sue had an old fashioned curly shower cap, carried a back scrubber & simply took off the cap. All of us were appropriately “high school” but it was very funny.

    To Sue: she was an enormous friend. When things went awry in 94/96 I stayed with her, & eventually so the rest of our family. Not for a month, or two,  a very weeks but what became a year and a half. She never let us pay for groceries or anything else. Truly good people. This disease might soon take her music. This world. Aint fair. Never had been. But she was my friend & I count myself very lucky. This is to all the old gang.




    winston @winston

    @thane16    It is so nice to know that there are truly kind people in this world and so fortunate that you met one. Your friend sounds like a good person and it is sad that this has happened to her and her family. Sometimes life sucks and it is definitely not fair. Hang on to old memories and make new ones and remember the music. Take care.

    syzygy @thane16

    @winston  Hey Winston, I’m typing for mum who isn’t “making sense.” Thank you. A great friend with 2 boys, eldest is 28 & a the other 23- 25. Her husband was a teacher who published some terrific ‘doable’ grammar texts &  retired to build apartments for their nest egg. She’s involved with choirs the type I’ve forgotten, but they go to town with glittery gowns & tight harmony. They compete overseas, too.  I remember singing a short duet from a Gluck opera with her & she had the most beautiful coloratura soprano voice I’d heard up close.

    I’ll try & find a youtube clip from this type of choir. Sorry, I can’t recall specific name at the moment. This is Thane16 now:  I don’t know what the choir is either. Maybe @arbutus could shine a colourful light on this.  They’re all women. So one thing I’ve been watching with mum (& I’m on the wrong thread here) but @winston The Good Place (S4) on Netflix is terrific.  Also Chernobyl the series (thank you @pedant)  & Patrick Melrose. Mum’s brain is down with fish:  Jaws The Revenge (“it can’t be that bad [it is]” & Anaconda which is truly gross but she’s enjoying snakes/big teeth. Who am I to argue with that? 🙂

    The Siggers.

    Jérôme @omega1972



    Thank you very much, you can listen “Sea e.p” and “Wind e.p” here:

    And, of course, long life to Doctor Who!

    Have a nice day 😉





    The boogie-woogie pianist in in St Pancras International station, one of the business railway stations in the country (Eurostar terminus (on the upper deck to the pianists right), and trains from both the places I have lived in the past 20 years).

    It used to (possibly still does) boast the widest single-span roof in the world and is really quite beautiful). It also stars as King’s Cross Station in the Harry Potter films, despite the real KX being about 50 yards way – but nowhere near as impressive.

    So people don’t stop because they are on their way somewhere, possibly on a deadline!

    winston @winston

    @pedant   Sam Cooke…………like butter.

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