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    winston @winston

    @pedant   Sam Cooke…………like butter.

    syzygy @thane16

    @pedant er what?

    Yes, we know St Pancras & people are in a hurry. The roof is spectacular!  You’d think a few more people might pause. Everyone is going too fast everywhere all the time. I think.

    Syzygy (Thane16) and mum.

    Whisht @whisht

    so, yesterday was Bootsy Collins’ 68th birthday.

    Was looking for something of his to paste and then found this.
    Its not what I was looking for (ie something from James Brown era, or Rubber Band or something slick and produced etc etc).

    No, this is a tutorial-type thing from BBC’s Rock School.
    The one.

    “You can do anythang you want baby”



    I have lost count of the number of times I have walk past that piano. Never seen it not being played, always on my way to an appointment.


    Whisht @whisht


    So, songs for Halloween.
    I know I’ve done songs for this before but due to the passing of my old laptop I don’t know what they were, so… I’ll try and pick something I didn’t link to before!

    So that means no Monster Mash

    She’s Got A New Spell by the wonderful Billy Bragg

    But even if I have done this before, this one is for Pedant

    (I was 10 !)

    but ignoring all the other obvious ones (“its in the trees!”) instead I’ll leave you with this scary (not scary) choon

    I should find the cartoon but actually focusing on the orchestra is no bad thing!!

    happy haunting!

    syzygy @thane16


    I loved the Banshees! I thought Bootsy was born in Wisconsin? I remember that a boyfriend used to always tell me silly stories about who the head of different bands were -I had zilch knowledge at 16 of The Who, ACDA, Midnight Oil, & hundreds of other headlining acts like Led Zeppelin…

    For the lad.




    syzygy @thane16

    to those who imagine.

    I was saying to a friend that Bowie’s comment about make-up & Lennon was used a lot. But it was made known here.

    “Made known” sounds a bit biblical


    A bit late for remembrance weekend, but Jona Lewie was very vexed that this got treated as a Christmas song.
    <p style=”text-align: center;”>When you go home, tell them of us and say,
    For your tomorrow, we gave our today

    Whisht @whisht

    hi all – apologies have been missing of late but catching up!

    @pedant – quite a few clips and things you’ve posted recently have been really lovely! That Children in Need clip, Singing in the Rain etc. But also didn’t know this about Jona Lewie (I’m absolutely guilty of the inward-groan in December, every time I here the parps at the beginning…).

    @thane16 – haven’t seen that Bowie clip before. I struggled with Bowie a bit at the time as that whole ‘white-Soul’ thing seemed hard to relate to. Like it was lost behind a sheen of glamour.
    But maybe its his anecdotes of Lennon but he seems far more honest in this.
    But I’ve a LOT of snobbishness I need to get over with my music!!

    Recently I’ve been reading an old comic (yep – I do that!) which is centred around characters’ relationship to music and culture (Phonogram if anyone is interested. Not the ‘best comic evah’ though. That would be Saga, but I digress…)

    So, while reading it I had to listen to 90’s music that I hadn’t listened to at the time to get in the mood.

    This is the signature track for one of the characters….


    *other characters are snobbish about their music and hate this song!

    syzygy @thane16


    welcome back. The Pippettes!  Or is it ‘Pipettes?’

    I love the ice cream chord structure: Chord 1, chord vi, iv, v and repeat….

    Bowie’s blonde hair & Spray Tan Era was a tad …odd. But yes, his impeccable timing, no over-doing it on the stage gave hints of the performer he would eventually become, I think. A more approachable stage act with a genuine connection to the audience from 1998 (to 2013).

    @pedant I heard the Jona Lewie song for the FIRST time in 2007. The guests at the café were horrified it was on a Christmas album put together by the ABC.

    Whisht @whisht

    Happy Doctor Who Day everyone!!

    Now one for all you pop-pickers out there – Its the hip thing daddy-o!

    Whisht @whisht

    Well, today we learned that we’ve lost some wit from the World.
    Jonathan Miller and Clive James.

    I watched a couple of shows/ interviews between them and… well, things from the 80’s don’t always date well and I’m not sure the things I found reflect my memory of what it meant to a too-young-watcher to hear someone being clever and it being ok (and it also being ‘too-clever-by-half’).

    So here’s something.

    But this is something from half way through an interview with Jonathan Miller which may be timely, but the whole series is interesting.

    syzygy @thane16

    @winston @pedant and anyone with approaching or passing winter colds.

    For anyone feeling under the weather with partners very unwell including Mr @missy.

    I had a tear for Miller & James (sounds like a sketch act which both may’ve loved).

    @whisht good to see you back on the music boards! Don’t leave them -you make these boards hum & tingle -all the boards & forums.  I should probably write “fora?”

    From a musician’s point of view, I knew of Miller before Clive James. But I tweeted something today except I have only 2 followers 1 of whom (or is it “which” as a follower isn’t a specific human person? @mudlark !!!! ‘whom or which?’) I mentioned in this post. I loved Miller & my parents – who despised irreverence loved James (he was just ‘Clive’ to us, though broadly sounding it would’ve been “Clooaghfe”) @blenkinsopthebrave would be able to remember those diphthongs easily. They’re music to an ex-pat’s ears. And you know the ‘whom & which’ too. 🙂

    @pedant dead right on d’other thread

    The Syzygys


    Totally random, prompted by this twitter thread (totally worth your time)

    Led to this from me:

    In turn led to this, a song I couldn’t tell you the last time I thought about – never mind the band.:

    Whisht @whisht

    So, there’s a General Election in the UK and everyone here is suffering the bombardment of lies on a daily basis. I’m exasperated, exhausted, disgusted and disgruntled.
    Every time I think to post a song my mood is one of posting something angry about lying.
    The kindest I’ve found is this ditty with at least a silly lyric

    I think I’ve been battered into a state of non-anger and I’m simply twitching whenever I turn on the news (which I go to every day). I want to stay engaged….

    I haven’t found a song in my library for ‘the bastards can’t stop lying to us’ or ‘it was all their fault not ours even though we’re the ones in power’ nor ‘we won’t cover those stories as we’re scared that whoever’s in government will revoke our license/ hollow us out’.

    So, gritting my teeth and trying not to be negative, I thought I’d post a couple of songs I found along the way.
    I may have linked this before but its one I think of when someone says that ‘real life’ has gotten in the way of coming back to this forum/ posting here.
    For me this forum is real life as much as when I met a friend earlier today.
    Its as real as when a friend texted me to say the lives of his family had finally begun to take a turn for the better as his kid had at last been given a placement somewhere that could deal with his condition in a meaningful way. Though this had required the family and situation to hit breaking point.


    So, a love song. A truly tender, beautiful love song.

    I may yet do a post of invective-filled spleen and anger but tonight, just this.

    Whisht @whisht

    btw Be Bop Deluxe wasn’t a band I knew at the time, but one I’ve heard about since with other unrelated bands like Graham Parker or Doctor Feelgood… so thanks for that one pedant, kinda enjoyed it.

    and really enjoyed the Gold Panda syzergy.
    Here’s something perhaps in a similar vein but maybe again gentle rather than where my head is often going these days!

    Maybe I’ll listen to it in the morning!


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