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    Craig @craig

    A continuation of the General TV thread, which was well over its 1000 post limit.

    The previous thread can be found here:

    General Open Thread – TV Shows (2)

    Rob @rob


    I am greatly enjoying Picard I do have a couple of issues with the burning of Mars.

    The androids are shown as very much lesser than Data, all locked together overnight like tractors in a barn. They are seen and act as interactive tools. There are only two reasons I can see for this.

    1 they are purely talking machines

    2 they are Data equivalents but for some let’s tear up cannon reason the Federation now enshrines slavery

    The assumption has to be item 1 is valid and sort of expanded on in the first 3 episodes.

    So a machine ( group of burn Mars) the reason must be they were programmed to, so it a huge handwavium to ban all synthetics might as well ban calculators for doing the maths on weapon design. For an advanced civilisation this really doesn’t scan. If Lore had done it then maybe.

    Ps to this, Data downloaded all his daughters memories (Lal) so his biological children being based of him will have her too in their positronic pathways.

    The other slight niggles I have are with the supergirl jump and the acid phlegm

    But on the whole very very good

    janetteB @janetteb

    We have now watched the first three episodes of Picard, and recorded a podcast about the first. In the past watched Star Trek intermittently but aspects of the show annoyed me firstly the lack of story development. I dislike episodic tv where you know that everything will end back where the story began. Also I disliked the utopian starfleet which to me had a strong hint of propaganda. As @blenkinsopthebrave described it, “Californians in outer space”. I understand that Roddenberry was aiming to show society as it should be but it came across as “aren’t we perfect now”, to me.

    Picard has none of those faults, reflecting perhaps the less idealistic times we now live in and it feels stronger and more real for that. Before Picard and co felt like “police in outerspace” now they are the rebels, which I can relate to. By the end of the the third episode I was complaining, “what is it finished already. I want more.” So also cannot wait for the next episode.



    blenkinsopthebrave @blenkinsopthebrave

    Just watched the first episode of the Gatiss and Moffat version of “Dracula”. Loved it! It is Gatiss and Moffat doing what they do best; being incredibly clever (Van Helsing, the sleek adaptation of a very Victorian novel)  and witty (Harker: “You’re a monster! — Dracula: “And you’re a lawyer. Nobody’s perfect”). And…frightening. As I said to Mrs Blenkinsop when the credits came up: “Tonight, we leave all the lights on.”


    janetteB @janetteb

    @blenkinsopthebrave. We really enjoyed the series. Dolly Wells, (Van Helsing) is now on my “potential Doctor” list. We are really enjoying Picard too. It is another series the entire family watches, a rare thing these days.



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