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    Wow. I was expecting this to just be a largely standalone story subtly commenting on police brutality (given that the Judoon are in it and it’s written by Vinay Patel, who has written more serious/’heavy’ drama in the past) but it went in a completely different direction. It almost feels a bit ‘kitchen sink’, bringing back the Master and…[Read more]

  • My thoughts on this are pretty much the same as @juniperfish‘s. So far the Chibnall era’s greatest accomplishment in my eyes is making me actively enjoy the historical episodes. I’ve never disliked them but in the past I’ve generally been fairly indifferent to them, as they often (in New Who at least) tended to focus more on the alien of the week…[Read more]

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    Thanks for the link to the blog post, that’s very interesting. So in this particular episode, do the two (or more) Earth timelines exist concurrently, and can the Doctor travel to whichever one she chooses to?

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    This may be something that’s been addressed in Doctor Who before and I’ve just forgotten about, but I’m confused by the Doctor saying that the time when this episode takes place is part of just one possible timeline. How does that work? Can the Doctor choose which timeline she wants to go to when she’s time travelling? Could she also go to the…[Read more]

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    @bluesqueakpip Fair enough, it doesn’t seem so bad when you put it like that. It was certainly quite an uncomfortable scene but I suppose that was the intention.

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    That was another strong episode. Not perfect – the ending was rather rushed, as is often the case with Chibnall’s stories – but it does feel like he’s getting into his stride now. That said, I’m not sure how I feel about The Doctor’s methods of dealing with The Master in this episode. Her using his own skin colour to turn the Nazis against him is…[Read more]

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    Just a heads up for anyone that’s interested: Big Finish is doing a Doctor Who sale over the next few months. Currently various audios featuring the First Doctor are on sale; next week it will be the Second Doctor, and so on, up to the Twelfth Doctor. You can see the offers by entering the code HISTORY on this…[Read more]

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    I thought the place that Yaz and the Doctor were taken to was a visual representation of their DNA. We’ve seen that the spies who were captured by those aliens had their DNA changed, and Lenny Henry’s was only 93% human, so I think Yaz also had her DNA altered somehow while she was in there.

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    @miapatrick That’s a good point, I thought it was a bit unusual for the Master to directly try to kill the Doctor in this way. It would definitely make sense for him to be angry with the Doctor if he comes directly after Simm’s Master, as you say.

    Now I may be wrong but I think Time Lords do remember meeting their past selves, just not their…[Read more]

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    Hi everyone, I’m new here. This was a great start to the series, easily one of the best Chibnall-penned episodes yet. That reveal at the end caught me totally off guard!

    I hope next episode they give some indication of whether this version of the Master comes after Missy (meaning she survived in The Doctor Falls), or if this is a previous…[Read more]

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