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    OsakaHatter @osakahatter

    Hello all.

    Recently been back to Victorian England (admittedly, only courtesy of the open air Blists Hill living museum in Ironbridge) but sadly the barmaid was no Clara.  For one thing, he had a beard.

    But other than that, RL has been largely nose to the keyboard,  so haven’t had chance to do anything other than brief lurking of late.  Just wanted to pop in and wish you all seasons best.  Still haven’t even had chance to rewatch the 50th – hanging up my Whovian credentials in shame 🙁

    Hello to @purofilion, @TheFerret, @MartyB, @devilishrobby, @arbutus and all the other new members who’s names have escaped me for the moment.  Been enjoying reading your contributions, hopefully will have more time to interact in the new year.

    All the best OH

    Anonymous @


    sadly the barmaid was no Clara. For one thing, he had a beard.

    Cheers, monitor now covered in sprayed coffee 😀

    I went on a school trip to Blists Hill museum when I was 10. Did you get chance to go to the Tar Tunnel at Coalport? It’s normally lit by electric lights but they allowed us to go down with candles (this was long before ‘Health & Safety’ came along and ruined all the fun). Very spooky!

    Hope to see more of you soon. In case you don’t get chance to pop in before 25th, Happy Christmas!

    Anonymous @

    @tardisblue –   you’re quite right, of course. 🙂 No, I was probably just rude to people recently and shouldn’t have been. I’ve moved on to avoid churlishness. Being seven -in the early ’70s- and a bit alienated is something many people experienced here away from European shores; with colleagues they were trying to impress; fashion haplessly following (and failing). Every day my school outfit was inspected by ‘mother’ and ‘father’ (no euphemisms permitted): the singlet and under things! And, yes, the correct manners, for without, there was the threat of wooden spoons but I grew up brash anyway. I’ll share this with you: at the age of nine, being forced to wear a petticoat/slip to school, I changed out of it behind the bus stop. By an unfortunate coincidence, the neighbourhood gossip saw the whole strip tease and spread the news far and wide. Some years later I confessed my ‘hobby’ to mum (my new step mum was more ‘with the times’ and Australian) and she claimed to knowing all along!

    I was allowed smarties with Dr Who (a box a day!) but no jelly babies, alas. So, thank you for your kind words. Yes, I lived for Who and that precious 25 mins. I sentimentalised The Doctor to make my veneration of him seem more explicable. In the early days, he was remote, even vain, very clever and authoritarian. He wasn’t perfect and yet I loved him, despite of, because. Just like my father I suppose.

    Kindest, purofilion

    ScaryB @scaryb

    ::waves @fatmaninabox and does a deep grovelling bow of congratulations at your new modshipness:: Nice one 🙂

    Thanks to various re comments about living museums. The one at New Lanark (near Glasgow) is really good too.

    @Purofilion Times were tougher back then, glad you seem to have survived it OK.  Kids are remarkably resilient, and tend to grow up to be whoever they’ll be regardless of their parents, so long as they know that they’re basically loved. (haha, and yes parents know more than kids think)

    Last word on an old subject. My suggestion re picking up on older subjects on here – can we work on the priniciple that what happened on page 17 stays on page 17…? 😉

    ::tries to brush Xmas glitter off fur… nope, going to be sparkly for the rest of the day (looks pointedly @juniperfish).  Mmmm, quite like it :-)::

    Anonymous @

    Look I hate to say this: but Who won the cricket? Who?  We did!!! The urn is back. It’s bigger on the inside, too.

    Anonymous @

    @osakahatter @tardisblue

    Thanks for the hellos.

    Last job completed so I’m a free man to surf the internet all day in my dressing gown until January.  I just have to remember to get dressed before She Who Cannot Be Named gets home from work, preferably having already hoovered the front room and hidden the beer bottles too. 😀

    Anonymous @

    @scaryb – thank you. Would you like some dust bunnies to go with the glitter? I have plenty in the back of my box 🙂

    @MartyB – as you’ve got to do the housework, could you spray a bit of Pledge on my box. Christmas is coming and I want to look my best.

    @purofilion – Cricket? Pah! A game for wimps 😉 . Bring on 2015 and the Rugby World Cup 🙂

    Anonymous @

    @fatmaninabox   mahaha, Cricket for wimps….you’re thinking of netball. But your Box has wi-fi, glitter…nothing in the urn but Ashes….I hope the Doctor is not ashes this Christmas (special). Hope there’s birth and not a death.

    Anonymous @


    Seeing as you’re on track to be Master of the Universe, I was hoping to suck up to you in abject supplication and present you with a brand new box for Christmas pressie.  Style, colour, material of your choice.  But I’ll be unemployed for about a month so the limit is unfortunately £5.  I’ve a friend who’s a carpenter so if you want wood, we can supply hinged doors that you can operate by blowing from inside.  And properly weighted so you never have that unfortunate upside down business again.  😀

    Anonymous @

    @MartyB   hoovering!!  I haven’t heard that word in years. In Queensland we have no carpet just annoying polished-read ‘scratched’- wooden floors (irritating ‘trend’) which have to be swept/vacuumed and then mopped.

    Anonymous @


    Sounds nice. I’ll have it in Mahogany with some nice gold leaf patterns on it. Interior – Royal Blue silk please 🙂

    Anonymous @

    @wolfweed @blenkinsopthebrave

    Every time I watch that it gets funnier and funnier.  I’m in awe of Peter Davison, that he wrote and directed the Five-ish Doctors.  He takes the piss out of himself, the show, and everyone around the show, and the fact he got Peter Jackson’s crew involved too shows how influential he is.  I’d be interested to know if anyone watched it who doesn’t have a lot of DW knowledge, and if it was as funny to them.  I can’t turn off my DW brain enough to see it through Joe Public’s eyes.  I suspect, though, that it’s a love letter to fans and not meant for non DW fans.

    But damn, I’m laughing again just thinking about it.  The 3 of them as Daleks, with their eyestalks rotating to each other and nodding to the production guy, just brilliant.  And that ‘for the fan’ comment – I missed that first time around.  So thanks for highlighting it blenkinsop.

    Was there a separate blog about this?  @fatmaninabox if you want to move this comment please do.

    Whisht @whisht

    [skim reading]:


    “polish my box”

    “make me one in mahogany, with blue velvet inside”

    What in the name of all that is DECENT has happened over here???!!!???!

    [sigh, shakes head]

    ah @Purofilion – not heard of ‘scratched’ floors (deliberately I’m guessing), but may I just say I do love ‘Queenslanders’ (the house-types – this ain’t no weird stalking thang). Admittedly this is from the point of view of a visitor to friends over there, but I just loved those houses – the layout, openness, grills etc etc. Brilliantly ‘simple’ and effective design.

    Now, obviously this was as a guest, so I didn’t get all the seasons, and only did a bit of cleaning, but still, lovely memories on a chilly morning…

    Craig @craig

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