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    Craig @craig


    Written by Gareth Roberts who wrote ‘The Lodger’, this is another, similarly titled, ‘the Doctor tries to do the real world’ story and this time it’s at Coal Hill School, yay!

    Clara is struggling to juggle her job, new boyfriend and adventures with the Doctor. If that wasn’t hard enough, her world is about to become even more complex and dangerous as a terrifying machine, the Skovox Blitzer, threatens to destroy all of humanity.

    Perhaps worst of all for Clara is the fact that Danny Pink and the Doctor are finally going to meet, because the only person who may be able to help is the school’s new caretaker. The Doctor has gone undercover and her two worlds are about to collide.


    No specific thoughts at the mo except “Most consistently cracking dialogue for several years”.

    ABXY @abxy

    W O W. Yeah, more coherent thoughts when I’m not ill.


    Oh, and also :””Ozzie loves squaddie”.


    Devilishrobby @devilishrobby

    Oh wow, will make more coherent comments myself when I’ve watched the DW extra program. Certainly a lot to take in, and Danny starts showing his mettle.
    Courtney was like a mini me Donna Noble

    Miapatrick @miapatrick

    I did love that he was quite happy when he thought it was the Matt Smithalike. Yes, healthy.

    Despite this episode being so much about rivalry between the two men, I think it has also established that the relationship between the Doctor and Clara is no longer romantic. (Her space dad. Perfect.)

    PhaseShift @phaseshift
    Time Lord

    You kind of know you are going into humour territory when you see Gareth Roberts name in the credits. Because it’s co-written by Steve Moffat, that can only mean one thing. HUMOUR.

    Yep – it’s the lightish entry to a couple of people into the Doctors sphere of influence, and I couldn’t help but laugh at a lot of it. The dialogue fizzes, it’s so very effervescent. A “comedy of errors”, especially as he spies a man in a bow-tie and immediately assumes he’s worked out exactly who the replacement for him in Clara’s affections is. Our hero’s ego is surely a wonder to behold.

    Lots to chew over though – the confrontation between Danny and the Doctor is ripe for those questions. He identifies the Doctor as officer class – “he lights the fire”. Hmmm. Also interesting the policeman seems to have been delegated to a lesser status in this “afterlife”. He never met the Doctor and, never heard of him, had nothing to offer Missy, of course.

    It’s fun and frothy, but if you approach it on that level and consider Vampires of Venice as the real entry for Rory, I think this opens up the relationships for exploration. The final frontier, etc.

    Anonymous @

    Meh. I can’t help the overpowering feeling that someone said, “What this progamme needs is romance to draw in the teenage girls! Never mind that nonsense that it might feel contrived, and it doesn’t fit in with the overall arc of the story, use a shoehorn. No one will notice. More romance and less of that science fiction and monsters rubbish. That’s just so passe. There! It’s so much better now that it has a little Coronation Street in it. And wasn’t that girl in a show about schools before? Well she’ll feel right at home. I do love it when a plan comes together. Now where’s that bonus cheque for improved ratings?”

    Miapatrick @miapatrick

    @PhaseShift- yes that was interesting. The Police Officer also differs in that he didn’t willingly go to his death- no self sacrifice, just wrong place at the wrong time.

    I meant to say as well, I liked what Danny had to say about the Doctor, officer class etc. (I also think this strongly implies that it was a boarding school we saw in the Doctors past.) It’s no dissimilar to Rory on the Doctor, but I wonder if it means something else. Is Missy (CAL/Papal mainframe etc) ‘saving’ and collecting cannon fodder as well as people of ‘officer potential’?


    @Marconi – oh dear. Who did you used to be?



     meant to say as well, I liked what Danny had to say about the Doctor, officer class etc. (I also think this strongly implies that it was a boarding school we saw in the Doctors past.)

    Except Danny is wrong – the Doctor was a guerrilla, and was odds with his own officer class even before thew Time War started.

    BadWulf @badwulf

    I enjoyed this one, but not as much as Time Heist, as it was wasn’t as Timey-Wimey. A solid and enjoyable, if not effervescent entry in the series: 3 to 3 and a half stars.

    My wife was a little put off, as she said that she found the attitude to Clara, dialogue between Clara and Danny at the end, to be rather sexist, as if she was some trophy to be handed from Space Dad to Soldier Son.



    My wife was a little put off, as she said that she found the attitude to Clara, dialogue between Clara and Danny at the end, to be rather sexist, as if she was some trophy to be handed from Space Dad to Soldier Son.

    I confess to being baffled as to where this came from. Danny came across as a weary soldier seeing a familiar pattern and not wanting his girlfriend to be hurt.

    He is completely unaware of course that the Doctor, too, is a weary soldier.

    Miapatrick @miapatrick

    @IAnNotAFishIAmAFreeMan- well, quite- but still officer class… and that’s probably why he lost it when he said that. He has a noticeable way of taking charge- as noted in the last episode. I think Danny touched a nerve.

    Anonymous @

    @Marconi – oh dear. Who did you used to be?

    Me, as far as I know. But my point is this, it feels contrived and forced in. As a character, Clara is thrice born and she and the doctor can go anywhere in time and space, everyone everyhere is a possibility if you want romance, and yet in two episodes all is settled. She and Danny go from meeting to being a couple and the rest is just detail. Where’s the glorious emotional tension in that? Where is any emotion at all?

    Miapatrick @miapatrick

    sorry, it’s something else to link thingy your name isn’t it? Can’t remember what it is.

    @pedant, that’s it!

    Anonymous @

    Yes I know – first time here and I cocked it up. Sorry.

    Miapatrick @miapatrick

    @Marconi- sorry, but are you complaining that the episode is too soap operary- too much romance- or not enough because they didn’t show us every step of the way?

    PhaseShift @phaseshift
    Time Lord


    Yes – it’s interesting the differences between those deaths and her reactions to them. I fogot to mention – Chris Addison! Someone I hadn’t heard in the cast biogs turned up for a (hopefully) repeat performance. Are they mining The Thick of It connections?

    I’m guessing this inclusion was to highlight the selection criteria for Missy’s special receptions into her afterlife. I’m afraid PC Plod didn’t really cut the mustard.


    Except that the Doctor has proven to be officer class time and time again. From his time at UNIT, to Eccleston’s commanding of the soldiers in the Slytheen two parter, up until commandeering a soldiers weapon in Day of the Doctor. He commands – he’s not second class, as Listen’s dialogue from his parents/foster parents revealed that relationship to be. He didn’t go into the Army. He’s a Time LORD.



    I get that – but by far his profoundest experience is as a guerrilla / insurgent in a long and bloody war

    Coincidentally, the first episode of Our Girl had a small plot point about not making assumptions about the “Ruperts”.

    There are officers who lead, officers who lead from behind and officers who get shot by their own men.



    You will find a healthy scepticism about people registering just to post a negative view.

    Anonymous @


    (That’s not going to work – How do I quote someone’s nick properly in this forum?)

    sorry, but are you complaining that the episode is too soap operary- too much romance- or not enough because they didn’t show us every step of the way?

    No. What I’m saying is it feels contrived and rushed, forced into a finished storyline at the last moment – as it is in soaps written by committee. It’s a facsimile of romance because there is actually very little emotion, and certainly very little tension. From episode three to episode four it was just a given that this is what happened, so no uncertainties. And it locks everything down and makes the possibilities just so limited. And that in a series that is about anything, anywhere, anytime.

    Anonymous @

    Haha – I give up

    Anonymous @


    Um – personally, I regard negative criticism as someone who dislikes something just because they don’t like it – I try to offer a reasoned and reasonable view. But if you just want pleasant comments than I liked Chris Addison’s role, and I like the ongoing arc of the Promised Land. I like Danny as a character.

    Devilishrobby @devilishrobby

    Need to get this off my chest because it’s bugged me since we first saw Courtney. Is she the same/but younger obviously girl from the Matt doc episode the power of three the one the alien uses to observe if I remember right.

    PhaseShift @phaseshift
    Time Lord


    But those are entirely your own categorisations, and a bit of Our Girl, of what a soldier is, I’ll warrant.

    An insurgent can command other insurgents. They more often than not have a structure. An insurgency of one is often called a spree-killer.

    A leader, an officer, delivers them to the troops. If you can point me in the direction of the Doctor directly following an order from a superior – or recognising the higher authority of any ephemeral authority, I will concede my point. He is an officer class, because his history is formed by making the military below him (and this is from Hartnell onwards) bowing to his command and direction. Whether it be army, freedom fighter, militia, etc.

    The Doctor is a Rupert, because that was what Gallifrey intended him to be. However much he dislikes (or occasionally enjoys) it. He commands the army. His choice was limited after the events in that barn.

    Juniperfish @juniperfish

    Hi All,

    A fun comedic outing for “the caretaker” in all his cantankerous and obstreperous glory.

    And yay – a mention for River. Apparently the Doctor hung out with a bunch of otters after a “big fight” with her. Was that his cute way of saying “sorry” given that otters live in rivers? Awwww….

    I’d just love to see Capaldi and Kingston together. Sorry, non-River fans, but I just… would.

    Yes, indeed @Phaseshift, the Doc’s ego was endearingly planet sized to behold in this episode.

    Courtney was a cutie and I did like the Doctor’s instinctive flash of connection for a fellow “disruptive influence”.

    Meanwhile, @pedant and @Phaseshift I think you’re both right – the Doctor was a member of the patrician class on Gallifrey, but he was always a bo-ho rebel patrician.

    Also meanwhile… Missy…



    Bluesqueakpip @bluesqueakpip


    The Doctor’s an officer. Really. Definitely. Danny is absolutely spot-on. He is so ‘officer class’. The reason he erupted is that yet another person has twigged him as ‘ex-soldier’. Worse, ‘ex-officer’.

    Even worse, a bloody aristocrat. 😉

    PhaseShift @phaseshift
    Time Lord


    I hope you’re feeling better!

    I may of misheard that. I thought I heard “I had to pretend to be an Auton for a while (couple of months)”. Something about he and River falling out.

    I thought it may have been related to that bit in the Big Bang when River revealed she’d dated an Auton replicant for a while, but it didn’t work out! 🙂

    Juniperfish @juniperfish

    The Doctor also took on the persona/ role of “the caretaker” in the 2011 Christmas special “The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe” and that what he was doing to himself emotionally at that point was feeling alone, until he was invited in for Christmas with Amy and Rory.

    Twelve’s obvious affront at having to share Clara with someone who isn’t just a “mini-me” is a guise for his ever present sense of loneliness.

    Bluesqueakpip @bluesqueakpip

    Lovely shot of Clara in the glass-acting-as-mirror, btw. Mirrors, again.

    Juniperfish @juniperfish

    Hi @phaseshift – hee hee – was it “otter” or “Auton”? A rewatch is required.

    I thought, if “otter”, that this might be when the Doc and River met @jimthefish !

    Thanks for asking – I’m still pretty sick and a bit miserable. But Who always cheers me up.

    I’m still liking the snippy fighty Clara/ Doc dynamic. They give good comedy together.


    Juniperfish @juniperfish

    Oh – and the irony at the heart of this episode is, of course, that the Doctor fails to recognise that Clara actually has chosen someone like him – not superficially a la bow-tie, but a scientist (mathematician) and fighter who has renounced war…

    PhaseShift @phaseshift
    Time Lord


    Get well soon x. ENT infections can be the worst. I once had an inflamed ear for six months, and the infection made me lose my voice during the period. I sounded like Kermit the Frog on helium, which is pretty embarrassing for someone who sports a virtual goatee.

    I was interested in the wordplay that @scaryb made on this one – The Care Taker – the Doctor descrbes Clara as his Carer in Into the Dalek. Is his hostility to Danny partly because he fears the separation of his link to humanity?


    Absolutely on the Officer front. The questions has always been (and has been posed by people like Davros) does the Doctor ever feel responsible for the troops he leads in his battles? Gretchen is an interesting point in that argument and it will be interesting to see what they make of that as the series goes on. Did he do something worthwhile in her name, or not? Is the survival of Journey Blue (and the other humans in that ship) monument enough?

    DoctorBaker @doctorbaker

    Agree with Marconi… this was the worst Twelfth Doctor episode so far.

    Don’t get me wrong; I’m sold on Capaldi – he’s either my 2nd or 3rd favourite incarnation. And Clara is easily my favourite ever companion. But this story was weak!  A robot soldier comes to Clara’s school. Not exactly promising stuff. But even that pathetic premise took a back seat to the real focus of this episode: Clara’s love life.

    I actually don’t mind the ‘soap opera’ occasionally eclipsing the Sci-Fi (especially when the Sci-Fi is as dull as it was here) but I just can’t get into Danny Pink!

    For one thing, the actor, Samuel Anderson is the spitting image Royce Pierreson from the harrowing domestic abuse drama Murdered By My Boyfriend’.

    blah more blah

    The similarity is uncanny!  In fact, every time Danny is alone with Clara, all I can think is, “Get away from him before he beats you to death with the ironing board!”

    Oh and the Doctor just decides to let some random precocious brat go on a trip in the TARDIS? What is this?!

    • This reply was modified 9 years, 7 months ago by  Craig. Reason: Fixed image links, although why I bothered?
    Bluesqueakpip @bluesqueakpip

    Couple of other points about Danny Pink.

    We were reminded, very carefully, that Col. Orson Pink looks very like Danny.

    It could be just writers getting military stuff wrong, but a sergeant after five years? Really? Corporal would be good going. So that’s a bit … unusual. Plus the salute was bloody awful. 😉

    Craig @craig

    @doctorbaker Nice of you to take the time and effort to sign up just to tell us how bad you thought it was. Nice avatar too, which I see you’ve revised already since you joined to make the “Worst” bolder and add “idiot” on the forehead.

    Negativity always interests me, especially the energy it seems to give some people. If I see something I love I can’t stop telling people about it – I want them to see it too, I think it will give them enjoyment, brighten their lives. If I see something I don’t like I won’t mention it. If asked, I’ll just say it wasn’t very good, don’t waste your time.

    But I admire your energy and enthusiasm for negativity. It’s kinda alien to me, but maybe that’s just me. Carry on enjoying being negative if that’s what makes you happy.


    @bluesqueakpip @phaseshift @juniperfish

    Apart from Listen drawing a very clear distinction between the Army and the Academy. He rejected the Army and did all he could to keep out of the Time War.

    He is of the political class – although not very interested in playing politics.

    (Also, Danny was hamming to take the piss out of the Doctor, so I wouldn’t read anything special into his manner – and sergeant in 5 years, especially in an active army, is definitely possible).

    Anonymous @

    Surely a forum of fans can’t just say the good things and remain silent about what they perceive as bad. How does a discussion then occur? Besides, pointing out the negative aspects of something in a concrete way is actually positive.  How else can improvement occur? If someone is simply stating that an episode sucks then I agree with you, but if a downside is pointed out with reasons, why is it negative? If bad things happen and we say nothing then worse things happen. I love this programme and falling viewership worries me deeply. I don’t want another twenty year hiatus before the next season.

    DoctorBaker @doctorbaker


    Oh… do excuse me I’m sure! Didn’t know we were only allowed to talk about positive things. Or that these forums have their very own Happiness Patrol.

    FYI, I’m not a hater. The only the reason I hate Peter Davison is because I love DW!  Davison and Nathan Turner began the decline that was only put right in 2005.

    In any case, I clearly stated my love for Twelve and Clara.


    Craig @craig

    @doctorbaker @Marconi I think you will find a lot of criticism here, and constructive criticism is always welcome. We’re here to debate the good and the bad. If you care to check out past episodes you will see there have been many episodes that a lot of us have thought could have been better.

    But a negative attitude or approach is not very welcome. @doctorbaker, if you love Baker, why not use an avatar of him rather than one proclaiming Davison an “idiot” and “Worst Doctor ever!”? It’s that I am more concerned about than anything you wrote.


    @Marconi @doctorbaker

    It is not about negative thoughts — you will see plenty if you can resist the urge to be blind – but registering to post them in such a crushingly unoriginal, one-dimensional manner (as if the fatuous “soap opera” complaint is somehow more than lazy sloganising about probably the hardest discipline on TV). It is frequently (not always, but frequently) a sign of on-topic trolling and this forum takes a certain pride in remaining troll free. Either way – and I say this with all love and kindness – if you use the soap opera trope, you lose at interneting.

    We know that Danny and Clara were instantly attracted and both somewhat lacking in social skills (for unexpectedly similar reasons). This was shown in screen. We know that, despite an apparent comedy of errors they continue to be attracted. This too was shown. And if you have ever been involved in a workplace romance then you will recognise this sub-plot very easily (and give praise that you didn’t have hordes of school kids taking an interest).

    Perhaps you hanker for the days when “Assistants” main job was to scream a lot and ask dumb questions. Sarah Jane killed that off but she was actually denied a personal life by her experience and her reaction to it as we found in School Reunion. That’s an untenable line in the 21st century.

     I love this programme and falling viewership worries me deeply.

    There is no falling viewership, there are falling overnights, in common with just about every other show. The days of half the population watching at the time of broadcast are long, long gone. The consolidateds have been consistently around the 8m mark, apart from the end of Tennant’s run.

    Timeloop @timeloop

    I haven’t read it all (yet), but I wanna reply before I forget my thought.

    @phaseshift “he lights the fire” That is a flashback to the Day of the Doctor “It is the privilege of lesser man to light the fire/flame”

    Quite a lot references to the past in this season. I do wish they would give us more for the story arc. This episode was okay for me – middle field in the rating.

    lisa @lisa

    Was it Otters or Autons ? I saw mannequins in the abandoned building where the mechanical alien was[autons] but it also works as a River reference sort of —– that’s was a huge white ‘waiting room’ in the nethersphere and why that choice —– liked the River reference and hope we get more of her again in maybe a different regeneration although I really like Alex Kingston and I think she would have terrific chemistry with Peter Capaldi—- like how Danny gets under the Doctors skin —— no mention of the Doctors own history with the school —– the double of number 11 was a bit trippy —– wondering if that big chessboard is something typical in English school yards —- enjoyed this episode mainly because it has me wondering about what is up next more than ever and finally here is my new thought on the Belief concept I mentioned in the TH thread – just to recap- DB believe in the promised land RoS believe in myths and legends ItD dalek believes in good and evil
    L believes that something exists in the dark TH believe that in the end everything will become clear and
    tC believe people you know you can trust – not sure if its a major story arc but it has definitely been a theme

    Juniperfish @juniperfish

    @phaseshift Thankyou x  The squeaky helium voice made me smile – but yes, in reality ENT stuff is awful.

    @pedant The Doctor tried to keep out of the Time War but he ended up on the front line fighting the Nightmare Child, the Horde of Travesties and the Skaro Degradation (End of Time). This season is drawing a parallel between reluctant fighter Danny Pink, who wanted to dig wells and save people, and reluctant fighter the Doctor, who wanted anything except to use the Moment, but went there [in time stream 1 :-)], don’t you think?

    Their antagonism is partly projection – Danny and the Doc see in one another things they don’t like in themselves. Eventually, they will have “the conversation” – the one where they recognise this mirroring and empathise with one another’s battle scars.

    This becomes an even more poignant storyline now that the House of Parliament (I don’t say “we” – because who asked us, the people, as usual) has decided to get involved in war in Iraq again. Nu Who is marked by the backdrop of the UK at war, and the Doctor as a reluctant participant in war, in RTD and Moff’s hands, is a reflection in fiction of the agonies of such. The flashback to the War Doctor walking towards the barn gave me shivers in Listen.

    @bluesqueakpip I liked the sense very much, at the end of this week’s episode, as Clara and Danny cuddled on the sofa, that Danny is on the brink of something very, very dangerous now that he has met the Doctor and will, without doubt, be travelling in that blue box on occasion. The Doctor is marvellous but he is also calamitous when he sweeps people away into time and space.

    geoffers @geoffers

    @lisa – i believe it’s “otters.” clara’s pronunciation is much clearer than the doctor’s… 🙂

    i have to admit, i totally missed the whole “eleven lookalike” theme first time round! d’oh! (on second viewing, i thought it deliciously hilarious.)

    so, around the 20:50 mark, when clara is looking in the caretaker’s room for the doctor, does anyone else hear a silent-like hissing? it’s barely audible over the music, but it sounds like something hissing, just before she asks, “are you invisible?”

    perhaps i’m reading too much into that poster: break the silence, speak up about bullying

    GothamCelt @gothamcelt

    A few thoughts. I agree that there was a definite ‘soap’ element to this episode. The robot/monster was merely a plot device and served no real purpose other than to set this episode in the school. I’ve had a few odd theories about Danny and this episode made them appear slightly less mad. He is now ‘officially’ Clara’s love interest and has the same permanent cast standing as every member of Security who beamed down to a new planet at the beginning of countless Star Trek episodes. As such, he  will undoubtedly meet an untimely death, possibly in the Christmas special. Here are my odd thoughts. Danny may not actually be Danny at all.  This episode has elements of  Listen and Family of Blood. In Listen, The Doctor says something about an image appearing in the corner of your eye or in a reflection in a mirror. This recalls the punishment he dispenses to one of the Family of Blood when she is imprisoned in a mirror and we are told she will be appear in all mirrors. Also in Listen, Danny says something about having to deal with ‘family’ business.

    What if Danny is/will be inhabited by the Family of Blood? Would the Doctor be forced to kill him? Would Clara every recover from this or trust the Doctor again? That’s a good excuse to leave the series and an excellent cliffhanger. One other thing.  At the end of Family of Blood, The Doctor tries to convince yer wummin to go with him but she asks him a question along the lines of ‘If you hadn’t come here, on a whim, would anyone have died?’ He can’t give her the answer she wants and so they part. We now have two companions (and a mini companion) all leading seperate, ‘normal’ lives in the same school which suggests the Doctor will be returning there. People have already died and it is likely more will follow. Will Clara end up asking The Doctor the same question? Will that result in the same outcome?

    Bluesqueakpip @bluesqueakpip

    @pedant – the Time Lords are the ‘officer’ class on Gallifrey. They tell everyone else what to do.

    If they’re basing it on the British Aristocracy (which the Time Lords generally have been), the ‘political’ and ‘military’ officers both come from an aristocratic background. The hint in Listen was that if the Doctor wasn’t bright enough to be a Time Lord, the only other option for him was ‘army’. As I said in the discussion, that suggests both aristocracy and a prep school. The bright boys ran the Empire/went into politics, the dim boys went into the army (regiments varying according to degree of dimness), and sometimes the ones who just weren’t good at school ended up doing both.

    Until the Time War, The Doctor wasn’t a military officer. However, it’s been made incredibly clear during the Moffat era – more so than in even the RTD era which had the whole veteran with PTSD thing – that the Doctor is now an ex-soldier. Recognised by every military person he comes into contact with as an ex-soldier.

    Given that he is recognised as an ex-soldier, do you seriously think a former President of Gallifrey was ever asked to be a squaddie?

    Anonymous @

    Like many episodes, this one was much better the second time. It still doesn’t feel as satisfying to me as I know it should have been. It had a cool monster, lots of laughs, a Missy clue, and new invisibility tech, so why? My guess for why, is because of Danny Pink’s reaction to the Doctor.

     I always expected the Doctor to have objections to Danny for being a soldier, but Danny’s disdain for the Doctor was a shock to me. I never saw anyone yell at the Doctor that way, after just meeting him one time. I can understand why Danny reacted like that now, and it does fit his character, but for me it was not fun to watch. And Danny’s warning to Clara at the end had a chilling effect on me too. I’m not sure I want Danny to go traveling with the Doctor now.

     I think Courtney would be more fun as a companion, so I was disappointed when she got sick from flying in the Tardis. I hope that is not a reason she can’t travel with the Doctor now. Although, I’m worried that Clara will become just like Danny if Courtney and Clara travel at the same time. I think Clara might become protective of Courtney, and start fighting with the Doctor too. I’m pretty sure I don’t want that to happen either. So in this episode the show took a turn towards “drama” that I was not expecting.

     I never thought of DW as a drama show before. A little drama might be ok, since there have been arguments with the Doctor before. But this feels different to me, like we would have to pick sides between Danny and the Doctor. And now Danny is trying to turn Clara against the Doctor too.

     That might not be what is happening at all.

     Maybe there is another way to look at it that I’m just not seeing?

     I really liked the episode though. It was great, just the drama has thrown cold water on it for the moment. I will be back with many more positive thoughts soon.

    Bluesqueakpip @bluesqueakpip

    @gothamcelt – my mind is also running along the lines of ‘Danny isn’t what he seems’.

    I don’t think he is Jenny (the Doctor’s daughter), but that spectacular somersault reminded me more than a little of Jenny’s equally spectacular display of gymnastic ability.

    Time Heist also reminded us about clones. Then there’s Journey’s brother. Are we talking about clones, here? Scattered through time?

    @juniperfish – rapid promotion is more likely in an age of army expansion: the British Army is currently contracting. Five years and a sergeant sounds more like the US Army, where pay scale = rank, than the British Army, where job = rank (and it’s possible for a long service private to earn more than a junior corporal). Danny having reached corporal would be considerably more believable.

    It could simply be the difference between our universe and the Whoniverse. 😉 However, if you can find an example of a modern British Army solider (i.e. not WW1 or WW2) who made sergeant in five years flat, I’d be grateful.

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