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    @miapatrick I never really tend to go out that late. When I’m on holiday, I have been out as late as midnight sometimes, if I’ve gone to a show or at a theme park such as Disneyland Paris, but I’m way more conservative than most people. Others go out to all hours and get wasted, whereas I’m like ‘I want to stay in and watch Ant and Dec on the telly!’.

    IMO the best snack to get when out for the night is a McDonald’s,  because it’s quite light but just enough to put you on until breakfast the next day.

    winston @winston

    @miapatrick   I have a very talkative brain myself so I sympathize and I share your insomnia.   @dalekbuster523  We tend to go for pizza or Chinese food , maybe because they are both good for breakfast.

    Miapatrick @miapatrick

    @winston – curry is the best breakfast!


    @winston Yeah, you can’t beat a good pizza. Especially the ones they do in Italy. Those ones are delicious!


    @miapatrick I’m more of a Rice Krispies person myself.

    nerys @nerys

    Hello @thane16 and all! I realized it was time to check in and see how everyone is doing. My husband and I are plugging along, both of us still working. They just reopened the beaches (with physical distancing rules in place, of course), so that’s a huge relief. Walks on the beach are one of my favourite stress-relievers. I’m looking forward to following the return of the shorebirds as they migrate back for the summer!

    So far, my little corner of the world has no (as in zero, zip, nada) assigned COVID-19 cases. I don’t know how we have managed that, except that we are in a small, rural part of the province. And so somehow there has been no community spread of this virus. Because surely, if even one person picked it up from somewhere and brought it back, there would be community spread. But we haven’t seen that here. It’s a different story in the more densely populated regions of the province. And it may be a different story as temperatures warm up, and people come here, perhaps thinking they are “safe” here. Maybe, maybe not. We shall see.

    @whisht Denmark! Oh, that’s one of my favourite places! Where in Denmark? My husband and I celebrated our 10th anniversary there, driving around the mainland. (He’d gone there for business travel, took one walk on a local beach and knew I’d love it. He was right!) I’m envious. I’ve always imagined living there. Of course, as is true with anywhere, vacationing there is, I’m sure, quite different from living there. So I doubt that those special trip memories would make the transition to full-time living there. But still ….

    @missrori I sympathize. Believe it or not, I just read this comment on Facebook. My friend, a former co-worker in Kentucky, was complaining about meat prices. Here’s a reply to her post, quoted verbatim:

    “Thank the Democrats for this fake plague… All of the meat producers have been shut down for several weeks. There’s plenty of meat, just not enough hands to process it. Prices will be stupid on meat for at least a month.”

    Really, “fake plague”? And it’s the Democrats’ fault? Sadly, the Trumpsters are still out there.



    They just reopened the beaches (with physical distancing rules in place, of course)

    What? Really? That seems a bit risky. In Scarborough we’re telling all tourists to stay away from our beach. In fact, we’re telling them to stay away full-stop! As are Bridlington and Whitby.

    nerys @nerys

    @dalekbuster523 Nova Scotia beaches (especially in my part of the province) are rarely crowded. The crowds can be larger near Halifax, which is the only city in the province. Hence, the population density is higher there. But where I am, the population is sparse, and during most of my beach walks, even in summer, the most people I see are five, 10 at the most. Some beaches typically have only a few people. So it’s not at all risky. In fact, it’s far easier to practise social distancing at our beaches than almost anywhere else!

    syzygy @thane16

    So…..I thought I’d start in the pub…And as you know I love all animals, cats, dogs, Gretchen….

    Has anyone caught the German series Dark?

    There’s a Gretchen loop. Tonnes of clever stuff. I can’t actually understand much of it but it seems plenty can.

    Old Syzygy. Or is it Syzygy always & forever…



    @nerys That must be nice. Scarborough is the complete opposite during holiday times. We get a lot of tourists usually, so if we didn’t tell people not to come it would be hard to socially distance on the beach.

    winston @winston

    @nerys  Good to hear you are doing OK. I love your beaches because you can walk forever and hardly see a soul just beautiful shore birds. It is great that you have no Covid where you are, we don’t have as much as Toronto but our seniors have been hit hard and one home lost half of its people to this horrible virus. Maybe some of these covidiots who call it a fake could explain their reasons to the families of the victims .Oh well  I tell my husband we have to take care of our own health in the end and rely on our own judgement to get us through. I do miss my granddaughters and their hugs but they are all healthy and that is what counts.

    @thane16   I have not heard of the show but I will check it out. I hope you and the family are good and healthy. Have you picked out a door colour yet? My house is white and my door is a grey\blue colour that is very boring and I may change it when the stores are open and I can buy paint. You have inspired me to add a splash of colour.

    Stay safe and sane everyone!




    Stay safe and sane everyone!


    Ah. Now that’s the hard part!

    nerys @nerys

    @winston A nursing home in Halifax has been similarly devastated. It seems especially cruel that people living out the last stage of their lives should be hit in this way, and their loved ones can’t be there with them. The COVID-19 deniers are exasperating … as are many “human nature” things these days.

    I’m not sure how we’ve managed to escape the scourge of COVID-19 where we are, but I think a big part of it is because we are rural, and people can spread out rather easily. There’s not the congestion that big cities have. Now, when the summer really hits, and people feel free to travel more? And they think they’re “safe” by coming here? We’ll see if that changes. I hope not.

    blenkinsopthebrave @blenkinsopthebrave

    @nerys and @winston

    Things are indeed difficult at the moment, which is why we sometimes need a shot of humour. To that end (and something that will only make sense to Canadians):

    Restrictions remain in place for Ontarians who can’t afford cottages


    janetteB @janetteb

    Hi all.

    Have been in and out over the past few weeks, busy  as always, though the lockdown has at least meant no meetings. It has almost felt like a holiday but have been trying to catch up on other work which I had been neglecting.

    Good to hear all are well and keeping safe. Right now I am very glad to be living where I do. Despite our idiot government so aptly described by the chinese as a “kangaroo serving as the dog of the U.S.” we seem to be doing well, mostly because of the State Governments taking responsibility and an good health service. Low population density is a big factor too. @nerys I hope your region stays Covid clear.

    We still have an expanded household which has actually been good though was difficult when there were shortages. We are now able to be in groups of up to ten so were able to have a meeting the other night. It was so nice to talk to people that everyone stood about for an hour in the cold afterwards chatting. All going well, in a month’s time pubs and cafes will open and this Saturday we are finally going to meet the “boy over the road’s” baby who was born just before lockdown. His mother has not seen her for almost two months which has been tough. (her first and only grandchild). @winston, I hope you are able to see your grandchildren soon too.

    @whisht enjoy Denmark. It is a very interesting country. We only got to Copenhagen for one weekend. It rained, and rained and rained. We got soaked and spent half of one day sitting in a department store cafeteria drying out. The museum was mostly closed for renovations which was really disappointing for me, probably not for the boys who were getting “museum fatigue” by that stage.

    @thane16 A wave from down south. Hopefully things are well on the way to recovery in your state too.

    @blenkinsopthebrave I hope the Blenkinsop cellar is holding out. We are eagerly looking forward to being able to take a trip out to the Barossa which was in total lockdown for a while, thanks to some inconsiderate tourists.




    winston @winston

    @blenkinsopthebrave   We were surrounded by those cottagers , filling up the town and lining up in front of the stores they promised not to shop in. Apparently they feel that their taxes allow them to infect us. Ahhh covidiots. Thanks for the link.

    @janetteb When I get to hug them I may never let go. Good to see that things are getting better in your area.

    nerys @nerys

    @blenkinsopthebrave Ha, we love The Beaverton! But, as @winston points out, it may be satire … but parts of it are all too true. Some folks wield their sense of entitlement like a bull in a china shop (at the expense of everyone else).

    blenkinsopthebrave @blenkinsopthebrave

    @nerys, @winston,

    Where we live there are a number of neighbours who can probably afford a cottage, and their houses seem strangely unoccupied. But at least those who remain are very responsible. They wear masks inside shops, and we all keep our distance when walking to the shops, but we still manage to say hello to each other–even if it is from the other side of the street.


    Fortunately, the Blenkinsop cellar is coping…


    nerys @nerys

    @blenkinsopthebrave It’s good that folks are being responsible. Sadly, there are some, in various parts of the world, who still believe none of this applies to them, and they are above it all. But I’m glad that’s not true where you are!


    @nerys I think part of the problem is that some people think ‘It will never happen to me’. They act as though they are special, and as they are special they are immune in some way, when the sad reality is that nobody is immune from this thing.

    Where I am in Scarborough, people seem to have been sensible. My Mum said she saw some suspiciously large groups the other day, but most were only in groups of two or three, and keeping two metres apart. I have seen videos of London that look quite bad however, so it’s clear that some in the country aren’t taking things seriously.

    Bluesqueakpip @bluesqueakpip


    I suspect the videos have been carefully selected – at least, in my part of London people are generally being very careful and keeping apart. However I could, if I wanted to, find a large group to film, (teenage boys, usually) all suffering from ‘it can’t happen to me’ syndrome. The Thames Path last weekend was also extremely busy, and I think you could have got a camera angle that would make it look less-than-two-metre crowded, but the reality was that people were keeping their distance.

    @nerys – yeah, I think population density (or lack thereof) has a lot to do with the rate of spread. Simple maths – even if only one in 400 people have Covid, but you live in an area with 4000 people per km squared, that’s ten people you can be infected by – without going out of your local area. But in a rural area with maybe 150 people per km squared, there’s quite possibly not anyone nearby to catch Covid from.

    janetteB @janetteb

    Hi all,

    Hope everyone is well and getting through these tough times. The news is grim and getting grimmer. Here in Oz we are watching the headlines every day with suspended breath, and keeping fingers crossed that the border will hold but it is a very large border to patrol and Melbourne is only eight hours away. Some of our local small businesses are not reopening in case they have to close again. they are waiting things out, but overall despite the lack of rain I am glad that I chose to live where I do. The countryside is lovely still, and the sun is flooding into our garden once again.



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