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    Whisht @whisht

    Sorry for moaning my first world problem, but no-one here to get any sympathy from (so yours is very much appreciated).

    So, after restoring my old backup of music, I spent an hour or two looking at iTunes and my shelves of CDs to work out what was missing.


    ~300 CDs. Now in piles next to the laptop. And its taking roughly 10mins a rip onto my laptop.

    That’s gonna take a season or more of Black Books and a lot of wine.
    In themselves not bad things (thanks for the suggestion @blenkinsopthebrave) but a frustratingly large amount of wasted time.

    ok, that’s enough of me moaning about this debacle except as an illustration to your kids to back up in 3 places (on the PC, external hard-drive and Cloud).

    And do it often.

    Bluesqueakpip @bluesqueakpip

    @whisht – I sync to my Walkman. Also, stuff I’ve bought from the Dalek Empire (aka Amazon) is in their cloud, and stuff I haven’t is usually on CD.

    There’s some weird law that says you hard drive and your back-up hardrive will always fail at the same time. Back when I was studying Computer Science, I was taught that three backups was the way to go.

    Keep drinking the wine. It doesn’t make the transfer go any faster, but it makes it seem so much more fun. 🙂

    ScaryB @scaryb

    @whisht @bluesqueakpip

    weird law that says you hard drive and your back-up hardrive will always fail at the same time

    Ain’t that the truth!

    Arbutus @arbutus


    I am so sorry for your troubles. I’m glad you’ve been able to work out what was missing. A few years back we made the decision to rip our entire CD collection onto a music server and listen through a Sonos system. We had an obscene number of recordings and we were running out of room for them. My husband spent at least a week of evenings and weekends ripping them, and then even more time adjusting the metadata to his satisfaction, and as I recall, yes, wine was extremely helpful! Being in the IT biz, he is backup obsessed, so we’ve got them backed up in a couple of places.

    But I can remember a time years ago when we were broken into. We had at that time a big double sided CD case, and they got through one side of it before something happened to scare them off (or maybe they just couldn’t carry any more!). They cleaned us out from the 17th century on, and was it a job trying to replace it all. In fact, some of it we never found again until the days of Amazon and classical music budge re-releases finally rolled around. There’s a lot to be said for these modern times.  🙂


    janetteB @janetteb

    I back up all my photos in at least three locations and the family videos are supposed to be on every hard drive in the house. We once lost two hard drives in the space of a week which was very costly. Right now a lot of our older, and un backed up, TV stuff is on a computer which has died. We are presuming that the hard drives will be fine but have yet to move to them to another machine. As all the the Tennant series are on one of those drives we are going to have to do something about it very soon.



    Anonymous @

    Astronomers – professional and amateur – are furiously tweeting about the (possible) collision of two neutron stars in the Andromeda Galaxy causing a massive Gamma Ray Burst.

    In my comic book reading experience, nothing good ever comes from GRBs so if any of you have been affected in any way, please use your new found super-powers responsibly 😉

    Rob @rob


    That is so weird I knew you were going to post that, I just waited a day so it wouldn’t freak anyone out

    My new superpower is to be correct 24hrs after the event 😀

    Bluesqueakpip @bluesqueakpip

    @fatmaninabox – you know that mate of yours who got over 25000?

    High Score

    No Photoshop involved.

    Anonymous @

    @bluesqueakpip – Nice one 😀

    I think the reason I can’t get a decent score is because I’m completing it to quickly 😉

    Bluesqueakpip @bluesqueakpip

    @fatmaninabox – yeah, I’ve noticed that. You’d think a fast win would be a high score, but no. 😉

    It only seems possible to get a really high score if something goes horribly wrong and you manage to recover and win.

    Bluesqueakpip @bluesqueakpip

    And the Great Mumbling Debate … err… mumbles onward? Was anyone watching Quirke?

    I say watching, because listening was seemingly a bit of a problem. Not as big a problem as with Sean Harris’ Method Mumble, but still.

    I’ve never had a problem with Jenna Coleman, but I hope Peter Capaldi’s Doctor has nice, clear Scottish diction. 😀

    Anonymous @

    There’s something very scary about this photo. Study it carefully, paying close attention to the back of the room, and it will soon become apparent. Oh, and try not to blink!

    janetteB @janetteb

    @fatmaninabox. I stared at that photo for ages and just didn’t “get it”. Then I looked away and looked back and saw it. Very good.

    @bluesqueakpip I have not seen Quirke but did not have a problem with Sean Harris in Jamaica Inn, perhaps because he was eclipsed by Jessica Brown Findlay’s overacting. (And I don’t object to subtitles.)



    PhaseShift @phaseshift
    Time Lord

    @fatmaninabox @janetteb

    That is actually quite weird. I may have to retire to change my undergarments.

    Anonymous @

    @fatmaninabox oh thank you very much thank you very, very much!  I was watching this and watching this and then boom…. but funnily enough a large rap came at the front door at the exact moment I saw ‘it’ and I swear I jumped two feet and said some inappropriate things. Wow!

    Kindest,  puro

    The Krynoid Man @thekrynoidman
    Anonymous @

    Dopplegangers. We’ve all got one ( I pity mine 😆 ) so here’s a handy guide on how to spot them 🙂


    @janetteb @phaseshift @Purofilion – glad you liked my little GIF(t). Hope none of you ran out of undies 🙂

    The original un-‘Doctored’ version can be found here along with plenty more optical illusions. Don’t worry, the others aren’t scary.


    Bluesqueakpip @bluesqueakpip

    I hesitated between The Sofa and The Pub for quite some time before deciding that – as an SF convention, Loncon 3 (August 14th to 18th, Excel Centre) really belonged here.

    But you can have quite a lot of fun playing ‘spot the Doctor Who clip’. 🙂

    janetteB @janetteb

    Thanks for the link @bluesqueakpip It was indeed fun identifying the Dr Who clips. I am curious as to the many of the non-who ones which I didn’t know. Clearly my Sci-fi lore is sadly lacking.



    Bluesqueakpip @bluesqueakpip

    @janetteb – I identified quite a few, but certainly not all. The ones I spotted were:

    Day of the Triffids (TV)
    The Prisoner (TV)
    1984 (B&W TV)
    V for Vendetta
    Harry Potter (I think it was Deathly Hallows)
    Possibly 9 Days Later (haven’t seen that one)
    An American Werewolf in London
    The Avengers (the British one, not the Marvel Superheroes)
    Possibly Whoops Apocalypse.

    Anyone else got some other spots?

    janetteB @janetteb

    Wow @Bluespeakpip I am impressed. I picked the Harry Potter and V for Vendetta clips but none of the others. I certainly missed The Avengers one but then I have not watched the series for many years, not since it gave our four year old “night terrors”. He is 18 now so it’s more than time for a re-watch. I still haven’t seen “The Prisoner” but  I only recently re-watched Day of the Triffids so I should have picked that.



    PhaseShift @phaseshift
    Time Lord

    @bluesqueakpip @janetteb

    That is a really well put together promo. I love it!

    I think for 9 days later, you probably meant 28 days later? (the shot of Cillian Murphy in hospital gown in front of Parliament?).

    A lot of the ‘tac displays and the overhead shots of the napalming of the streets come from its sequel 28 weeks later.

    I think the shot of the London Eye as clouds gather at the start may have been from Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer.

    There are a couple of shots from American Werewolf in London.

    The shot of people scrabbling on a “beach” with a submerged St. Pauls dome in the background is from Richard Lester’s black satire The Bed-Sitting Room from the year I was born, 1969. A film few have seen (and can be quite difficult to fully love) but it’s worth a view for the cast alone.

    blenkinsopthebrave @blenkinsopthebrave


    A brilliant clip. I think you captured most of them. There might also have been The Day the Earth Caught Fire and perhaps a Quatermass? Will have to re-watch a couple of times to be sure.


    I love The Bed Sitting Room. It is totally unique. And as you say, what a cast!

    PhaseShift @phaseshift
    Time Lord


    I love The Bed Sitting Room.

    Well, that’s me and thee. Now to convince the rest of the Earth!

    I saw it as a teenager in the early years of Channel 4, and just couldn’t get over the cast. C4 used to do great retrospectives of films that can only be described as “odd” – so stuff like Britannia Hospital (which was probably the most recent then) , Zardoz, Twisted Nerve and Rise and Rise of Michael Rimmer. Absolutely flawed, bonkers and definitely idiosyncratic movies – a real education.

    These days they have a dedicated movie channel, FilmFour, but probably wouldn’t feature any of them. A real shame.

    Bluesqueakpip @bluesqueakpip

    @phaseshift and @blenkinsopthebrave

    The Bed Sitting Room. Of course! Phaseshift, you and I probably watched it during the same Channel 4 season. It was weird.

    Yes, I was thinking of 28 Days later – I have no idea why I always think of that film as ‘9 Days Later’.

    I thought the gathering clouds was the weather control bit from The Avengers?

    PhaseShift @phaseshift
    Time Lord


    You could well be right, because I’ve not seen the Avengers movie, and only caught the end of Silver Surfer on TV. I just remembered the climax had the heroes in London saving the London Eye after it starts to topple over, and the storm clouds gathering as Galactus is summoned, and made a guess at that one.

    Weirdly – the movie was released in 2007 so with Runaway Bride showing the Christmas before, that was twice the Thames was drained in a short space of time [Shakes fist at inconvenient aliens 🙂 ]

    Really enjoyed the clip though. As you said, lots of fun with the Doctor Who clips.

    I was trying to place the clip of what looked like King Kong next to Big Ben. If it is Kong, I don’t remember that version at all.

    Craig @craig

    Ooh I like that promo as well. They’ve done a great job of making a lot of the footage match the lyrics.

    Can I add to the list. The dragons are from Reign of Fire, I think some of the darkening skies are from the recent Thor sequel.

    And I did a quick bit of research as I didn’t know the big ape one either, and it looks very much like a movie I’d never heard of called Konga.

    It looks terrible, but could be so bad it’s good.

    Craig @craig

    Oh, and a bit more research nailed the animation sequences as an anime film I’d never heard of either called Steamboy. Weird as I was a huge fan of Akira and remember driving to Edinburgh to see it in the Film Festival (with my parents’ car’s engine over heating) as there were rumours it would never get a UK release. I’m losing my edge.

    blenkinsopthebrave @blenkinsopthebrave

    @phaseshift, @bluesqueakpip

    The Thames draining. Besides the movies you mention, there is also a sequence in season 3 or 4 of the US sci-fi show Fringe set in the alternate universe where the Thames is draining down a whirlpool (if you haven’t seen it, don’t ask, as it is too complicated to explain). Sorry, but do not have a screen-grab. What is it, I wonder, that attracts story-tellers (and not necessarily British story-tellers) to the idea of the Thames draining?

    The Krynoid Man @thekrynoidman

    @phaseshift I remember Twisted Nerve popping up on the Horror Channel either this year or last year. It was part of a cult classics season along with The Man who Fell to Earth, Peeping Tom and Fear in the Night. You’re right about it being a shame that these kind of films aren’t shown on mainstream channels anymore. Even some classic films don’t get shown much anymore. I was surprised to find out that Citizen Kane is on BBC 2 next week, because I don’t think it’s ever been on TV in my lifetime, and I’m almost 20.

    PhaseShift @phaseshift
    Time Lord


    Oh, that’s excellent detective work on Konga. I’m going to have to bookmark that in case I’m ever in the mood for trying something that may be really awful. 😀


    I’d forgotten that bit from the end of series 3 of Fringe. I know at the time some people thought it may be related to the same FX company that did the Fantastic Four film. A small shot here.


    Thanks for the info on the Horror Channel. I’ll put a response to you in the film thread, if you don’t mind.

    Anonymous @

    Nice trail for LondonCon. I believe the gathering clouds do indeed come from The Avengers — a film that is actually unfairly maligned in my view….

    Rob @rob

    Morning All

    Todays walk is from Cullompton to Taunton and thence onto Middlezoy

    Details on the F/B page The Arrival Campaign look under Events

    The walk blogs are on

    and new for this week I’ll be attempting to Twitter!!!!!

    @ArrivalWalk …. my first ever #at3mph

    Matt has also bought some Walkie Talkies ….. Should I be Danny Boy or Jammy Dodger???? 😉

    janetteB @janetteb

    Good to hear that the walk is going well @rob. I hope the sun shines upon you.



    Anonymous @

    <p style=”text-align: center;”>Moons of madness! What is all this talking of a walk to taunton? Thought this was for “insane” doctor who ideas?</p>

    Anonymous @

    <p style=”text-align: center;”>Where do you go for theories and ideas people have for unseen doctor who? ie series 6b and the like? just trying to open my internal doctor universe a little more. one want to hear about is the imposter doctor who seems to be using a perseption filter or something in the five doctors. and rob, as morgus, hope its a cold wet walk for you:)</p>

    Anonymous @

    @rob  (The Knight) good luck to you on this walk. Danny Boy would be my fave on a number of levels. This might not impress @TrauMorgus.   🙂    Morgus, welcome, you could use the memories page or the page discussing wishes and hopes for what the forthcoming season might bring. You’ll find  there are a lot of exciting possibilities there which will meet expectations. Possibly some of us are waiting til the beginning is nigh before pouring out the insanest ideas! Kindest, Purofilion


    Whisht @whisht

    @rob – as you’re the one walking, shouldn’t you be “Broadsword”?
    Or has that been taken?

    Broadsword calling Danny Boy, come in Danny Boy.

    We need transport, over

    Good luck!

    PhaseShift @phaseshift
    Time Lord


    You know, even though @bluesqueakpip had clearly put The Avengers (UK) I spent most of yesterday thinking she meant the Joss Whedon movie. It only occurred to me this morning that it was Ralph Fiennes, Uma Thurman and Sean Connery with a bloody great weather machine. D’oh! Apologies to @bluesqueakpip.

    Yes, of course you are both right. I’ll go back to blanking it from my mind now because I don’t think it was that unfairly maligned. 😀

    PhaseShift @phaseshift
    Time Lord


    Sterling work mate. Excellent suggestion from @whisht for call signs.

    Good luck with it!

    blenkinsopthebrave @blenkinsopthebrave

    I have been re-viewing the Loncon 3 – London Calling clip that @bluesqueakpip posted. Can anyone identify the source of the bit which has Australian flags hanging from the Exhibition Hall? I feel that as an expatriate, I should know this.

    Bluesqueakpip @bluesqueakpip

    @rob – Since you are Sir Rob, I’d go for ‘Broadsword’ myself. 🙂 Good luck on the walk!

    @TrauMorgus – you’ve found the pub. The Rose & Crown is where ‘off-topic’ is, errr, ‘on-topic’. Speculation about the upcoming series is in Series 8 Speculation/Wishlist. There isn’t that much – partly because our main bonkers theory as at the end of The Time of The Doctor was that Moffat had cleared the decks, ready for the next fifty years. 🙂

    If you’re wondering why we haven’t said loads about Series 6, that’s because this is a relatively young forum. Most of the original contributors used to hang out at the Doctor Who blogs written by Dan Martin at The Guardian newspaper. Facing a long gap between blogs, our Emperor @craig generously offered us a home. Complete with pub and sofa. 😀

    There are conversations about the Smith Doctor’s earlier episodes , but they tend to start off with a link to the original blog comments.

    Anonymous @

    Hello all I shall have a good look through what yous are doing. this is my first delve into blogs etc so I’ve no clue as to what I’m doing. very interested in theories about unseen stories and the like, and am wanting to get into the audio stuff if anyone has any ideas? Hope the walk was a good one TrauRob;) Now back to Major…

    Anonymous @

    @phaseshift — while it certainly isn’t The Avengers movie it could have been, I still count it as a shall we say guilty pleasure. Probably holed below the water line because of the terrible miscasting of Uma Thurman but still a serviceable lying on the sofa hungover Sunday afternoon experience. Or at least that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it….

    Rob @rob

    @janetteb Yes the sun shone and shone and shone, it’s nearly as bright as my nose and forehead now 🙂

    @TrauMorgus Wlecome to the Rose and Crown where no topic is topical 😉

    @Purofilion I think we both need more coffee…… as ever 🙂

    @whisht Genius, name adopted

    @phaseshift Yes the name has been adopted, if you manage to make Tewkesbury you’ll see why it is very apt 🙂

    @bluesqueakpip It was a long 31 miles but being shown around the Church of the Holy Cross at the end of the day made it a greate nding to a long hard day

    I will do my walk blog tomorrow and post it up on my little web page, a link here will follow

    Have a great Sunday evening all 😀

    Anonymous @

    @rob brilliant walk sounds like!  31 miles (not kilometres: good grief). I remember walking around the UK in my twenties with the inevitable back pack and finding, that even in midsummer, I didn’t need sunscreen the way I did/do in Australia.  Now, in Aus, not putting it on for a short walk leads to 3rd degree burns. Last week, during a silly fire drill, we had the students out in the 30 degree heat (yes, I know it’s supposed to be Winter!) and one young chap has long red hair and the palest but most unmarked skin I’ve seen. Seemingly he’s managed to avoid the pitfalls of this sun drenched country. Except for that day where the Principal continued gabbing on the loud speaker for far too long. People started changing colour. I chose the role of knight, and, with hat in hand and clomping high heels (I spose I might have used the long hair to pull the students out; note to me: do this next time) I entered the arena and rescued this chap and several other ‘tributes’ who had the fairest and most worryingly pale skin surely turning beetroot.

    I haven’t checked out this website -arrival campaign yet? but will do so directly. I’m having my morning coffee just as I had my late night one at 10pm yesterday. Does it stop me from sleeping? “No”, I say, “only until I want to go to sleep”! We’re at the Rose & C, but I’ll buy you an espresso anyway for a good walk well done (or a cappuccino as you may need the calories :)). Hooray, purofilion

    Whisht @whisht

    @purofilion @janetteb et al – I’m sure there is better slang that we can use.

    Over to you….
    (more of a Friday post but the buggers at the beeb put this up on a Monday!)

    janetteB @janetteb

    Thanks for the link @whisht. Several there I am not familiar with. Slang varies between the states too. Recently a Sydney friend used the word “tip” for the classic school yard game “chasey”, in a video for the boy’s school. I pointed out that in S.A. the term is, “gang up chasey” and none of the children would know what “tip” meant. In Victorian schools the game is simply referred to as “chasey”. What we refer to as “bathers” are called “swimming cossies” in N.S.W. I think the term “sparkie” for electrician, also is predominately east coast.



    Anonymous @

    @whisht and @janetteb  you betcha. ‘Chasey’ I recall as well as ‘tiggy’ now in QLD. Of course, any ‘touching’ games could cause ‘massive risk factors such as having fun therefore they’re not supposed to actually ….touch. Never mind that in Rugby they can pile one on top of the other and cave their skulls in and experience homo-erotic joy!

    I recall using the term ‘bathers’ in SA as well and then coming up to Brisbane and hearing ‘togs’ -awful. Of course, the current PM wears DTs which are known as Dick Togs (boardies is a common expression if you’re not a fool). Now, I think NSW and QLD say ‘swimmers’. Put bag beside a ‘port’ in QLD and you’ll get confused unless you speak French (portmanteau I spose). The worst is “I’m going to a filim” & you’ll need your um-ber-rella”.

    I had to double check that ‘film’ seemed to have two syllables and umbrella more than three in Brisbane. There was also Chim-e-ney. I could put all this down to the Irish invaders -but then this was a fond story from parents and therefore suspect.

    Back to reading and signing reports written by morons (sorry) but: “This student works well at Number but doesn’tget statistics and probability real well” is not a shining example of a report. Yes, a report. By a teacher.  The tree woman (ah, yes, @arbutus): we need you to realise some of us are coming to Canada for schoolin’. Kindest, purofilion

    Anonymous @

    @whisht I didn’t read all of it till I’d added my rather boring collection just off the top off me old knob (you see, ‘knob’ meant brain for a while and was featured in Gallipoli-a problematic film by Peter Weir). Looking at that list, I’m amazed at how many I use: woop woop, the Gabba -for anything to do with cricket; ‘get your skates on’ (hurry it up); the confusion of dinner/tea/ supper is still up for review; ‘horny’ is probably everywhere by now; ‘goin’ for a Hungry’s” which is a ref to Hungry Jacks; “glass of plonk or a chard” for cheap grog/fizz or chardonnay. A ‘flattie’ for a coffee with a milk is newish; “Bag a chick” is what you’d imagine just as “bag your head” is well.. different…meaning shuddup. “Shaggin’ my bed” means ”hitting the sack” and “havin’ a shut eye”. “Don’t forget the aerogard” was popular along with bring the “kero” because you’d need it to remove the nits from the kid’s hair &, worse, pour a bit over the (attached) leeches. “Stamp the roos” means to both have a dance and kill as many of the pests as possible. “Shoot the dunny” means to check the loo in the AM as the snakes tend to crawl in the loo and sit just under the seat. It takes getting used to. But then once I discovered a very happy farm containing loads of weed. Stupidly I started walking toward to the THE car (a Holden of course) as I witnessed a few plants poking out: the farmer, with no teeth and not much of a face left, actually, proceeded to pepper me with a bit of buck-shot.

    Always good for the soul and a fair wake up call. Stay away from the bloody Holdens. Kindest, puro.

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