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    Dentarthurdent @dentarthurdent

    @nerys My sympathy on hearing about your mum. It was fortunate that you were able to be with her at the end, I’m sure a great comfort to her, and for you that so many of her friends were at the memorial service.

    (When my mother died, decades ago, we were surprised and slightly consoled by the large number of friends she had).

    I hope you can take comfort in the memories.


    nerys @nerys

    Thank you, @janetteb and @dentarthurdent! I too was amazed at the number of people who attended my mother’s funeral, not only in the choir, but also in the congregation. I got a nice surprise when I saw a good friend of mine there. I don’t think she knew my mother, but she was there to support me. Pretty wonderful!

    My mom’s partner worried ahead of time whether many people would be there. She had been to funerals for 91-year-olds, where only a handful of people turned up. That’s because so many of their friends and family had preceded them in death. That’s sad. But Mom made friends with people of all ages, and it showed.

    I do find comfort in the many good memories I have with my mother. It was also quite a remarkable thing to be able to go through Mom’s massive photo collection, along with one of my cousins, before my mother/her aunt died. We were able to find so many great photos from Mom’s childhood and young adulthood that I’d never seen before. The nice thing about that is, when it came time to put together a slideshow of photos for Mom’s memorial service, I didn’t have to put in hours and hours of searching because that work was already done. I knew exactly where to find these photos and scan them. Mom never thought of herself as a beauty … but she was. I love looking through those photos of her!

    janetteB @janetteb

    I am appalled to see that it has hit 40c in England. When I lived there I started thinking that I must be mis-remembering 40+ days back home. Such heat felt impossible. Sympathy to our Brits fans who are suffering at the moment and to to any Europeans who are affected by the fires. It is very frightening to see news stories of “wildfires” in Europe. These are the kind of disasters we expect here in Oz. They should not be happening over there.



    winston @winston

    @janettebΒ Β  It is hard to see people and animals suffer through such heat and fires. We reached 38C today in many parts of the province and Toronto has issued heat warnings and opened cooling centers and pools until late tonight. The heat is oppressive and add humidity and it feels like a jungle. Many of us have air cons because it has become impossible to live without one especially in apartment high-rises. I try to get outside early to do any chores or watering in the garden and then retreat to the relative coolness of the house. My back deck looks like a little kitchen cause I do all my cooking out there to keep the house cooler.

    The problem with air conditioners is that it is expensive to run them so you are cool now but really hot when the bill comes. Some people suffer through the heat because they can’t afford the bills. We found out that some senior neighbours were doing that so we talked with their kids.They told their parents that they would cover the extra money it costs. They are much more comfortable now and less stressed about money.

    Anyway you know all about weather extremes where you live and I am sure have your own ways to cope with the heat. I hope that this terrible weather breaks soon so the people of Europe can recover and cool down.

    stay safe

    Dentarthurdent @dentarthurdent

    @janetteb I share your sentiments. Looking at the news, I find it hard to believe the temperatures being reported in England at the moment. And forest fires in Europe, I’m accustomed to those being in Oz (no offence intended) or southern California. Meanwhile the record floods that NSW had seem to have migrated over here to NZ. The climate seems to have gone a bit psychotic.

    A few years back we had a week of 30 degrees in Auckland (when it stayed near that all night, also we always have high humidity) and at the end of the week I coincidentally got a brief mild case of food poisoning – it didn’t last long but I thought I was going to die from exhaustion, and I put that down to the effect of a week of heat. I can hardly imagine 40 degrees in the shade.

    @winston I’d hate to be paying for air con – we’re lucky not to need it (that 30-degree week notwithstanding). Fans and open windows are enough in summer, and in winter we just use a small electric heater (and I’ve insulated most of the house floor and ceiling). So we just heat the lounge – our power bills are still hefty enough. In hot weather we also have the garden, with plenty of trees for shade, and sit outside in the porch – we’re lucky enough to be of a generation when a house with a fifth-acre section was the norm, I’d hate to live in an apartment. Buying the house was the best thing we ever did.

    Rewvian @rewvian

    Nichelle Nichols of Star Trek fame, best known for playing Uhura, has died at 89.

    It seems I’m a little late finding out about it.Β  I consider Star Trek and Doctor Who to be prime examples of classic sci-fi, originating fom similar times.

    Oochillyo @oochillyo

    hey everyone how are you all πŸ™‚

    I’m back, just I dont know kinda desperate to talk to people, been going through a lot of mental pain and just feel soo broken, nightmares nearly every night ect , I know this isnt the general place for this but I just wanna talk to some people some friend that care and it can be about anything in this pub crawl place.

    I went to another forum for a while bit of everything ofcourse looking for fellow Doctor Who lover but a range of topics and great writers which gave me some hindsight with my story, however I suffered a lot of pain and reached out there out of desperation, made my own post about looking for support and some people got back to me but it was quite often “nobody can do anything here seek professional help/counselling” I know they all meant well and I understand but for few reasons I cant do that right now and often rely on my friend to get me through the hard times, but I’ve been losing a lot of friends these past months and other stresses ect I feel soo broken and then one of the people in charge of the forum got cross at me for talking a lot in posts and threated to ban me from the site and I rarely go there now, lost a lot of friends and a sort of escapism and recently I’ve suffered nightmares and regret day after day many tears and angry people who used to be my friends, so I’m back but not about Doctor Who necessarily.

    As I said I know this isnt really the place for this and many will say call a helpline, seek professional help but I honestly cant and just looking for friends and people to talk to and support me I guess, I dont wanna be a burden but just know I have someone who actually cares for me when I’m losing soo many and going through other horrible situations.

    Thank you everyone for listening hope I’m alright to post this and start a discussion ect not just for me but anybody who feels alone, mental stresses, feeling like cant talk to family ect ect just all wanna help each other I hope and if anyone needs my help I’m always happy to help , I love my friends and always look after them make sure their ok and try and help them with their problems such as my friend who is very suicidal but I’m trying my best to keep him going so I dont want this to become nobody can help anyone here cause sometimes a professional face isnt available or isnt the best match often its great but not always helpful to suggest if that makes sense so just be kind to everyone and hope any of us could help those in need.

    Thank you

    Regards – Declan Sargent

    Dentarthurdent @dentarthurdent

    Hi Declan

    Well you’ve probably got the right forum if you want to talk, the mods here very rarely ban anybody for talking too much, so long as you don’t post spam or insult people they’re cool.Β Β  Only thing is, this isn’t a very active site (but you know that).Β Β  So you may not get many replies.Β Β  So if talking helps, fine, but you can’t expect too much, I’m not sure if anyone has the magic words that will fix everything.Β Β  I’m afraid I certainly don’t, I have the people skills of Arnold RimmerΒ Β  πŸ™‚



    winston @winston

    @nerysΒ Β  I hope you and yours are OK after such a violent and destructiveΒ  storm. The damage to many partsΒ  of the Atlantic provinces is terrible and sadly even the loss of some people. Let us know how you are when you get a chance and know that the rest of Canada wants to help. I am so proud of how prepared you all were and how strong you are in the face of such destruction but I am not surprised. The people are already out and helping their neighbors showing the kindness I have always experienced when we visit. Hopefully power will be restored to everyone soon.

    stay safe and strong

    blenkinsopthebrave @blenkinsopthebrave

    @mudlark and any others from the UK out there.

    If only it were possible to tune into BBC radio from Canada.

    nerys @nerys

    @winston and all, I apologize for taking so long to check in. It has nothing to do with the hurricane; I just forgot that many people here know I live in one of Canada’s Atlantic provinces.

    My husband and I are fine, as is our little town in southwestern Nova Scotia. Fiona tracked farther east than originally expected, so all we got was a lot of rain (which we needed) and a little wind. We’ve had nor’easters that were far more powerful than that. We were afraid of a repeat of Hurricane Dorian, which did a lot of damage here (though not nearly as much property damage as I would have expected). Fortunately for us, we were spared that experience this time around. Life here is very much as it was before the storm. Remarkably, we never lost power here. I think that’s a first for our little neck of the woods.

    Sadly, Cape Breton and northeastern Nova Scotia, PEI and Newfoundland were not so fortunate. Also parts of New Brunswick and Quebec’s Magdalen Islands. They have suffered devastating damage. It’s heartbreaking to see the photos and videos.

    A high school friend and her partner made the decision several years ago to move from Fort Myers, where we had visited them back in 2009, to Maryland. Needless to say, they are quite relieved they made that decision, though they are worried about friends who are still there and living in the aftermath of Hurricane Ian. A university friend just happened to be visiting her brother and his family at their home near Orlando when Ian struck. Fortunately they are all safe and sound, with very little property damage. Another friend, who is a former co-worker, and his wife live in Kissimmee, near Orlando. They evacuated to their son’s home and are waiting to see how badly damaged their apartment is.

    janetteB @janetteb

    @nerys. Glad to hear that you are ok and were well out of harms way. These devastating storms are becoming more frequent and it is people who are suffering, not those who are responsible and have the power to change things.



    Oochillyo @oochillyo

    hey everyone πŸ™‚ how are you all πŸ™‚

    I’ve tried asking around , asking some friends but so far nothing so wondering if anyone here as heard ;

    There is a Halloween Parade event down Southend tomorrow (29/10/22) starts at 6 (18:00) , well I was trying to find anyone kind or my friends preferably to go with , very nervous about going by myself not knowing anyone there but am interested in the event since were moving country so feel like last chance to do something like this , wondering if anyone here was/is close to that area and maybe wants to tag along with me and enjoy this really cool event πŸ™‚

    There is also a prize for best Halloween costume and I have seen an art event , submit 2 pieces of work I reckon to be judged not sure if thats the same event or for another Halloween event and I am struggling to find the page its on sorry if anyone is arty and interested start with the Southend Halloween Parade event and hope you find the art one too I am not sure if my link works cause its a link from a page, anyway thanks everyone hope you all have a nice time whatever spooky things your up to or just relaxing πŸ™‚

    Southend Halloween Parade

    thank you.

    Regards – Declan Sargent

    Oochillyo @oochillyo

    hey everyone πŸ™‚ how are you all πŸ™‚

    I’m going with my family to the event πŸ™‚ just wanted to pass on that I hope you all enjoy Halloween , any events your going to or however you relax have a good Holiday time and soon is Christmas and good family fun yay πŸ™‚

    take care everyone stay positive hugs πŸ™‚

    Regards – Declan Sargent

    Oochillyo @oochillyo

    hey everyone how are you all πŸ™‚

    I was typing a review of a series few hours back but had to help my family so I’ll work on that later

    Regards – Declan Sargent

    Oochillyo @oochillyo

    hey everyone how are you all πŸ™‚

    I know I just posted that was like a hey I am working on something ha πŸ™‚

    I dont really go here much normally on the comfy sofa and would rather be there , I was thinking which is more appropriate so I went here.


    Would anyone like to talk to me , about anything or Doctor Who , I am feeling down sick of wasting my time on people who dont care about you just want money or whatever and my family is practically throwing all my stuff away cause were moving πŸ™

    I am trying to save my things tried calling a friend and packed 3 bags full of my stuff to try and safe from being thrown away but he is in hospital he is fine but it doesn’t seem he can make it so I wont sleep properly worried my things will disappear and worried about my driving lessons , my room is very empty and its making me feel sick just being here the size feels wrong and I do really feel light heaed but I cant go downstairs at risk of what you being doing this whole time (many hours) and have you been packing things away instead of letting us well throw it away

    Its not fair all my stuff has to go cause were moving and can only take like 10 boxes but they keep all there and nobody ever checks with me or checks whats being thrown away nearly lost some family photos cause nobody checks and now I wont relax cause I know there are bags in the car and probs a lot of my stuff and memories like I lost last week and it breaks me.

    So I am tried of liars when trying to find love and new friends , my room is making me feel sick and my memories and items that I wanna keep and a lot of it I wanted to keep for my future family and show them things I own and give them what I used to have is at risk of going in the bin or to some random charity shop place which I know is for the good but why doesn’t anyone ask me and why cant I pass things down to my future family by temporally storing them with my friends since I am not allowed to take much to the country we are moving to being Portugal , its not my fault I got gifts bought things ect over many years to just say hey were moving all the things that made your room feel like home throw it away why πŸ™

    So I know this is a lot and this isnt a therapy place but to me talking to people and distracting myself is and as I sit in my empty room with my 3 bags stuffed with things I am trying to save please would anyone like to talk to me thank you.

    Regards – Declan Sargent

    Oochillyo @oochillyo

    hey everyone how are you all πŸ™‚

    Just to clarify cause I thought how it sounds when I say empty room its my things and my wardrobes ect bed side tables and so on , only have a bed and one empty shelf unit left oh and my desk chair with no desk so feel sick its empty but small though it is bigger now than its ever been in 12 years without all the stuff its messing with my head and I am already upset , every time I like into the left corner where my biggest appliance was my wardrobe with all my nice jackets and shirts and some comic books I feel like vertigo looking at that corner and seeing all of it that was hidden and there is nothing there now the length feels smaller but the width wider even though my room is actually longer than it is wide my poor head ha.

    take care everyone hope your not going through struggles or things that hurt you and reach out to someone you love or a friend it can help take care hugs πŸ™‚

    Regards – Declan Sargent

    Oochillyo @oochillyo

    hey everyone πŸ™‚ how are you all πŸ™‚

    Whilst I was writing my idea about throwing Weeping Angles into the Marian Trench I thought of something,

    Here is my idea I am not rich or famous so maybe nothing will come of it, please take it seriously and if you could do anything to help maybe spread the idea to the Kurzgesagt team, Facebook page or YouTube Channel or any charity that is trying to help our planet would be extremely grateful and we all live on Earth for the time being lets look after it and each other πŸ™‚ take care everyone and Earth hope we do better to look after it πŸ™‚

    Look there is what a 1000+ members in this lovely community could any of us help in some way , charity things, spread word , come up with ideas I know I sound like Greta ha but we can all do something and together could be really good πŸ™‚

    Here is my idea please at least read it and think positively not laugh at me cause its soo out landish or silly I really do mean it with my heart if I could help in some way, and I wanted to do a charity walk a while back but with health and family on my case I think i am gonna save that till I am a little older and have freedom to plan these things well and stay out and about doing things for the community and charity πŸ™‚ I dont wanna brag I just thought can I help and I did a charity walk with a school group few years back down our local beach couple miles and I seemed to be the only one really going for it not just walking with the group but stopping to ask everyone on the way and even this old women thought I was scamming her cause my group and gone soo far ahead of me and I had the bucket with out name trying to tell her whats it for and I raised a lot of money in my bucket about 70 pounds on the walk much more than the other buckets and the group leader was soo proud of me it was just soo nice to do good and be thanked πŸ™‚ really liked that whole school experience of a couple of weeks it was good for me, my health, my confidence ect which have all gone backwards but hope when I have my own house and freedom I can do this things again, and yes its a united mission but I feel like I am suited to it if given the chance so far I cant have that chance so I am working on ideas and felt like spreading them πŸ™‚

    Princess Trust things like that πŸ™‚

    Regards – Declan Sargent

    Oochillyo @oochillyo

    hey everyone πŸ™‚ how are you πŸ™‚

    So my idea πŸ™‚

    Its on there Facebook page if you wanna message underneath any ideas or support that would be lovely πŸ™‚ thank you all πŸ™‚

    hey Kurzgesagt how are you, I was writing a Doctor Who review and thought of something, yes helping to fix Climate change with all good methods so far like renewables is good and needed, the effects of climate change especially for less developed areas is terrible and we should all do a part to help each other and our PlanetI was just wondering 75% or 80% of Earth is covered in water, the deepest part is the Mariana Trench (which you have a video on ) and with sea levels rising would there be any merit in well digging man made trenches/wells with similar depth to the Mariana Trench. I understand we don’t want to cause earthquakes and I know such impacts on the sea floor wouldn’t be great for wildlife and corals, hopefully we can achieve this as gentle as possible but could this out there idea be useful in anyway ? So my idea is your effectively creating more space for the sea to enter and drain into like a sink, dig through the sea floor with no exit point cause it’s the sea leaving an exit point would make it useless, like the Titanic (RIP to all that lost their lives family and friends) the vessel could only hold soo much water on it, being a boat its nothing compared to the sea and all the water that flooded the vessel went back into the sea but a trench would drain/fill with a certain amount of water and keep it there at a lower level (if you search ‘Ice Age film Scratlantis scene’ where the Squirrel accidently drains a large portion of the ocean I’m thinking this type of effect but realistic, serious and controlled) if you could do this on a big scale could we delay sea levels climbing dangerously for threatened areas like rural low lying places and tropical islands or even have a stable man-made sea level after a decade or so that we can adjust as more ice unfortunately melts whilst we tackle climate change with methods such as carbon capture and turbines as time goes on. I was thinking would all the fish be drained into these trenches cause of the sea pressure or something like a vacuum, maybe if you make these trenches very large, flattened near the top like a funnel it may have less of a vacuum effect or could we somehow build a gap into wind turbines that are in the sea and have a panel on the side where only water can get through and build the turbine on top of a narrow trench width wise, yes I know this sounds silly but if you could build the turbine on stable ground with the trench in the middle you could safely keep people and sea creatures from falling into these gaps in the sea floor due to a vacuum effect and each trench can have a wind turbine which is double helpful traditional ideas are reliable and useful like wind turbines ect but sometimes radical is needed and this climate crisis we might have to think outside the box more often , hope my idea is taken seriously I tried to think of the ramifications and yes its just me so far I dont own a million pound company or anything so my idea might never be know or used world wide but its a suggestion and a helping hand if its possible all small steps lead to big changes I’m sorry this is all a big paragraph, if I press enter on the laptop it will just post my message not separate the text so it has to be written as one large text my apologies , take care everyone stay positive hugs Regards – Declan Sargent

    Just gonna leave it like that , should be eating dinner now ha and just feel nice not to over think about tweaking it for space ect πŸ™‚

    Please read and a a community of some many lets talk and do something we are world wide too πŸ™‚ England here soon moving to Portugal where I feel my health, confidence (everyone is soo kind) and helping others like charity wise for example will greatly occur πŸ™‚ hope I inspire you all but most of all just do something good for Earth, you and the ones you love spread the word take care many hugs πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    Regards – Declan Sargent

    Oochillyo @oochillyo

    hey everyone πŸ™‚ how are you all πŸ™‚

    There is a link to their Youtube channel πŸ™‚ very good and great resource to learn πŸ™‚ , they have links to their other places like Facebook at the bottom of the page πŸ™‚

    (125122)Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell – YouTube

    Regards – Declan Sargent

    Oochillyo @oochillyo

    hey everyone πŸ™‚ how are you all πŸ™‚

    I dont know about putting this here cause A it says like complaining and B its under my honest goal to do something about our planet, but I dont know where else to put this

    Just quite fed up and stressed today, very worried about my driving lesson and the teacher telling me off πŸ™ its getting worse and I am struggling with booking my theory cause of technical difficulties but ofcourse its gonna be my fault.

    Then I woke up today checked message as you do and found out a really sweet girl I’ve been talking to blocked me for no reason so I messaged her somewhere else, just soo fed up when people dont like something, or something is bothering them and they never tell you , they just block you, why not tell me cause then I would understand and things can change I am sick of this, I messaged her elsewhere explained a lot and honest just want a kind friend didnt know anything was bothering her cause I was doing what she wanted and kept saying was fine with over and over again

    I hate this soo much cause other girls have done this to me just why not be honest, at school helped a girl cause it was raining and we walked in the same direction home, and we talked a bit and sort of became routine just walking in the same direction together and little talks, and I kept asking her over and over again “are you fine with this, is it ok we cans stop if it bothers you” ect ect many many times and all I got was nah its fine each time, I felt something was wrong and was scared messing up cause one of my first friends in six form where all my others friends had moved schools, and time and time again nobody tells you there’s a problem they just tell other people that know you and they tell you blach blach this person says your freaking them out , then why never tell me its a problem, if I know I would stop A walking with the girl soo much ect ect I would wanna know and talk and work it out

    I dont know why people are like this, there have a problem and isntead of letting you know they just turn on you out of knowhere , I lost a good little friendship group and someone I truly love cause of problems like this he freaks us out cause he gives us gifts at Christmas what is the problem with that anyone ??

    Just want new and kind and caring friends, not people who will trick me, not people who dont care about me just what I can buy them , I lost Instagram cause it got hacked by someone who was soo sweet and I dont know what is the goal they faked it all I dont know I was starting to like them cause they were the most caring and then I get that, and then the good people you meet nobody tells you I dont like that ect ect

    Why is everything have to be soo carefully said, the girl I loved kept telling me off and I was scared to talk to her, she just got more and more mean and closed off from the friendly person I knew in school, and its like I wasnt good enough to talk to her what do I do change myself it all had to have meaing she kept saying, dont I mean anything to you, the kindess I showed you how many times we laughed and kept in touch over the shcool holidays that is nothing cause I dont say everything perfect and with meaning each time, how can you drag meaning out of everything.

    Why cant anyone be honest and why does everything said have to have meaning and be perfection.

    I am glad for one thing only about moving to Portugal the people there are kind, understanding like to socialise and the girls are not judgey, perfection seeking missiles that everything you do and say has to be perfect to them and what they want or you’re a weirdo, they actually care about people and know all people are different not perfect little robots that can mind read you cause you never tell me there’s a problem I have to work it out on my own even though each time I asked it was oh everything’s fine dont worry, soo frustrating.

    Take care everyone and be open with people

    Regards – Declan Sargent

    Oochillyo @oochillyo

    hey everyone πŸ™‚ how are you all πŸ™‚

    I just wanna spread happiness I guess ha, like I was starting to feel down and fed up with people, they just waste my time ect when I’m trying to find πŸ™‚ someone πŸ™‚

    Then just before bed saw this one profile (yeah online there’s nearly 0 good possible people to be with near me) hope that makes sense cause dont wanna ramble into why, anyway was nearly going to bed and just saw this one profile by someone called Stacey πŸ™‚ she is gorgeous and pretty at the same time and whats better is so far like first impressions her bio was soo sweet and humble just made me smile after a rough like hour or 2 where filtering through the fake’s was starting to drag my mood down, I dont know if anything will come of this but I told my friend about her very quickly cause if it worked I would be delighted to be with someone like her and thats what I sort of wanted to talk about – love in a way if thats ok with everyone (I seem to be random topic generator ha πŸ™‚ )

    What do we love about people maybe the small things are more special like Stacey talking about learning to grow and a kiss on the doorstep πŸ™‚ just sweet aspects of a person’s nature πŸ™‚

    I’ve got love is the sweetest thing song from James and the Giant Peace in my head now ha πŸ™‚ good little tune πŸ™‚

    take care everyone stay positive and hope you all find a Stacey and love for you πŸ™‚

    Regards – Declan Sargent

    Oochillyo @oochillyo

    hey everyone, how are you all πŸ™‚

    I bet some people here think I am fake or like the boy who cried wolf, often I am very happy, other times I wrote a lot about my down points and then I am back to happy, well not today just down down all the way.

    Regards – Declan Sargent

    Oochillyo @oochillyo

    hey everyone, how are you all πŸ™‚

    I know this could all be one but just wanted to put the first part there and then have the explanation which is –

    P.S. I wrote this on a different site first (the one I had to leave for over a year as I was threatened on it) nobody here has threatened me or such πŸ™‚

    hey everyone , how are you allΒ :)

    I havnt been on this site for over a year, got threatened off and hurt, I am only back now cause I am more hurt and alone, good times and bad times always but there is no comfort through the bad times.

    I got back from a really good family type holiday for a week with no internet ect just more out doors ect and with all my extended family ect was very good for my health and take the stress off of me, now I am back and its back to stress, I dont wanna life a live full of this and complain but I just want to talk about it

    My driving practice first time back in over a week and it was going soo well, I nailed parking again and all good and then it just got rubbish at the end little things and then the stress of the teacher and the mistakes made more mistakes and all in all back to square one rubbish, never a lesson that goes well anymore and its the same stupid mistakes each time for once I was happy in my lesson and felt proud I was doing soo well at everything I was nervous about or messed up last time and yet again something has to go wrong.

    Number two which is why I am here and pretty angry, we went away and had a family friend stay to look after the house, and since being back yet again my stuff has disappeared, all my drawings of Pokemon hours and hours of nights spent working on ideas and designs and getting better at drawing all wasted, they seem lost again, even some of things my family own are missing, and literally I have a small like chest box with two locks (they are pull up pull down locks) not padlocked, but I put two or three comic books in there, locked it , and placed it in the bottom section of my wardrobe and now I am back I open the box and its all empty inside, I am sick of every time someone goes through my room my stuff vanishes, I put my stuff where I know where it is and in some cases like packing to move abroad all the stuff in my box I packed my self is there but anything that was on my wall, or in cub board ect ect something allways goes, I am sick of whoever goes through my stuff losing it and claiming they know where it is which never is accurate.

    Couple months back, I was in my driving lesson, and when I got home my Brothers friend and my family had gone through my room to clean it all and like all my stuff for some reason and since then about 50 or so drawings, of people I love, a really cool landscape, animal drawings ect ect just gone I have no idea where they are and they dont know either, I have been working on Pokemon drawings and loving it and getting better at drawing creastures ect and scale, I have 1 red folder I put a lot of favs I drew in there whilst I was working on the amount and order of Pokemon for my own list, I had about 5 pieces of paper in plastic sheets glue tacked to my wall with the ones I am happy with the order ect ect and it was nice, since then I had to move out my room as it was re painted, so they were re blue takced in the room I am in now, then we went on holiday for a week last week and a few days, and I am back and they are literally gone, even the plastic sheets, just some blue tack on the wall where they used to be and these were some of my favs like my hedgog idea and the starters and I dont know if I have picutures of them all if they are really gone and I am not Vincent Van Goth I cant re draw them perfect again and not from memory.

    I am sick as anything that each time someone moves my stuff around it goes, or nobody asks me to look at the things we are leaving behind vs the packing items and they too just disappear and get taken to the dump or a charity, I lost child hood items and memories with it and I cried and I have tried to recover from that and the time people lost my own stuff through cleaning my room when I wasnt there or aware of that taking place, and now I have likely lost 60+ drawings of my own Pokemon and ideas because they were not in my red book instead being on my wall, and my few comics that were in a lockable chest box inside the bottom of a cupboard its not like its saying this is in the junk pile throw away who goes through someone’s cupboards when they are on Holiday and even clearly meant to keep items safe box chests and the stuff now goes missing.

    I just feel like giving up drawing and painting, my teacher told my parents and pick your subjects day that I was slow and basically rubbish and she didnt see any potentioal in me picking that subject which crushed my art dreams and passion for years, then a nice girl I like she was way better at drawing than me but re sparked my passion , I drew her, ect and the Pokemon ideas, since then she got very passive agressive ect and we dont talk, I got hacked on Instagram so lost all my friends and posts there such as my beach with friends, cool clouds ect just nice pretty phots of holidays and landscaps ect all my style just gone, and now the last starw my Pokemon desgins for my own region that I actuall wrote Pokedex entries on and was a lovable passion of my drawing about 60 as I say on those 5 sheets have gone and I just feel like whats the point in ever drawing anything or painting again as everyone thinks its rubbish and just cause its little animal like drawings on paper its worth throwing away or writing on,

    I am sick of the driving lessons going well then every time its the same stupid problems and I feel like I am wasting my teachers time who had m Brother who was much better and actually had practice behfore hand, nobody gave me practice opertunites just one day where I stalled the car ect and that was years ago, so I am like from scratch and it goes well but then you stall or go round something in the wrong gear and the week before the holiday my teacher even suggested I should just quit and I dont enjoy it so I wont learn so even she doesnt see the potential in me just to learn to drive not be a pro or anything, and it was all going soo well on the week back untill bit by bit it got worse and worse, my drawings people dont care about and they all ways dissapera, even other things that are mine but I spent hours and hours practice on a passion my own art teacher told me to give up on and for what for them to get thrown away and how is someone a family friend keeping our house safe the same person who moves all these things and the comic books out of a cleary stored situation

    I just wanna be good at something and everyone just keeps tearing down my passions that I am getting better at yet forcing me to do things I am really struggling with like the driving which I have cried afterwards and in a lesson once cause its always the same issues stopping me from progressing and wasting everyones time in addition to the passive agressive nature of my teacher who I feel doesnt wanna teach me no more and practially said its somthing I should give up on.

    I have my good days, my good ideas and hobbies and yet its like cause I am nothing not famous or whatver my hobbies therefore mean nothing and have no vaule to anyone else and cause its just drawings they think it can be thrown away or its nothing to worry about when it goes missing.

    I want to say again I have my red book of drawings but the ones on my wall my Pokemon ones that werent in the book cause I dont have anymore platic sheets with the holes in to secure to the red book/folder and my tons of drawings of people, landscapes, animals, cartoon ideas ect ect that were all on my shelf so I could reach them if I need to work on them ect everything that wasnt in the red book which is 27 pages as I just counted baring in mind the red book as some sketches, drawings that arent Pokemon works in progress ect and about from 3 pages each has just 2 or 3 Pokemon on them as I work out more ideas and not clutter these pages so its a lot less than my wall Pokemon that were full of lines of Pokemon all the way down and types ect ect so thats a lot more lost than I have, I just really hate nothing that belongs to me espically art wise seems secure in my own family home and I really think I will quit drawing till I have my own home cause it all just goes and if I dont have any photos of all the Pokemon I drew I might just scrape my own region idea all together as I cant remember or re draw 60+ ideas perfectly and its a big gap in what I had and the order and the types ect ect the aniamls and inspirations that blend into the drawings urgh just I like art and I had my drawing and art re sparked my passion for it but bit by bit from people telling me I am nothing or falling out with me and being better to just losing about 65+ pages of work and hours jus think I am done with it, nobody except me cares about it, I’m not famous with my art so its not saved for ever and people keep losing the hours and hours of art I work on.

    I’ve already lost soo much possessions ect I had for years or recent cause we are moving and you have to cut down, but people dont let me look through it just one day someone has gone through it and it goes away in the dump or someone else a family friend is given it or a Chairty shop, nobody just askes me whats this or what about this one ect so I can go through it and work out whats to keep and not and all the boxes for moving are full of anything they are not labelled or gone through as a family so I have no idea whats in there or if someone has packed away my drawings as they claim or they are fully lost just tired of wasting my limited life on something I liked but is pointless to the world and goes missing all the timeΒ :(

    Thank you anyone for listening and letting me talk about all ups and downs, hope I’m not alone all day and please take care of everyone you love and know and yourselves too and check on people they may value your company at that time πŸ™‚

    Regards – Declan Sargent

    Oochillyo @oochillyo

    hey everyone πŸ™‚ how are you all πŸ™‚

    There have been a lot of big advancements in medicine and so on this year which is great πŸ™‚

    I was just wondering in the theme of advancements is there anyone here that can explain to me the big news of the nuclear fusion energy advancement that has been on the news today.

    I searched on Youtube just the words nuclear fusion energy and seriously every video is recent within a couple of hours from now and about the same topic and video from numerous Youtube and news channels, I have never seen one topic soo heavily placed on Youtube, every video 10’s to maybe a 100 are about these new break through and only 1 video I could find when scrolling is about nuclear energy from 3 years ago everything is soo busy with the update its crazy on Youtube.

    I understand why but so far even Neil Degrasse Tyson hasn’t focused on the key to my confusion –

    Can anyone explain how this advancement is actually possible, unless I am missing something how is it possible we are effectively creating or gaining more energy than was put into a system, doesn’t this break one of the 3 laws of physics that energy cant be created nor destroyed and Perpetual Motion Machines have soo far not come about and pretty much are assumed to be theoretically impossible cause of this.

    Therefor I am wondering how have we unlocked this process of gaining more energy than was used which nobody seems to be talking about as a massive breakthrough or even danger, it should be far above the news of the machine and the results themselves, doesn’t unlimited energy go against physics soo strange this hasn’t been a bigger woah than just every Youtube video about nuclear fusion containing the same details as seem on the news focusing on the machine the new technique and the possibilities of the future completely void of anyone discussing the implications or an explanation to how the laws of physics have in my mind and I would assume others too been cracked.

    Its like winning the world cup perfectly – lets say one team wins every match and wins the whole thing, that would be a woah right but imagine the bigger shock if it was just 1 person scoring all the goals ect 1 person against all the other teams that would be the bigger woah out of the main story of the perfect win right, I am shocked nobody has mentioned the laws of physics which is the fundamental bedrock of our universe and given the conservation of energy is a law which links to this break through its strange nobody in the field has discussed what I thought was the impossible and how we have skipped the scientific barrier of a lifetime, in my mind this is ground shattering not just breaking.

    Physics wise am I missing something are the rules still in check and why hasn’t this question be in the topic after this new break through.

    For fellow Doctor Who fans its like us cracking transdimensional engineering and just going hey when can I have a home with that but not thinking woah how did we get this, seriously they are talking about putting this new technology/technique into cars and being a couple decades off powering cities which should be great I hope but just like I don’t understand the main thing that time and time again was said point blank to be impossible as akin to traveling faster than the speed, time travel, witnessing blackholes and seeing further back than the big bang with the background radiation.

    I hope all this made sense I am just soo surprised and defiantly in the last month or so of this ground breaking year in general we have been cracking the barriers of decades such as finding various better ways to stop cancers, halt or even reverse cognitive diseases, possibly a pill treatment for long Covid within a year and now we are cracking one of the ultimate concreates creating or generating more energy out of the energy you have woah this year is revolutionary gold in a 100 sprint πŸ™‚

    I wanna say anything is possible seems more and more factual than inspirational of recent years πŸ™‚

    Take care everyone stay positive hugs πŸ™‚

    Regards – Declan Sargent

    syzygy @thane16

    Hi @oochillyo

    I wish I could help you! My areas are music & history. Yes, I’d like to know that too. I don’t think conservation of energy is a law, though….

    I’d add, however, Β that energy in & energy out isn’t the same & doesn’t need to be, as per your 5th paragraph.

    syzygy @thane16

    Hey again @oochillyo.
    im sorry I didn’t see your other post. You absolutely, definitely shouldn’t give up your dreams of creating art. During Covid I think we all experienced terrible loneliness so doing anything remotely crafty is a must.

    Don’t allow people to tell you you are rubbish. Beethoven was called an idiot, so was Mahler, Shostakovich (basically imprisoned & laughed at for his compositions) & David Bowie.

    remember Van Gogh & how the population of his town shrieked at him, calling him a lazy fool & making fun of his mental health. The Dr Who episode about him is one of my top 10 episodes. Β And I think a healthy reminder of how we need to respect new ideas, new art & music, providing it is as honest & original as possible. I think originality is the most important & impactful element in our art?

    Though many of us play, or copy others for our own developed understanding & that’s OK too.

    it’s awful that you’ve lost your art or someone has taken it. I used to hide drawings in old books, shoe boxes & under floor boards. As for driving, it’s frustrating but my son was 20 before he passed his driving test & admits happily that he only has an automatic license -so can’t drive with a clutch or stick shift. It doesn’t bother him though his mates laugh. He also hasn’t yetΒ had a girlfriend. In the end, time passes, & good things happen. But only on your own schedule.

    Your family holiday sounds great, though. Hopefully you can draw some of your memories? That would be a useful way of combining what you love & releasing your frustrations.

    Warmest, Puro (my old name: also easier to write than the other one though the one printed on the site is the only one I can easily read in the in-box).

    Dentarthurdent @dentarthurdent

    Hi @oochillyo

    Yes, conservation of energy is a law, so far as I know. Though energy can ‘easily’ be converted from one form (e.g. gravitational potential energy) into another (e.g. kinetic energy), the total energy must remain constant.
    There is just one exception – mass can be converted into energy by nuclear processes (and I guess energy can in principle be converted into mass).

    What happens in nuclear fusion is, two atoms of hydrogen are fused into one atom of helium. The atom of helium weighs just fractionally less than the two hydrogen atoms did, and the ‘missing’ mass has become energy. The equation is Einstein’s famous E = mc^2. The amount of energy released is absolutely enormous.

    In nuclear fission, like a nuclear reactor (or an atom bomb), an atom of a heavy element like U-235 (?) is split into lighter elements; again, the total mass of the products is fractionally less than the original U-235 atoms.

    It’s all very simple in principle, the complications arise in finding the right nuclear ‘pathways’ for the reaction to happen and controlling it.

    Oochillyo @oochillyo

    hey everyone πŸ™‚ how are you all πŸ™‚

    Thank you @dentarthurdent for explaining I still am shocked how it works cause I have that law in my mind but its different and works which is amazing πŸ™‚ in couple decades free energy for everyone hopefully πŸ™‚

    Sorry if I sounded out of my mind I just thought something massive had been cracked and nobody noticed.

    hey @Warmest Puro those are cool names πŸ™‚ thank you Syzygy for your kindness πŸ™‚ do you know just in the last 20 mins I woke up from a nightmare in a way about drawing and my school.

    I think I was thinking of my art before bed and then in the dream/nightmare things happend maybe some like spooky place I think it was 2 dreams eventually I was in a drawing contest, I had to make 3 pieces of art well everyone at the school did, and there was like some wierd science stuff probs cause of me writing about the new energy topic last night.

    The whole assumbly had drawings and then someone picked me to go to the stage with like 50 chairs of people the best drawers I guess, an you have to draw and all my work was rubbish to them and the headmaster we had and he was threatening me, and I just couldnt do it and people were sabatouging me and eventually I moved to the top level of the chairs at the back and there was a time limit to draw and the head master was really on my case and I couldnt think of anything good enough, and I lost my penicl ect ect just all going wrong then I got an idea, before I think I drew a house with some friends I guess and something else I dont remember now sorry and I really tried with these arts but no it wasnt good enough.

    So this time I used my now style of sketching and I sketched clear as day cause it was soo good when I woke up today I thought about drawing it, it was landscape with a view like you were looking far away at a hill landscape you know hope that makes sense like zoomed out, I got the Christmas theme, I did like a theme park with carisels, merry go round ect, I put in the big red bridg forgot the name sorry into my drawing as a main part of it, drew some lights on it at the end, had all sorts now I am forgetting wow its like my brain saying you can clear it now he has written it but my mind is faster than my cold fingers, I put an ice rink in to fill a massive gap on the left side at the end, by that point I was meant to stop but the people in like 2 or 3 rows down were getting judeged so I kept going which is when I put the ice rink and the lights in, just actually really proud of it good landcapse and scale and Christmas theme πŸ™‚ I still dont think I won, I remember the teacher coming back or it could be before and I had to show the class my work and I still think it wasnt good enough unless it was the pieces before, I dont know maybe this is a waste of a message in the fourme, just really impacts me sometimes and then I read your post Syzygy about drawing and I had tears in my eyes, when I needed support it was there like my nightmare was telling me your rubbish and threatening me scaring me really and then I wake up and my confusion about science has been eased and someone has been kind about my struggles with my little drawings and my passion for art so thank you both πŸ™‚

    Regards – Declan Sargent

    Dentarthurdent @dentarthurdent

    @oochillyo Well, in theory, nuclear fusion Hydrogen -> Helium can supply almost unlimited energy for the foreseeable future. It’s what the Sun does, incidentally.

    The problem is, starting it and controlling it. It has been achieved experimentally before, but this is the first time they’ve managed to get more energy out than they put in (in the form of laser beams). And since only lightweight atoms are involved there are no radioactive byproducts.

    The only other times they’ve achieved nuclear fusion is in H-bombs, which are not generally considered useful.

    Oochillyo @oochillyo

    hey everyone πŸ™‚ how are you all πŸ™‚

    I thank you all for your kindness and help πŸ™‚

    I understand the comparison to the Sun but the way everyone talks about this topic on the news it seems this is different, as far as I understand the Sun isn’t making more energy out of less if that makes sense, and the Sun will run out of power one day its not making infinite energy and the process will stop at some point.

    I think maybe the wording and the limited explanation on the news has confused me as all of your explanations are much more clear and make sense but just for me it doesn’t correlate with the news story, to me it just seems like we’ve got a process that’s effectively a source of infinite energy from here till the end, like a Super Task and perhaps the expansion of the Universe.

    I don’t believe there has ever been a system that makes more energy than it had to start with apart from rare theoretical cases such as black holes, super quarks I believe is the name and the big bang which out of nowhere suddenly everything came from it.

    Maybe I am being silly and not getting it and jumping over my head thinking we have gained unlimited power as Palpatine would say ha πŸ™‚ but to me the news has highlighted this as a ground breaking step in limitless energy, if all works we will have unlimited amounts of energy for how long ever ? and is all about creating or gaining more energy than you started with,

    Its physics right if I push a ball down a hill its not gonna go on forever and gain more energy than the force/energy put into it from the push and the motion of rolling down the hill, I understand the Sun ect is different to my example and the Scientist making this experiment clearly know something that works I just surprised what was the impossible is no more especially with how the news is talking about the future of this tech seeming to create unlimited energy.

    Sorry for rambling I guess I have unlimited amount of thoughts on the topic ha πŸ™‚ thanks all again for explaining and being patient with me πŸ™‚

    Its a whole new word as the song goes πŸ™‚

    Take care everyone hugs πŸ™‚

    Regards – Declan Sargent

    Dentarthurdent @dentarthurdent

    @oochillyo Thing is, there’s so much hydrogen around (think: water) and the power produced from a tiny amount of matter is so enormous, it’s ‘virtually’ limitless. Oil would run out soon (even if climate change didn’t force us to stop), coal about ten times longer or something like that (and ditto climate change), nuclear many times longer than that (but waste byproducts are a problem), fusion power – IF it can be made to work – orders of magnitude longer than that. That’s as I understand it.

    Dentarthurdent @dentarthurdent

    @oochillyo Oh, and the energy in nuclear / fusion power doesn’t come from ‘nowhere’, it comes from ‘destroying’ (or rather, converting into energy) a minute amount of mass. (In the same way a litre of gasoline ‘produces’ energy by being converted into exhaust gas, though that’s a chemical reaction – so only a very loose analogy).
    The energy you get is E=mc^2 – Einstein’s equation. E is energy, m is the mass you just ‘destroyed’, c is the speed of light and in the equation it’s squared – that is a ginormous number.

    Oochillyo @oochillyo

    hey @dentarthurdent πŸ™‚ how are you πŸ™‚

    I hope you dont mind this talk, I am quite enjoying all the science things and learning, ah when I said out of no-where I meant with the big bang suddenly there was well everything like the foundations for stars ect ect which is still a mystery how there was nothing to a Universe and all the things in it you know πŸ™‚

    Fusion power seems the main way forward just hope good things come and a cleaner better planet πŸ™‚

    Thank you for sticking with me through this topic and your kindness πŸ™‚

    Take care everyone stay positive hugs πŸ™‚

    Regards – Declan Sargent

    syzygy @thane16


    thank you for that explanation. It’s actually reminding me of Einstein’s equation & seeing as we’re on a Forum about sci-fi (& fantasy) it’s topical.

    I should’ve posted this on the Pub or Sofa thread but the moderators have gone rogue (of course I mean busy with other things). Our β€˜Sofa’ Β is threatening to collapse on the back of our energy…. 😒🧐

    Oochillyo @oochillyo

    hey everyone πŸ™‚ how are you all πŸ™‚

    so yesterday I woke up from the art nightmare as I said at half 7 ish , today I am awake at 5:44 ha πŸ™‚

    dreams πŸ™‚

    so the first one was kinds spooky, there was like cliffs ect, maybe something about someone who could transform into a beast or someone in the night, group of people, there was a heart felt story to it like about family I guess, my family was there, me maybe some friends or teachers it was like a school trip I guess but more vague than most of my school trip nightmares, I think there was a murder on the lose it was all spooky but interesting a case to solve and family troubles to fix sorry I dont remember much about it.

    Second one was straight after and was very short and I just woke up from it, my family and me had like a camper van I think or saw one, we were on this round with a lot of grass, hills ect like Mr Beans’s holiday when he was driving just a lot of nature and nothing else around, fields, windey roads ect, then we started running and there was a plan to run like the whole thing very very far, then I was running down this road with my family, I had to stop a few times to let traffic go, but I was running good πŸ™‚ very were people around and I am running down this narrow road in one straight line, lots of trees and bushes, people in the way, at one point after small ish group of people there was soo many the width of the road you know like 50 people, and I got past them was running with my Dad and my Mum and then the thing that woke me, a bee went near my eye and wouldn’t leave ahhh haha, I was like what do I do cause running is making my eye lid move about so that might spook the bee which might sting my eye and I tried to aim with my arm to move it then I got paranoid if it was a fly or not and then I woke up in real life worried this was really happening.

    so there we go it was a spooky start and a Marathon mission followed by a brave bee and fearful fly experience πŸ™‚

    I hate these ones with the flys ect it always spooks me and when I wake up I am worried its real and I am pretty unsettled for a while after I am awake maybe its a hint to something hopefully I wont become Fly Man hahaha just kidding thinking of the times in Spider Man films they dream about the Spider and its their destiny πŸ™‚

    Take care everyone stay positive and have happy dreams hugs πŸ™‚

    Regards – Declan Sargent

    Oochillyo @oochillyo

    hey everyone πŸ™‚ how are you all πŸ™‚

    Well I’ve spent many hours today Pokemon generating/designing and idea making πŸ™‚ think I need a break, maybe over 300 new ones today alone and gonna take a break give my friend a break as I have to screen shot each one and send it to him so not to lose them or any ideas I might have from them like a physic gold fish πŸ™‚

    I realised cause I have gone a bit weird , I did every type like max 7 0r 15 for some of them, then I am my own enemy as its always a whats round the corner surprise and my good numbers so now I decided to re do the list 3 times on the third go now just to cover each time minimum 7 examples but some I kept going like 2 29’s and some 50’s soo mmm I calculated that I still have 10 types to cross off and if I roll the dice 20+ to like 50 times I have like over 2000 possibilities I reckon hahaha which is twice as much as the Pokemon company has come up with in like 25 years and through smashing the generate button over and over I doubled that already today hahahaha πŸ™‚

    I just mainly seeking new ideas, and like the fact the AI makes a Pokemon for you so although many times they are hilariously wonky its just nice to see the finished product and not have to spend all day drawing 1 or 2 Pokemon πŸ™‚

    I might draw an owl I think I’ve figured out how to draw the head after going through this process, got a couple of cool bird Pokemon, some crazy ideas ect but its good otherwise I might just feel lonely ect and have nothing to do

    I planned to draw 159 Pokemon, its a special number to me and its over any amount a single generation has had so I would be chuffed coming up with that many ideas by myself :), I have my like 60+ in drawings already in my big red book, lots and lots of un drawn ideas, came up another 30 just when I got back from my holiday as there was no internet and I dare not take my book there unless moving so suddenly I was hit with soo many ideas so that’s a plus 30 new, and I had tons and tons before that I have mentioned to friends and wrote about in my word documents like a star nosed mole Pokemon, so drawing wise and ideas before I remember like having around 110 already but for sure 60+ drawn, maybe 150 ideas many ideas, more and more often, about 2000 from the generator which I am gonna whittle down pick the ones I really like so over 159 but I might just save up and make 4 generations worth as 4 is my special number so I have enough ideas ect to make 4 generations easy plus my region is very desert island tropical very remote, so though I have many ideas a lot wont fit in the region like machines ect but maybe for the others πŸ™‚

    Wow I talk a lot, this Pokemon drawing, making my own dex, region, ideas ect has I told my friends is mainly the only thing that cheers me up now a days and is keeping my drawing passion alive has I wanna draw the Pokedex amount but I have lost my passion for other art stuff like portraits at the moment and often I don’t feel like drawing anymore in general as some of you know but when I look at my big red book and my fav like my 2 stage Crab Pokemon, 2 stage Kangaroo Pokemon and my 2 stage Ostrich Pokemon they look soo good with my art skills I have I am proud of them and it keeps me going as well as always buzzing with my ideas than I can write down or remember which is me in general ha always full of ideas which is why I tried to inspire as all to do our part for the Earth when I had the ideas of the sea windmill type idea which you can check out my detailed talk about.

    If I had Vincent Van Goth level of painting and drawing I would be happy, probs be my job or work for Pokemon company or a game company for ideas and drawings, sadly my drawings aren’t world class but I have developed much better drawings through this Pokemon Pokedex creative idea and drawings other things which is nice and a ha look at me now for my Art Teacher who told I was slow and un teach able and told me I should just quit in front of my parents on picking your subjects day πŸ™ so if only they knew me now and I have found my drawing strength, landscapes and animals/creatures which really helps with Pokemon drawing πŸ™‚ not realistic people which I did well once are other nonsense I was forced with in art lessons that I couldn’t get like scaled drawings of buildings from straight lines ect and therefore I was rubbish in her eyes if only I could draw what I wanted back then I would hopefully have found my grovth much earlier and kept in art at school following my passion like with cooking, but sadly both teachers of those lessons thought I weren’t good enough what are we after Picasso and Ramsey nobody has to be perfect at cooking or rush rush rush it takes as long as it takes unless your in a Restaurant Business you cant go slow you know but yeah home cook no need to restrict the time to where I found it impossible to finish cooking lessons without panic of finishing last and going over the lesson I dont know how I was always behind when keeping to the time of the recipe so it wasn’t nice, and I am not Van Goth but all schools are looking for the best which kicks people back in art and like practical styles such as wood tech ect ect, I dont think my Dad ever did wood tech and he doesn’t have a degree in it that’s for sure but he can make beautiful plant beds ect ect no degree is gonna give you that its skill and learning but in school its the teachers way and if you cant match their style your not good enough in their eyes and bear in mind like my art teacher who was probs in her 50’s or 60’s 5 plus years back these people have been doing their job/ passion for years and years full of practice, if I painted till I was 50 boy would I improve but nah you have 3 years of lessons couple times a week and then bang if your not good enough your not allowed the subject what a cheek for my art teacher to point blank in my face and to my parents to say I was slow and un teachable, I was still a teen then but for whatever reason wherever growing up and getting stronger art muscles ha sounds silly but you know like more control ect or maybe its just the style I found I am much stronger of a drawer now in the last year or 2 of this Pokedex ect when I met a girl who changed she got very mean ect but was an amazing artist which re ignited my passion after I lost it cause of that art teacher for years, and since then and the Pokedex I really have improved and it makes me smile πŸ™‚ so you never know when suddenly you can over a bit of time gain a skill you always struggled with such as me with drawing, my drawings were the same as when I was 5 the style and skill of it with people especially I just couldn’t improve all my years of trying I was stuck at that level but now on my own not funny line buildings and super big realistic portraits, I can do well and found my style and its good πŸ™‚ so I am happy with that and still working on drawing out all of my Pokemon and yeah this was long but much needed boost my energy back ha πŸ™‚

    I know it all in massive paragraphs which I normally split up but for this time I feel better just keep it like that hope thats ok

    My main thing is I woke up on the second nightmare in a row at about half 5, slept a little again but at half 7 or 8 awake again and been on a cold walk with Molly πŸ™‚ slowly getting sadder and fed up nothing to do, but thought hey try more Pokemon designs and for maybe 5 hours I have been going through it πŸ™‚ watching ideas, making my own real nice I wanted to tell my friend this creating Pokemon is keeping me positive and something to do, also today in the morning straight after my nightmare at half 5 ish my friend finally messaged me back πŸ™‚ thought I was losing her and she seemed very happy and missed me a lot which is lovely to hear from her πŸ™‚ and then when I was going through the generator about 2 hours ago (I was still a while in from the start ha πŸ™‚ ) my other friend talked to me yay I was getting soo worried about him, hadn’t heard from him in like 2 weeks which isn’t normal and he said last time he was vey unwell and not to hear from him since then I was starting to worry something real bad had happened soo phew and hip hip horary he is back πŸ™‚ good day over all πŸ™‚

    Thank you everyone for listening I recommend you take this in chunks its a lot ha πŸ™‚

    Thank you for those who are being kind to me and supporting me with my art passion its beautiful and lovely that people care thank you πŸ™‚

    Take care stay positive everyone and follow your dreams good dreams πŸ™‚ we have dreams most nights and sometimes a repeat but there is always a dream to come so maybe thought your dreams haven’t happened yet doesn’t mean you should give up on them forever maybe a next day ahead you’ll find your way back to them πŸ™‚ hugs πŸ™‚

    Regards – Declan Sargent

    Oochillyo @oochillyo

    hey everyone πŸ™‚ how are you all πŸ™‚

    I am listening to music with Ok Google, my mood is soo much better today, surprised my last post was an hour ago doesn’t fee like it ha πŸ™‚

    Curios question – my hands have been cracking more again since the cold weather but you never hear people like in Norway that’s cold right I’m not good with Geography, well you never hear them say my hands often crack cause of the cold ect wonder if it freezes the moister in your skin or cause it to expand which cracks the skin does anyone know if I’m on to something here ha πŸ™‚

    I also just feel like posting again today, started early morning after the nightmare now its nearly a new day and number ect maybe I have number pattern OCD anyway so I have been thinking about it not sure if its bad, I have discussed writing a story here but I was thinking of sharing some of my Pokemon Pokedex entries I made, maybe even like having a new section just for that and others creative ideas and story plots ect their working on, wonder if that would be an idea anyone would like πŸ™‚

    So for now I feel like sharing my ideas, obviously if they get copied here is a time record ect that they came from here and are mine just wonder if its not something the Forum would like you know there’s not really a section or previous suggestions of it/ other creative ideas in progress but here we go for now and plus this will make me happy that I cant lose the entries if my files crash ect and it makes it easy to find πŸ™‚

    So 4 of my favorite entries πŸ™‚ since 4 is my special number for various reasons πŸ™‚

    1 –Β During this stage many …… can quickly become disorientated, as a result of this and the rocky environment these PokΓ©mon have relocated to it is common to see many …. roll down vast hills due to a poor sense of direction, therefore …. have become fond of trainers in the region as they care deeply for these PokΓ©mon and can help them reach their full potential and a focused sense of direction when evolved .Its spines are as sharp as steel so trainers have to be wary when helping this clumsy PokΓ©mon.

    I haven’t figured out the name for this Pokemon yet so thats what the ….. are about πŸ™‚

    Its a little 3 stage Hedgehog Pokemon thought hey one of England’s treasured animals is the Hedgehog so had to have one and this is for the second stage where its a permanent ball rolling down hills ect πŸ™‚

    2 –Β The Humps from this Pokemon sprout volcanic eruptions every so often , passengers on this Pokemon are at extreme risk and anyone willing to travel on this Pokemon must pay attention to each hump and quickly re locate to a calmer hump at a moments notice or jump off the Pokemon , in fact the increase of thrill seekers in the region attempting to ride this Pokemon for a long time has given birth to a circus craze.

    This is a 2 or 3 stage camel Pokemon not sure yet, Fire type maybe Fire Ground type – It gains little volcanoes on its back as hinted to in this entry of the second stage, I know there is a camel Pokemon pretty much with the same idea but I wanted my own camel and changed it a little like proper little volcano shaped humps and thought of a cool and funny way of it interacting with the culture of the region πŸ™‚

    3 –

    Elashoo (so its mix of Elephant, electric and shoo like shoot and the sound a baby elephant makes πŸ™‚ also Ela is like a common name for elephants in cartoons family films ect as is my own Ela toy which I am keeping for my future kids yay for them πŸ™‚ well I call the toy efalump but 2 names vary πŸ™‚

    These Pokemon are highly intelligent and listen closely to their elders teachings , they are fond of people and often pick them up onto their backs , they have migrated to high altitude mountains in the region due to many predatory Pokemon living near the coast , as a result of the climate at these higher altitudes these Pokemon are often stuck by lighting on a daily basis, over many generations these Pokemon have adapted to this braushment and now live happily at high altitudes , this Pokemon glows a faint yellow colour when happy which can be noticed through telescopic equipment by tourists and trainers alike at lower altitudes and briefly near the coast , this was often mistaken for wising stars shooting through the sky which has earned these Pokemon great respect with native people of the region over many generations and is a lovely sight that tourists on their honey moon these Pokemon and their elders often rest at the higher altitudes for many hours each day whilst storing up electricity in their tails, tusks and trunks , these Pokemon can then harness this electricity to shock potential attackers and predators …

    I just have a little detail at the end about the voltage but haven’t worked out what I want to say about it so its open for now, this is a 2 stage Electric Elephant Pokemon , so far only drawn the first stage cause of limited space on the page ha and it has a little plug socket for a tail haha and basically can absorb electricity and fire it from the tail and tusks πŸ™‚

    4 –Β So these are like my fav’s πŸ™‚ , they are on the first page of the big red book and so far I haven’t worked out an entry for the first stage but the design is sweet and the second stage is one of my fav designs (I am super proud of) and the entire cheers me upΒ  I am very fond of it πŸ™‚

    Fire crab
    Firtacean – So this is a mix of Fire and Crustacean that’s the family I think crabs are a part of πŸ™‚

    Its a pure fire type in the first stage πŸ™‚

    Frakon – This is a mix of Fire and Cannon and to a lesser extent fracking πŸ™‚

    Fire and Steel Type
    The Cannon Crab Pokemon

    This Pokemon is immensely strong and brutish , the flag like structure on the top of its head will wave frankly to warn possible attackers , trainers will do well to notices this warning as both claws are capable of crushing rock and steel and are powered by enormous muscles , this Pokemon can launch rocks and steel cannon balls from an opening in its body at extreme speed like a cannon at possible attackers or to smash coconuts and is often challenging others of its kind till one of their shells or claws are severally damaged , when this opening is empty extreme bursts of fire can be expelled which is replenished by the consumption of volcanic rocks which are ground up by its claws if they are too big, this Pokemon is known to burry in sand pits waiting for prey or resting though it is unclear which is the case at any one time and on rare occasions this Pokemon can be seen invading sand castles built by tourists , this Pokemon can be extremely hard to tame and its wild at heart so trainers need to be patient and careful with this Pokemon though it will love them dearly and protect them fiercely once a strong bond is made even wishing to stay out of its Pokeball when its trainer is traveling around the region,even though this Pokemon is brutish and has a wild nature it is highly intelligent and can communicate with its trainers fairly reassembly.

    Its head is sort of flat, looks kinda like a fortress/castle and its kinda like the sand castle Pokemon of recent years with 2 flags on its head acting as warning signals and fitting the sand castle element , larger right claw , I’m not sure if this often happens with crabs ( I know some small crabs have this but its more common with some types of lobsters to have one claw larger than the other and my Crab Pokemon have like a hole in the side of them which shoots out fire in the first stage and in the second stage it can use that to fire out like cannon balls as it is a steel type and also when its empty as said in the entry flames can shoot out of that area so I think they are pretty sweet πŸ™‚

    I also have a cool one about this steel type Crocodile which has accidently caused fires when sharping its teeth on rocks but I’ll save it for the next time if I can even have a next time πŸ™‚

    Thank you all hope you like these πŸ™‚

    Take care everyone πŸ™‚ stay positive hugs πŸ™‚

    Regards – Declan Sargent

    Oochillyo @oochillyo

    hey everyone πŸ™‚ how are you all πŸ™‚

    I went out with my friend yesterday cycle in the cold, went to bed kinda early like half an hour or so before midnight which is better early wise than normal πŸ™‚

    Then I got woken up by sounds of fire so went downstairs at like half 2 , all is good fireplace was on, went back after like an hour or 2 like by time settling again then woah I had a crazy dream.

    I dont know if I was dreaming before but this was crazy, I’ve been listening to podcasts as I drift off and they talked about kids shows and the ones in school which I think influenced things with that spy kids show forgot the name

    So suddenly everything became soo realistic half way to lucid dreaming, you know those big shops like target just rows and rows of stuff every item, well actually its like that in Portugal which I went back to recently which I think influenced the shop design in my dream ha πŸ™‚ then it went crazy, not sure if first I was like on a show or something but then I got a sense of watching myself I guess then every row/stall in this shop was a death trap, like weapons, tricks like things not what they seem, a saw blade was after me like AI after me and I just got something thrown at it to break it a bit, every step something was trying to get me then all these women and then they turned into like robots I guess and people with weapons ect, it was like being Austin Powers/James Bond just surviving my way smarty through every trap before it got me with surprise most of the time, and then the song like underground or something probs from Spice girls was playing in the dream like a montage, forgot the song now as I am listening toΒ  music while writing this πŸ™‚

    Just woah my dreams/nightmares of recent have got crazier and crazier every step a danger but I was starting to have fun and try to interact with the people in the shop and then there was a slight Pokemon mix cause I was listening to a mainly Pokemon podcast with other topics, then there was parts about love but everyone was false you know and then I saw one women I guess sort of 20’s or 30’s but she was sweet so I just walked up to her and kissed her no dangerous deception just felt like James Bond ha soo strange, scary and crazy like the saw blade that was on a arm in the ceiling I could see it soo close to getting me and some of the stalls got creepy like as it went on like 10 traps happend very quick after another in the montage bit but at first just slower paced and unsettling all these stalls and like you know Despicable Me 2 or such with the Villian’s convention with all the villian items being shown off, displays ect it was like that but just me and a few family I guess but it was like flash backs and just a lot of stuff about love and failed love on top of everything trying to murder me woah.

    In a strange dream/nightmare pattern of recent from Bee’s in my eye to murderous women in a shop while I am effectively Austin Powers and James Bond mixed hahaha πŸ™‚

    Dreams can be soo fun but crazy too πŸ™‚

    Take care everyone stay positive and sweet dreams hugs πŸ™‚

    Regards – Declan Sargent

    Oochillyo @oochillyo

    hey everyone πŸ™‚ how are you all πŸ™‚

    I feel like there is something I am missing buts its not quite there like soo often you forget dreams when you wake up, must be evidence of the subconscious creating and using dreams to teach you ect and enough where you focus on it while your asleep but it drifts away when your awake to prepare you for clear thinking, especially if its a nightmare you don’t want that rattling around in your head if your facing a challenge.

    I just remember though this one particular women, blond hair like my driving teacher and the stress from that) might explain why it shifted into my nightmares but I remember that one being a threat I couldn’t beat quick and I had to hide from run away from ect, I think she cornered me in like a mirror/changing room but I survived her along with the others, but I remember her being a eerier and scary part of it as well as the beginning bit and I am trying to remember why it started and the more unsettling parts but cant quite get it just her a little.

    I think there must be some scientific thing where if you had a like a nightmare or 2 or a touch time with the same real life thing for a while your more vulnerable to a pattern of nightmare each night as well as that challenging aspect becoming the nightmare or its elements, soo often I was rattled with school and had constant nightmares about school for days or a few weeks at one point on end and even with breaks in between sometimes its mainly a school thing that’s been in my nightmares for years in a row now everything school, love or family related, I bet you all know that nightmare or maybe a good thing a good dream that just repeats a lot especially the themes, so far I’ve had a re bound of 3 or 4 nights in a row of nightmares about my threat topics I guess since all was calm when I was on the holiday and for like 2 weeks after wards when back home till I took more driving lessons which got worse and worse and now I am back to nightmares at a constant rate, I really do think its a clear sign that hasn’t been explored much in Science about repeat nightmares, the patterns and when your going through touch stuff your more vulnerable to these patterns occurring, like you see it in films a lot when people are stressed about work they always seem to wake up in a fit each night and that’s like a classic movie trope in dramas and horrors repeat nightmares about a trouble or threat, and yeah I think people know its about something in their life when its a repeat pattern and in psychology and counselling, but I haven’t heard anything about a vulnerable state just vulnerable state of mind when your going through hard times and depression, peer pressure, influences ect, but not in dreams just people know your dealing with a lot so you get more nightmares about it but unless I am thinking too far into this not once my councilor told me I am making myself more vulnerable to nightmares and the patters or ever heard such thing in the news, its like a broken tap (are sink is on the mend with new dish washer) its like yeah your struggling giving you more nightmares but its like a leaky tap just dripping out nightmares and subconciously the flow isnt stopping your just drifting into that pattern each night and when we learn like as kids something isn’t a threat the nightmares about it often quickly stop, and when things are going well often we don’t get nightmares at all let alone repart stress nightmares you know something that is bothering you, but we I don’t think we get a constant stream of good dreams about the same thing in our lives when were happy, something is different about nightmares maybe cause they are a teaching tool historically and still and at school your always told repetition is best for learning maybe the brain is stuck on repeat to really focus and teach us but we know most of the time in this modern world not out in caves ect that these dangers like my murderous women isn’t correct in real life ect and we can tell the difference but sometimes with the more realistic stresses like work ect we are still going through them each day if your struggling and so your like subconsciously agreeing to keeping that pattern, like school is with others but we dream alone, if I was alone in school and knew a subject I could move on to the next step, I think nightmares stick with us cause we cant tell the subconscious teacher with learnt of the danger either its not realistic or its a constant thing in our lives like fears and struggles such as fear of drowning and work struggles for instance.

    I think if you read this thank you firstly πŸ™‚ but I think the 2 things are we are subconsciously allowing our selves in hard times to be more vulnerable due to the bad situations ect stresses in our lives to create/have those repeat patterns and nightmares and 2 we don’t really have a way to shut them off and tell our mind you don’t need to teach me this situation again I get the message you know.

    I also just thought like with addictions they are hard to break and they are formed with the situation but repeat pattern/use of the addiction, like if you keep doing that it becomes an addiction I hope you know what I meanΒ  like the pattern/addiction the more it occurs the more likely you are locked into it which can be over come all addictions with help and so forth πŸ™‚ but with nightmares and maybe dreams to a lesser extent I wonder if its the same area of the brain, I know the happy hormone ect but maybe it talks to certain areas of the brain when were asleep or through the challenging events in the day, most of our dreams and nightmares connect to what we did or see ect in the day as well as whatever else we’ve been thinking about ect, but I wonder if the brain when your going through hard times cause like I said we rarely have the same good pattern dreams but more often bad pattern nightmares, I wonder if the more you struggle with the situation think about it through the day so forth , you well have a nightmare about it but what if you have it a couple times plus at that point like me you’ve noticed that pattern I think our brains are getting locked in sometimes to that situation and its like a subconscious addiction.

    Do we enjoy our nightmares well sometimes like I did tonight, sometimes you get a positive feeling or kick out of them, knowing your fear, overcoming it or the excitement of it like when watching horror films we enjoy them cause they are teaching us the threats ect and are really addicting, go to Vsauce on Youtube about fears I probs posted it before here, focus on the horror film watching in conjunction with this, we get a kick from beating the horror film, sticking through it overcoming the challenge, and that gives you the happy hormone turning it into an addiction over time I wonder if that occurs with nightmares if we feel like we’ve overcome them ect and we soo often have them its clear the brain would get addicted to it in a way subconsciously and you know consciously it was good to get past that fear sometimes if the nightmare isn’t too upsetting or fearful.

    I think the more we have these repeat pattern nightmares the more addicted we get to them and the more they show up with the same patterns ect especially if we still have that struggle or difficult situation going on in our lives and you can have the same type of nightmare many nights in a row or sometimes you feel like its the name nightmare and themes each time you have a nightmare even if there was a break in-between.

    More vulnerable state due to constant worry ect or struggles in your life about something or maybe a general thing on top so could be a couple, then if you keep having that situation after a nightmare about it you might get a second nightmare soon after (in terms of days and times you sleep) and then your worry in your sleep about it you worry during the situation in real life your always consciously and subconsciously always going through it and you sort of get locked in and in the minds eye you know its like that situation ect becomes the big threat in your life that your brain is trying to prepare you for (as we believe dreams and nightmares to originate as teaching tools back in the day) and you have another nightmare about it and so on can become a pattern and sort of subconscious addiction and your brain still thinks you need this lesson maybe even a while after its done in the real life you’ve overcome it cause it affected you soo much during the stress time and was rattling in your subconscious and dream states its been a big focus to you in all aware and un aware aspects and you cant tell your brain your over it teach me a new lesson, have to wait maybe a while longer and maybe the nightmares become less relevant and less specific about the that threat as time goes on cause your not facing that threat each day now and how many hours we awake ect compared to dreaming so I think it eventually fades away the need to remind you about it and dream of it ect but do we all have that same nightmare from childhood or a pattern from ages back that can spring up sometimes maybe its not always gone if it was very traumatic or developed in the early years when our brains were going through the most development depending on your age at the time, like I still remember my 2 nightmares from when I was 5 that affected me a lot and sprung up from time to time years later, maybe its like refreshing on the topic to check if your past it or not sort of dreaming nostalgia ha πŸ™‚ so I wonder if this should be a new aspect of science that should be looked into, constant nightmare patterns, vulnerable state so on πŸ™‚

    I do often think a lot and have mini breakthroughs in like new ideas of learning ect after a nightmare hahaha πŸ™‚ some genius’s were rattled with depression and I reckon lots of nightmares and look what they did πŸ™‚ long lasting good for all of us out of constant bad they experienced alone like boosting the schools reputation but your the only student in your school but we all go to a dream like school ha also we do have a lot of nightmares about school and people we knew there maybe its just me cause of broken hearts, my first nightmare was about school and was one of them that kept cropping up from time to time, but don’t we all have fears and worries when moving to a school, fitting in ect and lots of stresses are built from school like bullies, getting tons of work done preparing you for the real big world of work its like we have turned our nightmares into a reality put upon us at a young age till our late teens and depending on if you like your job or not and the stresses of that job and how your life is going we fuel more nightmares, they used to teach us to avoid tigers ect things that can harm us but doesn’t work, depression, these tough stuff that’s placed on us in the modern world we have soo many nightmares about them now a days all the stresses in our lives that are not tigers and spiders any more its mainly things from the modern world and expectations wow I am on a roll πŸ™‚ especially if this is something science can go on πŸ™‚

    Nightmares taught upon us cause of the modern world like fears of debt, school ect ect springing into aspects of our nightmares its crazy how common the school nightmare is there is clearly something there to learn from and fix hopefully to help us for our whole lives πŸ™‚

    to be open with you all – my common nightmares now and its been this way for many years (you get some that are nothing your facing ect but often I face) – nightmares about love, school, family, people from school, a girl who broke my heart, fears of art not being good enough often when that girl shows up cause she was the art girl who broke my heart and changed lots of attitude and mean so they link, I used to get a scary one just knowing I was at the stairs and falling down them, my school ones often are school trips, teachers I knew, people I know from school and those who bullied me ect so far no nightmares about my driving lessons although that blond women in my nightmare tonight the main danger in terms of the people after me could be a small connection my brain is making, that’s pretty much it so far craziness and fears about school, family like riding with my family then the bee went in my eye few nights ago, love especially love always feeling broken hearted, hurt by women ect in my nightmares and the school trips are creepy at times, upsetting and reminded me of people who bullied me, friends I lost like that girl and others who I don’t see now a days missing that feeling of people around me support ect not isolation.

    So those are my main themes in my nightmares and how they often appear in my nightmares that I keep having, like maybe few months back had 2 weeks of constant nightmares about school, people from school, the school trips ect every night for 2 weeks I even told my friend (who doesn’t talk to me now) and people on the other forum when about it this was the time like one of my lowest points cried nearly every day alone often 2 or 3 times a day even more few times, created a new forum topic called Looking For Support in the other forum which I am struggling to access now as the site wont load properly maybe its a space issue not sure but that was a rubbish time for me and then to be rattled by constant nightmares of people I miss feel guilty about ect for 2 weeks in a row that was rubbish and clear sign of my pattern and addiction theory.

    So I am a open book with many chapters ha πŸ™‚ maybe its comedy book along with sadness, love and some horror what a book hey ha πŸ™‚ ooo and spy thriller too hahaha πŸ™‚

    P.S. the Amygdala is the area of the brain that process fears and effectively gives us our fears without it you don’t really fear anything but find out more in the V sauce episode about fears ha πŸ™‚

    Although on Google I think its saying that the Hippocampus is responsible for navigation spacial awareness having a major role in learning and memory yep πŸ™‚ Google also says it plays a role in contextualizing fear such as associating a bad memory to where it happened ect like the school example πŸ™‚

    So many cooks spoil the broth and many areas of the brain make a nightmare and spoil your rest.

    I just wanted to clarify which region processes fears in the brain but I am not sure if it is awake or talking to other brain areas when we are sleeping and having nightmares such as I mentioned the happy hormone area could be awake when we are dreaming / having nightmares especially with the addiction idea and the joy feeling of overcoming it and sometimes laughing at it when looking back (as I did tonight) when were awake all could be fueling the happy hormone and creating that path to that addictive pattern (especially if the real world threat/ tough situation is still occurring) also with really good dream we always want to go back to them even want to sleep as soon as possible and I guess that could be an addiction to be happy ect but like I said we don’t often go back to the name dream each night so yeah maybe the brain doesn’t feel it important after all school and teaching isn’t about the fun well not in schools for the past 150 years or so hahaha and yeah its meant to prepare us for the outside dangers so I guess there aren’t many cheerful tigers you know the point is the brain is teaching us not entertaining us but yeah I am soo on the ball with this after like 0 sleep and 3 or 4 nights of nightmares in a row someone crack the case haha πŸ™‚ follow your dreams and hunt down the aspects of nightmares safely and learn πŸ™‚ I hope someone hear is or will become a dream catcher hahaha couldn’t resist that thanks the BFG but like serious someone doing some Science on it πŸ™‚ hey we are nearly there with recording out drams in great detail and the mysteries of the mind are soo many and still open to us to learn so who knows whats next and what we can find out lots to learn πŸ™‚ you could say its a no brainer hahaha πŸ™‚

    P.S. I’ve probs been writing this for like 2 hours hahaha and have been noticing the nice Sun Rise and all the sweet colours which is lovely πŸ™‚

    Take care everyone please have a chat about this here or with your friends and family if anything here makes sense to you if you like of-course not gonna force you but mmm its good to open up πŸ™‚ big hugs to you all soon is Christmas yay hopefully happy dreams πŸ™‚

    Regards – Declan Sargent

    winston @winston

    Hello to everyone out there in the Whoniverse and a happy holidays to all. If you celebrate Xmas than a merry Christmas to you and if you don’t than I hope you still get a few days off over the holidays. I just hope everyone has a good day.

    Here in Canada we are having storms from one coast to the other. In Ontario we are getting blizzards, freezing rain and massive winds up to 90km not to mention a flash freeze, brrr.Planes are grounded , highways are closed , power is out in many places and Christmas will be very different for many people. Poor people trying to get home to their families are trapped in airports and we have even had a 5o car accident due to the weather. Most Canadians I know are used to winter storms but this one is big and bad and it sure came at a bad time.On the bright side ,if there is one, it will be a white Christmas in almost all of Canada.

    So to all my friends around the world, the friends that share my love of Who and many other things I hope that next year brings wonderfulΒ  things to each and everyone of you!

    @craig Thank you for everything you haven given us with this site and have a warm and safe holiday.

    We are staying home and maybe the sons will come over if the storm stops and we have power, if not than Xmas is moved to next weekend. We have plenty of firewood, food and lights so we will be fine no matter what.

    stay merry and bright!

    Dentarthurdent @dentarthurdent

    @winston Hello from New Zealand. We’ve seen your winter storms on the news (well, actually, what we’ve seen are USAnian reports, it’s probably fair to assume you’re getting the same weather, only more so). I can only wish you a maeery and safe Christmas.

    We (Mrs D and I) are currently in Christchurch, South Island, staying with our daughter & family, we drove down a few days ago. The climate this year has been weird – up in Auckland, I’ve been swimming since September (and normally it never gets warm enough until December). However an unusually mild winter has been followed by a very wet and slightly cool late spring. Here in Chch, we’ve had a stiff Easterly breeze, and everyone’s been waiting for Summer to arrive – finally today we got a sunny day (and at least the sea was warm enough for swimming).

    Anyway, I’m currently separated from my Doctor Who DVD collection, so my intermittent re-re-watch will have to pause for a month, though of course I have internet and Youtube to tide me over.

    And, @craig, may I join Winston in thanking you for this site that has allowed a scattered cohort of Who aficionados to share their impressions of Who, life, the universe, and everything.

    Dentarthurdent @dentarthurdent

    @winston That should have been ‘merry and safe Christmas’ of course, I have no idea what ‘maeery’ is. πŸ™

    janetteB @janetteb

    @craig, @everybody else in this wonderful little community, Best wishes for Christmas, Yuletide, Winter Solstice, Summer solstice, etc etc. Have a lovely festive season and all the best for 2023. May the planet stop baking, our world leaders come to their senses, may there be peace for Ukraine, and our researchers crack the Covid nasal vaccine and most importantly of all, may Dr Who return to our screens and be wonderful.

    @winston. I hope you don’t loose power and that your sons are able to spend Christmas with you.

    @dentarthurdent Have a lovely time with family.

    Dentarthurdent @dentarthurdent

    Hi @janetteb Thanks! My sojourns in Christchurch (which have been almost an annual thing, except for last year due to Covid) are generally a break – all the multitudinous jobs I have around the home just get put on hold for a month or three. (What usually happens is, Mrs D stays three months, I go back to Auckland for a month in the middle just to mow the lawns and catch the surf at Piha. And after a month of doing very little productive I get restive to do some useful stuff).

    I’m hoping your weather is good for the summer. And, noting the date – Merry Christmas!

    syzygy @thane16

    @janetteb and to you! Yes, we’re doing well. It’s hot here but we’ve had no rain & compared with the flood peaks expected today in Victoria (??), I believe, we’re very grateful. I know flood warnings came 7 days ago with expected river peaks effectively at midnight last night. Not good at all. It either never rains, and there’s fires, or it floods… old adages come to mind…

    @nerys @winston @arbutus @mudlark @oochillyo Β @craig Β – sending warm wishes to you & to ALL our Forum peoples for Christmas or Chrimble, Hanukkah, Chinese new year & new year.

    warm regards, Old Puro and Thane.
    PS The Dectectorists which first came out 5 years ago, is back shortly for a feature length episode. It’s the wonderful Toby! ….once, for a short time, he was a Doctor. xoxo

    blenkinsopthebrave @blenkinsopthebrave

    Best wishes to all on this Christmas Day here on Vancouver Island. Inside the Blenkinsop home the fire is on, the cats are sleeping, yours truly is sitting in front of the fire, while Mrs Blenkinsop has decided that today of all days is the day she is going to re-arrange the basement! Christmas cake and mince tarts should ensure our survival until Boxing Day.

    And, of course, ongoing thanks to @craig for keeping this site going.

    (Mrs Blenkinsop has emerged from the basement with a request for coffee, so my barista skills are required…)



    winston @winston

    Well we have made it through another storm although Xmas is cancelled till next weekend.That is fine with me as long as everyone is safe. It was a day of good old fashioned phone calls and that was nice. The mister and I took plates of goodies and loaves of bread to our neighbours so they would get eaten up and then we watched Back to the Future. Like @blenkinsopthebrave we have enough baked goodies to see us through but we have butter tarts and shortbread cookies. Once a year I blow the diet and overload on butter and sugar, yummy!

    @janetteb I heartily agree with your hopes for the future and I wish for it too. I won’t bank on it but I wish for it. We did not lose our power but the wind was scary and so loud it howled and made the house creak. After 3 days I was getting a little jumpy. Hope your day was good and not too hot or rainy, and filled with good food and family.

    @dentarthurdentΒ  It must be nice to spend time with your family and we all need a break from our chores now and then. Have fun!

    @thane16Β Β  Merry, merry to you and yours! I hope you all had fun and food and family cause that is what Xmas is about. Were half way out of the dark!

    Stay merry and bright.

    winston @winston

    Well a new year is upon us and I really hope that things get better for all of us who call this planet home , people, animals ,insects and all living things. All of them.

    We humans need to get a hold of ourselves, face the reckoning and get on with saving this planet so we can live on it, so our grandkids can live on it. Our governments and corporations make and save money for what? If our air is not breathable and water undrinkable, if our weather is killing us, if people are hungry and animals are going extinct,what good is a fat bank account?

    My new years resolution is to be more active and political,to be persistent and persuasive, to be louder and angrier and to convince as many people as I can that we must act now to save our planet. The time for politeness is over and that is saying a lot coming from a Canadian granny.

    To leave on a positive note, I truly believe that every one can make a difference in their own way and that little things grow to big things and then good things.Β  I hope you all make good things happen and Happy New Year!

    It is now midnight! Woo woo!

    stay hopeful

    janetteB @janetteb

    Happy New Year Everyone.

    @winston, I like your New Year’s Resolution. I think that will be mine too.



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