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    Dentarthurdent @dentarthurdent

    @winston Like JanetteB, I applaud your new years’ resolution. It’s entirely in line with what I think, I’ve always been aware of the energy cost of things. (In kilowatt-hours or similar, not dollars). In the past I got agitated about waste and inefficiency of all sorts. These days I would have said I was getting more tolerant, but I suspect that was just weariness, and tolerance in this case is not a virtue. Something the climate is doing its best to convince us of.

    I don’t do resolutions (I promptly forget them) but I’ll try to keep your precepts in mind. It sometimes works.

    Cheers, cr

    nerys @nerys

    @winston Yes, you have been having serious storms in your neck of the woods. Miraculously, we have been spared them here. Once again we seem to have been saved by being on the “warm” side of the Gulf Stream. Sometimes it doesn’t work in our favor (droughts, etc.), but this latest round of storms and the “Polar Vortex” passed us by. (By the way: Where do people come up with these meteorological terms? “Polar Vortex” sounds like something dreadful unleashed upon the world in a Marvel Comics plot. “Atmospheric River” is another new one. Maybe not new to meteorologists, but the media are newly latched onto it. Makes it hard to keep up with what is actually happening in the weather.)

    @thane16 and all, Happy New Year! May this one be better than the last. Though it seems like I keep saying that, then feeling we went in the other direction. @winston I too like your New Year’s Resolution, and I will do everything I can to make it mine!

    And yes, many thanks to @craig for keeping this place going for us!

    syzygy @thane16

    Happy new year to all us Forum Buddies. To @oochillyo @dentarthurdent @nerys @janetteb @winston @nerys @blenkinsopthebrave and many more…

    my NY reso is to work more in the garden, despite the muggy heat. I’d like to say exercise & diet but I doubt that’ll change!
    Hope we all stay safe from further Covid outbreaks and that the unnerving political situation in the States flattens itself out…

    all our love, from the Puro crew.

    janetteB @janetteb

    Greetings all. It has been very quiet here of late. I hope everyone is well and surviving the extremes of the season, be that hot or cold.

    We are sitting in front of the fresh breeze from the air conditioner, working on our respective tasks. I am supposed to be editing podcasts but seeking an excuse to procrastinate. I have only one snipped of news, of a sort. In the third series of Staged there is a small Tardis in David Tennant’s garden. (no doubt there as a prop)



    Dentarthurdent @dentarthurdent

    @janetteb Nice to see a Whoforum post in my mailbox. Yes, the place has been dead quiet. I’m sitting in our daughter’s lounge in New Brighton, Christchurch, a long way away from my Who DVD collection. But the sea’s been fairly warm (slightly warmer than I remember it to be, or at least, I’ve been swimming here every day and in the past it would only have been around 3 times a week, which is probably a more accurate measure than my subjective impression of what it last felt like 2 years ago).

    The biggest drawback has been a persistent easterly wind, which often means it’s warmer in the water than out of it (what with the wind chill factor). Constant wind is very annoying. A couple of hundred miles southwest of here, at Middlemarch or Ranfurly in Central Otago, is the windiest place I know, every time I’ve been there there has been a relentless howling gale. I sometimes wonder if there’s a higher incidence of mental illness around those parts. Didn’t Arthur Upfield write a novel in which the murderer had been driven insane by the wind? (‘Winds of Evil’ maybe?) I know how he felt.

    syzygy @thane16

    Whoa! @dentarthurdent -Are you really Mr Dent? Because you’re saying the sea in NZ is warm! 🤣😆😆

    I’m being silly, but I can imagine the water would be 15 degrees C? I can do 17 but any lower, & the extremities are virtually lost …

    Then again, in Brisbane, it’s not uncommon for swimming pools to be 30C & the beach, a gooey 28C (whilst the air temp is 30C & humidity in the high 90s).

    This is when I start missing holidays in the UK, & even living in South Australia where the water, at least coming out of the cold tap, IS cold. Generally, the hose water here, even at 10 pm, is about 31C . Ick and yurrgh!

    On programmes, I was looking at Disney & prompted by a mate, saw the works of RTD. I was thinking about watching at least 1 of his series before welcoming in new Who? …

    @janetteb I love Staged! I didn’t see the little Tardis prop…. Sometimes I watch/listen whilst ironing…naughty. 😈

    our weather has been hot but nothing like previous summers. Still, @blenkinsopthebrave would attest to February, particularly the nights, being the worst, so I await these with trepidation. I loved day light saving, Janette, as our dad would come from work at 6pm & take us to Glenelg for a swim til 9 with hot chips if we stood up on our foam boards. It was exciting being out on a school night in warm water with the breeze kicking up & then rinsing off under the sprinkler before bed.

    do the children still finish at 12.30 pm if the temp hits 37.5C? Sometimes this would go for a fortnight & we’d spend hours at various homes with their above ground pools. Ah, childhood. 😮‍💨

    Dentarthurdent @dentarthurdent

    @syzygy Yes, I’ve been in Christchurch for the past month (until yesterday) and the sea temperature (according to the little ‘sea conditions’ sign the life guards put up) has been 17 or 18 degrees the whole time. Now subjectively it seems to me that it’s varied up or down a couple of degrees and their signs have been a little slow to respond, but most of the time it’s been adequately warm, that is to say, ‘warm when in’. Also, most of the time, there’s been a persistent onshore wind, (I see I already moaned about hat) so it’s been warmer in than out.

    That said, on my last day there (Saturday), the wind had dropped, it was high tide, good big waves but well spaced, it was lovely, I must have spent half an hour at least hopping around in the waves.

    Back in Auckland today, I went down to our tiny local beach – Blockhouse Bay – it was full high tide (so a decent depth of water over the mudflats) and warm enough that I spent an hour paddling around in neck-deep calm water. Probably a couple of degrees warmer than Chch. There was a strong south-west breeze that made the sea very choppy in the Manukau harbour beyond the boatshed on the point, but the ridge that extends to the boatshed shelters the bay perfectly from that direction, just floating around in the little bay you’d never notice how windy and rough it was in the ‘outside world’.

    Back to things cinematic, I picked up a DVD of Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon at a charity shop in Chch, it wouldn’t play on my laptop, so I watched it last night on our big flatscreen TV – and it needed that. I remember I was commenting on the effects of scenery in Impossible Astronaut and A Town Called Mercy, well it certainly applies to Crouching Tiger. It was much more impressive than I remembered from a couple of decades ago. Also, howcome nobody killed themselves in the spectacular swordfights I’ll never know – I know it’s all stunt work and the swords are plastic but the moves are incredible.

    Dentarthurdent @dentarthurdent

    – and I’m back to my Doctor Who collection, after a month. Last night I watched The Rebel Flesh/ The Almost People. A so-so episode (I posted a brief comment in the relevant forum, my post was #7 and the first for nine years, which kinda shows how much interest/controversy the episode had).

    The most striking bit of course was the ‘sting in the tail’ – the reveal that Amy was a doppelganger. Who the Doctor promptly zapped.

    Sci-fi (and fantasy) loves doppelgangers, clones, impersonations and ‘skin jobs’, none more than Doctor Who. Just thinking, there’s the Flesh Doctor and Amy in this ep. There’s the Tesseract impersonating people in Let’s Kill Hitler. There’s the two Amy’s in The Girl Who Waited. There’s Darla and Bors (Dalek ‘skin jobs’) in Asylum of the Daleks and The Magician’s Apprentice. There’s Prisoner Zero in The Eleventh Hour. There’s Heather in The Pilot. There’s the Autons and the Zygons. There’s – oh I give up, they’re all over the place.

    Anyway, A Good Man Goes to War next.

    Dentarthurdent @dentarthurdent

    Just skipped over Night Terrors and The God Complex and Closing Time (not that they’re bad episodes, as such) and got straight to The Wedding of River Song. Which was just fan-tastic. And just sheer fun. I’ve posted more in the relevant forum.

    In real life – just had the heaviest rain I ever remember, big areas of West Auckland flooded. Auckland Airport got more rain in four hours yesterday afternoon (171mm) than the previous 24-hour record. Weather cleared for a while today and I went down to the little beach for a swim, there was a huge gully (made by floodwaters) in the sand at the back of the beach and a deep pool at the end of it (made a nice swimming hole) and the muddy flat bottom off the beach is now a sandy flat for about 100 yards. Our house survived undamaged except for a pebble garden at the back half of which ended up in the carport. More rain forecast for tonight but so far (it’s 1.30 a.m.) no sign of it. It’s out there somewhere, lurking.

    janetteB @janetteb

    @dentarthurdent saw the flooding on the news earlier. Hope your place remains flood free.



    Dentarthurdent @dentarthurdent

    @janetteb Thanks. Our house is ‘one section away’ from the little local stream, on rising ground, so we’re fairly safe from floodwaters. Our neighbours nearer the stream got their garages / basements flooded though.
    What we do get is surface runoff from the sections above, at one point yesterday it was coming through a gap in the fence like a little waterfall. But following a storm decades ago where the water got under the bottom of our house wall into the basement (it’s a timber weatherboard house with just a fibrolite ‘skirt’ to ground level) we’ve built up a narrow garden around the uphill sides of the house which acts as a dam to deflect the water around it.

    But this has been an ‘extreme’ event that has flooded places that were never expected to flood. All the pipes and stream channels have just been swamped.

Viewing 11 posts - 151 through 161 (of 161 total)

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