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    @curtosius Welcome 🙂

    Him not being actually able to remember his name could be a cool twist but to be honest I think before it is reveiled no theory is more likely or less likely in my opinion because previously, so many crazy twists have happened regardless of how much sense they made with established rules. So I think it’s quite…[Read more]

  • At the moment, I am in the middle of the 5th season so I can’t really join the whole female doctor talk. However, my opinion about the different doctors went through a funny transformation.

    When I started watching, I was kind of sceptical about the whole series, because the only series I watched before that dealt somehow with extra-terrestrial…[Read more]

  • Hello there! Sooo I thought I’d post the first chapter of a fanfiction I’ve been working on, although it’s not your average fanfiction, it’s very distant from the show with a completely different storyline, to be honest I am actually not sure if it will ever connect to the doctor etc in any way but I hope that’s not a big problem… Tell me what…[Read more]

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    @winston Thank you!

    One more thing, does anyone else have the doctors voice in their head commenting everything you do? XD Cause I think I am going nuts.

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    Good evening everyone!

    I am new to this site and figured I’d start over here by introducing myself 🙂 Obviously I am obsessed with Doctor Who, that’s why I am here and also maybe to make some friends who I can talk to about my addiction (because none of my study colleagues have seen it and they are quite frankly going nuts with my references; for…[Read more]

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