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    @blenkinsopthebrave. I can only speak for myself but I have not been posting lately mostly because I am simply too busy with other obligations. It is always a busy time of year for most people I think. I have been struggling to keep up with discussions and I confess some of the arguments from new posters coming in only to express reactionary…[Read more]

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    @craig. Sadly the nutters are drowning out real conversation and making reasoned discussion increasingly difficult and many people are afraid that if they are critical they just sound as though they are siding with the nutters. You are doing a wonderful job of keeping this forum sane and safe however. lets hope it quietens down over the festive…[Read more]

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    @Winston sadly I fear that nationalism and popularism are on the rise worldwide. I used to think Australia and Canada were alike but these days I fear we are swinging more towards that country to the south of you. Our current national government is certainly trying to tap into those “Trumpish” scourges though thankfully the party got an absolute…[Read more]

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    @thane16 the helicopter ride sounds wonderful. I have never been in a “chopper”. I have flown in two seaters, fixed wings gliders and a hang glider but never a “chopper” so that is on my “must do” list.  My S/O got to fly in a Blackhawk from Kunungra?? to Townsville or Cairns, two weeks before the bad accident on that route. That was “unsettling”…[Read more]

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    I really enjoyed the episode rather more than the discussion here. Please don’t let the nastiness of the internets seep into our lovely forum. Not everybody is going to like Chibnell or his style just as many people did not like RTD’s style or Moffat’s style. (For instance there are several episodes in the second series of AG Who that I have still…[Read more]

  • @craig Wow. Impressed. I am really looking forward to seeing this series. It looks like something I will really like and it is set in Ireland an added bonus. I notice there are several Irish drama series in the works at the moment, one featuring the 1916 Uprising.




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    @thane16 Happy Birthday…

    Sorry I’m a little late to the party..

    Hope you have a fantastic day, despite school. R.3 had to go back today too after a week off. Thought he was done then found out Monday that he has two days orientation for yr 12. How to ruin the holidays, remind you before they start of the work load next year… I’m guessing you…[Read more]

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    @ichabod Interesting re the increasing humidity where you are. We seem to be experiencing similiar here. Of course it could just be the last couple of summers but in the past the climate was hot dry, summers, cold with medium rain fall in winter and periodic drought. While over the past century the number of days over 40c had steadily increased of…[Read more]

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    @mudlark and @pedant Surely the growing disparity between income and cost of living is a factor. It certainly is here. A single drink equates to half an hour’s wage for young people, those that are working that is. In Oz student benefit and unemployment benefit have not risen since the early 1990s (when my partner and I were recipients of the…[Read more]

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    @winston I so envy you snow. We were watching a TV series filmed in Canada tonight and the snowy scenes were making me “homesick” for Sweden, or anywhere where there are thick banks of snow. We had a heavy snowfall in late October when we were in Sweden but no snow again until well into January. There was frost though in December so we pretended…[Read more]

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    @kevinwho Interesting reflection. My uncle spent his life “walking in a dead man’s shoes” as the result of an accident in WWII. He would watch his children play and think, “these should be my mate’s children”. That feeling of being undeserving caused a breakdown and lifetime nightmares.

    SJA did a story where Sarah Jane dies instead of a friend in…[Read more]

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    @mudlark I share your love of mince pies. I made my first batch a week ago, not for eating because like you I like to keep the seasonal treats until the season or they loose that flavour of “specialness.” I had to do a recipe for a rural newsletter, (which funds our writers’ festival) and needed a picture. I packed the pies away in a cake tin…[Read more]

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    @thane16 Ah the storm. It passed over here yesterday. Lots of bangs and thumps and enough rain to keep the garden happy for a week or so. Rather a treat not having to water the garden at this time of year.

    @blenkinsopthebrave The Jacarandas are almost finished blooming here. They are always magnificent. Much to the ire of our neighbours we do not…[Read more]

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    I have thought a lot about this issue and actually I find referring to people by their surnames alone disrespectful. It certainly isn’t something I ever do when addressing people in person or talking about people I know. But then actors are strangers so maybe it is appropriate. I still have a hangup about calling people older than myself by their…[Read more]

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    @idiotsavon Bradley Walsh has been a surprise for me and proof that one should not prejudge. I have never seen him in anything but I thought I was going to hate him as a companion. He is fantastic and so nice to see a companion who isn’t young and cute. Grace would have been brilliant too. I keep wishing she had lived to join Team Tardis.

    I …[Read more]

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    Subjectivity is fine, we all are subjective though we may and should strive to be as objective as possible. It is when people confuse subjectivity for objectivity that is becomes an issue and far too many people do just that. Ie “I don’t like it therefore it is rubbish.” Not everything appeals to everyone. I did not like “The Doctor’s Wife”. I…[Read more]

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    I am eager to watch this too. I think, whatever one’s views, it is going to be very worthwhile. One grandfather was a pacifist the other failed the height test. (Australian army had very strict height rules in WWI which perhaps fortunately for my father they had relaxed a little by WWII)  A great uncle, also a pacifist, went with the first…[Read more]

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    I think it fairly indicative that I have started reading the blogs on “the other place” and comments here before watching the episode again. Something I stopped doing during Capdoc years. Now I am even commenting before watching the episode. I was really looking forward to this episode too after see the teaser. Think I have going to have some…[Read more]

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    @arbutus I did something similiar once with pumpkin soup. Hope all the lentils are now discovered and dispatched.

    @Blenkinsopthebrave. AT four am stuck on hte sofa helping R3 complete an English essay The Young Ones are just about the required viewing. “Guys Lentils are on the floor” is often quoted here, usually on MOndays when I am serving up…[Read more]

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