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    Good idea. I have two others given to me by the same friend.

    Doctor who the Companion’s Companion.


    Doctor Who. Time Lord Fairy Tales.

    However, the Tardis manual is the best so far.

    Thank you for posting, I was beginning to think I was invisible. *sniffs*

    This is after all the forum for all things Doctor Who – isn’t it?


  • @janetteb

    @thane16 (the elder and the younger)

    Like both of you (janette and the syzygy the elder) I lived through the same years. I too often wonder if our decisions were responsible for the options available to the generation represented by syzygy the younger.

    When I think back to my own experience the one thing that always stands out–the…[Read more]

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    Yes I realise my mistake with King Bob!

    I also understand the various differences & attitudes about the rest of the universe but it doesn’t mean we leave out, as you say, the many privileges people here have. Except they’ve lost some of  them anyway. Which is no excuse. I try, I guess, to see the world as one “global village” which,…[Read more]

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    @janetteB sorry about the coding. I simply type it write in w/o any cutting or pasting and I avoid ‘&’ if I can as well as dollar and pound signs, question and exclamation marks. It’s a tad frustrating. I don’t want to have 9 lines of code to wade thru. 🙂  From the word improving go down to “But it was Labour.”

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    I think many people KNEW we were the lucky country & secured political mates rates via ‘good’ capitalism and entrepreneurship. My parents left communism but I valued a socialist society  (not Communist ideals). As Iris in The Heights says  – ABC ivew  -Thane bloomin adores it & Iris is his favourite character to the extent he’s cried wh…[Read more]

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    This is so fantastic. Thankyou so much.

    During a moment of break from studies I read some articles in the NY Times ($1 for 3-4 articles) and then watched a show called The Family which sounds nuts and actually IS nuts.  What’s worrying is on the paper’s comments there are people actively saying “yeah, no worries, he’s a man, that’s…[Read more]

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    That sounds like a great idea. I’ll look at those and also some sites on the web for assistance.

    Mum said they did Hamlet and read out parts and ended up memorising them too which was good practise.

    Hope he gets better soon.

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    I was two during The Great Moon Walk, as Dad expressed it. He arrived here as a refugee & by the late 1960s, as a chemical & mechanical engineer, he would whisper late night stories, when I couldn’t sleep, centred on the universe & what exciting discoveries we’d  find.

    He was amazed by the delicacy and inventiveness of space crafts. When I was…[Read more]

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    sorry @JanetteB above.

  • @mudlark @cathannabel @janetteb et al

    I’d heartily add to the Years and Years recommendations. It is very RTD-esque but none the worst for it. It’s also a long overdue BBC foray into drama dealing with contemporary issues rather than desperately trying to avoid them in costume and/or crime drama.


    I’m very much looking forward to…[Read more]

  • @janetteb when I said “all you need” I confess I am not sure how easy it is to acquire a region free player in Australia.

  • @janetteb It is available on the Amazon UK site; all you need is a region-free DVD player. It’s an excellent show.


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    @janetteb  I was a server for a few years so I know what you mean. Be invisible and have no opinions you are just a waitress. Some people eh!

    As for the issues of climate change and Aboriginal rights, I have found ,as @blenkinsopthebrave said that they are usually the same people and my opinion is that they don’t look forward and they never look…[Read more]

  • @winston, @janetteB

    Thought I would move this conversation over here as it is not really Who related.

    Climate change: I have never really understood the opposition to an acceptance of this. It seems like a perverse rejection of countless scientific reports. Then I was thinking back to an episode of the current affairs program on Australian TV…[Read more]

  • @miapatrick  I watched it and then I waited 3 days and watched it again. So good! @janetteb I watched the first few episodes of Stranger Things while visiting my son and I really liked it but I have to wait for the next visit to watch more or hope my library orders it.

  • @winston it was good, wasn’t it? Clearly a labour of love from Gaiman to Pratchett.

    @janetteb – my boyfriend and I are near the end of season two re-watch ready for Thursday, quite excited.

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    @mudlark (also I did not pick up on your “analgesia” statement & I apologise for that: I hope your back isn’t the problem again? I understand you can’t work in the garden for hours on end -at 52 I don’t because a) Crohns and b) it’s waaay too hot as per my anecdote above. But I can imagine, still, how beautiful yours must be by now) @JanetteB …[Read more]

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    Hellooo @JanetteB @mudlark @pedant and other delightful & clever people!

    I have a small amount of Horace which I’m certain is Pindaric in origin.

    Now, do not be concerned -it’s the Horace I’m after. I have several definitions but I’d like to know yours (if you have any Pindar encomium all the better!)

    Sunt quos curriculo pulverum…

    [Read more]

  • @mudlark  That sounds worth looking for. Thanks for the tip.  In my opinion , the BBC  does not seem too far left. I know because I am way too far left and people need not fear me  because I am the least threatening person I know.  Anyway diversity is the future.

    @janetteb  Your story sounds interesting and all too plausible as the poor will…[Read more]

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    that sounds good -I don’t know if we have it on Netflix or the ABCiview -Janette you might know too? Are you streaming it on the “ever so fast NBN?”  I mean Davie’s series.

    We love Killing Eve -it dipped in the first 2 new episodes but has exploded upward since. Have you see Harrow, Janette? If you haven’t been b…[Read more]

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