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    Expected this response from you.  Sorry but your the low information one here for me!!

    I’m struggling to understand why it is you think so highly about the EU but whatever.

    The only way for the remain camp to win is to do a Brexit.

    You cant make progress until you move beyond this and stop talking about it.

    In the USA we cant m…[Read more]

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    Not just the USA .   Hungary, Poland, Italy,  and its very active in Russia, look who is probably being

    elected President in Brazil.    I’m reasonably active in politics.  I’ve been stumping for my local candidates.

    In some local districts we have a excellent chance of removing  republican Trump supporting congressmen.

    A few year…[Read more]

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    Rosa was entirely aware of the NAACP’s plan for a boycott and as you say

    she said that “I was tired of giving in! ”   So  indeed knew what she was doing

    in the moment.

    I’m giving her  that credit.   She deserves it !

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    She was chosen by the NAACP and she was a willing participant.

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    Just so everyone is aware, unlike how it was written in the episode Rosa’s protest WAS carefully

    planned and she was also very actively involved in raising funds for many other protests !!

    There were many African American  women that were arrested for the same thing before and

    after her.  She  knew what she was doing.  She had guts !

    Rea…[Read more]

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    Nice to see that they took on this ‘uncomfortable’ subject and nailed it.   Its still however

    the Sarah jane Adventures redux for me but oh well, I can cope.

    On the subject of the Tardis I must admit the big crystal thingy is very phallic symbol-ish .

    So to be clear,   the Doctor isn’t the only one changing sex ?  If this is true then its al…[Read more]

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    Maybe the audience was intended for younger viewers ?    SJA ended up having a lot of cross over

    older viewers.   That’s sort of how this new Who is so far for me.



    I can manage my expectations about this new series 🙂  I just wanted to feel more attached to it.

    (I think there was possibly a  Shakespeare…[Read more]

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    Did you like the Sarah Jane Adventures?   Cause  that’s what this show has been at least it is for me.

    Moreover,  having given it some more thought Jodie is  totally reminding me of Sarah Jane !

    That is barring the show veers into a new direction in future episodes with different writers.

    I did like the SJ Adventures but I…[Read more]

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    Hi !   Why is it I feel that even though she’s the oldest Doctor she behaves a bit adolescent ?

    It’s bugging me that its almost as if CC is trying to make her feel too “youthful” for a Doctor we all

    know to be thousands of years old?  Its not terrible and its not terrific for me.

    She may not have watched the show before production but…[Read more]

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    Sifted thru most of the posts here,   so here is my take.  Another bit of a clunker episode.

    It just felt flat for me.  Jodie is trying to make her mark as the ‘all Doctors combined’ alpha

    female Doctor but I’m feeling that the writing isn’t doing her a lot of favors.  I’ve come to

    expect more from Dr. Who than I’ve felt so far from this new…[Read more]

  • Tardis Story Blanket VTL7

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    Well I’ll see.

    So far its the Torchwood reboot with a different team. Jody did ok but

    I’m not feeling completely Doctor about her.  Still I’m fine with that cause,

    well she just regenerated so maybe it’s no big deal.

    This episode didn’t leave me thinking “oh this was just spectacular start” .

    In any case my favorite bit was the teeth on…[Read more]

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    Actually for me that flick was always about putting aside your dreams which is why he considered

    suicide.   I never liked the preachy message and I never agreed with it .   “A Wonderful Life” has

    always been a twisted movie to me.   Just saying…………

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    @miapatrick   Yes – this was basically the “happy suicides”   story.    So Moffat !


    @missrori    The Testimony –  interesting point about the Nethersphere !   Again so Moffat !


    @bluesqueakpip    I too will be looking forward to seeing how Chibnall and our new Doctor

    handle these next series !!   In particular political themes  as  this l…[Read more]

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    Did the Tardis just ”spit” out the new Doctor!?

    Felt to me like a little tease at  the  “not my Doctor”  complainers.

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    Yes, I take your point about “shiny new deal”

    The lobbyists in DC that represent cars, agriculture etc. will want some deal.

    If it doesn’t happen that can easily send the stock market in some  free fall and

    Mr. idiot mouth has been constantly taking  disingenuous credit for our very

    bullish market!!   So I don’t think Mr. “a…[Read more]

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    Well  I’m surfing thru   UK  newspapers  and I’m seeing this ?



    If I was prone to crazy conspiracy theories I might say this might be some how connected to why the UK

    is ready to leave the EU with…[Read more]

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    I just read in the Telegraph  today that May wants to get into Nafta !   Funny  your

    posting about the US invasion of Parliament  just now!

    Hasn’t this been the most  grindingly dysfunctional year!


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