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    PurpleCup @replies

    Ooh! Ooh! Ooh! I love all these ideas bouncing around! Lesser minds such as mine don’t have much to contribute, but I’m having such a great time reading all the posts. Thanks!! πŸ™‚

    PurpleCup @replies

    @scaryb – you make a good point, a shady man indeed! And thinking more about it, he said “fall of the Eleventh” which was at the end when he was goading the daleks etc, which is when Clara spoke to the TLs. So forget I asked, but thanks for helping me think a bit more clearly !



    PurpleCup @replies

    Sometime after Demon’s Run, Dorian (spelling?) said “On the fields of Trenzalore, at the fall of the Eleventh, when no living creature can speak falsely or fail to answer… etc”. So this is refering to the truth field. But the Doctor never answered the question. He sat there for hundreds of years and never answered. He heard the question and he knew the answer but didn’t reply. On a technicality, should he have? Was there a compulsion to answer the question?


    @purofilion – we tried to see the Southern lights last night. They were anticipated to be seen down our way, but still too close to town. Will try again tonight.

    PurpleCup @replies

    @brewski – good spot re the brakes. River would never do that!

    PurpleCup @replies

    @tardisblue – No worries and thanks!


    @bluesqueakpip – yes, I read your blog. Thanks for your amazing analysis of Tasha flying the TARDIS and the D.E.M.


    @scaryb – River does say that she was taught by the best, and the Doctor looks smug, but she then says that he wasn’t there that day. However, towards the end of ‘Let’s kill Hitler’ River flys the TARDIS into the Teselecta to save the Ponds. She says “I seem to be able to fly her. She showed me how. She taught me. The Doctor says I’m the child of the TARDIS. What does he mean?” So the TARDIS can show people how to fly her, but that doesn’t explain why Tasha Lem ends up doing it too… DEM.


    @geoffers – If, as you say, that the console room is the tomb proper, and I agree with you, who sealed it? Did River seal it? It’s password-protected so someone who knew his name had to use it to close it off. We have no idea what River does for most of the time, as she is not with the Doctor all that often (that we know of. There are many escapades alluded to at the start of A good man goes to war.) so she could have stopped off to ‘bury him’ and set up the tunnel entrance. We have no idea how long it is after the battle of Trenzalore when the GI and others trun up in NotD.




    PurpleCup @replies

    I can’t find it, but someone made mention earlier of Tasha being able to fly the TARDIS. The first time ‘we’ see River fly the TARDIS she says that SHE taught her how. I took that to mean that the TARDIS taught River how to fly it. Could the TARDIS have also taught Tasha how to fly her in order to get Clara, which she would have seen was necessary. The TARDIS struggles with detmining past, present and future so she would have known that Clara was going to be at Trenzalore and so ‘got’ Tasha to pick her up. But how the TARDIS got that idea across to Tasha I have no idea. The TARDIS could have turned up, like in Demon’s Run, but how would Tasha know that Clara was the aim? Unless she worked that out when Clara opned the door. But then again, would Tasha need to have been on board anyway? I guess probably, as someone had to program the TARDIS with where to go.


    PurpleCup @replies


    Your idea that River made the gravestone and tunnel is a good one. But it provokes the question “why?”. River could get in and out of the dying TARDIS using the door and his name, so she wouldn’t need a secret tunnel in. Did she need to get in unobserved and so would enter from a distance? Or did she know that The Doctor and The GI would end up there at some point and so made them a way to get in unobserved.

    Actually, I have just watched that little bit again, and the tunel whilst it goes through to bowels of the tardis (quoth The Doctor: “the dimensioning forces this deep in the TARDIS can make you a bit giddy”), it doesn’t seem to come out inside the TARDIS. The Doctor and Clara appear in front of the TARDIS, meeting the GI and others. The GI demands that he open the TARDIS, but if they’d just walked through it, it would be open…. So I am now stumped again with River’s gravestone, the tunnel and their ultimate purpose. But River putting them there sounds quite plausible.


    As for The doctor not having his friends dispose of his body, I don’t think Trenzalore was the same as Lake Silencio. Trenzalore was a battle. There would have been many, many dead. It was a “battlefield graveyard. My final battle”. Burning all the bodies would have made a huge mess (in my modern-day mind). Lake Silencio was a farewell to ensure that everyone believed he’d died and the burning of the body ensured that there was no Tesalecta for anyone to find.


    PurpleCup @replies

    Hello all, I have been reading these posts for a few months and have finally worked up the courage to contribute. There are some amazing minds floating around here!
    There are a few things that have been bothering me, hopefully someone may have an answer. I’m not sure who to tag.

    When the Doctor first went to Trenzalore there was a tomb stone with River’s name on it. The Doctor said that they would never bury his wife there. This raises a few questions:
    1)Β  ‘Who’ wouldn’t bury his wife there? If Clara didn’t speak to the TL through the crack then the Doctor would have died in the battle at the end of the Christmas special. This is the future that was visited in Name of the Doctor. So who was left to do the burying? And of those people, who thought to put a ‘River Song’Β  tombstone? The Papal Mainframe had been taken over by Daleks and I don’t imagine that Tasha Lem would have been able to rid herself entirely of the invading Dalek. So who did it? And why was it done as a tunnel into the Doctor’s tomb?

    2)Β  The Doctor never said that River couldn’t be buried (as you would assume he’d say after the Library), he just said that ‘they’ would never bury his wife there. Does this imply that there is a way to get her out of the Library and back to a body again, in order for her life to continue?

    3)Β  If the implication is that River is somehow able to return from the Library, in order to ‘not be buried at Trenzalore’, could that mean that there is more to the River and Doctor story? At Demon’s Run when she saw the Doctor’s cot she giddily said “oh, is this your cot? I haven’t seenΒ  that in ages!” At this point on Demon’s Run, the real River baby had already been taken away so could not have seen the cot. Therefore, River has to see it at some other point. The question is, when? Does she use it as a mother?

    Does anyone have any ideas on the above? I may be looking at things too closely, or even from the wrong angle!

    Thanks for letting me play,

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