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    TardisBlue @replies

    Hello everyone. I wish all of you the happiest of new years. And I hope for all of our sakes that Pete Tyler comes across the void one more time to bring us all over to Pete’s World. All of us except for the Master and his minions, that is.

    @whist, so sorry to hear the double whammy of your friend’s passing and your employment situation. :::Sending hugs and TLC from across the pond:::

    @thane15, you continue to impress me with depth and sophistication of your posts. I hope you’re well over the flu or whatever bug you had. And I was so thrilled to see your mother back in the pub. I’m the world’s worst penpal, but she’s in my thoughts and heart at least once a week. Please give her a big hug (if she’s up to it) and kiss from me. It’s a shame your father’s extended family is going through employment insecurity.

    @missy, thanks! I needed that.

    Gotta run right now, someone came to the door. Hugs and felicitations to one and all.



    TardisBlue @replies

    Popping in for a moment to wish everyone the best of the season and a much better 2017!

    Been away from the forum for some months for reasons. Not because of you all, but because of stuff IRL and the recent dystopian exercise we went through in the states. And I won’t be back again for a few days to avoid spoilers, since I’m in a media-free home for the holidays and won’t be able to see it until I go home.

    Sending you all love and hugs and hope.


    TardisBlue @replies


    Been Away From the Keyboard, as they say, for a bit. Lots of local, local politics going on in a community group, plus a lovely musical retreat last weekend.

    How are you holding up? The Southern California winter weather is rapidly becoming more and more like an Australian summer — neither of which are particularly great aspirational goals. (!) Meanwhile, many of our friends in the UK are beginning to develop gills and flippers to deal with the deluge and floods they’ve been “blessed” with …

    Is Puro Fils enjoying the new school year? Any sport on his busy schedule? I’d ask about Valentine’s Day dances and spring proms, but I’m afraid I’d get rather embarrassed look from him as he is thinking “aaaargh! TardisBlue!!!”

    Hope you’re doing well.

    TardisBlue @replies

    @ JimTheFish

    … loving the “Frosty the Snowman doing a wild fandango on the Seventh Gate of Hell” image.

    Sure beats the image of Donald Trump behind the desk in the Oval Office…


    TardisBlue @replies


    Sending love and TLC your way. I’m grateful you’re so close to good medical facilities, but ICUs are hard for the patient and their family.

    Happy Australia Day. Have you ever considered swapping out the lamb for haggis in honor of Robert Burns’ birthday, complete with bagpipers, toasts, and recitation of Burns’ famous ode to a haggis? (Hmmm, wonder if the hospital would object to bagpipers in the ICU?)

    Keep us posted on how things are going, OK?

    TardisBlue @replies

    @blenkinsopthebrave and Puro mere,

    From what little I know of Puro mere and Puro fils, it’d probably be best if Puro fils saw it in a couple of years. There are a number of deadly sins on display in the scene with partial nudity, and … SPOILERS OMITTED… I think the moral implications are somewhat more troubling than the amount of skin exposed for someone from a somewhat conservative background. (I’m *totally* assuming that, and could be *totally* wrong about what Puro fils’ parents would be comfortable about him being exposed to.)


    TardisBlue @replies


    You’ve probably already seen The Big Short by now, but I quite enjoyed it. Are you sure the Washington Post review said it was fatuous? Not fabulous??? Perhaps the reviewer assumed her paper’s readers were more familiar with the complicated financial shenanigans and near total collapse of the world financial system than average viewers. Personally, I thought the way the movie explained things was cleaver, entertaining, and clear.

    There are a couple of scenes which would have made my parents very uncomfortable if I’d been your son’s age and we saw it together.

    So glad you’re back among us again. Hope you enjoyed the movie.


    TardisBlue @replies

    And thanks for the understanding, @Puroandson. Whew! That’s quite a relief! I’m not a big fan of make-up, so I’m happy to forgo the rouge. What with already being blue as a Tardis and all, the tremendously red visage makes for an overly dramatic in-your-face sort of first impression. Not the sophisticated yet compassionate earth mother look to which I aspire.

    And it’s funny, kinda. Guess we all have our pet bugaboos. If I were to say it out loud, I’d say “look I aspire to,” but with several generations of language teachers in my blood, I freeze in terror at the dangling participle on the screen, and am compelled to edit the sentence so it reads “look to which I aspire” before hitting “submit.” The same impulse that makes me want to reach into cyberspace and gently but firmly move the “you” one space to the left of the “thank” … although for all I know “thankyou” is all the rage among students down under. Guess we’re all sticks-in-the-mud, as well as stories, in the end. Really glad this community is so accepting and forgiving.

    TardisBlue @replies

    * that was a thank you to @bluesqueakpip.

    TardisBlue @replies

    ::::::::TREMENDOUSLY red face::::::: @Puroandson

    Son of Puro, I am so embarrassed. I was not up on all the Australian slang. I NEVER would have used that word to describe Puro’s vanishing had I know or realized its slang context. My sincere apologies to anyone I might have inadvertently offended. Let me make amends by picking up the tab for the next round of drinks. Shandy for me, I think. What are you having?

    And a big thank you to @Bluepipsqueak for putting the cardboard house remark in context. Spam, dead parrots, funny walks, lumberjacks — those Python skits I remember. I either missed or forgot the Four Yorkshiremen skit.


    TardisBlue @replies


    Back at you, @Puro!

    I’ve been lurking on the episode threads, but haven’t had anything to add to the discussion there (and have been distracted by IRL). I logged on a while back to give @purofilion gentle hugs and TLC when she first posted about the effect medication was having on her, but that was about the time she *poofed* herself and she may have missed my post…

    And Son of Ilion, no need to apologize for the length of your posts. I quite enjoy them. And I’m glad that you came along, after they’d given up hope. Sometimes it happens like that. You totally give up and then — boom! You get what you’ve given up on. Although, if your father lived in Los Angeles, like I do, he might have a different view of cardboard housing after seeing far too many homeless people eking out an existence in their cardboard condos. Housing prices here are through the roof, and there’s a lot of poverty and far too many working poor. Is Matt Smith your favorite Doctor? My niece was fond of David Tennant, and lost interest after he left the role. Although her mother cut the cable chord about the same time, so my niece didn’t have easy access to BBCAmerica, so there wasn’t much chance for Smith to grow on her.

    Wishing you and your parents well —


    TardisBlue @replies

    Changing topics rather abruptly,

    My Pocket app feed today included a searing and fearless *beautifully* written personal essay about having Chron’s disease. Not the sort of thing you’d usually read or discuss in the conviviality of TGIF at the pub, but reading it has given me so much empathy for @Puroandson’s journey. Here’s the link, for those who are stout of heart and strong of stomach:

    TardisBlue @replies


    Delighted that you’re posting here.

    In fact, you may be our fist hybrid member. That’s certainly in keeping with one of the themes of season 10.
    Way to go! I haven’t seen much LOL’ing or OMG’ing hereabouts, but you’ll see a fair number of expressive faces interspersed among the verbiage.

    Happy almost birthday, ilion!

    Give your Mom a gentile hug from me if she’s up to it. Glad she’s back with us.


    TardisBlue @replies

    Dear Melissa (@Purofillion)

    I was absolutely gutted when I read your post. I have no words to express what I’m feeling. I can’t imagine what you’re going through right now. My heart is sorrowful and worried about the year and years to come.

    My heart is breaking for your son. No child should lose his mother that young.

    My heart is breaking for you, too. No mother should miss her son’s victorious matches at National League Soccer, or his transition from boyillionhood to manhood.

    My heart is breaking for your husband. No spouse should have to watch his beloved go through a long and difficult decline only to loose her far too young.

    I’m finding some modicum of comfort from the music of your compatriot, Dvorak. I’m not familiar with Ladislav, but his Czech requiem is next in line in my queue. Would love to know some of your favorite pieces so I can think of you when I hear them.

    If you are able, I’m sure all of who have come to love and respect you here would appreciate updates from your family or friends about how you are doing. I’m going to ask the Doctor to christen a new star in your honor, so your light and love will shine from here to Gallifrey.

    With love and respect and hope that your journey will be peaceful and comfortable (you listening, Australian health care system?)


    P.S. I’ve been faithfully lurking on the Twelfth Doctor episode threads, but this is the first time I’ve logged in the Forum in ages. I *will* miss you, puro.

    TardisBlue @replies


    TY, your fishiness.  I definitely will check out @phaseshift‘s blog when I have a mo or ten.  Want the time to give it justice.  Have a friend coming over for dinner in less than an hour and no Tardis to cook the turkey in!  Gotta get crackin’


    By the bye, has there been anything substantive posted on here about Quartermass?  I’ve seen it mentioned referentially often, but I missed out on it due to relative youth, parents not having met yet, country of birth, and a bunch of other tired excuses.



    TardisBlue @replies


    Seconding, thirding, fourthing, nthing your post #23848

    You’ve succinctly stated what I’ve always thought about River Song: Her adventures and travels with the Doctor were not limited to the time he was Eleven (Smith) or Ten (Tennant). When we first meet her in tSitL, she clearly states she’s seen his faces and has never seen him before as young as he (Tennant) is there. You can bet that I was discomfited by the mini-webisode Night and The Doctor, where Smith/Eleven is shown about to take River to the Singing Towers of Darrilium (their last date before she goes to the Library).  I’d been certain that some other, future, far future regeneration of the Doctor was her date that night.  :::Shakes fist at Moffat:::  And I was saddened by the scene in TNotD where Matt tells River’s ghost goodbye. The receiver on my call box phone definitely misted up during that scene.  Darn London fog!  The door between CAL’s data core and the Doctor’s console room drew rapidly closed, while I was trying not to blubber.  It certainly seemed to imply that even River’s holographic data bit image would no longer exist — at least from our POV in this alternative timestream. Thank God we never hear the door actually close, and that Clara has jumped in to the Doctor’s timestream to save him.  I hope that your hopes and mine come to fruition, @BlenkinsopthBrave, and we get to see River interact with more faces of The Doctor.


    TardisBlue @replies

    @purplecup.  Sorry.  Must have confused you with the cat in Caption Competition #51.  No idea why.  My bad.  And @cathannabel.  I should learn that when I write treatise-length posts the short window of time to edit disappears before I find and correct most of my typos.

    :::hangs St. Johns Ambulance sign in shame:::

    Bet there are still more typos which I’ve missed.   How embarrassing!


    TardisBlue @replies

    Such wonderful bonkers theorizing, @all. Welcome, @PurpleCat. Long may you theorize; rarely (I hope) may you continue to lurk. Great introductory posts.  Definitely looking forward to more, whenever you chose to step over the lurkdom threshold.

    Waves “hi” and offers a New Years party favor to other recent arrivals.  Sorry if I haven’t remembered all your names.  Don’t forget to pick up a bright, shiny new avatar from the basket near the door!  They’re one of the free perks of forum membership.  And make it so much easier for old codgers like me mate to tell the difference between @barnable, another notable new bonkers theorist, and @Barnicle (he of The Pirates of the Carribean sequel — a bit out of his Depp-th on a Whovian forum, IMHO).

    @all. I have some random, non-theoretical observations about this episode. Hope you don’t mind if I share them.

    First, did you notice the face which appears briefly out of the whirling yellowish mass of energy during the credit sequence at the beginning. It materializes after the titles for Matt Smith and Jenna Coleman. I like to think that it’s a way to give Capaldi above the line billing without actually spelling it out.

    Secondly, I always love symmetry and thematic references in pieces of art. Did anyone else notice the lovely parallel between tBoSJ and tTotD where the Doctor and Clara spend time just sitting outside together, keeping each other company. In the Bells, he’s keeping watch at night over her home to protect her from a second encounter with the Spoonheads. She notices him from her window. When it becomes obvious he won’t leave, she comes down and joins him outside. Clara is guarded as she’s puzzled and skeptical about the Doctor’s sudden appearance and uncommonly intense interest in her. Hundreds of years and adventures later, their trust and companionship are palpable as they sit together in tTofD waiting for the Trenzalore dawn.

    Clara, who was so upset at the Doctor in Hide as he raced from the beginning of the universe to its end tracing the “ghost” throughout history, now feels both a deep connection with and compassion for him.

    It’s as if he’s evolved and transformed without the obvious use of regeneration energy. The Time Lord who stole a Tardis to run away from Gallifrey has finally stopped running.  The Doctor is no longer the hyperkinetic mass of ADHD energy so tortured by the slow linear passage of time in TPoT.

    Our Doctor has reached that sacred space of mindfulness. In the moment. Now fully mindful. In this moment. And this one. And this moment. And…

    Here and now. Time passes. Light, then darkness. Time doesn’t stop, but it doesn’t linger. Dawn-light-darkness. And again. Dawn-light-darkness. Time recycles. Time renews. The brief periods of light, ending far too soon in darkness again. The flicker of human life? The flashing shooting star of a Time Lord’s regeneration? The solar flare of a galaxy’s temporary existence? The promise that after each universe fades away, another will rise only to fade away, time without end.

    The parallels, call-backs, Easter eggs, … don’t stop at Clara and The Doctor waiting together in the night, centuries and worlds apart.

    I particularly liked “Handles,” the Cyber-head “companion.”  A shout out to tNiS’s CyberController, perhaps?  A hopeful future where Cyberminds peacefully co-exist with unassimilated emotional beings?

    The practical part of me was puzzled about how a basically agrarian colony, the town of Christmas and its environs, survived with such little light each day.  I know that there are parts of our world which experience long nights and short days, but these are counterbalanced by the long days and short nights experienced the other half of the year.  In the town of Christmas, the seasons never seemed to change.  How were the residents able to grow crops without sunlight?  What did they subsist on?  Presumably, even the animals which provided the fur for clothing and meat for eating needed vegetation and drinkable (i.e., non-frozen) water.  And, if it was continually snowing, wasn’t all the wood pretty damp?  They, and their enemies, didn’t seem to have any trouble setting it on fire.   I’ve got to admit that it was pretty, though.  With the lights in the trees and the stylish peasant dress.  (Anyone else see a slight resemblance between Trenzsalorean/Christmas attire and the clothing worn by the non-Time Lord residents of Gallifrey?  Maybe it was just me … hats, scarves, jackets, capes … hmm.  Maybe *that’s where the doctor got his dress sense.)

    The romantic part of me was reminded of the idyllic, hidden settlement in the mountains of the Far East:  Shangri-La  (Lost Horizon film, 1937 version, not the remake  An ex was a big fan of Ronald Colman …)  Sheltered from the worst of the wintery conditions, the residents of Shangri-La were happy in their contained and guarded “pocket.”  We’ve had the wonderful blog post from @Cath Annel on George Bailey, Frank Capra, The Time of the Doctor and It’s A Wonderful Life, all about choices made and possibilities unlived, being “stuck” in a backwater and forgoing adventures abroad, just to keep a place and a small community of people safe.  And, I submit, to find happiness and contentment oneself. The 1937 version of Lost Horizon, home to Shangri-La, was another Capra film.  Just sayin’.  The Oncoming Storm finding satisfaction and comfort in whittling simple carved wood animals.  Just as heroic, in its own way, as rebooting the universe with an exploding Tardis.

    Back on Earth, yeah, what good is a Christmas Cracker if it doesn’t have a good knock-knock joke?  Apparently the role of Clara’s father was recast — unless Clara’s lost both father *and* mother and the guy with the beard and the Ice Queen of a date/spouse/wicked stepmother was an imposter.  Did central casting account for all the Zygons at the end of the 50th anniversary show?  There was certainly no love lost between Clara and Linda.  The impossible girl didn’t even begin to make a souffle for *this* dinner.

    There was rather too much going on in the short time allotted for this episode, and I found the brief periods of Clara returning to her flat a bit jarring — though I must give props for Granny during Clara’s last return.  Loved Gran’s insightful, aptly timed story of her true love standing there as she wished he’d never, ever change.

    Tasha Lem rocks.

    Nothing more to say.

    Definitely rocks.

    Now *that’s* a WOMAN!  I only wish we’d had this earlier — in series 2 of the AG Who, for instance — just to show all those dewy-eyed young romantics ‘shipping 10 (Tennant) and Rose what sort of a woman our Mad Man in a Box could fancy as an equal.

    I gotta say I’ll miss Matt’s acting, as much as I am looking forward to seeing Capaldi’s take on the Doctor.  Loved, loved, loved Matt’s eyes looking startled, his mouth/jaw popping over just a bit to the side, his eyes totally popping wide open, and his body slowly reenergizing before blasts of regeneration energy poured out and exterminated the exterminators.  Not a boy band/male model face, our Eleven.  But a wonderful face.  Used superbly by an imaginative and inspired actor.  Ave atqua vale, Matteaus.


    AnyWho, thanks for reading this far (if you did).


    TardisBlue @replies


    :::sending you virtual chicken soup and a stalk of celery.  Wonderful veg.  I hear it’s quite useful as a restorative:::

    Hope you’re back to your imperial self in no time.


    TardisBlue @replies


    couldn’t have you really bugged about David McCallum now … 1960’s international heartthrob (The Man from U.N.C.L.E.) and the best bow tie wearing and opera loving forensic examiner currently on screen in the states (NCIS).

    So I took quick look-sees at reviews of some likely-looking listings on his long list of credits. No slam dunks, but basketball is probably not his best sport, methinks. Too American. Too fast moving. Too, dare I say it?, tall. Still, I hope I’ve narrowed down the field for you. Some TV show summaries left the possibility of disembodied hands open to speculation.

    I haven’t seen these, but here are some possibilities culled from McCallum’s extensive credits.

    The Outer Limits episode The Sixth Finger. The episode is discussed toward the end of this article. No mention of disembodied, menancing hands, but, hey, at least there are body parts mentioned I the title.

    The Hammer House of Mystery and Suspense. McCallum works at an auction house which acquires a mysterious necklace … mysterious things start to happen … did I mention that this mysterious episode is full of mystery? Plus a little romance, apparently.

    probably not this B– horror flick, but hard to rule out based on what little I found out about it.

    And the final possibility: Short-lived TV series The Invisible Man McCallum plays the scientist whose experiment goes awry

    Let us know if any of these turn out to be what you were looking for.

    And, if you want to thank me for all this extra credit sleuthing, well, you could always place McCallum’s late 1970’s – early 1980’s series Sapphire and Steel at the top of our Who-adjacent filling in the long months before October 2014 viewing queue. Non-human interdimensional operatives, policing the order of timee itself. Definitely worth a retrospective, IMHO. Especially since, as far as I know, iti was never shown in the states and I’ve always had a fan-girl crush on McCallum’s Illya Kuryakin (The Man from U.N.C.L.E..)


    TardisBlue @replies

    <<<shaking leftover streamers and confetti and *someone’s glitter* off my roof>>>

    Hello, one and all.

    Happy New Year!

    And Happy Birthday, dear wonderful forum!

    And jelly babies, celery, and Jammie Dodgers all around for reaching, nay, *exceeding* the 1000 member mark.

    Should be some sort of prize for our emperor @craig — another regeneration cycle, perhaps? A sincere thank you to Craig and all our mods for making this the wonderful forum a Last Homely House* for civilized (civilised) Whovians far and wide.

    I’ve been away, visiting family for the holidays. And in self-enforced exile from the site until I got home and was finally able to watch the Christmas Special. And then in “radio silence” until I was able to catch up on all the activity here.  Even now I’m reluctant to go onto the TV thread.  Sherlock series 3 has not aired yet in the states, so I’m skittish about spoilers.

    Y’all certainly have yer “fumb on the pulse of cultshure” (with a shout-out to my favorite musical tree-hugger @whisht) (and a parenthetical howdy to @nicelyuseless and @tekdrudge from the West Coast of the USA, not far at all from the sound stages and back lots of Dorothy’s — if not @torij‘s — Kansas).

    It’s a bit late, but I really want to tell you how touched I was reading all the Christmas eve and Christmas day posts. I felt all warm and fuzzy and cared-about and full of Christmas cheer. What a special place this is, indeed. Thank you, @everyone!

    Speaking of hols, I hope yours were happy. @janetteb, your pre-Christmas schedule sounded exhausting. I hope you were able to relax on your well-deserved holiday. And I hope that our other regular OZ contributor, @purifilion, didn’t melt in the late December heat.

    On the colder side of the globe, @chickenelly, @scaryb, @jimthefish, @craig, and others Scots, how was Hogmanay? My first-footer was not (alas!) a tall, dark-haired man. But it was a friend with a holiday gift of a mini-fruit cake and Dalek socks. 😀  No snow-bound Weeping Angel will dare to snatch my ankle now for fear of ex-ter-min-a-tion!  @blenkinsopthebrave, @denvaldron, and @arbutus, I was seeing horrific temps for parts of Canada, especially with windchill factored in.  B-r-r-r-r-r.  Even an Ice Warrior would be frozen without power and central heating.  Hope you’ve been spared ice storms and power lines going down.

    At the risk of becoming tl;dr, I’m going to touch on some posts from the General Forums made during my absence. Sorry to lump my 2 cents (pence) all in here, but I forget where these posts came from. (And there wasn’t even a Memory Worm in my Christmas stocking!)

    @tennantmarsters2013, your comment about the rehabilitation of Gallifrey may be the start of some bonkers theorizing in the months ahead. I was particularly impressed with the comments from the ever-articulate @bluesqueakpip and @arbutus.

    @arkleseizure, must be one of the drawbacks of a public school (USA version) education. I missed out on the Time Lord and Lady Academy, so I had to Google “Theta Sigma and Doctor Who” to get your reference. Minus ten points for Gryffindor for not knowing it right away, but a bonus ten for quick and effective independent research to get the correct answer.

    @fiveroundsrapid, thank you for the link to the Time of the Doctor read through. My eyes were close to misting when I saw that Matt was so moved by his lines. And Moff’s bear hug, what can I say?

    @juniperfish, I enjoyed your January 1, 2014 post. And it’s nice to have occasional flicks of glitter still. Especially since they are virtual and I don’t have to worry about vacuuming (hoovering) them up. 😉

    @thekrynoidman, I was touched by your introductory post. Sending you a big virtual hugs — there’s been some alcoholics in my family tree (or, in the case of my cousin CHW, *underneath* the tree he fell out of). Glad you got some solace from The Doctor during a difficult childhood; he’s been a healing influence like that for many of us.

    @barnable, interesting to think of a parallel reality where The Doctor and Clara are still in his time stream, isn’t it? Unfortunately, that’s not the show runner’s reality. Moffat stated in some video clip interview somewhere on the interwebs (sorry I don’t remember where, exactly) that the Doctor did, in fact, carry Clara out of the time stream. Apparently, Matt had hurt his back or knee or something, so they didn’t shoot him carrying Clara more than a step or two. But don’t let Moffat’s view of reality keep you from theorizing. This site thrives on theorizing, the more bonkers, the better.

    @all, today’s the 10th day of Christmas. And that means 10 Time Lords a leaping! Look out universe, Gallifrey’s a’comin’.


    *Last Homely House, Elrond’s home near Rivendell, is a reference to Tolkien, I know.  But I’ve always found it to be a comfortable, welcoming place, so I’m sure other Whovians would be right at home.  Besides, six degrees of Kevin Bacon.  Martin Freeman plays Bilbo Baggins in The Hobbit, as well as Dr. Watson in Sherlock.  Moffat’s involved in both Sherlock and Doctor Who.  @bluesqueakpip, one of the earliest members of this forum, worked on a play with Gary Oldman, who was in two movies with Kevin Bacon (Murder in the First and Criminal Law). Ergo, Whovians are definitely welcome in the Last Homely House.

    TardisBlue @replies


    thanks! That was the one I wanted to share.


    So glad you liked it. Isn’t the call and response with the gospel choir toward the end so wonderfully full of energy? Such a great winter solstice song – at least here in the northern hemisphere.

    I hadn’t even considered its applicability to next week’s Doctor Who Christmas special. You’re one smart cookie!


    TardisBlue @replies

    stepping into the pub from Doctor Who News 2

    Your Christmas dinner sounds delish. I’d be happy to be a guest at your table any Xmas.

    When you talked about Czech dumplings, did you mean kolaches? I’ve never heard of fruit dumplings with quark. Sounds good, though.

    (Quark is a soft, spreadable German cheese.)

    The pub’s getting more upscale every day – fruit dumplings for desert, and Purofilion’s got a source for affordable lobster and a yummy recipe! There *is* a full kitchen, isn’t there?


    TardisBlue @replies


    no anti-immigrant feelings here.  Au contraire, ma amie,

    Late in his life, my father wanted the two of us to learn Czech, though that never happened.   He was born in a small town in the middle of nowhere in Texas, where Tex-Czech cuisine was nearly as common as Tex-Mex.  Don’t believe Tex-Czech cuisine exists?  Trust “All the News That’s Fit to Print,” aka the New York Times.

    I talked my younger sister into taking up the viola because it was the instrument Dvorak played.

    No anti-Czech feelings here.

    And, I have a lot of empathy for people stumbling around trying to speak a different language without an accent.  I’ve tried.  And I can’t.

    @MartyB and all:

    I’m a big fan of Oxford commas.  😀


    TardisBlue @replies


    insert/edit link aka alt shift a doesn’t seem to be working for me.  :'(   I’m gonna ask Santa for a teenager with computer skills for Christmas!


    TardisBlue @replies

    trying again … old dog new tricks and all that

    TardisBlue @replies


    loving the music!

    @whisht, two delighted thumbs up for Vince and Charlie Brown.

    @scaryb, @whisht, @MartyB, seconding, thirding, and fourthing Van Morrison. and The Band. and a belated happy birthday to Keith.

    and yes, @arbutus, I have heard of Straight, No Chaser. I’ve even heard them, though not in concert.

    Since your linked song included a tip of the hat to Hanukkah, I thought I’d add to the ecumenicalism of the season by sharing this solstice song I learned a back-to-nature-potentially-tree-hugging-hippy friend — if I can get it to embed correctly!


    TardisBlue @replies

    @MartyB’s metaphorical cat

    Not that much going on there, truth be told. Some bonkers theorizing. Links to interviews with Moffat and Smith. Lots of pictures from trailers and speculation about what they mean. A plea from me for the use of proper grammar, spelling, punctuation and capitalization in posts, along with fewer random, jumbled, stream of consciousness posts in general. (I must have my grandmother’s and aunts’ schoolteacher DNA fully embedded in every cell and fiber of my being. I keep on wanting to mark some posts and give them back to their authors to be rewritten and proofread before resubmission …)

    NO tantalizing leaks of scripts, daily rushes, etc

    Hope that helps.


    TardisBlue @replies

    @thommck, calling dibs on the second sofa. It’s MY color.

    @fatmaninabox and @phaseshift,
    Any sign of 10 Time Lords a leaping during your cleaning and shopping? My true love promised them to me, but I’m worried they’re time locked.


    TardisBlue @replies


    our posts must have crossed in cyberspace. My post immediately above was in response to your first post re: Clara, Daleks, etc. Your second post was easier for me to understand. Call me an old fuddy-duddy if you want, but I do prefer proper grammar, spelling, capitalization and punctuation.

    I haven’t seen that bit with Clara you mentioned. I don’t think Moffat will bring other Time Lords back in this episode

    Too much going on already, and that bit between the Curator and Smith Doctor seemed to set the search for Gallifrey as the arc for the next season(s).

    TardisBlue @replies


    Sorry. Not following your post/train of thought.

    It’s easier for me to follow posts which aren’t so stream of consciousness sounding.

    TardisBlue @replies


    erm … um … uh

    well, I suppose, there *is* that.

    Good thing that Clara’s there on Trenzalore. The Impossible Girl. The girl who was born to save the Doctor. The girl who has grown from being unable to open the Tardis door in tRoA to being the girl who opens the Tardis door with a snap of her fingers. The girl who convinced the Tardis to rescue the Doctor from that pocket universe in Hide.

    So, when the Weeping Angel sends the Doctor hurtling back in time, don’t fret. Remember the Oswald family promise: they’ll always find you when you’re lost.

    …of course, I’m fully prepared to be 1000% wrong about this. Still too simple and lacks Dalek and Cybermen action.

    TardisBlue @replies

    @geoffers, @purofilion, @others,

    on the topic of simple solutions to the regeneration limit problem:

    ever since the first poster for this episode was released, I’ve been wondering whether — and occasionally hoping that — the Weeping Angel will grab a hold of the Smith Doctor and take him back 1000 years, plus or minus. Being sent back in time by the Angel will miraculously give The Doctor another 12 regenerations. Dodging the regeneration bullet until Gallifrey is found and he’s awarded more regenerations for meritorious service.

    (You remember that Angel, don’t you? We see it buried in the snow with its outstretched arms showing, to the left of the Smith Doctor.)

    Far too simple and not very bonkers, I know, so I didn’t mention it earlier. And with the Mother Superior of the Papal Mainframe spouting a Dalek eye stalk, a “fatal” confrontation with his historic enemies seems much more likely. Moffat always seems to come up with something none of us have fully anticipated. So it may not be Daleks, either. Who nose? Who knows.

    @devilishrobby, great avatar. You look devilish indeed.


    TardisBlue @replies


    <<dancing happy jig>>

    I *am* glad to see you’re back.

    I’ve had a bit of a cold. So, while I haven’t been active here, I’ve had some time to think and worry whether you’d decided to leave or go back to lurking.

    I’m glad that you’re back, and that the forum’s had a bit more discussion about communication and its impact on our shared goals for this wonderful and rare sanctuary of civilized, thoughtful, and respectful discourse and sharing.

    I hope folks won’t mind me sharing a bit of my perspective … <<blame the cold medication, if you chose>> … since I was off-line for a bit.

    As the forum approaches its one year anniversary, with at least 913 members and 22723 posts nears 1000 members, I think there will be more and more instances of active members who are not keeping up on all the threads in the forum and blogs. At least I hope I’m not the only person who’s begun to prioritize the threads in which I’m most interested over those in which I have less interest. I’d feel embarrassed if I was.

    @purofilion, I could be going out on a limb here, but I suspect that you’re not the only member who doesn’t have Website Comments as the first stop on their forum itineraries.

    And I have no way of knowing how many people have read your excellently written but on-the-longish-side introductory post in Doctor Who Memories.

    I suspect that the length may have deterred some from reading it, or *really reading* it, rather than quickly skimming it.

    You describe, I think, a cold and authoritarian upbringing, where you were more likely to be hit with a wooden spoon than to be offered a jelly baby. Knowing that about you, I can understand your being more sensitive to perceived criticism than someone with a happier and more affirming childhood.

    I am soooooooooo proud of everyone who’s posted in the past few days. Discussions like the one we just had are hard enough face-to-face. We did good, fellow bonkers-theorists, on talking this through with nothing more than keyboards and internet connections.

    Let’s all head over to The Rose and Crown to celebrate. The first round’s on me!


    with a PS to @purfilion:

    When I read your Doctor Who memories post, I was struck by your honesty and vulnerability in sharing your life story.

    The image you paint of a lonely childhood, motherless too soon, not accepted by your classmates and neighbors, *and* how the magic of the Doctor Who theme encouraged your interest in music — your current career, how various role models on the show helped you build some self-confidence, and so much more.

    I never commented on your post. I wasn’t sure, really, *how* I wanted to respond. I wasn’t sure *what* level of intimacy and self-disclosure I was willing to risk leaving on the interwebs for all to see for, perhaps, all time. And I’m still not. But know that you touched me.

    TardisBlue @replies


    a belated happy birthday! I’ve been a bit under the weather, so I missed your actual 46th. Sorry.

    :::bowing down in respect for our newest Time Lord:::

    Gee, the UK must have a *serious* game of Risk. I’m a bit vague on the rules, but I don’t remember anything about becoming a Time Lord when you win on your birthday. Congrats!


    TardisBlue @replies


    you have me beat on at least one thing:

    I’m out of milk. Got any I can borrow?

    :::waves hi at @TheFerret and @MartyB and @ferrocene and @tennantmarsters2013 and @devilishrobby and @all others who’ve joined recently:::

    @ferrocene, @tennantmarsters2013, @devilishrobby and @others without avatars. I hope you won’t mind just a bit of affectionate kidding. Whenever I see your posts without an avatar, I worry that you’ve run into a Silence or had yourself uploaded into the Great Intelligence’s interweb from tBoSJ. I’ve been loosing sooooooooooooo much sleep over this!!!

    Please take pity on me and put an avatar or stasis cube or childhood drawing up or vegetable or punctuation mark or *something* to distinguish you from the asexual white ciphers assigned to members without avatars. There’s a siege a-comin’ and it’s best to be able to tell friend from foe. 😀 Those blank white avatars look a lot like Whispermen. Just sayin’


    TardisBlue @replies


    Your post triggered a regeneration in my kitchen.

    My humble French Press was hit with a blinding flash of golden light.

    It’s now is a far more elegant “cafetiere.”

    The Melita pour over plastic filter holder, still mourning the loss of its beloved glass carafe due to an unfortunate stove top accident, is jealous.

    The teapots, cups, saucers, creamers and sugar bowls are above all of this inventorying. They are content to rest securely on their hazard-free shelves. Sometimes I catch them tittering aristocratically. I suspect the glee comes from knowing that they are spared from the day-to-day grind.

    <<looks nervously at computer screen and prepares to duck>>


    TardisBlue @replies

    @badwolf1999, hi.  What do *you* think?  Please join in our discussion  by sharing your theories and the reasons why you’ve come to your conclusion(s).

    The scene between the two of them was, I believe, wasn’t intended to definitively establish who Baker was playing — curator, himself/fourth doctor in retirement, a aspect of the doctor from his own future, or some other person or role..  I think Moffat wanted us to be open to different potential “futures” as well as an ambiguous present.

    But that’s just what I’m thinking right now …

    With Moffat, a single word or phrase of dialogue — easy to miss or not pay too much attention to on the first viewing — speaks volumes.  You might find quotations from the special helpful.  From

    Clara: Oh, by the way. There was an old man looking for you. I think it was the curator.
    The Doctor: I could be a curator. I’d be great at curating. I’d be The Great Curator. I could retire and do that. I could retire and be the curator of this place.
    The Curator/Four (Tom Baker): You know I really think you might.
    The Doctor: I never forget a face.
    Four: I know you don’t. And in years to come you might find yourself revisiting a few. But just the old favorites, eh?

    Four: You were curious about this painting, I think. I acquired it in remarkable circumstances. What do you make of the title?
    The Doctor: Which title? There’s two. No More and Gallifrey Falls.
    Four: No, you see, that’s where everybody’s wrong.. It’s all one title. Gallifrey Falls No More. Now, what would you think that means, eh?
    The Doctor: That Gallifrey didn’t fall. It worked. It’s still out there!
    Four: I’m only a humble curator, I’m sure I wouldn’t know.
    The Doctor: Then where is it?
    Four: Where is it indeed? Lost, perhaps. Things do get lost, you know. And now you must excuse me. Oh… you have a lot to do.
    The Doctor: Do I? Is that what I’m supposed to do now? Go looking for Gallifrey?
    Four: That’s entirely up to you. Your choice, eh?. I can only tell you what I would do. If I were you–ah! If I were you…. Perhaps I was you, of course. Or perhaps you are me. Congratulations.
    The Doctor: Thank you very much.
    Four: Or perhaps it doesn’t matter either way. Who knows. Who knows.



    Maybe reading a transcript of the dialogue between Tom Baker and Matt Smith might help you PlanetClair

    TardisBlue @replies

    :::waves excitedly at all the new avatars, lurkers-no-more and bonkers-theorists:::

    @arbutus, wow.  I agree with @purofilion.  A splendid first post.  Please don’t wait a year until your next one!

    @TheMasterOfAllHeSurveys, you’re a Third Doctor fan?  Or a UNIT fan?  Or just a fan of the working class?  (If I can gently kid you with the last question …)  I loved the Brig in PG (pre-gap) Who.  There’s just something about a man in uniform, especially with that great hat and ‘stashe.

    @gctv.  I watched your review of TDOTD.  I enjoyed the conversation you and your mate were having — it felt “real,” from your Whovian fanboy hearts.  I could see Mr. Speake’s love for Who, and the interest the other chap has in the show (kept expecting a postscript percentage adjustment, though, as he’s up to a little more than 16% of all the shows now, having seen this one twice).

    Truth be told, I was — and am — far too excited by TDOTD to harbor any disappointments.  So I’m with @purofilion on this.   I can’t help wondering, though, if those oh-so-great-expectations might have colored your feelings about TDOTD.

    I’ve had the experience of seeing a movie after everyone who’s seen it has raved and raved and raved about how great it is.  So my expectations going into the theater are up to *here* and I am bound to be disappointed.  Not saying that this is true for you, just musing and casually considering the possibility.

    But I am truly excited about your presentation of this review.  Always nice to see some true-blue-Who love out there on YouTube.

    @whisht and @Artubus, I’m not familiar with that particular Ursula K. LeGuin work, but I’ve really enjoyed what I’ve read of hers.  My someday-I-really-should-read-this-list keeps on getting longer and longer, the more time I spend on this forum.

    @timeloop, wrong thread, I know, but I really liked your alarm clock ringtone clip over on the General Music thread.  Think you could stream that over the web to me in about 5 1/2 hours?  Gotta get up at 8 a.m. my time.  Which is just about 5 1/2 hours from now.  :::insert conflicted and slightly tsk-tsk-tsking at self emoticon here:::  I *know* better.  Just couldn’t resist saying hi to all the newbies and joining in the UKLeG fan club.

    ‘night, all





    TardisBlue @replies

    :::waves hi @luxumbra:::


    @bluesqueakpip beat me to the punch in responding to your question.

    Time travel would tend to make you laugh at times at how silly and off-base people’s theories and predictions can be, I think.

    What archeologist *wouldn’t* rather travel back in time to see how a society *really* lived rather than extrapolating, surmising, theorizing, and running the risk of getting it totally wrong at times?

    What did you think of this episode now, after we’ve seen River’s past and the Doctor’s future together?  Have your thoughts about it changed since you first saw it?


    TardisBlue @replies

    @folks who live in or a lot closer to London than I do:

    Anyone seen David Tennant as Richard II during the Royal Shakespeare Company run at Stratford-on-Avon?  Any thoughts, impressions, critiques, general fan-squee-iness, interesting stories?  Anyone planning to see it when it starts at London’s Barbicon December 7?

    And is anyone planning to see Matt Smith in the musical American Psycho, which opens December 12 in Islington?

    Thanks to the Public Broadcasting Service here in the states I was able to see the recent filmed productions of Shakespeare’s history plays (Richard II; Henry IV part 1, Henry IV, part 2; and Henry V).  (The series was shown on PBS as The Hollow Crown.)  Ben Whishaw’s performance as Richard II was transcendent — the best interpretation of the role that I’ve seen.  (Granted, the history plays aren’t done very often across the pond.)   Apparently I’m not the only one who thought so.  Whitshaw won the BAFTA for best actor.

    Tennant is a very talented actor, too.  I’d be interested in your takes on his performance, alone or in comparison to Whitshaw’s.

    There’s a couple of weeks of down-time before the Doctor Who Christmas special.  Plenty of time to follow some of our favorites from their Cardiff days to the bright lights of the British stage — and to let the rest of us know what we’re missing!




    TardisBlue @replies

    I thought I’d let all the Sondheim fans out there know about two things.  First, an excellent article by former New York Times theater critic Frank Rich about his thirty-or-forty-some years of acquaintanceship/friendship/mentor/mentee/creator&critic/interviewer&interviewee …relationship with Sondheim.   Much like HTPBDET’s memoirs of his life-long connection with Doctor Who, Rich interweaves his own experience of the living master of the American musical with the story of Sondheim’s successes and failures over the years.  Rich found an instant kinship with Sondheim at the age of 10 listening to his mother’s Gypsy LP (Sondheim wrote the lyrics) and seeing an out-of-town pre-Broadway production of A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum.  He brings the story up to the present day, with a brief mention of the upcoming HBO documentary he produced (and long-time Sondheim collaborator James Lapine directed)  Six by Sondheim.

    First, the New York Magazine article:

    Second, info on the HBO documentary, premiering at 9 pm EST on Monday, December 9, 2013.

    And yes, in case anyone is wondering, an occasional mention of Sondheim is not totally out of place on a Doctor Who forum.  Sondheim’s plots can be about as timey-wimey as Steven Moffat’s scripts in a whirlwind.  😀



    TardisBlue @replies

    @Shazzbot, how’s the panto construction coming?  Still got all your digits?  Hope these doors work better than the ones for the 1963 original Tardis (at least as they were depicted in the *excellent* docudrama “An Adventure in Space and Time”).  😉




    TardisBlue @replies


    :::face palm:::

    Thanks for the big hint.

    SIDRAT is nothing more than:  The Awesome Result Due [to] Inverting Sentences,

    D’uh.  Perfectly clear.  Now.


    And a big thank you from the bottom of my heart for your wonderful and compassionate post about our big and remarkably happy (all things considered) Whovian family.  On the whole, we’ve done an exemplary job communicating respectfully without all the non-verbal clues that help guide and inform people IRL.   (Metacommunication — a fascinating subject!)  As you said, “Like the Doctor we should aim to be the best we can. Sometimes we have to work at it.  Just a little.”

    Or, as Aretha sang, “R-E-S-P-E-C-T , just a little bit, re-re-re-respect, just a little bit …”




    TardisBlue @replies


    I hope you read the post just above here in the way I intended it.  I don’t bear you any ill will (other than the fact that I’m jealous as all get out  — of your mastery of this big, big, big Whoiverse of facts and all that).

    My thought process was kinda like

    1. WOW!  OMG!  That’s some pretty serious theorizing.

    2.  I want to see what he’s saying and understand it, along with what the folks who are responding to say in return.

    3.. Gotta set me aside some thinking about serious theorizing time.

    4.  And then I gotta make sure I know something about the facts and sources he’s used here.

    5.  Gee, that’s going to take even more time.

    6.  Yikes!  (Do you ever say “yikes” in the UK?)  By the time all those conditions precedent are met, a gadzillion googleplex million times squared number of posts might have gone up on that thread.  Will I ever be able to locate and retrieve the posts relevant to this pretty serious theorizing?

    7.  Wouldn’t it be loverly (in my best attempt at Emma Doolittle’s Cockney accent) if all these tantalizing and bedeviling posts could be easily accessed somewhere?

    8.  Hmmmmmmm.  There’s a section for blogs.  There’s a section for SIDwhatever it is — @Shazzbot, got some smart way to remember what the rest of the letters are, and what they mean, anyway?

    9.  Crossing fingers.  Holding breath.  Joining Amelia Pond in imploring Santa Claus.

    10.  Deep breath.    And gee.  Shucks.  I know I’m only in kindergarten and @DenValdon and the others are Fifth Graders (!!!).  I’m trying my best to keep up.  Wish they’d realize me and my fellow kindergarteners are trying our best, but sometimes it’s a bit over our heads.

    11.  Yeah, I know it’s recess.  And the Fifth Graders can play together all they want.  They don’t have to play with all of us all the time.  Or any of the time.  Unless the Principal or the Yard Duty Teacher tells them they have to.

    12.  If the Fifth Graders don’t want to play with all of the grades below them, I’ve got to accept that.

    13. But I know I’d be thrilled to bits if there was someone patient enough to give me a little boost so I can reach the stuff on the top shelf.  Or drop a hint or something like that when I’m really, really, really stuck.

    14.  Just sayin’





    TardisBlue @replies

    However (@Craig also here), this seems perfect for the blogs, if only so it can be seen all together. Any easy way to transfer?

    Seconding @whohar‘s suggestion.

    I don’t have the time ATM to read and follow the analysis in the posts which @denvaldron, @scaryb, and @jimthefish have made in the last day or so. I’d find it helpful to have this entire discussion — plus further posts on the topic — located in a central place. That way I could easily return to it when I have the time *and* the extra mental processing power required.

    I fear that having the discussion interspersed with other On The Sofa posts will drive me certifiably bonkers before I even begin to try to follow your sophisticated and encyclopedic contributions.

    Plus, we’re growing and adding many new voices to this thread. :::waves hello at all the new members:::  I may not be the only one who wants to bookmark this discussion and return to it after acquiring a bit (or a lot) more familiarity with Who.

    Fifty years and multiple story-telling media is a lot to catch up on. I’ve heard of Shalka. I’ve heard of The Curse of the Fatal Death. I’ve not read, seen, heard, … either of them. It’s going to take me more time to read — really read — and study and research and ask questions about, etc. what the three of you have said here.

    And I *do* want to take the time — when I can find it. Learning more, exploring the Whoiverse more, being challenged in ways I hadn’t imagined … I’m in. But I don’t have a pocket universe, and Real Life will show up and tug at my shirtsleeves, demanding my attention.

    It’s a holiday weekend here in the states. RL is making impatient noises in the background.

    When I come back here with some spare time to study up on PhD level bonkers and not-so-bonkers theorizing, I’d rather not have to read/skim through every single Sofa post to locate the ones pertaining to this discussion. Looking in the blogs and/or SIDRAT — Some Idiosyncratic Diverse Ramblings About TARDIStimes — would make it so much more convenient. @Mods (including @phaseshift and @Shazzbot as well as @jimthefish), @Emperor, what say you?

    @DenValden, your posts and thoughts have caught the eyes and intrigued the brains of some of our best and brightest, like @jimthefish, and @scaryb,.  Bravo.  I’d certainly understand if you want your future participation to follow along the same path.

    But there are times when I feel like raising my hand and stammering in a soft and embarrassed voice, “I’m sorry.  Not quite getting it.  Could you mebbe slow down just a bit?   Could you set up a special study session for those of us who’re not so conversant with all of this ?”

    @jimthefish, @scaryb, @craig, and at least a dozen other voices are some of our best and brightest.  They’d pass Doctor Who O levels with highest honors.  Folks like me still have a lot of ground to cover before attempting O levels …

    The forum’s diversity is definitely larger on the inside than our posts would lead you to believe.

    Our founders were nearly overwhelmingly from the UK.  They’ve pretty much been avid Whovias  since, like, forever.   As the site has grown, we’ve attracted members from Europe, North America, Australia, New Zealand, and all over the place.  I hope you’ll bear in mind that not all of us have ready access to the vast amount of information and materials out there about Doctor Who.

    And — *so* appropriate for me to acknowledge with gratitude since it’s Thanksgiving here in the U.S. — our wonderful moderators, key master, and fellow members have gone out of their way to provide those of us scattered around the globe and from differing time periods with links to episodes, interviews, stories, and so much more.

    I’d be tickled pink if you’d take a moment every once in a while to throw me a bone.  Or a link.  Or some footnotes at the end.  Take a look at the intros to our retrospectives and the breadth and depth of our blogs to see how their generosity of spirit and contagious enthusiasm has helped me, and others like me, to grow into “half the whovian” our founders have been. That’s why I’m so grateful I found this forum, and that so many wonderful people around the globe are dedicated to maintaining and strengthening it.



    TardisBlue @replies


    Thank you.

    Does absinthe make two hearts fonder?

    Don’t worry about spoilers from me — the plot is perfectly predictable. Anybody could figure it out.

    with the canonization of the McGann Doctor, the Tardis starts to revert back through space and time to San Francisco, California on December 31, 1999.

    En route, it picks up a hitchhiking space whale, who’s heading that way to visit some ancient, Gaia-bound ancestors.

    The slight detour takes the Tardis just a smidgen off course, and it ends up crashing into the United Federation of Planets Starship Enterprise, which is also returning to 20th century earth to save the whales.

    Tragically, neither vehicle — and none of the whales, ancient or modern — survive. Fog slowly rolls in, obscuring the wreckage. The sound of wave against metal, wave against wood, wave against mangled flesh becomes deadened.

    Panning from the crash site near the Golden Gate Bridge, the camera shot goes directly into the fog. It continues, in silence, for five seconds, before a glimmer of light breaks through the fog. The light is followed by blue sky, and the camera carries us along, past the shoreline into a modern city.

    The camera zooms into a shopping district: New New Caprica Place. We see a man, medium height, shoulder length dark hair, standing with his back to the camera. Next to him, a tall, striking blond. They are holding hands. They pause to admire a striking display of overlong scarves, panama hats, bow ties, capes, recorders, spoons, fezzes, and motley-inspired patchwork jackets.

    Stealthily, a toilet-plunger and egg beater begin to appear from around the edge of the building.

    The doctor — for Gaius Balthar is a medical doctor — and the cylon model six are busy discussing which hat would look better with his black leather jacket and trainers, when a clunky-looking mechanical dog with improbable round ears and an arial tail moves rapidly in front of them and speeds to the corner. The robotic canine leaps up and grasps the toilet plunger firmly in its jaws. K-9 has saved the lives of its master and mistress before they are even aware of the danger.

    But in breaking the plunger off the Dalek, K-9 has absorbed the extermination blast. Alas, there’s nothing to be done. Regeneration energy starts pouring out of his head and tail. It envelops his body. Moments later, in K-9’s place, a living, breathing Rough Collie bounds out, tail wagging.

    He has a beautiful tricolor coat with a white blaze running down his head. Instead of the Dalek extermination arm, the collie has something else in his mouth. A deep blue director’s chair. And, in bright, bold white letters, the name “Lassie.”

    “Arf, arf,” Lassie barks at his reflection in the shop window. Which is Collie for “still not ginger.”

    TardisBlue @replies

    @scaryb, @Shazzbot, @bluesqueakpip

    On behalf of a grateful nation, thank you for the Thanksgiving salutations.

    Shazzbot, remember that Southern California — and Texas — once were part of Mexico. BlueSqueakPip, you know so much about so many topics, but I’m not sure if national boundaries in 19th Century North America was a subject of your O levels. But, in case you want to celebrate next year in style, here’s a link to Mexican-inspired recipes for a Thanksgiving beach brunch. I hear the Thames is lovely this time of year. 😉

    @blenkinsopthebrave and Ms. B can turn to the archives of The Globe and Mail to plan their October 2014 repast.

    I can’t speak for all of Central America, but I did attend a Thanksgiving dinner where the stuffing aka dressing was provided by someone who’d be born in Nicaragua. Instead of bread, cornbread or rice, she started with potatoes, peeled and finely diced. FWIW.

    As for the rest of the world, please don’t feel left out. You could always lift a glass to, or have a repast in thanksgiving of William Blake, who turned 256 today. A mere youngster, compared to our favorite Time Lord.


    TardisBlue @replies

    @timeloop, @scaryb, @OthersWhoWantToAvoidSpoilers:

    Don’t click.

    Don’t even click.

    Click and you’ve read.

    The words are fast, faster than you can believe. Do turn your back, do look away, and don’t click.

    I thought I was practicing safe browsing, but some text snuck up out of nowhere and met my eyeballs and now I’m infected with spoileritis.

    I thought that the British press had learned its lesson about nefarious, unethical and potentially illegal gossip gathering after the Murdoch scandal. 😛

    I was scrupulous about avoiding *those* sorts of publications. Or so I thought.

    Now it’s too late.

    Anyone got a memory worm?


    TardisBlue @replies

    Popping in briefly to say hi and thank you all for this great forum.

    I raised a glass to @htpbdet at 11 a.m. PST, 9 p.m. GMT on Friday. And toasted the Asylum of Whovians at the Dean Swift, the dedicated live-blog hosts, our Emperor, the Time Lord moderators, insightful posters, loyal lurkers, and all the other fantastic forum folk. Not to mention RTD and Julie Gardner and the BBC PTB in 2003.

    I teared up just a bit when I listened to the musical tribute to @htpbdet which @pedant posted. (Methinks it was the unfishy man — I listened on Friday and may have misremembered who posted the link.) And I got sad again watching An Adventure in Space and Time the third time, watching Hartnell sitting sadly in his car at night, gazing at the Tardis from afar. I wanted to tell him to look up, to look at the stars and see how brightly our friend and his family are shining down on him. I was glad that @mini-htpbdets checked in with us on the anniversary. He, his cousin and cousin-in-law, his family, and all their friends were in my thoughts.

    I’m headed off to see The Day of the Doctor in 3-D. I didn’t get up at the crack of doom the morning that tickets to cinema screenings went on sale here. Three hours and twenty minutes later, all the showings in Los Angeles County on the 23rd were sold out, and all but a few of those on the 25th. Luckily, I have some friends in Long Beach, where I was able to snag tickets. Of course, it was so popular that they’ve greatly expanded the number of cinemas and screenings. The obsessive (even obdurate, @Shazzbot) inner Whovian in me is still wondering whether I can get back home from the 7:30 Long Beach showing in time to catch a 10 pm showing closer to home. … Where’s a Tardis-Taxi when you really need one?

    Lots of wonderful insights and comments and theories posted here. Still trying to catch up — was watching all the AG marathons on BBCA over the weekend and minimizing my time on line. I’m mulling things over, and wondering if I have anything new to add to the discussion. You’re all so brilliant and slightly bonkers to boot — fezzes and jelly babies to one and all! Not sure if I have much else to add.

    except for my sincere thanks

    and a shout out to all who posted pictures. @thommck, loved you and your kids. Better keep an eye on one of them, though, looked awfully Master-like in that hoodie. And @Airedales, Scout looked like someone had been spiking his water bowl there toward the end of the evening. No wonder Triton kept trying to escape — afraid of the halluciengenic lipstick, methinks. Either that or else was worried that the Strip-o-Gram company had been double-booked and was sending a C. Baker impersonator instead of Mel. Party sounded loads of fun — glad I was there in good company along Avatar Row.


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