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    @dentarthurdent @johnnybear

    anytime you get something like that, send a message to craig (here, or in a pm). he’ll block them from using the site. (potentially, if left unblocked, they could cause havoc with another user, or even the site itself, so it’s best to get rid of them. there’s a fairly normal stream of them infecting the boards.)

    thanks @craig

    no worries, life gets to us all, at some point or other. i drop in semi-regularly from my lurking, but there really hasn’t been a lot going on in my world (everything has been usurped by the virus). i’m really looking forward to the new year’s special, if only to feel normal for a couple of days…

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    official facebook doctor who account has made that official, as well. although it is hinted that bradley may show up as a guest in the next series, too…

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    i have a new spammer for you, fresh for the holidays! user name is:


    (although, in the message, the name is maasai. so, either, or both. thanks!)

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    for some, yes. might want to @craig about it?

    not for me, facebook already opened that bag, and that omnisexual space-cat is definitely out of the bag! 😀

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    so, my facebook feed just spoiled the return of captain jack (again!), if anyone was having any doubts about his return, for the special coming up…

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    “It’s possible that the storyline is heading in a direction where the Doctor is losing all her ‘props’ – Gallifrey, Time Lord and now the Police Box – in a way that symbolises the past she now knows she’s lost. But if that’s the direction I’d expect it to end with the Police Box back as she gets her sense of self and identity (what you’re describing as authority) back.”

    i’m okay with it happening this way. a functioning chameleon circuit could be used in so many creative ways. but chibnall has already sort of done the losing the tardis bit, in ‘the ghost monument.’ having it just not available is a part of quite a few stories already, so i really don’t see any point to losing it, and having it no longer look like a police box… unless it is used as a “prop” in a judoon court proceeding, in its original form? hmm… lol, maybe i should have thought about the possibilities more, before becoming concerned! (although i really doubt the police box would ever go away for good.)


    i don’t think chibnall would permanently get rid of it, either. i think (i hope) his plan is just to play around with established who lore, and change things up during his run, only, and that by the time he’s ready to leave, all will be returned to “normal.” and even if he does blow it up, to an extent, then the next showrunner will just restore the status quo?

    fingers crossed! but i’m judging his time as showrunner a bit less harshly, lately, on a rewatch. it really isn’t that different, in concept, from the others, it’s just a different execution of the idea. and that’s keeping it a bit fresh, if also a bit challenging…

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    i believe this to be a steaming pile of horse manure, but it IS an eye-catching title (aka, clickbait)…

    Doctor Who Will No Longer Use A Police Box For The TARDIS

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    news, at last…


    seems likely that there’ll only be 8 episodes for series 13, but i’m ok with that, if they keep the 8 best scripts. it could make for a tighter, more exciting series? be still my beating hearts…

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    thanks for that, this is the first i’ve seen it. the flapping of the arms was a nice touch. if only they’d put a bit of a regeneration glow in there, for the viewing audience, after she hit the floor. but maybe he hadn’t thought all this through when first writing the ep…

    but we all know, by now, chibbers is much more tell than show, anyway…


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    so little news coming out about the new series, but i found this over on the reddit who sub. and i like it… 🙂



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    @thane16 & puro

    even with those clues, i’m afraid my brain has been wrung completely out of ideas. i’ve gone through every band i can think of, aussie or otherwise – inxs, midnight oil, men at work, ac-dc, tears for fears, the fixx, the cure, duran duran, a flock of seagulls!  (lol, and i’ve gotten sidetracked a few times, by old songs that i haven’t heard in a while, like some thomas dolby and adam ant) – and still no luck. 🙁

    and it’s easy to say “this is easy,” when you’ve already figured out your own answer! 😀

    i’m afraid it may be something i’ve never heard, or something that i just didn’t like?

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    @whisht – i’m glad you enjoyed the caravan palace! they have new music coming sometime this year, and i’ll be making whatever effort is needed to see them in concert, if they tour the states, again. from what i’ve seen on youchube, they put on quite an energetic show… hopefully i can keep up!

    as for zappa, i bought ‘jazz from hell’ on cassette in the late 80’s, thinking it would be similar to ‘man from utopia’ or ‘sheik yerbouti.’ wow, was i ever so disappointed?! “lost in the noodles?” more like assaulted by flagellating, noodley appendages! 😀  it’s the most impenetrable album i’ve ever listened to (er, tried -and failed- to listen to, actually). i knew frank was fond of pushing the envelope, but it came across as a big middle finger to me. it’s “music,” for sure, but my puny human brain just can’t handle it. it’s my go-to example of music that’s all technical proficiency, but devoid of emotion… and that defeats the entire purpose (for me) of listening to music. there’s a lot of jazz that strays into that area, and i have to bail. i don’t listen to music to get a headache!

    but i like that go-betweens song, it’s so 80’s! i don’t think it’s (solely) nostalgia that makes that decade so bittersweet, but the transition from analog to digital, and the wholesale revamping of the music insustry, that happened at the end of it. they literally don’t make music like that, anymore. (tho, thankfully, some still write solid tunes like that.)

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    it would get me out of the store pretty quickly!

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    oh, youchube… another hearty chuckle!


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    oof… i chuckled mightily at this! some here might get the jokes, as well? i hope…

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    i’ve heard many strange tunes at my grocery store, but i shop there mostly after midnight, so maybe the store radio is controlled more by the employees then? lol

    even this!

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    and speaking of discovering new things via youtube, this electro swing band is what i’ve been obsessing over for a couple of days, now. the video conjures up memories of that time a giant cyberman menaced london! (but sorta in reverse!) 😀

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    the 90’s weren’t the best decade for music, but i do have some favourites from then (sarah mclachlan, smashing pumpkins, tool, tori amos) worth checking out. your mileage may vary. but i think it was the decade that led to the “death of radio.” at least for me. i really abandoned finding new music on the radio (or via music videos) once the ’00s ushered in the age of internet dependence (and file streaming). you probably are unaware of the dark times before there was instant access to all information at your fingertips? well, i can’t imagine going back to that kind of information wasteland. i often find new (or old!) music via youtube these days, or by just searching a band that someone else mentions in a comment section somewhere (possibly here). and it’s much easier to follow the bands i like, when i can just visit their webpage (or facebook, or whatever) to keep up with what they’re doing. [alan parsons released three fine “solo” albums in the 90’s, after the APP disintegrated, that are well worth checking out. a return to form, sort of, from the slick production, pop-oriented sound of the late 80’s. ‘on air’ is an excellent album, front to back, and is often overlooked by the many casual APP fans.]

    i’m glad that she has found it out! i was beginning to worry that she might seclude herself and forget about eating or sleeping, lol. i very well may have done so, in the same situation. as such, i’m dying for a resolution to the mystery, so when you figure it out (or have to be told), please don’t forget to update us here! 🙂

    here’s my latest guess, which meets most of the criteria set forth, especially considering the video! although “for-ev-ah” only appears once in the song (but sometimes an earworm is one word, or line, or even a musical phrase). and british is close to australian, innit? 😀

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    one more contender…

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    @whisht – the alan parsons project has been my fav band since i heard that song on the radio, as a kid, which is unusual, because they used multiple lead singers throughout their career. so it was difficult to identify new songs of theirs when they were released! their catalog is worth digging into, they’re a bit pink floyd “lite.” but the mid 80’s brought a poppier sound, that kinda signaled the end, so best to check out the ’76 to ’82 stuff, if interested…

    it is a unique situation, trying to remove an earworm from one’s mind. having a memory on the edge of recall is bad enough, but a musical memory floating around like a ghost in your brain is truly maddening. i feel puro’s anguish so badly, but it’s a difficult task to identify someone else’s tormentor, lol….


    here’s one from ’96 that sounds (to me) like it could have been late ’80s? no grunting, or beer, or condensation! but typical percussive drumming for about a decade, thereabouts… [edit: it becomes up tempo after a minute or so.]

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    i really, really, really hope it’s not this song that’s driving puro mad?! (one of my favs of all time!) 😀

    [edit: not being able to identify a song/song fragment drives me insane, too! and who doesn’t love a great mystery?]

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    @whisht – i’m not as well-versed in jazz as i’d like to be, so i can’t spot the parkerisms either! but the pups sound closer to funk and rock to me, than to traditional jazz or be-bop. and not as improvised. i think the more structured nature of their tunes is part of why i love them, i don’t have to work as hard to follow what’s going on! 😀

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    @thane16 – i agree re: the vocal accompaniment on that track, it seems unnecessary to me, to mimic with voice what you could more easily do with your instrument. but i’ve long been a fan of instrumental music over “songs,” anyway, and get more so as i get older. there are plenty of great voice performers that i still enjoy, and i love discovering new ones, but if i had to choose only one style to listen to for the rest of my days, it’d be instrumental all the way. (i listen to murray gold’s soundtracks quite often, as well as ramin djawadi, and jeff russo’s ‘legion.’)

    i haven’t heard bela fleck in a long, long time. i’d forgotten about him, tbh, and i’ll def check out weedie braimah.

    as for the snarks, this is the track that hooked me (especially the keyboard jam that starts around 4:20, that puts me in mind of keith emerson’s more fantastical noodlings in old elp live bootlegs):


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    @tardigrade – I also didn’t see why the Doctor needed to dispatch the dispatch bots at the end, since she seems to have the means to get them to teleport somewhere safe.

    my take on that was that she knew she only had a very few seconds to act (the system was counting down the teleport), and that keeping the threat contained was first priority. once she had overridden the teleport out ability and kept them safely in the building, she then could not just leave an army of explosives standing there, not knowing what other tricks charlie (or, indeed, the system, itself) might come up with to send them out, after all. so, detonating all the explosives was the quickest and safest* way to bring the threat (to thousands of innocents) to an actual end…

    *except for charlie (deffo NOT an innocent), but he did have ample time to get himself to safety. he didn’t want to face the consequences of his actions, though, so… kerblammo?

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    the last three eps have been very solid for me. i’m fully on board with chibnall’s vision, now, i think. for the most part. still not perfect, but as entertaining as the davies era, at least…  😀

    i’m quite angry, though, on the editing for one specific scene. when the kerblam delivery bot attacks charlie in the office, it first throws a punch into the wall, making a quite obvious hole, which then completely vanishes. i’d rather the thing go straight to choking him (how many times must i have to write that sentence?!), if the fx dept didn’t have the funds to add in the smoking hole in the next few shots. it added nothing to the scene, and could have easily been edited out. (unless it was left in on purpose? would chibbers do something so cheeky, as a further homage to classic who? hmmmm)

    overall, though, a thoroughly good job, and i can only hope the next three eps steamroll us into the break as effectively…

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    @whisht – thanks for linking the end theme, you beat me to it! it took me a couple of seconds to realize why it sounded so familiar…

    this was also the moment that i thought, for the first time this series, “i can’t wait to hear this (and whatever else) on the soundtrack release.”  🙂

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    @blenkinsopthebrave – As someone very wise once said: “You don’t have to stick your hand in a fire to know that it will burn.”

    i believe tolkien wrote it as: “the burned hand teaches best!”


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    @mudlark – TIL! thank you, i had no idea it existed outside the u.s., and thought maybe it was spreading due to technology erasing borders, or some such. but i’m a bit oblivious, in general, having had a rather repressive upbringing…

    At intervals during the telling of the tale,  props would be passed around to be handled, such as links of raw sausages for intestines and peeled grapes for eyeballs.

    this would have been fantastic fun, if it had ever crossed over to us! (and maybe it did, somewhere else in the u.s., idk?) i only remember trick or treating a few years (only 1 or 2 x-masses, as well) as a young teen, and we were certainly too poor to afford costumes, at any rate. i did 1 dress-up for halloween in my early twenties (for my gf, for work), but it was a huge social challenge for me, and i never tried it, again (the gf situation didn’t last, either)…

    so, consequently (and unfortunately), celebrations, parties, social and/or dancing events have never been my cuppa, so to speak…

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    troll-eo, troll-eo, wherefore art thou, troll-eo?


    apparently. msrbahar has gone off to “write [a] better score with [their] crappy midi keyboard and Logic Pro.” can’t wait to hear it…

    thanks to everyone who tackled that incursion, i was mustering my strength to try to talk them back from the edge, but i fear i wouldn’t have done nearly as well. :/

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    @nerys – I would say Graham qualifies, wouldn’t you?

    but graham is emasculated (i.e. not the main character), powerless (depends on a women for safety), and subservient (even to the ghost of his wife)…

    /s (just to be clear!)


    ugh, i made myself sick, just with that bit of role-play. deffo wouldn’t make a good actor… :-/

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    @bluesqueakpip – There’s a long-standing joke in acting circles that it’s always the actors who are genuinely from the area who are told how terrible their accents are.

    my southern inflections (tennessee) only really present when i’m visiting my mom, and i’ve been told (quite often) that i sound like i’m from somewhere further north. perhaps the exaggerated accent is simply a “stage adaptation,” which is easily fallen into, due to industry repetition (stage or film)?

    i don’t understand why the accent here (or those in ‘rosa’) is an issue, anyway. this is doctor who, not the royal shakespeare company, or some gritty real-life biopic. but then, i’d have a yuuuge issue with robertson’s character if he too closely mimicked he-whom-i-do-not-name’s speech patterns. it was mercifully downplayed, otherwise i probably couldn’t have made it past the opening scene…

    [yes, the mere sound of that voice is like ants crawling under my skin. we all have issues, right?]

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    @craig – oh, i agree about the look (though i wonder if a tango in the coat and pants would really have been much harder?), and the theme arrangement was done well, i was just horrified by cyber-kevin… and glitter (?) on the tardis!

    i do imagine there’s been a nice spike in the number of doctor themed costumes this halloween, because of the show being back, and more thirteen costumes (and a few less slutty witch/nurse outfits) can only be a good thing. but is halloween a thing in britain, too? or just an excuse for dancers to dress up a bit extra?

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    one for everyone, unrelated to arachnids anywhere… on earth! i found this in another forum a couple of nights ago, and spent the next few hours on youtube, watching videos of the extremely talented young lady, aurora aksnes, who’s featured in it. she’s covering “nature boy,” which has lyrics so very apropos to the doctor, i think. such a great choice for this fan-made trailer…

    and here’s her full version of the song…

    geoffers @replies

    @bluesqueakpip – So – anyone see this?

    so – how do i un-see it, now?

    Is ThIs ThE hUmaN aCtiViTy KnoWn As “DaNcInG?” DELETE! DELETE!


    EXTERMIN… oh, bother…


    geoffers @replies

    @thane16 – alas, i couldn’t find any spider-related ELP songs to post, for the most recent ep… 😀

    but, i thought it would be rude not to link the song that segun akinola name-checked, so here’s some snarky puppy! any influence herein that could be/has been fit into the show’s soundtrack is welcome, from my point of view!

    geoffers @replies

    @thane16 – I thought I saw you! It was that lovely time-piece that made me think “geoffers is back.” 

    hello, puro and thane. i am, indeed, somewhat back. life has reduced me to once more lurking about in forums, instead of being overly active in them. i started out as a lurker here, searching for deeper meaning and understanding, way back in the beginning of the smith era, (and i’m still searching!) but i don’t chime in nearly as much as i used to, because all the better-informed members here are so quick (and eloquent) with their responses. i don’t feel i’m needed much for input, but i still like to follow along as best i can…

    and there’s so much collective knowledge here, about so many things. i appreciated your shout out to ELP in the aaron copland/orchestration discussion, and the revelation that greg had worked with stray dog. i’m not an ELP expert, but i know a little, and i had never heard of that band, or snuffy walden! i love that now there’s a (tenuous) cool link from doctor who to one of my all-time fave bombastic prog bands! we got some pink floyd in ‘the caretaker,’ now we just need some yes or king crimson (moff missed a golden opportunity with ‘the crimson horror!’)…

    [as a (musical) side note, i read that mr akinola is a fan of snarky puppy, one of my favourite jazz ensembles for the past few years…]

    anyway, i hope the thane collective is doing well, and maybe i won’t be as much of a stranger in the future? this series is slowly revealing itself to me… and maybe i’ll be able to keep up, for a change? (fish) fingers crossed! 🙂

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    @miapatrick – “but the fact is that shooting the mother spider was something of a merciful death, it’s the motives of Trump: the sequel that made that the wrong thing to do”

    yes, i think, had robertson simply pointed out that it would be a mercy, the doctor might have entertained the idea for a moment (and maybe even appreciated the offer)… but would then have promptly rejected it, as too violent. if she could have talked to the spider and gotten its opinion on the matter (whether it wanted a quicker, less painful death or not), maybe i could see her assisting it in some way*… just never that violently. (sorry, creatures and aliens of all types, you have to “naturally” suffocate or starve, i can’t shoot you!)

    *didn’t smithdoc assist the space minotaur on its way, in the creepy hotel ep, with amy and rory? but only because it communicated to him that that was its wish?

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    @craig – indeed they have, and aren’t we glad? 😀  i confess, i’ve only been able to watch a few eps before tom baker’s run, precisely because the production values and special effects were so, so terribly low. i think story synopses are the way to go for me, for the first three incarnations. [and is that clip from an 80’s “update,” like some of the more popular stories from baker’s era? it looks so 80’s to me, and not at all from the late 60’s, early 70’s!]

    @lisa – “I can’t connect with a Doctor that keeps bringing up that she’s feeling  some how disconnected from her own self. It feels to me like she isn’t completely grounded and I don’t like this “scattered” approach.”

    i feel this a bit, too. capaldi took a few eps to develop into his character, as well, but eventually got there. i hope whittaker settles in soon, too. she seems to own the role in interviews i’ve seen, so i have to have confidence that at some point in the filming process she got there, and we just have to wait for that moment… and we’ll know it when we see it? 🙂

    @cathannabel – “The mummy spider was dead, and the other hotel spiders were in Not Donald Trump’s panic room, but what about all the others?  There was the one that killed the Uni admin person who worked on the spider project, there was one at Graham’s place, and the implication that there were or could be more…”

    my understanding was that mummy spider was the main cause of all the “gather humans” activity, and that once she was gone (and her pheromones) that any other larger spiders would revert back to their normal, hiding in the dark, scavenging for themselves ways? but this does bring up the implication that this adventure might have quickly become a non-adventure, and taken care of itself in just a short time, if the gang hadn’t shown up to investigate. (i’m getting a strong scooby doo vibe from team tardis, and expect K-9 to show up at any moment!)

    as for the ep overall, i enjoyed it, and it flowed much more naturally than the first three, for me. [i really love the tardis travelling from wormhole to wormhole bit.] perhaps my brain has finally gotten a grasp on chibbers’ style? now, please, bring on some epic alien threat, already!! lol

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    also, it was very obvious that the doctor was coaching ryan on how to use krasko’s time weapon, fostering the idea that it might come in handy (she didn’t forget his brief call of duty moment from last ep)! so our beloved doctor is still a sly, nigh to manipulative, time lady of exceeding intelligence. (could just be my interpretation, though.) i just wish that it had over-heated on him, too, to drive home the counterpoint of how dangerous a weapon is, and that it should be used only in urgent need…

    geoffers @replies

    wow, i’ve just finished a re-watch of the ep, and i’ve just figured out what it is about the series, so far, that has been nagging at me. it’s almost as if chibnall has committed to taking the show back, not just to the simpler davies era, but even further back… to its BG Who roots. the stories have been very stripped away of the moffat-era bombast, and the fast paced editing, that i had grown so used to (and fond of). this dialogue-heavy ep could have easily featured tom baker, or peter davison, as the doctor, so i’m wondering if chibbers directed/coached jodie (*ahem,* er, miss whittaker) on how to “be” a less action-star type of doctor? i mean, there’s really A LOT of standing around and talking to one another going on (sometimes to the point of repeating themselves about major plot points), and what little running there has been, has been of the jogging variety, and not necessarily the run like hell variety…

    i’m slowly warming to it (and the music is nowhere near as jarring as those 70’s and 80’s soundtracks), but i confess that i’d prefer the plots to be much more convoluted and information packed, if we’re going to get so much exposition per ep, and so much less buzzing around, just for the sake of the camera…

    (on a musical note, the rosa parks theme reminds me of pink floyd’s ‘the final cut,’ especially when it’s played on the horn. “when the tigers broke free,” from the movie of ‘the wall,’ also has that 40’s/50’s feel to it, which roger waters carried over to ‘the final cut,’ with that requiem-style sound throughout the album.)

    geoffers @replies


    it may seem trivial to some, but not to the bonkers-izing peeps on this forum! well spotted! i still haven’t had time for my normal re-watch (or two), and i was so focused on catching the dialogue and following the story that i completely didn’t see it… even when she was running around without the coat. i feel like a total failure… :/


    i remember the bow ties! would it be too much to ask of chibbers to elevate his first series to that level? 😀

    geoffers @replies

    as for “the timeless child.” in the context of the scene, it seemed to me that they were referring to the doctor, when she was a child, before becoming a time lord, i.e. just an ordinary gallifreyan child. her reaction made it seem very personal, and specific. was s/he an outcast, and lonely? maybe the doctor’s memories from childhood are clearer upon regenerating (having so recently been “re-born”), and that’s how the creature was able to access them? and they fade as s/he adventures more and more, and remembers more and more other stuff?

    hmmm. maybe we’re in for (if not a full-on origin story) some new knowledge of the doctor from when s/he was a child… beyond the fact that clara was once hiding under the bed, out in that barn?! 😀

    geoffers @replies

    oh, just remembered one GAH! moment, for me…

    when angstrom cuts the creature off of epzo with a knife, absolutely no callback to the last episode!  not even a “sorry, maybe knives are ok in some tight spots” from the doctor, who’s standing there helplessly, sonic in hand?



    geoffers @replies


    “So I’m going to end with the fact that I like the idea of a secret hidden from the Doctor’s memories” — it was time lord tech that erased clara from 12’s mind, i’d love it if they somehow tinkered with his memory long before that… perhaps when they gifted him that huge dose of regenerations, on trenzalore?

    “a big bad that knows more about this than she does” — echoes of the silence, and ‘the doctor in his tardis, who doesn’t know what caused the cracks in time?’ 🙂

    such a solid episode for me, i’m really glad to have the tardis back sooner, rather than later. i did wonder why they didn’t wait to show the opening sequence til a bit later, tho? like, right between when we know graham and ryan have been saved separately, and the reveal of yaz waking up on the other ship?

    @pedant – graham had to have been in a medipod, as well, if only for a brief moment, because he had a translator thingy put in his neck without his knowledge, too…

    i was wondering why the doctor was so quick to think she’d failed, though. she should have known the shortcut through the tunnels (and the emergency travelling at night) would get them to their destination a bit quicker. having to sit and wait for an hour or so must not be as emotionally weighted (or as film-able) as getting down on yourself? lol

    @jimthefish @craig – re: sunglasses… the simplest rationale for me (other than continuity error)? the doctor lies! those pockets in the premiere weren’t empty, except of things she really needed!

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    i was perusing the reddit doctor who group, and someone there suggested that the red crystal thing was the rear reflector from ryan’s bike, which he had picked up (presumably in a cut scene)? (someone even linked a picture of one from a catalog, but i can’t find the post, again, to link it here.) anyway, as ryan moves towards the pod, you can see that he puts his left hand in his pocket before he walks up to touch it, so… i’m inclined to go for this most obvious, least bonkers explanation. he picked it up, but we were just never shown that he did…

    the question this leads me to, is: why didn’t whomever is responsible for continuity see this? or, also, why would a 3-5 sec shot of him picking it up be so awful to leave in? i know there were a few weird cuts in this episode, so i’m not really all that surprised that this one slipped through. but i’m also reminded of the infamous “no ducks” duck pond from smith’s introductory episode. maybe chibbers decided to give us something to chew on, as a tribute to the grand moff?! lol

    @everyone… i’m so glad the show is back! it’s nice to peruse the forums, again, and to see what everyone’s views are, and so far i’m content to just say; i like it (a lot): jodie is well on her way to being a full doctor in our hearts, and minds: and, i expect it is only up, up, and away, from here on out… 😀

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    i’ve seen a notice on facebook that the new series will premiere in october?! is this an error, or an assumption? i haven’t been able to find any credible info on my usual sources (here, bbc, reddit).

    i don’t think it will start so late, though. 10 episodes would run them right into x-mas, pretty much, if they begin on the first weekend in october, and i doubt they’ll do that. it’s more likely, to me, that it’ll return in (mid) september, if not earlier, like late august (maybe with the series split by a week or two after episode 5)…

    hrmm. would any british member (more savvy than i, about bbc scheduling) care to offer up an analysis?

    yes, i’m dying for news here, like everyone else! 🙂

    geoffers @replies

    not sure how @wolfweed missed this? 🙂

    putting it here, to be safe, though (according to comments) it seems to have been there for a while? i don’t remember any cybermen scenes from a church, at all…

    Seen inside St. John’s Church in Cardiff from doctorwho

    geoffers @replies

    i really like the simplistic approach in that wallpaper image. it’s very graphic novel-ish, almost anime-ish, which should appeal to the younger generations,  and gamers. i don’t fancy anime, myself, so i’m glad the show isn’t animated…

    …as far as we know?! haha

    but the emphasis on the time lord/lady and the tardis is quite striking. that silhouette could even look good as a tattoo…

    i just hope they do a full version of the theme song that’s closer to the one(s) we’ve come to love, and not so minimalist as the theme in that teaser. it took me almost all of series 8 to get used to capaldi’s jangly variation, and i don’t want to have to work so hard again! 🙂

    geoffers @replies


    my first thought about the picture was that the hair looks more like the first doctor’s, and that maybe moff is sneaking in another regeneration, a la the war doctor (between 1 and 2)! but then, i realized he can’t be that insane…


    can he? 😀

    geoffers @replies


    thanks, i’ve not seen the extras to aAiSaT… yet. 🙂

    i came here to post about gatiss’ role, also, but i see you are way ahead of me on that, as usual! the preview clip looks fantastic.

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