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    You must always gird your loins when speaking with lions. I recall an exam question in the defunct Naplan Testing  asking for definitions/explanations of girding one’s loins. Some answers included: lock the zoo permanently; keep the lions in a separate cage; always wear Y-fronts; consider the holy, naked body as a temple &, ironically,…[Read more]

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    @phaseshift and @mudlark

    Currently I’m catching up with Discovery Season 2, which my brother very kindly posted to me. I’m liking it much more than I did Season 1; they seem to have got their act together and everyone now knows the characters. I’ve also managed to nearly finish one of those ‘books I ought to read’. I think feeling ill helps fight…[Read more]

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    I hope everyone is well and safe. Best wishes to @bluesqueakpip – hope you have a speedy recovery.

    I disappeared after the finale because the Coronavirus issue led to some emergency work with a couple of utility clients about emergency preparedness. It’s actually been a sobering experience looking at the reaction to this. I apologise to @rob if…[Read more]

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    @rob and @janetteB

    Yes, it’s a worrisom time for the self-employed and small businesses. I have no idea how it’s going to go – I’ve already lost my regular summer work, because it was invigilating for university exams. Theatres are being shut, and I’ve no idea whether filming is going to completely shut down – some series have already stopped.…[Read more]

  • @craig, @jimthefish, @phaseshift, @bluesqueakpip, @whisht, @mudlark, @thane16, @janetteb, @winston, @rob, @fatmaninabox and..@everyone

    It feels a bit quiet on the site and circumstances seem to be moving fast, and more of us (of a certain age) seem to be self-isolating. Hopefully, things will pass, but it would be great if there was a place where…[Read more]

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    @rob that rather depends on your definition of ‘TimeLord’, really. River has some Time Lord DNA (which is potentially an awkward question). So does Jenny. Susan and the Master’s offspring – if such is out there somewhere, are from Gallifrey and presumably went through the academy. Jack’s healing is a different kind of process entirely, as is Me’s…[Read more]

  • @janetteb, @winston, @rob, and everybody,

    have just watched episode 6 of “Picard”. It was simply brilliant. It just keeps getting better and better. As I have said before, the way it weaves our knowledge of NG in to this show and then turns our expectations on its head is amazing. To anyone with a memory of NG this episode in particular is…[Read more]

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    This is going to be a long post as I have only just caught up with the new Sofa thread and there is much to comment on. (I have been making notes as I read through.)

    @phaseshift, Sorry to hear about the health problems. Hope you will soon be fully recovered. Good to have you back on the forum.

    @rob Hi. Good to have you back.

    @peacefrog Welcome.…[Read more]

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    @blenkinsopthebrave      I watch on iTunes, so I don’t see it until Monday morning. Having just done so, I can now say that I really enjoyed this! I found it properly creepy, and interesting watching all the threads come together. I enjoyed the looks at the “real life” stories of the companions.

    @jimthefish    For what it’s worth, I think that s…[Read more]

  • Hi @rob

    Yes, I have been watching and singing its praises over on the TV shows thread. I think it is brilliant. And I very much like the darker iteration of Starfleet, which captures the darker times we live in. I used to fondly refer to NG back in the 90s as “Californians in outer space”, but this new show reflects a world shaped by Brexit and…[Read more]

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    @blenkinnsopthebrave @rob

    I kinda now think this theory is less ‘bonkers’ and more ‘I kinda hope not as it’d limit the characters’ so I’ll leave it alone and try something more daft (like following up on RuthDoc being the Master ;¬) ) but to belabour this one, there were two major characters I forgot to do…

    Dorothy – she wants to go home (and…[Read more]

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    @rob @blenkinsopthebrave
    I think that if there any allusions to Oz then I hope(!) that they aren’t too literal (as I think it’d reduce the companions rather than extend them).

    However… not wanting to leave a bone or catnip alone…. one could have:
    Scarecrow – wants to be smarter; has Graham had a habit of thumping his head and saying “I know th…[Read more]

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    Maybe on early pre-Hartnell Gallifrey it was assumed to be impossible?

    That’s what I’d go for. The Martin Doctor and Gat are from Gallifrey’s past. Which past isn’t what the Doctor thinks, maybe. Or maybe it’s her own and the Master’s past?

    The thing about the alternate timeline – where are the clues? The only clue I could possibly…[Read more]

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    Viewed in the cold light of morning  it seems obvious Jo Martin’s Doctor cannot be a regenerated Jenny,  so scrub that hypothesis of mine. In the first place, Jenny would surely not have forgotten the existence of her parent, even if she believed that parent had not survived beyond the end of his twelfth regeneration and she decided to take on h…[Read more]

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    Um. That script needed another draft. After the last two weeks, this week was very … well, I hope tonight was the ‘Oops, that one didn’t work’ episode.

    Okay, positives. The actors were giving it their all and the direction was pretty good. The Moral of The Week was using a sledgehammer, but at least avoided landing the kids with ‘we’re all…[Read more]

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    @missrori I absolutely love Nausicaa and I totally agree – it wasn’t the Dregs’ fault that they were the way they were – a broken eco-system had resulted in their genetic mutation, so it’s a shame the Doctor couldn’t communicate with them more as a species.

    I agree with you @Rob , it wasn’t clear what level of sentience they had. Were they…[Read more]

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    that’s @mensabrains above. Clearly @rob my morning beverage isn’t as strong by half



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    Good morning & welcome to the …brains! Holy schmeck, my ol’ brain is a hurting now. @rob I prepared my beverage before attempting to read the thoroughly wonderful posts. Happy NY to you & good to see you out back (or front, or transactionally eternal, no yesterdays, todays, tomorrows, all time pre-existent…!)

    @vervain @mensabrain.  Welcome…[Read more]

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    Indeed we are. But I had a moment….wherein the roast pork, left in fridge for too long, wasn’t going to crackle. To the god crattklexporokox I prayed (also called the Bosch oven handbook) and soon ……(within 10 mins) we had pork crackling with potatoes dauphin  – – @mudlark when returning would know the origin of said spuds – – and…[Read more]

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    I recall discussing this exact point with you too -last year, actually!  I sensed a change but I do feel there are new posters with inclinations toward writing, editing and bonkerising with aplomb 🙂

    I also thought, independently of you (clearly timey whimey), about chickenelly, thomck (sp) tardisblue? But others have…[Read more]

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