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    seeoswald @replies

    Loving Star Trek Picard.

    Sadly the new season of Doctor Who is worse than last year. I’m not even keeping up with the episodes, last one I watched was “Can you Hear Me”. I was so disappointed and missing real Doctor Who so much I immediately re-watched the 50th anniversary special and  “An Adventure In Space and Time” again to remind myself the show was once great.

    Chibnall needs assassinating for destroying a legend !!!

    seeoswald @replies

    Note to self:
    The Doctors hand only grew back because his regeneration had not completed, if he had been fully regenerated the hand would have remained missing…. possibly replaced with the Luke Skywalker trick.

    I was so disappointed when Torchwood ended… grrrrrr.

    seeoswald @replies

    I’ve always believed the Doctor’s “Sonic” was telepathic. Only way a device with what appears to be only one button and no display could possibly function in the manner the Doctor uses it.

    seeoswald @replies

    I lived in Brissy from 2006 to 2016. I’m now 3 hours west of Gladstone. I kill 12-15 cane toads a night when my shoulder is not completely stuffed, which it has been for 6 months now…. 🙁 . I still manage to kick a couple to death every now and then.
    What’s a good e-mail address for the BBC? or Maybe we could launch an online petition!

    seeoswald @replies

    Like I said, repeating myself for some reason….
    It doesn’t matter where you work, if you can’t keep up then it’s time to change jobs!!

    No one said anything about budgets, Peanut with a “C” was complaining about work load.

    As for budgets, now they have been mentioned, it’s simple, what the hell is the Doctor doing with so many companions?
    Cut it down to one for the season! None of the current characters are note worthy in any respect and that includes the Doctor!
    Adding more characters to try and make poor stories better doesn’t, and hasn’t, worked.

    seeoswald @replies

    It doesn’t matter where you work, if you can’t keep up then it’s time to change jobs!!

    seeoswald @replies

    Oh yeah. I can’t figure why this has not been done already. Coming to a 4K 75″ TV near you soon ……
    Blakes 7

    seeoswald @replies

    It doesn’t matter how much work it is, it’s 12 episodes a year, well it’s supposed to be 12, for those who give a sh*t about the show. IF he wants to produce he should stick to that because as a writer he is less than ordinary which DW does not deserve, not that any of the others (writers) are much better. So pinhead with a “C” if your work load is just to much for poor widdle woo, give up the attempts at writing!

    seeoswald @replies

    Can only hope the latter is true. Good riddance.

    seeoswald @replies

    I know what you mean. I used to love Blakes 7. I have it here, but also find it a little dated. It would be a great time for some very clever, non Doctor Who, writers to revamp and relaunch the series. Preferably with a happier ending!

    seeoswald @replies

    WOW, I just watched the “New Year Special”….. well what can be said about the worst episode ever!

    What a sad sad sad season of a once great show. 10 episodes instead of 12, a New Years special instead of a Christmas one and the worst scripts ever devised for any show.

    The New Year special was clearly written by a 3 year old. So childish and pathetic.
    Jody is still a clone of David Tenant’s Doctor and not a very good one.

    We can only hope that someone rescues this show soon.

    seeoswald @replies

    Can ANYONE explain the dribblings of thane16. It’s got me lost how that is a response to what I wrote?
    It’s possible we need random drug testing for visitors to this site.

    seeoswald @replies

    Anyone remember Blakes 7 ? Terry Nation wrote for that too.

    seeoswald @replies

    @miapatrick Well Chibnall wrote episode 10 and in my book it’s one of the better episodes of this season, but really does not say much at all as this is easily the worst season ever. He has little to no talent IMHO.
    As for the directing of episode 9 the scenes with Ribbons, the moths etc dreadful. When he goes for the “tubular” and gets killed. Poor writing but even worse directing. The ending was mind blowingly awful, I almost threw-up in my mouth my stomach churned so much.

    Bring back the days of Terry Nation and his ilk.

    I will skip over this entire season the next time I watch Doctor Who from the beginning again.

    seeoswald @replies

    I have been so underwhelmed I couldn’t be bothered to comment until now.
    I can’t believe it, but the episodes keep getting worse. With the last one we can’t just blame the rubbish writing, the directing was down right amateur. You all have eyes and ears, you know what I’m saying.

    I have to go, with Doctor Who failing you know the universe is in a sad state, who knows what is going to happen to us all, but what ever it is it can’t be good.

    FFS will someone in the BBC rescue Doctor Who ! ! !

    seeoswald @replies

    As noted before Punjab for me is the only “good” episode I’ve seen.  I’m glad there are others who are not so impressed with this new series and are willing to say so. It really does need fixing, of course that can’t/won’t happen this season but we always have next year and we can of course always go back a re-watch the Matt Smith seasons over again or as I’m doing now go further back and Tom Baker’s DW.

    Here’s holding out hope for next year.


    seeoswald @replies

    Just ignore the fish it’s easy to see who is trolling.

    For “nerys” I say ‘guess what mate’, your the market the show is aimed at. I bet you enjoyed /scorpion also!

    For “misslegaleagle” we can only hope. You are right about the companions, a waist of space really and yes the Jodie is not “doing it” for me either, but mostly it’s the rubbish stories. Given a chance she might be able to pull it off. We may never know, in the next season, should she last to see it, she might get some real writers doing the scripts, but I’m not holding my breath.

    Giant spiders! Are you f””””g serious!

    seeoswald @replies

    As for the above I have no idea, I don’t do twitter. It’s name says it all. Only twits tweet.

    noun Informal.

    an insignificant, silly, or bothersome person: Pay no attention to that obnoxious little twit!

    seeoswald @replies


    Capaldi’s season 2 was a big improvement on 1, thanks to much better scripts. Didn’t like season 1 of the 21st century and then look what happened. So I keep hoping that DW will return to it’s glory days soon.

    I was born in 66 and so grew up with DW, used to scare the pants off me as a kid but still couln’t stop watching.

    I have every episode available, it’s such a shame that so many episodes were lost. Still trying to find some of the early movies that were made.

    seeoswald @replies

    Actor intro’s for the TV series.

    Actor Intros for the TV series

    seeoswald @replies

    Ooooooo just had a thought. Maybe, just maybe the BBC should strip the companions back down to one and with the money they save they could………… HIRE SOME DECENT WRITERS ! ! !

    Just a thought.



    “Fez’s are cool”

    seeoswald @replies

    Has there ever been a poll on what everyone’s favourite episode is?

    For me it’s a non-contest “BLINK” wins, hands down. Simply magic !


    “Fez’s are cool”

    seeoswald @replies

    Yes it’s Karen Gillan. One of my favourite companions. Guess who the other is?

    Can’t agree about Moffat, MOST of his stuff was good but for Capaldi’s first season Moffat was busy with other stuff. DW got the short end of his talent. When I go back to re-watch DW I’m always going to Baker, Tenant and Smith. Smith is a fine young actor and is my favourite Doctor, Baker a VERY close second now, but he (smith) was also lucky. Great companions and fantastic stories with excellent supporting actors. Tenant my 3rd favourite DW had rescued DW from a not so great start to the re-birth.  Chris Eccleston is a fine actor but he just didn’t wear DW well IMHO.

    I was greatly disappointed with the 1st season of the 21st Century. Then along came Davo and rescued it in great style.

    With the announcement of Matt Smith to replace Dave I will admit to being very unhappy with the choice, just couldn’t see it working, but WOW! what an effort. For him to surpass Baker as my favourite Doctor…. well I never thought the day would come. When Baker left the series we had one after another of short lived and very good replacement actors that just didn’t fit into Bakers shoes right up until it came to an end. So after the disappointment of  Eccleston Tenant just blew me away. But again …. much better scripts and stories than the dribble being served up currently.

    DW is pandering to the US market and it is killing the awesomeness that was “Doctor Who”!

    PS: I will admit that the new Intro music is so much better than the “strangled cat” theme that poor Peter Capaldi got stuck with. I’d have loved to have seen Capaldi with some proper scripts.

    I love Doctor Who, but it’s dying and needs to cured and it’s not difficult. Just get some decent writers in!

    seeoswald @replies

    Well we are over half way through the season and except for one episode (6) it’s been……… RUBBISH !

    The new “Female” Doctor is an excellent David Tenant clone, but that’s not what I wanted for the next Doctor.

    She is David’s version of the Doctor with  a Female face! There could be worse things and unfortunately there are…… mostly the bloody stories mate!

    Capaldi was ruined with crap scripts in the first season of his and Jodie’s getting the shaft as well.

    WHY is the BBC manufacturing DW for the USA market. The writing is bloody awful. I mean truly the scripts have been JUNK! and dumbed down to a ridiculous point and the dodgy American cameos and bad acting have  just added to the dreadfulness.

    Bring back proper cleaver British scripts PLEASE!

    PS: Jodie, try and make the Doctor your own instead of a copy, or did the BBC cast the wrong actor?

    seeoswald @replies

    Well it’s clear why this forus has so little use. I’ll make my last remarks about Doctor Who here now.

    I love Who. The first 18 seasons where great. Things went down hill somewhat from there. By season 26 all was lost and the Doctor took a substantial hiatus. 1996 Mcgann tried to be Tom Baker and failed and then it was another 9 years until the 27th season, this season had me a little worried. As good an actor as Eccleston is he was not Doctor Who and then Tenant joined the show. The Doctor was BACK! Tenant leaving the show had me very worried and I was expecting a repeat of what followed after season 18, BUT then “Matt Smith” the youngest actor to ever play the Doctor” (also a concern) absolutely nail the character. The Doctor was moving on stronger than ever. The 34th season was a little rocky at the start but I honestly thought, by the end, Capaldi was starting to slot into the role. This, the 35th season of Doctor Who … well. No matter how great an actor you are, acting ability alone can not make sh*t scripts good.

    seeoswald @replies

    I watch Suits and White collar, they are Ok shows, good time fillers but they are not GREAT. Doctor Who is/was GREAT along with shows like Game of Thrones, Vikings, Spooks, The Sweeney, Minder, The X-Files, Open all Hours and Danger Mouse. There are others but I’m a little to wiped out remember them right now.

    It’s this simple, I love watching Doctor Who. I am completely and bitterly disapointed in the writing for this season, what was once GREAT is no longer and I have a right to say so. This season is bloody awful.

    seeoswald @replies

    Think about this. While you and I will not watch most of the crap the USA produces someone in the USA and a large number of someones must be watching it or it would get canned. Just think about that and then tell me shows trying to break into the American market don’t get dumbed down for a better fit.



    Have to sleep, night.

    seeoswald @replies

    Out performed how? What do you consider to be.. what.. good performance?

    Do these numbers for performance: Total number of shows produced vs total number worth watching.

    British Television wins hands down.

    seeoswald @replies

    No I have merged my favourite 2 companions.

    I don’t care if some of the writers of the current series also wrote some of my favourite episodes. It’s clear that they have lost the plot and need to do better.

    I’ve been watching the Doctor since the 70’s. Tom Baker was my Doctor Who and still the best with Matt Smith 2nd and David Tenant 3rd and I’ve watched every episode from s01e01 to current, that the BBC has not lost. I have them here along with 140TB’s of Movies and TV.

    seeoswald @replies

    Jim listen to yourself “Just that several key members of the crew happen to come from there.” that brings the influence, like it or not. They are from Scottland, they have a Scottish way about them they think like Scotts. It has an influence.  “The body of work”, more is not better the USA makes more “Comedy” than any other country. But the funniest people on TV over the last 50 years has always been the British. Quality over quantity any day. I’d watch 10 Monty Python episodes a day over and over for years rather than have to watch 1 episode a week of “the King of Queens”, as an example.

    seeoswald @replies

    You’ve lost me. I’ve seen every episode that the BBC has not lost.

    seeoswald @replies

    On that note how does everyone feel about Missy being the Master, personally I thought is was rather lame almost lazy.

    seeoswald @replies

    Joss Whedon’s stuff aside, he IS the exception to the rule. BattleStar, X-Files and Mad Men all have a Canadian influance. Game of Thrones is so good I have not bothered to investigate who is responsible for it. The rest I’ve never watched or don’t consider worthy of watching. People keep telling me good things about Breaking Bad, I just haven’t had the time to sample it and see if it’s worthy. Firefly was the best TV ever made and didn’t even get the whole first season aired. I’m a fan of Vikings too.

    BTW Who did I insult?

    seeoswald @replies

    Captain Jack is made immortal by Rose and we later discover, much later, that he is also the Face of Bo.

    River song is Amy Ponds daughter, stolen at infancy and trained to be a weapon against the Doctor.

    Clara Oswald helps the Doctor steal the TARDIS and inconspicuously shows up to help save him countless times throughout his history.


    These are clever story lines, with each episode interesting enough to also stand alone. Bring back the real writers please.

    seeoswald @replies

    Sorry Bluesqueakpip (somebody else try typing that without laughing) but you are wrong that was a comment on the writing of Doctor Who as I seriously believe that this seasons writing so below par because it has been dumbed down to appeal to a broader American market.

    seeoswald @replies

    JimTheFish. I take note of what you said, but how can you say ” I view the last six episodes, occasional missteps aside, as one of the strongest runs of episodes in the show’s history” and keep a straight face. The Doctor has always been out there and with unbelievable feats of daring do or feats of “linguistic legerdemain and a degree of intrepidity” to save the day… BUT….  the tank, the guitar, the bloody sunglasses and lets not leave out the ridiculous eels. On top of that, no pause before we get Ashildr back, straight back in to her story the very next episode. That character should not have returned for 3 or 4 episodes. There is no finesse or cleverness to this season, so far. I still hold out some hope.

    seeoswald @replies

    Ponder this. Name one Sci-Fi or Comedy TV show that comes out of the USA, that’s worth watching, that does not have a significant Canadian influence in the writing, production or cast!

    Americans are not funny and rarely clever and of course if there is anything truly good on US TV it lasts 1 or 2 seasons and gets canned because it’s to clever for the viewing public.

    This is an excerpt from the 2006 Geographic Literacy Study for the National Geographic Education Foundation. Specifically for American adults ages 18 to 24.

    <span style=”color: #000000;”><span style=”font-family: Tahoma;”><span style=”font-size: small;”>Half or fewer of young men and women 18-24 can identify the states of New York or Ohio on a map (50% and 43%, respectively).</span></span></span>

    Yes it is dumbed down for the Americans.

    <span style=”color: #000000;”><span style=”font-family: Tahoma;”><span style=”font-size: small;”><span style=”font-family: Liberation Serif,serif;”><span style=”font-size: medium;”>You don’t even what to know about the 2002 survey</span></span>.

    seeoswald @replies

    Well let me see, Clara Oswald and Amy Pond , my favourite Doctor companions, so why not!

    seeoswald @replies

    The truly heinous thing is some individuals ability to get past an error that the spell checker missed and of course the fact that anyone could think the writing this season was clever!

    seeoswald @replies

    There is no trolling here. A simple statement of opinion. The writing IS the worst the Doctor, and everyone else, has ever had to put up with. Just picture this. A first time viewer starts with season 9 episode 1. WOW! they would never come back for episode 2. I love Doctor Who. I want more of what we had with Tenant and Smith, the writers gave those boys every chance to be great Doctors. Poor old Capaldi will be know as the Doctor who sunk the series and it’s not his fault. Seriously bring back the screwdriver at least!

    seeoswald @replies

    New member just joined, have not read further back than this page yet. But as an avid Doctor Who fan (been watching since the 70’s) I have to point out the obvious, season 9…. clearly …. easily… the worst season ever! Who is writing this tripe? Also what brain cell deficient cephalopod replaced an ICON! of the series with sunglasses. SUNGLASSES!, sonic sunglasses! do you hear yourself when you say that?

    Now don’t get me wrong I’m not suggesting the writers and other perpetrators of the hayness crimes against this once great show should be sacked. No far from it. I’m suggesting they should be HUNG, DRAWN and QUARTERED! and not necessarily in that order, and their remains catapulted into an active volcano.

    I love Doctor Who and wait impatiently for it’s return after ever season but we are now halfway through season 9 and I’m still cringing. Another fan on another site suggested the reason for the .. the.. , I’m lost for something suitably derogatory to refer to this season as, abysmal will do, abysmal season is that it’s been dumbed down and written for the America market. Well 6 episodes in and I’m apt to agree with him. This season of Doctor Who equates to the pitiful attempt by the yanks to make their version of Red Dwarf, thank all your gods or common sense that that never made it past the pilot episode.

    It is a shame that Jenna is moving on, second best companion the Doctor has had and as cute as a button. Lets hope the producers don’t blow it when it comes to choosing a replacement. Capaldi is only just hanging in there, another season of writing like this and the longest running Sci-Fi show in history will be dead.

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