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    Full of ….it? Ah some NY grog! Well that’s perfectly acceptable: delicious, legal, delicious, legal, fun, in the spirit of the new year god of all ….Sun Ra…

    You lost the channel?  Where’d it go?  🙂

    You have a good son who earns some cash. Thus you’ll get the episode. It’s annoying that it’s not on the DVD with all 12-13 other episodes. It’s not as if it’s a 22 episode wonder like dem ol’ days.


    No. No. I haven’t seen Emily yet. I imagine the music is not really in it? It just hits the teenage-ballade-vibe? Love the “dude, no, the other room.”

    I can imagine the angry virgins….. You should patent the phrase…



    syzygy @replies


    Oh Gawd. That was on Hell Bent. Jeepers. I read that page. It’s all me. Blabbing. Mind you I was pretty ….well …you know…..lots of pain relief. ….High as a kite.


    syzygy @replies

    @pedant @janetteb  Gawd, do I? I thought it was just the once. I thought this: “it took pedant probably hours to find that!”  Except it didn’t, did it? 2 minutes & I’m blabbing about something I haven’t seen yet. Jeepers. Senility isn’t it. I hope. It’s random stupidity.

    After being woken up by Devil Spawn “I’m going on a grad trip you didn’t fill in the registration permission form but you did all 11 others wake up wake up” I feel pretty crap about the fact he’s leaving us for 4 days.

    Janette, do you know of the whole Schoolies Drunk Fest? Thane’s not going to that. But to an island, Tangalooma: where it’s alcohol free but requires a million forms. All of them. ALL OF THEM on line. Unfriggingbelievable.

    So, I am going to buy the Resolution thingy today from JB-Hi Fi for $9. For myself. Because I am having a little sulk. The rest of those episodes  I have ….in some other….watchable …..form.

    Puro or Syzygy or The Old One.

    syzygy @replies

    if not senility, it was the other thing.

    syzygy @replies

    @bluesqueakpip thank you for this…

    @pedant “dear oh dear” my ass. 🙂  I commented but didn’t (‘ahem’) watch it.  I read some comments, thought (potentially a thought) I’d watch it forthwith.

    But it never happened. I totally missed it.

    Senility approaches

    syzygy @replies


    welcome back. The Pippettes!  Or is it ‘Pipettes?’

    I love the ice cream chord structure: Chord 1, chord vi, iv, v and repeat….

    Bowie’s blonde hair & Spray Tan Era was a tad …odd. But yes, his impeccable timing, no over-doing it on the stage gave hints of the performer he would eventually become, I think. A more approachable stage act with a genuine connection to the audience from 1998 (to 2013).

    @pedant I heard the Jona Lewie song for the FIRST time in 2007. The guests at the café were horrified it was on a Christmas album put together by the ABC.

    syzygy @replies

    @craig  ??

    Please sir, we need a new Sofa, I think. I can’t find things. There’s old wrappers from sweeties in 2017. And now I’ve gone & lost a whole memory thing. It’s been swiped. No Resolution. How could this happen? Did it have the Daleks? It had to, right? All the requirements et. al etc etc.

    syzygy @replies


    I’ve missed something. Resolution….This was an episode airing…..when? ‘This’ year as in Dec 31 2018/2019 (NY day)?


    How is this possible?

    Is it on the DVD of the Whitakker series?


    syzygy @replies


    over appreciating old and new Who as works created by, and reflecting, and being reflected by, the contexts in which the episodes are made? …

    Oh good Lord! The intertextualposttextual-analysis would age me. But I can imagine a dalek-y ‘voice’

    you are not pro-gress-ing inter-textually speak-ing & so exter-min-a-tion is the final anal-y-sis. Ex-ter-min-ate.

    @pedant Yes! we did discuss ATCs. For a second, I was madly attempting to uhm, gee, ‘work out’ what it stood for. 🙂 But that came easy.

    The fluidity of say, a performance by a dramatic coloratura of  The Queen of The Night or a beenindruckend fundamental of a 100Hz demonstrates the tessitura of female and male vocals we talked about before.  My thoughts beyond that specific area of expertise are lacking in spirit: My learned brain knows what femininity or masculinity is but maybe a tiny portion of that mind is broken.  So I seek other’s opinions. In reading comments on the other thread, it’s a good thing to seek!

    The link by @toinfinityandbepond is a thing of beauty.

    Thanks for Dickinson. It’s so beautiful & like everything you’ve ever suggested it will affect me deeply (I remember the excitement from Buffy & The Leftovers and 13 RW)

    But 1st I need to get the iphone.  Or an ipod:  forces me to walk without my old CD Walkman -yet the latter has better acoustic. I’m under strict instructions to NOT buy Spawn a gift. The hide of the little s*it! I arrived home with the shopping & I got the look. Not THIS look. But this: “you bought THOSE chocolates. Why did you buy these drinks? Or these lollies?”

    My answer? Because I survived high school. Twice  🙂


    syzygy @replies

    @miapatrick, Fantastic! And agreed it’s displacement or just thought driven in every way & thus actual study contributing to real-life core learnings and core values. 😉

    After all, the weasel words of the QLD public service aid you in their service -they’re good for that. But you do real study which truly benefits many others.

    Actually on the ‘squire’ definition; the book I consulted regarding female and male attitudes across time, did refer to gallant gentlemen, but in that case (I think it was in Babbletower) with decent dramatic irony and a bit of fury mixed in….I hope you can take time off for Christmas -you and your partner?


    syzygy @replies

    @miapatrick thank you. Excellent and good to see you ’round these parts. Strap on some armour….

    syzygy @replies

    Well, fucking hell people from @missy to @bluesqueakpip to @pedant and @gamergirlavatar @nerys @toinfinityandbepond @whisht (well, HELLOO you!) you’ve all expressed feelings on sexism, political correctness and  cooking. I missed the whole darn conversation! Exciting stuff. And a bit sad, to be honest. That there exist people who think that “PC means an extreme reaction to people who are socially disadvantaged.”

    I read that 3 times @roger429 or 666 or whatever: that we must not be ‘too kind’ to people who are disadvantaged. In other words, we need to stay mean. My mind’s blown! It’s been there all the time, just waiting. Mean-ness is right, folks. People who can’t walk, have a visual impairment, who’ve been sexually abused & tell their story with tears & shakes are apparently “snow-flakes” who can’t “handle life.” But we have to be patient now, us mean people, because it’s “all PC.”

    It’s sad.

    Aaand I’ve stuffed up some of the name handles which is pretty sad of me considering I’ve changed mine constantly. Never content, always worrying at something…. Not mean enough. Not bitter enough.

    OK. Here’s this bit from The Summer Before The Dark (Lessing)

    “…No, she must step back…and confirm that there stood in front of her a pleasant looking fashionable woman on the verge of middle age. Still on the verge…She could say that her shape, her attributes, limbs, waist, breasts, mouth, hair, neck, were not different from the equipment with which she had attracted a dozen young men nearly a quarter of a century ago…perhaps even better since so much chemistry and medication and dieting and attention to hair, teeth, and eyes had gone into this artifact -what would she look like now, if, for instance, she had been born into a slum in Brazil?”

    Lessing’s character speaks of “the spirit” -the state, or the condition of the emanation of attractive availability: “come and sniff and taste.”  It leaves a bad taste, now, doesn’t it?

    Then this from Mantel’s Giving Up the Ghost

    “Dr G, the psychiatrist, was remote and bald. He had as much chance of understanding a girl like me as he had of rising from his desk and skimming from the window on silver pinions. He soon diagnosed my problem: stress, caused by over-ambition. This was a female complaint, one which people believed in, in those years, just as the Greeks believed that women were made ill by their wombs cutting loose and wandering about their bodies….”

    One thing worried the ‘real me’ (the mean me was obviously fake news) and that’s that a person’s femaleness or maleness doesn’t matter. At all.

    I think it does? Is it sexist to acknowledge a woman? Simply, as a woman? Not in a job-unrelated-to-woman-role.

    I was a captain once (briefly) & that didn’t have a gender attached. But I’m still woman.

    I was sexually abused by a man. An old man; for maybe 10 or 13 years. That was definitely because I was a girl-child, and he a strong, large man. It may’ve started when I was two, or even one. I don’t want any sympathy here -this isn’t “attention seeking” (the previous paragraph in Mantel’s book).  It’s a fact. It happened. I couldn’t stop it. I didn’t know ‘it.’

    When I did know, and I could tell, I ended him.

    Syzygy the Old




    syzygy @replies

    Sooo…., the word “squire” – where does it hail from?

    (Ignore my dreadful grammar)

    syzygy @replies


    About which tanks do we speak?  Armoured or Dartank?

    syzygy @replies

    to those who imagine.

    I was saying to a friend that Bowie’s comment about make-up & Lennon was used a lot. But it was made known here.

    “Made known” sounds a bit biblical

    syzygy @replies

    @mudlark @pedant @janetteb

    In all ways you read our minds.

    Til done

    Delia (oh my Delia -she taught me to bake the lightest cake)

    one flame.

    Speaking of which, we have Who coming? Not sure. I’m not spoiling. But I’m imagining. Heading over to music thread.

    Siggers the Elder.


    syzygy @replies


    limos? I know. Same here. The lady who I’m taking (can’t take guys from other schools -and she has a b/f so I don’t wanna do anything that will cause problems). is wearing white & I have to get a white corsage.

    A limo I aint doing. No way. I’ll catch a bus. But the guys drive so I might hop a lift. I think the girls are going with us or some of us to a special pre-drink as much alcohol as you can formal for an hour. But the guys won’t. I think they’ll drive to the post-formal (get it all?) & get fairly pissed. I’ll be home well before. Photos with family I can handle although I’m calming mum down . If she can’t leave the house I do have a dad so that’s good. Although we had a massive row today. Wow. That’s a thing.

    syzygy @replies

    Hey guys & thank you. I really feel like I was walking to the gallows every time I moved from class to class. Didn’t know which teacher was going to get all “personal” & say “mate, you haven’t opened up to me recently. In fact, at all? Please tell me everything about your life!”

    Why? I’m not really interested in theirs. Sounds rude, though. So I learned to say “OH YEAH! Sure, and how are YOU?”

    Endless parties? A gap year? Working your way around the world as a short order cook on a tramp steamer prepatory to writing the Great Australian novel?

    Oh, parties 🙁 I was explaining to @pedant and also dad & mum that parties are awful. Binge drinking. Shit music. I have a mate turning 18 in 2 days & at least (he’s a Western movie fan like dad about “which I have trouble coping” unless it’s The Man From Laramie . And the other one with J. Stewart?) he’s having a proper party. We’re dressing like cowboys or cowgirls, I think? I’m going to use mum’s makeup to create a scar.

    See? That’s what I’m up to. No great novels or small ones. Maybe back packing but mainly learning common sense things . I can’t drive. I can cycle a bike & run like hell but not driving & it’s really expensive.

    Oh, and I can’t really cook. Apparently lessons start next week where I’ll be given $20 & have to buy food for meals for 4 days. I don’t know where they keep meat in supermarkets. This is why I need ‘other learnings’.

    I’ll keep you all posted. And thanks again for being a great site.


    I had all your names up & then got masses of code. 20 lines I think. So I deleted all your names . Sorry!

    syzygy @replies


    I loved the Banshees! I thought Bootsy was born in Wisconsin? I remember that a boyfriend used to always tell me silly stories about who the head of different bands were -I had zilch knowledge at 16 of The Who, ACDA, Midnight Oil, & hundreds of other headlining acts like Led Zeppelin…

    For the lad.




    syzygy @replies

    @ at all. A big thank you to everyone. How so many of you have given ideas/outlines to young Syzygy about various topics. A wonderful lady, whose name has vanished into the vacant & shallow areas of ma brain, offered wonderful suggestions on R & Juliet back in 2017; which films to watch/ignore; the importance of personification. She’s a terrifically thoughtful forum poster & teacher who I haven’t seen here in a year.  I WILL locate her name….

    Thane’s school has weird records*  showing that Thane has accompanied me to the hospital 132 times in the last 6 years. So, in 4 days, he’ll graduate (I always thought that happened at uni? Am I nitting, as it were! No way!)  😉

    But I’m in a few chopped messes. In 2 weeks he has the Formal (or ball) for graduation to which, being Spawn, he’ll catch a bus. His date said “hire a navy suit, I’m wearing white & I need a white corsage.” Golly, women today, eh? The gall!

    His last History exam is on “ISIS & our war on terror” test with a variety of sources speaking to American involvement creating the very mess these countries are in. They don’t however mention the role of the U.S. in Afghanistan prior to 9/11 & many teachers confuse the region (as some Americans also do) having no general understanding of who the people are & which countries make up this ‘Axis of Evil’: how a war in Iraq is not a war against the “Russians” in Afghanistan; and who/what had WMDs.

    There’s a running list of legendary errors by those in authority such as the Taliban in Afghanistan run the capital which is Baghdad; Al-Qadea is led by Obama bin Laden from a poor family from Pakistan; in answer to a question Spawn got this: why would this be relevant? Ahktar Mansour’s a Jewish soccer player, isn’t he?  Then, The Uzbeks are orthodox Jewish people from Slovakia or Slovenia; The Sunnis are a band. You need to remember the Shias; Wahhabi is a strong chilli kebab flavour in the Phillipines. This state is heavily funded by Arab Muslim groups.

    *I’ll head over to the music thread to embarrass the child as his love of Aerosmith grows strong, like The Force. He can sense Aerosmith…when sitting meditatively a brief fragrance of Steven Tyler’s cologne will waft on the breeze & “om” can be heard at 254Hz

    De Ol’ Puro

    syzygy @replies


    Great kinds of minds!

    syzygy @replies

    @pedant @toinfinityandbepond

    thank you. Yes I recall this, now. Tennant was very good at this -if that’s the right word

    Also @jimthefish @craig when I click on a user’s name or on the discussion thread I notice we go right back to page 1? From 2017. Do we need a new place?


    syzygy @replies

    @winston @janetteb @pedant

    Amazing. I loved the “erm, the bit with the headphones? but not the bit with the noise?”

    Gorgeous. Also everyone & I mean everyone was saying they wanted Phoebe to be the next female Doctor? I had no idea who she was! Her name was distinct, though, which is why I’ve remembered it.

    Oh yep @pedant Tennant did 500 miles (terrifically good song. A brilliant one) . I think I said Children in Need started with Tennant. Gawp. What I meant to write was that it was the first Doctor Who involved with Children in Need unless I’m totally wrong about that?

    syzygy @replies

    @winston dON’T CLICK



    syzygy @replies

    @winston @janetteb and youse all 🙂 @blenkinsopthebrave the “youse” is for youse. 😉

    We had kids around from 4 pm but by 6 pm when it’s still light, they’d gone. I normally do have choccies but forgot about them. Thane asked his mates (most drive) if they could go out by they were without spirit as well & thought as they’re 18 a bunch of tall ghouls on Halloween could end with door knocking coppers. Or those dressed as some…

    Hah, @pedant knows what I’m going to post next……

    So, after the 4 pm kiddies, I had to close up front doors & unusually for me, turn off the outdoor lights which, considering the sexual harassment by a cabbie the other day, I was very glad of. I even had Thane’s hardly-used- in- 4- year’s cricket bat… All good. Bat wasn’t needed.

    Yes agreed with 4 wheel drives. In the 80s for Halloween as well as the prank time for uni students, the rocket scientists & engineers took apart the vice-dean’s car. And put it together several stories up, on the top of the university’s main building.

    They carried bits of it up. I didn’t follow this. No-one really followed anything because no-one thought to take pix. Now it would be all over twitter! And that would have been a fun thing to see.

    syzygy @replies


    syzygy @replies

    @pedant @winston

    Beaut, just beaut. Boy, one thing to say (I’m never ever nit-picky!) but if she’d drop her chin on the high notes, her palate would open up & it would open up the head voice. Small thing. But I’m saying it anyway. Anywaaay.

    She has a gorgeous voice, she’s a beautifully sensitive person. How do I say this? She comes across as a ‘person’ not an ‘actorr’?? I’ve seen all sorts of people interviewed – I remember Jolie interviewed & it was awful. Same with M. Ryan -but Whittaker is genuine. That’s the word. How great for Coldplay & for this to be for Children in Need.

    I think Tennant did the first? or first-ish? I saw it on the DVD set with him & his 1st season. Contains a video diary. You can see how he ages. Whittaker is 34? Has a maturity of someone older but is still thrilled at everything as if she’s much younger. 3 cheers: she’s amazing. Her repetiteur was pretty good too

    syzygy @replies

    @mudlark @pedant and @winston this is a SPOILER so please look the other way.

    Dickens was an extraordinary perfectionist, and a man of the people. On many occasions he would repeat, “I had at one point many stories I could tell, but, here & now, this is the only story I feel I can tell.”

    He was repetitive at times & acknowledged a level of difficulty with his weekly installments. Mistakes were made, characters disappeared, some were forgotten & narrative arcs lost. Still, with his public readings, his specific answers to questions written to him by fans, he was perhaps the first modern ‘rock star’ of the literary world.

    Whedon had it much harder -though admits Dickens is his favourite writer of the modern era, having a fondness for Greek comedians or satirists -& by his early 30s, the tragedians. Someone wrote that if “Great Expectations is a novel of growth , so is Buffy, but one of emotional realism with complex issues Dickens never faced.”

    Marti Noxon went on to say “emotional realism is what we strive for every week.” Even Whedon, who acknowledged the problems of Season Four, believes it’s not the best series & yet contains the best set of individual episodes except for one in Season Five.

    Pickwick Papers had characters with limited intentions; Great Expectations’ Miss Havisham was up for hanging but experienced a period of redemption. Like Spike, Havisham was “slated for an ignominious death” & whilst Season Three is one of Whedon’s favourites, Spike appears only once. But Whedon admits “he stole the episode. His speech about how love is blood was delivered in a way that blew out my expectations. I was pretty happy for him to drive away with his ‘pet’ but I saw something. But Buffy fans saw it first. They always do.”

    TV series are fast becoming some of the most eclectic art available for mass consumption. Dickens wrote with a long arc in mind but left things open -he reacted, quickly, to his reader’s complaints; & his career grew when the  artist for The Pickwick Papers died suddenly. Dickens had to re-create his serial issues using more figurative language, stressing metaphors & adding characters.

    The serial TV artist has to move faster. Sudden changes of situation, as with Seth Green (Oz) & ASH (who had flown back & forth to the States from the UK for several years) are jarring & that’s a platform for critique despite those interior pressures. The TV artist is like Puro’s membranophones: they must stretch & flex. The long arc, as well as the individual episode, still requires serious respect for every character. Other than Hill Street Blues, in the 1980s, the mid to late ’90s is the point where serialised artistic TV drama, with Whedon as catalyst, becomes ‘serious.’ And ‘serious’ art involves a many layered approach with just as much focus on quantity of production.

    Artists and TV critics find in Buffy something easy to hate: its genre [fantasy], medium,  youthful characters, tough female heroes,  complexity, comedy, & length. But Le Guin said, in defence of fantasy that it’s “true, of course, it isn’t factual, but it is true.”  Hilary Mantel and Margaret Atwood also defend fantasy’s texture & “liveliness.”

    The medium of TV doesn’t loosen the grip Whedon had on the development of arc & episodes. New fictional forms or media, are usually treated disrespectfully by critics. Ben Jonson popularised the comedy of humours but struggled for recognition. Thomas Carlyle laughed sarcastically patronising Dickens, saying “he’s worth a penny, so give it.”

    Donna Tartt relates to this progression of “expectation” by alluding to various publications from 1960 to 1980 where African American art & novels at Ol’ Miss, her alma mater, were sternly judged. She went on to say that the form of art most suited to any generation will produce its best work but also “hit the wall, at times.” Aaron Sorkin agreeing with this point of view, added that such works of art produce the best work, the worst work, everything in between and the most work.”

    Sorkin elaborates that “a lot of bad episodes and arcs are going to be written & shown just because of the statistical reality & ignoring that fact will turn viewers off.” Bradley Whitford quipped “some say we don’t want those viewers, but actually we really do, because they lead to prestige. Whether that’s good or not, I don’t know, I’ll leave that to Aaron, but just last week [speaking in 2018] I was told there were thousands of scholarly papers written about the medium of TV as approached by Sorkin, Lindelöf and Abrams [Lost], I mean look at Lindelöf & his other work….” At which point Richard Schiff stepped in with “Perrotta & Peter Berg in Leftovers. Or is The Leftovers [some laughter, & confusion -this was a comic-con anniversary of The West Wing]?”

    Goodness, gotta run for bus. Again!

    Laters guys,

    young Syzygy

    syzygy @replies

    @bluesqueakpip @mudlark

    Fair point about “the problem” Buffy satirised.  I think satirical is the correct word, for this. Or would it be irony?

    Mum & I were talking about this yesterday. Dracula, as written, was old, corrupt, skin like paper, with bad breath. Nothing sexy about the dood. In Buffy (Winston, spoilers ahead*****) Drac was old, with skin like parchment, dark eyes, greyed face. He was able to use the thrall (or the “thrill as going out of our relationship” – as B pronounced it) to “suuuck your blut.”

    Mum & dad saw a Dracula film with Keanu Reeves -after an hour they left as it was basically soft porn (or was it just porn?). I saw an hour with mates & left.

    With Buffy’s Drac the references were deliberate & connected to the finale in Prophecy Girl. Part of the slayer is the history -the seemingly necessary act to insert in the slayer, something ‘scary.’  The first ‘watchers’ forced a girl, under 18, to accept the part about “who you really ARE” so, in between Drac’s mental prowess & his ability to make B “suuuuck hiz blut” was a story of how the slayer has to recognise what’s within & in that moment, referring back to B’s enthrallment by the Master years before & now, with Dracula, you have a 4 year long call back & a reference to how the first slayer, from the previous season’s conclusion in Restless, is mute or uncivilised.

    Part of the slayer is the darkness, the other part, B’s alone, is The Gift. In Season 1, once she’s tasted the darkness & knows it for what it is & then dies, the prophecy is fulfilled.  In this season opener, she needs to know what HE knows & tastes him, but she also wants to know what the Scoobies know. She’s growing up here (but there’s more real life soon). But we need a balanced season so this is a distraction: a  surface, campy, “suuck your blut” episode designed to throw us off  -not immediately but suddenly. I hope the Moffat version will reference female power.

    Young Syzygy

    syzygy @replies

    @pedant bummer. I didn’t do scrabble with the PnTTBg thing. 🙁

    syzygy @replies

    OK, I’ve just recognised writing in French when a soon to be Scoobie is in Canada is kinda redondante.

    @pedant agreed.


    syzygy @replies

    @pedant @mudlark.  The other soon to be scoobie (OK, Winston) look away 😀

    I never listened, 2 years ago, to this particular TPN guide. Only at about the 5:44 mark did I latch on to that dude from above. The echoes are brilliant. And this may make you yell with frustration but I think this is the best of the Season openers closely followed by Season Sept, une.

    syzygy @replies

    @winston I’m doing this now too  LOOK AWAY NOW! (One exclamation mark must do). It rhymes!

    @pedant @mudlark

    then there’s this.


    syzygy @replies


    Got it!


    Oh no. No. No. The Buffy Dracula was DELIBERATE. It was supposed to be almost laughable.



    syzygy @replies

    @pedant Now, w/o a brain *don’t read this Winston spoilers might be ahead.

    So, pedant. you said something about the erm, ahem, most unsolved mystery in the world (possibly).

    OK, so a) who are the brin***s or the Fir**? No, not that.

    b) why does one vampire have a hint/sniff of hu*an*ty & the others not? See Ame*** in …..  I think this is it?

    c) oh. Hang on, the character who is a doctor while on his erm, days off, another character appears to be…*im?

    THAT! It’s that, yeah? Tell me (cheer squad) Tell Me!!

    Or is it (run out of  letters) a connection with the other show & its conclusion-thing. Which leaves us thinking….some pe**** are either *ea* or n**?  It’s THAT. I know it IS!!

    Is it though? You said “mysteries.” I’d say it’s “unsolved” but mysterious, I don’t think so because, rationally, they are facing a squadron of scary goons & the odds are pretty bad. So, what’s the THING?… I’ll bring the cheer squad…

    This is gonna be fun.

    syzygy @replies

    David Arnold and Price have scored the series. Their use of violins & violas, used in Sherlock to great effect, can be heard in the teaser above.


    Syzygy the Elder.


    syzygy @replies

    @pedant @blenkinsopthebrave  “they are coming.”

    Whoa!! I hope we end up accessing both….sounds good

    syzygy @replies

    @pedant er what?

    Yes, we know St Pancras & people are in a hurry. The roof is spectacular!  You’d think a few more people might pause. Everyone is going too fast everywhere all the time. I think.

    Syzygy (Thane16) and mum.

    syzygy @replies


    It’s your narrative always. Your opinion, naturally, & we all respect that, obviously,  but Whedon, in response to questions about watching Buffy says, “absolutely try to watch it in order. That’s my thing. You don’t obviously have to….But I used to say “watch it in order if only to see that actually it gets better, at least that’s what I was told by people close to me.” I made some pretty silly mistakes, I had no erm, noises for Buffy & …… love scene, I was all about the sense & feeling so knowing now what I should’ve known then but on the other hand some of us view things differently, even from when we first saw it & how we see things now.”

    Not exactly erudite; but it’s from an interview which is in a book….which is in…


    syzygy @replies


    erm, erm, what, what? WHAT???

    I have been trying for a very long time to locate The Getting of Wisdom. The book is good but I’m mentioning the film as it seemed to make more of an impact? It’s not that great a film. The music, (an improvisation) the young & arrogant talented but nasty little pianist plays is totally sh** but….OK. maybe not shitty to everyone but for years I simply couldn’t find it. I heard an interview with John Waters only yesterday & immediately thought “that damn movie & his damned character” which proves what a boorish woman I really am! Still, The Getting of Wisdom! 🙂

    It’s original title, I found out in 1988,  was simply “Time”

    As for ‘The Getting of Wisdom” I feel like adding “my ass” to this? Who ‘got’ the wisdom in the end? The slightly nasty over-romanticised pianist? Possibly. Mainly because she left ‘the colonial thinking behind’ & now London had her! In all the ways that “had” is meant, btw. But they removed most of that for ‘G’ reasons…. I kinda liked Pete’s Picnic at Hanging Rock, though.

    Synergy in action! Or is it Syzygy? 😉

    syzygy @replies

    @winston @pedant

    My advice is “please don’t watch seasons 1-5 after season 6.” Seriously. I think Thane said the same -& typing for me yesterday.

    I disagree that it’s a “jump -in” point @bluesqueakpip. And yes, SMG is on the cover of a show in which she stars/starred. Hell, Season 7 let out covers of Leo in The West Wing years ago when they released season 7’s ‘First 12 episodes’ including pix of the Dem candidate in full face format when we knew nothing of the actual result. Most people looked away from the target 🙂

    I think the issue is to do with how season 1 BtVS had consequences for season 6. Like Season 2 did for S6. And possibly S3 did for S6 etc etc.

    @winston you can tell we be dedicated fans & as I know you a bit I reckon you could be chewing your finger nails, thinking, I just asked about a show I want to see & now you’re all arguing over it. Gah, you people!

    But in the immortal words of Ian Gillan “I didn’t start it.”  And he’s truly immortal by that point ‘n’ all.

    Old Siggers.

    syzygy @replies

    unless you have watched seasons 1 to 5 already? And there’s 7 but it really needs 6 to go with….  (Thane16)

    syzygy @replies

    @winston !!!! No! Try not to watch Season 6 before seasons 1-5. Otherwise, well, it’s “dark” but yes, incredible. But knowing the characters from the first season is best, imo. I understand they could be expensive? But it could be will be worth it.  Seriously. If you throw yourself into season 6, SO much of the brilliance of it, the new characters (or new-ish) will be a bit lost .

    Also, some have said it’s a depressing season. I don’t agree completely with that but I do have an urge to say that I loved Season 3 for its hope & sheer high school lunacy as the characters have matured & season 5 is SO  spectacular, in story lines & craft, that it’s unbeatable. With anything. OK, maybe House, or Doctor Who, ahem, but, perhaps it beats even those. Almost…

    Love to you & …..try not to watch it, yet. Aim for Season 1 which may scare you as some episodes are considered not ‘as good’ as others in Season 2. But Season One is where Whedon gets his feet wet. But like @pedant I was Buffy’s bitch from the moment it began. The humour, the love between the characters. (Also this is Thane16 typing for mum again).

    syzygy @replies

    @winston  Hey Winston, I’m typing for mum who isn’t “making sense.” Thank you. A great friend with 2 boys, eldest is 28 & a the other 23- 25. Her husband was a teacher who published some terrific ‘doable’ grammar texts &  retired to build apartments for their nest egg. She’s involved with choirs the type I’ve forgotten, but they go to town with glittery gowns & tight harmony. They compete overseas, too.  I remember singing a short duet from a Gluck opera with her & she had the most beautiful coloratura soprano voice I’d heard up close.

    I’ll try & find a youtube clip from this type of choir. Sorry, I can’t recall specific name at the moment. This is Thane16 now:  I don’t know what the choir is either. Maybe @arbutus could shine a colourful light on this.  They’re all women. So one thing I’ve been watching with mum (& I’m on the wrong thread here) but @winston The Good Place (S4) on Netflix is terrific.  Also Chernobyl the series (thank you @pedant)  & Patrick Melrose. Mum’s brain is down with fish:  Jaws The Revenge (“it can’t be that bad [it is]” & Anaconda which is truly gross but she’s enjoying snakes/big teeth. Who am I to argue with that? 🙂

    The Siggers.

    syzygy @replies

    So, last week I found out a really good friend of mine, a mentor & a friend has early onset Alzheimers.

    I was this nervous little thing & she’d say “right, take the chorus for this rehearsal” & I’d say “oh no, me? No, seriously, not me!” & she’d say “yes, you can & you will. 5 minutes. get ready.”

    I’d be red in the face & get through it & the next day would be better & the end of the musical on the final night would be terrific. Teachers who didn’t help (too busy, ahem) would even stand up & applaud. Some not so thrilled because Sue decided that the final night would have four of us drama/music ‘controllers’ doing a strip tease. Susan’s husband, Ted would be ‘seduced’ down (that would be me doing the ‘sexy’ finger pointing) so that he’d continue on the piano whilst teachers in the first 2 rows (some, I’d really grown to despise) were giving us  menacing faces whilst the rest of the audience was roaring with laughter as we’d do a ‘tease’ to the final coda of the chorus.

    OF COURSE this wasn’t a real strip tease. I had some silk PJs, from collar to feet & I took off the top bit under which I had another top whilst Sue had an old fashioned curly shower cap, carried a back scrubber & simply took off the cap. All of us were appropriately “high school” but it was very funny.

    To Sue: she was an enormous friend. When things went awry in 94/96 I stayed with her, & eventually so the rest of our family. Not for a month, or two,  a very weeks but what became a year and a half. She never let us pay for groceries or anything else. Truly good people. This disease might soon take her music. This world. Aint fair. Never had been. But she was my friend & I count myself very lucky. This is to all the old gang.




    syzygy @replies


    You still up mate?

    🙂 That was awesome. The comments on youtube were actually incredibly funny too.

    I have an “ishoo” with boogie the woogie. But it’s FUN (& & I shouldn’t dislike it…. I don’t really).

    It’s erm……repetitive. And his fingers are damned flat on the board. If he’d curl them he’ll have many years of playing to go….Gah! I know, I shouldn’t be negative. He sat down, & everyone had a helluva time. Interesing that many travellers kept on going & didn’t stop at all. At first. Imagine the people in the lift….wondering “what the heck’s happening down there? Get me down quicker!”

    He seems like a nice young man too -ie: youtube comments. He’s in the U.S. to do a concert tour soon. And he composes this stuff therefore he has absolutely my total respect.

    Just to blab about me for a brief moment. A terrifying organist teaching us…something….would always play some blues, b’woogie or jazz but he’d start with a bar from something very familiar, & we’d all be wracking our brains because he’d turn that teeny theme into a jazzy take & eventually back to the original theme until we worked out it was a Bach prelude or a Vivaldi concerto or one of The Seasons.

    syzygy @replies

    @whisht that  very sweet, He showed true feeling & a sensitivity. Lovely

    @winston I know feeling better is not probably where you’re at -yet but reach  out if you want to talk some more.  @pedant a terrific song. I heard The Cure a lot later than I should’ve . My colleagues ‘intervened’ & I’m glad they persisted. It’s been a bit of a silly week so the music helped.

    syzygy @replies


    You are a wonderful cook.  Our young lad could eat dollops of cream, pie, lemon pie, apple pie and turkey, probably in that order! Not unlike his uncle he prefers savoury food which means weeks of baking in, well, baking heat, might ease a little. But it’s significant to share a table around which many memories are built, where troubles are sorted and happiness shared.

    I am so sorry about Newton. The gorgeous pets have a story behind them of doting ‘parents’ & the significance of their name. My parents had dogs named Clicker & Clackett -at least at 3, that’s what I thought I heard. Later they had a cat named Quaver & I could pronounce that.   🙂

    You have held this devastating news about your mum in law for a long time. Obviously something so crushingly sad is held in our hearts until we need, or want, to share with extended family. Even though we are hidden by screens this is a positive, warm place, where genuine sadness will find a little consolation. If you are falling we can catch you. Please reach out.

    Congratulations on your marriage of 40 years; a sign of dedication to each other in times where things may seem transient &, as you say, struggling thru life as it rushes past, no pause for a life that just stops, and suddenly. I am so sorry.

    Your husband & extended family were overwhelmed by her death; perhaps they still are. It seems like you had an excellent relationship with your mum in law & I can imagine her thinking of you a lot -you gave her grand children & she would’ve been devoted to you: with gentle hands and heart you took care of her son for 40 years. She’d be very proud of you  @winston.

    All our love to you & your family. Sincerely, the Syzygy. xxx000

    syzygy @replies


    Thank you SO much for your gardening assistance. Mayall* I call you Yoda? Or Goda? For God of Gardening -except the ‘d’ isn’t right for ‘garden’ but Goga doesn’t scan well.

    I have a question: How do the worms arrive by themselves? I am, as you see, neither Goda, nor Goga but possibly Daga (Dumb at Gardening).  Also, Daga sounds like a planetary system in Star Wars….

    @whisht that one’s for you.

    @mudlark I’ll get back to you on your state of the art composter 😀

    Old Puro.

    syzygy @replies


    True. It’s “nowish.”

    Also, I sounded daft: “changeable except Brexit, etc & woman doctor.”  When I meant (& those who know me would’ve gotten it), I like a Woman Doctor Who. Just sayin’ in case it became “whaa?”

    Thank you! You’re right it stands as an awesome solo.

    I have to admit I didn’t even know Ginger’d died & I was listening to Mayall recently. Mayall made some extraordinary moves, mainly quick moves & not always backed by anything except his hind brain….But that’s my silly opinion. And it is silly.

    Ah! John Bruce (JohnSAsherB -as music students we needed a cash ‘n’ carry way of remembering things by our 5th year as something else would brain-ooze). Bruce was classically trained & shimmied with the best. I knew of his collaboration with McLaughlin because of various mandatory units of minimalist modern music-making (had to alliterate that) where he didn’t always sing 🙂

    So, Things We Like was….something I liked. Not the whole album but snippets. The album cover is totally gross (my lad’s analysis)**. It’s not a rainbow triangle on black; nor a white vinyl. There’s no band feeding 7 goats; & there aren’t a collection of celebs & clever clogs in colourful clothes like WC Fields, William Burroughs & others…

    You would’ve all guessed those four with plenty of clues.  Uhm, Who? Red crosses for incorrects? Nah, maybe pink  😉  Actually the clues are funnier!

    ** ‘someone’s’ stuffing their face with a dog bowl of sausages & smashed spuds. If that doesn’t “gross” you out on an album cover then nothing else will. Although Iggy Pop had some flash & skin in the game too.


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