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    syzygy @replies

    our dearest @nerys

    Condolences and love from the other Aussies, the Puro fam. I’m so, so sorry to hear about your dad. It seemed like he had a life, well lived, which is fortunate.

    And I’m sure he was very proud of you  -as well. And that matters too.

    Quick visit this one, but hope for a longer one after I’ve watched the Who special & to wish everyone in the DrWhoForum a belated happy new year.

    Puro and the dudes.

    syzygy @replies


    and all the South Aussies (&, as always, the Sydney siders) we’re feeling your pain in Brisbane. We’ve been insanely fortunate in many cases. “cases” had a different tone to it now.

    Thanks to those who got in touch when I mentioned my late mum. I realise it looked as if Puro had passed away but nope, I’m still here & we’re doing OK.

    At the clinic, though, I was asked “have you been to Adelaide or been in contact with anyone from SA?” I did a “who? What?” as hadn’t kept up. One day we all ignore Adelaide, 😉 & another day, it’s suddenly all we’re talking about!

    Welcome to all new members… And to @nerys Also hope dad improves. Crosswords sound better than day time telly which can be miserable  -except for his football which is certainly OK (not that I can understand American footy, or any football, to be truthful). I thought The State of Origin was Aussie Rules but it’s Rugby – apparently an embarrassing mistake.

    & @blenkinsopthebrave …(We are) Living Nervously sounds like a superb newspaper Op Ed title.. Alongside side the Poem For Sunday   😀

    @arbutus?!! Where art thou?!

    Puro & Thane.

    syzygy @replies

    @blenkinsopthebrave doesn’t it? How are the Blenkinsops? Well? The wine cellar depleting at all??? 🙂

    @mudlark GOOD to see you! I wonder about the futile & litigious nonsense Trump will follow could help so that the Reps will eventually melt away? On another note, glad your digestive system is working! A happy bowel is a happy Mudlark….

    So, news. Mum died of C-19 in a nursing home in Melbourne. It took a week from diagnosis to death so, boy, does this hit hard. But she was 82 & not entirely well so asked for no special measures to keep her hanging on so we’re all good. There was grief. But it was checked. Almost.

    House has been renovated…the yellow door became a RED door & when I can successfully work my new phone I might put up a picture of this. It isn’t a toffee apple, more steel red.


    I think we all need some Doctor (Who) now, don’t we?

    syzygy @replies

    @winston good to see you out there!

    @oochillyo welcome to Forum

    @blenkinsopthebrave @nerys and… humour be good 🙂

    We’re all still rumbling along in Brisbane with restrictions eased, then returned, then eased…then…then… It’s like a Tardis really. Evolving, regressing, retreating, re-reading. Or re-treading.

    @winston we’re also doing lots of “ing” things. You do have to use your head, don’t you, to find new things to read, watch, meditate on & endure. I’m eating. That’s my big vice…gaining weight which is irritating…In Sydney, in March, I exercised & swam each day. The water was pretty cold for Sydneysiders -18 degrees on the best days but I loved it. In QLD, now, all pools are mostly closed. So I resort to the new pond & the hose. My pond has no ducks. Where have they  gone? 😉

    @janetteb we have summer already up in Bris, But I’m glad you’ve some sun flooding the garden.

    If anyone has Disney, or want to, perhaps treat yourself to the fabulous Hamilton. An extraordinary must-see, imo.

    -Puro the Age-d


    syzygy @replies

    So…..I thought I’d start in the pub…And as you know I love all animals, cats, dogs, Gretchen….

    Has anyone caught the German series Dark?

    There’s a Gretchen loop. Tonnes of clever stuff. I can’t actually understand much of it but it seems plenty can.

    Old Syzygy. Or is it Syzygy always & forever…


    syzygy @replies

    Ya’ll know I pump out some Bowie, from time to time, But I thought I’d post this which I saw on telly yonks ago.

    There was a big argument on telly last night as to how influential Lil Richard was…did he start rock ‘n’ roll? Probably not, exactly, but boy did he influence Lennon, Jagger, McCartney’s solo career, Elton, The Cure, The Clash. The Stooges, Tracy Chapman, Johnny  Cash…(& I only referred to 1 female artist. Aint enough!).

    How you be going @whisht?

    Old Syzygy.


    syzygy @replies

    @whisht. Man, I knew this was coming!

    I had that feeling. 🙁

    Tutti-Frutti was something I danced to with my mum when I was younger. Everyone loved it.


    syzygy @replies

    @miapatrick oh jeepers, I shouldn’t laugh about The Brain and Me! You should must write a novel! You put up with a hellava lot & still make jokes? Amazing. I hope you chase up those darn urologists. Widening the plumbing….sounds somewhat painful 🙁

    @whisht Ah, the boy will survive. Thane The Boy Who Lives (a bit much?).

    Denmark? DENMARK?? Exciting? Terrifying? Anticipatory? Is that a word @cathannabel @blenkinsopthebrave?

    @whisht What can I say, that seems even further away from us all  🙁

    @winston @cathannabel. Absolutely, we already lived in a world of flat platforms & video phones. Now, we can’t touch or sit around a fire -the ways we connected emotionally in the past are postponed & it’s achingly sad for so many who have little access to peaceful group-care -if that concept has a name. Winston -paddling on a canoe sounds divine. I now have a pond. Not exactly large -looks like a shallow well, actually, but it’s peaceful. 🙂

    Mr Blenkinsop I’m so sorry to hear of your brother with Alzheimers. That is often hard on those left behind. I wish I had something kinder, or better to add. It’s, well, “shit” as @whisht might say. I might find a song for you!

    @missrori  Turns out the house might be painted….grey now. Yup, I know. A yellow door is apparently very bad karma with grey but I won’t give up. I’ll man the barricades & sing…Yellow Submarine. Or…something.

    Old Syzygy.

    syzygy @replies

    Julian Cope, a musicologist, thought Kraftwerk & the not-always-so-related Krautrock were like Chinese Whispers to the Brits. He suggested Kraftwerk was misinterpreted outside the German music scene -to the extent it lost its flash.

    Judging by the spread of Kraftwerk  -Johnny Marr was riveted, for example- I don’t entirely agree with Cope. Legend Conny Plank was one effects master for Kraftwerk using a type of electronic (non conventional- instrumental) flanging.  Plank also died of cancer (’87).

    Kraftwerk listened to lots & admired Le Caine:

    syzygy @replies

    Bowie said people who get music get silence. I’d heard that before -from Hockney the painter.

    Something radioactive. It kinda fits.

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    syzygy @replies

    @missrori  @whisht

    Absolutely great advice from Whisht & others. it’s true: life aint fair. I’m real lucky that due to Crohns I have “self isolation down pat” -as my niece said when COVID blew in.

    That was just after devastating fires where thousands of people & animals were displaced. Entire towns with huge histories gone overnight even though they’d just rebuilt from fires scarcely 8 years prior & then COVID hit.

    But Aus has been fortunate. Most in Queensland already practise social distancing. I remember in Europe & U.S. how people came right up to my face to talk & I’d be “whoa, step back!” Good music. Good telly, a book you can lose yourself in helps.  Its hard to count your blessings. I’m pretty sick, my SO retired early; & our son has been looking for work for 5 months, every day. Out for hours, walking into businesses.

    It’s depressing but each night he checks out a (probably rude af) comedian so we laugh a lot & consider ourselves lucky we don’t have Corona. We sanitise like surgeons! Now we’re concentrating on painting the bedroom -after a long debate I decided bright emerald isn’t the best choice… 😉

    In the end I’ve chosen pale mint with a silk taffeta curtain in aqua. Now the exterior of the house is also needing a paint – blue & white, but the front door? That’s going to pop! It’ll be bright yellow. Now, this is the part where I need advice!

    What do you reckon @missrori a bright yellow front door? I have some brass exterior accessories -a coach light & a brass door bell over 100 years old. I think the people in our area aren’t going to like a bright yellow door?

    Anyone happy to give advice -@JanetteB (you were from the 1st state to take Corona seriously) @nerys @winston @mudlark  @miapatrick. I hope, Miapatrick, that you & your partner are doing OK?  I’ve been very worried about you after reading your last post a while ago? @cathannabel too.  @everyone else:  you’re ALL in our thoughts in Aus.

    Old Syzygy.


    syzygy @replies

    Ah LOL, I meant teaspoons not tbs -unless you have a super huge pizza. In most cases, too much cheese is unattractive leading to a high fat, doughy tasting pizza, a la Dominos or Pizza Hut.

    Other brands are available 😉

    syzygy @replies

    @janetteb  @blenkinsopthebrave

    But I wanna photo!! 🙁

    I have a rather stunning pizza to share in the pub. Should Child know how to operate old phone & computer we’ll have PICTURE to accompany the pizza recipe.

    Make  pizza dough -or buy it! I can add, later, the recipe I follow which is relatively easy.

    Add tomato paste (or home-made sauce) but in a small quantity only. In fact, as this is a cheese pizza (with a light layer only!) a tomato base isn’t the best. A light olive oil works well with no added salt for this topping.

    Add 4 cheeses.

    My own includes gorgonzola, parmesan, ricotta and gruyere (between 6-8 tbs of each, with slightly less of the stronger flavoured cheese like the Blues*) Add a little olive oil to taste and bung in oven on pizza setting (or normal whathaveyou) for 15 minutes so the bottom, which is nice & thin, browns just a little. A pizza stone really helps for this but most ovens have a removable tray which can be lightly sprayed.

    It’s very flavourful & probably best for The Olds rather than young ones though ours has been brought up on this stuff & actually enjoys it.

    *If gorgonzola is too much & other blue cheeses don’t take your fancy,  use mozzarella, making sure you strain it so the wateriness doesn’t seep into the lovely dough. You can mush it through an old tea-strainer, though small strainers at your local can be a pound or less. A piece of cotton around the cheese will also ‘squeeze’ out excess moisture.

    Whilst good ricotta at your supermarket is the fresh sort, a number of larger proprietors make a decent one. It may also need to be dolloped on your pizza a half teaspoon at a time.



    Goes down with a simple white or a light Bordeaux.

    syzygy @replies


    Gawd, my keyboard! 😀

    syzygy @replies

    Boy am I gabby tonight!

    I get that Piano Man aint on The Stranger album & many of you might like that particular album. So….I’ll leave you with this one…

    syzygy @replies

    I had no luck @craig. Knew Newell Penfield was born around this time…like you…but a leedle bit later (in days, I mean). Unfortunately his string quartet whilst on a cassette deck & spooled out right now just aint on youtube. He wasn’t a particularly gifted composer but I liked his stuff. So happy birthday.

    I’ll see what else I can rummage in…


    syzygy @replies

    Soooo. People. I’ve noticed a complete absence of Piano Man. I mean The Great Pianist Joel.

    I was on the way to the doctors (can’t really go any place else) & the radio had some Billy. It made me smile & then other people, in other cars, were on the same station, singing away. Most of these people were in their 50s, but still…

    I give you him:


    syzygy @replies

    For no reason at all my Netflix feed had Flatliners listed. I thought “ah, at last, I remember I liked this scary film” except they’ve re-made the darn thing. Worse with that English dood from Granchester except he’s in America. Why. Do. They. All. Have. To Try. “It”. In. America??

    I remember the Welsh dude (this is a terrible post!) who played Hornblower? (Gruffidd??) who starred in an awful apocalyptic movie (the character died) and then came HERE to star in some weird-ass series about a pathologist living in his boat cutting up bodies by day & sleeping with various coppers or pathologists by night.

    I shouldn’t poke fun, really. But he does over-act on camera. Whenever there’s a scene with his daughter, he say “oh Bubba” & get this sad face on. Honestly? I can’t help but laugh. Possibly hysterically.  I am not being mean because Hornblower was CLASS! I loved it. I think I’ve seen the boxed set/series six, maybe, seven times.

    Golly, wrong place! Akh! I’ll go find the music thread. Because you PEOPLE never ever play this dude. And you should. At least once.

    How are ya’ll holding up?

    Syzygy the Old.

    syzygy @replies


    You must always gird your loins when speaking with lions. I recall an exam question in the defunct Naplan Testing  asking for definitions/explanations of girding one’s loins. Some answers included: lock the zoo permanently; keep the lions in a separate cage; always wear Y-fronts; consider the holy, naked body as a temple &, ironically, stand many metres from others people. Hope all IS well on all fronts, Rob.

    @whisht good to see the music. I was in Sydney for quite a while & managed to board one of the last flights home on Monday afternoon which deployed social distancing. I had 12 seats to myself as did most others. Normally this would be thrilling.

    @winston Good to see you about Forum. How’s the Buffy watch? If you’ve started yet.

    @miapatrick I’m SO so, sorry to hear this about your partner. Worrying about it makes things even worse & trying to relax is almost impossible. As @blenkinsopthebrave said & I echo, I admire you for your scrupulousness, your evident patience, care & love.

    You have mine.

    Old Syzygy

    syzygy @replies

    Getting into The Good Place big time, lately.

    So, this for fun….


    syzygy @replies

    @cathannabel  @winston It is a soulful piece. I hope it adds a small measure of comfort and the knowledge that we love you.  Solace isn’t always easy to find. Sometimes it’s in a familiar burst of confidence but nearly always it takes time, measure by measure, to find peace.

    When I was young it was just a cool song that I liked but now it is a story that affects me very emotionally. The older you get the more loss is a part of your life and there are so many people “I wish were here” Since feelings are the stuff of life..

    Absolutely, I feel this way too! Feelings & emotions, life, sorrow, death..these are the stuff of life. To feel emotions, to admit them in, to examine them, is part of a life well lived.

    It doesn’t lessen the pain but it might show our children that you can’t negotiate with  emotions. They’re like the main ingredient of a good meal. I think as we age we feel, differently & yet the distance between objects & memories seems closer. I’m reminded of my mum in claustrophobic conditions, in the grip of an exigent nightmare, almost convulsing with nausea. The act of my dad’s broad hand, covering her own delicate one, removed the burden & she’d be renewed with strength, her face normal in colour; breathing, rhythmic.

    As the years passed, she’d admit that relying on dad like that, was OK. That he had his own very well camouflaged (albeit ‘patrician’) fears & eventually I summoned the ability to help her when dad, now quite ill, was no longer the acutely confident person she’d married.

    I mimicked his tender glance, my hands trembling over my mother’s & in that moment, we both felt fiercely honest, our lives no longer separated by time; two help-meets one for another.

    Syzygy the Older One. 000xxx

    syzygy @replies

    Not sure if @pedant posted this? He nudged me earlier about Arvo Part. So Da Pacem…

    syzygy @replies

    Great to see all this music!

    I love this song, but this week it has resonance for a dear friend.


    Thane16  (old and young Syzygy)

    syzygy @replies

    Hi to all the clevers around about! I’m on this new & improved diet & when I look up “rye” bread it says rye is made from rye grain, & the thicker or darker part of the wheat grain. But I thought rye is a totally different grain -from wheat, like soy or corn?

    Does anyone know about rye bread? I’m trying to have a varied diet & eating a lot less carbs & more protein. I can still eat grains, but much less: once a day, for instance.

    We’ve always had healthy food & I was never allowed to be “fussy.” But Mum always cooked so I should learn. My mates couldn’t believe I couldn’t make hot chocolate when I was 14 but then we didn’t have it in the house – just warm milk & honey.

    Syzygy the young one.

    syzygy @replies


    In one, it’s that whilst people love a swagger & enjoy the “going nuts,” part, they don’t like a swagger to stay one. It has to have more than “nuts” & swagger. A good album, but not a great album?

    Old Syzygy.

    syzygy @replies

    Epistocracy is not a new idea. I remember Paul Keating & speech writers discussing John Stuart Mill & Plato at a university round table meet in the late ’80s. The idea was subsequently ditched. Theoretically Jason Brennan has been working on this for a long time.  Ideas like this were put forward in a text book I edited in 1996 which heralded the failure of Social Science as a subject containing the gamut of history studies; economics; legal studies;  geography etc. The civics book in 1999 introduced the theory better for years 8-10.

    Pip, it’s not viable because experts, happily dogmatic (& even more now as specialities quadruple+) will still be frustrated by politicians putative crowd-work.  Those who argue against epistocracy are actually well informed citizens (The Vulcans), ‘plainly’ informed citizens & politicians -the latter group rightly accused of compromise blocks. 🙂  Experts with sound political knowledge won’t get traction because telly finds them boring. Technical discussions of consequentialist theory is ratings manure. And Thane knew the discussion so the “do you know what you’re talking about?” was a tad unnecessary.  But it’s all fun & games this arguing, innit? 😉 Not to mention we had a terrific example of compromise block in Tesla’s Night of Terror….

    The social sciences hold that modern democracies include a non-instrumental element as significant as its elder brother.

    Attempting a top-down “I know & you don’t” isn’t workable. Dippng in & out of vastly competitive, presumed confused & obtuse legislation would produce haphazard results & stand-stills which Brennan & co. admit. Even in their own ‘areas’ experts disagree significantly (less in CC) so generating sensible practicalities is near impossible.

    It would go against parliamentary conventions & constitutions. And it would be difficult to work around the slight problem of microcosm politics. Or that these experts would have sufficient knowledge to  avoid the  oft-cited “damage” of current voters leading to spun-out budgets. Ultimately, experts wouldn’t like the consulting-wages & they’d argue over the physics of lighting & colour spectra so “doing their colours,” a la Mrs Hudson,  would cause stop-work.  😀

    The Syzygy.

    syzygy @replies

    Ooh, I knew Dr Tesla was a Doctor in ER!

    Golly gosh!

    Great episode, beautifully filmed, an almost old nemesis. Visnjic plays Tesla beautifully. As does Mohindra as the Sithra (sic) queen.


    No, but you do.

    Syzygy the Old

    syzygy @replies


    I’ve managed to wrest the Forum from The Younger who’s in argument mode. Awesome, I second @arbutus, the  Kraftwerk connection is solid & you’ve sold me. Brilliant.

    I loved this episode too. It has a ….different focus than previous episodes. To me, at least.

    Also @arbutus thank you for the lovely Lau. It’s inspirational & the beginning is beautiful.

    A’right I need to ensure young Syzygy doesn’t get laptop. He’s far too busy learning to… (sounds of wacking the fence accompanying The Thin White Duke, though metaphorically, with The White Duke ‘n’ all. Nods to @peacefrog. Awesome choices! Might take a week to listen to all of them. You’ve all been adding terrific music. Even our young lad here).

    syzygy @replies

    Trie to post in the Pub. But the innernet decided against it! No-one has said that people shouldn’t have oxygen now.  As said, the Doctor would give her O2 to anyone else first. The poor are oppressed & speeches to everyone are still necessary. One won’t change the oppression of the other. But it’s a common ideal to be humane -that we try to ameliorate issues by pointing out all our problems. And it’s kind to stand as ignoring is worse.

    When our government does nothing, when the rich do nothing, it’s not wrong to protest with or ‘for’ others but to  assure certain groups who are affected, ahead of time. The fireys are happy someone’s trying something (they’re stuck in between fires)

    And yup this post might disappear too. And it’s waaay too long. So, to music.

    syzygy @replies


    Did someone mention Thin White Duke? This is mum’s favourite -amongst (or ‘among’ we need a @pedant when we NEED one!) or one of her favourites!

    But I’m not sure which is best…..

    Syxygy the young one


    syzygy @replies


    I didn’t actually start it 🙂 I am 18, so maybe arguing is still a ‘thing?’

    The platitude -sacred belief issue is one quite common to those in certain areas of journalism, preaching etc. It tends to be used a lot when no-one is ‘arguing’ that a particular point is otherwise.

    No-one has said “poor” don’t have access to Oxygen Right Now. Or, in the West, clean water (though that will happen soon -to all of us -it’s certainly happening in NSW). But there is a load of media complaining that the “poor” couldn’t get to work that day even though 20 % of those, once exposed on Telly had payments from their exployers (TM) because they’d been infuriatingly late or worse, couldn’t get there. No-one’s arguing that’s a good thing -to be late or worse. But value arguments are sexy. That’s  a left over from your other argument -“how many times do we need to tell you we’ve voted Leave  -when you think we need to be told again  -when we can think for ourselves.”

    To be very brief so we can all move on. I think:

    if you don’t want people to speak for the poor & if you continually say people are speaking for the poor you really have to canvas these “poor” you refer to, because if they’re middle class now, & that’s often the case, you’re now one of ‘them’ & now you’re speaking for “them” or on behalf of them, which is problematic according to your scenario.

    It’s not really an “us or them argument. It’s about ORN for everyone.

    Did I mention it’s a fantasy show?  🙂

    Also if all the fire chiefs in Aus & all the people & most of the pollies wanted a ‘sit down’ but Morrison refused, there’s a feeling that protest might just help because despite all the “let’s sit down & talk” if the dudes won’t do that then all the petitions in all the world won’t change anything but protest just might -by the very self-funded retirees whose taxes paid for the rail in the first place but being self-funded, they still have to pay full price for rail tickets -& not a one complained about this. Again, sacred value yelling is boring to the media so they don’t report it. But there are a few Aussie bloggers & thankfully ABC radio which do.

    Unfortunately the very desployers who employ the “poor” are the self-same who contribute to bad climate change. The local private hospitals used to give out cordial in large ceramic containers with a glass every morning. Then it became water & a glass & now it’s 6 bottles of water per day then chucked out & not recycled. Soon, ORN will be water RN. Many people are protesting this & no doubt cleaners & cooks at these hospitals are late for work -except not. Not once because protests require 12-24 hours notice so people can make other plans which are no more expensive or lengthy because protests are part of the law. Stopping them or trying to ‘change’ them so they’re less effective is a massive boondoggle & also part of a tyrannical state. The “poor shouldn’t be told but should speak for themselves” is a wonderful get out of gaol free card for others isn’t it? What can one say in return? YOU protest? But that means they lose a job or pay. Or YOU write a petition or YOU find another way to work…

    The issue is almost never the technical ‘outcomes’ arrangement because it just aint sexy. These poor want the same thing -ORN or clean water. & most want it for everyone. So, let’s argue instead about outcomes & consequentialist behaviour…

    Mods I apologise for off topic except it’s still about ORN


    syzygy @replies

    @bluesqueakpip oops. yes, see, you did it again “does it make them any more important” with the platitudes. No-one is claiming they are more important, more significant or better able to argue.

    And yep, the poor sods who glued their hands to trains -apologised -& were fined*, making this a stronger sacred value platitude. It’s an illusion of a debate when the outcomes (ORN) is important & how to frame these outcomes. That’s where the energy ought to be directed.

    *that’s a story no-one wants to follow. Those issues aren’t followed up by The Guardian or by Murdoch Press initiates in this country, at least.

    Right, back to driving….

    syzygy @replies


    Yes, we’re  debating rights. Or rather you are. You’re talking about “rights & choices” when no-one has actually said they (the “poor”) don’t have any rights. You’re using sacred-value platitudes in order to build an argument no-one’s arguing about because no-one’s saying those values are wrong. The argument should be couched in how to go about it not, once again, whether or not ORN isn’t necessary or needed or a requirement.

    There endeth the debate, sorry, stuff to do! But fun anyway! Now to the next episode

    Syzygy the Young.

    syzygy @replies

    @peacefrog I think Mum would say “the sound was found as early as the 3rd century BC in…Crete.” Maybe. But we all love The Dead. And it resonates 🙂

    syzygy @replies

    We’re not both against Oxygen Right Now. Most people want it affordably. It’s not as if a “they” exists who shouldn’t have it (though water’s a massive problem & that’s a ‘not us Right Now argument’). Nor should ORN be discussed via them & they, but as an ‘us’.

    Most are willing to understand people should be paid to ensure there’s Oxygen RN even though
    disseminating Oxygen is difficult or technical. To cast the debate about whether self -funded retirees have the right to protest about Oxygen RN is a compromise block attitude leading to a discussion about limitations of government & whether everyone really deserves it & how dare people protest who have paid tax all their life & who’ll fund every single thing they’ll ever need & the ORN of many others.

    This is turning it into a sacred -value platitude argument & it often includes discussions about to what extent we must permit protests if the groups affected by this action are going to lose out in some “big” way.

    This then leads to more value debates about whether we should ignore the rights of poor people when ORN is more important even though no-one is claiming ORN is a bad thing or that our values are so very different. And even when the very few glued their hands to trains, apologised, & were sentenced to prison, no-one spoke about this as loudly as the “he yelled at us because he couldn’t get to work” story because it’s easier to hide behind a veil of platitudes. You see it again in the “we voted 3 times for B*e*it & now what do you want?” argument which obfuscates the technical nature of the discussion about how the outcomes are going to be framed. Compromise Block attitudes are sexy because they’re not technical.

    So, yup, we should make speeches in a fantasy show because it’s emotional to do so & not cold or institutional. We have similar values so prompting viewers to consider how the outcomes are going to be framed in this fantasy world is a decent way to start talking. I enjoyed it because I imagined that if I were stuck there it would be hard to focus on one group; it could lead to knowing only a little about a person like Benni before he died. It seemed horrifying because it felt real: the emotions – if not the science -which didn’t stop my engagement in the ORN problem.

    Syzygy the Young.

    syzygy @replies

    I think, please, that we need some mods to deal with the code that often crops up in people’s posts. I have NO idea why all of that appeared so apols for the masses of punctuation that appeared there and wasted space. To Blue:


    Keep protesting. But don’t forget the science textbooks.

    You’re saying the “poor” couldn’t get to work but soon there will be no more work for the poor to get to. Once the poor are taxed higher; once Brexit & its calamitous consequences are fully met; once the corporates are slugged with “Big New Taxes” (something Tony Abbott our former PM used to repeat a lot) and so on. Some of the so-called rich earn less than 100K per annum. Not pounds but Aussie dollars.

    The corporate rich aren’t,  probably, the people who are showing up to protest. Their lives are a treat, by comparison. Protest will affect groups of people in all sorts of situations. It’s dangerous and wasteful to protest in any other way. Also, you’re comparing some protestors, people who are self funded retirees, to a vainglorious woman from a completely different century. Ironically, it was January 15, 1797 that Louis xvi was found guilty of undermining the First French Republic.

    I should add, those who preach don’t always listen.

    Keep arguing but don’t forget the history text books. 🙂

    @galaxymage I actually loved it! It’s hard to find a voice who agrees. Usually it’s common for people to say “hey, I agree with you that it was awful…confusing….more focus on the companions” etc. But I thought it was a lot better than “it’s not so bad.” Not really a ringing endorsement, that, but I can certainly see the difficulties that the writers are facing. It’s a complex show with a complex agenda.

    Syzygy the Young (one).

    syzygy @replies


    <i>Keep protesting. But don’t forget the science textbooks.</i>

    <span style=”display: inline !important; float: none; background-color: #ffffff; color: #333333; font-family: Georgia,’Times New Roman’,’Bitstream Charter’,Times,serif; font-size: 16px; font-style: normal; font-variant: normal; font-weight: 400; letter-spacing: normal; line-height: inherit; orphans: 2; text-align: left; text-decoration: none; text-indent: 0px; text-transform: none; -webkit-text-stroke-width: 0px; white-space: normal; word-spacing: 0px;”>You’re saying the “poor” couldn’t get to work. S<span style=”display: inline !important; float: none; background-color: #ffffff; color: #333333; font-family: Georgia,’Times New Roman’,’Bitstream Charter’,Times,serif; font-size: 16px; font-style: normal; font-variant: normal; font-weight: 400; letter-spacing: normal; line-height: inherit; orphans: 2; text-align: left; text-decoration: none; text-indent: 0px; text-transform: none; -webkit-text-stroke-width: 0px; white-space: normal; word-spacing: 0px;”>oon there’ll be no work for them to get to. <span style=”display: inline !important; float: none; background-color: #ffffff; color: #333333; font-family: Georgia,’Times New Roman’,’Bitstream Charter’,Times,serif; font-size: 16px; font-style: normal; font-variant: normal; font-weight: 400; letter-spacing: normal; line-height: inherit; orphans: 2; text-align: left; text-decoration: none; text-indent: 0px; text-transform: none; -webkit-text-stroke-width: 0px; white-space: normal; word-spacing: 0px;”> Some of the so-called rich earn <span style=”display: inline !important; float: none; background-color: #ffffff; color: #333333; font-family: Georgia,’Times New Roman’,’Bitstream Charter’,Times,serif; font-size: 16px; font-style: normal; font-variant: normal; font-weight: 400; letter-spacing: normal; line-height: inherit; orphans: 2; text-align: left; text-decoration: none; text-indent: 0px; text-transform: none; -webkit-text-stroke-width: 0px; white-space: normal; word-spacing: 0px;”>less than $100 000 per annum (<span style=”display: inline !important; float: none; background-color: #ffffff; color: #333333; font-family: Georgia,’Times New Roman’,’Bitstream Charter’,Times,serif; font-size: 16px; font-style: normal; font-variant: normal; font-weight: 400; letter-spacing: normal; line-height: inherit; orphans: 2; text-align: left; text-decoration: none; text-indent: 0px; text-transform: none; -webkit-text-stroke-width: 0px; white-space: normal; word-spacing: 0px;”>not pounds, Aus dolllars). Either way they’re not the “rich.”</span></span></span></span></span>

    You’re comparing some protestors – people who are self funded retirees to a vainglorious woman from a completely different period. <span style=”display: inline !important; float: none; background-color: #ffffff; color: #333333; font-family: Georgia,’Times New Roman’,’Bitstream Charter’,Times,serif; font-size: 16px; font-style: normal; font-variant: normal; font-weight: 400; letter-spacing: normal; line-height: inherit; orphans: 2; text-align: left; text-decoration: none; text-indent: 0px; text-transform: none; -webkit-text-stroke-width: 0px; white-space: normal; word-spacing: 0px;”>Also, those who preach don’t always listen.</span>

    Keep arguing but don’t forget the history text books. 🙂

    Syzygy the Young (one).

    syzygy @replies

    @phaseshift @miapatrick

    I feel you are in attack mode?

    I think a mod can be above that & attempt to be decent. It wasn’t decent, imo.

    @peacefrog is a newbie. Maybe you’re judging him/them/her on one post when all his other posts have been genuine & interesting.

    Once again I reiterate that this is a Good Place. The snark can leave now. It’s been a decent interval.

    Syzygy (old Puro).

    syzygy @replies


    You are a wonderful frog. Genuine, clever & some music I haven’t thought of in ages. Welcome to you. Unless I already did that! in which case, welcome again 😀

    Love a bit of the AlanPP me.

    @whisht I assume the next anthem will be from dat place. OK, let me put on my father’s booming, Czech flavoured, stentorian ‘voice:’  🙂 “this awful mob, the places wid the screaming peoples, the long haired bums, the greasy looking girlz & toilets. Where. Were. Toilets? Nooh, they looked gaunt, maybe d’ drugs, all liquor & much sex meant they didn’t eat anything, nooh? No toilets always worries me, dcera, it always wid vorry me. And vere was  airconditioning? And vot cars vre doze?”  In the end, in his ’80s I gave him a vinyl of Hendrix to play on his 50 year old hi fi & he adored it!

    Ok, so I’ll  add it. And I do miss Dad. Despite his suspicion of large people singing music he couldn’t comprehend, his own jazz, all self taught, was spectacularly good  Particularly on the accordion. People often put it down but it’s a tremendously versatile piece of equipment. He taught me it was a free reed aerophone. It’s easy to transpose & it worked equally for marches,  gloomy choons, the saddest love songs & the songs about…, women, sons &, uh, songs. Bless ‘im. Ve had some good times…

    Well, I’m rambling this morning. Having not actually made it to bed….


    syzygy @replies

    OK, we’re goin’ slightly “off.”

    I had the recording of this ages ago, never thought it would be on Youtube. Hah, the in’nernet. They needed a few extra female vocalists.  So, given the other discussion on t’thread: ole!


    syzygy @replies

    @bluesqueakpip @miapatrick

    I felt it was preaching to the converted, that the only convertible people watching, given the way it was managed, were the fairly young, who can’t do anything yet…

    The thousands of protesters were young like me (18). We CAN do something now. A programme like that dares us to. No-one believes -because I was there -& so were insta mates in NSW, ACT & VIC – that the poor couldn’t get to work in Australia. Protesting meant doing so outside large corporate palaces where salary earners (not wage earners) were ignoring problems. Where the Legacy media created issues of arson where there were none. Creating issues of “foolish fires” when the cost of back burning stopped the surplus from going “ahead.”

    Believe me, it meant something to a lot of us. And to the new yr 12 students who will turn 18 during their final year. They drive, they work 20 hours a week, they study, they play sport. We’re OUT THERE and we’re ANGRY. We also know the significance of harnessing this catastrophe & never letting the timid win.

    Why is ‘preach’ so bad? Is it the domain of the Baptist or the Priest? If not, can’t we use “spoke?” It spoke.

    Syzygy the Young.

    syzygy @replies


    Hi you! Happy new year. I did, yes. I couldn’t recall what they were called. I was thinking werewolves or forelocks 🙂

    syzygy @replies

    Hi doods!

    One fun lecture down and bakery to go (long story).  So, I loved it. But Mum cried because our gen has to remove all your mistakes. I saw that in the young mechanic: confident, but scared -when hiding silently from the herd of predators -As kids we’re told to be silent.

    Like @arbutus I felt it contained  waay too much stuff? but then I wondered if it has to, because if not, when are the most people going to subscribe to those ideas?

    Random things I found very interesting

    tranquility as an idea that’s fake. Fake meditation etc..

    Fakeacation (and it’s a lot like Lucy in Dracula) looking like an expensive sports stadium. And male sports as a bastion of violence against women. And the whole anti-gun idea in Who.

    A girl named Bella who hates her name & lacks confidence (Twilight).

    The Little Shop (& the one of Horrors  🙂  )

    Hopper virus which Scrabbles as ‘pore’ or ‘prop.’ And aren’t our parliamentarians props? Nightly News shows unfiltered fear-based sound bytes

    The Doctor talks. That’s what our MPs (in the States DEMS or REPS) do. Action is the ‘change.’

    Russia -the American election including bots & youtube causing an unbalanced inversion

    Love between Benni & his partner (no marriage necessary) but shoot me because of the pain (Kane doing that).

    Kane  -Cain.

    The Doctor breathing in the oxygen of a violent male Alpha. Oxygen is blood. Blood is fertility. Blood burns.

    In the end all of these stories are uncomfortable for us to watch.  If they rouse emotion, good.

    Syzygy the Younger

    syzygy @replies


    attained an external herd drive


    if all of the world is a political speech to you, 

    No, but the political exists in the polis & every one of us is a part of this.

    Except in Africa, parts of Europe & South Africa where a child who isn’t white is worth less than a privileged white American child. National Anthems are political methods of “hijacking” the politics of pretense where a country’s nationalism creates a border between the so called fake “great country” & the real, individual people which populate the planet (my alliteration’s getting out of hand).

    Maybe a march and some articles

    Enough to please you?  Maybe so the “maybe” march doesn’t do anything. Doesn’t change, radically, the nature of things. Because if it’s the U.S. you’re writing from, then it hasn’t done enough, has it.

    As for preaching, generally some individuals who use that word, are unfortunately belligerent enough to warrant the message preaching provides.

    As an Australian seeing cattle shot (before they burned alive) from the back of an escaping truck, the messages in Orphan 55 effected a range of emotions in our early academic classes for 18 -year- olds. The very first Doctor Who programmes always infiltrated our better selves when we most needed it.

    There’s a time for serious discussion of abuse, violence & climate change & it’s not the nightly news. That’s indiscriminate in its reach & so must be discriminating in its framing of material.. However, using an anthem during sports games is better than backing it with massive deaths in Iraq & in the U.S. military. Big costs. Big body counts. Big infringements of liberty. The Big stupid.

    Now, compared with 1963, Big messages are necessary. Why? Because we’re inured to stupidity. We’re surrounded by it; our perspective & logic’s dulled & our capacity for acknowledging astonishment is so high we’re required to watch programmes which effectively “chuck the kitchen sink at us.” Had we paid sufficient attention when it mattered,  the messages needn’t be preaching.

    Our activism via church is abandoned, so its up to well loved programmes to responsibly recognise how we need to change. And do it LOUD.

     I hope the upcoming episodes of Dr Who are more in the vain of the first two episodes. 

    Well, quite, vanity is the problem.

    Syzygy the Ol’

    The young’s coming…..




    syzygy @replies

    I noticed that when the Doctor said “deep breath” in Babbage’s house, her hand was grabbed by Ada.


    I see that, as much as the recording by the Doctor for the flying instructions (ECAM -personal -to -Ryan -if it was an airbus?), weren’t a retread, more a homage?

    I’ll check for more.

    syzygy @replies

    So, is this a Tranquility Base -thingy? I thought Midnight was set on a Tranquility Base? Could be completely wrong. So far no-one has mentioned this (because either my memory is wormy & I don’t have a clue, or any connection exists only in my mind).

    Anyway, sorry about the troll reaction. In future, I will mind them as I would an orphan habitation -or a dreg. Best to close one’s eyes, let ’em yell or kick & then carry on; breathing normally.


    syzygy @replies



    his episode just lost me and my wife as fans. Soooooo tired of political correctness being preached to me.

    Fucking hell what utter bullshit. You’re still fans. That’s why you’re here. Also so you can complain about actual MANNERS. You’re new here too? I don’t think they take requests. Most members tend to the Left. Well, no, not really.

    And you can’t argue against manners without getting shirty about my swearing because then you’d be preaching. See how it works, now?

    PC tick

    Old School tick

    Complicated tick

    unattractive tick

    lousy tick

    crap tick

    pre-Moffat who is stupid tick

    You’ve met all criteria of a troll. Have a nice day.

    @peacefrog totally right.

    I’m 52. Have NO idea why I’m writing like a pre-schooler but I honestly, can’t ever stand the “oh, I’m throwing all my toys in the bin because I hate Doctor Who now. Wa wa.”

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    syzygy @replies


    You’re probably not wrong. The ‘web’ is a multifaceted place which brings all sorts of things. That’s the positive. The negative is that the ‘web’ is multifaceted place which brings all sorts of things.

    The different webs are generally ‘acceptable.’ There’s where all  our ‘stuff’ is kept -credit details, logins. The other web is plain vile. I’m sure you can imagine the worst things -sex slavery etc. Should never write ‘etc’ after the word ‘slavery’ as if it’s just another concept.

    The other unhinged area is conspiracy theories and environmental fallings- down. The character ‘O’ is a good description of someone collecting information & then trying to live off grid where the wackos can’t get you. He was describing how governments outsource technology but have no real clue to whom they’re outsourcing. People are looking at water, or the lack of it, & how to sell it to the highest bidder.

    That, & people still paying top dollar to be on land right near the water, but the land eroding as we blink at our 5 buck coffee (coffee’s cheap in Sydney: big demand but not here. It’s watery, bland, & tasteless. Just so you don’t miss Brisbane too much).  🙁

    For the next generation after Thane’s it’s going to be a really difficult -& very different -world.

    syzygy @replies


    No worries, Nerys, this wasn’t about you, or about anyone disliking or feeling something. It was a thought, mainly to do with something else I should’ve been clearer about.  I do have a history, I must admit, of  worrying about the ‘internet.’ My main concern was with how clear Yaz was regarding her emotional state. And how people don’t often ‘hear’ that person who says very little. That was also related to something we all discussed (a few of us) in the Pub.

    Internet: a specific case, recently in our fires, where a person, suspected of arson, quickly cleared, was nearly killed by youtube comments as others ‘found’ out who she was. People said: “oh sure, I knew this about her. But I never said.” Many people pile on. Then she’s acquitted. A case of mistaken identity. It’s as simple as that. But not to her.

    syzygy @replies


    Agreed. It’s not phallic. I have absolutely no idea why that happened !

    To the rest of the gang. I’ve mentioned before,  about 3 years ago, that the internet’s great. Except when people start using terms that others copy. It echoes.

    Two years ago: new Doctor. Only now, we have one person ‘admitting’ “oh, actually, it’s flat. No bonkerising & it disappointed” & that’s followed by a whole lot of others suddenly writing something very similar. But these same people never stated this at the time! Too respectful of a forum? Felt like you didn’t want to be the one who admitted they didn’t like the new Tardis/the Doctor’s outfit? I’ve no problem people disliking things, but why wait ’til someone else admits it? No one’s going to run at the barrel & cause an argument over a small thing.

    On an unrelated topic the Tardis produces the sonic. Whittaker has never followed how previous iterations do things. She’s on record with this. This is a technology age. The Tardis stores such technology & sends digital & ‘classic’ information to the newly inspired sonic.  But fair do if it grates on other viewers. I found Tennant’s snogging highly irritating & Eccleston’s smile a tad over-done.

    But I worry when on another Forum a poster claims the episode isn’t emotional.  It seems odd others suddenly jump on that. And it’s multiplied.  You don’t want to mention this on your own. You wait & then you decide. You decide to mirror a comment that someone else (you respect) has used & it causes an implosion, a “yes,  me too {ahem}.”

    I find it strange. And yes, I’m the new grumpy. You need to have someone who’s ‘allowed’ to be providing no attacks are lodged.   😈

    We seem to have lost @pedant & others already.  And I understand people were under the impression this was a grumpier guy getting nasty when it was a grumpy guy feeling under pressure, personally. That grumpy guy came to my side in 2016 so now I’m doing the same. I’m going to stand here doing that because it’s decent. Just that. I’m not trying to blame someone, or beat someone. It’s kind. And it’s the best one can do (the Doctor).

    I might hang in the music area waiting for my other pal. I saw another R.I.P & often in January. Who knows, that could be why I feel a tad alone. I need to say what I feel.  These deaths are coming quicker & I’m marooned in an open ocean. I also feel that this Doctor is terrific. It could be that I feel protective of her.  She’s a woman. She’s brilliant at what she does. In this role, particularly.

    But I notice Yaz is basically screaming in between all the running & the bow ties. She’s saying “help.”  If people claim it’s lacking in the fantastical-Moffat period; or it’s heavy; cold, even, without punch;  it could lead to a stifling of the writer’s opportunities. Because now they need an ’emotional’ dialogue with the obvious “I’m scared, but I’m not saying anything.” Do we need to wait before we say “hey, Yaz’s falling apart & we didn’t do anything because she never said.” Sometimes an absence of dialogue is as significant as its other, louder partner. It’s not cold, it’s the opposite. It creeps up, from the side, from the corner of your eye; it’s never said.

    Also, Beth, where art thou?

    Syzygy the very old.

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