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    @serahni I agree with you. I liked Rose, and admit that I did get a bit teary-eyed over some of the soap-ish plots involving her and the Doctor. And I ain’t no teenager. Wasn’t then, and certainly am not now. But I also found myself growing a bit weary of that, especially when Martha was sent down a similar road. Which is why I was so happy to…[Read more]

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    @serahni  Here, have some nice grapes.  I can’t stand the damn bleating either, so I’m in your small minority (which I doubt is that small any more).  Too much romantic goo for me with Rose and Ten.  I think Moffat has done much better with the Twelve/Clara story (full of difficulties, and ultimately destroyed by its own success, as excess of att…[Read more]

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    Good I didn’t think it was only me who found the actor superfluous to requirements (says she pretentiously.) I agree about the scene you mentioned, very funny.


    The scene with Mycroft and Watson, is one of my favourite scenes in Study in Pink.


    Damn! I should have liked that little gem to have been a…[Read more]

  • Nick replied to the topic On The Sofa (8)


    It’s been mentioned on the Spoiler page.

  • Miapatrick replied to the topic The Doctor Falls

    @serahni – yes, I caught a look on his face when he said that.
    Regeneration isn’t just getting a new body. It is a kind of death. Memories are still there, maybe there is some trace of consciousness within the Doctor, but that personality doesn’t get to live any more.
    I’ve wondered before if the twelve regenerations limit is for psychological…[Read more]

  • CountScarlioni replied to the topic The Doctor Falls

    @serahni   I suspect that “Sontarans perverting the course of human history” is a new phrase to use in same sort of way as “Reverse the polarity of the neutron flow.” I wish it were otherwise! The proximity of the Master to Missy caused her to forget things in her timeline. So, it seems we can expect that the First Doctor’s appearance on the s…[Read more]

  • wolfweed replied to the topic The Doctor Falls

    @Serahni   I wonder if they’re going to out-crotchety each other.


    crotchety x2

  • Missy replied to the topic The Lie of the Land

    @wolfweed: Well, I’m glad someone said, you beat me to it. Steven Moffat didn’t write the script, Toby Whithouse did! All right he had to approve of it, but it wasn’t his work.  Not that it matters because, as I’ve already said, I really enjoyed this episode.

    @thane15:  That laugh! *shudder* It had the same affect on me as the smile he gives in t…[Read more]

  • After battling for (seemingly) hours with various internet locations (thanks for the suggestion @serahni but the geo-lock put the kibosh on that) and finally iTunes, managed to see it, and (as a good citizen consumer) paid to see the remaining episodes.

    By and large, agree with @jimthefish on this one, and even those determined to see it in a…[Read more]

  • Whisht replied to the topic On The Sofa (8)

    @fatmaninabox – as Puro said.

    Also great to see you’re still around @serahni as always enjoy your thoughts.

    (Apologies for missing others who I’ve forgotten – the threads are looonnng if its few days after an episode!!)

  • ichabod replied to the topic The Lie of the Land

    @serahni   I can’t shake this feeling that the Doctor’s promise to “guard this body for 1000 years” was somehow a reference to himself. I did wonder if he managed to use the device to kill Missy to somehow transfer something of himself to her, since she had just asked him to teach her to be good. Is this remorse a reaction to a foreign empathy…[Read more]

  • lisa replied to the topic The Lie of the Land

    There ere aspects of this episode that felt some what cop out-ish to me too.   In the end it didn’t

    have a lot of power for me.   The resolution was too simple.

    @Serahni      I get the same feeling about the Missy stuff as you.  Its the Missy stuff that potentially has

    the real surprising   ‘Missy-direction  for me’.   When the Doctor calls ou…[Read more]

  • nerys replied to the topic The Lie of the Land

    @serahni I too wondered where the TARDIS was through all of this. I suppose some might have considered it rather too MacGuffin-ish to have the TARDIS turn up and whisk Bill away from the Monks, thus breaking the connection. Maybe, for some reason not yet known to us, the Doctor needed Bill to overcome the Monks with her own mind, rather than…[Read more]

  • wolfweed replied to the topic The Lie of the Land

    Plenty of potential plot holes this week too. Let’s try & address some…(even though I’ve not really slept!)

    @Serahni On the not using the TARDIS (where was it all episode?), @tardigrade‘s explanations would cover this. Using it as a taxi = breaks the Monks’ trust. Using it to take Bill into Space to break the link, as also explained = Not…[Read more]

  • tardigrade replied to the topic The Lie of the Land

    @serahni The method of breaking the link that was considered was the “Missy method”- expedient and without concern for the person embodying the link. I can see why you would think a broader set of tools, other than Missy’s blunt instrument, might have been considered.

  • tardigrade replied to the topic The Lie of the Land

    @serahni From memory, I think the Doctor does explain that simply breaking the link isn’t ideal, since it will take time for the Monks influence to fade away. I would have thought they might also be in a position to establish a new link- they’d surely then be a in a better position to find someone who feels trust/dependence/love for them than they…[Read more]

  • tardigrade replied to the topic The Lie of the Land


    I’m not sure but if anyone is in need of a site that doesn’t require login and, thus, might allow sneaky access, our Australian broadcasts are online. http://iview.abc.net.au/

    This will be geoblocked also methinks- though won’t require a login.

    I’m not entirely certain where the TARDIS was for those 6 months

    With Nardole it would seem,…[Read more]

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    @serahni  I wish I could binge-watch it too!  I have been preoccupied with this three-parter and need to get back to one-shot stories!  😉


  • MissRori replied to the topic The Pilot

    @serahni  I’m sorry to hear you didn’t enjoy Series 9 all that much.  It was the Capaldi era that brought me back to Who, and I haven’t caught up with the final run of Smith’s tenure and the “Impossible Girl” arc, but I never did become a big Clara Oswald fan — although I was moved by her actual relationship with the Doctor, her romance arc in Se…[Read more]

  • Missy replied to the topic The Pilot

    @serahni:    I just stopped enjoying Who.  Season 9 was arduous

    That’s almost blasphemous! *grins*

    Ever since PC became the Doctor (except for the rare episode because of the writing) the show has been superb.

    I loved 8/9/ and now 10, with, as I said, exceptions. Surely you can’t have found fault with “Heaven Sent?”




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