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    Nick @nick


    One other reason why your observation re Gatiss rings so true for me, is that he reused the Mike Yates/Sergeant Benton  “RHIP” joke (rank has its privileges) from Day of the Daleks in Empress of Mars.

    Missy @missy


    Good I didn’t think it was only me who found the actor superfluous to requirements (says she pretentiously.) I agree about the scene you mentioned, very funny.


    The scene with Mycroft and Watson, is one of my favourite scenes in Study in Pink.


    Damn! I should have liked that little gem to have been a surprise.


    ichabod @ichabod

    @blenkinsopthebrave  Oh, bravo!  I’d forgotten that the Doctor called the Master “that jackanapes!”  How delightful.

    Missy @missy

    Speaking of Sherlock. You all probably saw the panel comic com, where one of the questions, directed at Steven Moffat, was whether he’s consider putting The Doctor and Sherlock together? Steven responded by saying that there’d be a fight over the Billing, and Yes, why not, he’d do anything for a laugh and a tart!


    wolfweed @wolfweed

    CRAZY CAPTIONS is back, over on the blog…

    Show us your wit!

    janetteB @janetteb

    @wolfweed If I haven’t already said it, It is great to have you back. Thanks for all the cool images you post and now extra thanks for reviving Crazy Captions.

    Serahni @serahni

    @missy  Sorry about that, I’ve been dog-sitting and the internet here is terrible.  Takes forever for the forums to load and then it doesn’t always load all the images.  I thought I’d posted into Spoilers but I didn’t.  My bad.


    Completely and utterly and totally off-topic, but I’m interested to know what percentage of the demographic I fall into; who else thinks Rose was overrated and that Ten, as a character rather than a portrayal because Tennant was excellent and got the cream of the stories really, is overly romanticised?  I’ll admit, I’ve been reading comments on silly memes but I decided against entering into debate with young girls on Facebook.  lol   It really bugs me that, in the scope of all the stories ever told in the Who universe, there’s still this feeling that the Rose/Doctor story is somehow the pinnacle for some people.  I’m prepared to be in a small minority who wishes Davies hadn’t gone down that path, if only because the aftermath was this persistent bleating that every incarnation after Ten “wasn’t Ten” and that every companion “wasn’t Rose”.

    I will await the incoming tomatoes.  lol

    ichabod @ichabod

    @serahni  Here, have some nice grapes.  I can’t stand the damn bleating either, so I’m in your small minority (which I doubt is that small any more).  Too much romantic goo for me with Rose and Ten.  I think Moffat has done much better with the Twelve/Clara story (full of difficulties, and ultimately destroyed by its own success, as excess of attachment so often is); and even more so with Bill as a companion of the “ordinary young woman” variety.  I don’t pine for more of Twelve/Clara, because that story was so thoroughly told; done and dusted, for me.

    I’ve certainly never wanted to see more of Rose; but then, I wasn’t a teenager when I first saw her, and I never got sentimental about her.  I would like to see more of Bill, though.  I wish she were staying over into S11.  Hers isn’t nearly a saga, as Clara’s story was, so it feels as if she could have another good story about her, and maybe another after that, interacting with another Doctor and filling out a bit more as a character.

    nerys @nerys

    @serahni I agree with you. I liked Rose, and admit that I did get a bit teary-eyed over some of the soap-ish plots involving her and the Doctor. And I ain’t no teenager. Wasn’t then, and certainly am not now. But I also found myself growing a bit weary of that, especially when Martha was sent down a similar road. Which is why I was so happy to have Donna arrive on the scene. No romantic entanglements or pining, just a solid, believable friendship. It was interesting to see something of a return to that tension between Amy and Raggedy Man, of only to be nipped in the bud once it was clear that Amy had chosen Rory.

    With Clara, it was sort of left up in the air as to whether she felt that kind of attraction to the Doctor. When Capaldi’s Doctor was introduced, it seemed important to address that directly. Hence, his comment to Clara of “I’m not your boyfriend,” followed by her reply of “I never thought you were.” And then he followed up with, “I never said it was your mistake.”

    blenkinsopthebrave @blenkinsopthebrave

    Let me join your small but honourable group. I found the whole Rose/Ten dynamic horribly cringeworthy. Indeed, I felt it brought out the worst of both characters, and was one of the reasons I skipped a lot of episodes during those years. I found her selfish and self-indulgent character intensely annoying. I think Moffat was very astute in bringing back Billie Piper in the 50th as Bad Wolf, and not as Rose. The Bill/Twelve dynamic worked so much better (partly because of the age difference, partly because of the sexuality of Bill, and partly because Moffat chose to make her neither “the impossible girl” as with Clara or “all about her”, as with Amy. Bill by contrast was refreshingly real.

    I am hoping very much that the success of the Bill/Twelve dynamic means that Chibnall does not revert to a romantic subtext between Doctor and companion next year.

    JimTheFish @jimthefish
    Time Lord


    You can probably count me among your number too. I have a funny feeling that there’s an old and occasionally heated dispute with @htpbdet somewhere on the site about the relative merits of the 10/Rose scenario. My feeling is that it was something that had to happen to drag Who into the modern age and that RTD should be commended for grasping that nettle. It was too bad that he could never quite figure out where to go afterwards and couldn’t quite put his Rose fixation to, um, to bed. The other problem was that 10 and Rose were so damned smug rather a lot of the time.

    I concur with @blenkinsopthebrave when he says that SM has been a whole lot more successful in handling the dynamic of Doctor/companion attraction/sexuality. Giving him a long-term and equal love interest in River Song was a genius move, and to an extent Missy has fulfilled a slightly similar, if more dysfunctional, role for 12. For my money, Amy and Rory are my favourite companions and I think work because of the slight air of sexual tension/insecurity that exists between the two of them and the Doctor.

    Also agree that if Bill does not return next year (but I’d lay odds that she will) then it will be interesting just how CC will deal with this now ever-present dynamic. It is the aspect of the modern Who showrunner that possibly requires the most ingenuity I think.

    Nick @nick

    @serahni @jimthefish @blenkinsopthebrave

    I thought Rose was handled reasonably well with Eccleston, but it was a mistake in S2 to make the Rose/Doctor love-in. What made it worse was RTD compounded it with Martha (which killed off that character on two different fronts – another infatuation and as substitute Rose). I didnt like the Rose infatuation, but I guess I could have got over that (maybe), but it was – as jimthefish wrote – the smugness was much worse.

    RTD obviously loved Rose the character, in the same way that Moff loves his creation Clara, both in a creative sense, but also in the way that fans love certain characters more than others. I think there is a tendency to want to continue to tell the character’s story after it has ended, especially if they’re portrayed by very talented actors.

    With Rose, much as it pains me to say this, I don’t think we can moan about it too much. If series 2 hadn’t been the success it was, building on Series 1, bringing and cementing a new and different audience to Who, it seems likely that the relaunch experiment might have failed.

    I hope/expect to see Bill next series. I think CC would be missing out on a lot if he didn’t. However, I guess there is the pull of a new Doctor/new companion arc. I wonder if he has considered making a few episodes with a companion of episode type format. I think that would be an interesting dynamic to try out.

    Serahni @serahni

    @nick @jimthefish @blenkinsopthebrave @nerys @ichabod

    I knew I couldn’t be the only sane one out there!  (Though that may be a questionable claim.)  I do agree that I see, in some sense, the necessity of Rose but I think that’s also what makes me so infuriated about her.  The idea that we needed that horrendous mush-fest to sell the merits of the show to a big enough audience to warrant its continuation.  It undoubtedly would have been more tolerable had we not been inundated by fans who seemed to legitimately believe that if they shouted loud enough, Tennant would return and bring Rose with him.  I understand that the show kind of used that herd mentality to get its impetus, but gosh doesn’t it feel dirty having to muck in with pretend-fans.

    I’m being pretentious now, slap me.

    I always try to balance out my criticism with the acknowledgement that I haven’t seen Rose’s last few episodes.  I just couldn’t stomach it anymore.  Much though I always point out that I thought Billie Piper’s performance was excellent, the character herself was always selfish and shallow to me.  The way she treated Mickey was horrible, and in the end it seemed like she had no discernible personality that belonged to herself.  Their relationship was one of co-dependence and it wasn’t pretty, at least from where I was sitting.  Part of me has wondered if Davies didn’t realise he was selling out somewhat, and whether bringing Sarah Jane in for a proper farewell was his way of apologising to us all.  (Because, let’s face it, much though the show itself would never have shown it, that goof loved Sarah more than he’d love some silly shop girl.  I’m not bitter. lol)

    I felt the same way about Martha until Martha chose another path.  She could have stayed and moped, tried to cling on to something that wasn’t going to happen, and instead she helped him save the world and then hung around to look after it.  I respected the hell out of her for caring about her family as much as she did too, since I was never sold on Rose caring much about anyone other than herself.  I think the glimpses we got of what her future became really redeemed her character, though I certainly agree that Donna/Ten is probably the best pairing of the reboot so far.  I liked Eleven/Clara, I found the dynamic between Twelve/Clara interesting, the whole saga with Danny Pink wore me down in the end and I wound up disliking that season more than I wanted to.  I adored Bill though, and another season of her might rival Donna because she’s very close already.  I hope we get to see more of her.

    Though, if we can’t, I want an alien companion.  Or a guy.  Just not another pretty young girl, even if she is more interested in a puddle of water than the Doctor.  lol

    Anonymous @

    I’m not sane then 🙂

    I enjoyed Rose -actually we all did! It was a bit mushy but I actually thought it worked. The Doctor Dances 2 parter was terrific; Bad Wolf I really enjoyed also. Then Rose and 10 in The Satan Pit? It also worked.

    I think Rose and 9 -and then 10, and the way it planned out (with all the ‘snogging’) was what was needed at the time. Without it, maybe the show would’ve fallen out of favour?

    But yeah, sketchy maybe? But it worked -for me.

    JimTheFish @jimthefish
    Time Lord

    @serahni et al–

    I personally wouldn’t be too down on Rose. I think Billie Piper played her brilliantly and I think much of the show’s dramatic success in those early years is as down to her as it is to anything else. And her return does pay off really rather well — for me, it’s one of the highpoints of Journey’s End (the other being Donna’s memory wipe) in what for me is a rather overwrought finale.

    I don’t really have a problem with the way she treated Mickey either. If anything, it makes her real. . We don’t treat the people we love all that well a lot of the time. We often don’t know what we have until we lose it and so on. It’s a testament to RTD’s writing if anything. Same with Amy and Rory. I remember a lot of people complaining about how Amy treated Rory but that to me was missing the point. We saw them mature as a couple over their time.

    With a couple of exceptional episodes, I find I seldom return to the Tennant and Rose episodes these days. I just find 10 such an annoying Doctor who hasn’t weathered that well. (Though as Terrance Dicks pointed out, Doctors seemed to go in and out of fashion. No doubt I’ll end up loving him again at some point.) But he and Rose were perfect for the time and their plotline was one that the show had to go through, should have, in fact, gone through, long before it did. And it was necessary to lay the groundwork for future relationship arcs. Through no fault of Freema Ageyma, Martha never really worked. But you couldn’t have had the Doctor and River, or the Doctor, Amy and Rory if you hadn’t had the Doctor and Rose first. I think @thane15 is right that there’s lots from that era that worked and worked well.

    It’s important to have a little context though I think. There’s a small knot of diehards on the Graun boards who it seems won’t be happy until modern Who is a carbon copy of what it was in the 1970s. Arguments with them tend to make me seem too down on that era, probably unfairly. The Baker and Sladen/Jamieson/Tamm era is probably what got a lot of us into Who at the first place and it was great at the time. Watching it back now, we’ll tend to mostly see its faults, which are manifold, not what carried us along at the time.That, I suspect, is a process that never really ends.

    Phew. Apologies for the length.

    Bluesqueakpip @bluesqueakpip

    @jimthefish and @Thane15

    I think the ‘problem’ with Rose is not Rose. 😀

    It’s hindsight. I remember watching Piper and Tennant at the time and thinking how good they were together – but then we had an entire, series-long ‘but you’re not Rose’ companion arc. By the end of it I was ‘enough about bloody Rose already!’ I’m not surprised Martha was the only Post Gap Companion to date written as choosing to leave the TARDIS.

    But Billie Piper, as much as Eccleston and Tennant, is one of the people responsible for Who not just returning, not just surviving, but becoming a blockbuster success. Had RTD only confined himself to maybe two episodes of the Tennant Doctor mourning Rose, we’d probably all remember her much more fondly.

    I agree with Jim; the plotline was one Who should probably have followed long before. But it did suit the Tennant Doctor; the Doctor who’s lost everything – and is trying to find a place among an alien people by becoming more like them.

    Serahni @serahni

    Oh, I definitely agree Piper was fantastic and I’ve always said her performance was excellent.  Her portrayal of the character was entirely on point, I just never resonated with the character.  It may have been because I was living in London at the time of the series reboot and I experienced a few who reminded me of her, and not in a favourable light. lol  I’m also happy to acknowledge we probably had to endure that romance to get where we are today, I am more weary to still be encountering very blinkered fandom from some of the new arrivals who, judging by their remarks, haven’t liked an episode since Tennant left.

    That being said, I’m glad Who has changed.  I’m not someone who wants to go back to the way it was, since that served a purpose at the time but eventually wore out its welcome.  I’d even go as far as to say that part of me prefers the reboot, but only because I suspect I’ve become a product of the times and the way the show is produced caters to my limited attention span.  I don’t turn on the television for any other show, so the chances of me faring well with the episodic daily half hour aren’t great.  If anything, I’m glad to have been able to experience both as they were occurring and even if I do get disgruntled with Rose/Ten, I’ll at least be gracious and thank them for keeping the show relevant.  Very impatient for Christmas!

    Missy @missy

    @thane15:    I think Rose and 9 -and then 10, and the way it planned out (with all the ‘snogging’) was what was needed at the time. Without it, maybe the show would’ve fallen out of favour?

    But yeah, sketchy maybe? But it worked -for me.

    Me too, I loved rose.


    Arbutus @arbutus

    @serahni     You’ve pretty much nailed down a lot of my feelings about the Rose arc. I loved her (most of the time) with 9, less so with 10, although there were plenty of times in Series 2 that I really enjoyed her. I also agree with those who suggest that what made it hardest to take was the post-Rose period. RTD really didn’t want to let her go, so neither did the Doctor. It worked for me that the Doctor might have tried, at that point in his timeline, to fool himself that he could form a successful relationship of that sort with a human, but not that he wouldn’t have moved on afterward. I always loved Twelve’s statement to Clara that he wasn’t her boyfriend, followed up with “I never said it was your mistake”. It felt to me that it addressed the entire Ten/Rose situation in a few lines.

    I tend to agree with @jimthefish that Ten has not stood the test of time for me. I thoroughly enjoyed him at the time, but watching through most of his episodes last year, I found myself missing the later incarnations. (How much of that was the writing, I’m not sure.)  I have loved Capaldi in the part and will miss him; however, I’m not hard to please, so I expect I will continue to enjoy the Doctor going forward!

    winston @winston

    @everyone I am on a unabashed Rose fan. There I said it! I liked her from the very first episode of AG and I was sad to see her character leave but was OK with her ending and her own Doctor.Now my 8 yr old granddaughter started watching with me and we started at the beginning with “Rose”  and she loves the show but she sees it as Rose’s adventures with this strange Doctor and not the Doctor’s adventures with his companion. That will change as we watch more series but for now it is almost the Rose Show to her.

    My point is that Rose seems so real and so like us and such a regular girl that some could identify with her like my granddaughter has. And she is not perfect, she makes mistakes and is sometimes selfish and even smug but I have been all those things at some point in my life and Rose tries to learn from her mistakes. Rose is a great role model for my little whovian, she is brave and honorable and honest and she fights for what she thinks is right.

    I totally understand why some don’t care for her or get annoyed but this is why I like Rose.

    JonnyTheDoc @sabesjt98

    Hi all,

    Sorry if this has been discussed already, I did search the forums, but this wasn’t covered specifically in the search I did…

    I have a problem with how the SimmMaster could possibly have become Missy…

    According to the concise Wikipedia synopsis:

    “The Doctor and his allies consider the Master’s fate before the Master is shot by his wife Lucy. The Master refuses to regenerate for the Doctor and dies in his arms, leaving the Doctor to believe he is the last Time Lord. The Doctor cremates the Master’s body on a funeral pyre and leaves, but sometime later a woman’s hand picks up the Master’s signet ring from the ashes.”

    A woman’s hand picks up the ring from the ashes… If the SimmMaster’s body is now ash, how could he possibly have regenerated, as well as regenerating once he was already very dead? I do get he could maybe have regenerated earlier on in the pyre’s burning, but it doesn’t imply that…

    Could Missy therefore, be another time lord who has just recovered his ring and is ultimately not an incarnation of the Master, but pretending to be one? Could Missy be some form of shape shifting being who is portraying the master because it screws with the Doctor? Or even screws with the SimmMaster when they reach him?

    Also, they can’t possibly have killed the Master completely? Can they? It’d be very brave to do that in a series where the threat of the Master’s existence is fundamental to the ethos of who the Doctor is…

    Plus, who do we think the new Doctor will be? If it’s Kris Marshall, I’ll be having stern words with myself as I’ll be incredibly reluctant to watch him! I cannot stand his fake acting style! It bugs me more than words!

    wolfweed @wolfweed

    Welcome, @sabesjt98 (JonnyTheDoc)!

    Presumably the Doctor is referring to events which occurred in ‘The End of Time’ (where the Master was resurrected as a semi-phantom) in the first line from this scene here from ‘The Doctor Falls’:

    DOCTOR: (to the Master) The last time I saw you, you were on your way to Gallifrey. 
    MASTER: Well, I didn’t stay. Why would I stay?
    DOCTOR: So they cured your little condition and kicked you out.

    the doctor falls transcript


    The Master always dies (& always comes back – it’s a tradition)…

    We are all discussing who the new Who might be over on the dr who news thread


    Anonymous @

    Hello friends.  I hope this isn’t against the forum rules, but I’ve been sucked into voting numerous times on the Drama Championship run by Radio Times. Annoyingly, Matt Smith has already been eliminated, but David Tennant is still in with a chance. I just want him to get to the next round and it’s very close. Here’s the link to Round 3: http://www.radiotimes.com/news/2017-07-14/radio-times-drama-champion-round-3-4#


    wolfweed @wolfweed

    New Crazy Captions over on the blog. Show us yer wit!

    chib secrets

    Anonymous @


    I know this is a bit late but congratulations on your birthday and your Ruby Wedding Anniversary.

    I had to google ‘Ruby anniversary’ and there I read that there are different stones and even things which are not stones (or gems) for other earlier anniversaries!

    But anyway, what I’m saying is “very many happy returns” on your birthday and congratulations on your long, happy marriage.  My mum and dad will have been married for 25 years in September and all my friends are amazed. Bar one, every friend has parents who are divorced. At different times of the year that becomes really hard for them -like Christmas and their birthdays. So I am really happy for you and for your children and husband.  It’s fantastic and I hope your presents are thoughtful and fun!

    Also, I hope the party was a ‘blast’  😀

    Love to you,

    from Thane and Puro

    Missy @missy

    @serahni:  Not to worry about spoilers, it happens.


    I’m with you about Rose, but I should liked to have seen more of Bill.

    @sabesjt98: Hey, they are Time Lords, they can do anything. As for Kris Marshall, we will have to agree to disgree.

    He would be perfect in the role. He can be, clumsy, silly, funny, writes on bits of paper, seems vague but isn’t. Can be stern and quite ruthless, rather like a terrier – AND he’s GINGER! Perfect.




    Missy @missy


    Can an actor who has already playd the Doctor, play him again? I liked DT, I liked all of them, but if PC was staying, I’d like it even more.


    Missy @missy


    May I add my congratulations to that of Thane and Puro.

    Our childrens friends are astonished that my OH and I are still together after 50 years! so I can see thane’s point.

    Hope it was a great party.


    Cath Annabel @cathannabel

    @thane15 @missy thanks both for your congrats and good wishes.  The party is this afternoon so will coincide with the announcement of the new Doctor!  We will be briefing the DJs (who are good friends and one of them is a real Whovian) to play the theme tune and then make the announcement as soon as it’s known.


    Craig @craig

    @cathannabel Many congrats from me too – to you on your birthday, and to you and your husband on your anniversary. I hope you both have a wonderful day. Sounds like you’ve got it planned well and you’ve got your priorities right! 🙂

    janetteB @janetteb

    @cathannabel congrats and best wishes from me. I hope that you have a lovely celebration complimented by the big announcement.

    Mudlark @mudlark


    Add my congratulations to those already accumulated. Very best wishes for the double celebration!

    FatManInABox @fatmaninabox

    Just popped in and now I’m popping out again – PC problems (Personal Computer not Peter Capaldi 😉 ) and a couple of domestic disasters to deal with.

    You never know, one day I might manage to make a proper return to the fold.

    Missy @missy

    @fatmaninabox:    PC problems (Personal Computer not Peter Capaldi 😉 )

    Thank you for that. It made me laugh for the first time today. I trust your PC will  recover soon.



    janetteB @janetteb

    @fatmaninabox I hope all the disasters are soon sorted so that you can return to the fold.


    doctor doo @emmo26

    Tom Baker on the Johnny Carson show…


    I notice on his IMDb listings he has appeared on america’s biggest chat show not only once but TWICE.


    Once in the seventies before he was the doctor and the other time in 83.


    Does anyone here have any more info about his appearances?

    FatManInABox @fatmaninabox

    It’s Prom season and while there’s no Doctor Who Prom (again) this year, there is a concert that may be of interest to some of you.

    On Thursday 20th July at 19:30, BBC Radio 3 will be broadcasting a celebration of the music of John Williams. The concert will also be televised on BBC4 on Friday 21st at 20:00 – running time approx 2 hours.

    @janetteb @missy

    Thankfully my PC’s almost back to normal but the domestic disasters are still ‘work in progress’. At some point last Saturday night, my toilet tank developed a crack (how I don’t know) and as a consequence, my bathroom was flooded. On top of that, the controls for my hot water boiler developed a fault. For some reason whenever I switch the boiler on, whether manually or using the timer, all my electric goes off. The Council have been informed but so far, despite these faults being classed as urgent, no-one has yet turned up to fix them.

    wolfweed @wolfweed


    Thanks for the Prom dates!

    Hope your domestix get sorted soon.

    Whisht @whisht

    thought I’d update my avatar.

    did it years ago, but change is good.

    JimTheFish @jimthefish
    Time Lord

    @whisht— that. is. awesome.

    wolfweed @wolfweed


    Whisht @whisht

    @jimthefish – that’s extremely kind.

    “Bras are cool”

    FatManInABox @fatmaninabox

    I’ve just finished editing the recording I made of last night’s John Williams Prom. I’m not sure I’ll post them online anywhere though (copyright issues etc).

    For those intending to watch/record tonight’s BBC4 broadcast pay close attention to the beginning of the ‘Raiders March’. There are a few ‘bum’ notes making it sound as though the orchestra was infiltrated by a clown 🙂 (unless the Beeb fix it in post-production). Unfortunately, this is a problem that crops up elsewhere during the concert. I do hope  members of the brass section didn’t wake up this morning to find a P45 on the doormat.

    Mistakes aside, it was a thoroughly enjoyable concert and, not surprisingly, the main concert closed with ‘Main Title’ from Star Wars and what a stonkingly great performance it was too.

    For the first encore we were given a break from the ‘Main Themes’ which dominated the concert and treated to one of John Williams classic ‘incidental’ pieces. What would it be though? ‘The Map Room: Dawn’ from Raiders of the Lost Ark? ‘Binary Sunset’ from Star Wars or maybe even ‘The Imperial March’ from The Empire Strikes Back?. Nah, it was the bloody ‘Cantina Band’ from Star Wars 👿 (not a favourite of mine)

    @wolfweed @janetteb @missy

    Problems with waterworks sorted 🙂


    wolfweed @wolfweed

    @fatmaninabox Glad your waterworks (& presumably electrics) are sorted.

    Listening out for bum notes now (They may have frantically edited the sound somehow!)



    McCotton @mccottonthedoctorfan

    I was just thinking about something.  Since the Master is SUPPOSEDLY dead for good this time (“Don’t bother regenerating, you got the full blast.”) (and I stress “supposedly,” because it’s the Master, so who knows), I’d like to see Chibnall bring back some of the other Time Lord villains.  Since the new series began, it’s always been either the Master or Rassilon.  But there’s so many other great Time Lord villains.  The Rani, the Mad Monk, Omega, the War Cheif.  Heck, since we’re on the Twelfth regeneration (until Christmas), I’d even like to see the Valeyard come back– since he is the combination of all the Doctor’s darker sides, existing somewhere between the Doctor’s Twelfth and final regenerations.

    wolfweed @wolfweed

    @fatmaninabox  No bummers!

    It was like that with the Doctor Who 50th Prom. Very raw out of tune honking on the radio but all fixed by the TV transmission.

    1 day for John Williams is a fast turn around though!


    Anonymous @

    I love this quote from Steven Moffat:

    “I absolutely know the show will continue forever. This show will continue in whatever form the future holds for as long as people want stories. I believe that absolutely. Just as King Arthur keeps going and Robin Hood keeps going – Doctor Who will always be there. You take it off the air for sixteen years and it comes back as the Big Issue and on television. There isn’t anything you can do to this show. Doctor Who goes on forever. It is more than a TV program it’s more than a story, it’s actually a legend.”

    BBC America, (2017, Jul 18). #AskDW with Steven Moffat – Best Moments | Doctor Who Season 10, [Video File]. Retrived from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bqTSasCISj4



    blenkinsopthebrave @blenkinsopthebrave

    Wasn’t quite sure which thread to post this on, but just rewatched “Empress of Mars” and it confirmed that, for me, this was the most enjoyable episode of S11. Not the most spectacular, or the most important, but, for me, the most enjoyable. I also think it was the most successful Gatiss-penned story that he did for Who.

    And it was pure Gatiss. There was the Victorian setting (well, you know what I mean); there was the allusion to HG Wells, and Kipling, and other Victorian novelists that I am not remembering at the moment; there were the elements of self-sacrifice, of cowardice and heroism, and the underlying romanticism of it all. Yes, it’s true, I loved it!

    And, finally, the return of Alpha Centauri! I mean, how wonderful was that?

    MissRori @missrori

    Dealing with the no-PC blues right now.  Wouldn’t take a Windows 10 automatic update and so it’s off to the shop come Monday, second time in less than a year.  🙁  I still have my tablet but it’s easier to chat on a PC! 😉

    I’ve been avoiding Xmas spoilers, so I need to find another way to cheer up…

    Craig @craig

    Hi all,

    I’m too busy to do this, and many of you are more qualified, but I was wondering if anyone fancied helping out. I received an email this morning – here’s the contents.

    I am in need of some help. I sadly know nothing of Doctor Who. My 5-year-old niece however is a big fan, as is my sister and brother-in-love. Madeline, as of late, has questioned the existence of the good Doctor. We thought it would be fun for her to get a letter from him congratulating her on soon becoming a big sister and thus not only proof of Life but also a wonderful gift for the big sister to be! Could you help? Or know how I could make this happen?

    Anyone like to help?

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