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    Sorry everybody, kind of skipped the Brexit chatter there….

    I don’t have much knowledge on the details of it, nor a schooled opinion. Best of luck with it tho…

    I’m trying to survive the trumpocalypse…

    bwaaaaaa haaaaaa haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    Is the Doctor still the President of the World????

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    I would so hang out with you guys, Amaretto or no… but preference to dark beer like muddy pond water teeming with life (see: Chespeake Bay area’s “Flying Dog Pearl Necklace” or “Sweet Baby Java”)…

    sadly, it requires a very long sail…

    (Viking ship Sae Hrafn, Oakley MD, me firing (camera) shots over the bow of my kayak…)

    “Pearl…[Read more]

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    ahhhhhhhhhhhh the stuff you find in thrift shops…


    Stich AND the tardis hat…

    (shout out to Community Aid in Hanover Pennsylvania USA)

  • This is fabulous and resonates with me on so many levels.

    I’ve gone through many changes in the last two years, and feel in need of “regeneration” myself. This deep dive into what that means for Doctor Who […]

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    I cannot do better than fate of trumpocalypse wall…

    well done, well done…

    Doctor, WHERE ARE U??????????????

  • Great insights!

    I’ve been aware of Doctor Who since I discovered fandom in the late 70s, but was unable to watch it on a regular basis until Capaldi (my TV provider is a thirty foot antenna, and the BBC is […]

  • @pedant

    Thanks for the info on the fabulous Puro!

    fandom …is….awesome…!!!

  • @miapatrick

    Thanks for clearing up “Puro” !

    (here I was thinking this was akin to allonsey)

  • Puro — Ah, thanks for that clip from Close Encounters — I can’t watch that end sequence (and its rich, playful score) without tears these days — it seems like some message from the past of a different planet, one still full of curiosity, good will, and the confidence *not* to meet a ET visitor with guns blazing.  That’s not us any more (if it eve…

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    ‘Duct tape, bungee cords and fence wire… oh yeah, and cable ties…’

    took me a while to work out what you were responding to here…

    @miapatrick oooops… taking me awhile to figure out the details of how this forum works, ack… oh look, you can quote stuff! Yeah, woulda’ been a good idea for me to add where that connected to! (eeeeeee, communica…[Read more]

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    Not sure if I made up trumpocalypse, I’ve been saying it for soooooooo loooooooooong…. do use it, it fits!

    Sigh, moving to Australia… I do actually own a didgeridoo… ( I can even sort of play it)…

    Sadly, that was not my bowl of Oreos, but one I found somewhere on Pinterest? I do eat mine that way!!! Best to let them soak a…[Read more]

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    Cool! Thanks! It’s actually quite pretty.

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    lol! Nice to know there’s some folks from my generation here!

    Points out how Doctor Who spans actual time and space (and culture and gender and…)

    Wish I had been able to watch it from the beginning! Now I have to catch up.

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    Properly they should be thrown by the handful into a giant bowl of milk until soft, then spooned up…

    yes, eat at least half the package…

    Image result for oreos in milk



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    the Doctor’s deserts…

    I cling to a fading hope that some day before I finally pop me clogs there will be a Doctor who likes ginger nuts or chocolate digestives. Sadly, custard creams, with or without a cup of tea, appeal no more to my palate than do jammy dodgers, which is to say, not at all.


    I went out west one summer with some…[Read more]

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    So how does a female authority figure assert herself without wearing a version of male “authoritative” attire?


    I think that sums up many reactions to the Doctor’s new wardrobe. Clothes speak to our expectations…

    If I’m in Texas, a knowledgeable cowboy better not be wearing Peter Capaldi’s (rather awesome) outfit. I would not ride wit…[Read more]

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    OK, I have to keep googling stuff…

    American who’s (sadly) a bit vague on Who before Capaldi …

    what’s this green police box thing????? I found some pics of Sheffield boxes that are designed different and kind of an odd 1950s Ford green/blue…

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    I’m LIKING this new run…

    I totally love the new tardis… the blues and ocean colors and the organic shapes and the hands on fiddly bits, and surely you all caught the spinning translucent mini-tardis and the hourglass…

    As for everyone “unprotected in space”…eh, couldn’t that be part of the weird alien teleporty thingie? Like, they’re…[Read more]

  • @juniperfish

    Really loving the ensemble cast (apparently a throwback to the early early days)… it has worked in any number of superhero movies so , yeay! Also glad to get away from the romance/crushie stuff (well, it might rear its ugly head later) and into the idea that stories do not hinge on romance and women heroes carry their own…[Read more]

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