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    There is a difference between ending the suffering of an individual and a death sentence…

    Not if you are trying to legitimise a death sentence by claiming that it is ending the suffering of an individual.

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    I don’t think I can delete all those ‘arrgh! How does this thing work!’ posts, but would you like me to replace the text with ‘duplicate post’ or something? Or add the post you had to do in […]

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    Ah , ooh, I think we pressed “post” at the same time. Mine has vanisho: considering my rather long post is probably best left as ‘sailing in the discontinuity of physic chaos”  😀

    Puro and […]

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    @swordwhale   @missrori

    Wondering how much of the uncertainly some have with the character of the Doctor is because a woman is bringing a slightly different kind of energy to it? Is it different from what all the male actors brought to it?

    Yeah, I think the Doctor has been developed nicely. The episode before this where the Doctor says, “I love…[Read more]

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    @margaret-blaine   . . . under Chibnall, the show seems to be moving in a different direction and the time for theorizing of a bonkers nature may, sadly, be over. Perhaps this has been a Moffat site more than a Dr Who site.

    My very thoughts.  Even a good story (like “Punjab”) is flatfooted, by which I mean — what you see is what you get, so ho…[Read more]

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    Right wing, face like gammon steak, hate anything that might smack of foreign, vote UKIP and the BBC in a consistent and inexcusable display of poor editorial judgement is prone to packing the audience for its Question Time show with such,…[Read more]

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    ratings! awesome!


    YOl! Dr Hu…..loved the number plate. Didn’t even though they were …..a thing. Apparently people have ‘life size’  Tardis’ in their garden: I have a Tardis mug which, when you heat things, allows for a disappearing Tardis (it really was awesome in its day).


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    @pedant  What sort of show is “The City”?  What popped into my head was China Mieville’s novel “The City and the City” (prolly not).  Mieville is too convoluted for me in book form (I more or less quit at “The Scar”), but I’d love to see a smart screen presentation of his work.

    @swordwhale  I watched a documentary about Pony Penning Day on Chi…[Read more]

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    @swordwhale    That picture made me smile! Thanks. I once saw one on a car in a parking lot that said “My other vehicle is a Tardis” I wanted to look for my fellow Whovian in the mall but my OH was having none of that.

    Lucky you having such a beautiful place to visit, I hope it was a good day even if it was cold.

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    Three if you count dialect as one language (Said dialect can only be understood to people who speak it, even if people who speak Mandarin as their first language can’t understand it so I do consider it a unique language)

    I also learned some Kung-Fu but never get into it, hope you can do better then me 😉

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    @juniperfish @swordwhale Now I’m going to get myself in even more trouble than my recent post about Brexit.

    I don’t doubt that there are real trans men and women and I feel they need everyone’s support. It must be very difficult. Unfortunately, in the UK at least, there are people hijacking the trans narrative and no one challenges it because…[Read more]

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    Have only just seen the videos, thank you so much!


    As do I. For me he was the best Doctor. Thanks for the photos.


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    @lisa Apologies, I’m a linear, point-by-point kind of person. The point I was addressing was the one about the Commission. I don’t know whether you have any response to anything I said on that particular point?

    – How much influence did the UK have with its vote in the EU?
    I’m not sure how I can answer that question. There has never been one…[Read more]

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    @swordwhale I do wish she would take her responsibility more seriously, step in, dismiss at least three governments as being purely destructive and save us all from ourselves. I have said it before, “Doctor where are you? We really need you now.”



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    Never, ever look up pearl necklace on Urban Dictionary…

    *whistles innocently*

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    Also worth noting that Puro is an actual bona fide proper world class expert on music, with the PhD and years of experience (and a truly great Bowie anecdote that it is worth searching the forum for) to prove it. So if some halfwit says “the music was crap and unoriginal” you can safely take it that any reply from Puro is not just…[Read more]

  • @swordwhale ‘what is Puro?’ not what – who (appropriately!) thane16 is two people, mother and son. Puro is the mother. So if it ever seems as though @thane16 has two personalities, they are two separate people.

  • @swordwhale  ‘Duct tape, bungee cords and fence wire… oh yeah, and cable ties…’

    took me a while to work out what you were responding to here…

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    @swordwhale The reference to the green police box was to a very specific green police box which, as Yaz says, is situated by Sheffield Town Hall.  Here you go…



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    the trumpocalypse….

    I love that term: I hope you don’t mind if I use that term to my mates? I will assuredly give you credit because they are Doctor Who-ers AND pretty interested in the American situation at the moment. If I stole your term, they’d know it and I’d get clocked!

    I really like the spoon you had in the bowl? That’s very c…[Read more]

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