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    @swordwhale   @mudlark

    I wonder if the TARDIS cookie dispenser produces whatever you’re thinking of, like the food machines on the Heart of Gold spaceship? I’d be thinking of gingersnaps.

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    @swordwhale  Love the boots… I have lived in boots like that forever.

    Aghh!  Just looking at those boots make makes my feet hurt . . . Ah, well, guess I’m still just a tenderfoot.

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    Yesterday I read a review of the episode and numerous comments (overwhelmingly laudatory) on a US site which is primarily political but which does occasionally feature references to Doctor Who. It seems that I was right in my recollection that Rosa Parks’ protest was planned beforehand, and according to one commenter, several people on the bus…[Read more]

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    The joy of the fans outshouting the wailing fanboys has been a treat for the past couple of weeks. But this week especially.


    I like the new TARDIS interior

    I think we may need to form a support group…

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    Since it is sort of off-topic, I have answered your question about Bex over on the “Fox Inn” page here

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    Ahh, Bex. With the assistance of Doctor Google, and Professor Wikipedia, here is your answer:



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    how cool would it have been if the man who initially ‘looked after’ the doctor in the desert was Canton Delaware 3rd or maybe the 4th….? 😉
    it would have been a further, secure tie up with that whole impossible astronaut diner setting. speaking of which, @blenkinsopthebrave – invisibility does indeed work with a broken chameleon circuit as that…[Read more]

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    @swordwhale  A 350 is more like it.  🙂  I live in the middle (almost literally) of the city, and some people insist on driving these big Fords around and parking them in parking spaces where they don’t fit, and so on. I can never understand why this is, as the weekend warriors that live around here wouldn’t actually need such a big truck, we’re…[Read more]

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    I wonder where they filmed “Nevada”.

    Fuertaventura, in the Canary Isles. I’ve been there. It is semi-arid(1) much like Nevada is.


    Can one tardis be inside another?

    Yep – and since the Clara tribute was still on it, we can deduce that it was carried to Nevada, rather then went under its own steam.



    (1) Correct tec…[Read more]

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    I wonder where they filmed “Nevada”. Maybe a CG wild west was easier than actually going there. Also nobody here drives… whatever that “truck” was. Looks like a mutant Landrover. Trucks are huge, beat up, and can carry an entire cow in the bed. Usually named Chevy or Ford. Sometimes Ram. See also Dodge. (both are a clue as to why yo…

    [Read more]

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    @jphamlore  In my opinion, the confession dial follows a strategy of Steven Moffat to deliberately rewrite parts of the classic series, a precedent so that his successors can also make each run as showrunner their own.

    What a lovely, generous idea . . .

    @swordwhale  Love the conversations with Clara, how she is always back turned, sort of a s…[Read more]

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    @Swordwhale Welcome! I hope you enjoy it here, we’re all very friendly, if a bit insane.


    “Supernatural-like setting”

    Do you want me to call Sam and Dean?