Trailers: Doctor Who series 8


So the first proper trailer has just been released during half-time of the World Cup Final. It’s a corker and is below.

All future trailers will also be posted here. Please keep all discussion of the trailers in this thread – some people don’t like to know what’s in them and we should respect that.

Update 11 August. Trailer for Deep Breath!

Update 26 August. Trailer for Into the Dalek.


  1. Well, that’s quite spiffing. Quite spiffing indeed?

    (What is spiffing btw?)

  2. Ohh. Now thatโ€™s what I call service, as I was out and about earlier. Sprung this little gem on us didnโ€™t they? Nice planning though โ€“ in the middle of a high profile event.

    Nice taster โ€“ not too much given away I think, but plenty to tonal issues to dwell on.

    Immediate reactions:

    – Slower paced dialogue (if this is an example) compared to the last two fast talking chaps.

    – The incidental music selected for this seems pretty low key and ominous, suiting the dialogue โ€œInto Darknessโ€. Didnโ€™t another long running sci-fi franchise use that recently? ๐Ÿ˜€

    โ€œIโ€™ve made many mistakes; itโ€™s time to do something about that.โ€

    – Possibly a mistake to read too much into that, but an indication that the Doc is reborn as a man on a mission?

    Effects look good โ€“ bloody great dinosaur, robots, explosions and general goodness abound. Oh happy day, and role on the start date.


    (What is spiffing btw?)

    I think spiffing means you’ve just watched Pt2 of Black Orchid. I spent last night talking like I’d come out of a 1930s adaptation myself. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. @JimTheFish spiffing, according to my iPhone dictionary, means ‘excellent’ or ‘splendid’, just two of the infinity of words that can be used to describe this trailer :3

    Also, there’s a library in the console room now. You can see it just before he says: “Into Darkness.” (Which in itself totally isn’t a Star Trek reference) ๐Ÿ˜€

  4. @Wolfweed Feel free to post those in the Spoilers topic. When I get some proper time I’ll try to fix the comment box on the blogs to allow images again. Bloody WordPress and their having to “improve” everything all the time… ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. @PhaseShift — definitely a Black Orchid after-effect…

    Lots to love here. I think that Dalek-y voice is going to be the Dalek Prime Minister rather than Davros, although it does still sound a bit like the Silence Will Fall voice so maybe that’s going to rear its head again. I think it also might be a decayed Deadly Assassin-style Master. It also has that kind of vibe to it.

    I like the softening of the TARDIS interior with the return of the orange-y light which is a lot more welcoming than the 80s nightclub blue they had before. Also like the bookcases. Books furnish a room.

    Capaldi looks as if he might be quite a thoughtful Doc, although I think that might be a bit deceiving. Interesting monsters too. Is that a Cyberised Silurian or did I just imagine it.

    However, full disclosure, I’ve read the leaked scripts so I’m going to refrain from too much further speculation from here on in for fear of inadvertent spoilerness.

    Roll on the next six weeks, I say….

  6. Ooooh it’s nice to be back ๐Ÿ˜€

    I enjoyed the trailer, it’s great to have some actual clips from the episodes. Still very much a teaser, Id prefer a 3 minute one at least! It’s nice to see how the SFX for dinosaurs has come along

    I wonder what he thinks his mistakes are? Donna Noble springs to mind but that is probably just wishful thinking, maybe saving the family in Pompeii is one of his “mistakes”. Then again, maybe he is just talking about his previous incarnations dress sense and we are going to get a fashionista Gok Wan type Doctor ๐Ÿ˜›

    I’d *want* the “Dalek” voice to be Davros but they could twist it to be anybody’s. Interesting how the small flashes of Daleks still looked like the old bronze ones, rather than the new-paradigm ones that went so quiet

    @JimTheFish, definitely looked like a cyber-silurian, unless it’s just a new bit of armour. However, I would’ve thought that they would avoid having cyber-men and Daleks in the same series, so it could just be a new mask/armour for a silurian in the future.

    @kristo00 He isn’t suddenly 2000 years old, in The Name of the Doctor he comments how he doesn’t really know, I think he said something around 1500, then he stayed on Christmas, Trenzalore for another 500.

    My only real criticism (there’s always one!) is that Clara’s dialogue seems very staged/scripted, more like what you would hear in a play than a TV show.

  7. โ€œIโ€™ve made many mistakes; itโ€™s time to do something about that.โ€

    Bonkers theory of the week. He’s going to go back to events in the classic series and correct some of those mistakes.

    I can’t wait to see him fix a previous blunder and then say to Clara: “can you imagine! I really thought reversing the polarity was DOING something! “

  8. @FatManInABox

    I got about ten comments down before people started waffling about ‘those in the know’. This really is going to be a bit of a bugger when @DanMartinUK starts his blog reviews.

    Great trailer, though it does seem to have knocked my bonkers theory of permanent memory loss out of court. Memory loss will be the first episode only, I’d imagine.

  9. @Stickfiddler – probably the first episode. Regeneration trauma historically has the effect of making Time Lords a) loopy and then they b) collapse into bed and don’t emerge for anything short of an alien invasion.

    Of course, with the Doctor, there usually is an alien invasion.

  10. @Bluesqueakpip

    I only read Dan’s article. Whenever I’ve read the comments on his other blogs, it’s usually resulted with me shouting obscenities and throwing things at my monitor.

    I need to watch my blood-pressure, which is already rising in anticipation of the new series.

  11. The part of the trailer that made the biggest impact on me were the glimpses of bookshelves on the Tardis and I do hope that the books will be important in the show, rather than just proving to be decoration.

    Moffat has played around with books before (“Summer Falls”, “we’re all stories in the end”, etc) but the actual presence of lots of books on the Tardis tends to imply that this is a more learned, even scholarly, Doctor.

    Who knows?

  12. Belatedly adding my comments to those above. Love the trailer, lots of intriguing stuff in there, including lots of daleky bits, from eyestalks to voices (maybe) to actual daleks. I agree with other comments about the TARDIS interior looking much warmer (the lighting rather than the frequent explosions and flamey bits- still a bit worried about that).

    And bookshelves – yay! (@Blenkinsopthebrave – good call on Moffat’s previous refs (and riffs) on books – but you forget the big dangling end – The History of the Time War which we know is lurking round the TARDIS somewhere.

    Thanks @Fatmaninabox for the link to Dan’s article, which had lots of chucklesome bits in it. I didn’t read below the line – avoiding all comments sections (and anything not DWF proofed and approved!). I agree with @Phaseshift – these leaks could hit the “clickbait” aspect of Who articles although the trailer views on youtube are clicking up nicely.

    Btw – anyone got any ideas about the “corridor” at the beginning – approx 00.04-00.06? Looks more like a tube to me. Or something daleky again.

  13. Oh, and hello to @thommck – good to see you back
    re “a fashionista Gok Wan type Doctor” – well there was the whole “emperor’s new clothes” style nudity bit in the Time of the Doctor, and his new interest in wigs, so you never know! There are a few different cossies in the trailer – the “official” coat, a nightie… and the little wing collar (with a slightly scruffy looking jacket) at 00.25

  14. @ScaryB

    There’s been talk on Twitter that those corridors are reminiscent of the Tessalector’s interior. Hmm, could be but could also be re-using a set for something else.

    As the TARDIS’s corridors from The Doctor’s Wife made an appearance as part of Demon’s Run in A Good Man Goes to War and The Oval Office (TIA/TDOTM) was redressed and used in The Rebel Flesh/The Almost People my verdict would be: inconclusive.

  15. @FatmaninaBox Thanks for the twitter filter. I didn’t think of the Tesselector (rewatched it with that in mind and not convinced (so that probably means it is, going by my track record!)); Looks more like a reflection in a dalek eyestalk to me (but I may have those on the brain).

    But you’re right, re-using old sets does fog the issue. (I didn’t know the Oval Office reappeared in the RF/AP episodes)

  16. I am enjoying re-watching the trailer over and over. It is really still just a teaser however. I rather liked @Brewski‘s suggestion that he may be revisiting old “events” in his life to retify past mistakes having set that precedent in “The Day of the Doctor”. The dinosaur stomping through London looks remarkably like a revamp of the Pertwee story.

    As @Blenkinsopthebrave and @ScaryB have both noted the books lining the walls is a nice touch. It is nice to see the series promoting reading the “good old fashioned” way. Scary’s reference to the History of the Time War bring back to mind the mystery of Clara’s comment; “so that is who..” and all the speculation that triggered. I wonder if we are hoping too much for an explanation.


  17. wow like @fatmaninabox because i was avoiding the same sporting event i missed the new trailer just caught it on the BBC offical DW site. Did anyone else catch what sounded a bit like Daviros. Oh the possibilities and expectations and are we possibly going to learn more about some of the Doctors murkier past possibly even some of his “pre” Hartnell past

    oh yippee cant wait for august 23, and murphys law will probably mean i will be rostered to work lol.

  18. @Thommck – Welcome back ๐Ÿ™‚

    I hadn’t noticed that before but now my attention’s been drawn to it, it looks more like the bracelets that Rory and Amy wore to stop them being Dalekised. Hmmm.

  19. I’m going to treat the Sunday Times interview as a ‘trailer’, in case some people don’t want any advance publicity information.

    Summary: he prefers the Mondasian Cybermen. There will be none of what Capaldi calls the ‘Papa-Nicole’ moments – this incarnation will not be flirting with Clara, though he does say ‘it’s quite a fun relationship’.

    Capaldi agrees with the previously released descriptions of ‘older, trickier, fiercer, has a madness in his eyes’, but adds ‘joyful’.

    “This Doctor loves watching stars being born in Andromeda; he’s also thrilled to see litter blowing across the supermarket car park at dawn.”

    The character evolves across the first few episodes; Capaldi didn’t have him ‘fully formed’ in January, but let him develop. “Sometimes I’d look in the mirror and think,that’s just me. That’s not him. But some days he’d look back and I’d try to catch it. It’s not an intellectual process, it’s just an instinctive relationship.”

    They had an endless amount of cardigan vs waistcoat meetings before finally going with the waistcoat. I get the impression Capaldi wanted the cardie, but lost. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    “We still blow a lot of shit up. That’s very important, but it’s going to be a bit different… a bit more gravity … more sombre … more rooted dramatic scenes.” So tonally different, “and the scenes are longer.”

    The much commented on signet ring is there to hide his wedding ring.

    The reporter (Matt Rudd) describes Capaldi’s Doctor, when in character for the photoshoot, as “full-on Gallifreyan nutjob. But in a good way.”

  20. Here’s the slight variation that is the new cinema trailer:

    And here is my own obligatory trailer remix:

    I expect you’ve all seen it by now but here’s the short version of the official trailer:

    Finally, here’s the original music track the trailer music is edited from:

  21. I bounced up and down with glee at the little scene where the Doctor says, in a rather dismissive tone, โ€œYeah, sheโ€™s my carer. She cares so I donโ€™t have to.โ€ Those of us who have been hoping for a less cuddly Doctor look to be getting our wish! Possibly in light of the events of Day of the Doctor, the Doctor’s feelings of guilt and sorrow have been resolved and he feels free to be more brusque? The Tenth Doctor was always very keen that people should like him, always wanting to make friends, and the Eleventh seemed to want a family, and he kept adding to it throughout his incarnation. Now the Doctor knows that he is no longer the destroyer of his people, perhaps he can revert to being more the Doctor of old: less concerned with what people think of him, more willing to be rude and dismissive when he feels that way.

  22. Okay – not sure about the trailer linked in the post above. It’s claimed it’s not a fake & that it was on the official facebook page but was removed.

    I’m now thinking it’s a leaked ‘fake’.

    Can @Craig or another mod please remove for now?

  23. DON’T WATCH IT FOLKS! It took me a couple of watches but I’m pretty sure that it’s a troll FAKE…

    I guess the colour episode has leaked after all.

  24. …according to the article…!
    I wonder – Is releasing a ‘secret’ trailer such a good idea after Leakgate, though?
    Still paranoid!

  25. I’m thinking logically now – If it was a leak I suppose it would have been pulled from youtube by now so it must be planned.
    Secret trailer! Secret trailer! Enjoy!

  26. @Wolfweed – if it’s a fake it’s amazingly professional – and makes Deep Breath look like it’s going to be good fun.

    I like the ‘Stomping With Dinosaurs’ bit – Moffat really does think everything’s better with dinosaurs, doesn’t he? ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Is Clara deliberately copying the Tennant Doctor, or is she still ‘mirroring’?

  27. @wolfweed Sorry, was busy tonight. Thanks for finding the trailer – looks pretty genuine to me. Have added it to the top of the page. And thanks for being so paranoid, is much appreciated, ๐Ÿ™‚ but I don’t think you have to be this time.

  28. As for leakgate etc., I think a lot of people have seen the finished article by now, following the big previews. That Mirror ‘review’ was a nightmare (thank God I’ve already read the script and seen it – purely for professional reasons, obviously) but everyone else has been pretty good about spoilers. I should get a job doing ‘reviews’ for The Mirror. Watch something, tell everyone what happens, add nothing original, get paid!

  29. @Bluesqueakpip Didn’t read the Telegraph one. Jeez, reviewers these days. How difficult is it to say something is good or not? We don’t want the plot, we want your opinions. That’s what you’re paid for. Or do they just not have 500 words of personal opinion? Ah, think I may have stumbled upon something…

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