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    Missy @missy

    Me again. I meant to add, that my other half built me a TARDIS only three feet tall, but to scale, lights and all
    All I need now, is ‘the noise

    janetteB @janetteb

    @missy. by first episode I assume you mean the first episode in 1963? You have a very handy “other half”. Three feet tall is probably a good size as it wouldn’t take up too much room as an actual size Tardis would.



    gameravatar @gamergirlavatar

    @purofilion Hi , sorry I couldn’t respond earlier , I’m dog sitting right now and it takes Blood hound puppies forever to fall asleep . You’re welcome for the Firefly information and my friends are nice . They’re the friends who got me watching Doctor Who again after years of not watching it . They also got me into Torchwood , SJA , Firefly , and a lot of other shows . They were also the ones who got me typing on this blog , because I talk about Doctor Who and Torchwood so much and I come up with all these theories and most of them turn out to be true so here I am . They are nice . They been there for me and I’m always there for them but don’t worry , I did get revenge . I said a spoiler from Arrow to one of them , I said a spoiler from Arrested Development to another ( if you haven’t seen Arrested Development , it’s another great show that Fox messed up so the fans worked for seven years to bring it back , you might like it ) and I said a spoiler from Broadchurch to the last one . Yah , any way my friends are nice , but I did get revenge .

    Anonymous @


    well, I’m glad they’re nice! I assumed they were: I was sort of being funny. But, 80% of that requires body language -actually even then, nobody can tell.

    gameravatar @gamergirlavatar

    @purofilion Oh ok . I thought you were serious .

    Anonymous @

    @gamergirlavatar No, I assumed a lovely person such as yourself would have great mates. But yes “find yourself new friends” was irony. It did seem, though, that if they like you enough, they wouldn’t be telling you spoilers! Thing is, my teenage son says that happens all the time. I’m nearly 50 -so a different gen.

    Anonymous @

    @gamergirlavatar I also said “I have no one to watch Who with.”

    That’s pretty sad. Me.  Still, I have this site. Or, one day, I’ll fly down to Adelaide and crash @janetteb ‘s pad & watch it with her family. My Boy Ilion is finding S8 lacking in “the perky”. He’s forbidden many things as a consequence.

    No, I’m just being silly but worth noting that people read what they want to in a post and leave the rest out.  Whatever suits them.

    janetteB @janetteb

    @purofilion. You will be most welcome. (I hope you don’t dislike dogs and cats though.)

    My sons are “spoilerphobes” and so I really enjoy reading the Guardian Game of Thrones episode blog before they get to watch it. I of course don’t give anything away but is fun to tease them about it. We are currently watching JS&MN with them and have to be so careful not to give away any of the upcoming developments, as per the book. So @gamergirlavatar, that was revenge indeed for a “spoilerphobe”. (Which incidentally I am not. I am more the “read the back page first” type.)




    Missy @missy


    Yes, janetteB I meant the very first episode of Doctor Who in black and white.

    I was knitting in front of the TV and dropped a few stitches!

    I’ve seen everyone since then – and I have a confession to make.

    My Tardis is only 2X1X1 not 3 feet high – sorry.*blushes profusely*

    janetteB @janetteb

    @missy. IT is still a nice gift. We have a couple of very small model Tardis around. One is a USB hub that doesn’t work. We have a few other members fortunate enough to have seen every episode since the beginning, some who only recently discovered it and everything in between.



    gameravatar @gamergirlavatar

    @purofilion Well to be fair , I have said some spoilers before and I do watch ahead of them but to be fair one them is still on season six . She was on season six last year . But we do help each other understand the shows to . I had to help one of them understand how Owen was a dead man walking in season two of Torchwood . They also help relive that Captain Jack speaks with an american accent . I need to learn how to recognize accents . This is what happens when start watching BBC when you’re three , you don’t recognize accents and than you start sounding like you’re from London . I cann’t even say ” sure ” now , I say ” shore ” . Any way I said ” you are not alone ” when it showed the letters ” YANA ” in the episode Utopia when a friend was watching the show with me but I didn’t now I was talking out loud . I do that some times , that’s so weird . After that day , we have had spoiler wars , a tradition that will go on for years .

    Anonymous @


    Ah, you got it, then. I was sort of referring to my statement, mixed in with others. I have no-one to watch Who with. LOL, I spose.

    Anywaaaay, thank you. I think crashing wouldn’t be my style! But a visit one day….with appropriate Dr snacks wouldn’t be out of the question & would be enormouse fun. I have great memories of eating smarties with Who, actually, as that was what Mum purchased nearly every day (no wonder I had dentist visits aplenty).

    And as a child, it was only me watching it. In all honesty, when I was 10 and even 14, I never spoke about Who knowing full well that the children with whom I socialised didn’t care a whit about it. I only realised belatedly that my brother, 19 years my senior, was a fan as well. But having children early meant he didn’t get back into it until the re-boot. Still, he lives in Sydney and also recently mentioned he wasn’t taken with Smithy at all, preferring Eccleston 🙁

    Having said that, travel of any kind is about as likely as the moon being an egg.

    janetteB @janetteb

    @Purofilion I was fortunate in that my best friend at school was a fan before I started watching Dr Who. That was when I was in Year 10. I was late to the party as the saying goes. Dr Who was one of the first common interests that my partner and I shared. It is still one of the few TV series that we both like. In fact is one of of the few things that we as a family watch together, hence the parties to celebrate new series starting. It is always so much nicer to be able to share one’s interests. I mostly watch things by myself and have no body to discuss them with so I understand your situation re’ Dr Who.

    If you do ever make it down here there will be fish fingers and custard too.






    Missy @missy

    I’ve already mentioned my first memory of Doctor Who, but not why it means so much to me.

    The idea of a “Lord of Time” is fascinating. when I’m feeling down, I watch an episode before sleep

    and I always go to bed with a smile on my face.


    Him @thewhovianofthe6thdimension

    My First Memories of Doctor who was the Episode where The Tenth Doctor went on vacation on that crystal planet and they get attacked by that wierd creature that copies you (its been a while since I have watched David Tennant’s episodes so I dont remember the name of the episode) I was Introduced to Doctor Who By my Friend.

    Anonymous @


    that’s a lovely tale to share. I have done the same!

    @him I also enjoy that episode -it’s called Midnight. Tennant does a remarkable job ‘copying’ as does Leslie ?…(the actress who plays the woman who is ‘infected’: I’ve typically forgotten her last name!)

    If you’re new to this Forum, then welcome and halloo.

    Kindest, puro.

    Anonymous @

    ah? hello?  @him who is ….whovianoofthe6thdimension….boy, that’s a long name!

    Apologies, I haven’t been able to tag you correctly.



    The Krynoid Man @thekrynoidman

    Another of my earliest memories was watching the last episode the Green Death. Quite amusingly, I thought Pertwee was William Hartnell when I first watched it, this being because the only Doctors I was aware of at the time were Hartnell, Troughton and Tom Baker, and Pertwee had white hair so I assumed he was Hartnell.

    Anonymous @

    @thekrynoidman absolutely! When I was about 7  & was watching Pertwee’s Doctor, I too assumed he was Hartnell. I wasn’t really aware that Doctor’s regenerated. I’m fairly sure when Baker came along that it was a different show! Also, my parents, aware that I was watching telly regularly, put a stop to it -no ‘regular’ telly was permitted in that Ilion  household. I’m not sure what they thought was going to happen? Brain-melt; Ilion-the-telly-watcher at age 93? An inability to read and compute vast sums?

    @janetteb thank you for that lovely invite! You never know:  I could show up in a Tardis of my own devising -or I might arrive on the back of the Key Master! Boy Ilion was just introduced today to Ghostbusters. It’s amazing how many wonderful sayings and themes came from this film.

    The terrible statues reminded me a little of the weeping angels -particularly in Manhattan, with Rory and Amy; their last episode, I believe, and rather weep-inducing.

    Anonymous @

    Hi @purofilion!

    Dr. Peter Venkman</span>: What did you DO, Ray?

    Winston Zeddemore</span>: Oh, shit!

    [they all see a giant cubic white head topped with a sailor hat, Peter looks at Ray]

    Dr Ray Stantz</span>: [somberly] It’s the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man.

    Anonymous @

    @barnable “stay puft” I mean, what can one say to that? <*\*>

    But apparently, being a colonial, I can’t write, much less think (of jokes. About The Severn).


    Venkman’s droll qualities were awesome. Some of Sigourney’s qualities were awesome too.

    Now, to that Who trailer. Mmm. Still not sure….but, must not spoil….

    Anonymous @


    The terrible statues reminded me a little of the weeping angels -particularly in Manhattan, with Rory and Amy; their last episode, I believe, and rather weep-inducing.

    Stay Puft is the part of Ghostbusters that reminds me of Angels Take Manhattan a little bit.

    That’s what the quote I posted from the movie was about. Sorry, I should have given you more clues to what I was talking about. 🙂

    Agreed that the performances make the jokes work, they don’t read as funny.

    Anonymous @

    Btw, Hello again @Purofilion,

    I really just wanted to say hi to you and Ghostbusters quotes seemed like a brilliant way to go.

    Didn’t work as well as I hoped. 😆

    Anonymous @

    @barnable <*|*>

    No, it worked really well! I just didn’t make the right ‘funny’ back!  (I worked out the NY ‘bumping’ about Puft Man compared with the still and terrifying statues).

    This, however, is typically puro behaviour.

    It reminds me of a Who episode when the Doctor and two of his companions are either two seconds or two hours out of sync and nothing seems to make any sense…..


    Anonymous @

    Nice @Purofilion (o_O)

    Typical Puro behavior.

    😯 like calling the TARDIS just a police box?!

    Timey Wimey stories get bonus points from me. The Space Museum is a good one. I really liked it the first watch, it declined some but I still wonder if I missed something.

    I think Father’s Day built onto those ideas.

    I hope 2015 adds more to Listen (Orson Pink could be an out of sync story). 😉

    Anonymous @

    @barnable I also hope we get a resolution to the Orson Pink story but it wouldn’t surprise me if that’s something to wait for in another  season. Gawd I hope not.

    There could be ‘that’  orange space suit from last season, though?  It was in DT’s 2-parter with Rose -the Oods and the ‘devil’

    I haven’t seen The Space Museum. Must see?

    Anonymous @

    I’ve been watching my entire life. I got a TARDIS hat for my third birthday, and my dad buys each of us six kids a new poster for Christmas each year, so we can no longer see the walls. My oldest brother has so many, he’s put them over his windows, and he can’t see out any more. Me and my brothers communicate almost exclusively through Tennant GIFS because he’s the Doctor I started obsessing over when I was young. I just had the joy of introducing my baby sister to Tennant, and we’ve been re-watching, to get her caught up to Capaldi. We started last month, and we’re already halfway through Smith, so we’re speeding through.

    To say my family is obsessed would be the understatement of the century. 🙂

    (Oh, and props to @purofilion for telling me about this forum. It’s fun to hear other’s memories.)

    janetteB @janetteb

    Welcome @katieofthecakes. It sounds like you have an excellent family. (A little like mine. We raised our sons on Dr Who too though back in the 90s that was problematical as none of their kindy contemporaries knew what “exterminate” meant.”)



    Anonymous @


    hey to you! And welcome back from holidays. Hope it was exciting and ‘memorable’ (attempting to use ‘on topic’ words in case of Topic Dalek).


    Thank you! Awesome idea with posters. I suppose, should the Cyberman come patrolling, they won’t see in your house due to the posters -so you’ll be safe from ‘deleting’!

    You’re fortunate with the family obsession really: I imagine you have Tardis mugs (there’s one which, when heated, shows the Tardis disappearing), a Tardis mug that’s really a giant soup container, several sonics and a Tardis itself. We have a framed poster of Smith in The Boy’s room and he’s got a Baker scarf, which currently, I’m wearing (I don’t need scarves in Brisbane generally). Other than some DVDs, we’re Who-free. I became a bit concerned when we started to collect too many things in general. Many bits n’ pieces are stored in the attic space, consequently.

    Proxy @proxy

    Ahh, hello there! I’m new, of course. New to the forum, and fairly new to the fandom. By way of introduction, I suppose here is as good a place as any to start.

    I’ve known of Doctor Who for as long as I can remember. The show itself was a bit hard to find in the States back when I was a kid, but my older brother, nerdishly-inclined (read: awesome) uncles, and a few of my favorite teachers really loved it, so I always had a positive impression, even though I never picked it up myself.

    What took me so long??

    I remember long, lively discussions with my brother on how a contained area of space could overlap its dimensions in such a way that it would be bigger on the inside, just like the Tardis. We would argue over whether or not time travel would cause paradoxes; he always leaned toward multiple timelines while I tended to favor closed loops. So many good memories, even with only the mythology of the show. It’s funny– he ended up getting a Doctorate in Physics. I have the terminal degree in my field, too, but mine happens to be a Masters. Ah, coincidence. It’s what the universe does for fun.

    Anyway, long story short, I finally started watching the reboot via streaming, and I’m hooked. I got caught up just before the start of season 8 (series 8? Apologies if I mix up my terms), and discovered The Wait… the awful long-way-around wait. I found myself in desperate need to chat, to sort the devilish bonkers theories out of my head, and found this place.

    You all seem very close, and very serious, but most importantly, fun. I’ve been lurking since October, and finally decided to join. I can’t promise to be a regular, but even if I don’t post much, I want to at least let you all know that I’ve had already had a good time reading all the wonderfully crazy and creative material that have been presented. I would be delighted if I can contribute even a fraction as well as any of that.


    “Waste no more time arguing about what a good man should be. Be one.” -Marcus Aurelius

    Syrkadian @syrkadian

    Does any other Doctor besides Tom Baker say “It’s the end, but the moment has been prepared for.”? I have it in my head that 10 or 11 said it too. Can’t stop thinking about it.

    whofangirl73 @whofangirl-73

    I could be wrong, but dont think words ever repeated.
    <p style=”display: inline !important;”>I do think Tennants last story referred alot to ‘the end’, same sentiment. Which is why you think similar</p>
    <p style=”display: inline !important;”></p>
    <p style=”display: inline !important;”>??</p>

    Anonymous @


    well, halloo to you! Welcome. It’s great that you’ve read some of our stuff and enjoyed it. I was a ‘lurker’ for awhile too before taking the plunge and I’ve made some great friends here. There are members who know pretty much every episode and others who know that AND all the fan-fiction as well.

    So, do you have a favourite Doctor yet? or is that a silly question -as they’re all great! Yes, the wait is getting to me too but this site has all sorts of methods to ameliorate that -we have a comfy Sofa and a pub for when we just need a damn drink 🙂

    Sounds like you have a very academic family. Imagine discussions with a Physics PhD! I started high school physics and needless to say, I bombed hopelessly. My dad was always a fan, though, and found it wonderfully enlightening -but then he adored formulas and numbers.

    Kindest, puro.

    Proxy @proxy

    Thanks for the warm welcome!

    A favorite Doctor… Ooo, hmmm… Clara? :mrgreen:
    But seriously, how could I choose just one? Like you said, they’re all great!

    Yes, big academic influence from the family. My father was a teacher, too. History. Great storyteller. But for this particular happy memory, I place the blame squarely on my crazy big brother. Honestly, I didn’t understand half of what he said, but he said it with such a twinkle in his eye, I couldn’t help but feel the same wonder as he did about life, the universe, and everything. I still feel that way now.

    Oh! Can I choose my brother as my favorite doctor? 😉

    ichabod @ichabod

    @proxy   What a delightful idea — Doctor Big Brother!

    janetteB @janetteb


    Welcome. I hope that you will do more than lurk. I am certain that once the new series begins and” bonkerising” gets into full swing again you will not be able to resist the temptation to join in. 🙂



    Missy @missy


    Hope this is right. I meant to answer before, but am only just getting the hang of thugs.


    Missy @missy

    YEA! It worked. *big grin*

    Anonymous @


    “am only just getting the hang of thugs”

    thugs? where? Tags!


    janetteB @janetteb

    @missy I protest. I am most definitely not and never have been a thug. 🙂

    (Spell checker strikes again me thinks.)



    Missy @missy


    Oh dear, oh dear! I meant “things!” So sorry. *blushes profusely*


    janetteB @janetteb

    @missy I have sent some hilarious messages from my phone courtesy of spell checker. (At least I have something to blame anyway. 🙂 ) Unfortunately I have only myself to blame for the numerous typos in my posts. I usually proof read to but to no avail. The editor of the local paper made me feel much better recently when he pointed out that when we read over our own work our brain reads what it thinks is there rather than interpreting what our eye sees. I still dread to think how many errors slipped past me earlier this week when I was proof reading the local paper..




    Missy @missy


    Your editor makes a lot of sense janette, even so it’s very embarrassing.

    How do I find your message? I should love to read them, but don’t know how to find them.


    ichabod @ichabod

    @janetteb  Yes on copy-editing, all right; that’s why I read a piece of my own work out loud when I think it’s ready for a final edit — the ear catches errors the eye never would, and of course it’s a great check for the how the flow and pacing of the language in general is working.  You don’t even need to record your reading and then listen to it afterwards — the ear immediately pings the brain, “That can’t be right!” and you put a mark in the margins of your text and come back later to correct.  It’s not a substitute for having Beta readers before submitting it to editors, but it’s a huge help in catching repetitiousness, wrong words, and infelicities of all kinds.

    winston @winston

    Hi, I am new to this site but not to the Doctor. I started watching in the 70s with the 4th Doctor but it was hard to find on the 4 or 5 channels we had so I gave up.When I saw trailers for AG Who ( see I got some of the lingo) It was Christopher Eccleston that made we give it another look. I had watched him in The Second Coming and was very impressed with his acting. I watched the first episode and that was it. I was hooked the second the Doctor grabbed Rose and said “Run” I have ran with him in his many faces ever since and like Donna Noble I would travel with him in his Tardis forever. I like all the Doctors ,in whatever face he happens to have at the time ,but because he made me reconnect with this story ,about a mad man in a blue box, than ChrisDoc number 9 is my Doctor.

    Anonymous @


    Well I, for one, am glad you’ve decided to stop ‘lurking’ and enjoying posting: it’s great to read your memories. I discovered Who in the ’70s -Pertwee was my Doctor as a child but I have to say that it was Mat Smith’s incarnation of the Doctor which really grabbed my family: in my boy’s room a framed poster of Eleven sits on the wall. At night, with the bed side light on, it’s both beautiful and eerie. Certainly RTD and Eccleston’s Doctor was terrific -in many ways. We owe a lot to the particular vision of RTD.

    Kindest and glad you’ve introduced yourself,


    winston @winston

    @purofilion Thanks for the kind words of welcome. Because of my lurking I knew you were very welcoming to newbies. Ialso know you live in Australia , a world away from Canada and yet here we are having a conversation about our Doctor.Sometimes the internet can be used for good.

    Matt smith is also my son’s favourite Doctor and I loved his energy and his outrage against unfairness anywhere he saw it. He was cheeky and flirty with great fashion sense.I do think bow ties are cool. He wore his emotions on his face and he sure worked that chin when he was angry.He was the oldest Doctor in the youngest body.

    Tennants Doctor was sad and lonely and made more so by his loss of Rose and then Donna . He lived fast and hard trying to keep one step ahead of his memories. I loved him the moment he stepped out of the Tardis and asked if he was ginger.  He is also easy on the eyes and he will wear those skinny suits.

    As I said I like the Doctor no matter what face he is wearing. Even one with attack eyebrows.

    Anonymous @


    What a lovely post above!  Thank you for your kind words: I’m at home or in hospital at the moment and therefore on Leave which means I hover about this Forum a lot and like to welcome new people. The time when a new series starts is often when we get this great outpouring of theories from new and different members -it’s terrifically exciting. I absolutely agree with your summation of  ‘the old in the young’ when it comes to the Smithy Doctor. I also thought this was spot on:

    I loved him the moment he stepped out of the Tardis and asked if he was ginger.  He is also easy on the eyes and he will wear those skinny suits.

    Kindest, puro

    winston @winston

    @purofilion  I hope all your trips to hospital are short ones.It is always feels better to be at home. It is late here and it has been a massive day so I am off to bed to dream about my trip in the TARDIS ,or so I hope.( I’ll probably dream of yelling children). I have to get up early to watch my only other tv addiction, Coronation Street. Have a great day or night I am not sure of the time difference., and enjoy the new Who episode, I did.

    nighty night, winston

    Mirime @mirime

    I was brought up on Tolkien, Douglas Adams, and first of all Doctor Who – I don’t remember a time before Doctor Who, though my earliest Doctor Who related memory is just a man with curly hair and a long scarf. I was upset when he died and needed to be reassured that this new bloke was really still the Doctor. I was about three and a half.

    Castrovalva is the first story I remember, though having re-watched it a couple of years ago I found I had managed to completely forget about the existence of Adric. I know some would argue that’s no bad thing…

    After that it’s Snakedance. Scared the life out of me. Never mind Daleks – talking snake skulls and a possessed Tegan kept me awake at night.

    Picks up a bit then until Caves of Androzani and The Twin Dilemma which we had recorded and my sister and I watched them over and over and over…. knowing now of the general negative view of The Twin Dilemma I think it’s possible I’ve seen it more times than anyone else on the planet.

    Didn’t mind Colin Baker, loved McCoy. Could have done without Mel and her screaming, and wished she’d been finished off with that toasting fork in Paradise Towers (did I imagine complaints about that scene on Points of View?). Loved Ace.

    New series, I loved Tennant though thought he was let down with some of his stories.

    Absolutely adore Capaldi. He is so good I strongly suspect he might really be the Doctor 😀 I was overjoyed this year to finally stumble across some filming – I’m Welsh.  A bit of Amy’s Choice was filmed up the road from my parents, the cafe scene in Death in Heaven was filmed minutes from where I work on a day I don’t work. And so on. It was getting embarrassing. – if finding them filming in the centre of Cardiff counts as stumbling upon something. Capaldi will be wearing a very nice jacket later in the series and I went back to work and squeed (is that a word?) a lot and got a Pertwee era fan joining in as well. We both really liked the jacket.


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