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    winston @winston

    @craig  It is a great show and Sandra Oh is excellent.  Also she is Canadian.

    Missy @missy


    Have seen it  and really rate it. Still waiting for series two. However, I still feel that Jodie (blimey that name gets around) Comer should have won best actress. she was terrifying.


    Missy @missy

    Hello all, just a quick visit. This is again about Radio.

    As you know, or should by now, I listen to a lot of stuff on BBC Radio 4 Extra. Today I heard a wonderful play by Al Smith called Life Lines (Omnibus) first dramatised for Radio this year.

    If any of you have been fortunate enough to watch Ambulance UK or Australia this series is the same, with subtle differences. Absolutely superb, especially the story abut a bitch called Nigel – actually all of them are wonderful.

    I urge you to  take some time and listen to this .



    nerys @nerys

    @craig We just started watching Killing Eve last night, and you’re right. It’s superb!

    Not so great has been Star Trek Discovery, which has had a very uneven second season. It’s like the show can’t make up its mind what it is: pure comic book, trying to pay homage to the series’ canon or soap opera. Every time I got my hopes up that finally the series was finding its way, in the next episode everything would fall apart again.

    And then there was last night’s finale. The “show, don’t tell” mantra seems to be lost on these writers. Way, way too many ‘xplosions, way too much ‘xplaining going on. I agree with this review (which ends on a hopeful note; maybe now that they’re done connecting all the dots, they’ll get around to some actual storytelling).

    Mudlark @mudlark

    Has anyone here in the UK been watching the latest from RTD – ‘Years and Years’?  The reviewers – at least those I have read – have been enthusiastic, though there has, been the inevitable carping BTL  -‘ third rate imitation of Black Mirror’, ‘diversity-by-numbers’, ‘BBC left wing agenda’ etc. etc.  But, since I regard the BBC as far less left wing than myself and my own family is diverse to approximately the same degree, I have been enjoying it – a rollicking glimpse of the near future as seen through the eyes and experience of three generations of one family;  blackly pessimistic,  funny and frenetically paced (and with a pretty strong cast, to boot).



    janetteB @janetteb

    @mudlark, written by RTD, has Emma Thompson in it, left wing, (as I would expect from RTD). It is very definitely on my “too watch” list. I have been reading the reviews and it sounds interesting. I am currently writing a story set in “near future” dealing with the impact of climate change and growing income inequality. Was supposed to set in the present but I find I am incapable of writing about the present. It limits the creativity.



    syzygy @thane16

    @janetteb @mudlark  @nerys

    that sounds good -I don’t know if we have it on Netflix or the ABCiview -Janette you might know too? Are you streaming it on the “ever so fast NBN?”  I mean Davie’s series.

    We love Killing Eve -it dipped in the first 2 new episodes but has exploded upward since. Have you see Harrow, Janette? If you haven’t been bothered  I really wouldn’t it’s trying to be comedy slapstick with dead serious stuff and not working. Lots of people in Brisbane are talking about it but I’m not sure the actor (Gruffid) is doing as well as they think.

    Oh and we saw Dr Foster and Mum was ballistic with excitement. It took about a week then she said “I got it!”

    Typically I said “uhm?”

    And she started babbling about Euros. Sian (who’s real name IS Sian) is in Dr Foster. A funny and odd character. I never picked it 🙁

    @nerys mum said “helloo” and to everyone too.

    Thane (break from tests)

    winston @winston

    @mudlark  That sounds worth looking for. Thanks for the tip.  In my opinion , the BBC  does not seem too far left. I know because I am way too far left and people need not fear me  because I am the least threatening person I know.  Anyway diversity is the future.

    @janetteb  Your story sounds interesting and all too plausible as the poor will suffer more from the impacts of climate change. Extreme heat or cold costs more just to live comfortably, food and housing costs keep rising and bad air makes people sick. A great idea for a story.

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