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    Oochillyo @oochillyo

    hey everyone, the last post about The Unquiet Dead in the Retrospective section was 5 years ago so maybe its time to freshen it up and highlight both it and the ep to more people on the Sofa 🙂

    The more I thought about watching this ep for the first time the more excited I became and it didnt disappoint.

    Spoilers Ahead –

    I loved the Christmas and timely feel about the ep

    It was really good that Rose pointed out that The Doctor can visit these time places over and over again but for us (without a TimeMachine) they are gone happend once and you think about that in the opening which is fantastic 🙂

    The dialogue and how people spoke felt very of the time but perfectly no criticism there I enjoyed it, really giving the ep depth and realism whilst slowly placing you in that time period 🙂

    Everyone was great through the ep even Rose though it was a bit odd she didnt want to help the poor aliens and didnt want Gwyneth to help them and push herself but I guess from her view she doesnt want her time period to be overrun by these aliens and is trying to care for Gwyneth who protests and thinks about helping 🙂 , I am glad the Doctor questioned Rose and really wanted to help these aliens you can see his regret of what The Time War did to lots of aliens.

    The opening was great and you quickly understand these Ghosts are becoming a common issues to these funeral people.

    I loved the look of the aliens, the dialogue was amazing, questioning whats right and wrong, hinting to some sort of power Gwyneth has to see future things, Dickens and the Actor who played him was remarkable and the Doctors love and appreciate for him ‘number one fan’ was lovely indeed 🙂

    Plus the scene where The Doctor finds out its Dickens is better than I thought it would be from clips I have seen, soo lovely how they bounce off each other and Dickens telling the Driver to speed up as he values human life and The Doctor’s friend far more than whatever prior arrangement he had and The Doctor with that beaming smile looks proud of him , a lovely, heartwarming and funny scene 🙂

    I was getting annoyed that Dickens who writes these stories and has such an imagination for out of this world ideas kept denying every possible evidence of the Ghosts to a point that even number one fan The Doctor snapped at him (ooo you dont get in The Doctor’s way no matter who you 🙂 that was great ) but it was soo heartwarming that after this Dickens went out of his way to investigate and well safe The Doctor and Rose in the end he played an active role and the joy he got at the end when he believed these amazing things was riveting and even more heartwarming 🙂

    It was really interesting these these aliens live in the gas plus every light you see could let them through which created some tension 🙂

    I thought it was very cool that Dickens is famous but not too famous in a way and he monologues his stories on stage to hundreds of people and they are fascinated by them and I think he gets joy from that even though he is getting old and worn down through these plays 🙂

    You feel story for the aliens and though it may seem they were bad all along towards the end I just think (and in the ep it hints to it) that nobody realized these ‘endangered’ species are still in their millions so everyone sort of underestimated the situation which puts credit to Rose warning about opening the rift and gives the Doctor and great line ‘I think its gone wrong’ , Dickens realizing the solution was great it was kinda complex and I didn’t understand how it worked so Dickens really must be a genius 🙂

    All the characters feeling real and interesting brought urgency for the need of sacrifice and poor Gwyneth who was brave went out brilliantly, I loved Dickens saying how he was gonna write about the ‘Blue creatures’ are something similar and like the Doctor said was rejuvenated but what a tinge of sadness that he had a week or so left to live good old Boy for spending your final days with your Family on Christmas 🙂 happy as can be 🙂

    10/10 for me the Highlight of Series 1 and a beautiful Historical Episode with heartwarming Christmas feels 🙂

    I guess I have wrote too much again but ultimately this story is amazing, funny and riveting but most importantly it is in one word heartwarming 🙂

    Regards – Declan Sargent

    Dentarthurdent @dentarthurdent


    Unquiet Dead – just the third ever NuWho episode. I was amused by the Doc calling Rose ‘Barbarella’ – that was a campy movie, the sci-fi equivalent of a spaghetti Western. But anyway, as Rose, observed, we can never visit the past (the Doctor can).

    (As an aside, I was watching a video in which Brian Cox was answering questions about cosmology and someone asked if time travel was possible and he answered with a flat ‘No’ as far as the past is concerned. Not just practically possible, but physically impossible. He isn’t usually so dogmatic. But – going backwards in time would violate causality, which means the physical laws of the Universe would break down (that’s as I understand the point). Same for faster-than-light travel. But never mind, this is science fiction where anything is possible…)

    I have to say, my respect for Dickens went up a lot after this episode, purely as a result of the actor playing him. When I was at school I loathed Dickens, simply because we *had* to read him. (Not nearly as much as I detested Graham Greene, though). Shakespear was okay, because – though his English was much more archaic than Dickens – his works being screenplays were much more concise than Dickens’ florid style. But Dickens was a massively popular writer – his stories were serialised in weekly magazines I believe.

    Dickens’ short story ‘The Signal Man’ (which the Doctor calls ‘best short story ever written’) was okay, but it could still have done with a good editing. (Available online here: https://www.gutenberg.org/ebooks/1289 ) It probably appealed more to me because it was about railways.

    (Dickens was actually involved in a train crash – on the South Eastern Railway in 1865. A crew were replacing a rail on the Beult viaduct, a low viaduct near Staplehurst, the foreman had consulted the timetable but had misread the time of the boat train, which ran at irregular times (dictated by the tides). There was a man with a red flag, supposed to be 1000 yards ahead, but he had estimated the distance by counting telegraph poles which were unusually closely spaced at this location and was only 550 yards away – not far enough. The train ran over the side of the viaduct and was wrecked. A number of people were killed, but not Dickens or his mistress or her mother. (His mistress – Dickens you old dog! I would never have guessed.))

    Unquiet Dead was ostensibly set in 1860, which doesn’t quite work – The Signal Man was first published in 1866 (and probably based on the Clayton Tunnel collision of 1861). But Dickens doesn’t query the Doctor’s mention of it. Maybe the Tardis got its dates a few years late, after all it was supposed to be going to Naples, not Cardiff. What intrigues me – in real-world terms – is whether Dickens wrote The Signal Man just before, or just after, his own terrible experience of the Beult viaduct crash. I tend to think he must have written it before, and it wasn’t published until afterward.

    Okay, back to Who – I did really like Gwyneth. Interesting that she could read Rose’s mind. And nicely written that her adventurous spirit was clashing with her brainwashed Victorian morality. It’s hard for us to comprehend how limited (in distance) people’s lives were just 100 years before we (oldies) were born – nowhere in England is more than 60 miles from the sea and yet there were people living in the 1860’s who had never, ever seen it. The advent of railways was changing that so fast, not just for the upper-middle-class like Dickens but for the working classes too.

    Certainly a very watchable episode for NuWho’s first foray into the past.

    Oh, and – Who producers – given Dickens’ penchant for rail travel (at least before 1865), and Queen Victoria’s, and the fact that Britain is peppered with preserved railways only too eager to rent out their trains and lovely old locomotives of whatever period – howcome you’ve never ever shown a vintage train?    (Orient Express in space doesn’t count).

    Oochillyo @oochillyo

    hey @dentarthurdent very interesting about going back in time and The Train crash Dickens and family were on, they were very lucky 🙂

    Did you read this book online or in physical form it sounds very interesting and I really like trains 🙂

    About your point of the timeline not matching up I am sure the Doctor meant to go to 1860 but for some reason he and Rose ended up in 1869, I remember someone saying it would be 1870 soon.

    I forgot to mention in my review but I really like the idea of the Gelth being able to use people like a car and The Doctor saying ‘its like recycling’ the reason being decomposing bodies create gas inside its such a genius explanation how they can control these dead People I love it 🙂

    Regards – Declan Sargent

    Dentarthurdent @dentarthurdent

    @oochillyo   Well, the Dickens story ‘The Signal Man’ is online at the link I mentioned, https://www.gutenberg.org/ebooks/1289  (combined with two other Dickens horror stories).

    I first read of the Beult viaduct accident of 1865 in ‘Red For Danger’ by L T C Rolt, a classic history of British railway accidents and the development of safety measures like signalling.   It was written in 1955 but still highly readable today (I  have a copy but I can still recall chunks of it from memory).  Rolt’s style is good, not too technical, it explains any technicalities in layman’s terms.   It was a popular book, published in hardback and paperback, if you come across it in a book sale for a few dollars it’d be well worth buying.

    Also Wikipedia has a page on the accident –  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Staplehurst_rail_crash

    If Unquiet Dead was 1869, that would fit better with Dickens’ life.   I believe Dickens died in 1870.   I seem to recall (from when I watched the episode) there was some sort of reference or implication of Dickens being later on in his life.

    Macca @macca

    IDK where to post this or were anyone will see it so here it is,

    I don’t know if anyone will actually read this or not but I’m new here as of today so alright to anyone who reads this:), I won’t lie in my opinion ever since Series 7 part 1 finished, personally, Doctor Who went down the drain aside from a few episodes that were well written and actually had a good story such as the name of the doctor, the 50th anniversary special and the time of the doctor and a few more but I don’t want to waffle on. I’m currently 17 years old and I’ve been watching Doctor Who most of my life my first episode was Daleks In Manhattan and I was probably only 4 or 5 years old at the time but I instantly fell in love with the show and continued to watch David through to Matt and went back to watch Chris and I enjoyed these three Doctors in particular thoroughly as it was so enjoyable to watch and the storylines and character development was amazing, it was my childhood I was obsessed with it. The reasoning behind me coming onto this forum is to just voice my opinion regarding the show and being honest for the past few years I’ve sat there and watched my comfort show my childhood show just deteriorate over time especially with series 12’s finale I mean I sat there and watched that and I turned the Tv off and wanted to punch something it angered me so much it was so stupid, I feel sorry for the actors as at the end of the day it’s not their fault but even with saying that the acting is no were near as good as it used to be and I think people will have my back on that one, I think Chibnall needs to get his arse into gear like he tried to do in the new years special and you know what I sat and enjoyed that episode as obviously Captain Jack returned, we got a mention of Rose, our favourite Daleks were back and we got to see some bad guys we hadn’t seen for a long time like the ood, silence and sykorax I don’t know how to spell it lol, so for series 13 I really hope Chibnall continues this as the season 12 finale was a joke I think any fan who actually knows the show would write a better story. Moreover, I’d very much like to hear what other people my age or older think about new who as its just in the gutter at the minute we need another RTD or Moff Chibs isn’t the one.

    cheers for reading, wanted to voice my opinion, also I have thought up a theroy that legitimatley brings the 10th Doctor back into Who to reprise his role but before revealing that I’d just like to see if anyone reads this lol.


    Oochillyo @oochillyo

    Hey Macca 🙂 Welcome to The Forum I hope you enjoy it here and take a look around 🙂

    What is your fav Series of New Who so far ?

    Hey everyone I found a really good place to Watch Classic Who, I’ve been going through The Fifth Doctor Era from the beginning and what a treat it is 🙂 about to get to Kinda one of my favs 🙂

    So far I really enjoyed the first two eps if you call them that cause they are 4 parters, The Doctor is great, all the Companies are great even Tegan who I am growing more fond of, I really like Nyssa now, ofcourse Adric as always been my fav out of the three so we will see 🙂

    After having the Regeneration what the Doctor goes through is really cool and a rush and the Companions all seem very capable which is great 🙂

    I like that only one of them is Human gives a lot of character and good moments to all 🙂

    The Eps are very cool for the beginning of a Doctor’s run, lots of Scientific things like Speed of Light ect (trying not to spoil) and the cliff hangers are great the most recent one really shocked me, I am worried for ………. spoilers even though I know it will be fine cause I have seen a little ahead but who knows if its a long term thing I dont remember.

    I dont really care about the Special Affects or whatever for the 80’s its really good and not too off-putting.

    What do you all think of Castrovalva and Four To Doomsday, I think my fav is Castrovalva just about ofcourse excluding Kinda and Snakedance at this point since they were the first eps I saw of The Fifth Doctor and are still my all time fav cause of this and them being really great eps but my opinions may change as I go through all the Fifth Doctor eps 🙂

    I am keen to see the ep with the Tractator’s since they freak me out but I didnt properly see the whole ep just a few parts so I wanna know more and see how The Doctor beat them 🙂

    Regards – Declan Sargent

    Oochillyo @oochillyo

    hey everyone 🙂

    This link https://olddoctorwho.com/ is where I have been watching Classic Who Today and I really recommend it 🙂

    I know I already said Kinda is one of my fav Fifth Doctor eps and generally Classic Who eps that I have seen so far which is still the case but on re watch my love of the ep grew a lot for instance I forgot how scary and unnerving this ep is especially part 2 and 3 I think it was.

    First though I realized the Mire in The Girl Who Died are not The Mara in this ep or related to them in anyway I got the names slightly mixed up sorry everyone.

    Spoilers though some may not count as such

    Tegan’s dream sequences got really terrifying plus imagine if you were trapped in that woah I dont blame her for snapping and giving into the guy in the dream (Dukkha) he was soo chilling and his name in Buddhism means Doctor isnt that scary like ofcourse Tegan gives into him a sort of evil version of The Doctor (before the Black Guardians) and its like he knows far more about the dream place ect than those two people who he is in control of like his sort of trapped companies similar elements of The Doctor.

    I also think Anicca (the other man in the dream place) is creepy cause his sort of square face and the way he turns to look at Tegan whilst his eyes try to keep up and roll in he seems harmless with a sort of cheeky grin but like dead at the same time and maybe playing chess with the Women (Anatta) is like playing with peoples lives very chilling.

    Hindle and Actor Simon Rouse who played that character was incredible much much respect to him, I have not seen much Classic Who but even a lot of the New Who I am seen very few performances soo excellent, a lot of people say Harry Charles performance as Baines in Family of Blood is the best ever villain performance in all Doctor Who and that may be the case I agree his performance was amazing but I think in Classic Who the equivalent is Simon Rouse’s Hindle very powerful performance, you know The Doctor and Adric especially are pushing their luck the times they try to reason with Hindle.

    I think the ep said the box sort of refreshed or reset his mind and so he is more mild again like a child even though when in power he had those child like elements (building the City out of boxes ect) and tempers very interesting.

    In addition in the ep The Doctor and Todd (the Female Scientist who teams up with The Doctor) a very interesting character (played by Nerys Hughes) discover the truth about The Kinda and find out they are very intelligent and have powers like telepathy (which makes Aris even more scary when controlled by the Mara) and the box that heals people (even the mind) in a strange way amazing for what seems like ‘primitives’ but the really strange one I missed or forgot when I first watched Kinda is that (Spoilers) the old women sort of didn’t die because her memories and more strangely her self got transferred to the young girl she was so they sort of co exist like when Tegan’s had a double in the dream, its strange to think of these people with no tech or anything like that with such powers beyond what we know as normal, they must be a very powerful Species.

    At later stages in the ep like when Hindle starts to really lose it after taking charge and the mention of the wheel or time crushing though anything in the way you really start to feel dread, isolation, helplessness and fear in the ep which I guess a lot if not all the characters experience a level of that;

    Tegan trapped in that awful place, Hindle and Sanders losing their minds, The Doctor really struggling to gain control of the situation, Aris gaining and using voice to manipulation all his kind,outside help will arrive but what in 6 years so basically they are on their own whilst Hindle has a rule of tyranny threatening to kill The Doctor not even allowing Adric to walk the halls at the end to remain under his watchful eye like a prison, the Dome at risk of being blow up and killing everything in like 50 mile radius and Hindle having the power to make that happen and finding joy in that (mostly to prevent the trees ect from getting him which he fears deeply like a phobia) is disturbing crushing others hope in his child like enjoyment of destroying things, chaos and craving power over others its clear he mentally snapped and is soo unstable, end of the World in a repeated cycle its like a horror film in Doctor Who, the cliffhangers are scary too even beating the Mara at the end isnt certain as Tegan looking at it in the gap between the mirrors gave it a place to escape too through her this ep is pretty disturbing.

    As I say everyone was great in the ep with a few outstanding performances by Actors and there were lots of great interactions, dialogue and one liners 🙂

    The scenery and special effects really add to the ep

    There were some funny,heartwarming and beautiful moments in all this horror like The Doctor being fascinated and perfecting the coin behind the ear magic trick, the Trickster was always funny, ‘an apple a day keeps the …..oh never mind’ haha great line and a good thing too 🙂 cause there isnt much happiness in the ep especially in the later parts.

    So overall an incredible, chilling, perplexing, unique and thrilling ep of Doctor Who such a treat in Classic Who 11/10 if thats allowed plus its the prequel to Snakedance which makes both really cool and scarier still as Tegan doesn’t seem right at the end of Kinda.

    Can I make the review of this incredible ep shorter probably but I think that wouldn’t do it justice.

    Regards – Declan Sargent

    Dentarthurdent @dentarthurdent

    @macca Well, my favourite Doctor is 12 (Capaldi), but I like all the previous NuWho doctors back to 9 (and also the War Doctor and Eight – though I’ve only seen him in the ‘The Night of the Doctor’ special). The only oldWho I’ve seen recently was Seven (McCoy), but he’s good too. (I saw a few Hartnells and Troughtons when they first screened, but that was a looong time ago). My favourite companion is Clara, and Rose, though I do like most of the rest back as far as Ace (pity Seven and Ace didn’t get to have more adventures).
    So we disagree a little on that. But we agree (unfortunately) on Chibnall. When he started he said he wasn’t going to bring back any old monsters, so instead we got – toothface Tim Shaw, and the p’ting, and a talking frog (okay, the frog was cool in a weird sort of way, but I like frogs). And now I gather for Season 12 (haven’t watched it) he brought a swag of them back – but I’m not sure that’s a good thing unless the writing improves. Which I don’t think he’s capable of.

    Dentarthurdent @dentarthurdent

    Okay, I just watched Amy’s Choice.   Don’t have a lot to say.   It sort of proved Amy loves Rory, but since Rory is a bit of a dork that doesn’t really thrill me.   Maybe it was compensating for Amy throwing herself at the Doc in ‘Meanwhile in the Tardis’   (which was a very funny three-minute extra).   The two scenarios – the cold star and the village full of really creepy aliens-inhabiting-old-folks – were really quite good.    But they were both just – the Doc on magic mushrooms?   I’m not usually disconcerted by ‘reset buttons’ but this one made the ep fall flat, for me.

    @oochillyo   So, I’m on to The Hungry Earth next.

    Oochillyo @oochillyo

    hey @macca I understand what you mean about watching the show get worse ect but for me its not bad or anything generally (though Series 6 and 7 are kinda the weak points generally) more recently with Capaldi  its been amazing 🙂 even Series 11 with Jodie I liked a lot.

    I quess growing up on Series 3 and 4 was awesome and everyone says 4 is the best series which I think thats pretty fair but I am finding that Series 8 has some really nice eps too but most of all Series 10 for me so far is nearly perfect, yeah some eps are weaker than others but they are all still really nice and from Oxygen onwards (before the final cause I haven’t got there yet) its excellent 🙂 so I guess things can improve and there are lots of great Classic eps if your interested in that I put a link to them in a previous post of mine today 🙂

    hey @dentarthurdent that is lovely to hear mayby at 7 ish (if that suits you) would be a good time 🙂 I look forward to it and thank you for accepting to watch some Doctor Who with me I really appreciate that 🙂

    Take care everyone and stay positive hugs 🙂

    Regards – Declan Sargent

    Dentarthurdent @dentarthurdent

    @oochillyo   Fine but – please excuse my ignorance – how do you mean ‘watch some Doctor Who with you’?    I had imagined that we would just post our impressions of the episode here and comment on each other’s but there may be other ways to do it.   Also, I’m in New Zealand so there’s probably a time difference (I can’t recall where you are?)

    Oochillyo @oochillyo

    hey @dentarthurdent what you imagined is correct I just wondered it as watch together sorry for the confusion, I think New Zealand is 12 hours ahead of England so we will have to work out a good time for both of us.

    Regards – Declan Sargent

    Dentarthurdent @dentarthurdent

    @oochillyo   Correct, but at the moment (due to Summer Time or somesuch) we’re just 11 hours ahead, i.e. our 8pm is your 9am.   I could do  6pm till 3am (NZ time) – that is, 7am to 4pm UK time.   I could also do midday till 6pm (11pm to 7am  UK time) if I’m not out of the house.

    Macca @macca

    @oochillyo Hi, just reading your reply to my post cheers for reading:). My favourite series of new who so far has to be series 4 the specials if that counts as a series which I’m pretty sure it does hbu.  In regards to your opinion (obviously each to their own) I just really didn’t enjoy Capaldi that much I mean I prefer him over Whittaker 100% but for me most of his stories/episodes just didn’t engage me as much now I don’t know if that’s to do with me getting older and becoming an adult but they just weren’t on the same level as Tennant’s or most of Smith’s in my opinion and with Tennant’s and Smiths I can still sit down and enjoy them just as much even after watching them loads of times there still a kick there that makes me enjoy it, as I said it’s my comfort show and when I watch some of Capaldi’s episodes it just doesn’t give me that kick. Don’t get me wrong as the doctor alone Capaldi is great it’s just some of his episodes I was bored stiff watching them and I’m not going to even go there on Whittaker’s as I think it’s pretty obvious what my views are on that front and I’d be here all day. I’m going to list the episodes of Capaldi’s reign that I actually quite like to just give you an idea and don’t worry theres not a lot so I’m not going to be waffling on. So the episodes that I like are: deep breath, into the dalek, Dark Water, Death In Heaven, The Magicians Apprentice, The Witch’s Familiar, Face The Raven, Heaven Sent, Hell Bent, The Husbands Of River Song, Empress Of Mars, World Enough And Time, The Doctor Falls and Twice Upon A time. Now that may seem like alot but when you put into persepctive that he had three seasons it’s not alot and not all of these are even that great these are just PERSONALLY the ones I would watch if I wanted to watch Capaldi as the Doctor, I’m not saying Tennant and Smith or even Eccleston are perfect but again personally there are so many more episodes between those three Doctors that I will happily sit through. Moreover, classic who wise I have watched Tom Baker’s Genisis Of The Daleks and I have watched the Five Doctors but when I have some free time I’ll definitely check some more out:).

    @dentarthurdent hi, again as I said like obviously each to your own and if Capaldi’s your favourite thats cool man I just prefer Tennant/Smith. Yes I agree I thought the war doctor was cool af and I really do hope Paul McGann gets a part in the 60th anniversary special as well as Chris Eccleston as it would be so cool. I’d say my favourite companion would have to be a tie between Rose Tyler and Captain Jack or even Mickey Smith. Moreover, I’m so happy we agree on the Chibnall front like honestly plain and simple he’s just a muppet he is literally the Ryan Johnson (The Last Jedi) of Doctor Who and he really needs to get his act together as he’s disregarded so much history within the show and he’s just made it so political it’s actually embarrassing.


    Oochillyo @oochillyo

    hey @dentarthurdent if I have got this right do you still have time to watch (you know what I mean) some Doctor Who with me today its 8:37 here if that helps and I am about to start Time-Flight so that may work time wise, let me know if this suits you.

    Regards – Declan Sargent

    Dentarthurdent @dentarthurdent

    @oochillyo   I’m sorry, I think I missed that.   Was that your 8-37am or pm?   (12.17 pm here)

    Oochillyo @oochillyo

    hey @dentarthurdent that was 8:37pm its now 9:17am if that helps 🙂

    I am really enjoying The Fifth Doctor’s first season I think a lot of people overlook some of the eps cause of Earthshock and The Visitation.

    Regards – Declan Sargent

    Oochillyo @oochillyo

    hey everyone 🙂

    This is my favorite to least favorite episodes from The Fifth Doctor’s first season (19) , I want to say overall this season is really good, the eps at the lower end are still really good eps but some things didn’t click or I couldn’t put them above others for slight reasons.

    1 Kinda

    2 Black Orchid

    3 Time-Flight

    4 Castrovalva

    5 Four To Doomsday

    6 The Visitation

    7 Earthshock

    P.S. The top 3 I am happy with in that order, I like Castrovalva more than Four To Doomsday but I struggled to place the later and the last two since I liked a lot of elements in the eps and the supporting characters really help.

    The Visitation had a wonderful supporting character and other nice elements but I like Four To Doomsday more even though its a weaker ep for the fun element (like Black Orchid), it its quite cheesy especially how the bad guy was defeated and (spoilers) I like The Doctor pretending to watch the dances so he can tell people plans whilst Persuasion is suspicious but remains oblivious haha.

    Earthshock had good supporting characters but somethings in the ep didnt click mayby cause I knew (Spoliers just in case) of Adric’s death so I was contently thinking what goes wrong cause it all seemed fine but the butterfly affect, greed and bad luck caused it all to go wrong.

    I just wanted Adric to save and prove himself another time, The Doctor kinda lead to Adric’s death as he said The Doctor makes people wanna try and Adric mentioned feeling like an outcast.

    I love the CyberMen, they had some really nice moments, I really like them recalling how previous incarnations of The Doctor had beat them but overall I expected more out of their invasion.

    I like the fact The SpaceShip crashing into Earth is what ended The Dinosaurs, its sort of has to happen and I like the characters realizing that but Adric not knowing or thinking he can fix it tries soo hard and nearly alters events in time.

    Though they are very interchangeable I have decided to put The Visitation above Earthshock, both have good elements but for reasons above Earthshock didn’t click, that may be a poor reason but its what I feel and think and if Four To Doomsday wasnt so fun The Visitation would be in 5th place.

    If anyone wants a full reason I could say more of what I liked or not about some eps.

    Regards – Declan Sargent

    Dentarthurdent @dentarthurdent

    @macca   Well, speaking as one whose favourite Doctor is Capaldi, if I had to make a list of the best Capaldi episodes – for me – it would be pretty much the list you gave to Declan  (with the exception of Empress of Mars which doesn’t really float my boat).   Though I might add Listen, Flatline, and the Monks trilogy.

    But I’ve found – starting my re-watch at Season 5 – that even the episodes that don’t really stand out (and that I’d skip instantly if someone ‘rationed’ me to the best 20 or even best 50) – are really quite watchable.   There are very few, of any season, that I can’t be bothered to watch.   I think it was the Moff who said “You’ve got to keep giving the viewers something to keep them interested every five minutes” (or something of the sort) – and he does.

    (The reason I re-started at Eleventh Hour and not Rose is that I’ve watched Seasons 1-4 many times.   There used to be a video store – a Blockbuster Video franchise in Newmarket, Auckland near where I worked – that specialised in ‘cult’ TV series, particularly sci-fi – Who, Farscape, Trek (of course), Battlestar Galactica (old and Gino), Firefly, Red Dwarf, Blakes 7, The Prisoner etc etc.   But eventually, tragically, it closed, somewhere about the end of Tennant.    So I’d only seen a  couple of Fifth season eps on TV and then I lost track of it.   It was only a couple of years ago that a post online drew my attention to it again – it was actually a clip of Bill Nighy as curator in Vincent and the Doctor – and I decided to buy the DVD series and catch up.   Which I did to the end of Series 11.   Not sure if I’ll bother with Series 12.)

    Oochillyo @oochillyo

    hey @dentarthurdent lets plan to watch some Doctor Who tommorow if your free ofcourse 🙂

    hey everyone any Classic Who Fans here 🙂 it would be super interesting to talk with you all as I am more new to old Who haha 🙂

    Regards – Declan Sargent

    Dentarthurdent @dentarthurdent


    Okay, provisionally.   (I have to say ‘provisionally’ because our young nephew is staying with us, he might want to go to the beach – insanely, the water is *still* beautifully warm, latest in the season I’ve ever known before it drops off towards winter.   Or Mrs D might want me to drive them somewhere.   However, I should be able to find a couple of hours somewhere in the day to watch a couple of episodes – I think you were talking about the Hungry Earth 2-parter?   (Next on my rewatch list).

    Oochillyo @oochillyo

    hey @dentarthurdent I understand completely as family is the most important and I hope whatever occurs you have a wonderful time with your family 🙂 , it would be very kind of you to find some time if possible if its not dont worry and yes The Hungry Earth 2 parter is the one to watch as they say 🙂 , take care hugs 🙂

    Regards – Declan Sargent

    Dentarthurdent @dentarthurdent

    Well, I just watched The Hungry Earth
    Very intriguing moment with future Amy&Rory waving from the distance. Did that ever pay off? – I think it just got forgotten. That isn’t really an inconsistency – they had plenty of time between episodes to have wandered past there some time in the future – but it would have been interesting to see when it cropped up.
    Rory is really being a bit of a drag at the start of the ep.
    The drill at 21km is – improbable. The Kola borehole reached its practical limit at 12km due to heat and pressure.
    The earth swallowing things up is marvellously spooky, it was a bit of an anticlimax that it was just people (well Silurians) doing it.
    I like Nasreen (though I thought her sudden enthusiasm for travelling with the Doctor showed a remarkable intuition, but was a bit unexpected in the middle of a crisis). Her question after the Tardis fell to the Silurian tunnels – ‘why aren’t we burning alive?’ – is (finally) an acknowledgement of geotechnical physics.
    I didn’t like Alaya and certainly didn’t like Ambrose. And what’s with this obsession humans and Silurians have with dissecting each other, other than low-budget horror?

    Oochillyo @oochillyo

    hey everyone 🙂 , I did it I watched World Enough and Time and The Doctor Falls :0 🙂

    Two very good eps I dont feel like knocking off points cause generally it all works, a cool story and ending to one of my now fav Doctors I am glad this is how he went out plus I love The CyberMen so very cool (I know he had another ep but I would be happy if he went out here) 10/10 for both.

    Every ep has some issues, the main one I noticed here was a CGI Issue near the beginning of the first ep but you know what I dont really mind, mayby I would have liked a bit more time with The CyberMen being built ect and what that means like the gory details but the pace though slower at times made sense and when it really started kicking off it was amazing 🙂

    There was some nice jump scares and legit I jumped its great to have a dark and creepy tone in Doctor Who every now and then.

    I loved the Masters interacting with each other (though I knew it was coming) it was far far better than I would have imagined, genuinely funny and complex my love of both of them grew in spades 🙂

    I really love the scene where they are on the balcony I was laughing soo much at the silliness and the perfect dialogue lovely 🙂 it may be one of my fav scenes in all of Who 🙂

    I loved how shocked and annoyed they get when The Doctor messes up their plan very smart too 🙂

    The CyberMen and the cloth ones were great, when they turn on The Masters it felt like zombies no matter how many you kill they will keep coming and surround you, very creepy and cool 🙂

    I loved Bill blasting another CyberMan to help the Doctor and holding the ship with one arm wow I didnt think these Mondasian CyberMen would be soo strong it was a great moment 🙂

    I loved all the time dilation and science things (I know a lot about Black Holes and Space things so very enjoyable) and everything looked very crisp and clean (apart from that one blimp whoops) the best of which was the outside shoots of the spaceship genuinely crisp, beautiful and epic love love love it 🙂

    I loved the idea of the CyberMen getting stronger and there being little time to stop them ect even the op Nightmare in Sliver CyberMen could be destroyed with a lot of super weapons which looked cool and phew that helped.

    Its great that the CyberMen could spring up anywhere there is people sort of an inevitable path many will land on.

    I loved all the CyberMen in this the fear factor and power of them is back yay 🙂 , I never liked the Mondasian ones much out of all CyberMen designs in old and new who but big surpirse this ep really boosted them and I really like them now especially the face mask which was a big problem I had with them before and its cool they have a sort of super strong laser gun with that light bulb lovely 🙂

    You really feel the hurt The Doctor is going through when he pleads to both Masters to help him and John Simm’s version straight up ‘I didnt listen to a thing’ ouch I would have punched him at that moment if I was The Doctor.

    I love that both Masters are soo happy that stabbing each other in the back is the way they should go what a great way to end the character 🙂 , I feel like this was an ep with proper endings if a next series didnt happen which was cool.

    Loved Nardole, Bill and The Doctor they had great lines, moments ect

    I really love The Doctor carving down CyberMen in the Forest happy as can be in the moment saying all the places they have come from and where he has beat them, the determination and energy in that was amazing, everyone he loved has gone, trying so hard to fix Missy and have his friend back but failed in his eyes with the cost of turning Bill into a CyberMen who’s isolated and feared, whats The Doctor got left no wonder he through the rule book out have your last hoorah Doctor it felt very Logan when Wolverine (my fav) was in that forest both old and wounded fighting till the end beautiful scene and a lovely moment for The Doctor 🙂

    Soo much awesome things in the ep , I really loved Razor, I thought he is gonna be cheesy or not feel right from what people said about him but I really really loved him it would have been lovely if he was a proper character and not (spoilers) the Master in disguise cause you know there is a sinister motive there but I was genuinely starting to care and feel love for him and the way he acts, when Bill is about to be fully converted (if I didnt know) I would have thought he is genuinely trying to help Bill ‘strengthen’ her up so he is a very cool character and well played by John Simm the disguise is very convincing 🙂

    I loved the lighting, set designs, props ect in this ep everything was great but I remember that scene as I was saying where Bill was about to be converted and the jump scares of The Cloth CyberMen sitting there in the dark was terrifying and chilling and then that tall guy approaching Bill half in the dark with a creepy yet soothing voice and the Maid Women next to him who is very intimidating a brilliant scene.

    I love the CyberMen repeating words over and over gain ‘pain’ ect its like they are human but CyberMen mixed through that as well as look cause its like the pre phase before we get ‘delete … delete … delete’ but with human feelings and I love the look of the face mask with tiny holes so they eyes can see its kinda cute but creepy at the same time.

    I loved the Cloth CyberMen being hung up each day like scarecrows, its creepy and a good use of their look, you feel like its a video game wave after wave day after day they will be back to attack the house again even when you put them back.

    I loved Nardole’s cheeky nature like when he was upgrading the weapons which was awesome by the way and he’s like ‘is that windmill important  to you?’ then proceeds to blow it up to test the gun without a care in the world haha priceless

    Bill was ofcourse great in this ep, her determination to wait for The Doctor, showing her knowledge and love of The Doctor ‘thats his planning face’ and her becoming friends with Razor over time 🙂 when she gets to grips around being a CyberMen she focuses on helping The Doctor even though he put her through this ‘knew it was a bad idea’ for over a decade she sticks with her friends 🙂

    P.S. I dont remember who sorry but someone mentioned a theory where the dial that turns up or down the audio of the cloth CyberMen’s voices is like the first inhibitor which I think is really cool 🙂 and plus the creepy guy said Bill will still feel pain but wont care so The Mondasian CyberMen have a primitive version of the emotionally inhibitor right I think small details and theories like that are really good for The CyberMen especially in these two eps cause it really is the progression of them in all aspects, there must have been problems with CyberMen having emotions between Mondasin and the newer versions and so that had to be placed in later versions 🙂

    I would have liked to see a few more CyberMen designs like The EarthShock ones which are up there with my fav classic look and mayby a Cyber Leader with the black handle bars but oh well every CyberMen in this was great, it was cool and funny seeing how they all differ from each other in the forest scene for example like how the Cybus CyberMen walk very robot like but the predecessors and successors are more fluid 🙂

    I love these eps the more if think about them, I said before watching them I am glad it looks like The Doctor would have a great final with an awesome CyberMan story and now I know it was incredible 🙂

    Regard – Declan Sargent

    Dentarthurdent @dentarthurdent

    Hi Declan @oochillyo   World Enough and Time / The Doctor Falls

    Well I’m pleased you liked those eps. It’s about six months since I watched them but I can still remember them pretty well. So all this is from memory.

    Right at the start I thought it was going to be a really fun episode, with Missy at her best – right up to the moment Bill got a hole blown in her. That was a hell of a shock. Then it went very dark. Good, but dark. Especially when it became gradually more apparent that Bill was not going to be magically fixed 100%. I think I suspected she was going to be turned into a Cyberman but it was still a shocking moment when that was confirmed – I was still desperately hoping she would somehow be rescued in the nick of time like in every single adventure drama ever. I think that was, quite possibly, the darkest moment in all of Dr Who.

    Now, the Mondasian Cybermen – when I saw stills from the original OldWho ep, I thought they had to be the lamest, most unconvincing ‘monsters’ ever, they were only too obviously human actors in cloth helmets. But World Enough and Time turned them into the most convincing, most frightening ‘monsters’ of all, precisely *because* they were made-over humans. All kudos to Moffatt and the costume department for the transformation. And it was all done with the very best of intentions.

    In The Doctor Falls, it was tragic how Bill still saw herself as Bill and everyone else just saw the Cyberman. And even though they accepted that CyberBill was on their side, they were still creeped out by her.

    Missy and the Master – I must admit I was pleased when Missy finally decided to side with the Doctor, and shocked when the Master shot her (okay, he was provoked) – Missy, you really should be more careful! I found it tragic that the Doctor would never know what Missy decided or how she died.

    And this was the Doctor, almost out of options, with the Tardis out of reach, in a hopeless situation, where he couldn’t pull off some incredibly clever move to save the day for all. All he could do was buy a little time for a few people. I don’t think I’ve ever seen the Doctor so powerless.

    And – then the Doctor died, far from his Tardis. And it looked like really the end for 12. And then a miracle happened – Heather! I was shocked (again!), surprised and delighted at this. I absolutely love it when the writers set something up, they tell us pretty explicitly what they’re going to do, and then, several episodes later, when everyone’s completely forgotten about it – they do it! Or in this case, Heather’s obsession with following Bill across the universe was well explored in The Pilot – does anyone doubt that Heather was keeping tabs on Bill and saw this as a final chance to rescue her?

    By the way, I don’t see Testimony (in Twice Upon a Time, having acquired all Bill’s memories) as invalidating this. Any more than their possession of Clara’s memories – which they restored to the Doctor – invalidates Clara’s saga with Me in their Tardis, heading back to Gallifrey by the scenic route. In either case, Testimony could have extracted their memories, either milliseconds before they were intercepted by the Time Lords and Heather respectively, or after, when the Time Lords finally returned Clara and the Bill-Heather hybrid finally expired of some unknown cause.


    DrHolmes @drholmes

    Hello everyone !

    I’m a new member on this website, I just discovered it.

    I’ve been a fan of Doctor Who since I was a child. My dad raised me with the classic series.

    That’s why I am writing my thesis on Doctor Who, its fan community and their participation and appropriation of the show. I don’t know if I can but I made a form with some questions and wondered if you could help me by filling it. If it is against the rules I apologise….


    janetteB @janetteb

    @dentarthurdent a good summary of the two episodes which are probably the darkest and saddest Dr Who episodes thus far. For me it is the sense of being trapped that imbues both episodes with a nightmarish quality. Firstly it is Bill in the hospital that she cannot leave. IT brought back memories of the time I spent in hospital and began to feel as though I would never escape. It is also reminiscent of nightmares i have had about being trapped in a hospital unable to leave. The next episodes captures that same nightmare feeling as the population is only keeping one or two floors ahead of the cybermen and eventually they will run out of floor to escape to. The Doctor, Bill and Nardole are only winning them a reprieve, not a rescue. Again this taps into one of my recurring nightmares which is perhaps why for me these two episodes are not entirely enjoyable though they are so good in every aspect.

    Throughout his tenure as show runner Moffat excelled at channeling nightmares into stories but in “World Enough and Time and The Doctor Falls, (I never remember the titles) he is unsparing.  I think in earlier episodes there is a lightness which offsets the “nightmare” factor.




    Dentarthurdent @dentarthurdent

    @janetteb   I agree with all of that.   And that World Enough and Time / The Doctor Falls are the darkest episodes.    (Heaven Sent was possibly even darker but it had a triumphant ending).   I got the exact same feeling from the episodes, of trapped helplessness.   That’s why I prefer Hell Bent as my favourite finale, even though Clara was dead, the tone was much lighter.

    Except, my personal experience of hospital was the opposite of yours.   I’ve only been in once, for a week, for a heart operation a decade ago (which was completely successful, I’m still here and still functioning).   And it was a pleasant experience.   No I’m not some weird masochist, in fact I used to be terrified of visiting the dentist.   But I only have one vague memory of discomfort, when I momentarily half-woke up thirsty in the middle of the night of the operation with tubes stick down my throat.    For the rest, I just had a week of lying on my back in bed, in a warm bright room, mostly listening to CD’s – I had books to read if I wanted but I never roused the energy, and a TV which I never switched on.   And the great thing was, for possibly the only time in my working life, I could just lie there without any guilty feeling that I should be doing something productive.  Doubtless the paracetamol helped me to relax.   So this was really a very pleasant interlude – obviously I was lucky.

    I do get occasional nightmares about being trapped in various weird situations – but not hospitals.

    janetteB @janetteb

    @dentarthurdent  I spent about two months in a Swedish hospital and owe my life to the  wonderful staff there. I listened to a lot of music and caught up on a lot of books but no amount of music or fiction could mitigate the loneliness of a night after the family went home. Our sons were still very young at the time and being separated from them was really hard. I think it was a recent visit to a nursing home however that triggered the nightmares though Bill’s time in the hospital did bring back many memories. the sense of being trapped was captured so well as was the feeling of being ill, of lacking the physical ability to leave. You are as much trapped by your own situation as by any external force. One time I was in a ward with much older women and I really felt as though my life was ending, as though I would never be active again. Within a month I was back packing and youth hosteling rather to my partner’s (justified) horror but I had to prove to myself that I was going to recover.

    I hate televisions in hospital wards, and pubs and cafes too. In fact I am not overly fond of television unless it is showing Dr Who. I have always been very picky about what  I watch, perhaps because I did not grow up with television so never got into the habit of just sitting in front of it of an evening. If there was something in particular the family wanted to watch we would go over to my grandmother’s through her dark, tangled, overgrown garden, down the path decorated with headstones to the dusty brown miner’s cottage. It was very gothic, not that I appreciated that at the time. I never understood why any visiting children would refuse to go through the fence from my parents’ safe, sterile empty yard.  I think it was an episode of Dr Who that frightened me so much as a child that I stopped watching television until it was set up in my parent’s dining room when I was about eleven.

    Where we lived we could only get two channels, the local commercial and the ABC so our choices of viewing were limited. It took a few years before  I discovered Dr Who which was shown every weeknight on the ABC usually after either The Goodies or Monkey.




    Dentarthurdent @dentarthurdent

    @janetteb    Two months – that’s serious. I’d start getting restive after a couple of weeks.

    I was in a one-bed ward (i.e. private room). I could have had the operation for free on the NHS, I ‘went private’ because (a) I had my own health insurance which would pay $35k of the $42k total cost, the remaining $7k was just affordable for me, (b) I didn’t have to join a waiting list, I could schedule the op for when I wanted (I chose August, so I’d be recovered by the spring), and (c) it freed up a place for someone else on the list. So win-win. And (d), my one ‘luxury’, I paid $1k extra for a single room, rather than a twin room. I was actually more apprehensive about sharing a room with someone who might be a rugby fanatic or a devotee of soaps or sitcoms or (shudder) ‘reality TV’, than I was about the operation. (Just to clear up one point, the standard of care was not a consideration, heart ops here are done by the same specialist surgeons whether in public or private hospital).

    I can absolutely share your feelings about being stuck in a ward of old people, specially in those early hours of the morning when you can’t get to sleep and the night seems to last forever.

    And public televisions – I dislike them too. Usually they’re just loud enough to be a nuisance, without being audible. They’re very rarely showing anything I want to watch (Sturgeon’s Law applies – 95% of anything is rubbish) and if it *is* a program I want to watch there are far too many interruptions in a public setting. Muzak, on the other hand, I’m more tolerant of, since I can usually mentally tune it out and it occasionally reminds me of a good old song that I can then track down on Youtube and rip to a mp3 for my player.

    Unlike you, I did grow up with TV (two channels) and it was kind of magical, at least for a while. But I soon got picky about it, I spent more time reading books (books are the ultimate in pickiness, I never have to read a book I don’t like). The trip through your grandmother’s garden sounds magical to me, I used to love ‘jungles’ when I was a kid in England. Anyway, now I really only watch the news and The Chase on TV, Mrs D watches indiscriminately while I jam on headphones and watch DVD’s or Youtube on my laptop. Interesting how the 60’s vision of the whole family gathered round the TV set soon degenerated into a battle over the remote, from which we have now been rescued by personal electronic devices. And the bane of public transport in the 60’s, loud transistor radios, has been mercifully silenced by headphones and earpods. Sometimes technology does cure its own ills.


    Macca @macca

    Hi everyone :), been inactive for few days but hey ho.

    Just wanted to come on and say thanks for welcoming me into the forum anyone that I have spoken to has been kind and understanding and I appreciate it as the fandom is still very torn apart at the moment as I have read through some posts and I just don’t agree with some things that have ben said and it’s really interesting that we all have voluminous different opinions regarding our favourite show between us all. I’d go into detail but I’m about to pop out so I just thought I’d say a quick hello.

    Just going to finish on a thought, in my opinion turn left, the stolen earth and journeys end together is the Avengers Endgame of Doctor Who or should I say the Empire strikes back of Doctor Who I think those 3 episodes are just perfect I remember watching them as a little kid and being terrified of Davros and even seeing the Doctor someone who doesn’t scare easily at all looking terrified at his computer screen as the face of Davros appeared , and I have to mention just all the companions coming together it really does feel like avengers in a way, moreover when donna tells the doctor that rose is there that scene was perfect and then obviously we know what happens next but yeah quick little input from me anyways have a great day guys talk soon!

    docnerd223 @docnerd223

    Hey guys,

    I’m new here!! been a doc. who lover for a while now. Just decided to join a forum and talk about my love for this epic show. I love David Tennant and Matt Smith as the doctor equally. Maybe Matt Smith more tbh. Anyways. Super hyped to be here.

    docnerd223 @docnerd223

    So what is on the sofa??? confused. someone talk to me

    Dentarthurdent @dentarthurdent

    @docnerd223     Hi docnerd    ‘On the sofa’ is, in theory, for general chat about Doctor Who.   ‘The kebab and calculator’ is for general chat about everything else.    That’s as I understand it.   In practice, discussions stray all over the place, I’ve never seen anyone admonished for going Off Topic.    There are also forums for specific episodes, listed on the main page.

    This isn’t a very busy site, sometimes days go by with no posts.    So if you want to post something, I’m sure it would be welcomed.


    docnerd223 @docnerd223

    @dentarthurdent thanks so much. Hows your day going?  I’m pretty tired not gonna lie.

    Dentarthurdent @dentarthurdent

    @docnerd223   Day’s going okay, didn’t get a lot done, it’s almost time for the 6 o’clock news.   I’m in New Zealand, it’s about the end of a remarkably long summer (the water was warm enough to swim up until May Day, which is extraordinary).   And we’re one lucky place in the world that’s almost Covid-free, I guess you could class us as relieved but nervous.

    There are quite a few Canadians on this site, at least one Aussie, not sure where everyone else is from.

    To return to Doctor Who, my favourite doctor is Capaldi.   Tennant was good, though he got a bit emotional towards the end.   Matt Smith struck me initially as too young and confused, I thought he’d never replace Tennant, but I soon got used to him.   And probably my favourite episode is the Day of the Doctor, with the two of them (and John Hurt, and Rose aka The Moment).

    docnerd223 @docnerd223

    @dentrathurdent Thanks for such an interesting response! so cool that you’re from New Zealand. I’m from California. We’re definitely not Covid-free yet. We’re just starting summer over here. Anyways, I do not like Capaldi. its really weird that you like him. Maybe I don’t belong on this forum…. I don’t know that much about Doctor Who anyway. I love the angels episodes. I also love Rose. She’s a great addition. well…how often are you on here? is this all you guys do? Do you have any other hobbies? I like to draw.. so maybe I’m not like the rest of you… 🙁 I just want to belong..



    Do you accept me?

    docnerd223 @docnerd223

    are you going to answer????? @dentarthurdent I miss spelled your user.. sorry


    Dentarthurdent @dentarthurdent

    @docnerd223 If you want an ongoing real-time chat, I don’t think this forum is like that. We tend to let some time elapse between posts, not least because we’re in different time zones. I think most of us have other hobbies and do many other things. And many of us are pretty old. So if you’re looking for a high-energy busy group to belong to, this probably isn’t it. It isn’t really a matter of anyone ‘accepting’ you, as much as, if you post something (preferably Who-related, though we all stray from that at times) which interests people enough to reply to or comment on. But don’t hold your breath waiting for an answer 🙂

    Nobody’s going to tell you you don’t ‘belong’, or criticise your Doctor Who knowledge 🙂 I was a newbie a few months back too. Whether this is the forum you’re looking for is for you to decide.

    I hope I’ve summed it up fairly, don’tknow if anyone else wants to comment?

    Oochillyo @oochillyo

    hey @docnerd223 Welcome to The Forum 🙂 I hope you enjoy it, take a look around were all friendly here 🙂

    my fav Doctor of all is The 4th Doctor and then The 5th Doctor 🙂

    I am really loving The 12th Doctor and I think Series 10 is perfect defiantly from Oxygen onwards, I might have to re watch the first 4 eps lol

    What do you like about Rose and are you watching any eps currently ?

    Take care everyone hugs 🙂

    Regards – Declan Sargent

    docnerd223 @docnerd223

    @dentarthurdent You guys are old? how old???? Sorry if that’s too personal I’m just really curious and looking for some new friends 🙂

    Dentarthurdent @dentarthurdent

    Put it this way, I saw the first episode of Doctor Who when it screened.   And I don’t mean ‘Rose’, I mean the original with Hartnell.   Though I didn’t really have much interest at the time, I watched intermittently, through Troughton to the start of the Pertwee years, and then just stopped.   (In those days there was no Internet to keep in touch, and not even VHS tapes, it was a matter of catch-the-episode-when-it-screened or never.   Home video (“VHS”)  in 1980 was a revolution in that you could *record a program off TV and keep it forever*, and you could rent or buy movies on VHS.    So you could watch whenever you wanted.   All the format changes since have just been improvements on the same).

    But I didn’t really start watching Who seriously until ‘Rose’ aired, a while later.

    I don’t recall a lot about the early Hartnell eps, other than that – at one point –  the ‘future’ troops were brandishing World-War-1 vintage Broomhandle Mausers complete with their clip-on wooden stocks, which someone in the art department obviously thought looked futuristic enough in 1960.

    janetteB @janetteb

    @dentarthurdent, Well said.

    @docnerd223 Everyone is welcome here but we are are also busy people. I check in every day and read posts but sometimes day will pass without my posting anything, not because I don’t want to or am not enjoying the discussions but because I am either too busy or too tired to formulate the words. I think it is pretty much the same for all of us. We blame it on real life.

    And yes, the question “you guys are old, how old?” is not exactly polite.



    Macca @macca

    Hi @docnerd223 I’m new to the forum too and if you scroll up you can see my first post regarding what I think of the show I’m not too certain but I think I am one of the younger ones on here as I’m 17 going 18 but no disrespect to any “old” fans as age doesn’t matter we use this to talk about our favourite tv show as a way of comparing ideas, theories and thoughts on past and present episodes. I count myself fairly lucky as I grew up with Davide Tennant as my first episode was Dalek’s in Manhattan and watched the show from then and went back when 10 regenerated into 11 to watch Eccleston and resumed to Matt Smith when the 5th series aired on BBC one. But yes welcome to the forum mate!

    Macca @macca

    Also, I’m from England

    Dentarthurdent @dentarthurdent

    @janetteb    To be fair to docnerd, it was me who first mentioned that some of us are ‘pretty old’.   (Bearing in mind that I think docnerd is quite young, and to a teenager, thirty is ‘old’).   As Macca rightly said, age doesn’t matter when we’re discussing Doctor Who.   But I think it may just affect our style of communication.

    winston @winston

    Hello @macca and @docnerd223    Welcome to the site. It is great to talk about Doctor Who with new people all around the world and all ages. I live in Canada and have been a Whovian for many years. I like all the Doctors and companions and I have a hard time picking a favourite. I usually say that my favourite doctor is the one I am watching at the time.

    Have a good time on this site exploring and reading all the discussions on past episodes, it can keep you busy for hours.

    Stay safe.

    Dentarthurdent @dentarthurdent

    Well, I just watched ‘Cold Blood’ (when I could find time in between cabride videos, Mrs D seems to have developed a  taste for them – and *I’m* supposed to be the railway enthusiast 🙂    Usually I can ignore her choice of viewing and watch my laptop screen, but not when the Bernina Line is unfolding on the big screen).

    Cold Blood – there was plenty of action, and some nice CGI, but – I don’t normally obsess over plot holes or characterisation, but there were enough to make me go ‘wait, where did that come from?’ repeatedly.   I wrote a screed about it, and I could post it in the thread for that episode, but I notice, from the comments on Hungry Earth, that most of you seem to like the double ep and I don’t want to rain on anyone’s parade, so I’ll just file it.

    Vincent and the Doctor next – featuring a cameo by Bill Nighy which was, via a Youtube clip and comments on a different forum altogether, what got me re-interested in Who a couple of years ago,  after I lost touch with the original on TV after Vampires of Venice a decade before.

    Macca @macca

    hi @winston that’s cool how your from Canada I’m from Liverpool in England, I’ve been watching Dr.Who for a very long time now since I was very little being probably 4 or 5 years old I started on series 3. I would have to say David Tennant is my favourite Doctor as he was the first one I watched and got the most enjoyable episodes out of overall and his companions too were amazing. I did really enjoy Matt Smith’s doctor too it was hard to like him at first having just lost my “hero” as I looked up to number 10 as a kid but yeah 11s run was really good it just went a bit down hill after Amy and Rory left in my opinion but some of the episodes were really good tbf it just wasn’t as good but I’d still watch them as I like 11s rein. Capaldi I have mixed opinions on as “the doctor” he’s proper good like but some of his episodes just bore me I think it’s just the writing and stuff cos as I said him as the doctor alone is great it’s just in my opinion only some of his episodes I’d actually watch again the rest I wouldn’t bother watching. Moreover, don’t even get me started on 13 what a real mess of the show they have made in my opinion, they need to sack Chibsy and get literally anyone else in that industry that is a fan of the show as I’m sure anyone of us on here could write the show better, not trying to start any feuds here just putting my opinion out there!

    Also, I couldn’t forget about 9, Chris Eccleston better be in the 60th anniversary alongside the 8th doctor Paul McGann if thats how you spell it lol.

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