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    PhaseShift @phaseshift
    Time Lord

    We’ve had quite a few people talking about episode retrospectives across the forums recently, and while we are not going to dash into them before the Christmas Special, I just thought I’d summarise what I’ve read, just in case I’ve missed something. Please feel free to nominate more or a favourite(s) listed:

    2nd Doctor

    I think there has been a general call for a revisit of Mind Robber, which as I said on the Dear Santa blog, we almost went for.

    3rd Doctor

    Again, Day of the Doctor has an obvious attraction if you’ve enjoyed @bluesqueakpip s blog. Ironically, @bluesqueakpip also mention Curse of Peladon in the past if you prefer one of the rare early tales of Pertwee on an alien world.

    4th Doctor

    We almost went for Robots of Death, but there are quite a few that have been mentioned including City of Death, Genesis of the Daleks (a bit obv?) and Deadly Assassin. Given the Time Lord association of the recent special, Deadly Assassin is the first real look at Gallifrey and does highlight what I call the pitfalls of the Time Lords, although it’s a good story.

    5th Doctor

    Kinda has been mentioned in passing as has Earthshock and the Five Doctors. Arc of Infinity was raised today as potential, and you could view that in conjunction with Deadly Assassin to see some of the Time Lord themes developing.

    6th Doctor

    Yes – we have a request for six. One of the 2×45 minute stories I think. Vengeance on Varos or Resurrection of the Daleks (@ScaryB already plumbed for her other avatar Sil, in Vengeance).

    7th Doctor

    Everyone wants Curse of Fenric. Happy to oblige.


    Pretty tricky. We talked about The Movie. We’ve talked about the Night of the Doctor. A communal listen if we can arrange it? BF have done offers in the past. It may be worth a punt to send an e-mail to them and ask if they have any offers coming up, or they could do us an exclusive to tempt more custom. I’ll have a think about that one.

    Nine – Eleven

    Maybe pick another writer who has written for all three and follow their progress. Mark Gatiss perhaps?

    PhaseShift @phaseshift
    Time Lord

    Talking of Christmas Specials, I was going to launch an idea as a surprise before Christmas. In a discussion with @miapatrick we suggested a wider “Watch Club” to take in other series, perhaps with an emphasis on links to writers, producers, actors with a Doctor Who connection. An episode of this, a short series of another. Very loose and evolving depending on how participants felt about it.

    My intention was to talk about The Avengers episode – Too Many Christmas Trees, which I watch every year on DVD. It’s from the last year of the B&W period and bloody fantastic, showing how far ahead of the curve the show was. I had it all, an intro written, points to look out for and a link to the video before…. the video I had found was pulled. I’ll try to post my thoughts about it on the general TV thread at some time, but that was the kind of idea we were hoping to try.

    Anonymous @

    @phaseshift — nice ideas on the new retrospective. I was also thinking that a Time Lord related retrospective might work. If that was the case then I’d moot these suggestions:

    Doc 1 – The Time Meddler (does it all still exist?)

    Doc 2 — Has to really be The War Games. But that’s kinda long so maybe eps 1-2 and 9-10, or eps 6-10 maybe.

    Doc 3 — Kind of has to be The Three Doctors

    Doc 4 — The Deadly Assassin is the best bet

    Doc 5 — Guess it has to be Arc of Infinity, which I kind of like, despite much naffness being present within.

    Doc 6 — Guess we’re looking at something from Trial of a Time Lord. The Ultimate Foe, perhaps.

    Doc 7 — Is kind of  a Time Lord-free zone. Unless we went for Remembrance and ‘that speech’.

    Doc 8 — Good idea about approaching Big Finish. Hopefully they’d like to help and maybe give us a temporary stream or summat. Zagreus seems to be the obvious choice to me.

    Doc 9 – 11 — the most Time War related ones, I guess. So maybe Dalek, The End of Time and The Day of the Doctor.

    However, if we go for a more freeform approach, here are some thoughts:

    Doc 1 — thought we should maybe try a historical as they’re often overlooked and were an integral part of the early years.

    Doc 2 — The Krotons is a good choice I think.

    Doc 3 — Happy to go with whatever on this one. But Curse of Peladon is maybe a good one.

    Doc 4 — Ditto. Genesis might be a bit obvious and well-worn though.

    Doc 5 — Rather than Earthshock, I guess my vote would be for Kinda.

    Doc 6 – Varos by popular demand, I guess.

    Doc 7 — Fenric is a good choice I think.

    Doc 8 — Any decent McGann audio I think…

    Doc 9 – 11 — I like the idea of charting the evolution of a particular writer. Maybe Gareth Roberts? Or Gatiss?

    But these are just some musings. More than happy to go with the consensus.

    RE. Too Many Christmas Trees — great choice. It’s funny I was just starting to think about the Christmas episodes of favourite old shows that I tend to pull out every year for a festive rewatch. Think there could well be a blogpost in this…

    ScaryB @scaryb


    Good thoughts re a TimeLord themed run. (As far as I know The Time Meddler is complete. If we only do a bit of The War Games, and it is a bit of an epic, should really include #1, #2 as that’s the story set-up. For Trial of a Timelord we could do Mindwarp – that includes Sil too 😉 (and TLs at possibly their worst).

    Could also do a Master-themed rewatch, later <polishes up shiny gold star from @phaseshift>

    I like the idea of following a particular writer again, the Stephen Moffat one really highlighted how many great episodes he’s written. Gatiss is a good choice. Or director – eg Euros Lyn (tho that might be a bit Ten-heavy)

    And agree re a historical Hartnell. The Aztecs would be good, but maybe lots of people have already seen it. Shame that Massacre and Marco Polo are still AWOL, but there’s also Reign of Terror (1-3 and 6 are still around)

    Bluesqueakpip @bluesqueakpip

    @jimthefish and @scaryb – I don’t think I’ve ever seen The Aztecs, though I may have read the Target novelisation.

    It would be nice to see an historical Hartnell that didn’t involve cavepersons (with or without blacked-out teeth). 🙂

    Arbutus @arbutus

    I realize that I have made a few posts now but have never properly introduced myself, so hi to all! I have followed Who since Tom Baker, but have seen at some time all the eras, due to an excellent local TV station here in my colonial home, that used to run them as serials late on Saturday evening, and would repeatedly cycle through from the beginning of Pertwee to whatever point was current. Once, they went all the back to the beginning of the Hartnell era, so I got a look at everything that was then available from the early eras as well.

    I didn’t pick up on AG Who right at the start, although I was pleased and excited to see that it was returning. But my son was small at that point, and watching TV had pretty much disappeared from our lifestyle and to be honest, has never really come back. I started buying seasons of AG Who on iTunes, to watch while working out. It really encouraged me to spend a little longer on the elliptical trainer!

    I have been following your forum pretty much since its beginnings, but didn’t join earlier due to not being a) much good at theorizing, and b) much of a one for posting on forums. I enjoy reading people’s opinions when they are conceived with thought and written well, and there is far too little of either on the internet! I tend not to join in on internet conversations because things can get nasty so quickly, and often I’d rather just keep my views to myself.

    But having been drawn in to express my admiration for your very literate and thoughtful musings here, I am now starting to enjoy sharing, especially if no one minds that my ability leans toward discussion of what we have seen rather than anticipating what is to come. Although my own mind usually follows the straight path, I really enjoy reading all your theories, and admire your cleverness at avoiding the obvious!  🙂

    Anonymous @

    @arbutus — you’re more than welcome. Thank you for joining us….

    Elouise @elouise

    I have no idea where this comes from, but I’ve been wondering the whole day, does anyone know whether the Doctor has ever transported an elephant or similar in the Tardis?

    Whisht @whisht

    @elouise – does this question arise from making you listen to Warm Leatherette?

    If so, I’m sorry and will pay for the counselling fees.


    Elouise @elouise

    Oh @whisht had it only been that… 😛

    Maybe it did have something to do with it though, maybe I have finally gone mad!

    I mean, how awesome would it be with an elephant in the Tardis, or a giraffe…

    Whisht @whisht

    well @elouise after Dinosaurs on a Spaceship and at least a window on a sun (if not a sun itself although some people think so) after Journey to the Centre of the Tardis, an elephant wouldn’t be that strange.

    smaller in fact than a swimming pool!

    (but no, you’re not mad, just bonkers like the rest of us!)


    Bluesqueakpip @bluesqueakpip

    @elouise – the telescope in the Observatory is pretty big.

    Didn’t the First Doctor win eighteen elephants or something in a bet?

    Elouise @elouise


    I don’t know why, but I am of the opinion that he should definitely get an elephant. And bring it on the Tardis. He should have an elephant stable!


    According to this site it was 35! But what are the odds that he would bring 35 elephants into his Tardis?


    PhaseShift @phaseshift
    Time Lord

    @jimthefish @scaryb @all

    I’ll leave nomination open on episodes as we aren’t in an immediate rush. If people can mention stuff on the Sofa it would be useful. I read everything, and note down stuff as we go, but I do sometimes miss the odd one (so apologies if I’ve not mentioned one you’ve mentioned before).

    Time Meddler is available, but a run of Time Lord based material may test the patience. Certainly bits of Trial would mine – I think I’d have to sit that bit out.

    I try to avoid suggestions for single or a couple of episodes from one story, as some on the Forum choose to buy the DVD fresh, so we may as well select material we can watch from beginning through to the end.

    I’ll have a think about the Doctor Eight idea. I don’t mind contacting Big Finish to ask, because they can only tell me to bugger off. Some may have noticed the links to BF material on my recent blog contain an expression about the source of the link being thedoctorwhoforum. That’s so a link will just display that information in whatever analytics they compile. If they see we are providing links that people are using, that may enable a bit of goodwill.

    Anonymous @

    Hullo everyone.  I’ve been reading this forum for a couple of months and you’ve entertained me.  I agree with people who say they’re intimidated to join in the discussions here.  I’m a fan but not ‘A Fan’ – and I definitely have no ARSE.  (ask my girlfriend  🙂 )  But I saw @gctv‘s post on The Day of the Doctor and finally felt like I had something to contribute.

    To all the usual suspects – your posts are like a university education in Doctor Who.  Apparently I started watching Pertwee as a baby with my older sister and brothers, but my memories actually begin with (later) Tom Baker.  Peter Davison’s Doctor stories are my clearest early memories.  (well, Peri’s ‘attributes’ were worth tuning in for as a raging adolescent!)

    I hadn’t seen any of the comics, or the books, or even heard any of the audio stories, but reading about all of these on this forum have encouraged me to seek them out.  At the Doctor Who Celebration at the ExCel (I went on Sunday) I bought Big Finish’s ‘The Light at the End’ but work commitments (should dry up in a week or so) mean that I haven’t listened to it yet.  Maybe after the holidays I can post something about that here?  There are plenty of places on the net that I wouldn’t dream of posting any kind of review, but this forum seems like it has the right attitude.

    I’m a fan – was a fan? (Neil Perryman’s not writing much anymore there) – of ‘Adventures with the Wife in Space‘ because it so closely mirrors my experience of being a Doctor Who watcher for practically my whole life, with a girlfriend who just doesn’t get it.  But she (my girlfriend) often says the most amazing things, like Sue does in that blog.  It’s interesting to see what someone says as they watch, for example who doesn’t get frustrated that ‘Metebelis’ was mispronounced in ‘Hide’ but wonders how the reunited monsters are going to get along after being separated for so long (bless).

    Good work everyone.  Off to polish my thoughts on The Time of the Doctor and look at the Christmas gift possibilities again.



    Arbutus @arbutus


    I definitely have no ARSE.  (ask my girlfriend  ) 

    You just made me laugh really loudly– it’s a good thing I work at home!

    My love of Who (and indeed related types of fiction) is definitely not shared by either my husband or my son. In fact, as for many reasons we are not a TV-watching household, most of my consumption takes place during the day, when they are not around. Like the Doctor and Rose, Doctor Who and my beloved family exist in two parallel but forever separated universes. So it’s doubly nice that I’ve finally gained the courage to join this forum, since I now have someone to talk to about it all!

    Anonymous @


    My lack of ARSE (in both definitions) has been a pleasure to at least one person, then.   😉

    You’re actually one of the people who gave me courage to join up after a few months of lurking.  You sailed onto this forum with fully-formed opinions and theories and a sense of joy at finding people to discuss Doctor Who with.  Perhaps it’s been those cantankerous pre-holiday moments lately with She Who Cannot Be Named but I also felt your joy.  I love her, she’s my soul mate and all that, but she Just.Doesn’t.Get.It.  Which is alright, because I Just.Don’t.Get some things she likes (Come Dine With Me … really?).

    ScaryB @scaryb

    <waves @MartyB>

    Yay! Another B.  We have @janetteb as well, and 1 or 2 silent members – we’re building slowly, but we will fight back against the fishy enclave.


    Doubly welcome for all the ARSE appreciation!

    Fear not – you (and @arbutus) are not alone in having families/friends who Don’t Get Who, or who don’t actually want to discuss it 24 hrs/day, LOL.  That’s why this forum exists 😀 (Lot of fans of the Wife in Space… around here too).

    Glad you’ve dived straight in. And don’t worry, the internet is your friend – there are very few on here who can actually remember whole chunks of dialogue from 30/40/50 years ago word for word.   Some came to it through the Target novels, or the audio stuff, some watched some Doctors then drifted away when hormones kicked in.  The more variety of viewpoints the better for bonkers therorising.

    But be warned… it’s is highly addictive!

    Anonymous @


    Thank you very much for your warm welcome.  I had to think a moment before I understood your comment – because I really am Marty and my surname begins with B.  I sincerely hope your parents were not as Child Services-friendly as your own moniker suggests.  😀

    I am now very sorry in one way that I created a login today.  I really must finish my last pre-New Years job and there really is a deadline date which cannot be missed.  But you are right … “it’s highly addictive” … I managed to resist the allure of the needle until today and now I’m posting left right and centre all over the place.  It all began with a slight, erm, disagreement with the GF about how important Doctor Who is to Real Life a few days ago.

    Regards, Marty

    Arbutus @arbutus

    @MartyB  @scaryb

    Indeed. The Family Members have no more interest in Doctor Who than I have in listening to them talk about arduinos and “if” statements and other techie talk; we are different kinds of geek! They are vaguely aware that I follow the show, but that’s about it.

    “Highly addictive”, no kidding. It was bad enough when I was only lurking! But I keep seeing those notification emails in my inbox, and I can’t resist hopping back aboard for more.  I have almost as many branches of Real Life as the Doctor has time streams. I suspect that many on this forum would say the same.  🙂


    PhaseShift @phaseshift
    Time Lord

    Evening all –

    @danmartinuk is not letting the 50th being shown damp the celebratory year. He’s continuing his retrospective pick of episodes by suggesting that Dalek was the best for CE. You can find it at:


    Timeloop @timeloop

    @MartyB Hopefully I am doing you a favor with this: Log out now and get to work! I promise we will still be here after the deadline. ò.ó

    Please don’t take this the wrong way. ó.ò

    @scaryb @arbutus

    It is indeed a bit addictive AND swallows big chunks of time. This is the only place for me to discuss Doctor Who at all because it has no history whatsoever here. If you’d ask random people on the streets “The Doctor” has no meaning to 95-98% of them – period. I am still amazed by the feedback of the 50th anniversary.

    Juniperfish @juniperfish

    Thanks @phaseshift for the @danmartinuk alert – swam fishily over there to post in the other time-stream before returning mysteriously sans fez.

    Arbutus @arbutus

    @whisht @MartyB @Purofilion @timeloop @gctv @scaryb
    I thought this would be a better place to respond as we have definitely gone off topic! I hope that I have tagged everyone who has been part of this discussion.
    Your “cuckoo in the nest” idea is interesting, I hadn’t looked at those episodes in that light. For me, my problems with “Let’s Kill Hitler” are symptomatic of the entirety of Series 6, which I found very uneven. It included some of my all-time favourites (“The Doctor’s Wife” and “The God Complex”), some of my least favourite (“The Curse of the Black Spot” and “Night Terrors”), and various points in between. There were some parts of “Let’s Kill Hitler” that I really enjoyed, and others that just didn’t work for me.


    Arbutus @arbutus

    It is great how the show is deliberately set up to be able to cater for any type of genre and storyline (horror, comedy, drama, adventure etc).

    While much of the flexibility of style is inherent in a time-travel series, I think that the shifting from comedy to drama is due to the nature of the Doctor himself. Because he loves adventure and is passionate in his beliefs, he never backs away from getting involved in events, which can lead to situations of high drama and intensity (not to mention danger!). But the universe in general fascinates and exhilarates him. He fully embraces life in the way that a child does, and this can lead to some hilarious moments. He can become thrilled at finding a fez, or dinosaurs on a spaceship, and deeply outraged when he encounters evil, cruelty, or even banal self-interest. Thus the writers can choose to have an episode rooted in the light-hearted, or an episode with more gravitas, or an episode that embraces both. The last is probably the trickiest to pull off, but I love those when they work.

    In terms of River Song, I must admit I find her slightly insufferable at times (mainly in her ‘knowing’ moments) but the minisodes are a complete pleasure.

    Yes, I agree that the minisodes are actually essential to anyone interested in the River arc. And I thought her final scene in The Name of the Doctor was lovely; I wasn’t always keen on the character or convinced by the arc, but I cried watching them saying goodbye. It was beautifully written and performed.

    ah, if only the Doctor was one of those sorts who went back and broke the rules and stopped the inevitable moment from happening… – and that way madness lies and the destruction of the very thing that feeds love (our mortality) would destroy the reason for not wanting it to stop.

    Indeed. And this means that dealing with the twelve-regeneration limit must be done carefully. I think that someone on the forum has made a similar point: that the doctor should never choose immortality. He has had words to say in the past to people who sought to elude death, most recently in The Night of the Doctor, when he referred to the “keepers of the flame of eternal life” as the “keepers of the flame of utter boredom”. I don’t think that immortality would suit the doctor’s personal philosophy at all!


    Anonymous @

    @scaryb – thanks for the ‘cakes’ 🙂 One of my friends (whose a baker) made me a little TARDIS cake which, when I cut into it, was ‘Batten-bigger’ on the inside 😀

    Amongst my prezzies were a few vouchers for HMV and some cash and now I’ve a dilemma about what to buy. I’m hoping you all can help me out.

    I had intended to get ‘Enemy of The World’ but HMV are out of stock at the moment, so a question which I’m dreading the answer to but it has to be asked. <takes deep breath> Are there any decent 6th Doctor stories? It doesn’t have to be (and probably won’t be) the greatest story ever told, just something to keep me entertained for a few hours on a cold, wet winter evening.

    I know from various posts here and elsewhere that CB isn’t very popular but I have at least one DVD for each of the other classic Doctors so I think it’s time to take the plunge into uncharted territories.

    There was a clip from a CB story during the ‘Classic Doctor’s Suite’ at this years Proms which looked intriguing, am I right in thinking that was from ‘Trial of A Time Lord’? More to the point, is it worth buying?

    Timeloop @timeloop

    @arbutus @whisht @Purofilion @MartyB @everyone else

    Much like @MartyB I have been doing everthing but work. I am facing 3 different deadlines before christmas so I will focus on catching up and working through the night with loads of energy drinks (yay for being a student).

    See ya in one and a half weeks (if I can stay away for so long). This has been me for the last weeks:
    (P.S.: Find the TARDIS in this video.)

    PhaseShift @phaseshift
    Time Lord


    You received a recommend from me, and I’m delighted to see you gearing up for next years “Golden Plug” of the Year award by publicising @bluesqueakpip s blog. Excellent work! 😉

    PhaseShift @phaseshift
    Time Lord


    Hmmm. Tricky. As someone who definitely Colin’s tenure is a black spot, I think the clip from the Proms was from Trials (The one about corruption?), four stories in a box set for about 13 quid from Amazon and the BBC shop.

    The stories we were thinking of looking at for the retrospective were Revelation of the Daleks or Vengeance on Varos (currently more popular). BBC shop about £5.50. (Varos has a special edition for 2 quid more).

    If you’re thinking of spending Trials money, an alternative could be the Bred For War Box set, which features all 4 Sontaran stories from the BG years. Time Warrior, Sontaran Experiment, Invasion of Time and, for Doctor Six, The Two Doctors. That’s 12 quid on Amazon.

    Anonymous @

    @timeloop -thanks for that link. Today I actually have to work- a bleep in my Long Service Leave. left a cute msg on that website/procrastination. 😉

    Anonymous @

    @arbutus wow!  So true. About the ability of the scripts to cater to so many different ‘ -genres’. But my favourites are your favs & I also disliked the Curse of the Black Spot! My boy loved the piratey stuff; so was it chucked in there for a light hearted giggle and yet another way for Rory to ‘die’? Also, this season, I didn’t like the episode where people were dipped in red. I’m so dippy I can’t remember the name of it! Was it Crimson Horror? I only watched it the once (scared the hell out of the child) so maybe there’s much to it I didn’t get? Probably true. Probably true of a lot of things.

    wolfweed @wolfweed

    Welcome back @blenkinsopthebrave – Have you watched AAIS&T yet?

    Juniperfish @juniperfish

    @phaseshift I am going to be the Christmas goose with the golden plug, I can see 🙂

    wolfweed @wolfweed


    Crazy Captions 47 has a  variation on this theme

    Miapatrick @miapatrick

    @phaseshift I still think that is a great idea, mostly because one thing I like about this site is that this is a community, watching and discussing a particular program, but also discussing many others, and because the original impulse for the site came from a series blog- I would love to discuss other TV shows with other people. I have really enjoyed watching BG who. And mostly because I really think more people should watch some Sapphire and Steel.

    The Avengers sounds great. Is there no way of accessing it? (I personally think that episodes available for free on the internet are probably great for DVD sales.

    PhaseShift @phaseshift
    Time Lord


    I’m glad you posted – I think I may have found it elsewhere! It’s not a site I use that often, but it seems to have been there a while. I’ll watch it through to make sure it’s OK and if so, we’ll launch it as a trial. As homework goes, The Avengers is a great one. 🙂

    Anonymous @

    @phaseshift – Thanks for that.

    Hmm, Vengeance On Varos Special Edition – that’s the one with ‘even more of me’ isn’t it? CB’s wife and daughters didn’t seem particularly impressed 🙂

    Coincidently, about 15mins after I posted, my Dad e-mailed me (he deserted these shores for Melbourne, Aus many years ago) asking if I had any 6th Doctor DVD’s (he denies it, but I’m sure he’s a lurker) so I may hold off until after Xmas before making any purchases although that offer on ‘Trials’ is very tempting. Must ponder some more.

    Arbutus @arbutus


    Thanks for that video, it was brilliant. I have sent the link to the Family Members, since procrastination has been honed to a fine art in our household. I found the TARDIS and a Dalek as well!

    Good luck with the work. My own student days are long gone, but I relive them through my son (he finds that regular infusions of dark chocolate also help with late night project deadlines!)


    blenkinsopthebrave @blenkinsopthebrave


    we were going to watch AAiTaS tonight, but Mrs Blenkinsop and I decided to get in more boxes of tissues before the experience, so watched somethimg less emotionally challenging–Poirot–instead. Tomorrow.

    And thanks for the posts on Canada during my exile.

    Arbutus @arbutus


    I didn’t like the episode where people were dipped in red.

    Yes, that was The Crimson Horror. That was an episode that I had mixed feelings about. The guest cast was fabulous, and there were some very powerful scenes. But the slug-thing from the dawn of time, oh dear. It looked like something my son might win throwing darts at the midway. I think that episode was an example of an attempt to mix humour and gravitas that, for me, didn’t quite get it right. But I was quite spellbound by Diana Rigg’s horrible, monstrous old lady.

    alloftimeandspace @alloftimeandspace

    Hello everyone! I’ve only recently become an ardent Doctor Who fan. It started as an obsession with David Tennant (I admit I’m still quite enamoured with him) but now it’s everything Doctor Who. I still have a lot of episodes to go through, and i’m loving every minute of it!! I’m so glad to have other people as obsessed as me to talk to!

    Miapatrick @miapatrick

    @alloftimeandspace- welcome. That is exactly what this site is for.  And there is a nice mix of new and long term fans on here (I only really got interested with Smith/Moffart, but, as with you, the obsession spread) so it’s also a place to learn more about the history of the program.

    @Phaseshift- fantastic- sounds like it was meant to be. I really do think it’s a good idea. In my last but one course I came across a comment about how, in the 19th century, novels were a kind of conversation, influenced by and influencing each other. I think the same can be true about television programs, and Doctor Who is especially chatty.

    Plus its nice to have some sort of communal viewing experience to look forward too of a Saturday night 🙂

    Bluesqueakpip @bluesqueakpip

    Welcome to @alloftimeandspace. If you love to talk about an obsessive interest in Doctor Who, you’ve found the right site. 🙂

    @arbutus – the slug got classed in my mind as ‘Special Effects Failure’. The mistake, to my mind, was giving it those big eyes, which immediately made it look ‘cute’. Possibly they’d tried a previous version which was voted too terrifying and then ran out of time.

    Other than the special effects failure, it was a great episode and one I’ve rewatched more than once. Diana Rigg was, as they say, well worth the price of admission. Equally, Rachel Stirling also gave a cracker of a performance – it always adds something when you get real-life relatives playing the appropriate parts.

    [Though I do wonder whether the scene where Rachel Stirling gets to call her mother every name under the sun was both therapeutic for her, and a bit painful for Diana Reed.]

    alloftimeandspace @alloftimeandspace

    @bluesqueakpip @miapatrick Thanks so much for the very warm welcome! I just realized I’ve spent three hours reading analyses put up by different people! So much thought has been put into all of them, I hope I can come up with something half as good 🙂

    alloftimeandspace @alloftimeandspace

    I don’t know how to mention people in my posts but thanks for the very warm welcome! I can’t believe I just spent three hours reading the wonderful analyses put forth by all you very brilliant people. I hope I can come up with something half as poignant 🙂

    Anonymous @

    Most people go out for a drink (or three) on their birthdays but for the last 5 years or so, a tradition has developed whereby a few friends come round for a game of Risk (I’m not really sure how or why it started though).

    Last night was no different but after the game (which I won 🙂 ) I premiered my updated version of TDoTD, which includes the full Hurt to Eccleston regeneration as posted by @wolfweed.

    I didn’t tell them about this new footage and I’ve honestly never seen such childlike delight on the wrinkled faces of grown men in their late 40’s/early 50’s when it appeared 😀

    wolfweed @wolfweed


    Lots of concept art for the Memory Worm from ‘The Snowmen’


    Happy Birthday @fatmaninabox

    Anonymous @

    @bluesqueakpip -I should watch that episode Crimson Horror again -I don’t why I didn’t ‘warm’ to it? I forgot about Dianna Rigg (a fav of mine, how could I forget her? -memory worm….). I don’t have that DVD set and didn’t tape it either. I just remember red faces and that reminded me of a comedy excerpt in the 80s and 90s down under….

    alloftimeandspace @alloftimeandspace

    Does anyone have a link to download BG Who from? like a torrent that would have it all? That would make it so much easier. If not can some of you upload what you’ve got and then maybe share the torrent links?

    Anonymous @


    The Doctor Who Forum is a place to discuss old episodes, theorise about forthcoming stories and have a bit of fun. However, we like to keep things legal.

    If it’s pirated episodes you’re after, then you’ve joined the wrong site. If you really must obtain DW episodes without paying for them (and I appreciate it can be expensive), try Google. I’m sure you’ll find what you’re looking for.

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