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    overunder @jamesunderscore

    @denvaldron – I have wasted far too much time on TVTropes. It’s bad when you realise that tropes from the site, like “Crapsack World” and “Narm” have entered your day to day vocab, and nobody else has a clue what you’re talking about.

    PhaseShift @phaseshift
    Time Lord


    Heh, I just took one look at your new avatar, and my immediate thought was “Release the Gimp!”.

    Rob @rob



    It’s my new fightin’ helmet to misquote 10 very badly, inspired by 15th C masked armets and do you think ever so slightly Cyberman ???

    curvedspace @curvedspace

    Maybe y’all knew about this, but I recently discovered a site that makes fandom teas. It’s got a lot of fandoms to explore (and I think you can make your own, too). And of course for something as nerdy as a tea fandom there are multiple Doctor Who teas. I tried the tea for the tenth doctor and it’s pretty tasty. As I read through all of the threads above it made me wish that I could put on the kettle and pass everyone a cup! I really do love reading everything y’all have to say here.

    ScaryB @scaryb

    @janetteb Thank you. Hope you’re enjoying the post exam period and hope the results as good as you all deserve, after all the hard work.

    @tardisblue Anyone who posts Aretha Franklin gets my vote! 😀

    @curvedspace Dr Who Teas – we should have had those for the day after the pub night, LOL

    wolfweed @wolfweed

    I love this edit from The Afterparty…

    DrSmith @drsmith

    Thanks @fatmaninabox for the explanation it helped a lot. But I have another question from the Season 4 Episode Turn Left.

    The first thing related to The Doctor was how he would have died if she wasn’t in The Runaway Bride. She sees him drop the Sonic Screwdriver and either a cop or fireman says “It must have happened for him to fast for him to regenerate”

    I don’t understand how they knew he was a Timelord, How a Timelord could regenerate, and how a Timelord can’t regenerate if their killed before the resiusal energy changes their form.

    If you guys could explain that would help, thanks.

    Bluesqueakpip @bluesqueakpip


    I don’t understand how they knew he was a Timelord,

    They’re from UNIT; it’s mentioned in the scene when they send the ambulance back to UNIT base. Really keen fans will also spot the UNIT ‘Greyhound’ radio call sign.

    The Troughton-Pertwee and Pertwee-Baker regenerations were basically in front of UNIT personnel; they have a good working knowledge of them. In terms of recognising the Tennant Doctor – not sure they’d met him, but Torchwood had and so had Sarah Jane. That makes it likely they’ve got a photo for ID purposes.

    ScaryB @scaryb

    Dunno if anyone’s picked up on Amazon’s new plan to use delivery drones (sounds a bit surreal to me), but just came across this response (no 4 of However list looks very Doctor inspired to me 🙂 )


    (and if anyone knows how to embed feel free to amend!)


    DrSmith @drsmith

    Thanks @bluesqueakpip I hadn’t realised they were members of UNIT. I have one more: In The Doctor Who Movie,the 12th incarnation of  The Master (in his Keeper of Traken set) get’s exterminated by the the daleks and his final wish was for The Doctor to take his remains to Galifrey and on the way there he escapes as a blob of goo/ snakes of goo. Also later in the movie The Doctor states that he’s half human, is it because he’s around so many humans apon his death is that why humans have to stay away from him while regeneration?

    Also before 50th Anniversary I rewatched The Ark in Space and after the special Logopolis, The Caves of Androzani, The Movie, Bad Wolf, The Parting of the Ways, and as much as I didn’t want to The End of Time. While watching Logopolis I realized how much The Fourth Doctor changes in appearance and in character threw out his tenure.


    Bluesqueakpip @bluesqueakpip

    @drsmith – I suspect the reason humans have to stay away from him during the post-Gap regenerations is that they’ll get blown up if they’re too close! It might be some side-effect of the Time War; people could sit by him and hold his hand during earlier regenerations.

    In the movie, the Doctor being half-human was some ‘audiences will relate more to a half-human character’ idea. Probably by a meddling executive, as British audiences had never had any problem relating to an entirely alien Doctor.

    When the Doctor returned (metaphorically) to these shores, the ‘half-human’ thing was retrospectively defined as the Eighth lying through his teeth (possibly for a joke). In Journey’s End the metacrisis Doctor’s response to discovering that he’s half-human is ‘that’s disgusting’, followed by ‘Well, isn’t that wizard.’ 😉

    DrSmith @drsmith

    I want to hear what you guys think of Tennant’s final episode(s) The End of Time. I personally I hate it for a few reason.

    The Ninth Doctor’s Regeneration: One of the best doctors opened the new series, as a matter of fact I think he was the best doctor to open the new series with, in The Parting of the Ways, The Doctor sends Rose home so she doesn’t die with Captain Jack Harkness and himself; but she doesn’t like it and opens the TARDIS and she absorbs the time vortex, goes back, and destroys the daleks. So she doesn’t die The Doctor kisses her and obsorbs the time vortex into himself and regenerates into the brilliant tenth doctor. But in The End of Time, The Master is shown the time vortex and NOTHING HAPPENS so why did The Doctor need to regenerate.

    Donna: Season 2 The Christmas Invasion: The Doctor get’s his hand cut off and uses the last of the residual energy to grow a new “FIGHTIN!” hand, Season 3 Utopia: Captain Jack Harkness finally finds the TARDIS after The Parting of the Ways and brings The Doctor’s the forgotten hand, In the two part finale of season 4 Journey’s End and Stolen Earth, The Doctor get’s shot by a Dalek and must regenerate; he uses the residual energy to heal himself but sends the rest into his hand then later Donna gets trapped in the TARDIS and touches the hand, wallah a (half human) clone of the doctor and a half Timelord Donna. The Doctor claims that she’ll die (similar to Rose) so he takes it out of her memory but if she remembers her brain will burn. BUUUT NOOOO in The End of Time he says “You think I’d leave my best friend without a defense mechanism” after she see The Master Race she lets of residual energy kills them and faints: SO IT WAS ALL A LIE.

    The Master: Season 3 The Last of the Timelords, once the Docter defeats The Master he makes it so that nobody remembers Harold Saxon. In The End of Time it says The Master created a group of people to worship him so if his plan were to fail he could be (once again) resurrected which don’t get me wrong is a thing that he would do but NO ONE OUTSIDE OF THE SHIP COULD REMEMBER so who wrote The Sacred Books of Saxon to prevent it and who was the old women to get Mrs. Saxon out of prison or asylum?

    The Fourth Doctor’s Regeneration: I think while writing the special Russell T Davies got lazy with all the things above  but the thing I hate the most was the reason The Doctor’s tenth incarnation’s reason for regeneration. The Timelords have escaped from the time lock and changed the master race back to humans and The Doctor leaps out of a spaceship and through glass onto the floor, ARE YOU KIDDING ME, one of the best doctor’s long rein ended because of fall damage: WHAT WAS DAVIES THINKING!?!?!??!!!!

    The Tenth Doctor’s Regeneration: The Doctor is laying on the floor, The Master stands to his left and the Timelord counsel to his right, and a gun his hand he turns it to the counsel, to the master, to the counsel, and then to the master and says “Get out of the way.” and shots the engine. The head counselor says how they’re going back into the time war and blasts The Doctor with the metal glove and The Master starts blasting him with electricity as the counsel and The Master goes back into the Time War. The Doctor visits his companions and regenerates in the TARDIS with an explanation for it crashing. OH WAIT…..That would have been good but noooo The Master says “Get out of the way.” and after they go back to the time war Wilfred taps on the glass four times, The Doctor goes in rage mode and sacrafises himself, visits his companions, regenerates, and gives us no reason for the TARDIS crashing.

    Maybe one if you guys could make be enjoy it a little more.

    Anonymous @

    Oh Golly @drsmith, ah, so many questions 🙂

    If I’m reading you correctly you are suggesting that the Tennant Doctor regenerates because of the fall through the glass? or due to the collateral damage consequent to the nuclear energy which he absorbs? I think that this was a neat way to eject the Doctor from a long four year series (rather exhausting filming). The energy would either kill Wilf completely or cause the doctor to die -or lose one life, which was a chance he was prepared to take.

    If you are wondering about why the TARDIS seems to explode and cause some problems which then Mat’s Doctor needs to fix then I also find that a bit confusing. However, it is in canon that the TARDIS gets a bit ‘sick’ during the Doctor’s regens. An explosion would be a sensible and also majestic way to end one doctor’s reign (as it were) and begin an exciting new doctor’s arrival.

    When is the Master shown the Vortex in the EofTime? Is it when Tennant throws them all (including Rassilon) “into Hell”? As Tennant says? Then, you see, the Master does die.

    Or are you alluding to the eight-year old Master who is shown the ‘Eye’ which is what happens to a lot of young, elite time lords? The doctor saw that too, but unlike the Master, did not hear any “drumming” in his head.

    Back to another paragraph of yours – I think the fall damage isn’t what caused the doctor to regenerate as explained above? -it was the nuclear energy preceded by the prophecy of the “Four Taps” as alluded to by the Ood, I believe.Would you agree?


    Hope this helps. I’m only recent to this site but am a fangeek




    Anonymous @

    **bummer I meant ‘ subsequent ‘ not “consequent” in my first line or so @drsmith

    DrSmith @drsmith

    No no @Purofilion I said it was idiotic for Davies to make him jump from a shape I’m estimating to be five times the sale of what his fourth incarnation died from.

    Also a mechanism that NEEDS one person is to me that’s just lazy writing and Davies dieing for WILFRED I also found lazy writing, he barely knew him it’s buying a Christmas present for your best friend’s dad who’ve you meant once.

    For the TARDIS crashing I have a theory on why which I posted on here before:The TARDIS has we know is a live thing (like a tree) and The Doctor regenerated six times The First, Fifth, Sixth, Eighth and a half, Nineth, and Tenth in the TARDIS now image you’ve lost a loved one, now imagine it six times to the same person you’d just have a mental breakdown.

    Anonymous @

    No no <span style=”color: #3366cc;”>@Purofilion</span> I said it was idiotic for Davies to make him jump from a shape I’m estimating to be five times the sale of what his fourth incarnation died from.

    aah @drsmith:

    sorry, man, don’t get the writing -yours 🙂 “The sale” what sale??

    Also, the Doctor dying for Wilf   (don’t shout, dear)? He would die for any individual. You’ve seen Wilf many times in that series. He is after all, the only person Donna adores and is in those series with Donna. Also, to us lovers of that actor (who is an amazing staple in British TV and stage-Bernard Cribbins) we feel very sympathetic for Wilf. He is every bit the Doctor’s companion -no more or less than Donna, Martha, Rose or Rory.

    Secondly, I would, myself, buy a Christmas present for my best-friend’s dad -he’s special to me therefore or because he is special to the individual (Donna, Rory, my dad etc.)

    Ah 😉 Like the theory about the TARDIS being upset at the ‘death’ of another companion -by this I mean the doctor.



    Anonymous @

    OK @drsmith I went to the trouble of typing a response and it’s disappeared.

    I was going to say, first I didn’t get the connection to the first para: the sale? what “sale” sorry?

    Then, also I would buy my best friend’s father a gift because he would be special to me as my best friend is special to me. Yeah?

    The dr has proven many times that he can and will take ‘the least’ of men and save them and sacrifice himself. That it was Bernard Cribbins as Donna’s father -a companion of great import; the same as Donna, Rose or Rory- is to be expected.

    It is who the dr is -no-one is less than anyone else. In fact, I would add that to understand Dr Who in any basic way is to understand this.

    After all, he decided to save all the children on Gallifrey -he hadn’t met them, after all.

    But I do like your theories on the TARDIS explosion -“the companion is lost again”. By companion, I mean a companion to the TARDIS -a doctor. 🙂



    Anonymous @

    Dear @drsmith, also, I’m old, so I do get things. Also, I get cranky 🙂  -so I understand the word ‘need’: don’t write it in capitals. The gentry consider it shouting and shouting is both impolitic and impolite. 🙂

    Then we shall stay friends and you can share your wonderful ideas with us all -well, with me, anyway!



    Angron @angron

    hey all, just getting into the show. I’ve been doing a lot of reading tho. I think I will start watching classic who. I haven’t watched the 50th anniversary thing yet but I know a little bit about it.


    The quality of the story involving the master and its just amazing. Watching the Doctor being outsmarted is something that nuwho doesn’t seem to really show. I really hate the idea of the time lords being gone in general. I just, dont like it. I hope the 50th anniversary changed that bc the time lords seem to be the one group of villains that are totally unexplored and there was so much potential with Harold Saxon.

    Anonymous @

    @angron – welcome.  As  someone new to the show, your impressions of the 50th anniversary special The Day of the Doctor would be quite interesting to hear.  Does it hold together as a self-contained story?  Or are the references to 50 years of programme history too complicated to follow?

    Once you have watched it, you can comment in the topic for that episode here:


    malagamad @malagamad

    Have a look at this story. An apparent reveal of the true origins of Doctor Who. It claims to have found secret documents that show the Doctor was based on a real man and reveals his identity.


    What do you all think?

    Anonymous @

    @malagamad -no, what do you think, first?  Seriously. 🙂



    malagamad @malagamad

    @purofilion I’d say it’s pretty obvious it’s not real but very clever at the same time

    Anonymous @

    @malagamad, no, really? hell! 🙂

    Anonymous @

    @malagamad. Seriously, thank you for the link -it is amazing what is out there isn’t it?? 🙂 Sorry, I must be sounding cranky. Not my intention. Have a good night/day  -night here, for me!



    wolfweed @wolfweed

    (by some Classic Companions)

    DrSmith @drsmith

    Hey guys, I was curious about the subject so I googled “Which doctor is John Hurt” and one link lead to an interview of some sort and he kind of just steered around it so I have a theory.

    I think when The Doctor was regenerating on Khan (I think that’s how it’s spell) and he drank the elixir the one overlapped the other (I was trying to find an example but I can’t) so it didn’t count as one of the original twelve.

    Before they brought the Timelords back in the 50th, to extend the regenerations: I thought since the Timelor Counsel controls regeneration has seen in The Third Doctor’s Regeneration/ Planet of the Spiders and they were dead The Doctor and The Master, as seen in The Last of the Timelords, could go over the amounts of regenerations because it was more of a rule by the Timelords not an actual physical rule.

    I also have another question: In the 50th it said that UNIT got the Time Vortex Manipulator from Captain Jack Harkness from one of his deaths but in the one episode from Doc #11 @fatmaninabox said they got it of of his hand?

    @Purofilion sorry I typed “scale” but the c felt like deleteing itself and could someone explain why Shazzbot’s name was turned into Anonymous

    Anonymous @

    @wolfweed, I woke up to that titbit -this morning. A hoot. Thank you


    Anonymous @


    In the 50th it said that UNIT got the Time Vortex Manipulator from Captain Jack Harkness from one of his deaths but in the one episode from Doc #11, FatManInABox said they got it of of his hand?

    I don’t recall saying anything like that, but then my memory isn’t what it used to be (not that it’s ever been that good 🙂 ). Could you specify which thread I said that on?

    Are you getting confused with River Song’s Vortex Manipulator? When she ‘acquired’ it in ‘The Pandorica Opens’ , Maldovar told her it was ‘fresh off the wrist of a handsome Time Agent’ (he didn’t specify who, though).

    DrSmith @drsmith

    @fatmaninabox OOOOOOOOOH that’s right I was browsing Youtube the one day and I stumbled upon a few videos saying and I quote “The reasons Captain Jack Harkness can’t be the Face of Boe” and that was one of the reasons and I laughed at it.

    historygeek5 @historygeek5

    *nervously waves* Hi..

    Timeloop @timeloop
    Elouise @elouise
    Anonymous @

    Hello.  Sylvester McCoy is ‘my’ Doctor.  Em, that’s it for now.  I’ve been reading lots of this site but you are all so good that I’m intimidated!

    wolfweed @wolfweed

    Welcome, @TheFerret. Please don’t feel intimidated. We don’t bite.

    wolfweed @wolfweed

    Sad to see that @Shazzbot has disappeared…

    XAD4 @xad4


    Re @Shazzbot – indeed! 🙁

    Timeloop @timeloop

    @TheFerret Hi. Matt Smith is mine. Welcome.
    Most of our theories turn out to be rubbish and we are always looking forward to new perspectives. We also try to be open minded and tolerant to different ideas so I am sure you will fit in nicely.
    Theorize away. 😉

    Anonymous @

    @timeloop and @wolfweed – thank you.  I don’t have anything interesting to say.  Don’t know why I logged in, to be honest!  Except to say that this is a wonderful website.  If I think of anything interesting to say, not likley because it it very very late where I am.  Really good to read everything here though.

    ardaraith @ardaraith

    I have a BG question. Which episode featured the Master and an evil Time Lady? I watched this some time ago, and only have a vague memory that they hid their TARDIS in a cave, and that the Time Lady hinted that she and the Doctor had been married/partnered/close in the past. Help?

    wolfweed @wolfweed

    @ardaraith – The Mark of the Rani

    ardaraith @ardaraith

    @wolfweed Yes, that’s it! Thanks a mil!

    Juniperfish @juniperfish

    Hey Who sofa-surfers, as we skate towards Christmas and the <sob> departure of Matt Smith.

    @Shazzbot I just wanted to tell you again how thoughtful your presents and certificates were for the 50th Doctor Who Forum meet-up – they made the evening!

    @scaryb I just watched The Last Day prequel to The Day of the Doctor – thanks for the tip, I’d missed it! It has a lovely Time-Lords-of-Old feel to it. The link is here again for anyone who wants to catch up:


    wolfweed @wolfweed

    (The programme) Dr Who’s Astrological Birth Chart…


    Anonymous @


    Thank you for saying hello!

    You asked me about Pertwee so that isn’t about The Day of the Doctor, so I came to this sofa to reply.

    I don’t like the 3RD Doctor very much because he was stuck on present day Earth the whole time.  Doctor Who is more interesting when there are alien planets to see, imo!  I like Tom Baker but everyone likes Tom Baker.  Peter Davison was “the nice Doctor” but he had too many companions it felt like we didn’t get to know him as well.  Colin Baker was, well, Colin Baker!!  (if you can’t say something nice, say nothing at all … !)  I’ve only seen Remembrance of the Daleks with Sylvester McCoy so I don’t know much about him.

    I’ve seen every episode since 2005 but I have gaps before that.  I found this forum looking for information on the 1ST and 2ND Doctors.  But the videos aren’t there any more.  🙁  At least I can read what everyone wrote about those episodes!  I think it’s cool to watch one episode a week but even better to watch them all at once, that’s why I like having DVD’s!

    Hope you got some sleep!

    ScaryB @scaryb


    Glad you liked The Last Day. Isn’t it great?

    Shame it doesn’t seem to be on the DVD. They’ve got Night of the Doctor, but it’d’ve been nice if they’d inlcuded all the little bitty trailers and minisodes. I loved the Strax “screaming popcorn” bits and Matt and Tennant goofing off on 12D at the cinema.

    @TheMasterofAllHeSurveys Greetings!

    But the videos aren’t there any more

    Ah, said with the innocence of one who didn’t live through the early years of TV when all programmes were transient and fleeting; once a week, and no recording! (Tho we did get a new Dr Who episode 48 times/year)


    Anonymous @


    Greetings to you too!  Your a Yeti!  Which one is that from?

    I ordered “The Web of Fear” but its not coming until Feb I think?  I got “The Enemy of the World” too.  I want to learn all about early Doctor Who.  The 50TH celebrations have been fantastic!  They made me want to learn everything about the show’s history.  There are rumors everywhere that there are more “lost” episodes coming.  That would be awesome!!

    Someone on this forum is The Master.  I like all the different Masters (but not in The Movie, I didn’t see that one).  The Doctor is “the good guy” and he needs a “bad guy” to keep him on his toes!  I have “Terror of the Autons” on DVD and that is a perfect example of The Doctor and The Master getting it on.  I liked John Simms too, but he wore a hoodie and I think The Master should be more “elegant.”

    ScaryB @scaryb


    BG Who is different in some ways from post 2005, in that it didn’t have the resources the new series has (and note the production schedule as I mentioned above – 48 episodes/year). But it’s stil recognisably the same character.  Don’t believe all you read about wobbly sets and crappy monsters – it may have been lower tech back then (inc the TVs it was broadcast on) – but they have always had great writers, directors and actors. You only have to watch Edge of Destruction (Hartnell, 3rd story) or the first episode of The Mind Robber (Troughton) to see what a virtue they could make out of zero resources (both of these were particularly squeezed re production budget, and both are among my favourite ever stories).

    Someone on this forum is The Master

    Too right. That will be our mighty Mod/Time Lord @phaseshift, looking particularly dashing as Roger Delgado <Wonders nervously if she’s maybe overdone the subservience 😉 >. You’re right that the Master is set up as the opposite of the Doctor, so if you’re looking for elegant, then it has to be Delgado (opp Pertwee aka Doctor Suave-and-elegent). Delgado set the standard for the Master.


    PS Yeti – originally from the Abominable Snowmen (Troughton, 1967) then as you rightly mention, The Web of Fear. Scared the hell out of me as a kid!  Hope you enjoyed Enemy, and also Web of Fear to come. Don’t get too excited about rumours of lost episodes being found – they’ve been circulating for  a long time. But just occasionally some do turn up, and the recent find was a bonanaza! I think they’ve done a great restoration job on them – they look better now than on original broadcast, LOL


    Timeloop @timeloop

    @TheFerret I can tell you that you logged in to be part of this website. Feel free to come back whenever you’d like to.

    PhaseShift @phaseshift
    Time Lord


    That will be our mighty Mod/Time Lord @phaseshift, looking particularly dashing as Roger Delgado

    Oh – lovely crawling. Take a gold star. 😀

    I’m so glad you’ve never seen me in reality. It would quite ruin your ideas of me.

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