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    Monochrome Dimension @monochromedimension

    Oh, very well then! lol Some rewatches might be good anyhow; as its been quite a few years since I’ve watched some of them.

    And randomly…

    My hair is a mess so ignore that. I’ve got a lot more items to obtain for the cosplay, but do you folks like my sweater and hat? Yes, I’m female and I’m making a cosplay of the Seventh Doctor.

    Rob @rob


    re post 25640 🙂

    Thankfully the water missed us but cousins caught it bad down on the levels and work was an insane battle against water breaching into the contaminated site and then (even worsererer) leaving again, could have been a right royal eco mess, struggle over, containment successful and my thanks was end of contract so now looking for work lol@me 😀

    Twas ever thus


    (on the bright siide apparently I’m a shoe-in for the next phase of works)

    Will be back to proper bonkers thinking as soon as the mud removed form ears etc

    Anonymous @


    Yes, the downside of an RTD re-watch is having to endure farting aliens. Now, being a bit ‘blokey’, I enjoy a good fart gag but even Raxacoricofallapatorians are a bit OTT for my liking 🙂

    Re SJA – Including Death Of The Doctor would be interesting, just as it’s the one and only time that RTD wrote for Matt Smith. I don’t think we ‘need’ to watch The Wedding of Sarah Jane but as I missed the first part, I’d be happy with it’s inclusion.

    PhaseShift @phaseshift
    Time Lord


    Good to hear you are OK, but commiserations to the extended family. I was about to say “wouldn’t it be funny if yours was one of the contaminated sites I’d visited!”. Then I thought “No it wouldn’t – they were disaster zones”. Glad to hear yours didn’t go pear-shaped.

    Bluesqueakpip @bluesqueakpip

    @fatmaninabox – well, The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith was quite fun – so I have no objection to including it. It would come between Planet of the Dead and Waters of Mars.

    Arbutus @arbutus

    @purofilion @monochromedimension   I think that I, for one, would have had less problem with Martha’s infatuation if it hadn’t followed directly after the Doctor/Rose relationship, with which I had all kinds of problems; and even had I not, it felt a little annoying that yet another young woman had fallen for the Doctor (even after he made it clear to her from the outset that he was only interested in having a friend). That’s why Donna was such a refreshing, wonderful change for me; she really is my favourite AG companion.

    Arbutus @arbutus

    @devilishrobby  @bluesqueakpip   I must confess that I never saw Sarah Jane’s relationship with the Doctor in that light. To me, they always seemed like great friends. She poked fun at him when he got pompous, and backed him up when he needed it. I never had an inkling of deeper feelings until the implication was made during her AG appearance, when she told Ten that, in effect, she had never married because of him. Her parting from the Fourth Doctor, frankly, was just not that fraught. She was reluctant to leave, and sorry to say goodbye, but was smiling within moments of his departure. (Nothing, I might add, like the trauma that Rose went through when she was forced from the Doctor’s side.)

    Although it must be said, @bluesqueakpip, your closing line is brilliant.

    Arbutus @arbutus

    @monochromedimension   Great look!  🙂  And yes, I see no reason why guys should have all the fun. I once went to a Halloween party in an overcoat, fedora, and long, long scarf. Well done!

    Monochrome Dimension @monochromedimension

    @arbutus – Thanks! lol Once I’ve finished the cosplay I’m hoping to use it for conventions, been buying a few more items for it today; including a paisley tie and some handkerchiefs… one for the pocket, the other for the hat band. My sister is also planning a Second Doctor cosplay.

    Re: Donna – Best AG companion!

    PhaseShift @phaseshift
    Time Lord

    Well, the first thread for the RTD retrospective is up. You can find a forum to discuss “Rose” here.

    In the past we’ve featured pre-existing internet video in these (for review purposes) for a limited period, but on this occasion I couldn’t locate one in English. The range of voice stand-ins for Rose and the Doctor is truly mind-blowing though, should you be adept at languages and do a casual internet search. There is a link to itunes if you don’t have the DVDs but are willing to venture £1.89 on the episode.

    Craig @craig

    @phaseshift Just got back in. Have pulled something from my usual source. Will add links on the Home page etc. tomorrow.

    PhaseShift @phaseshift
    Time Lord

    Top quality @craig. I’ve put a link on the home page, but I’m not convinced by the pic. We even have a “RTD retrospective” Page (even though it is a little empty at the moment 🙂 )

    FaeGrl @faegrl

    I can never keep up with the discussions on this thread. I sleep and when I wake up, I find that it has exploded into way complex topics and then my eyes go swirly trying to take in everyone’s clever deductions and conclusions. Oh, well… now, to reply to the direct tags towards me. 🙂

    @monochromedimension – Ah… I’m a woman with a wondering mind, unfortunately. So, I only gotten to the second serial of the Seventh. It’s the weekend, so I’m sure I’ll settle down and view more of “Paradise Towers” and “Delta and the Bannermen”, thus completing them. Don’t worry, I will be honest and tell you what I think of the Seventh, once I reach the second season. So far, I really do like him. 🙂

    As for the topic of romance between companion and Doctor, I have the same opinion as most people here, I’m not crazy over it. I don’t mind if Clara gets a new love interest. In fact, I think I prefer it. I don’t know, it seems to make the story a little too dramatic for me, when the Doctor falls in love or a companion falls in love with him. Even though I loved the subtle love story between Rose and the Ninth/Tenth Doctor, Sarah Jane Smith and the Fourth, this is not the reason why I watch the show. And I wouldn’t mind it if there was another couple on the Tardis, like the Ponds. That’s all I have to add to that. 😉

    Monochrome Dimension @monochromedimension

    @faegrl – That’s okay, I’m just curious as to what your opinions are once you’ve watched a few more Seventh Doctor serials. Did you get to watch ‘The Five Doctors’?

    FaeGrl @faegrl

    @monochromedimension – No and thanks for reminding me of that one! I swear, my mind is wibby wobbly timey wimey stuff, gobbledygook , and all over the place. I’d lose my head, if it wasn’t attached. LOL The best part is, on the weekends I can focus better and do the things I meant to do. I’m looking at the start up screen of the Five Doctors now, so I’ll do that one first, right after this post. 😉

    FaeGrl @faegrl

    @monochromedimension – I’ve just finished the special of “The Five Doctors” and enjoyed it much! I nearly choked on my “pocky” when the Third Doctor described the Fourth as “teeth and curls”. Hilarious! And I was happy to see The Master. Besides the Dalek, The Master is one of my favorite villains. Now, back to the Seventh Doctor I shall go. 🙂

    Monochrome Dimension @monochromedimension

    @faegrl – Yeah its a really cool episode, glad you liked it. Ainley is my favourite Master; I really like Delgado too, and I know most prefer him, but Ainley is the Master I know the most… kinda like… ‘my Master’? The Daleks are my favourite alien/monster from Doctor Who as well.

    So now you know what all the “of Rassilon” jokes are about.

    ScaryB @scaryb


    And by golly, did it work. When @scaryb and I went round the 50th Celebration, one of the very noticeable things was that the fandom was now equally split between men and women. It was no longer 90% male.

    It was indeed noticeable. Suddenly it’s just about OK to “come out” as a female Who enthusiast. The young uns don’t know they’re born! 😉 Of course that also explains the grumpiness of some ARSE fanboys who no longer have their fav prog to themselves.

    Was it @phaseshift who made the comment a while back that Eleven’s geekiness is the great thing about him in terms of being a role model for boys? You know he is going to say/do something that is completely socially inept (many teens’ worst fears) – eg omitting to project clothing to the visual cortexes of Clara’s family in ToTD – and yet he still ends up being the hero.

    ScaryB @scaryb

    Welcome back from the mud. Sounds like you and @phaseshift have been doing sterling soggy work the last few weeks

    FaeGrl @faegrl

    @monochromedimension – Oh, oh, oh! I almost missed your post about the cosplay pic! You look very nice and the hat and sweater is awesome! 😀

    I love Ainley as The Master as well. Also the AG one, both are nice and evil. 🙂

    ConfusedPolarity @confusedpolarity

    @faegrl @monochromedimension – “The Five Doctors” is one I have an especial soft spot for.  Being born in 1970 I was too young to appreciate the Second and Third Doctors in their own eras and that was my first introduction to them both.  They even (Troughton especially) stopped me missing the Fourth, and before broadcast I wouldn’t have thought that possible!

    Thank goodness for DVDs (and the efforts of those people still trying to track down the lost Troughton and Hartnell stories!).  I can find good in all eras of Doctor Who (some more than others, naturally) but as an adult I seem to have developed a particular weakness for the stuff I missed first time around.

    I dipped in and out of the Fifth and Sixth Doctor eras at the time – I’d hit a “funny age” as my Granny called it and admitting to watching Doctor Who on  a Saturday night wasn’t exactly “cool” for a teenage girl – but really came back for the Seventh.  The Seventh Doctor and Ace were such a brilliant combination; I loved the fact that however fond of her he was, he wasn’t above manipulating even her.  I loathed the question marks with a passion – gimmicks are my bugbear, hence my screech of delight when I saw the Twelfth Doctor’s outfit – but of the second “batch” of Doctors, Five through to Eight, he’s definitely my favourite.

    FaeGrl @faegrl

    @confusedpolarity – Yes, I wasn’t even thought of in 1970 (was born in 1980), so I missed out on this great episode completely, until now.

    I’m a bit confused (no pun attended!) when you and others mention that it wasn’t cool to be a girl who loves Doctor Who. I never experienced such a thing, being that my grandmother and great grandmother were fans. And my mother was “sorta” a fan, meaning that she watched it because my grandmother and great grandmother did so with the only television in the house and it was either watch or be bored. Maybe it was different in the US? I don’t know.

    Anyway, I do get a lot of grumblings from males for some of my interests and viewing habits… for example, I’m a “girl gamer” and apparently the video games that I enjoy are suppose to be “for boys”. I enjoy anime (Japanese animation) that’s not marketed for females, but for males. A lot of the sci-fi shows I enjoy, I get weird looks for it by males, as well as movies (I enjoy the action and.or bloody ones! Boo to romantic-comedies!). And I have had men argue me down about my love of Monty Python’s Flying Circus… unbeknownst to me, it’s not for the ladies. Who knew?! I shall do the “silly walk” in response to that! However, I haven’t yet gotten a weird look or sexist comment about my love of Doctor Who. I didn’t even know it was a thing! Oh well… I’m much like Chopin’s companion, George Sand… I never cared about the gender roles my entire life and do whatever I feel like. 😉

    I think the most weird judgment I’ve gotten for my love of Who is that it’s “nerdy”. All sci-fi is considered so in the US, in general. So, it’s not so much gender for me, it more like “Oh… so you’re that kind of nerdy, eh?” And to that I respond, “You have NO idea how deep the rabbit hole goes. Take the red pill to find out!”

    Craig @craig

    @phaseshift Great work. Thanks for setting all that up. I’m getting close to having a bit more time on my hands, but good to know you’re there to step in.

    Bluesqueakpip @bluesqueakpip


    I think the most weird judgment I’ve gotten for my love of Who is that it’s “nerdy”.

    That’s certainly something that’s different between the US and the UK. Being an obsessed Whovian (who, me?) is more than a bit nerdy. But loving Doctor Who is not. Over one-fifth of the UK population watched The Day of The Doctor.

    Being able to discuss the relative merits of Christopher Eccleston, David Tennant and Matt Smith does not a nerd make – in the UK. 🙂

    Monochrome Dimension @monochromedimension

    @faegrl  – Re: Cosplay – Thank you! I keep wearing the sweater at the moment, I know its meant for my cosplay but its just too awesome to not wear normally.

    Re: Nerdiness – The ‘its uncool to watch Doctor Who’ idea was in the late 80s in the UK, unfortunately when the Seventh Doctor’s run was on. I don’t think it was like that in the US however. Nowadays people are rewatching those serials and finding a lot of them to be good though. I’m considered a ‘nerd’, I have many fandoms; including Doctor Who, Disney (my specialty being the dark rides Haunted Mansion and Phantom Manor, I kinda research them lol!), video games, fantasy and sci-fi in general… I also am interested in 17th century history (both UK and US). Quite random.

    @confusedpolarity – Ah I know a lot of folks do not like the question marks… but, I do. Well I am here wearing the question mark sweater while typing this after all. lol I too have found that the Doctors before my time are generally my favourites, I adore the 60s serials, the First Doctor being my favourite.

    PhaseShift @phaseshift
    Time Lord

    @faegrl @scaryb @bluesqueakpip @monochromedimension

    It’s an odd one this, because genuinely if a female turned up to a fan gathering (common, before we discovered shouting at each other on t’internet was easier) they wouldn’t be more welcome. A bit too welcome in some cases perhaps. 😉

    As @monochromedimension pointed out, it wasn’t too easy to be a fan of Who of any gender at times though. When I went to University in 88, to publicly declare your ongoing commitment for the show was to declare a vow of silence and celibacy. Well, the results were much the same. No-one would talk to you and the chances of you “getting any” were reduced to negligible.

    You became used to “Who-fan whispering”. Over group drinks you could declare your love for Tom Baker. He was shared childhood experience, as we were all the same age and he was a god unto us. You had key questions prepared, like – wasn’t it hilarious when Adric died? What the hell was that celery business all about? This would identify the people who had carried on watching, and you had identified your “group” while apparently being dismissive. All very delicate.

    You then met in dismal shared accommodation under strict secrecy to enjoy fifth generation pirated VHS copies of Doctor Who, Blakes 7 and other treats while drinking heavily, ineptly smoking a spliff, and expanding forth your theory on life, the universe and everything through the prism of “Planet of the Spiders”. Ahem. Allegedly. Happy times in a not so happy time for fandom.

    Arbutus @arbutus

    @confusedpolarity   I love the idea of dividing the Doctor into “batches”!  One-Four, Five-Eight, Nine-Twelve (so far). I wouldn’t have thought of a division between Four and Five, but it’s true that Five’s era does have a different feel to it than most of Four’s. Okay, so my favourite “first batch” doctor is Four, my favourite from the second batch is Eight, and frankly, the jury is still out on batch three! I love both Ten and Eleven, but I’m not sure if either of them nailed it 100% for me. Maybe that will be Capaldi?

    @faegrl  I discovered DW as a young adult, and watched it at first with housemates, one of whom was a straight woman, the other a gay male. (Only you had to be reasonably old, because it didn’t come on until midnight or so!) So like you, I have never thought of it as intrinsically male. And really, Monty Python? Everyone watched that when I was young, it was gender proof!

    Interestingly, after reading something about sexism in the tech fields, we asked our son (14) about the situation in his computer science class. Apparently the class does skew more to boys than girls, but as far as he is aware, the girls aren’t treated any differently. So maybe this science/tech=geek=male thing is beginning to change?


    Monochrome Dimension @monochromedimension

    I guess this is the right thread… but, anyone else really like some of the sound effects used in Doctor Who? The full TARDIS take off for instance, is awesome, but was the entire track only used in the first episode? Anyone know?

    Ah, the sound of space and time travel…

    Annnnnnd ‘Dalek Control Room’, I’m glad they still use this radiophonic effect for Daleks in the new series. A recent episode (was it ‘Time’?) Had it playing as a Dalek saucer descended… sounded epic;

    Its the typical noise that emits from Dalek machinery… and sometimes from Daleks themselves. It first was heard in the original Dalek story.

    And lets not forget…. the cloister bell… the TARDIS warning system… such a haunting sound;

    Monochrome Dimension @monochromedimension

    @confusedpolarity @arbutus – Re: ‘Batches’ – Interesting method, at least you then don’t have to pick just one favourite! Mine would be First Doctor, Seventh Doctor and Ninth Doctor for now, probably will change to Twelfth Doctor though.

    FaeGrl @faegrl

    @bluesqueakpip – Oh, what an interesting difference! First of all, I want to express that I mean no offense in throwing out the word “nerd”, as I take pride in such a title… because, lets face it, nerds have more fun than the “cool kids”. I’ve been on both sides of that in high-school… with the cool kids, it was too much wearing only “cool outfits” and sunglasses indoors, and a lot of standing around and “looking cool” going on. I was bored to tears, until I began hanging out with the nerds, thus sci-fi shows, video games, comic books, and arguing over fictional characters in deep discussions began. 🙂

    Yes, in the US, Whovians are considered as nerds, as well as Trekkies (Star Trek fans), whatever the fans of Star Wars call themselves, Bronies (My Little Pony fans), and every other fandom out there. And when we gather to conventions they’re often dubbed as “nerd conventions”. And the better you are able to discuss and debate a show in detail, the higher your nerd-status rises.  However, in the US it’s becoming a trend that “nerd” is the new “chic”. Seriously, our fashion models are walking down the runway in what they claim is “nerdy” apparel now. And this is highly annoying to me, because I often find myself meeting with fellow “nerds”, thinking I have met people who are like minded, only that we have nothing in common whatsoever except our glasses. I’ve taken to ask, “Are you really a nerd or are you just wearing the title as a fashion accessory?

    @monochromedimension – Wow… in the US, the 80’s was when Doctor Who began to become “cool” here, with a small cult following, when public television began to air the Tom Baker reruns. For a lot of us in the US, Tom Baker was our first. Although, it wasn’t until the Tenth and Eleventh Doctors that the show really took off here, with so many younger fans. And 17th century history… very nice! 😀

    @PhaseShift- Ha! Yes, I’ve experienced that with video gaming online. When my avatar showed up and I had a mic, obviously displaying that I was indeed a girl in the game (because it’s assumed that there are no girls in medieval role-playing video games, just males using the avatars), I was very much welcomed… too much so! I was a bit freaked out too, as droves of males ran over to me in the game and kept shouting, “It’s a girl! A real live girl!” and then tried to flirt with me shamelessly. I just wanted to play the game. I don’t imagine that happening in Doctor Who conventions, though. It’s too universal here, just like any other sci-fi convention. The differences is a lot interesting.

    @arbutus – Yep! American are weird and any show that has some nudity (even in cartoon form), gross humor, and sexual innuendos will be inherently titled as “for guys”. I don’t know why that is. So, I’ve had males argue with me that I shouldn’t like, nor appreciate Monty Python. Feh! That show was my entire teen years, to be honest. I would stay up late to watch it on public television, then sleep-walk through class the next morning. Good times! 🙂

    Yes and in the US, it’s always been a thing that within computers, maths, science, law enforcement/military, and anything technology it is suppose to be a “boy’s game”. My whole childhood I was told I couldn’t have interests in this or that, because I’m a girl. And my female peers would shudder whenever I bought up about anything tech or law enforcement. It’s gotten slightly better in the US nowadays, regarding law enforcement and military, but not by much in tech fields. There’s still a stigma around it and so very few women in the tech fields. You can count them on one hand, literally.

    Arbutus @arbutus


    I responded to your post about the Doctor and Rose on the Next Doctor forum, but I realize that it probably should have been over here (don’t want the Topic Dalek after me!). But my response there led me to some further thoughts, on the ever-fascinating subject of regeneration. Ten, of course, frequently and obviously thought about Rose and missed her during his ongoing adventures. But after he regenerated, there is no evidence that he ever thought about her again, or if he did, that he thought about her in the same sorrowful way. New doctor, new rules, to paraphrase Eleven. And when Eleven finally regenerated, it was after seeing a vision of the companion whom he had not seen for a long, long time, but who was “the first face this face saw”. The Tenth Doctor, when he encountered Sarah Jane in School Reunion, was clearly delighted to see her; but he doesn’t appear to have thought about her at all throughout the long, intervening years after bidding her farewell in his fourth incarnation. It seems to support the idea, discussed here before, that regeneration is really a clean sweep in a way: that the sorrows and joys, triumphs and failures, will be, not forgotten, but washed out in a sense, like copying a photograph in watercolours. Yet another mechanism for staying sane over the course of such a long life.

    Arbutus @arbutus

    @monochromedimension     Love the sound effects! Good point about that original TARDIS sound, someone with a better memory than mine will have to tell us whether it was ever used again. The Dalek sound is great, so atmospheric. As a fan of the Big Finish audios, I can tell you that it really adds a lot to the audio landscape when you can only hear what’s going on; you know exactly where you are when it kicks in! And I frankly love the cloister bell, it just brings this great sense of doom with it. You know that something is really, really wrong when you hear that deep, echoing chime.

    Regarding your reference to 17th century history, I should say that in our house, we’re very big on 17th century music (two people with music degrees and studies in music history makes for a very nerdy household!). I’ll have to find some to post for you on the music thread!

    Anonymous @

    @arbutus yes, good point about regen: a “clean sweep”. I remember mentioning how Doctor Troughton spoke about his family on Gallifrey; that if he really wanted to remember them, he had to think hard and bring them up from a deep space in the back of his brain-and then they’d be there in front of him, large as life. This connects well with the Christmas special and 11 seeing Amelia: so important to the viewers who discovered Dr Who for the first time and a remembrance of things past.

    For the Doctor, so many things are past-but the future is larger. Like Clara’s leaf, it’s not just what the future will bring, but all the probabilities and intricacies of a life, of what might happen.

    Kindest, purofilion

    FaeGrl @faegrl

    @arbutus – Ha! I just replied to the other post and wrote about the Topic Dalek too! I did realize we were going off topic there a bit. It just took me later to catch up with the rest of you. 😉

    Yes, that true! Every regeneration they seem for forget about the other… unless the companion shows up again and there seems to be a gap somehow, even then. That’s a very good point. Although, I was never implying that the Eleventh was in love with Rose, but the Tenth clearly was. Or so, that’s what I had gathered anyway. I could be wrong, of course.

    FaeGrl @faegrl

    Oh, boy… I hope I didn’t cause a stir here with the use of the term “nerdy”. In the US, this is considered a high compliment these days, being that Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg (creator of Facebook) are consider “nerds”. Also Steve Jobs, master of all things Apple and innovative software/devices, was also considered as a “hippy nerd”. In my high-school years, “nerd” was a dirty word and meant “social outcast”, but with the younger generation it actually means “cool”. As they say now in the US, “geek is the new chic!”. And I’m proud to be part of the new social change of that, being that people my age and younger believe that I am “cool” because I am nerdy. I wish it were true in high-school years, but better late than never! 🙂

    @arbutus – Hey, the rule of thumb here is that any music (no matter how new or centuries old) is “cool” and never nerdy. And the fact that you have a family of musicians makes your “cool factor” rise even greater. 😉

    Monochrome Dimension @monochromedimension

    @arbutus @faegrl – Topic Dalek knows of your acknowledgment of going off-topic yourselves, and hopes it shall be rectified without her intervening … for now. Ahahahahaha!

    ANYHOW! Topic Dalek will have to slightly go off-topic here herself, but as its just a brief mention, its okay.

    Re: 17th Century History – Arbutus that would be awesome! I’d be interested in hearing some of it. I really like learning about different aspects of the 17th century… I even get excited when they visit that century or there are characters from that century in Doctor Who! Aha, there you go… I kept it on topic… Topic Dalek is clever!

    Re: Sound Effects – Indeed! I hope they begin to use more of the old radiophonics again in the new series, they do still use some of it… but not nearly as much as they should. Its such an iconic part of Doctor Who… we need radiophonics!

    Re: Regeneration – I also agree that relationships change from incarnation to incarnation. I wonder if the Twelfth Doctor will consider River Song his wife? I actually doubt he will, she was the Eleventh’s wife. And besides, Matt Smith has made it known he doesn’t want her to be with Capaldi’s Doctor. Guess this aspect of it I could reference in my theory on Time Lord regeneration, if I ever write it up in a proper essay!

    Arbutus @arbutus

    @faegrl  It’s quite okay; as I said, I don’t think that most people agree with me here. I think the general consensus is that he loved her. It’s just not my view. I will say, though, that I see the metacrisis Doctor in quite a different light. I think that he was able to love Rose, exactly the way she wanted to be loved, precisely because he was not a pure Time Lord. And yes, the Doctor cried. Because in his own way, he did love her. He hated to let her go. I actually think that Ten, in particular, would have liked to experience that kind of relationship. In Human Nature, he actually tried to convince himself that he could love Joan. But she knew that he couldn’t.

    River Song is another matter, and I deliberately hadn’t mentioned her because I felt the post was getting a little overlong. I think that the Doctor did love River. But just as Metacrisis Ten was a little less than Time Lord, River was a little more than human.

    And I fully agree that any discussion of the Doctor loving Rose must definitely be limited to Ten. He may or may not have loved her, but whatever he felt for her, it was over and done for Eleven. That was kind of my point in talking about the regeneration. Clearly if, when the Doctor regenerates, he undergoes a big personality shift, then feelings toward people would presumably be quite different. (Another reason, actually, why I think that long term relationships between Time Lords and humans would be unlikely.) I don’t think that we have ever been told anything about Time Lord relationships, but they would have to be different. Maybe they only last the lifetime of one incarnation? River Song didn’t really seem in love with Ten when they met, more amazed at the differences in him.

    We’re completely agreed on the excellence of this forum. It’s the first and only forum I have joined. One obvious reason why: when I said “I don’t think the Doctor was in love with Rose,” you did not reply, “How can u be so dumb? Of course they luv each other!!!!”   😀


    Arbutus @arbutus

    @faegrl  Regarding nerdiness and the new cool: of course, the advent of the hipsters has played a part as well. But I don’t think it has trickled down into the high school age yet; at least, not at my son’s high school. He says that the “cool” boys are still the athletic ones. He has a foot in that camp due to his love of sport, but interestingly, most of his friends now come from the geek side.

    FaeGrl @faegrl

    @monochromedimension – Erm… I do have a question, because I’m just a bit confused here. The first post of this topic thread by @fatmaninabox states that this thread is about off topic anything we wish to speak (or write) about without new members feeling daunted about adding into deep conversations about DW. And the topic Dalek says that this thread is specifically for DW conversations. Which one is it? It’s not that I fear the Topic Dalek (I have a Sonic Screwdriver!), but I so much want to be respectful of the rules here and I’m an avid follower of the mantra “A place for everything and everything in it’s place.”, so I don’t want to get it wrong! 😉

    Regarding River Song, yes I do love that character so very much! Although, she’s the Eleventh’s wife and I do agree with Matt Smith’s argument that she shouldn’t be with any other Doctor. However, if the writers decide to go that way, I admit that I’m highly curious on how they will pull it off and not make it completely awkward. It does seem like with every regeneration, the Doctor starts over in relationships. Maybe not companions though?

    @arbutus – No, no, no! I would never think someone “dumb” or otherwise for having a different view! That’s stupid backwards nonsense. Different views are all important and educational. I find your view about the Tenth and Rose a lot fascinating! And it’s caused me to want to go back to some episodes and see if I can see what you do. As if I needed an excuse to re-watch the serials of the Tenth. 😛

    You may be right about that… I have a very young nephew and in high-school they’re still in that standard that “Jocks and cheerleaders are cool! The mathletes and those who read books are not cool.” I was told by him, on occasion, that I’m not cool because I’m “book smart”. I took it as a compliment, if being “cool” means never reading anything or educating oneself, and spending time on Facebook to “typ3 lyk d1s”. I rather be a “nerd” and type in English. However, outside of high-school, it seems like being a nerd isn’t so bad at all. I often run across people who try their hardest to be one, just for the fashion statement. Oh… and I can’t stand hipsters, they purposely want to be “different” and then put others down about it. A hipster would say to me, “I was into Doctor Who before it was cool!”, then give me a stare as if I’m somehow out of the loop because I wasn’t born yet in the time that it wasn’t consider “cool”. I insist that it was “cool” in the 80’s, with the Tom Baker reruns, which is when I first found the show.

    Monochrome Dimension @monochromedimension

    @faegrl – I’ll EXTERMINATE! …ahem… I mean of course I’ll ELABORATE! This particular thread is about any discussion about Doctor Who that is more causal and off-topic from the specific Doctor Who threads. For anything else off-topic that does note relate to Doctor Who, that’s ‘The Rose and Crown’ thread.

    Hence why the in-depth posts here were getting a bit too long for this thread.

    FaeGrl @faegrl

    @monochromedimension – Ah, I see now. Thanks for elaborating and not exterminating. 😀

    I’m slowly making my way about the forum threads, I’m a bit too shy sometimes, but I shall check out The Rose and Crown thread by the by. 🙂

    Monochrome Dimension @monochromedimension

    @faegrl – No problem!

    And yeah Doctor Who was cool in the 80s! (Replying to a previous comment of yours… non-linear replying I guess? Timey-wimey?) Okay a lot of folks didn’t think it was, especially over here in the UK… but I would just like to say… that the Seventh Doctor is awesome! Thank you! Now… off to find some music to post in the other thread, sorry about the wait… time and tide melts the snowman!

    Monochrome Dimension @monochromedimension

    Well I have almost completed my quest to watch every Dalek episode ever made (sans the missing eps until they are found); I have watched all the existing Classic Series serials with Daleks, working on New Who now. Just watched ‘Victory of the Daleks’ for the first time… ummm, bit odd. Wasn’t  sure what to make of it… and I don’t like the design of the new Daleks. Glad they had the usual design in ‘Asylum of the Daleks’ as well. (Yes, random viewing method again.) I mean they are one of the reasons I became a proper Whovian; I think I’ve mentioned my Dalek collection before. Hence why I’m a bit picky when it comes to the redesigns…

    Okay… how many Dalek episodes does Matt Smith have? Because I think there might be just one more I need to watch, but I could be wrong about that.

    You know what I want to watch? ‘The Stolen Earth/Journey’s End’, I haven’t watched it properly since transmission… I want to reevaluate it, because I recall Davros being basically a cameo (I wonder what Davros would think of those new Dalek casings? They kinda make the Daleks look fat.). But its not one we have on DVD and I haven’t noticed it on TV for ages. Such a bother. I remember going crazy when the Tenth regenerated into the Tenth… lol! I really thought we’d get another Doctor then. I dunno… oh dear… I’ve started to ramble on again…

    Bluesqueakpip @bluesqueakpip


    You know what I want to watch? ‘The Stolen Earth/Journey’s End’, I haven’t watched it properly since transmission

    Well, it’s one that RTD wrote, so we should get round to it during the rewatch. 🙂

    Forgot to say that the hat and sweater look really good.

    Monochrome Dimension @monochromedimension

    @bluesqueakpip – Indeed! I’ll be happy to post my thoughts on it when we get to it, as its a Dalek/Davros episode I’ll have lots of comments. lol!

    And thank you! The cosplay is a gradual process, but I do hope to have it completed within this year.

    Anonymous @

    Just watched Trial of a Time Lord…… A trial indeed. Something Doctor Who should never be is boring, but this had guilt written all over it. A week before I had watched Horror of Fang Rock and been charmed by the simplicity of a tight story well told.

    Anonymous @

    While to current show is capable of excellence, wit, and great fun, at times Moffat tries to cram in too much and the dazzle overwhelms. Time of The Doctor is a case in point, Less is more Steven……

    Monochrome Dimension @monochromedimension

    @tomsscarf – ‘Trial of a Time Lord’ has one of my favourite openings to any Doctor Who episode randomly. As its a season long I think its better to rate each story, I prefer some over others. I don’t find it boring however.

    Anyhow, welcome to the forums!

    Anonymous @

    @tomsscarf  do you really think that?  OK. Well, I find the Time of the Dr quite well paced: there were a of of monsters, the turkey scene and the nude scene were great for some gags but I thought as an hr long special it managed to deliver without a huge rush of things happening.  I agree with you -it dazzles. Just IMHO. Kindest,  purofilion

    Monochrome Dimension @monochromedimension

    I rewatched ‘Genesis of the Daleks’ today, haven’t watched it in years! I forgot just how scary Davros is in that serial, I think its the only serial where Davros has unnerved me a bit. But don’t quote me on that as I need to rewatch a couple others that I haven’t watched in years also. Absolutely brilliant serial, I highly recommend it to anyone who has not watched it yet!

    I totally suggest this to be the next Fourth Doctor serial for the BG rewatches!

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