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    Barbara Lefty @barbaralefty

    After immediately reminding him of a thing he just asked me to remind him of, my husband just called me Love-Handles.. :-\

    Bluesqueakpip @bluesqueakpip

    Okay, as a suggestion for that long haul between now and Series 9:

    We’ve had a Moffat retrospective, an RTD retrospective, how about a Three Faces of Peter Capaldi retrospective?

    His three incursions into the Whoniverse. Fires of Pompeii, followed by Torchwood: Children of Earth, followed by The Day of the Doctor, The Time of the Doctor and Series 8-plus-Last-Christmas.

    That’s twenty-one episodes in total, which would take us through to nearly June even if we started this Saturday. 😉

    Other suggestions are available (I seem to recall that The Gunfighters is up for grabs, since it came in a box set with Earthshock).

    blenkinsopthebrave @blenkinsopthebrave


    Well, not sure about a PC marathon, actually. “Torchwood: Children of Earth” is a bit of a slog, in my humble opinion. And Day of the Doctor, Time of the Doctor, series 8 and Last Christmas are very fresh in our minds.  Personally, I would love to go back and rediscover some of the lost fragments of early Who. I am thinking of the collection contained in the “Lost in Time” DVD. Surviving episodes of “The Crusade”, “The Dalek’s Master Plan”, “The Moonbase”, “The Wheel in Space”, even (dare I say it) “The Celest…Well, you know.

    Not only would it be fun to re-discover some old lost Who, but lots of people have never seen those episodes, and most, if not all of us, haven’t seen them for ages. It might be a great way to connect BG and AG Who.

    Not sure what others think.

    Bluesqueakpip @bluesqueakpip


    Personally, I would love to go back and rediscover some of the lost fragments of early Who.

    I think we have time for both. 🙂

    lisa @lisa

    Yes please BG who! I would love that in combination with all of the forums commentary so you have
    my humble vote for going there … I would follow along and try hard to be a good trooper 🙂

    Miapatrick @miapatrick

    @janetteb, @bluesqueakpip, @pedant: the house I’m buying has an open fire. (Just as well, the central heating dates from the eighties). Only a little one, mind. My boyfriends uncle has a house parts of which date back centuries- livestock used to sleep.in their living room. And their open fire is massive. You could fit a good sized cauldron in easily. They also have an old style arga, none of that duel fuel nonsense….

    Barbara Lefty @barbaralefty

    @miapatrick, sounds wonderful, I hope you find yourself comfortably installed with your home comforts around you soon, and soon enough to enjoy the fire during the winter months x

    Anonymous @

    @blenkinsopthebrave Personally, I would love to go back and rediscover some of the lost fragments of early Who.

    I like that idea.  I’m on Doctor 4 now, but I skipped the mostly incomplete or missing stories. 

    @bluesqueakpip – GUNFIGHTERS?!?… If I hear that Last Chance Saloon song again!!

    AAAAAAHHH! <running away screaming>


    janetteB @janetteb

    I would vote for more BG Who. (provided it wasn’t 6th Doctor. Watching one story was quite enough.) I agree with @blenkinsopthebrave ‘re Torchwood. It would be equally as much a slog as watching 6th Doctor. I do like the suggestion that we watch some of the incomplete stories, more hard work than the complete ones so the added incentive is useful but so much worth the effort. (I hope anyway.)

    @miapatrick the house sounds lovely. Nothing is as good as an open fire. We have a combustion heater in the living room which is essentially scrap metal taking up space. I plan to get rid of it at some stage and replace it with a grate so we can have the occasional open fire.

    I was wrong about the open fire thing then but what is the situation in regard to camp fires? when I camped in the UK we weren’t told we couldn’t have camp fires but the owner of at least one camp ground was bemused to find that we didn’t use gas cookers, “like everybody else”.



    Bluesqueakpip @bluesqueakpip


    what is the situation in regard to camp fires?

    The camping ground has to allow it – I’m not certain if they need a special licence. Quite a few do, because obviously they’re popular with organisations who take kids on camp holidays. Nothing quite like the childhood experience of sitting around a real campfire.

    You have to remember; the UK is one of the biggest islands in the world but it’s still a rather small, crowded country. There are a LOT of people trying to use our open spaces; everyone having campfires would damage the environment quite quickly. So there has to be a limit – and most people do indeed use gas stoves, or paraffin/petrol stoves if you’re backpacking light.

    blenkinsopthebrave @blenkinsopthebrave


    The fragments left from the lost shows are entirely from the Hartnell and Troughton years. They usually comprise two episodes from a multi-episode story. What is left (until more are discovered) are on the DVD called “Lost in Time”.


    janetteB @janetteb

    @bluesqueakpip Whenever in the UK I get the feeling that the island is sinking under the weight of humanity which is not entirely untrue as the south is sinking but not because of humans. I do understand the ban on fires. Overpopulation impacts upon quality of life, something which I think more governments need to consider. (Even in an underpopulated country like ours.)

    @blenkinsopthebrave. I am happy to watch Hartnell and Troughton stories as they were “before my time”. We do have all the reconstructions or at least one version of and our youngest has watched some of them but I have not done so which is why I welcomed the suggestion. Maybe watching only reconstructions all year would be a bit much however so perhaps we should start with two reconstructed stories then watch several from later series. We do have a long gap to fill.



    Rob @rob

    @janetteb and @bluesqueakpip to go with bonkers theorising get yourself a bonkers hobby like wot I does (Medieval {choose period to suit} Re-Enacting) whenever we camp there is always a camp fire and mead 🙂

    By the by I loved Children of Earth, it had my parental protection meter going through the ionosphere

    Happy to go with the consensus on reviewing the Whoniverse ……

    How’s about a book on Who, I’m certain that our dear dread dark lord @phaseshift would have an inkling or two about a spiffing good read

    Interweb hugs for all for the rapidly approaching New Year

    ScaryB @scaryb

    It’s a massive gap coming up!! 🙁  Good suggestions re communal viewings (tho I failed miserably at the last one; only just caught up with Fenric, and had to binge on the last couple. I promise to try to be better next time!)

    Hartnell and Troughton would be good if people are OK with incomplete stories. Also a T Baker retrospective cos I missed a lot of them (being TV-less at the time), and there are many Baker experts on this forum.

    @janetteb @bluesqueakpip @miapatrick (Glad you have new home set up, sounds great) @rob

    Campfires – love em 🙂 (in fact, open fires of any kind, lovely and primeval 😈 )

    with @rob‘s mead – sounds perfect – do you get special council dispensation to light fires/carouse because you’re a historical society?


    Bluesqueakpip @bluesqueakpip

    @rob I’m quite surprised at the general dislike for Children of Earth – I rated it as very good up until the last episode. Which, admittedly, was a bit pants – but honestly, one bad episode out of five?

    Its major flaw was that it would’ve worked much better outside the Whoniverse; it had a very high ‘Where the Hell is the Doctor?’ quotient.

    From the point of view of a ‘Three faces of Peter Capaldi’ rewatch, however, Mr Capaldi was superb.

    Anonymous @

    Although I had a binge watch of Fires of Pompeii / Children of Earth before Series 8 started, I’d be happy to watch them again.

    As for a BG watch, yep I’d be happy with that too but would prefer complete stories.


    I’m quite surprised at the general dislike for Children of Earth

    Me too. I didn’t dislike Torchwood but I never ‘bonded’ with it which is a shame as there are a few good episodes in the first 2 seasons. I think what let it down was having stand alone episodes. Children of Earth showed that it was more suited to the multi-part stories that it’s parent show began with (strangely, I’d hate it if Doctor Who returned to that format). I think I may in a small minority of people who liked Miracle Day as well.

    Its major flaw was … it had a very high ‘Where the Hell is the Doctor?’ quotient.

    True, but with his continued absence it emphasised what Harriet Jones (she was once the Prime Minister 😉 ) said about Earth having to deal with its own problems as The Doctor didn’t always show up when he was desperately needed. Although in a way he was there, just masquerading as a Civil Servant 😉

    Unless anyone else is in favour of re-watching the ‘Two of the three faces of Peter Capaldi’, we could always set a date and watch them any way but just post our thoughts on the ‘Faces of The Doctor’ page instead of a dedicated thread.

    Bluesqueakpip @bluesqueakpip


    she was once the Prime Minister

    I know who she was…


    ScaryB @scaryb


    Sorry, I don’t do PMs from people I don’t know. Please discuss out front on the boards or not at all.

    (@Craig )

    blenkinsopthebrave @blenkinsopthebrave


    @scaryb isn’t the only one who is the recipient of unwanted attention. I wouldn’t be surprised is it was widespread.


    Whisht @whisht


    darn hussy – and there was me feeling I was special!

    [mind you, I also wondered if I was going to get tips on erm…. things and erm… how to get um… things… and well, anyway, glad you cleared that all up scrayb and blenkinsopthebrave]

    Juniperfish @juniperfish

    @craig @scaryb @whisht @blenkinsopthebrave

    Yes, I also received a PM – web fishing of some kind. But this fish shall not be caught! 🙂 <looks for squashed chocolate treats behind the cushions>

    ScaryB @scaryb


    You ARE special 😉

    (And don’t confuse avatars with real people – they’re not always an accurate representation! Beware of dream crabs and perception filters!!)

    (If @craig‘s not around, maybe 1 of the other mods can deal with it? @phaseshift, @jimthefish,@FatmaninaBox?)

    @juniperfish Squashed chocolate treats – I thought I’d found all of those, very yummy

    *scatters some more glitter on the sofa”

    Juniperfish @juniperfish


    A merry almost New Year’s Eve to you comrade glitter-scatterer x

    What do you wish for Who in 2015 one and all?

    I wish for an Alex Kingston as River encounter with Capaldi’s Doctor, for the sheer finesse of those two acting on screen together.

    Whisht @whisht

    awww @scaryb – you always say the nicest things ( 😳 )

    @juniperfish – is it wrong to wish for a January Special?


    Barbara Lefty @barbaralefty

    But they said it was about friendship, so that’s OK, right?  Ta @scaryb

    @juniperfish, agreed, so much. Too much! (Oh dear)

    Missy as Nurse Ratched. Flipping heck, I think I need to go lie down

    Spider @spider

    Yep, I got a @jennylve PM too. Seemed very fishy to me! (apologies to all fish based lifeform names here!)

    To campfires, as far as I know in registered campfires in Scotland they have rules. But I have also camped other places where there were no rules .. often they were the best fun. Once, on a beach we found a railway sleeper to fling on the fire, that was pretty awesome 🙂

    At my parents we used to have an open coal fire back in the day, now is a lovely wood burning stove.

    As for watching stuff through the gap, whatever is chosen I  shall try to keep up! But my recent failure to post much between end of Series 8 and Xmas does not bode well for that …shame on me! XD. I do like the idea of three faces of Capaldi though – have watched back fires of Pompeii (one of my favourite DT episodes) but never really torchwood, as someone else said, It never really quite ‘got’ me as I thought it should have.


    Barbara Lefty @barbaralefty

    Not that it should make any odds, but arise Sir War Doctor!!! (Hurt is in the New years honours) (where the Queen hands out baubles)

    I think he’ll wear it well.

    blenkinsopthebrave @blenkinsopthebrave


    For 2015, I wish for:

    1. An appearence by William Russell (that more than anything).

    2. The return of River Song.

    Anonymous @

    @scaryb @blenkinsopthebrave @whisht @juniperfish @barbaralefty @spider and anyone else who has received a PM.

    The situation is being dealt with.

    I’m sure I don’t need to say this but for now, I’d suggest that no-one makes contact and that under no circumstances should you pass on your e-mail address.


    But they said it was about friendship, so that’s OK, right?

    I think that depends on what kind of ‘friendship’ is on offer and how much it will cost 😉

    Spider @spider

    @barbaralefty  I had the same reaction as you XD arise sir War Doctor indeed!


    lisa @lisa

    I found Danny Pink

    not a PE or Maths teacher in this incarnation – he’s an author about business and the workplace
    It seemed a strange circumstance because of the name. I got curious and did try to find some
    other similarities but nothing yet. But who’d of thunk it? How many Danny Pinks are there?
    He used to be a speechwriter for Al Gore {ex-vice president of US} and now I’m intrigued and actually
    want to read some of his stuff.
    Just thought to share it forward….

    ScaryB @scaryb

    Thank you @fatmaninabox 🙂

    @juniperfish – A 2015 Who Wishlist? Great idea

    I second @blenkinsopthebrave‘s suggestions –

    1. An appearence by William Russell (that more than anything).

    2. The return of River Song.

    And hi fives to @Whisht for a January special – I think that’s probably being greedy, but we deserve it haha. An extra couple of months worth of episodes wouldn’t go amiss either. (I miss the Hartnell/Troughton days of 48 weeks a year… but I don’t suppose they could keep up that pace these days.  Pa! youngsters, eh?). Maybe a couple of minisodes then…?

    Would also love to see the return of  the Paternoster Gang. And Clara travelling as a full time companion. Just for a change.

    6. The return of Orson Pink (if only to see the G board go into meltdown 😉 )

    Anonymous @

    2015 wish list – in no particular order of importance…

    The return of Canton Everett Delaware III
    The return of River Song
    The return of Sally Sparrow
    More flatulent fun with the Slitheen
    A two-part flashback episode featuring ‘Sir’ War Doctor
    A two Doctors episode featuring the 8th & 12th Doctors

    I might not be entirely serious about one of my wishes 😉

    Craig @craig

    @scaryb @blenkinsopthebrave @whisht @juniperfish @barbaralefty @spider @pedant @fatmaninabox @jimthefish @phaseshift

    Thank you all, and apologies to you all (and anyone else who got a PM). I’ve deleted the offending user. It always seems to happen when I’m out! Just got home after a night out with my brother (first since we fell out over Scottish independence). Was kinda an important night for me. And then I come home to a spammer whose existence seems very insignificant in the balance of things.

    Anyway, they’re gone (for now). I’ll look into it more tomorrow but am a bit tired now and may have imbibed the odd alcoholic drink as a warm up to tomorrow night.

    Barbara Lefty @barbaralefty

    Thanks @craig, sounds like an important night after all. Hope it went well; passions were high over the referendum, but here we all are still. Strong beliefs aside, the next most important thing is to keep talking 🙂

    ScaryB @scaryb


    You are a star! Thank you.

    Glad you had a good night.  Odd alcoholic drinks are great… now where was that 50th anniversary blog-list of Doctor cocktails…? I feel a theme coming on for tomorrow night/tonight.

    G’night all. Sweet dreams 😈

    Anonymous @


    Thanks for sorting that out.

    may have imbibed the odd alcoholic drink as a warm up to tomorrow night.

    Why? Is something special happening tomorrow night? 😉


    Yep, I think it’s time I went to bed as well. Gosh, this is the earliest I’ve been to bed all week!

    Nighty night.

    janetteB @janetteb

    I will third @blenkinsopthebrave‘s top two items; an appearance for Ian and the return of River. I also want an appearance of Unit and the Paternoster Gang. I also want Orson Pink to be explained and to find out what became of the Toy Soldier. (Would rather like Orson to become a Tardis traveller too, at least for the odd episode.) I also second the suggestion of a special featuring Doctor Eight.

    On the topic of gap viewing I really liked @rob‘s suggestion that we discuss one of the Who books as well. It might be interesting to read both older and newer books to compare. (I was tempted to buy the compilation of short stories over christmas so would welcome an excuse to do so.)

    Also if we are going to do a Capaldi retrospective we might include some non Who. (Crow Road? Local Hero?)

    @craig thanks for sorting our unwanted spammer. They pick their times don’t they?

    Happy New Year @all and best wishes for 2015




    Anonymous @

    I wish the Doctor dreamed about River in Last Christmas. Clara dreamed about Danny. I think that proves it was not the Doctor’s dream. 😉

    I wish

    1. They are still dreaming in 2015, so any character can return for at least one more episode.
    2. Missy returns with Osgood companion/captive
    3. Perkins is a time agent.
    4. The Doctor saves the dinosaur! 🙂
    lisa @lisa

    @Janette Local Hero is a wonderful film! I’ve seen it many many times and its always a treat.

    I am looking forward to the series 9 and also hope to see more Paternoster gang
    or possibly a new gang that includes maybe River and Perkins. I like gang episodes
    [like Dinosaurs on a Spaceship and Stolen Earth] wonder if the new series will do
    that. I’d definitely be really happy to see any ‘recent’ past Doctors brought
    back and I hope they throw in at least a few Galifrey breadcrumbs. Maybe they can
    bring back Tom Doc to do another help locate Galifrey scene? Of course Missy will
    return but is there a decent chance for more Dr. Skarosa?
    In any case the waiting is going to be anguishing but I will be constantly checking
    for any tiny bitty bit of the filming leakage.

    Arbutus @arbutus

    I’m on board for whatever viewing is going on! Not especially a fan of Torchwood, but I will do whatever homework is assigned to me. A big yes vote to any BG Who, regardless of completeness. I don’t mind reconstructions, as I listen to audios anyway and have a vivid imagination!  🙂

    As for new year wishes, I agree with the strong vote for William Russell. I fully expect that we will see the Paternoster Gang again and look forward to it. Hopefully we will see Missy back as well, although I’d prefer her not as a central arc threat this time. @janetteb, I’d adore an Eighth Doctor special but don’t suppose we will get one.

    Seriously, my main wish is just for more of the same! Irascible, child-like, inquisitive, single-minded Twelve! I think I would also like an arc that focused less on Clara’s issues, and allowed her simply to be… the Doctor’s friend and fellow explorer, quirky problem-solver. I would love the somewhat irritable tone of their relationship to remain, it is lovely to watch.

    @scaryb   The return of Orson Pink (if only to see the G board go into meltdown)   Hee hee!

    Anonymous @

    What @janetteb said and @arbutus and @lisa and @barnable  – I second, 3rd and 4th all of you.


    Haaapy New Year, Forum.

    Goddess, it has to be better than this one. Holey Dooley.


    Arbutus @arbutus

    @lisa   Daniel Pink’s book “A Whole New Mind” was required reading in my son’s Grade 8 Social Studies class. (It was a class that came straight to mind when I saw Clara’s “gifted and talented” class in the fall!) The book discusses at length the kind of skills that will lead to success in the “new economy” and advocates for the teaching of creative thinking in school. So, kind of a teacher, in a way!

    @craig    Thanks for taking the time to deal with our annoying visitor. I received a PM as well but simply ignored it as I do all that kind of thing. I’m glad you had a positive time with your brother; it can hard sometimes when words have been spoken to find your way back. A nice way to wrap up the old year!

    And speaking of that, I guess @purofilion, @janetteb, and all the Australian forum members will soon be ringing in 2015. (26 hours still to go here!) So Happy New Year to you, everyone on the other side of the Pacific. Balloons, noisemakers, and fizzy wine toasts to all (I knew I would find some useful stuff down this sofa!).  🙂

    Rob @rob

    My wish list

    River Song

    Tasha Lem

    Neil Gaiman’s uber scary Cybermen

    War Doctor novel

    Working on a site with acceptable internet coverage so I can be a more active member!!!!!!


    kermit @kermit

    @barbaralefty – Hi Barbara , thanks for the reply -yes, I’ve just seen that it is indeed the Raston warrior robot . hope they bring this character back soon !


    kermit @kermit

    the horror channel has a dedicated time slot called “who on horror” – two who episodes a day it seems  – Pertwee era on at the moment…

    Barbara Lefty @barbaralefty

    @kermit, no problem. Watching the horror channel pertwee, recorded so as to zip past the entirely unsuitable for kids ad breaks :-\

    Bluesqueakpip @bluesqueakpip


    Also if we are going to do a Capaldi retrospective we might include some non Who. (Crow Road? Local Hero?)

    Ooh, that sounds a plan. He’s been in loads, but The Crow Road is now available on DVD at a very reasonable price. He was also in the TV version of Neverwhere, which was written by Neil Gaiman. Also available inexpensively on DVD.

    And, of course, there’s Local Hero – which I think a lot of people here like?

    BothEyesShut @botheyesshut

    @phaseshift RIP Rik Mayall. Good Lord I miss the Young Ones and Bottom.

    SaberConcepts @saberconcepts

    This is what happens when the TARDIS takes the Doctor to the Star Wars Universe.  LOL  I am trying to design one for the current Doctor now, but it is much, much more complicated than this one was.  Open to suggestions.

    [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="720"]Sonic Saber Sonic Saber[/caption]

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