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    BothEyesShut @botheyesshut

    Hi AJTD1,

    Google helped me find this for you: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Logopolis

    Looks like it was the last Tom Baker episode, bless him.


    Barbara Lefty @barbaralefty

    @janetteb, @purofilion, it is now my mission in life to find that hat (although I suspect if I did I wouldn’t be allowed to pop it on my noggin)

    ScaryB @scaryb

    Ah, long time since I lounged on the sofa… time for a glitter refresh I think… oh and some fish scales too I see 😉 (thanks @juniperfish)

    @pedant Great video (707 episodes in 1) – my brain’s boggled – that’s a decidely bigger on the inside creation 🙂  And as folk have said it’s an interesting way to view, for general impressions of speed, talking heads etc.

    Joining in the general chorus of despising What Culture (Sorry @janetteb I didn’t go past the first page – what was item 2?).  It’s also been interesting to note a number of newspaper articles recently picking up on the possible casting of a female Doctor. Moffat’s quoted statement of it being established that it’s now in canon as a possibility and that timelord gender is “fluid” (and repeating that it’s about the actor, not the gender) has several times been reported as “it’s going to happen! next regeneration!!”  Usually the same articles then add something along the lines of Moffat finally bowing to pressure (conveniently ignoring the fact that it’s SM who has been gradually seeding it in) before bashing him again for not bringing in new writers/directors/proper daleks etc etc.

    Press/media, huh! Grr <sigh> Any jammy dodgers about?

    Quick wave to @barbaralefty – love the new avatar 🙂

    AnnatarLordOfGifts @annatarlordofgifts


    Hello im new to this forum, i didn’t know where to post this but here it is. After the release of the Day of the Doctor in theaters i aquired a poster from my local AMC. this poster i have never seen anywhere else i cant even find it online. any information about it would be appreciated. from what the employes at amc told me there are only 1 of these given to each amc, if that.  other than that i know nothing.



    movie poster

    janetteB @janetteb

    @scaryb Item 2 was having Ian make an appearance in the series. I’m still hoping that will happen as I suspect we are not finished with Clara and Coal Hill School yet. I am not familiar with “What Culture”. Clearly I’m culturally lacking then. 🙂 All the other points were utter nonsense, the usual Moff’ bashing, as others have pointed out. I feel sorry for him. Even knowing that those Arse Fans scraped up from the bottom end of the gene pool represent only a small fraction of fandom, the abuse must be disheartening. No wonder he is no friend of social media.




    Barbara Lefty @barbaralefty

    Cheers @scaryb

    PhaseShift @phaseshift
    Time Lord

    Hi All,

    Last year I threw a blog together about Doctor Who Christmas presents, and I haven’t had time this year. So, if anything has caught your eye on the gift front for the ardent Doctor Who fan, let us know over there. If we have an interest I can republish it.

    BUT ALSO. Genuine question, as I’m sure this probably happens to everyone. You’re perusing stuff to get gifts for people you either like, or barely tolerate but-are-obliged-to-buy-for. You suddenly happen upon something exciting. Something incredible. Something YOU want, but with the forlorn recognition that no-one else will have the imagination to know this is the perfect gift for you. The reason for this is pure conservatism on their part of course. You could be the “wrong” age, the “wrong” gender, or in a couple of cases the “wrong” species (I have a friend who became obsessed with sourcing a throw she thought would be perfect for her bedroom. People were bemused that it was marketed, in fact, as a dog blanket.)

    The reason I ask is that I came across some cheap robot fish in a shop. Yes – it’s incredible. In the late 80s, Red Dwarf’s Dave Lister had Robot Goldfish called Lennon and McCartney which ended up being a critical part of the timey wimey-ness of the episide Future Echoes.

    Dave repairs McCartney. Or was it Lennon?

    I liked the idea of Robot Goldfish at the time, perhaps because I never got the hang of keeping the damn things alive when I was a child and I won them at fun-fairs. Apparently I fed them one grain too many, which seemed like absolute madness. It’s pretty obvious that other people saw Red Dwarf and thought – this is a great idea, it just has to happen!!

    So having seen these enticing LED colourful fish, with their own fishtank, I’ve become convinced that my life will somehow become more enriched with them in it. I could stare at them….. and then possibly stare at them some more. I wouldn’t have to worry about the dangerous feeding rituals (go away with one grain short – they die. Feed them one grain too many – they die).

    So I’m teetering on investing a crisp twenty on two to name Lennon and McCartney, to put next to my Red Dwarf collection and keep my Hand Puppet Mr. Flibble company. This makes complete sense to me, but I am overtired.

    So – the question. What inappropriate gift (in a conventional sense) do you desire, know no-one will buy you, and you’re prepared to DIY?

    janetteB @janetteb

    @phaseshift those goldfish appeal to me for just the same reason. I almost bought a self stirring coffee mug today. Another Red Dwarf inspired invention? When it comes to silly presents, apart from merchandising, mostly of a Dr Who nature, I buy myself Playmobil to add to my medieval display. I used to use the boys as a pretext but now they are getting too old I just shamelessly ask for it for myself.

    Thus far Dr Who related purchases are limited to micro figures for the stockings but will be venturing back into the ABC Shop on Friday so that might well change. I think there is at least one Dr Who Tee Shirt on its way here too.



    Bluesqueakpip @bluesqueakpip


    Can’t help you with that one, since the Bluesqueakpip extended family seemingly has a gene for ‘utterly useless and inappropriate present buying.’ Over the years we’ve simply resorted to everyone telling everyone else what they want – and in some cases, buying what we want, the other family member providing their card details.

    Or just sending a cheque. Cheques are good. 😉

    The alternative was things like boxer shorts (for a woman) or a hot water bottle cover shaped like a toy animal (for a man). Dog blankets for someone who hasn’t got a dog would fit right in. 😀

    As well as the ‘what will you buy for your ‘me-to-me’ Christmas pressie, has anyone else got ‘and one year I got’ stories?

    PhaseShift @phaseshift
    Time Lord


    Ha! I forgot the self stirring coffee mug. I don’t think we ever saw one, but it was definitely mentioned in a joke. I await the reality of the Talky Toaster with anticipation! 😀

    Just on the micro figures, do you mean the CO mini “lego” type figures? I’d be interested if you can get a Peter Capaldi. Apparently he is available, and I’ve been looking for him for my Christmas tree. He has mad eyebrows, apparently.


    Cash is also good. It’s convenient, takes up a small amount of space, and you never need to keep a receipt to exchange it. I do like giving a prezzie in which you nail someone by knowing a bit about what they like though.

    I think the only things I’ve been given where I’ve had to wear that fixed grin of appreciation is dull stuff like aftershave and deodorant (with its charming subliminal message of “we think you smell”), usually a variety of horrible odours of Lynx. It doesn’t happen often though. My Brother had a corker, which I was a witness to. My aging Nan used to spend Christmas with us, and she presented my Brother with a ball of wrapping paper. He started to unwrap it, and it became apparent she’d used a whole role of wrapping on something much smaller. It was like watching “Pass the Parcel” being played by one person. On and on it went, until it covered the floor.

    The entire family watched, bemused thinking “is there anything actually in this” until there was a thunk as something cylindrical dropped on the floor. We all watched as my brother bent down, picked it up and stared at it. We all bent forward to get a look, and once we had it was noticeable that NO-ONE WOULD LOOK AT EACH OTHER.

    She’d bought my Brother, with his full set of teeth, a bumper pack of Sterident denture cleaning tablets. Me and my Sister in Law were quivering with silent mirth as he manfully tried to go through the charade of looking delighted. With us, standing in plain sight, making “gummy” faces at him.

    Anonymous @

    @phaseshift  @janetteb  @bluesqueakpip that was wonderful as a wake up tonic.

    I must sit and think about inappropriate gift giving -usually my poor Dad. There was a super packet of tampons for my 13th birthday. Imagine my brother looking at this. There was also a school uniform -for the wrong school.

    Undies at the age of 12

    As the primary, but well stuffed Anglican schools had strict policies, we were only allowed to wear a pale cream undie (this became a pukey shade of grey after a few washes and wears) which was huge -much worse than Bridget Jones.

    My gal-friends would poke thru the dresser, pull out these things with feigned horror and much shrieking and chuck ’em about. They all sported cool undies with days of the week on them.

    There was also the bra incident.  Oh, and the singlets -at age 14.  What was it with my family back in 1979 (and 1981)?

    Cash. I like cash and so does the family. Although I think a fridge will arrive courtesy of my dear Mum. Problem is, it may be some suspect brand that is uber huge and won’t fit. Also, it may leak. I’ve had enough leaky appliances to last the next ten years.

    Hmm. How to duck that one.

    Kindest, putro.

    Bluesqueakpip @bluesqueakpip


    Problem is, it may be some suspect brand that is uber huge and won’t fit. Also, it may leak.

    This sounds strangely familiar. 😉



     to everyone telling everyone else what they want

    That is how Christmas should be. My mum was the only one who understood that when I said “Underwear is always welcome” I meant it.

    blenkinsopthebrave @blenkinsopthebrave

    Since this is Moffat musing rather than a spoiler, I will post it here.


    Who knows?

    Anonymous @

    @bluesqueakpip  LOL I’ve never used this…’acronym thing’ -not sober anyway. But by Buffy and her hellmouth that was funny.

    @phaseshift   I read your post regarding the dentures to the Ilions. Slurped up their cereal.

    @blenkinsopthebrave  thank you for that link. Indeed, who nose?


    Men and underwear. Women and Underwear. Without oversharing (although the toothpaste is out of the tube on that already), this whole idea of men buying lingerie is awful -for me. It started with the school (and poor Dad) and progressed to a point where boyfriends and husband hope-fuls presented Puro (at age 21)  with French bras, weirdly patterned knickers in stormy shades of emerald and chartreuse and nylon camisoles. Nylon in the heat of Brisbane up against one’s skin.

    Ducks. Puro.



    Blimey, girl. I was only thinking of a couple of pairs of boxers!

    Anonymous @

    @pedant “I trust I made you squirm?”

    Good to be a Giver,



    janetteB @janetteb

    On the subject of terrible Christmas pressies I think we just won the contest. Our sons are giving us a shower curtain this year. (actually we bought it, gave to them to give to us.) Only it is a Tardis shower curtain. Yes I confess to being the most hopeless merchandising victim and we really did need a new shower curtain and I was going to paint the bathroom blue. Maybe instead of an Egyptian theme we should do a Who theme with Gallifreyan writing stencilled on the walls. (having trouble selling this idea to my SO. Might have to ply him with more port.)



    Arbutus @arbutus

    I have just laughed my way through all your gift giving and getting stories! Special mention must go to @phaseshift’s denture tablet story and @purofilion’s underwear.  🙂

    @janetteb   I wouldn’t think port would be strong enough, you might have to ply the SO with whisky. But will your shower be bigger on the inside now? I wish I could make that work here, as Mr. Arbutus is a “big and tall” sized guy, and our tub/shower definitely isn’t!

    Re the “fixed grin of appreciation”: My father has spent much time in France and therefore fancies himself something of a wine expert. But he has never really taken in the fact that the cheap wine you can get in France is nothing like its North American counterpart. He lives south of the border and can get wine much cheaper than we can in BC (see @blenkinsopthebrave’s comments about the cost of wine in the government monopolies), but that doesn’t mean that it is necessarily any good. So he frequently presents us with something for Christmas that he bought at Trader Joe’s or wherever, and we put on appreciative smiles and thank him profusely for thinking of us. Said wine is then consumed on a night that we need alcohol for its own sake, rather than out of the desire to enjoy an excellent bottle.

    lisa @lisa

    @arbutus The Grappa from Traders is quite something – taste is good but ‘punch power’factor is terrific!
    My brother’s birthday is coming up in almost 2 months and he lives in one of the teensy-weensy
    New York flats so I am really liking the notion of getting him a Doctor Who shower curtain with
    a note about how it will transform his shower into a bigger on the inside luxury experience –
    its too late to order it for xmas now but thanks @Janette for that idea! For all the States
    fans I want to let everyone know that next week is a gigantic Who marathon on BBC America that
    will be going on for days! Anyone else looking up new holiday recipes? I have folks coming for
    Christmas and I want to put out a really nice table. Curious about what are some of all of
    your favorites? I’m going to be watching the Doctor and cooking {and just might get some Grappa when
    I swing by Traders too}

    lisa @lisa

    JimTheFish @jimthefish
    Time Lord

    OK, quiz time. Which Doctor should you travel with. I got 12, which kind of pleases me. For a dreadful moment there I was worried that I might get Hartnell. I look terrible in black and white.

    blenkinsopthebrave @blenkinsopthebrave


    I got 4, which I was rather surprised by. It does make you wonder what sort of answers would get you Colin Baker.

    Bluesqueakpip @bluesqueakpip

    I got Hartnell. Though, currently, I am in black and white. 🙂

    Craig @craig

    I got Hartnell too! “You’re after a more tranquil pace of adventure with a Doctor who is more like a grandfather than a friend.” But then again, I’d rather BE the Doctor so much of it didn’t compute.

    Craig @craig

    @blenkinsopthebrave I tried being contrary and answered everything mostly the opposite of what I felt and got the 6th Doctor! “You’re after a slower pace of adventure with a Doctor who is not only arrogant and rude, but will probably try to strangle you at some point. Well done?”

    Anonymous @

    @jimthefish @blenkinsopthebrave @craig

    I got the 10th Doctor which I’m quite pleased about. Pity it wasn’t the 5th Doctor though, I could’ve given him tips on growing decorative vegetables 🙂

    Bluesqueakpip @bluesqueakpip


    I could’ve given him tips on growing decorative vegetables

    Brave choice. 😉

    Congrats on passing your assessments.

    lisa @lisa

    The 4th TomDoc for me because he speaks in a way to my inner hippy 🙂 and that engaging humor
    was incredibly endearing however it is a really tough choice especially between the 12th and
    4th and then 9th. Since getting the back story for the time war I’ve found myself particularly
    engaged with that 9th version because looking back it explains him so much better.

    Whisht @whisht

    I got the fourth Doctor (hooray!).
    I actually bothered to answer as honestly as possible (dithered over “do you want to snog the Doctor?” thinking “but if the Doctor was female would I want to snog?” and decided “erm, actually no”).

    I feel…. well, ok. Better than if I’d had to snog 6 at least!

    janetteB @janetteb

    I got the Eleventh Doctor. Yay. Now I want the adventures to begin. Actually most were good questions for that kind of quiz. Usually I have trouble answering any honestly.



    janetteB @janetteb

    My SO also got Eleventh so we get to travel together with the Doctor. 🙂



    Barbara Lefty @barbaralefty

    Got 12, probably appropriate for somewhat unsociable Scot, plenty of time to catch up with my reading!

    Juniperfish @juniperfish

    @jimthefish @craig @blenkinsopthebrave @barbaralefty @janetteb @whisht @lisa @bluesqueakpip @fatmaninabox

    I got the tenth – amusing, because I think he’d get on my nerves in actuality, a lot more than eleven or twelve…

    Happy Solstice to everyone on the Who forum! Winter solstice for those of us in the Northern hemisphere – so I raise a cup of tea and distribute some jelly babies to the return of the light and the long crawl towards spring.

    Anonymous @

    @janetteb  I got the 11th too!!  Hoo-ray! I agree;  they were quite funny AND on the money.

    @juniperfish  thank you for the Solstice wish. Of course, here we’re at the other end. The birds woke us up at about…let me see….3.15 am?

    Hmm. Time for ear plugs or ear worms.

    Barbara Lefty @barbaralefty

    A happy solstice to you too @juniperfish, and to all!

    dreamerofgallifrey @dreamerofgallifrey

    A blessed and joyous Solstice to all! 🙂

    janetteB @janetteb

    Happy solstice to all, be it summer or winter.

    Down here we celebrate the return of the rain or at least the possiblity of.. and indeed it did almost rain upon the summer solstice party we were at tonight, but alas not so will have to pay son2 to water the garden tomorrow after all.



    PaperMoon @papermoon

    I got 11, which makes me very happy. Thanks for the link @jimthefish, I have passed it on to some of my Who friends.

    @blenkinsopthebrave – personally, I would love to see both/either River and/or Jack back, preferably both.

    lisa @lisa


    I also liked the Dalek Xmas tree on the page about International Dalek day – very nice! So this is the same
    day as the winter solstice -interesting to me is the fact that the introduction day of the Daleks was also
    the same day that the Mayan apocalypse was supposed to be in 2012? This is a strange day indeed! lol


    I got Hartnell.

    And sappy non-demoninational pressie fest to all.

    Arbutus @arbutus

    Yay, I got 4! Off I shall go on my time-and-space adventures, exchanging quips and fearing nothing.   🙂

    Miapatrick @miapatrick

    I got 4, which I’m quite pleased with. @blenkinsopthebrave- I hate to think what you’d have to answer to get Colin Baker. That made me laugh though :).

    And, hi everyone. I have been lurking, but also moving, and am temporarily Of No Fixed Abode. Somehow Christmas has crept up on me, had to make a shockingly last minute booze run and- two days to who! Problem is we’re living two doors down from the nearest modem, and no television…

    All I want for Christmas is my stuff out of storage, and a battery controlled butter dish.

    Arbutus @arbutus

    @miapatrick    A battery controlled butter dish?!? What is that? Do I need one? It sounds like something I need.

    Sympathies on the unfixedness of your abode. That’s frustrating at any time, Christmas most of all.

    Miapatrick @miapatrick

    @Arbutus- I saw a faintly mocking reference to such butter dishes in the guardian once, and as soon as I ascertained what it was, became quite obsessed. It has the same temperature inside whatever the temperature outside, and keeps the butter in a perfect state of spreadability. Which if, like me to subscribe to the ‘put a jumper on instead’ school of central heating, and insist on butter over solidified industrial lubricant, you do indeed need. I probably should never get one, though, possibly doesn’t work so well in reality, but it’s nice to dream….

    Thank you. We’ve literally just now exchanged contracts on the new house, set to complete on the 9th (Damn Christmas!) So much of the stress is over. And fortunatly, thanks to above stated philosophy, I don’t really miss central heating. I could do without the massive spiders, though….

    Mudlark @mudlark

    Just looking in to wish everybody a Happy Christmas, with or without tangerines.  I have a goodly supply in readiness, having found some in Sainsbury’s, lurking among the acres of clementines and satsumas.

    Now I’m off, laden with goodies, to spend Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with my brother and sister-in-law in darkest Suffolk.  If we watch any television at all in our post-prandial stupor, it will not be programmes of my choosing and won’t include Doctor Who.  I have set it to record, though, and will watch it as soon as I return.

    To compensate there will be much good cheer, including at least one convivial session in the friendly village pub, and a new labradoodle puppy to keep us entertained.

    ScaryB @scaryb

    Thanks for the quiz post @jimthefish, which I did in a timeywimey catchup fashion. Very happy getting Tom, so travelling with @whisht, @arbutus  and @lisa (love your dalek/Mayan apocalypse theory!) 🙂  (Tho I tend to side with @craig – I’d rather be the doctor than the companion (which thanks to Moffat  is now that bit easier to incorporate into my fantasy life 😉 )).

    @miapatrick – Glad you’ll not be homeless for too much longer. (Loved your “All I want for Christmas is my stuff out of storage, and a battery controlled butter dish.”  May your wish come true soon)

    @mudlark Labradoodles are great! (And thank goodness for timeshifting and iplayer – me too)

    Meanwhile I hope everyone’s Xmas/solstice/holiday preparations are going well –

    PhaseShift @phaseshift
    Time Lord

    I’ve just got back, bleary eyed, overtired, and with so much to do. I’ve stuck something festive on the TV to put myself in the mood to wish everyone a very enjoyable time. Massive thanks to @craig, and I hope you have a good time up in Scotland for Christmas. Massive thanks to all the contributors on episodes this year, who understood and explained things to me that I didn’t get the first time round. I’d appreciate similar help tomorrow. 🙂

    I have presents to wrap, and my search for wrapping materials has revealed: White DIY masking tape, Electrical insulation tape, Micropore Surgical tape and heavy duty Silver Thermal tape. I feel someone is playing a cruel joke on me. 😀

    I have a frigid bird to thaw, give a good stuffing before deciding if I’m a leg or breast man tomorrow. I’m not going to mention stockings, because I suddenly realise that my selection of Bottom’s Christmas Special Holy (in tribute to Rik Mayall) has led to passive double entendre contagion. Sincere apologies.

    Eat well, drink well, celebrate that we’re half way out of the dark. Please don’t end up in this state:

    Merry Christmas, one and all! I shall be back later, hopefully, when I’ve eventually sourced some conventional adhesive tape. 😉

    lisa @lisa

    @All Who-sters – HAPPY HOLIDAYS !! Thanks to our great emperor and moderators and all the fans for
    welcoming me to the best forum on the net !! I hope Santa brings everyone tons of great treats
    and joy ! So I will see everyone for a peek here after the Xmas Doctor show – going to start the
    cooking shortly and I have the NuWho marathon to keep me company! {the cooking bit is my favorite
    part of this holiday- its a great excuse to make some really great decadent stuff to eat :)]

    Barbara Lefty @barbaralefty

    Greetings all, loved the festive Daleks, and the Bottom clip!

    Great time of year for continuing the Who education; watched half of the classic Silurians, Day and Time of, plus Christmas Carol which was fabulous. Now just need to negotiate other people’s tv preferences on Christmas day:  may play trump card and get wee one to announce that she’d just LOVE to see Doctor Who…

    Anyway, Happy Christmas to all, and to all, a good night!

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