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    OB-Wan @ob-wan


    Kharis changed their profile picture

    LOVED the blonde Romana.  Hot in a very cool kind of way – The Doctor’s Mrs. Peel (without the cat suit *Darn*).

    I keep hoping that they’ll figure out a way to bring her back.  Not Lalla Ward, obviously, but I would like to see the character make a comeback considering that she played such a big part of his earlier life.

    Too bad they already used Georgia Moffett, she would have been a great choice.

    Let’s start a protest – “You brought back the dog, you can bring Romana back too…”

    Oh well, great picture – thanks for the memories.

    Kharis @kharis

    @ob-wan  Romana is my favorite companion!  Well, if I have a favorite, I actually like them all.  Glad to see another fan!  All of my avatars have had Romana in the photo, except one.  The change is in honor of the BBC’s decision to make us wait a year without even a special.  Why not make a stand alone episode with Paul Mcgann while he is still young?  They never gave the 8th Doctor a decent script.  Give us s glimpse of his time before the War Doctor, a good two part episode getting to know that INFJ Doctor with the soulful eyes and Victorian TARDIS.  It would give Moffat and Capaldi the much deserved break and the Whovians something to look forward to.  Have the person who wrote ‘Vincent and the Doctor’ or “The Doctor’s Wife’ to pen it and use the same awesome team they already have.  Get the director from ‘Heaven Sent’ too.  (:


    Kharis @kharis

    I know someone who could play Romana if they ever brought her back.  She’s a ballet dancer and a huge Doctor Who fan and is a really talented actress.  Her performance school tried to get her to go into acting, but she loved ballet too much, but her gift was acting.  I don’t know how to add an image or I would get your approval on the appearance.  (:

    Not that the BBC would hire an unknown, but fun to speculate.  Can’t think of a famous actress that would fit.


    Kharis @kharis

    Can not figure out insert/image on this sight in the slightest.  Any ideas?

    JimTheFish @jimthefish
    Time Lord

    @OB-Wan– I’m shutting this conversation down now because it’s getting childishly personal, unpleasant and utterly pointless. For my part in that I apologise to the forum at large.

    You are NOT the boss of me and I am not interested in tailoring my posts to please you. I will continue to use caps when I feel it’s appropriate to emphasize my points.

    FYI, SCREAMING CAPS are not just ugly but create an aggressive vibe in any post, akin to shouting in someone’s face. It’s basic politeness not to do it. And, no, I’m not the boss of you but I am a site Mod and I will moderate any posts that I consider offensive, aggressive or otherwise less than desirable on the site.

    Kharis @kharis

    @ob-wan Okay, I figured it out.  Thanks Charles for the hints on how to work it.  (:  These are just four I picked out of her face.  There are a ton of ballet photos on her Facebook.

    My pick for Romana.  Her, or Sara Lamb of the Royal Ballet.


    Allonsy @allonsy

    Hello all. I recently joined the forum and wanted to properly introduce my self. I am from Knoxville, Tennessee in the US.  I am fairly new to the Doctor Who universe, but my wife and myself have quickly fell in love with the show. We recently started watching the show on Netflix, starting with the 9th doctor,  while the shows we normally watch were on mid season breaks. Now I fear that it may replace a few of my other shows. I hope that through conversations here on the forum I can learn more about the show and share my thoughts on my new obsession.



    Welcome aboard!

    The main thing to do at the moment is to dive straight in, as you have done.

    You may find a few issues with British idiom, but both Russell T Davies (RTD) who revived the show, and even more Steven Moffat (Moff) grasped that the US was a potentially important new market for Doctor Who. So unless something really bamboozles you, just roll with it. There are many, many reference sources but they are all a bit spoiler-tastic and there are some terrific twists that it would be a shame to ruin. Better to ask here for a more “try not to ruin it” answer!

    The mode of storytelling is very influenced by key US writers, notably Joss Whedon and maybe Chris Carter, with a dash of Sorkin’s “walk-and-talk”, so will be familiar, but it is (nearly all) in an English accent.

    In the UK Netflix only goes up to season 7, immediately prior to the 50th Anniversary episode, which I guarantee you will want to buy if US Netflix doesn’t have it. We have just finished season 9.

    winston @winston

    @puroandson     All my best to Puro, Hope she feels better soon and comes home.

    @allonsy    Hi there!  from up here in Canada.  I like your name it is great for this site.Welcome aboard. This is a friendly place and I am sure you will have fun reading all the forum posts.

    Kharis @kharis

    @allonsy Welcome!  The Sofa is definitely the most relaxed place, usually.  Good place to come first.  🙂

    Kharis @kharis

    Obviously I want Romana back, and I think after Hell Bent it could make sense to have her back, but I really don’t want another female companion.  It’s really become very worn out.  I want to see Romana back as a character, but not necessarily a companion.  Why not a boy or alien?  Why always a human girl?  At least Romana is a Time Lord, and not another human.  Maybe Jack?  The only acceptable female human would be River.

    Kharis @kharis

    So much love to Puro and family.

    lisa @lisa

    Hi Guys

    Well I have a theory about all these changes.  I would like to humbly suggest that the recent Capaldi

    seasons are not really satisfying  the ‘young adult demographic’ which seems extremely important

    to the BBC.   That’s probably 1 reason for this  decision to make the  ‘Class’ spin off series?   Just my

    speculation.    I have to say I have spoken with  my teen to 20 something nephews and nieces that follow

    Dr. Who. They  all have not been as impressed with Capaldi as we have been here.  They think the show

    is also a bit (dare I say it) broken and seem glad for changes.   One of my nieces said to me  “how

    can I get scared  about some blobly monsters?”  meaning Zygons.  So there is a disconnect.



    Anyway,   I’ve loved SM’s story arcs and he had the best  episodes for me of all the  writers

    of the past few years.

    He is definitely leaving CC  lots of juicy and/or meaty  places to go on with the epic.




    Allonsy @allonsy

    @pedant Thank you. I am just now,  as I type this,  starting episode 5 of season 4 so I have a good little bit before I am caught up but from what I have seen so far I like how RTD ran the show in these episodes. I am excited to see the direction that Moffat took the show as well since he wrote some of my favorite episodes so far. My wife and I also love Sherlock so we were introduced to Moffat before we discovered the wonderful world of the Doctor.

    @winston Thank you for the welcome. I knew there had to be some people from the same continent as me on here😁 As I made my account I figured that my favorite word from the show (so far) would be appropriate as a username.

    @kharis Thank you.  I am enjoying the sofa so far!

    OB-Wan @ob-wan



    I’m a Yank myself.  I would send you a much longer greeting but it’s getting a little late.

    I’m sure we’ll have a chance to talk in the coming days.

    Kharis @kharis

    Any other suggestions for Romana?  It would be wonderful to have her back.

    Anonymous @


    “Just my speculation.    I have to say I have spoken with  my teen to 20 something nephews and nieces that follow Dr. Who. They  all have not been as impressed with Capaldi as we have been here.”

    Hello Missus @lisa

    It’s son of puro here.

    First I want to thank people (members) for giving Mum good wishes and words of healing. That’s really kind, she appreciate it. We here do too.

    I was lurking. Read what your teen rellys and friends have said. I have to say this may not surprise me. I am youngish (only just the teenager) and no one of my mates knows Doctor Who -only my 13 year old cousin (2nd cousin) likes it. And I adore it. As in this past season has totally blown me away (to use my mom’s word). I haven’t seen anything like it in my life since Buffy and that changed my life (thank you for the links Mr @pedant to other things and to Buffy’s Top 20, and I am using ‘thank you’ as two words @tardisblue!).

    The Witches Familiar and the Magician’s Apprentices was an exceptional two parter. I thought that the Zygon political episode was very important too @mersey and think it was very brave. A lot of people use ‘brave’ and now its become a bit of a joke I understand.

    I thought ‘into the Dalek’ and the moon egg was alright episodes but this season was a whole new thing to me.

    Mum said at the end of the 2nd episode last year “so that’s not really for you is it, Son?”

    I said, ‘are you kidding?  I’ve waited a long long time to see Doctor Who like this.”

    ‘under the lake’ didn’t do as much for me, but Face the Raven, Hell Bent and Heaven Sent were extraordinary writing that need a big re-watch to totally ‘get’ them but I feel they spoke to me:

    it was powerful stuff; death; atoning for the way the Doctor has taught Clara to be like him -his own responsibility for that; seeing the council guys and throwing them off planet without a word; making amends after shooting the General (“I shot the Sherrif” -great song) and sacrificing a billion hearts to heal his own. I leanred about how this was comedy ending -in a dramatic way from my teacher and that Clara got her own Tardis.

    @ob-wan this has been a stunning re-boot and I cannot ever compare anything from AG Who to BG Who because nothing for me acts as a good enough comparison. And before you ask: yes, I have watched a lot of BG Who and some was so wonderful -Tom Baker, mainly. I thought a lot of the following Doctor (Davidson?) wasn’t all that great -compared with what we have seen in the past five years, anyway.

    I have rectified my feelings about Mr Chibnall and will give him time to get it all together. I said “nothing will be the same as David” and then Matt came along. I said “nothing will be like Mat” and then Peter came along still with Mr Moffet and now I could say the same again. But I wont’.

    @craig and @whisht and the other members who have said hi to mum. I will tell her. I did tell this morning. She was eating jelly (funny story) and said “please tell me you have something other than jelly or go away” and then she did get mad I’d said she was in hospital. She said it looks I was attention seeking or we were. This is a forum not  apersonal blog or something so I can see that. So, yes, I wanted to say that anyway.  Quick visit here and now I have to get out my uniform and pack a lunch (I know its like 18 hours early).

    Son of Puro


    ichabod @ichabod

    @puroandson  Son of Puro  Please tell your mum that the hospital was only brought up at all because I asked, in response to an earlier post of yours.  Do pass any blame along to me; and nobody here, I’m sure, thought there was any attention-bidding going on (other members have posted personal bits here from time to time *ahem* without no such reaction to follow, so I feel secure in saying that).  Apologies, in any case.

    I have, by the way, the same reaction to BG (except for most of Tom Baker), although I enjoyed most of it very much when I watched the original broadcasts.  People’s tastes change pretty radically sometimes . . . I’m glad you spoke up as a young person who loves the Moffat/Capaldi seasons (so far), because I think we need to hear from the “youth audience” that the BBC wants the show aimed at — the more the better — to help inform our opinions about their reactions.

    I suspect that @lisa is right about a *majority* of younger viewers in their teenaged years finding S8 and S9 a bit tougher going than they’re used to from DW (and some twenties and more as well — they all are pretty vocal on other boards, from what I’ve seen).  I hope Chibnall doesn’t head more for surface action and simpler, more transparent stories, mainly to please those voices.  But it wouldn’t surprise me if that’s part of his brief.

    My concern is that a less complex show could be less appealing for Capaldi to work in, after Moffat’s seasons; but who knows, he also might find that a refreshing challenge!  We’ll just have to wait and see . . .






    JimTheFish @jimthefish
    Time Lord

    While I’m in no hurry to see Capaldi go, it’s worth bearing in mind that with the exception of JNT, whose run saw four Doctors come and go, it’s been far more usual for a new producer/showrunner not to inherit an old Doctor. Not to say that that couldn’t happen now but I’d put a significant wager on Capaldi going in 2017.

    I’d expect us to be face the media circus around new Doctor speculation in the coming months. Fasten your seatbelts.

    Anonymous @


    oh yes, thank you I think she was a bit snappy. But that’s OK -mum I mean.

    @jimthefish Oh true. I hope he stays -he says it was his dream job. But other work is important too. Practise would be punishing before the shooting.

    Thank you Son

    JimTheFish @jimthefish
    Time Lord

    This isn’t really news as such but it is a nice piece by the mighty AL Kennedy on writing The Drosten’s Curse….


    Nice little piece in the BBC site about the creation of the Doctor Who theme. I like that it points out the Derbyshire’s work pre-dated Kraftwerk by 11 years. (Not sure if it will work for non-UK users).

    Arbutus @arbutus

    @puroandson       Your mom should know that she has lots friends here who really do want to know how she is doing. It’s no imposition to keep us updated. And her comments are always missed when she’s not around! The jelly story made me smile, that sounds very Puro!  🙂

    Mersey @mersey


    Quoting Amelia Pond, “Oh, get a grip Obi-Wan Kenobi”! Have you registered on this forum only to tell people that they are wrong?!


    Give my regards to your mum. I’m listening Prokofiev Piano Concert no 2 and think about her.

    I don’t really know if I want Capaldi to stay. 12 has such a strong personality and he tells a lot that he saves people, but he has made so many mistakes doing that. I know it’s good for drama but I need a positive boost. Shame I have to wait for it so long.

    Arbutus @arbutus

    Talking of change in Doctor Who, I recently finished a rewatch of Series One, and I found it very interesting in light of what the show has become more recently. My first surprise was that a number of episodes that I had not remembered fondly were in fact better than I had recalled. I now realize that these stories contained elements that I didn’t care for, but had other things going for them which still made them enjoyable. On the other hand, the episodes that I remembered loving impressed me still– The Unquiet Dead, Dalek, and the Empty Child/The Doctor Dances. These were the ones that stood out at the time and that hasn’t changed!

    I remember noting the updated tone and style of the new show, slick, pacy, and energized, but it seems to me that this has been toned back over recent years. And it was funny to see the pre-title updates, reminding viewers of previous episodes at a time when fans weren’t rewatching each episode three or four times before the next one!  🙂

    As for the Doctor and his companion, I remembered Eccelston as being good at the intense moments, less so in the light-hearted ones, and not quite “doctory” enough. I now think that he was better than I remembered at the light side of the Doctor, but very alien, lacking the more obvious warmth of his successors. And I had forgotten that my irritation with Rose stemmed more from her second series than from her first. I think she was a good match for Nine. They had an easy, affectionate relationship, and his feelings for her were not being portrayed as the equal of her hero-worship of him.

    I am going to continue working my way through the series, and I am looking forward to a new look at the Chibnall episodes. I don’t recall disliking any of them, so I don’t have any particular feeling of doom at this point. (I have also been meaning to watch Broadchurch as it is now on Netflix here, and now I have an extra motivation to do so!)

    lisa @lisa

    I’d totally be up for a re watch of some of CC’s past work.   It would be very interesting to me

    to read everyone’s ideas.         @puroandson          Please tell Mum that her observations will be

    required too!    🙂



    Your post made me think about my niece’s  Zygon comment and  I might suggest to her that

    some day she’ll be re-watching that episode again for what ever reason and find a new

    perspective about the blobby aliens?  Who nose?

    Arbutus @arbutus

    @lisa    Well, you never know, do you? My recollections of the first series included a dislike of several episodes. I have had a poor view of Aliens in London (except for Penelope Wilton), but on rewatch I realized that it was really only the giggling and farting that I didn’t like. Much of it was very good and there was a lot of menace. It still doesn’t stand as a favourite for me but it was solidly entertaining. The same thing with Father’s Day. I always had a problem with the pterodactyl-style monsters, since their presence as response to messing with the fixed point in time never made sense to me. But on rewatching it, I did realize that the story they were telling required a fairly straightforward, obvious menace to which the solution was simply Pete being willing to step up and do the right thing. As a narrative, this does make sense, even if I still find the monsters unsatisfying as a concept. Similarly, I was annoyed by Rose’s actions, she really wasn’t very smart here, but frankly, it wasn’t smart of the Doctor to take her there. Surely, an experienced time traveller should have said, gently, “Rose, there are some places it is just better not to go.” But watching with fresh eyes, I am willing to accept that while those issues may bug me, if I just take them as read there is a lot to like in that story. Rose getting to see her father and her parents’ marriage as they really were, rather than through Jackie’s rose-coloured glasses, was nicely done, for sure.

    Maybe some day, your niece will rewatch the Zygon story and appreciate it more for the socio-political commentary, and Capaldi’s great performance, rather than looking for a good scare.   🙂  I don’t suppose anyone over the age of eight is really scared by costumed monsters these days, anyway!

    lisa @lisa



    Its tougher to interpret all of what these episodes are telling us on a first viewing.

    Sometimes we miss stuff. She’s a smart girl and I don’t think I should underestimate

    why she follows Dr. Who.  But she has found Capaldi’ term less satisfying then the previous

    Doctors.   Even though he was the right choice for a lot of us he just wasn’t  maybe rosy and cheery

    enough for others?  I know that seems astonishingly odd  but there it is.


    I liked Rose as much as any of the other companions.   In fact combining her with

    Bad Wolf and the Moment at least for me gave the character a lot of diversity and I liked

    the way she  played  all of them.

    OB-Wan @ob-wan


    No, of course not, Mersey.

    It just seems that some of my opinions don’t match with the orthodoxy of other forum members.

    And to be fair some of them seem to take that very personally while I’ve just been trying to defend my conclusions.

    One of the big brouhahas was because I mentioned what I thought was “a minor technical point”.

    You would have thought that I had shot the Pope.

    Personally I don’t mind engaging in lively but civil debate.  After all, we can pretty much convince ourselves of anything, but how do we know that we’re right unless we take our ideas out into the public square and test them -see how much we’ve been fooling ourselves and how much is based on solid evidence?

    For instance, I commented that I thought that “A Christmas Carol’ was inconsistent with the dire warnings about crossing one’s own timeline.

    But @bluesqueakpip suggested that the dire effects had been lessened following Big Bang 2 and included examples.  And I had to admit that I had not considered that.  So now I’m holding off on calling it an inconsistency until I’ve had more time to consider Pip’s comments.

    So I’m NOT immovable.  But I will not roll over and say up is down unless someone can convince me that I’m mistaken.

    Anonymous @


    So I’m NOT immovable

    Hi there Mersey. Thank you -Prokofiev is so difficult. Wonderful, though. On the point above, oh yes, our friend Mr The Obiwan is exactly that. And that’s fine, I suppose. 😉

    @arbutus Hi there and thank you. “Honey I’m home!!”

    @ichabod hello there and thank you for the wishes and your on-going posts…

    I’m in a room with a view and internet. Young Son was vividly reading as many posts to me as possible and with added interjections, alacrity all.

    @blenkinsopthebrave -thank you for the lovely Australian view -the wattle, yes indeed. @jimthefish and @craig thank you too. Also @winston and @bluesqueakpip -I got that hug, thank you 🙂

    @pedant I spent this morning listening to that footage from the working link: a couple of things were “not available” but most were and it was great to hear that again -the parts in particular where Derbyshire explains her ‘box of ideas’ -Grainer spoke often of his admiration for the composer.

    @lisa the news that the US will not have Dr Who available on Netflix is perplexing as is the fact young’uns don’t take to Moffat’s stories or Capaldi. Last year, as Son explained, we watched TMA and TWF and he sat there. Saying nothing.

    So I did say: “not for you, Son?” It’s a term we use a lot in the family and doesn’t usually mean anything rude. My brother says it to me and to Son occasionally. Most recently with Blade Runner to Son: “not for you yet Son, wait a year” and I think he was right on that score. For Son, anyway.

    Son adored The Witches Familiar and tMA. So much so that he said “this is what I’ve waited my whole life to see since Smith left. This is Doctor Who. Let it be this way forever. This is television.” He was so wrapped up in it that his ice cream melted and the lemonade lost its ice.

    Now we watch Fringe and are pretty bored. We have a few new ideas from @pedant -Rectify and others so hope isn’t lost for telly but since the days of our joint Whedon adventureverse I tend to wonder where telly is going. Certainly in Oz nothing except Jack Irish, a new series, looks appealing.

    @allonsy welcome to you too and hope you can find the Doctor’s adventures on Netflix soon -not just Smith but also the more recent two series. For me too, the best thing I’d seen in Who since Season 5.

    Kindest, PuroSolo



    Missy @missy


    Did I say hello? If not, HELLO.



    Missy @missy


    I had to smile. The thought of ‘crusty sleep’ from your eyes growing into monsters, doesn’t exactly make me feel good. *grins*

    Rather scary methinks?

    As for children finding it hard to grasp, you could be right, some of the episodes are a little complex.



    Allonsy @allonsy

    @missy and @puroandson Thank you both for the warm welcomes. I believe I have stumbled across a nice community to share my love for all things DW.


    Allonsy @allonsy

    If this is the wrong place to post this please let me know. I looked in the episodes section and there wasn’t a section for this episode. I just finished watching the episode ‘The Doctor’s Daughter’ from season 4 (AG) while I was holding my two year old daughter as she fell asleep. The look of loss and pain in The Doctor’s eyes when he thinks his daughter has died made me hold my daughter a little tighter. Oh the feels! One of the many reasons I love this show.

    Arbutus @arbutus

    @puroandson      A view and internet! My son dreams of a room like that.  🙂  (He has the internet, but no view from his bedroom window. He aspires to live in a high rise apartment some day.)

    @allonsy  If you post a note on the “Website Comments” section (which I think you will find at the very bottom of the home page), then a moderator should see it and hopefully create a page for the episode.

    ichabod @ichabod

    @puroandson  PuroSolo  Now we watch Fringe and are pretty bored.

    Yeah, well . . . my sister and I call each other up to yell, “Guess what’s on television tonight?  NOTHING!”  We’re hoping for the return of  “The Leftovers” soon, but that is probably not a show for teens, who tend to be confused enough as it is.  “Game of Groans” will be back sometime soon so there will be joy in Mudville, but I don’t live there any more.  An SF series called “The Expanse” is getting good buzz (unusually sophisticated far future space opera), and I know folks who enjoy those dumb damn zombies, but argghh.  I don’t know if any of this (fairly new series) gets shown outside the US.  There’s a fake Doctor Who that just got started, with “Time Masters” and a bearded Arthur Darville as Rip Somebody, Time Adventurer, with comic-book levels of violence so no doubt the plotting and characters will be likewise.  Anybody watching “Black Sails”?

    All in all, a pretty dismal outlook, but things change.  I see “Jack Irish” listed as available through Acorn.tv, so will take a look (thanks).

    Missy @missy


    Indeed you have. All of us it seems are hopeless cases – thank gawd!



    Missy @missy


    Have just read your post re: Lawyers etc. Obviously it works for Americans, but seems unnecessarily complicated to me.

    As far as I know, we have Barristers (as you say taken from “The Bar”) who fight in court – silks – all of whom have different preferences. Some murder, some tax invasion etcetera. Solicitors are who one goes to first. They advise the Barrister on your behalf.


    Thanks for your reply.



    OB-Wan @ob-wan


    Sorry I have had a chance to revisit Romana.  Got tied up with DW News and talking about lawyers and life in general.


    @ichabod @puroandson

    Yes! The Leftovers is full-on, uncompromising story telling. Am halfway though S2 (and apparently S3 will be the conclusion) and my head is truly fucked. In a good way.

    I also recommend Rectify – a slow-burner that smoulders like a fire in undergrowth: you know if it catches everything will be destroyed.

    I think I have seen the Expanse compared favourably to Firefly (possibly on Whedonesque.com to boot)

    Oh and puro – see if you can find Blue Veils and White Sands on youtube. Possibly Derbyshire’s finest work, for a documentary about the Tuareg people. I think everyone who actually met her recognised her as a true genius. But the lack of appreciation higher up (she did not get a Who credit until Day of The Doctor) led her to retire and retreat. There is an excellent BBC drama about the Who fan who rediscovered her and may even have reignited her passion but for long-term alcohol abuse catching up with her. I’ll see if I can get to it fall off an internet.

    wolfweed @wolfweed

    Just to let youse all know, I’m still running around in a blue Crombie jacket, fighting evil.

    One day I may even return from my incarceration here in my confession dial…

    (My own personal Hell – 12 months without Dr Who)

    Peace & love y’all,

    (P.S. – Big up the Northern Chapter Crew)

    Dr Basil Wolfweed Funkenstein

    NightFell @nightfell

    Still peeved over the fact that Doctor Who is being removed from Netflix in the US. I know it was always possible as it was discussed each year for the past two years but still, the confirmation that it was really happening felt like a death knell. It’s just rather unfortunate timing too since I was just starting my second run of the series and I’d forgotten a lot of stuff with Nine, which upon rewatching his episodes and knowing what I know now, made me appreciate him and CE’s acting 10000000x more. Guess I should invest in the DVD sets now…but still. Bad move, Netflix. Bad move. /rant

    On the other hand, warmest welcome @ob-wan (see, now I did welcome you haha) and @allonsy. I’m new here myself (signed up a little over a week ago) and from the US too 🙂

    Sending prayers and healing thoughts to your mother, @puroandson. Do keep us posted on how she is.

    McCotton @mccottonthedoctorfan

    @nightfell I wouldn’t worry too much about it (I’m American too by the way).  When I saw it was being removed, I looked into it.  Netflix is– please forgive me if I phrase this wrong– under a yearly contract with the BBC to show Doctor Who.  All that means is that the contract is almost up and Netflix just has to renew it, which it most likely will.

    Anonymous @


    “The Expanse” is getting good buzz (unusually sophisticated far future space opera)..

    indeed yes, if it’s as @pedant‘s mentioned then that will be my go-to point as well as Rectify and The Leftovers -this can’t happen until we finish House (this was paused whilst engaged with the ‘FlyBuffyverse last year) so I’m gleeful with the possibility of good ‘telly’. I’ve a DVD/Blu-ray fund because our telly channels don’t broadcast much of what we want (bar George Gently, Jack Irish).

    I figure as we don’t eat out or travel now (and Son isn’t one of those kids who demands ‘things’) monies can go towards home entertainment. I remember the days of plays, opera, and ‘classical’ music when with glad rags we’d head out. Still, even  7 years ago, the only classical orchestra in Oz worth paying a penny to see was the ACO but it’s on ABC radio too. 🙂 yay!

    @nightfell thank you for your lovely wishes -what a kind thing to say: I appreciate it as you’re a new member. I hope you can find some good Who somewhere -I think DVD investing is a start; it shouldn’t have to be but on a sideways note, I know that I need subtitles these days what with quick talking in Who often overpowered by incidental music. @ob-wan also thank you for your wishes. @nightfell as @mccottonthedoctorfan has said perhaps Netflix is up for contract renewal?

    The BBC’s funding and general television inclusion ishoos is slowly becoming a ‘thing’ worth investigating according to Nightline and other similar analyses -they’re far away from the Murdochian, economics first, far right, anti-Left acid which our commercial channels drip feed during what I call the Politics of Fear Time in 60 Minutes, The Project, Good Morning Australia etc…

    Kindest, Puro.

    Missy @missy




    Missy @missy


    ..and so say all of us! Hell is alive and well!


    ichabod @ichabod

    Doctor Who News has a feature with Capaldi giving us a bit of a tour of a UN-run camp for Syrian refugees, with more to come.  Here’s the link:



    JimTheFish @jimthefish
    Time Lord


    Big hello to the wolfy-weedy one. Good to see you’re still around….

    OB-Wan @ob-wan

    Okay, so I’d like some help.

    I was thinking last night about how much we love the surprises in the plots that the writers throw at us. And how much we love the surprises in the way that the actors portray their parts.

    And a thought popped into my head…

    “The actor is the canvas that the plot is painted on.”

    I thought, that SOUNDS deep, it’s not quite there yet. So I thought…

    “The actor is the brush that paints the plot.”

    But I thought “That’s rubbish. Complete rubbish.”


    Who can come up with the pithiest, wittiest, most poetic saying weaving together artist, canvas, plot, brushes, actors, easel..? You get the idea.

    Maybe if someone comes up with a really good one we could spread it around. And maybe one day we’ll hear our grandchildren use the expression.

    And we’ll say, “I remember when that saying was…”

    But then their phone will beep with a text message and we’ll never get to finish that story.

    But what do you say?

    Have a whack at it.

    Invite your friends.

    Go on, play the game, Sherlock.

    NightFell @nightfell

    @mccottonthedoctorfan I hope you’re right! Latest has BBC planning to announce their own US subscription streaming service….don’t know how I feel about that yet. Though worse comes to worse, there is always Daily Motion that could suffice for the time being.



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