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    winston @winston

    I was so sad to hear the news about Alan Rickman this morning. I have enjoyed everything I ever saw him in. One of my favourites was the Sheriff  of Nottingham but also his role in Sense and Sensibility.  Galaxy Quest was a family favourite that I haven’t seen for a long time, but plan to watch soon.He could do anything.I will miss his great talents.

    Thankyou @pedant for that sonnet because what I loved the most about him was that voice. Melodic, soothing, menacing, refined , and so much more. To hear him reciting Shakespeare was just lovely.

    winston @winston

    I almost forgot to mention how good Alan Rickman was as the voice of Marvin the gloomy robot in The Hitchiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

    Anonymous @

    @craig @phaseshift @fatmaninabox

    I must add that I’ve been trolling the crazed youtoobers who are doing reviews of Hell Bent and other similar eps. Some have a rolling commentary as they watch it for the first time.

    Some guy (Garrat) is 9 mins in and virtually nothing is said.

    Also, he seems to really despise NuWho. He doesn’t understand why the episode isn’t more of an exploration of the high council. He complains about intrusive music. He complains about the doctor’s clothes. He’s dismissive of the score in general.

    He seem to be about 17  -like a lot of them and comparing, miserably, everything to the ‘glory days’ of Pertwee and Troughton.

    This is folly. I know I shouldn’t have had a peek. I do love what you have built here. I appreciate it so much as does Son who persists in admonishing me when I do occasionally pop off to youtube to see what others have said. Inevitably it’s “sack the Moffat. This is stupid. I hate it” etc.

    Thank you for being so responsible, sensible and clever.  Of course all people are entitled to their opinions. I suppose it is the derisive manner in which they speak -at 17 they seem to know all. They are fish swimming in the same direction and taking pleasure from sarcasm -the jumpy man’s wit.

    Here, we can critique with sensitivity, without derision and the inevitable compulsion to ‘hate first’. I must add to @tardisblue @ichabod and others that your positivity and optimism and clever analyses are noticed by Son of Puro (puricle) who waits with baited breath for the next measured paragraph you write. It is tempered like a fine clavichord. Thank you.


    Missy @missy


    Thanks, I’ve done so.


    Thank you too.


    Missy @missy


    I agree, whole heartedly.


    Missy @missy

    He was supberb as the Sherrif in Robin Hood Prince of Thieves, stealing the film from under Kevin Kostsner.

    One of my particular favourite actors.


    ichabod @ichabod

    For those who don’t already know this stuff (I was surprised to find elsewhere that Rickman went to a Montessori school as a kid), a rough round-up about Rickman.  Look at how dorky he looked as a youngster, playing Tybalt!  And what a uniquely beautiful man he became.


    I really hate these losses, coming thicker and faster . . . No need to remind myself that I’m of an age to see mature artists that I admire die younger than I am now; I keep getting rude reminders from reality.  Sometimes if feels as if the serene ruthlessness of time takes out everything but the damn garbage . . . As someone remarked online this a.m., good entertainers go, and leave us with the Kardashians and Justin Bieber (and the rest of *that* list is too long even for the internet).  Loved this man’s work, and that he was a Lefty as well.

    Didn’t he also play a bad gunslinger in black in “Quigley Down Under”?  I don’t see that listed anywhere, so maybe not, but I seem to recall . . .

    @purandson  Son of Puro, thanks for your good advice and kind thoughts.  I think it’s a bit harder to cope with repeated wallops like this in the dimmer days of winter right after the holidays.  Luckily, we get to commiserate on-line with people of like mind, and cheer each other up — one upside of the electronic life.

    Puro Solo — thanks for you kind words; and stay off Youtube-Boobtube!  It’s an unhealthy place, except for music clips and funny cats.


    Anonymous @

    for those who respected Bowie’s ideals Blackstar is quite a work of art. I don’t want to link to it or paste it for copyright reasons but also because it wouldn’t feel right. Check it out on iTunes if you’re able.

    Again for the Bowie fans. The layering is stunning and so varied and teased out -it’s like Sylvia Plath in reverse and yet perfect.

    Damn. A real gentleman, droll and very, very clever. I never knew a better artist  -my opinion only for he wasn’t always loved.  But he’d laugh and say “OK”   🙂


    Anonymous @


    I understand. It is difficult. I’m finding it difficult to cope. I was away when I heard about Bowie -I’d known about Blackstar but then young Rickman too. A tad …miserable? Devastated? It’s really hit me, actually. More than I thought. But then I wasn’t thinking, was I? I didn’t know -not really.

    We’ve been watching Rickman on youboob play pranks on Dan R. in Harry Potter reels. Don’t want to mention the young actors names in the same post as Mr Bowie and Rickman. Doesn’t feel right. But I’m just being ungracious.

    Still, I keep tearing up. And I think that’s OK, ichi: to feel that wallop. Someone told me today “you’ll get over it”. I said, “I hope not” 🙂

    Son and Puro

    McCotton @mccottonthedoctorfan

    I’ve been interested in the Eighth Doctor lately and I want to check out the Big Finish audio dramas.  I recently bought “Shada” and thoroughly enjoyed it.  I want to check out more of them.  Does anyone have a good starting point?

    P.S. In Doctor Who in general, I like Dalek stories.

    Arbutus @arbutus

    Hi, @everyone! I’ve been lurking a bit since New Year’s but engaged in keeping my head above the waters of Real Life (cleaning up the post Christmas mess, running back and forth to basketball games, and trying to ensure that enough boys show up each weekend to field a soccer team… AGGGGHHHHHHH). And every time I turn on the internet, I see more bad news. Shocked about Bowie… he wasn’t one of my life-changing artists, but he was always there, part of the sound track of my life, and you thought he would last forever. Many artists keep going but they don’t always stay relevant. Bowie never let himself become nostalgia-fodder, which I so admire.

    And Alan Rickman. Oh dear, oh dear. Such a wonderful presence and such a fabulous voice. I noticed yesterday that in every photo I saw, he has the warmest expression, a lovely smile, and looks the complete antithesis of so many of his most famous roles! It’s all very sad. Here at home, we suffered a third (or first, in fact) loss, a lovely, lovely bandleader named Dal Richards, who would have been 98 this month and gigged up until almost the end. He played 79 consecutive New Year’s Eves in Vancouver, and was performing as recently as this fall. It was heartbreaking and fitting that he died on December 31st. Someone said that he had another New Year’s gig to get to, and Dal never tolerated being late for a gig.  🙁

    Arbutus @arbutus

    @mccottonthedoctorfan   @sirclockface     I have listened to a fair amount of Big Finish (not anything like comprehensively, I would have had to sell my car for that!). From what I have heard, I would say that most of it is good fun, and some of it is excellent. They have done lots of Dalek stories and lots of Eighth Doctor. I’m not sure where you’d want to start, but one possible place would be with the beginning of the Eight Doctor Adventures series (which has Daleks!). Those ones were modeled after the new series, and are shorter and snappier for the most part. As far as I can recall, you don’t need to have heard any of the earlier Eighth Doctor stories, as these were conceived for radio broadcast and assumed no knowledge of prior Big Finish. Personally, I always go with the digital download option, as I don’t care about hard copies (they just take up space I don’t have) and download is less expensive. But know that you are opening up a huge can of worms for your wallet!  🙂

    Mersey @mersey

    I miss our weekly discussions but at the same time I’ve reached the point in which I think there’s no point in discussing the last DW episides because Hell bent was a perfect ending and all I can say about it is “Well done, good job” and things like that. The Husbands of River Song wasn’t so perfect to me but it was another ending so it will not have much impact on the future events. But I wrote down some of my random thoughts on Doctor Who and few other things.

    1. 12 is the first Doctor whom I don’t like. I’m not saying I dislike him because I don’t, but I don’t have many positive feelings towards him either. Let’s say I would not like to have him as my friend (he probably would not have me as his friend but I’m perfectly fine with that). I hope that will change.

    2. Few days ago I watched Inception. I was rather prejudice against that movie because I thought it was something about making business in the future. But after I watched it for the first time I watched it again the next day (it took already almost 6 hours of my life!) and I think about watching it for the third time. I had the same feeling about almost every Doctor Who episode in the past (the last episode which I watched more than 3 times in a row was the Cartaker). But from series 7 onwards my curiosity has been growing weaker and weaker. I’m still deeply in love with the Doctor (the character) but at the same time I think that I know most of the tricks of Steven Moffat and his team (although Robin Hood with his false beard and a wig and the Moonegg was a hell of surprise). My point is that I feel that the time for some changes is getting closer and closer.

    3. David Bowie sadly passed away few days ago. He is one of my favourite musicians/artists of all time. I even imagined him as the perfect companiom for 12. Shame that that will never happen but I prefer to celebrate how he died than mourn that it happend.

    4. I think it was @puroandson fantastic idea to describe Doctor as a single classical piece of music. (I’ve tried to find this conversation but I’m still unsuccessful. It was weeks ago). But I still think about it, especially nowdays. And I can’t really decide which piece of music would express the nature of 12. Maybe Jean Sibelius’s Finlandia?



    Anonymous @

    @mersey  thank you for what you said – I appreciate that. But here:

    “but at the same time I think that I know most of the tricks of Steven Moffat and his team”

    I don’t think it’s easy to predict or assume? The thing with Who and the Moff is that if changes are required, he will make them -with his writing team too.

    I personally believe that this past season was as good as Season 5 (with Smith) and that was a very personal season to me. This particular Season 9 also gave me that intense connection: Face the Raven, Hell Bent (with its analogous ‘symptoms’ of various old Westerns: drawing the line in the sand etc) and The Zygon Inversion. To me it was a blend of emotional, political and psycho-social metaphors which I felt was needed: at times a show runner takes risks and blunders around with a speechifying torrent: I don’t think that happened. It was a lovely balance of the emotional as well as the entertaining: whether sonic glasses, electric gee-tar or funny one liners.

    Still, I sincerely hope that Season 10 provides you with a more satisfying projection.

    I too loved Husbands of River Song. Also, there are plenty of discussions here and on the music thread about Bowie -there’s also The Abdominal Bride conversations. So, it’s still all happenin’ and groovin’. 🙂

    I have also felt thrown by recent deaths -it’s so very sad. Maybe check out the music thread? But you may have already. @arbutus and @pedant provided some wonderful additions last night.

    Kindest always

    Puro x

    Anonymous @


    I’m so sorry to hear about Dal -a real blow to you all. On top of all the rest. Loved your music addition on t’other thread though -wonderful and very up lifting


    Missy @missy

    Thanks to all who answered my posts, mostly ichabod. I cannot find you, so this was my best bet.



    NightFell @nightfell

    Hello! Newly minted Whovian here (circa 2015) from New Jersey, USA. I’m a long time sci-fi/time travel genre fan (e.g.; Star Wars and Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander) and discovered Doctor Who late last year. So far this fandom has been a lot of fun so I signed up here with hopes of meeting more fans and fanart artists (I draw as a hobby). I also love attending conventions- Plans are to attend LI Who in November and hopefully, Gallifrey One someday.

    Looking forward to getting know everyone (:



    todeledo @todeledo

    Welcome @nightfell to the forum! We love to hear new voices in our discussions. It was wonderful to take the step from lone viewing to reading all the theories and thoughts from the people on this site.

    Anonymous @


    I echo all welcomes! This is a terrific site and I have no doubt you’ll enjoy the lively debates, enthusiastic observation and theorising -love the moniker by the way.

    Kindest PuroSolo

    NightFell @nightfell

    @todeledo Thank you! Folks here have been inspiring me to start my next run through of the series so I can dig deeper into conversation however I do want to go through the Classic Who episodes first! I’ve been using Netflix but it only has a few selected episodes for each Doctor; any suggestions where I can find something a bit more complete?

    @puroandson Thank you for the warm welcome 🙂 And yeah, I first created this name as my online handle almost…11 years ago? when I started getting active on art websites and later, when attending conventions. Glad it was still available here!

    Anonymous @


    DailyMotion has loads of Classic stories to choose from.

    SirClockFace @sirclockface

    Happy birthday Tom Baker! And with that big finish are doing all of his early stories for £5 each until tomorrow!

    Anonymous @

    @sirclockface I echo a happy birthday for Mr Baker. A superb Doctor. Never heard a bad word about him.


    Son and Puro.


    Courtesy of @sirclockface again. If you haven’t seen this before it is glorious.

    OB-Wan @ob-wan


    I do want to go through the Classic Who episodes first!…  any suggestions where I can find something a bit more complete?

    Hulu says it has 413 Classic Doctor Who episodes available for a subscription.

    Subscriptions start at $7.99 a month.  But as with any plan, watch out for the fine print.

    Gee, I should sign up for that.  I’m getting pretty tired of Amazon Prime.

    Anonymous @


    that’s awesome -I meant to mention that yesterday to you (your yesterday) and the jolly computer crashed on “are you that guy?”

    I thought the pause was an exceptionally long rest 🙂

    Let it Go: and we know exactly how many songs this song steals from? Oh yeah!! @sirclockface -thank you.

    I love his “let it go [Jeezus] let it go”

    Anonymous @

    @pedant @winston

    so I spent about an hour watching the above because, somehow, it led me to the Oscars which led me to Mar 2 2016 and how many people involved in these 198th Academy aWaRdS actually have “Josh Whedon to thank”

    Kindest and thanks -it was a hoot.


    McCotton @mccottonthedoctorfan

    @ob-wan I can’t help you with complete collections.  But I do have a few sources you can try.

    Netflix has “Classic Doctor Who” (that’s what it’s credited as).  It has some complete serials for a few of the Doctors.  It has 1 story arc (or serials) each for the 1st and 2nd doctors.  It has 3 or 4 for the 3rd Doctor (including “The Three Doctors,” which is my favorite of the multi Doctor stories).  I has a lot for the 4th (it has like 2 or 3, and then it has an entire season; the Key of Time story arc) and then it has one for the 5th, and one for the 7th.

    Anonymous @


    It’s good that you’re OK with the new direction -and that you loved Moffat. I would love to write an impassioned plea to Capaldi to stick with 2017 but I fear he may step down too.

    I hope not. I should add to all members that reading the main Google link to the article about Chibnall’s arrival is filled with hate filled “yessss” thanking god that Moffat has been “let go”.

    Apparently his “arcs didn’t pan out.” I feel sorry that this seems the case: to me, Moffat presided over the best years of Who by a long shot. I loved RTD but Moffat blew me away -and many others too.

    The sensible people don’t want to slip amongst the rude-remarkers and neither will I!

    I’ll just quietly get pissed as Ozzies say -or take my medication. Same thing really.

    <cripes: this is a difficult month>

    Back to the Buff -oh and a few new series are out and about as well. Ms @arbutus how is Farscape going? Have you finished it yet?  🙂



    toinfinityandbepond @toinfinityandbepond



    Talking of Arthur Darvill, anyone catch him in DC comics “Legends of Tomorrow”?


    Where he plays a “Time Master” in a stolen time machine, wearing a very long coat.


    Good luck with that type casting thing Rory

    See you at Comic Con!






    OB-Wan @ob-wan


    Where he plays a “Time Master” in a stolen time machine, wearing a very long coat.

    Spot on.  Although I missed the detail that the time machine was stolen.

    You see, I’m familiar with the character – Rip Hunter, Time Master – from the old 60’s comics.  But I can’t claim to remember much about it, except that I enjoyed the stories.



    McCotton @mccottonthedoctorfan

    I was marathoning Doctor Who recently.  Given that he’s a time traveler, I like to marathon the episodes out of order (except for the ones that need to be watched chronologically, like the classic serials or Silence in the Library/Forest of the Dead to name two examples), and I started thinking as I watched:

    The relationship between the 10th Doctor and Donna, to me, really echoes the relationship between the 3rd Doctor and Jo.  Their chemistry, the banter, all of it.

    What do you guys think?  Agree?  Disagree?

    winston @winston

    @pedant  @sirclockface @puroandson   Watched and loved Arthur singing. Broke out in giggles a few times. Thanks for the giggle.

    @toinfinityandbepond       I watched the first episode and it seems pretty good. Love the long coat and time machine.

    nerys @nerys

    I’m not sure where to post this question, so hopefully I’m not too far wrong here. Someone once kindly posted where Doctor Who episodes can be found online. May I have a reminder as to where that is, again? Silly me, I did not bookmark it. Thank you.

    nerys @nerys

    Never mind, I found it: Dailymotion (thank you again @lisa)

    Anonymous @


    Hallo Ichi

    no, Mum’s down. She was OK -sort of and then lost consciousness rapidly this arvo. Came to -hospital is round our corner -almost and she’s in intensive care t’night. I have to pack some stuff and yep, school on Wed. T’morrow is our Australia Day. We usually have lamb. Mum will have fluids but that is okay.

    Thank you

    Son of Puro

    ichabod @ichabod

    @puroandson I would love to write an impassioned plea to Capaldi to stick with 2017 but I fear he may step down too. . .   to me, Moffat presided over the best years of Who by a long shot. I loved RTD but Moffat blew me away -and many others too.

    Me too.  But I think we all understand that if he’s not comfortable staying on with CC in charge (or for any other reason!), Capaldi  *should* step down post-Moffat, and keep the best of the DW experience untainted by a tough and troubled denouement.  As the man said, “Some things just end, because they have to.”  That line is a summary of the past — but also prophetic, isn’t it?  If not sooner, then later.  I hope for later.  Now, drink your wine; I’m pouring mine!

    Cheers!  Ichi

    ichabod @ichabod

    @puroandson  Son of Puro — Ah, that’s hard.  Lamb and fluids, here’s to ’em.  Thinking of you both tonight.


    Missy @missy

    Watched video – thanks by the way.

    I never rated Rory ( or Amy much for that matter)but he’s a better actor than singer and that’s for sure.

    Stii, it was different.


    TardisBlue @tardisblue


    Sending love and TLC your way. I’m grateful you’re so close to good medical facilities, but ICUs are hard for the patient and their family.

    Happy Australia Day. Have you ever considered swapping out the lamb for haggis in honor of Robert Burns’ birthday, complete with bagpipers, toasts, and recitation of Burns’ famous ode to a haggis? (Hmmm, wonder if the hospital would object to bagpipers in the ICU?)

    Keep us posted on how things are going, OK?

    JimTheFish @jimthefish
    Time Lord


    Sorry to hear about your mum. Send Puro my best wishes….

    OB-Wan @ob-wan


    All the best to your mum.  Hopes for a speedy recovery.

    Happy Australia Day!  Kinda funny. It seems a lot like our 4th of July except you celebrate when the British planted their flag and we celebrate when they took their flag and left.

    Have fun and know that were we to vote here – you would be the Australian of the Year.


    My one Australia joke, which you’ve probably heard over and over, but here goes…

    Eddie Izzard at the airport…

    Name?  Eddie Izzard.

    Here for business or pleasure?  Business.

    Do you have a criminal record?  I didn’t know you still needed one.

    Arbutus @arbutus

    @puroandson     All the love in the world to your mom, please! Virtual hugs.

    ichabod @ichabod
    OB-Wan @ob-wan

    <div class=”activity-inner”>

    OB-Wan: And it will never be correct no matter how much you may rationalize it to yourself.  The definition of words aren’t going to change to suit your musings.

    jimthefish: Not my musings, no, but with the musings of enough people… So, no, afraid you’re wrong there.

    Oh, Jim, try to keep things straight.  First you agree with me, then you expand it to the entire human race and claim that that makes me wrong when I was clearly referring to YOUR musing and not that of the entirety of humanity.  I didn’t say that the usage of a word couldn’t ever change.

    I said TWO THINGS in that excerpt…

    – Your usage of the word is incorrect and the fact that you are using it incorrectly is not going to change no matter how you rationalize it.

    – The definition of words are not going to change to suit YOUR MUSINGS.

    And I stand by both of those statements.

    Basically you just made up your own statement, tried to say that that was what I said and then argued with YOUR statement, not mine.

    OB-Wan: Davies and Moffat are both using the word incorrectly

    jimthefish: No, they’re not. And leaving aside definitions and the like…

    NO, YOU DON’T GET TO DO THAT.  We are communicating in English – you are required to use English definitions “and the like”…  otherwise we have no basis for communication.

    (Remember “diary” and “dictionary”?  They cannot be used interchangeably because of “definitions and the like”.)

    That’s what I meant about your rationalizations – you want to make up your own rules so that you can declare yourself to be right when you are using words incorrectly.


    Bluesqueakpip @bluesqueakpip


    All the best to your mum. And virtual hugs to you.

    JimTheFish @jimthefish
    Time Lord

    @ob-wan — FFS. No, the point is that the use of the word is correct — both mine, and Moffat’s and RTDs. And yes, it is a rationalisation because reason was used — i.e. arguments with evidence. I offered definitions and reasons — you on the other hand just choose to ignore them and basically dig your heels in: ‘I don’t accept this definition so there!!’ It’s not incorrect usage. You’ve just picked up on this personal bugbear of yours and are refusing to let go of it.

    Remember “diary” and “dictionary”?

    I do and I didn’t bring it up because it was a ‘missing the point by a country frickin’ mile’ useless analogy then and it remains one now. That’s why I said ‘remake’ would have been wrong but ‘reboot’ wasn’t. It was acceptable usage within the context.

    I notice also that you don’t address my point about the usage creating zero ambiguity and therefore working as an acceptable phrase. That’s the only reason that can ever be offered for a word being ‘wrong’ in a particular context. If meaning is rendered muddled or ambiguous by particular word choice. In this case it isn’t and is therefore valid. A more sensible analogy would be ‘diary’ and ‘journal’, which could be debated semantically but would not be strictly speaking wrong. But as it is the only real use of your original analogy really is as a good example of @pedant‘s ‘straw man’ definition.

    you want to make up your own rules so that you can declare yourself to be right when you are using words incorrectly

    And again, no. Because it’s not my definition. They’re ones shared by many as points of agreed points of reference. That’s what a definition is. But they’re not end points, they’re starting ones. And as with the DEM argument, your only hope is to stick to incredibly narrow, rigid definitions. That not only lacks in imagination, it’s not going to work for you. Because language is far, far more nuanced and fluid than that. It’s not so much a case that meanings change over time (which they do, of course) but that words possess sliding multiple layers of meaning at any given time.

    So, rather than me, it’s you, by stripping out layers of meaning you personally don’t like, or are affecting to in order to make a point, that has become trapped by your own ‘musings’.

    (BTW, lay off the caps lock. I’m not deaf.)

    And with that I’m officially done with this conversation.

    Craig @craig

    I have a weekend at a friends and everything changes! Moffat’s leaving and Chibnall’s in charge. I like Moffat but I also like change (so does Moffat as far as I can tell), and I may be one of the few who liked 42. I look forward to seeing what Chibnall will do.

    @puroandson Your change is much more important to me. Please send your Mum all my best wishes and I hope she is back out of that hospital as soon as possible. Next episode is Christmas 2016? Tell her I look forward to hearing her comments on it.

    Send her lots of love.


    blenkinsopthebrave @blenkinsopthebrave


    Lots and lots of best wishes to mum.

    As an expatriate Australian, now resident in a far-flung corner of empire, I also send on this stirring sentiment to celebrate Australia Day.

    This here’s the wattle, the emblem of our land,

    You can stick it in a bottle, or hold it in your hand. Amen.

    I feel certain mum will recognize where that comes from.

    OB-Wan @ob-wan


    No, the point is that the use of the word is correct — both mine, and Moffat’s and RTDs. And yes, it is a rationalisation because reason was used…

    You are using the word “rationalization” incorrectly…

    Attempt to explain or justify (one’s own or another’s behavior or attitude) with logical, plausible reasons, even if these are not true or appropriate – Oxford Dictionaries

    Rationalizations are a defense mechanism where one makes clever-sounding excuses for why they’re not *really* wrong, when they are, in fact, really wrong.


    @jimthefish: Remember “diary” and “dictionary”? I do and I didn’t bring it up because it was a ‘missing the point by a country fucking mile’ useless analogy…

    WATCH YOUR LANGUAGE! Your inability to control yourself does not speak well of your ability to reason dispassionately.

    I notice also that you don’t address my point about the usage creating zero ambiguity…

    And you didn’t address my point that the reboot of a computer is used to “clear the memory” just as the reboot of a show is about “clearing the memory of the old show”.  That is why that word came into usage when there were already plenty of other words to cover the relaunch, restart, etc. of an old show.  A reboot has distinctive characteristics that the others do not.  That is why the word “reboot” is not appropriate in the case of Doctor Who.

    (BTW, lay off the caps lock. I’m not deaf.)

    As politely as I can – You are NOT the boss of me and I am not interested in tailoring my posts to please you. I will continue to use caps when I feel it’s appropriate to emphasize my points.

    And with that I’m officially done with this conversation.

    A day I was beginning to think would never come.

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