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    wolfweed @wolfweed

    Mudlark @mudlark

    @whisht  @bluesqueakpip

    De gustibus non est disputandum . ‘Nuff said.

    But whether you prefer builders’ tea or a delicate infusion, sugar is undoubtedly optional. I gave it up at age ten, once I realised that tea tasted better without, and if someone now mistakenly gave me sugared tea, that is the one circumstance in which I might refuse to drink it.

    Whisht, I doubt somehow that you drink more tea than I do, or can you match an intake of around 1.5 litres on an average day ?   If I drank it at the strength you prefer I dread to think of the likely state of my digestive tract 😮


    @mudlark @thane16

    So my newly acquired 4th edition pops some glorious snark at grammarian pedants, while accepting that the less/ fewer distinction has become A Thing That Is Generally Accepted.

    However, in it’s (new in this edition) specific entry on the matter it notes that the whole thing derives from a tentative opinion of a single 18th Century grammarian.

    Curiously, this is also true of the sentence-ending preposition prohibition, which is equally unfounded in actual grammar.


    While I bow to nobody in my admiration for the traditional builders’ brew, sugar is strictly optional. And for those of us newly diagnosed as diabetic, downright problematic.



    Over to you. I got a slightly disappointing 25/30:

    Doctor Who quiz (modern)

    And a truly catastrophic 14/25 for this:

    Doctor Who quiz (classic)

    Mudlark @mudlark


    Yup! nit-picking grammatical pedantry go hang. I must consign my largely unused 3rd edition of Fowler to a charity shop  and hie me to the nearest book shop forthwith to purchase the 4th edition.

    When it comes down to it, all that matters is that grammatical structure, syntax and punctuation should convey the intended meaning in clearly comprehensible, unambiguous and, in ideal circumstances, stylistically elegant fashion – unless, of course, ambiguity is intended  🙂  That is where the emphasis lay in what I was taught, and all I really meant by my original gripe about sloppy writing, inspired largely by my browsing on internet sites. I have, though, read complaints from people in a position to know, that too many students who have qualified for university places arrive with insufficient knowledge of these matters. And the misplacing of apostrophes, if sometimes comical,  can also sometimes be irritating.

    As for beginning or ending of sentences with prepositions or beginning them with conjunctions, I think we were  advised not to do so in exams as a matter of style, but I had read enough by then to realise that it was purely a matter of style and context.

    Postscript: perhaps the arguments concerning fewer v. less began because the connection between few and comparative fewer is obvious, whereas the connection between little and less is not obvious, and the comparative lesser does not have quite the same meaning as fewer*  Which reminds me of the pun, ‘the lesser of two weevils’.

    *or have I had one too many glasses of wine and started to ramble 😕

    stman @stman

    Thanks for your help everyone.

    Mudlark @mudlark


    Sorry to hear about the diabetes. Life, as the years accumulate, tends to be increasingly unfair when it comes to matters of health so, although that particular condition isn’t one of my problems, you have my sympathy and good wishes.

    Whisht @whisht

    @pedant – ah, sorry to hear about the diabetes diagnosis.
    I think I have that coming (my dad had type 2 and my age/lifestyle would suggest I’m making it more likely).

    So yeah – sugar is (and will be) an important part of my tea drinking (both in too much to the gulp of reduction!).

    JimTheFish @jimthefish
    Time Lord


    Also sorry to hear about the diabetes.

    And those quizzes were bloody difficult. (25/30 & 23/25) Looks like that Twitch Marathon paid off after all….

    Missy @missy


    We were taught English Grammar at school my gawd it was boring.  Now I wish that I had taken more notice.

    My grammar isn’t too bad, but could be a lot better – at least I know where to put apostrophes. *grins*

    Unfortunately even the presenters on TV don’t seem to have a grasp of English grammar – in this country at least – and after a while, no matter how hard I try, some of it must rub off.

    My biggest failing is being able to put a sentence together which makes sense! I know what I want to say, but it seems to come out ‘arse upwards’ as it were. Everyone on this forum is eloquent – most of the time – which makes me feel a lot worse.


    blenkinsopthebrave @blenkinsopthebrave


    Crikey! The classic quiz was brutal!


    Missy @missy


    I have never understood the moans and groans from some women, that Mr. M. didn’t write strong roles for females?

    Did they actually watch any of the series? Especially the Peter Capaldi series?

    Are they so determined to be the ‘equal’ – which of course they can’t – of men, that they were/are in denial?

    On wonders what these same females will think of JD, and how long before they find fault with her.


    Missy @missy


    It will be interesting to find out how many ‘fan girls’ drop out during the next series.

    The old saying that you can’t please everyone all of the time (misquote, but you know what I mean) is true, but how are these bright young things going to take to a female Doctor?


    As for tea making. The pot and cups (bone china) should be warmed first. The water should be boiling, in my opinion the milk goes in first. It should be strong brew.


    Missy @missy


    I wasn’t far behind you. 22-30 for the modern

    12 – 25 for the classic! Brutal is the right word.



    Missy @missy

    Such interesting posts, far to much to answer. I really must try to keep up.


    syzygy @thane16


    Thane & I are appropriately pissed! It’s not a good diagnosis.

    At this point ALL the “advice” givers in my life would say “eat this, drink this, do this, exercise, don’t eat that” to which I’d say “go hang.” You have to ‘sit with’*  the diagnosis for awhile before, I suppose, working out all the ins & outs 0f what to eat & when.


    Puro & Thane

    *sounds like I just gave you some advice! Bummer. You could, of course, take some truly fantastic meds….. 😉

    ichabod @ichabod

    @missy  It will be interesting to find out how many ‘fan girls’ drop out during the next series.

    Oh, I think the droppers on that score took off when Peter Capaldi succeeded Matt Smith and David Tennant.  I’m wondering how many “fan boys” will scarper, now that we have a “girl” Doctor, after all that fuss and feathers about stomping off in a huff, back when Whittacker was announced.  Of course, we’ll never know — but the fan-natter should be interesting.

    Missy @missy


    Indeed it will be interesting.


    Kharis @kharis

    wolfweed <span class=”useratname”>@wolfweed  Great video clip of Romana and K-9.  Yes, we Cancer people are the nicest. (:</span>

    Missy @missy


    If you are talking Astrology we Leo’s are by far the best! Followed by Aries and Sagittarius. *winks*


    Kharis @kharis

    @missy Yes, @wolfweed was referring to Romana stating on a talk show she was the summer sign of Cancer, which I happen to be too, and Romana is my favorite companion so made me smile.

    Yes, I must agree, Leo’s are the kings and queens for sure.  My sister is a Leo and she never does anything small.  (:

    Anonymous @

    Stubborn Capricorn here😆

    janetteB @janetteb

    I got 19/25 for the classic Who test but a rather embarrassing 19/30 for the AG one. I thought it would be the other way around.



    blenkinsopthebrave @blenkinsopthebrave
    Anonymous @

    Hello, everyone.

    I’m new here and new to Doctor Who. I’m a retired surgical nurse (operating theater to those outside the US). I live in New Orleans but have been in love with England since forever. My childhood goal was to be Queen of England until my mother explained to me how that works. Early 2005 I was able to visit twice before Hurricane Katrina changed things for me (and countless others).

    I saw a couple of Tom Baker episodes on PBS in the 80’s (we were behind in the show here) and liked it. I don’t remember why I didn’t watch more but started earlier this year with Christopher Eccleston’s episodes on Amazon. Loved him. Then went crazy over David Tennant. I then went back to start at the beginning with Wm. Hartnell. I enjoyed them but wanted to continue with the 11th doctor. Having seen The Crown I was anxious to see Matt Smith’s time. Instead I cheated and skipped to “The Day of the Doctor” then went back to Matt’s doctor where I’m about on episode 6.

    I very much look forward to Peter Capaldi having become a big fan of his having seen The Thick of It and appearances on talk shows. Being retired I have no excuse for being so far behind! And I still intend to watch all the classic episodes.

    Sorry for the ramble. I read the posts here starting from last Dec. to get a feel before posting. Everyone’s so eloquent and interesting. I’ve omitted commas where I wasn’t sure. 😀 Science was my thing.


    Anonymous @

    Oh yes, I did not vote for Donald Trump.


    syzygy @thane16


    My childhood goal was to be Queen of England until my mother explained to me how that works.

    LOL! Welcome Nancy: it’s good to see another American joining this bunch.

    A retired surgical nurse? Admiration is oozing. It’s not an easy job at all, is it?

    I watched The Crown too -I think I’m in the middle of it 😉  Timey-whimey.

    There are quite a few shows, here in Oz, that are tempting on Netflix & the ABC so it’s easy to get behind. I think if people, for whatever reason, don’t like Doctor Who or it’s no longer ‘their thing’ there are so many other options.

    Btw, I’m terrible with commas & whilst I’ve had to write in my varying jobs, making music was by far the easiest thing to do -or less challenging (for me), than chewing my lead pencil trying to create an eloquent sentence.

    On the Forum, I’ve found some fantastic people who have become best friends. I’ve also learnt from them; a couple in particular, taught me how to frame a sentence, to think more clearly, to stop second guessing myself & also to trust.

    I hope you have a terrific time here enjoying your adventure into the remainder of Dr Smith’s episodes & Peter Capaldi’s.  Maybe you’re a fan of the new Doctor? On the Spoiler’s page you’ll find discussions there. Some people don’t want to know anything about the new show before it appears (like it used to be, a whole ice ago ago!) but I can’t help but peek….I also like surprises…..& the new show-runner does too, I think.  😀


    Puro (I’m the older one. Thane16 is the younger).

    Mudlark @mudlark


    Hello and welcome.  In some ways I envy you having so much to look forward to as you catch up in your viewing.

    It is difficult if not impossible to imagine that anyone who watches and enjoys Doctor Who and who understands what the Doctor stands for could ever have voted for Trump, so I think we would have taken that for granted even if you hadn’t mentioned it 😉

    Anonymous @

    @thane16 Thanks for the welcome.
    I don’t mind spoilers. I should be ashamed to admit the fact by the time I see the show being discussed I probably won’t remember anyway😁. I chalk it up to too many Diet Cokes rather than age.

    I don’t do social media but I do look at YouTube (don’t usually read comments) cast panels, blooper reels from DW, and recently found cast & crew lip synching “500 Miles.” I’ve watched it around 5 times for the joy of seeing Timothy Dalton, Donna in wedding gown, Johns Sims & Barrowman, and RTD & Julie marching along. And an Ood doing pelvic thrusts.

    I need to finish at least the first season of W. Hartnell because I keep wondering about Susan, his granddaughter. Such as was she part human? I know it was just production values in the 60s but I’m reminded of watching Dark Shadows after school. And Susan screams and cries too much like actresses on Dark Shadows.

    As for recent companions much as I loved Billie Piper I think Catherine Tate’s my favorite. I felt Martha kept after the Doctor too much after he’d made it plain he wasn’t interested. Amy’s ok but it seems they (writers) have her making rash decisions for the sake of making her look independent…like I’ve never made one 😂.

    Again, sorry for the length here but I have no one in my “real life” to discuss the show with.


    Anonymous @

    Hi @mudlark,
    Thanks for the welcome and Trump comment. I’m just so paranoid as to how the world views the USA leadership now I felt I had to make it clear I am not responsible 😁.



    Welcome aboard – like @mudlark I rather envy the joy of discovery you have coming.

    If you’re in the mood, get back to us when you are a bit further down the road with Amy. But even on what you have seen so far, try seeing her as one who:

    – has had her parents disappear (“I don’t have parents, just an aunt”);

    -And then had the Doctor arrive…and then vanish for 12 years;

    -And then had him vanish again for 2 years.

    That’s not independence, it’s abandonment issues by the truck load. She is a very well thought-out character (Rory, at first, less so, but carried by Arthur Darvill being so damned likeable).

    If you rummage around you will find some S5 discussion here, although s6 is when this place really kicked off (after losing patience with the Guardian’s troll army).



    janetteB @janetteb

    @bambi70006 welcome to the forum.

    I feel the same way these days about being Australian. I would apologise for our current government only I have actively campaigned against them so I feel I should not have to. Instead I apologise for those Australians who were conned by Murdoch Press into voting them in and  I think all Australians need to apologise to the rest of the world for Murdoch.

    If only there really were a Doctor..

    Which is of course why more than ever we need Dr Who. It gives us hope and without hope we cannot carry on.



    TheDoctor @thedoctor2002

    Hi Whovians!

    ichabod @ichabod

    @mudlark  It is difficult if not impossible to imagine that anyone who watches and enjoys Doctor Who and who understands what the Doctor stands for could ever have voted for Trump

    So true.  The Doctor really can’t stand bullies, can she.

    @janetteb  If only there really were a Doctor..

    If only . . . !!

    @pedant  Hoodezfield!  My old stompiing grounds, by damn!  LOL!  That were luvely.

    Welcome, Nancy, Bambi, et al — the festivities are about to start!

    Juniperfish @juniperfish

    <Sidles up to the sofa with a bag of jelly babies and a pack of jammy dodgers>

    I believe there’s something on the tele-box tomorrow?

    It’s about time….

    to hop aboard the TARDIS with you lot!

    Prep the popcorn and pop on your multi-coloured scarves, bow-ties, frock-coats and fezes.

    Next stop, everywhere….



    syzygy @thane16


    A little nudge from some birds (possibly Osprey) told me Mr P has a birthday! And on the same day as the New Doctor. Hooray& and hip hip; hip hip…..

    (LOL, I’ trying to keep up….      😉

    Puro and Thane.

    ScaryB @scaryb


    Just a quick hello to anyone who still remembers me! (Been AWOL for ages 🙁  ).  Great to see the sofa’s still here, and still as comfy.  Ooh, is that still some of my Christmas glitter hanging about?!

    I am SOOOOO excited and looking forward to watching the new series, new era and new Doctor. Can’t believe it’s finally here.

    See you all on the other side.

    Anyone for a jelly baby? 🙂

    PS If anyone can remind me how to post a pic that would be much appreciated! 😛

    XAD4 @xad4

    Hello everyone!

    So nice to see all the familiar faces back in the room with the large TV.

    Now let the fun begin!

    10 … 9 …8 … 7 … 6 …

    Craig @craig

    @scaryb Me too – AWOL and excited. I’ve been keeping an eye on things but just needed a bit of a break – hey, Davies and Moffat had them too!

    To post a pic it must be on the internet already.

    Then copy the link to the image (not the full web page – you can right-click on the image and ‘Open image in new tab/window’ to get the URL)

    Then use the image button (on visual mode it looks like a pic of a mountain – on text mode it just says ‘img’)

    Just post the URL in the box that pops up and it should work.

    Rob @rob

    Unfortunately for you lovely lot I’m  back for a bit of bonkerising

    Missed you all

    Hello to those who are thinking who is and hugs to those thinking ut ohh

    Think I found enough blue lego under the sofa to make a new Tardis for Jodie

    FatManInABox @fatmaninabox

    Phew, I very nearly missed Doctor Who due to ‘technical hitches’.

    Firstly, I record TV to my PC using a USB thingy. I haven’t used it for a while ( since last year’s Xmas episode in fact) so earlier today I did a test run just to make sure it was still working and today of all days, it decided to record audio only – no video. Oh poo!

    Thinking it may be a problem with my USB ports ( they have been ‘acting up’ lately) I decided to re-build my old PC and try using it on that instead. It turns out that my USB recorder doesn’t work with XP so I had to install Win 7 on my old PC ( farewell XP, you’ll be missed). That’s where the trouble really started as I couldn’t get any of my spare DVD drives to work. Well, they worked in the sense that I could read data and watch DVDs, I just couldn’t get my PC to boot from the Win 7 disc. Double poo!

    I had no alternative but to transfer the DVD drive from my ‘proper’ PC to the old one – it worked! Installed Win 7 and then my spare monitor decided that it too would like to stop working. I plugged it into my proper PC and it worked. Swapped it back – not working. It turns out my ‘spare’ graphics card has also taken a sabbatical so I tried it in the ‘on board’ monitor port and it worked fine.

    Things were looking up. I successfully installed Win 7 and the various programs / drivers required and did a trial run. Oh dear, it was recording video and audio but the picture, despite being set up to record in 1080p was just a tiny rectangle about the size of a postage stamp. It was, at this point, 18:00.Triple poo!

    I then remembered that the driver for my TV recorder is out of date. Not a problem, I’ll just download the new one…

    “Windows Update requires an update before you can use Windows Update” popped up on the screen. I start to download the update for Windows Update. It’s now 18:15.

    18:20 – the update for Windows Update has now finished downloading but my PC requires a reboot so the update can take effect.

    18:25 – Windows has finished installing the update for Windows Update. Yay, now I can downlo… oh bollox, now my TV is on the blink. The picture is ‘pixelated’ and it keeps losing the signal. It seems the aerial plug is hanging on to the cable by a few strands of very thin copper wire. I quickly, but can’t say calmly, re-attach the cable to the plug and try it. The signal’s fine.

    It’s now 18:30. Just enough time for a quick test. Start my recording program, picture looks good but it’s ‘dropping’ frames left, right and centre. I look around for something to throw. The only thing close to hand is my coffee mug, complete with the now cold coffee that I made an hour ago. As coffee and electrical equipment don’t go well together, I opted for a few minutes of shouting the foulest language possible and then drank the coffee.

    18:35 – I’ve had a caffine induced epiphany – switch my PC off and then on again and restart my recording program. It bloody worked!!!!!!!

    18:45 – here we go. Aaaaaand relax!

    19:50 – Doctor Who recorded, I try and copy the 3gb file to my unused 32gb USB stick so I can transfer it to my proper PC. “There is insufficient space on this device”. WTF, what the actual f…

    I tried again.”There is insufficient space on this device” popped up again as if daring me to hurl my coffee mug (now re-filled with lovely hot, caffine rich, liquid goodness). I checked the available space on my USB stick – yup, as I thought, 32gb free space. Tried copying the file again but still my PC insists there isn’t enough space so at some point during the week I’ve got to take the hard-drive out of my ‘spare’ PC and transfer it to my proper PC so that I can edit out the continuity announcements from the start and end.What could possibly go wrong? (I could do it now but I’ve had enough tech-trouble for one day*).

    Any way people, how are you all? Hope you enjoyed the show.

    Big, squishy hugs to @thane16 @scaryb @xad4 @craig and @rob


    * apparently, ‘today’ doesn’t think I’ve had enough tech-trouble. I wrote this using Word at around 20:00 with the intention of copy/pasting it but I’ve been unable to get onto the internet until now. I need more coffee. Lots more…

    Rob @rob


    Wow, you and the new episode joined together in a timeywimey way there, did you use some Sheffield steel in your repairs too 😁

    FatManInABox @fatmaninabox

    @rob – Ha, quite possibly. Along with blood, sweat, droplets of coffee and lots and lots of tears 🙂



    Always, with removable drives, trying emptying the trash, or whatever the hell ‘doze calls it. Removable drives often don’t release the space unless explicitly told to.

    farewell XP, you’ll be missed

    You are the only person ever to type this.

    blenkinsopthebrave @blenkinsopthebrave

    I come to you with a sad tale. A few years ago we used to live in Australia. And for all it’s problems (horrible racism, right-wing governments that would make you puke) it was so easy to watch Doctor Who. And then we retired to an island off the west coast of Canada. In many respects, wonderous. But…because it does not have the BBC, or the ABC, or even BBC America,  it means that the only access to Doctor Who is through a streaming service that requires you to both sign up to it as well as sign up to a TV carrier. All for one show…which means we will have to wait for the DVD.

    The only compensation for this is the Blenkinsop cellar.

    But I genuinely hope you all really enjoy the new season, and we will follow with great interest and enthusiasm the discussion and bonkers theories.

    syzygy @thane16

    @blenkinsopthebrave   Oh no! That’s awful. I think there’s a lot of positivity about this series and it will be interesting to read all this, ponder and then 8-10 months later (?), to actually see it for the first time.

    But on balance I agree: the cellar is the way to go. That and I’m sure @rob agrees heartily, some very good coffee.

    Possibly lollies (jelly babies of course) and chocolate too. Maybe even gelato.

    In fact, the whole darn grocer….    🙁

    Much love to you and Mrs Blenkinsop, Puro and Thane.

    ScaryB @scaryb

    Greetings to @fatmaninabox – you completely lost me at line 2, haha, but sending you back some caffeine saturated squishy hugs!
    @craig – thanks for the quick tutorial on photos (can’t believe I’ve forgotten). Had another shot at it, but still not working. Hmm… more practice needed.

    ScaryB @scaryb

    Mega sympathies to @blenkinsopthebrave. Good to see you back tho, brave warrior in the colonial outpost! Glad the cellar continues to be well stocked.
    @thane16 *waves*

    Cheers all,

    Rob @rob

    C O F F E E

    Yes @thane16 or more precisely Puro and Thane (or ‘tother way round)

    One can never ever have enough coffee, my little steel box in yhe middle of my site in Somerset has two filter machines and a another two cafeterieres for a constant supply of caffeine

    Nearly got enough in the bloodstream to start bonkerising…..

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