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    Craig @craig

    @phaseshift I live very near the real Winchester (it exists), although the Winchester in the movie script (not the actual movie) is really The Boogaloo just up the road (it’s complicated – something to do with needing a gun to shoot zombies, me thinks). Used to see Simon Pegg hanging around all the time, as well as Shane McGowan (who I think lived there for a while) and a shirtless Pete Doherty. But then you also got Gillian Anderson – resident of Crouch End… It has a great juke box.

    Craig @craig

    @ All I think The Cloven Hoof it is!

    Barbara Lefty @barbaralefty

    @craig, @jimthefish or other MODs, clue an eejit in, would you? From a tablet, thus lacking a control key, is there a way to paste without downloading a full keyboard emulator, or breaking into Mr Lefty’s rubbish laptop?

    Ta muchly


    Depends on the tablet. If an iPad, then yes. You just hold in the text box and wait for the pop up menu.

    Barbara Lefty @barbaralefty

    Thanks @pedant

    My tablet is a Google Nexus.  I wait for the menu, then say, tap ‘paste’, I get a little pop up which politely asks me to use keyboard shortcuts


    @craig @jimthefish @fatmaninabox

    User [at]jennylve – PM spam.

    BothEyesShut @botheyesshut

    Hi DWF, Mr. Craig, et al,

    I love this forum! But I subscribed to the sofa thread and it’s killing my email inbox. Been trying for days to figure out how to unsubscribe and I just can’t for the life of me.

    Help please? (Esp. since I’m subscribing to this thread now, too, ha ha)


    Anonymous @

    @botheyesshut no worries mate, we’ll just stop posting On the Sofa. 🙂

    Of course you’re doing as you should. Asking a mod. A proper person!

    Craig @craig

    @botheyesshut Hi there, glad you like the forum.

    I think, if you go to your profile, under the “Messages” tab there is a secondary tab called “Notices”. I think you can turn it off there, although I may be wrong.

    If not, the other easy way is to post on the sofa again but untick the box for notifications when you post.

    If neither of those work, please get back to me.

    Craig @craig

    @All So last night, as many of you are aware, we had a spammer sign up and send a load of PMs to people.

    PLEASE DO NOT RESPOND. I have deleted the account.

    For those who may be interested, the spammer was busy yesterday – a quick search found that “she” was also active on this Doctors’ Networking Site:

    They are really, as far as I can tell, someone called Max Ken from Senegal who seems to have been doing this since 2012.

    Once again, do not respond to the email (unless, of course, you are the sort of person who likes to play with these sort of people for sport).

    Cheers and apologies that this sometimes happens.

    BothEyesShut @botheyesshut

    @craig Thanks for the help!

    Settings aren’t working for me for some reason so I’m trying your second suggestion, posting in the thread without the box checked “Notify.”

    Cheers and happy new year, all,



    Barbara Lefty @barbaralefty

    @craig, @jimthefish, @fatmaninabox, spammer back, jennylve1 I think

    Mudlark @mudlark

    Yes, it’s jennylve1 again.  Another ‘message’ has just arrived in my inbox, also.

    The Krynoid Man @thekrynoidman

    @barbaralefty Definately them. They me sent the exact same message as last time.

    Bluesqueakpip @bluesqueakpip

    @craig – ah, it sounds like everyone’s got the spam. Jennylve1, just signed up today.

    Anonymous @

    @barbaralefty @mudlark @thekrynoidman @bluesqueakpip Jennylve1 hasn’t sent me a message. I’m feeling quite left out 🙁

    But seriously, @everyone – as with her previous attempt at making contact, please do not pass on your e-mail addresses. Probably best if you just delete the message.

    Barbara Lefty @barbaralefty

    Cheers @fatmaninabox

    Craig @craig

    Thanks all. And once again apologies. The spammer has been dealt with, again. Unfortunately there’s not much I can do to stop this except remove the Personal Message option, which I am coming close to thinking might be a good idea, despite its benefits. Grrrr 😈

    Juniperfish @juniperfish

    Thanks @craig – I hope you don’t remove the Personal Message option. Most people are smart enough to spot spam and not start sending their e-mail deets to people called Jennylv1 !

    Anonymous @

    @jennylvi1  Re: Hiii

    I’m sorry but I won’t be personal messaging you or sending you any emails. I’m sure you have a lot to be getting along with.


    Anonymous @

    @craig thank you for the above. And all the moderators for your work. Last thing you need to be doing.  But this happens. I just saw it in the inbox and the name alone gave me a big clue!

    ScaryB @scaryb


    I second @juniperfish‘s hope that you don’t have to remove the PM function. @fatmaninabox You’re not missing anything, believe me 😉

    The Krynoid Man @thekrynoidman

    Unfortunately there are probably quite a number of people on the internet who fall for this sort of thing.

    Spider @spider

    From the sounds of the above it’s already been dealt with but for the record I also got a PM from jennylv21 yesterday.

    I also second (or third or whatever count we’ve got to) not removing the PM function if at all possible.

    @fatmaninabox if you like we could all spam you a PM saying we love your profile and could you send us your e-mail address, bank details and credit card numbers  😉



    Anonymous @


    You’re not missing anything, believe me 😉

    I know, it’s just that to spam some people and not others is just so… well, it’s just plain rude 👿

    Oh for the day that spammers learn some manners! Hee hee, that rhymes 🙂


    Feel free to spam me, just make sure it’s the sort of spam you can make into fritters. Mmm, Spam fritters, chips and baked beans – lovely 🙂

    ScaryB @scaryb

    Chuckles @fatmaninabox

    Spam fritters tho, now you’re talking… yum 😎


    ScaryB @scaryb

    Notice we got bot-netted last week. Either that or I broke the site! 😳

    Rob @rob

    When I’m away from home and try to sign in I get a message informing me that my account/this site has been net bot attacked and I should try again in a while.

    Is this because on site my signal is slooooow (struggles for 3g) or another reason?

    Or was it @scaryb that actually broke the site …… hehehe

    Anyway home for two whole days yippee going to find out what I’ve missed here

    ScaryB @scaryb


    I think it’s just coincidence that you/we tried to log in at the same time as a botnet attack.

    That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!!!


    Craig @craig

    @rob does it happen every time you try to log in?

    This week there was a bot attack and as a security measure the hosts shut log ins down for 20 minutes. I couldn’t log in either!

    But it was soon resolved. If it happens a lot for you, let me know times and dates and I’ll look into it.

    Rob @rob


    It first occurred when I logged in from home between Xmas and the New Year

    When I went back to work I am on mobile connection at I got that response most time I tried to log on via my tablet. The connection speed was low and I wondered if that was the problem (remember the early days of little blue bar my sites are slower than that lol).

    If I keep getting this I will log times from now on and let you know the next weekend I’m home ( the joys of site work!!!)

    Bot and comedy the secret is in the timing

    Keep up the fantastic work, and thank you once again for setting up this haven

    Craig @craig

    @ All

    Apologies if you received a spammy message via the Private Message function today. The spammer has been dealt with.

    It looks like we may have a few more, recently joined up, but I’ll wait and see if they act.

    Anonymous @


    Thanks for the warning. I got one and have deleted it.

    Was the spammer our old friend ‘JennyLve ‘ with a new username by any chance? The wording seemed exactly the same.

    JimTheFish @jimthefish
    Time Lord

    @craig and @fatmaninabox — Got one too. And here was I thinking we had something special between us….

    Craig @craig

    @fatmaninabox I can’t tell as I don’t seem to be able to view their IP addresses in the backend. However, a search for ‘monicaweah4u’ shows that we’re not the only forum to have been sent the messages by ‘her’.

    ichabod @ichabod

    I got one, but deleted it, don’t remember “who” it was from.

    ScaryB @scaryb


    No No NO!! She only has a thing for robotic yetis. She told me so, said I was special. She’s mine I tell you, mine!!!

    Anonymous @

    @scaryb  off, off, off. She mine. Apparently, I’m likeable and she has “something important to tell me”.

    Perhaps I’m a long lost relative. Perhaps she’s leaving me a large house with a 50 m swimming pool!


    ScaryB @scaryb

    @Purofilion 😆

    I had hopes for a massive sum to be dropped into my bank account – I’m sure she’s a poor orphaned Russian princess hehe

    ichabod @ichabod

    @purofilion  WAIT now — that important thing is what she was gonna tell *me*!  The two-timing slice of pork-trimmings mash-up!

    Bluesqueakpip @bluesqueakpip


    When we’re doing retrospectives, could we go for stuff that’s readily available on DVD rather than just online? We’ve had two films in a row that were either a tenner used, or only get-at-able online.

    It’s just that, currently, watching 90 minute films online is a bit tricky. And I’d quite like to watch the Capaldi retrospective, since I have a sneaking suspicion that I was the person who suggested it. 🙂

    Barbara Lefty @barbaralefty

    Message from monicaweah4u etc. Usual drill, don’t reply.


    Oh, you all got one already. Behind the times here

    Craig @craig

    @bluesqueakpip Please forgive the late reply, I was up in Newcastle from Sunday.

    I didn’t realise that might be a problem (I hardly ever turn my TV on these days and watch most things online). Will try to accommodate that.

    In my defence I just wanted a discussion of a few early oddities/rarities before going on to the more mainstream stuff.

    The next two weeks will probably be “Lair of the White Worm” and “Dangerous Liaisons” – not major roles but they raised Capaldi’s profile. Unless anyone objects?

    I think they should be more easily available.

    Bluesqueakpip @bluesqueakpip


    I think we could re-define Peter Capaldi’s early career as ‘appeared in a lot of rare DVD’s’ 🙂

    Yes, my internet access right now is fine for text and short (ish) vids, but often gets a bit plaintive when I ask it to cope with 90 minutes.

    lisa @lisa


    Take a peek at MaxtheKatz channel on DM for Capaldi

    The Lair is blocked by Liongate in USA – I can get around that but not sure
    about other folks

    Also thanks again for such an entertaining blogisphere ! cant stop
    even though I did try to block myself from this new obsession

    WhoHar @whohar


    Just for interest, can you publish a geographical breakdown of the members on this site?

    Perhaps that data is easily available to you already, or you ask the forum to provide details, unless this breaches privacy guidelines of course.

    Craig @craig

    @whohar Good to see you back. And I really should have got back to you about your script. Apologies – one of those life getting in the way things (then completely forgetting about it). Sorry! Glad you feel it’s come on well and will submit it to the BBC. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you – it’s a really original concept.

    I don’t have a geographical breakdown of members but I can give you a geographic breakdown of visits over the last year if that helps. As for anyone who would answer a request for location, that would probably only be regular posters and at the moment that’s not too many people. Reading a few posts usually gives location away.

    Anyway, here’s the breakdown for visits over the last year for the top 25 countries:

    United Kingdom 64,618(46.83%)
    United States 34,718(25.16%)
    Australia 8,319(6.03%)
    Canada 6,918(5.01%)
    Germany 4,027(2.92%)
    Netherlands 2,066(1.50%)
    France 2,044(1.48%)
    Brazil 1,283(0.93%)
    Italy 1,038(0.75%)
    New Zealand 827(0.60%)
    Spain 766(0.56%)
    Finland 732(0.53%)
    Ireland 725(0.53%)
    Sweden 601(0.44%)
    Turkey 576(0.42%)
    India 562(0.41%)
    Poland 555(0.40%)
    Switzerland 486(0.35%)
    Russia 447(0.32%)
    Japan 348(0.25%)
    (not set) 344(0.25%)
    Belgium 334(0.24%)
    Norway 323(0.23%)
    United Arab Emirates 304(0.22%)
    Croatia 280(0.20%)

    WhoHar @whohar


    Many thanks for the geographical info, it certainly makes for interesting reading. Pretty global coverage, although I am disappointed at our lack of penetration in Outer Mongolia but I recognise this is probably down to lack of local infrastructure.

    And don’t give the script a second thought. It was good of you to offer as, like you say, RL. You have much more important work keeping the forum running.


    Craig @craig

    Hi all,

    I received an email from the web hosts just now and we are eating up their server space. In order to stay in their good books and not have to pay a lot more money I have installed a new caching plugin, and temporarily removed the “Latest Activity” from the sidebar to reduce load on the database.

    You can still view latest activity via the “Activity” link in the main menu.

    I know it’s not great, but hopefully all can be restored soon once I get to the bottom of the issue. But please let me know if you have any problems with the site in the meantime. I’m in slightly uncharted territory. :-S

    janetteB @janetteb

    We will manage @craig. I hope this isn’t becoming a financial burden for you. If that situation does arise please let us know. We all get so much out of this site, I would be happy to contribute a little and I am certain others would too.



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