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    Whisht @whisht

    @craig – just to say I’m more than happy to help in terms of bouncing ideas off, financial contribution etc.

    Not that I can have done a better job, but I know what goes into making sites so I’m happy to help at least in the ‘thinking’ part.
    And happy to help financially.

    nerys @nerys

    @craig Just a heads-up: Looks like a spammy post in The Winchester.

    CedarBranchTardis @cedarbranchtardis

    Does anyone know when The Doctor will be aired in BBC America in the near future?

    nerys @nerys

    @cedarbranchtardis Doctor Who will not be available on BBC America. The BBC continues to air Doctor Who in the UK, while elsewhere Disney+ is the only service streaming Doctor Who.

    Craig @craig

    HI all, just to let you know I have marked MonicaWillims as a spammer (and the jackets people) so we shouldn’t hear from “her” or them again.

    blenkinsopthebrave @blenkinsopthebrave


    Greetings Emperor Craig

    As the new Disney + arrangement means that those of us in North America have now already seen the show I wasn’t sure if you wanted to wait until it available in the UK before posting a page for it or not. Probably best if we hold back on comments until you post a dedicated page.


    Craig @craig

    @blenkinsopthebrave Now this is weird. I knew it was dropping on Disney+ slightly earlier. What I didn’t realise was that it was also dropping on the BBC iPlayer at the same time.

    They have dropped the first two episodes – which are showing back-to-back tonight on terrestrial TV.

    I guess I should just open threads for them now and we can gauge from the comments what will be best going forward.

    WhoHar @whohar

    <div class=”bbp-reply-author”><span class=”useratname”>@blenkinsopthebrave @craig</span></div>
    <div>It’s a simultaneous worldwide release. In Aus it dropped at 9am AEST.</div>
    <div>I suggest opening a page as soon as is practicable for you Craig, but don’t go missing out on your beauty sleep. People will soon figure out not to go there prior to watching. It’s what everyone not in the UK has been doing for a while now.</div>
    <div>Just part of the Disney influence I guess…</div>

    Devilishrobby @devilishrobby

    @whohar as a general rule if I was commenting on a new episode I would post spoiler free comments in the first 24 hrs to give all a chance to see the episode before making spoilery comments about an episode. As Craig said we are now in a new situation with the BBC dropping episodes on iPlayer prior to being aired on the terrestrial channel. This is probably as a result of the the Disney+ contract as we’ve never before had a double episode on the same day, I have observed in the past D+ have a habit of launching a new series with a double drop. Given that the series is only 8 episodes long I’m a bit disappointed as it now means we will only have 7 weeks of Who to look forward to. On a positive at least Who is back to a Saturday slot…….. at least untill there’s some sporting event to take priority and the Beeb shaft us whovians and move it.


    WhoHar @whohar


    Understand your point but ep comments should be for comments on the episode, unfiltered imo. People should just avoid that forum if they’re concerned about spoilers. I live in Aus and I learned to just not look at t’internet prior to watching a show I’m interested in.

    Now Disney have done a simultaneous worldwide release, it means everywhere except the US have to be alert for spoilers, whereas for Doctor Who, the UK were in that privileged position. Brave New World and all that…

    ScaryB @scaryb

    Thank you @craig (And yes, I believe this is the pattern for the rest of the series).

    IMO it’s very exciting to have all of us potentially able to watch at the same time (or at least those who have Disney+ or itunes).

    Agree with @whohar (and greetings my Antipodean friend) anything goes on the episode threads, but no spoilers at any time outwith that. Personally, I couldn’t resist an early dip, but then I’m generally a night owl anyway.

    CedarBranchTardis @cedarbranchtardis

    I wonder if the old episodes with David, Matt, Peter, and others will ever run on BBCAmerica again. I do not have Disney+ and because I live in rural area, our internet is so slow streaming isn’t practical.  Goodbye, Doctor, it was fun while it lasted.

    Dentarthurdent @dentarthurdent

    @cedarbranchtardis You can usually pick up old seasons of Dr Who on DVD on Ebay for a reasonable price – that’s how I watch the whole of Dr Who anyway. (I make sure any DVD player I buy is multizone so I can play any DVD’s from anywhere).

    Unkn0wn_280 @unkn0wn289

    I didn’t know where else to put this, but I’d like to ask does anyone have or know where to find the clip of colin baker at the space invader rode opening from saturday picture show in 25th August 1984, or the appearance of alpha centauri on the b&w minstrel show in 1972, maybe Jon pertwees second appearance in son of svengoolie in the blood from the mummy’s tomb or even a recording of time fracture?

    WhoHar @whohar


    Couple of things for your consideration:

    1. I just posted(on 73 yards) and noticed that when I referenced other members in a row ie:

    @member1 @member2 @member3

    then it only added a hyperlink to @member1. So, I edited my post to now read:




    and all were hyperlinked. Don’t know if this is significant, just thought it best to mention it.

    2. Could you add the Homes > Forums > General (etc.) hyperlinks that you have at the top of the page, to also appear at the bottom of the page. It would save people having to scroll all the way back up to navigate away.


    CedarBranchTardis @cedarbranchtardis

    Dentarthurdent, thanks for the reply. I may try that. From one of your posts, I’m guessing you are a Kiwi? Beautiful islands, I wss in NZ a couple of times over 50 years ago going to and from Antarctica.

    Dentarthurdent @dentarthurdent

    @cedarbranchtardis Hi, yes. I’m originally English, but lived in NZ most of my life. Our scenery is pretty good, and not overcrowded except around Auckland where I live. And the climate is okay, it rarely freezes. But there’s great scenery to be found in – most places of the world, I’m soon due to fly over for a month in France, Italy and England and there’s some pretty good scenery there too.

    Back to Who – I expect I could get right up-to-date with the latest Who episodes now, maybe I should check out the cost of streaming services. But I’m a bit old-fashioned, I tend to prefer to have my own copy on a DVD or hard drive so I can watch it when I want. I’ve got used to playing catch-up 🙂

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