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    @craig  I borrowed this from the library awhile back and it was really good. The cast was very good and I also recommend watching it for something new. In fact I think I will borrow it again as it is worth a re-watch. And if you like trains well……..!

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    Yesterday after our QCS test (Qld Core Skills ) test, a man was on the stage in the hall. He spoke about how important it is before these tests (they’re about 9 hours worth in October) to get a good sleep and not worry too much. I knew I’d pretty much failed the practise test because most of it is geography, maths and science. 🙁

    He’d…[Read more]

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    Well that’s very difficult, but as your neighbour says, you really can’t save everyone. Nor can you always be in the right place to save them. And sometimes it takes a few gentle words, kind words, particularly if you happen to know the person relatively well. Or a bit.

    I remember, nearly two years back at 5 am my mum being told, “Oh, get…[Read more]

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    @JanetteB @Blenkinsopthebrave @Craig @pedant @missy @winston

    Paging anyone anywhere..

    mate of mine is taking a last minute contract at university for 1st years where the topic is, basically, modern Australia. She’s wondering if anyone can add ideas as to what concepts or items are icons for Australia (forgive my bad gramma but it’s “Australia…[Read more]

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    @pedant  @craig

    Absolutely phenomenal, wasn’t she?

    Two nights ago we were watching a Doris Day movie (hadn’t done this in AGES) and when we awoke the next morning, found out she’d died.

    A genuine talent to be missed.

  • @craig

    Any excuse (this actually trended on Twitter longer than que sera)…

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    Absolutely. You did a wonderful thing. A necessary thing. I think @whisht‘s idea of speaking with the Samaritans yourself -if you feel you may need to – is top advice.

    Also, what @pedant said -it’s rarely capricious.

    It must have been difficult to do & you could’ve looked the other way. You turned towards them, Craig.

    Puro and Thane.

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    @craig   Your post really hits home as I lost a friend of 40 years to suicide a few months ago and it is devastating to those left behind. So many questions and so many ifs. While we thought he was fine, his world was crashing down on him.We would have listened and helped but he never talked to us, in fact he seemed to be a fairly happy person b…[Read more]

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    I just talk to them.

    And that, and above all listening, is the first and most important thing and what the Samaritans are trained to do – not to counsel or comment or advise, just to listen. Because in many cases it seems to be the lack of someone to talk to who will actually stop and listen to them which drives people to that desperate…[Read more]

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    @craig – you’ve helped individuals and their friends and families a huge amount.

    There was a time that a friend and I were due to have one of our ‘meet up for a few pints’ every 3 or 4 months. We’d done it for years.
    This time it drifted and I didn’t drop him a note.
    And yes, then it was too late. I don’t ‘blame’ myself but… but. Its easy to…[Read more]

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    @Craig. That is about the most worthwhile thing it is possible to do. Well done. I imagine that it is also emotionally taxing for you too so take care of yourself.

    Talking is so important. I have always stressed the importance of talking about issues to my boys, whether to us, (parents), friends or just sympathetic strangers. Talking enables us…[Read more]

  • What @Craig said. Absolutely, every time.

    Superb work fella.

    And on the hour’s travel: you only have to read a couple of well known suicide notes to see that the sufferer sees it as supremely rational. They are often very organised and meticulous in how they go about it.

    Suicide is almost never capricious.

  • @Craig  @janetteB

    I believe he was viewed as a safe pair of hands

    And therein, I think, lies a problem. Because if a safe pair of hands is all the producers of the show have to fall back on Doctor Who will inevitably, whether in the short, medium or longer term, stagnate and lose the magical element which has, with a intermittent hiccups, kept it…[Read more]

  • @craig I agree with those comments. He certainly did not stand out as a script writer and I suspect some of the more memorable moments in those scripts were added by Moffat, the light humour for instance.

    I also have not watched Broadchurch, crime fiction isn’t “my thing”, and only saw a few episodes of Torchwood. I liked the set up of the later…[Read more]

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    Hi all – I’ve been tardy and not logged in to thank @craig for the new Music thread (yes the other one was creaking a bit!)

    So….. flowers !!

    So here are three ‘flower’ songs:
    Some classic shoe-gazing from Galaxie 500 –

    Then some live (fiddly) stuff from…[Read more]

  • @craig We just started watching Killing Eve last night, and you’re right. It’s superb!

    Not so great has been Star Trek Discovery, which has had a very uneven second season. It’s like the show can’t make up its mind what it is: pure comic book, trying to pay homage to the series’ canon or soap opera. Every time I got my hopes up that finally the…[Read more]

  • This is a much better paced, more ‘fun’ episode than last week. Probably because they now have a lot of plot to get through – get Leela and Rodan outside, bring Borusa in on the plot, develop a resistance movement through Andred.
    And room for some terrible puns. ‘A matter of time,’ indeed.

    The weakness of the Time Lords; they’re utilitarian…[Read more]

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    @craig  So I got the time to watch this and I really enjoyed it again. I think it has aged well and it was fun to see the 11th Doctor and Amy and Rory. Once again the Tardis has taken them where they need to be and not where they want to be so Amy has to wear her Rio clothes through the adventure.

    Something has gone wrong at the mine and while…[Read more]

  • Inside this episode is a perfectly good plot, screaming to get out.

    Unfortunately, that perfectly good plot would only take up about twelve minutes of screen time. Given that the two writers – Anthony Read and Graham Williams – were struggling with both the after effects of a production strike and having to write a replacement script in…[Read more]

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    @craig  I will watch this one tomorrow while Sunday dinner is cooking.

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