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    Have seen it  and really rate it. Still waiting for series two. However, I still feel that Jodie (blimey that name gets around) Comer should have won best actress. she was terrifying.


  • @craig  It is a great show and Sandra Oh is excellent.  Also she is Canadian.

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    @pedant – Please, no name-calling.  I am sorry my views on this episode have upset you to the point you felt you had to resort to it.

    @craig – Would you please PM me and @pedant as to whether anyone has crossed the line, and what people should put up with?  Thank you.

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    @craig Intruder is persistent.



  • @craig @jimthefish

    Intruder in the house. Clue in the handle.

  • OMG! It worked, Too afraid to edit this in. Stand down @craig!

  • Nothing to do with anything, but this twitter thread is the best thing you are likely to see any time soon. Since, for some reason, tweets won’t embed for me, you will have to trust me and click the link (if you have a moment @craig, could you fix?).

    It was started by The Museum of English Rural Life and ….…[Read more]

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    @ragnarok I mean @idiotsavon of Savon Manor AND  @ScaryB  😀

    Happy new year’s to you both.  x0 x

    I remember, yonks, or timey-whimeys agos, we had a Ragnarok theme during the end of the Smith era?

    I’ve not watched the new ep yet. In fact, I haven’t hooked into the ABC much at all except for the occasional special from The Midwives or Foyles Wa…[Read more]

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    …the many actors who have played him…

    or her.  Fixed that for you. 😀

  • @craig or @jimthefish – this forum needs a Mk2

    Also: coin >>> meter. Annual reminder!

  • @thane16, @winston, @craig, @pedant, @cathannabel, @jimthefish, @janetteb, and @everyone

    Ok, The Christmas TV setting is being arranged, and yes, there is “A Christmas Carol” and “It’s a Wonderful Life”, and, as indicated earlier, “Die Hard”.

    But the truth is that the the main events are the two all-time Christmas favourites in the Blenkinsop…[Read more]

  • @craig

    I think PSAMA0169 might need keeping an eye on.



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    At the moment I’m thinking we’ve been targeted by a neo-fascist group, or grouplet, or individual. Could be a Russkibot, but claiming to be from one of the ethnic groups they hate, then making the nastiest comments imaginable is a classic neo-fascist online tactic. It’s supposed to make you think [insert ethnic or religious group here] are…[Read more]

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    Aw shucks! I’ve been bloomin’ difficult! I have to thank everyone telling me, ooh,  5 times “no DON’T feed them” and I used to know what a troll was ! Or so I thought….

    I have a clue what a sock-puppet is now –I thought it could be a good-person (I know, right?) like Cumquat who shows up once or twice and vanishes. Also @bluesqueakpip[Read more]

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    @Bluesqueakpip @idiotsavon @craig @jimthefish

    Right. I’m a taaad slow. I wasn’t aware that that person had actually been on other threads -most of my thread boxes aren’t ticked. And I get it: if we respond that’s their win, not ours.

    I always thought talking, nicely, would help. Would change …..something. Thing is, a troll’s a troll. L…[Read more]

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    I think I guess the owner of that little gem, which actually makes me think that you might be right and that we’ve been getting visited by some botskis of late. Which is kind of a compliment, I suppose….

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    @Craig I don’t know if it concerns me, personally, it certainly doesn’t surprise me. The episodes by other writers were in my opinion much better. (Though I will say that his episodes for this series are among his best work).

    Rosa – it’s tempting to assume the time traveler elements were Chibnall, most of the setting the other writer, but both…[Read more]

  • @Craig

    Isn’t that the second one to say that, or words to that effect?

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    Thank you @craig (and @jimthefish.) Running and modding this site must take a considerable amount of time and energy, especially recently!

    I absolutely love this forum because it’s open to all while maintaining standards of civility and intellectual rigour, and a genuine sense of community.

    It’s sad but no surprise that occasionally commenters…[Read more]

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    @craig. Sadly the nutters are drowning out real conversation and making reasoned discussion increasingly difficult and many people are afraid that if they are critical they just sound as though they are siding with the nutters. You are doing a wonderful job of keeping this forum sane and safe however. lets hope it quietens down over the festive…[Read more]

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