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    @Missy I think your recollection is correct. (And I just scanned tardis.fandom.com to prompt my memory). When they vented the fuel back to the sun, it somehow released them and the auxiliary engines started up.

    But the whole episode was very – loose. The ship had been mining the sun for fuel – but how could they do that without coming…[Read more]

  • @Rewvian It wasn’t so much that it ‘made’ me lose interest. But about that time I was gradually stopping watching series on TV anyway, since the Internet (and DVDs) had arrived and I could never remember to catch the TV at the right time anyway. Since then I don’t follow anything on TV (except the news), I get the DVD’s. And some things I…[Read more]

  • Amy’s Choice – doesn’t seem to have its own thread, so like Rewvian I’ll plonk this here.

    So the Tardis lands – right in Amy’s flower bed. Nice piloting, Doc. Maybe you should get River to drive you around. And has it really been five years since the last one? (Actually not, this is a dream).

    So, which is the dream and which is…[Read more]

  • @Rewvian You’re getting way ahead of me now and disappearing in the distance! However, what I remember from this episode (that, so far as I know, was never expanded on later) was a future ‘Amy and Rory’ waving from a hill in the distance.
    Other than that, I found the double episode a bit disappointing. Big build-up of apparently…[Read more]

  • @Rewvian (re the Doctor confronting Madame Calvieri) I’m not sure I chose quite the right word (‘powerful’) to express my view of the Doctor at that moment. Certainly in every previous episode he had been dynamic and active. Warning off the Atraxi, confronting the Daleks in their own ship (though much of that was a bluff), battling the…[Read more]

  • Vampires of Venice – like Rewvian, I’ll post my impressions here.

    Interesting that nobody makes any comment on Isabella or her father being black, I wouldn’t have expected Venice back then to be so cosmopolitan or enlightened, but then maybe they were. Or maybe the fish people didn’t care what colour their victims were.

    The Doctor popping out…[Read more]

  • The above were my impressions scribbled down watching the ep. Reading through the comments it seems I was roughly in line with the general consensus. I didn’t hate the ep, it didn’t annoy me like, say, Kill the Moon or… well, actually, KTM is the only Moff ep that I actively disliked, possibly because I was invested in the characters.…[Read more]

  • @Rewvian As to why River was allowed to act alone, I presume she was out “on parole”. If she had skipped then she would become a fugitive, I assume the Galactic Authority (or whoever sentenced her to Stormcage) would then attempt to recapture her. As to why she neededd to act alone, it seems likely that she would not have been invited to the…[Read more]

  • Oh dear, no sooner have we got a good pair of companions than we make them look like idiots – Dan for dressing like a pantomime pirate and Yaz for encouraging him. This is a let-down after Eve of the Daleks.

    And it’s Legend of the Black Spot again I’m afraid. Dr Who really should learn not to do 19th-century pirate stories. The pirate ship looks…[Read more]

  • @Rewvian To go into a bit more detail – the sequence of events (as I see it) was: At some time past (in River’s timeline, but in the Doctor’s future) she killed a ‘good man’ (I think it was the Doctor). She was imprisoned in Stormcage. She was released on parole (in Bishop’s custody) to investigate Alistair, who owned the ship. She conned…[Read more]

  • @oochillyo @Rewvian The way I see it (unless I’ve missed something) – River was in Stormcage jail (which we never see in this episode, it wasn’t on the crashing ship, we do see it in a subsequent ep) for killing someone – I think the Doctor in his future (her past). She was released from Stormcage on parole (under the custody of the Bishop)…[Read more]

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    @Nerys Well I’d agree with you that it’s Chibs best episode (so far – haven’t seen Sea Devils or Power yet). Your description of the Flux was pretty much my impression too. Too much going on. The best Flux episode IMO was the Angels one, which happened to be the most focussed one with the least complicated storyline.

  • This double episode was full of interesting/dramatic things happening.   I wasn’t going to bother to make any comments but somehow I felt impelled to.   Here’s my impressions anyway.

    Excellent start, with the guard wandering around a park in the sunshine – what a way to introduce River’s hypnotic lipstick.

    And what a way to reintroduce River – l…[Read more]

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    If I may sidetrack (I think this is the forum?) – I picked up a copy of I Robot (Will Smith 2004) at the charity shop and just now watched it. I wasn’t expecting much but it was actually surprisingly good. It had a murder mystery and a plot even I could follow, the CGI / special effects and the worldbuilding were extremely good, and the…[Read more]

  • @Rewvian I watched this a few days ago. My impressions were pretty much the same as yours. Spitfires in Space was a bit goofy, even if they were fitted with stolen Dalek tech (at least I presume that’s where Bracewell got his ideas from). And the bit where Amy saved him was touching. Had the Daleks managed to create a human? I assume…[Read more]

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    Oh yes, and I really liked that the Daleks were the classic bronze models. Quite the most satisfying Dalek version IMO. (Even if they were upgunned with their new rotary shooters, which suited them as well as the original eggwhisk I think.)

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    On reflection, my previous comment was overall a bit too negative. It was actually a really *good* episode! I just wasn’t expecting that from Chibnall, cynical sod that I am.

    On reading though the comments, I see that my impressions (technical nitpicks aside of course) is pretty much in line with the general opinion of the episode. I just…[Read more]

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    First impressions:

    What’s this ‘reconfiguration’ business? Where did that come from? I guess it doesn’t actually conflict with any previous canon. I’d hate to think the Tardis was running anything related to Windows Update though 🙂

    A Dalek with a gatling gun – that’s new too. It seems a bit of an overkill considering how deadly effective their…[Read more]

  • @Rewvian I’m not sure if there was a villain in this one. The source of the moral problem was a tragic misunderstanding that the Star Whale wouldn’t swim unless forced to. So the situation resolved itself to the Trolley Problem (or something equivalent). Liz 10 was put in an impossible position – continue the Star Whale’s captivity or kill…[Read more]

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    And I just watched Victory of the Daleks. Can’t find a separate thread for it so I’ll just post my odd impressions here.

    Um, the flight of Stukas that was shot down by the Dalek – I’m not sure that Ju87 Stukas ever attacked London. They were more suited to pinpoint dive-bombing attacks on shipping and the like, over the Channel and South…[Read more]

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