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    @toinfinityandbepond Thank you so much for the news. I can’t wait for a trailer. It’s going to be incredible to watch. Thanks again.

  • @ddoherty95 Thanks for the address, I can’t wait to write him. I always remember David TENnant as the 10th doctor as well. It’s such a perfect coincidence that would be his name.

  • @ddoherty95 Sorry I haven’t been checking for new emojis lately. I’m guessing that’s the tenth doctor. Good for you for writing David a letter. I have been meaning to write him a letter but I haven’t done it yet. If you can send me the address that would help, thanks. The only fan letter I’ve ever written was a letter to the BBC, stating my love…[Read more]

  • This is not much to say, but today Peter turned 60 years old. I wish him a happy birthday. On the 15th, it will be the birthday of Maisie Williams. She played one of my favorite characters of season 9. Happy birthday Peter Capaldi and happy birthday to Maisie Williams, two great actors who brought so much to their roles.

  • @ddoherty95 Oh okay, thanks for the praise. Can’t wait for the next one, Once Upon A Time was a good one.

  • @ddoherty95 Oh, this is a good one and I hope I got it right. It’s The Pyramid at the End of the World. The emojis show the two minutes till midnight. I think that’s right, that was the first episode that came to mind but it wouldn’t surprise me if it worked for another.

  • @ddoherty95 Oh, The King’s Demons, I see it now but that was a Peter Davison story, you wrote Capaldi. I really struggled to find a match for that one. I was starting to wonder if the purple creature was meant to represent the sneaky characters in the episode, Empress of Mars (I won’t say any spoilers). I know I’m a little late for this too but I…[Read more]

  • @ddoherty95 Alright, I just saw the clue and I think this is a crazy guess but I think it’s the Empress of Mars, the woman in a crown is a empress and the purple creature is an alien. I need to re-watch some of Peter’s episodes, some I’ve only seen once when they first aired. By the way, love the profile picture.

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    @missy I know, he’s so incredible. I’m making it a new goal of mine to see him at comic con some day.

  • @ddoherty95 The new emoji would be The Eleventh Hour.
    @missy I enjoy that scene as well, Especially the Harvey Warbanger joke. However, Donna kissing The Doctor is still shocking to me, but I guess it was suppose to be a shock.

  • @ddoherty95 I think the episode is The Runaway Bride. That’s a good one.

  • @ddoherty95 Well the companion would be rose. I didn’t know the first one was The Doctor Dances until I read @winston post. I need to check the posts more so I can see the emojis when you post them. This is really fun.

  • @ddoherty95 It’s The Unicorn and the Wasp. I love that episode, I love the scene where The Doctor is questioning people but soon gets lost in his memories when he sits in the chair. @winston got to the answer before me though, good job winston. Happy Easter to you as well.

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    @wolfweed What a great video, thanks for uploading it. Peter is so funny, every interview I’ve seen him in makes me laugh. I’m really going to miss him.

  • @ddoherty95 Alright, I just noticed that the emojis can also stand for “Time Travel” depending on how you view the car. I should have known that.

  • @winston I don’t understand emojis as well. Everyone my age group uses emojis but I don’t understand them nor do I like them but I do think you’re right, it has to be Doctor Who.

    @ddoherty95 Hi and welcome to the blog. I hope you enjoy getting caught up on Doctor Who. You’re going to love all The Doctors. I highly recommend Peter Capaldi, I…[Read more]

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    @janetteb Every time I mention Doctor Who in front of my dad he calls the Tardis the Turdis just to make me angry. It’s funny to hear others make the same joke.

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