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    So back in the day Google Street View went and maps the WHOLE of the old BBC Television centre, before it closed down.

    Go to the 5th floor and there is a lovely little Who related easter egg (look for the film crew only sign and peek into the offices)….



    thane16 @thane16


    Do I get credit for finding the Little Shop?

    I got lost. I was in the ceiling for awhile and, later, I became a floor puddle.

    Every time I clicked near the two or three people standing near  the Lift area (to the left of where everyone else is grouped watching telly/etc) they disappeared. Completely vanished!

    Happily it did my head in 🙂





    If you go to the 5th floor, you will see signs saying “film crew only”. Work from there…

    thane16 @thane16


    hi Puro here -brute force prevented an earlier response.

    I will go to the fth  ta.

    While at it, I’m at 20 odd mins into ep 1 of 13R and notice Jessica’s comment “I’m already in Hell…”whilst sucking a red lolly pop. Buffy memories. Actually, too close for coincidence.  But prob confirmation bias.

    I’ll head to the msg page: if I can get there

    janetteB @janetteb

    Hi Puro, (@thane16) It is good to hear from you. I hope all is going well with you and with Thane. I’m guessing he is doing yr 11 now. Hope he is enjoying it. Not sure my recalcitrant is.

    It has been so quiet around here of late. We are all going into Dr Who withdrawal I think. Here we have been trying to get by watching though old AG Who. Tonight we finish series 5. It surprised us both how long it is since Matt since leapt out of the Tardis, all wide eyed and floppy haired.

    I also realise just how much I am going to miss Moffat’s richly layered writing. Interestingly I suspect my S/O might prefer the more factual style of Chibnell. And all of winter stretches interminably between us and the next series. Even a S.A. winter is too long in such circumstances.



    Aaaagghhhh totally failed to tag your properly above @thane16

    winston @winston

    @janetteb  I am also suffering through this dry time. My withdrawal symptoms include making up my own compilations like all the dalek episodes or all of River Song’s episodes etc. I also made a Tardis shaped shelf , painted it Tardis blue and placed my Who “stuff” on it. Next project is a Tardis for my garden with a solar lantern for the roof and one inside so it glows at night. That is the plan anyway.

    Is a Tardis in my garden tacky?  No way!

    @thane16  Hi there Puro!

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