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    @gamergirlavatar A multi doctor story with Peter and Jodie. Now I want that to happen so much.

    @tempusfugit I also loved his lack of social niceties. He is honest and naive. He was the most alien of all the new Doctors but the most “humanist”. It is because he is outside our culture, our world, that he can see humans for what we are. (thought I…[Read more]

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    To be fair I haven’t watched the trailer, just the bit at the end of the final episode – that was enough. Like the last Doctor, I’m against karaoke, mime, selfies and female doctors.

    It’s good that you are happy though.


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    Class idea, as we say in Ireland. I sent my letter to David in April but no response yet! I am ever hopeful! I sent a sketch of the tardis with my letter.

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    Have you heard from DT yet? Or have I missed it?

    Love your avatar. *Winks*


  • Welcome, @hiker & @oswald !  (:

    @gamergirlavatar @thane16 @janetteb @missy @ichabod So nice to read all your posts, I also “disappeared for a while” and yes, the limelight moves at the traditional 670616629.3844 per hour for sure, for good and for ill.

    I was feeling pretty lackluster after watching the new trailer, which prompted a sad rewa…[Read more]

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    Wait, all you live in America?


    Oh an keep away from those flames! If they get too close grab a few marshmallows!


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    @gamergirlavatar Two of Troughton’s sons are actors. David had one of his first acting jobs in Dr Who when his father was Doctor, The Enemy of the World) and went on to have a more prominent role in Curse of Peladon as Peladon. He was also in Midnight. (David Tennant) He is a fine actor. His son, Sam Troughton, is also an actor but has yet to make…[Read more]

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    @gamergirlavatar Yes Five-ish Doctors was such a good will project, even getting the actors’ children and Peter Jackson involved. Loved RTD at the end. (I noticed that Peter Davison’s son is now acting in Poldark. I wonder if one day we will see him in Dr Who. Both of Troughton’s sons have had roles over the years,)



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    I’m so sorry! I spelt it wrong!



    don’t tell my English teacher!




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    No, no. I meant that as a compliment. You haven’t met my English teacher. Every now and again she jumps on a table and shouts.

    English is interesting.

    Incedently,  I moved on to Capaldi last night. I was sad to see Matt go. The first episode was strange, and I LOVED the end of Matt’s era.

    And of course the three doctors ep w…[Read more]

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    you sound like my English teacher.

    I fully agree with the whole post. However, one thing makes me fearful, “…the short time when Clara was his companion”



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    oh, you live in the states? Tell old trumpet-face I said hi.


    I haven’t had a reply YET but it’s probably gonna come soon. Good luck writing to David and I agree with @missy.


    currently just finished “Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS” fanbabidosy! Matt Smith is definitely one of the best doctors ever, but JUST beaten b…[Read more]

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    Of course it takes a lot of thought, you want to sound intelligent, and when writing to a sort of idol words can fail you.

    Good luck and let us know if/when he answers you.


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    Have you written yet?


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    I wish that I could see him at one. *sigh*


  • We just (re)watched Deep Breath two nights ago. We have been working through all of AG Who, with a few exceptions. I have enjoyed every Doctor and wish they had all done at least one more season but I don’t think any burst onto the screen with quite the same “Doctorishness” that Capaldi does and that is no mean feat. Capaldi “owns” the role from…[Read more]

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    Yes, it will be delightful to go back through Capaldi’s seasons, especially season 9, ‘Listen’ and ‘The Pilot’ I’m personally eager to revisit.

    Going back through Classic Who also sounds like fun.  I find the classic episodes hard to find, and Google Play (which I use) does not have the best selection.  One of my favorite er…[Read more]

  • Just spent a lazy afternoon reading this thread from start to finish.  Really enjoyed some of my favorite Forum writers’ contributions.  I’ve been missing the Doctor, especially Capaldi’s Doctor.  Thank you @wolfweed @jimthefish @drben @ichabod @missrori @mudlark @winston @missy @nerys @bluesqeakpip and I really appreciated the new voice of @gamerg…[Read more]

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    @gamergirlavatar We had several of those books. There is a model K.9 on a bookshelf but the Dalek one proved too difficult for the boys and thus sadly was never completed. I relate to the need to have Who related things about the house to make it feel like home. When we went to Sweden for a year we took a few items which for us defined “home” and…[Read more]

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