• @nerys   Yes, I forgot to mention that I also liked the connection Ryan made with Miss Skeritt, their mutual experience of how meeting someone extraordinary can change your outlook forever.

    I don’t disagree with most of the criticisms that people have made. But while I watched the episode, they were nowhere in my view. They didn’t take me out of…[Read more]

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    I did mean to post a response to your question earlier, but things happen.

    In the BG episodes the mindwipe never happened. Well, once, but in a different way. And is wasn’t the Doctor who performed it.

    When we finally meet the Timelords at the end of Patrick Troughtons’s run (The War Games), they mindwipe Jamie and Zoe (the companions)…[Read more]

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    No worries, Nerys, this wasn’t about you, or about anyone disliking or feeling something. It was a thought, mainly to do with something else I should’ve been clearer about.  I do have a history, I must admit, of  worrying about the ‘internet.’ My main concern was with how clear Yaz was regarding her emotional state. And how people don’t o…[Read more]

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    @Craig Thanks – and yes it was my fault – I was trying to copy and paste too much Wikipedia about DNA separating techniques!

    @claire54 My overall take is, now that we have a female doctor, the writers don’t know what to do with her.

    Yes, unfortunately I do not think Chibnall has been equal to the task.

    Elements which I’ve found jarring in the w…[Read more]

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    Television viewing habits confession:

    We have never subscribed to cable. This means we watch very little TV. Technically, we watch no TV, only shows or movies that we have on DVD (and we are lucky enough to have one of the few remaining DVD rental shops left in Canada; one that specializes in quality stuff).  Occasionally, I hear of a…[Read more]

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    One of the ongoing problems we have in Canada is the disruption of the episode’s flow, due to commercials. That has always interfered with my enjoyment of Doctor Who, and I believe that’s probably the case with these two episodes. When I can watch them all the way through, sans interruptions, my appreciation for the work as a whole may grow…

    [Read more]

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    maybe I’ve been sleeping through some episodes,

    I think probably so. 😉


    It is perhaps significant that the Master’s words evoked a flash of visual memory for the Doctor, suggesting some kind of embedded, perhaps racial memory…

    Agreed. I think as @blenkinsopthebrave suggested that there’s a deep seated memory, hidden from suc…[Read more]

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    @juniperfish  @nerys

    You know, all this talk about The Timeless Child, and children, makes we wonder whether the Master and the Doctor had a child together, somewhere deep in their history.

    And, might that be the big lie? Was something done to that child to steal him/her away?

    I still very much doubt whether this has anything to do with any…[Read more]

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    @mudlark @bluesqueakpip

    Yes, excellent observations & critique. The Master’s “distress is almost palpable.” He isn’t a one stop- shop villain.  The wild & mad is evident the more you look, & Dahwan’s pacing is beautiful: “You got me.”  The camera waits, for a beat. And then another. The up close photography doesn’t seem showy. Neither is the p…[Read more]

  • Thank you @nerys for the tip about Cash on Demand.

    I found it on YouTube, Mrs Blenkinsop figured out how to stream it and we just watched it. It was brilliant! And yes, it really was “Hammer does A Christmas Carol” (in a very loose and very clever way). Peter Cushing and Andre Morell were excellent, as versions of Scrooge and an inspired ve…[Read more]

  • I love just about any version of A Christmas Carol. I used to read the original aloud to the rest of the Arbutuses every Christmas. This year, we watched The Bishop’s Wife with Cary Grant and David Niven, one of our family faves. But our absolute must-not-miss is actually audio. The much-lamented Canadian icon Stuart McLean’s Vinyl Cafe Christmas…[Read more]

  • @nerys

    Thanks for the reference to Cash on Demand. I looked it up, found the trailer, and it looks great! I had never heard of it. As for access, Turner Classic movies are a little hard to come by where I live,  but there must be way to find it.


    The black and white Alastair Sim version is wonderful. After reading your post, I went d…[Read more]

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    Well, fucking hell people from @missy to @Bluesqueakpip to @pedant and @gamergirlavatar @nerys @toinfinityandbepond @whisht (well, HELLOO you!) you’ve all expressed feelings on sexism, political correctness and  cooking. I missed the whole darn conversation! Exciting stuff. And a bit sad, to be honest. That there exist people who think that “PC…[Read more]

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    @janetteb @nerys @whisht Funny story about the councillor, janetteb. I don’t understand the need for the terms “miss”, “mrs” or “ms”. I’ve been called all these things along with “sir”, “mr” and once “master. (I wear clothes designed for both genders. As long as it’s pratical I’ll wear it. People also call me by nicknames that sound like male…[Read more]

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    @nerys agreed. I hated being called, “Miss” just as much as I detest being called “Mrs”. Both make me cringe. The distinctions in title are also inconvenient. I was once working in a pollie’s office addressing mail and did not know what to put on letters going out to women, Miss, Mrs or Ms because I know some older women get offended by the later.…[Read more]

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    Did I thank you too?  if not Thank you.

    I’m all over the place at the moment.


  • Missy replied to the topic Doctor Who memories


    Because they are actresses. Why not call actors actresses?

    Mind you, I could never understand some females getting uptight about being called Miss if single. Ms is just plain daft, and mean the same thing as Miss.

    Peter is still  favourite Doctor. “grins”


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    @nerys I agree, never understood the term “actresses”. For me when people use the word “man” in terms such as “fireman”, I always figured it was referring to mankind, as if to view us as a species instead of gender form. I really never understood why we put labels on eachother and than judge eachother for them.

    Hi everyone, I see we’re still…[Read more]

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    Hi there @bluesqueakpip. @mudlark @serahni  and all you great men and women!  @whisht @blenkinsopthebrave @arbutus  @nerys. This idea sounds like it’s about theology only, but I think it’s about changing perceptions -or not changing them?

    Due to the ‘serious’ nature of the post below I thought I’d should share this from a Reuters article which co…[Read more]

  • @JanetteB @Mudlark  @nerys

    that sounds good -I don’t know if we have it on Netflix or the ABCiview -Janette you might know too? Are you streaming it on the “ever so fast NBN?”  I mean Davie’s series.

    We love Killing Eve -it dipped in the first 2 new episodes but has exploded upward since. Have you see Harrow, Janette? If you haven’t been b…[Read more]

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