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    <p style=”text-align: left;”>@pedant.         Missy didn’t use the term as a pejorative at all. I took her use as short hand for an attempt by the shows producers  to correct a situation which some perceive as overdue. Why you can’t see that is not my problem. Why so angry about it? Relax. Have a beer and smile some. Nobody is attacking you or attempting to offend you, yet it sounds as though you believe we did.  No need for all this.</p>

    Roger429 @replies

    @winston         Hello.  My response is Brava and kudos.  Great view.  Roger429 out for now. Bye

    Roger429 @replies

    @pedant.         The term is sometimes used in an attempt to correct for a perceived injustice, historical or current. Your substitution doesn’t fit in the context Missy and I were using the term. So, I must disagree to the change as an accurate portrayal. Sorry for your confusion. Keep trying if your so inclined, but what’s the point?   Later

    Roger429 @replies

    @pedant      Did you or did you not ask what the phrase means?  My response was only to give you a possible answer from those who think differently.  I was not attempting to educate you in any way. I mostly agree with your premises as stated.  And I do remember a few exceptional female leads in dramas on TV in the ’60s, but I also believe your correct in your assertions that it would have been exceptional.  I have no opinion on the characterizations of the first producer or director, and will respect your feelings in this matter.  Yes it is not 1963 anymore.  But that you feel the date is 50+ years later and that is the only justification needed is entirely your own reasoning.  Missy and others feel differently, and  I have heard no evidence that suggests who is the more accurate in their feelings.

    As I’ve heard it said before, let’s agree that we have different takes on the matter, and that is ok.  As I’ve said before, I have nothing against a female Doctor, I like this Doctor, and I’m waiting to see how she does in the next season.  I certainly don’t believe a female Doctor Who is wrong or misguided.   So time will tell for the female Time Lord. Bye for now.

    Roger429 @replies

    @pedant        “Political correctness” means avoidance, often considered as taken to extremes, of forms of expression or action that are perceived to exclude, marginalize, or insult groups of people who are socially disadvantaged or discriminated against.  My guess is that in the context of Doctor Who it could suggest some believed that Doctor Who was a boys’/mens’ only position–despite the existence of women of Gallifrey in some story lines; again suggesting the female of the species was not somehow qualified to be a Doctor Who.  So, some believe having a female Doctor is an attempt to correct that perceived exclusion.  It is arguable that the show producers were swayed by that sentiment, and arguable that the change was for some other reason.  I haven’t subscribed wholly to either; I think it’s possible that both are correct to some degree.  Who really knows?  But I do believe the sentiment is not unfathomable.

    To all have a good day.  Bye for now.

    Roger429 @replies

    @missy   Hello – Nice to hear from you.  I watched the first story with Peter Capaldi and from the first scene I remembered I’d seen this before.  I also remembered I too like Capaldi as the Doctor.  Tom Baker is still my favorite though.  I’m continuing to enjoy the rest of the complete Capaldi season 8 during the week.  I’m going to start on Unearthly Child this coming week, or that’s the plan at least.

    I believe you could be on the money with the political correctness playing a part with the selection of a women as the Doctor.  And, the regeneration wasn’t even close to my favorite. Yet, I’m still inclined to wait and see how she does with season two.  I had more disappointment with the story lines than with Jodie though.  I admit I hadn’t seen Jodie in anything before so I had no preconceived notions either way.

    I hope the next season changes my mind on the writing.  I’m not saying that any of the writing or stories were bad though.  Besides, what do I know except what I like; aliens, off-world, space-stations, tardis heavy stories, irreverent dialogue and near Doctor death themes are just some of what moves me.  I recognize the show originates in the UK and that is probably why so many of the stories–past, present and future–take place there.  Indeed, filmed in UK is OK with me.

    Enough said, time for me to Tardis away–until later. Bye.


    Roger429 @replies

    @missy   Hello, nice to hear from you.  I just received Peter Capaldi’s complete 8th season and getting ready to watch from the beginning in a few minutes.  I’ve heard he’s a favorite of some;  I’m partial to Tom Baker, 4th Doctor, myself.  That’s probable because he was the first Doctor I experienced.  But I also like Tennant, Colin Baker, and Davidson to name a few.  I’m still discovering other Doctors, and I haven’t hated any of them. I’ve seen some of the movies with numerous Doctors in each and liked them very much.

    I hadn’t heard of An Adventure in Space and Time until a week or so ago.  I immediately acquired a copy–HD eVideo–and watched it that night.  I too love it greatly.

    I’m ambivalent regarding either a woman or man as Doctor.  But I can understand your wish–many feel the same.  I’m for giving her a little more time to make her mark–or not.  TIME will tell for this Time Lord.  Well, I wish you joy and bliss in all your endeavors.  I’m going to jump in my own Tardis and space out–for now. Bye.

    Roger429 @replies

    @arbutus    I have so many gaps of my own in both BG and AG that my only grace in this respect is that there is a lot of DW I can watch that is new to me, until a new DW story/episode is finally available.  I did watch An Adventure in Space and Time and loved it, but have a question.  I’m still not sure who came up with the regeneration theme; was it Newman , Verity’s successor or someone else?  I thought it was Newman until I read a piece that seems to suggest it was Verity’s successor.  Do you know?  I would really like to know.

    I ended up purchasing An Adventure in Space and Time from Amazon prime because the YouTube free version is so bad it wasn’t worth watching–even for free.  So, for only $2.99 I own a copy that is in HD and streamed perfectly.  The price is better than the cost of a dvd, and I don’t have to find more space to store the dvd–my collection is over 1,000 dvds and vhs’ already–mostly scifi, cult classic, and comedy.  I bought most while I was still working and had disposable income for such things.  Retirement has changed all that.

    Have you run across the internet rumor that Jodie is leaving DW after the 2020 season?  I hope not, but what do I know about such things.  Well enough–time to Tardis away for now.  Later.

    Roger429 @replies


    Hi again.  I just finished watching An Adventure in Space and Time and loved every moment.  Thanks for the suggestion.  My next endeavor is to watch An Unearthly Child, but I won’t receive the dvd for another week–something to look forward to since, as @mudlark said (or was that you?), we’re in a holding pattern waiting until the next DW episode–apparently not until sometime in 2020.

    What do you  make of all the internet rumors that Jodie is going to leave after the 2020 season.  I hope it’s not true and think it would be a shame. But what do I know.  Hope you are having joy in your life.  Out for now.

    Roger429 @replies

    @janetteb @mudlark

    Oh how right you both are–I stand corrected and greatly educated.  Also, thank you for the warm welcome.  I have to say that I agree with everything you wrote.  I’ll even admit I never heard of nor have I seen An Unearthly Child, was that a movie with Peter Cushing?  I haven’t seen any Hartnell yet, but I just acquired the complete Season 8 with Capaldi.  Syzygy the elder says he was one of her favorites, so I’m entrigued to check it out.  I missed a lot of the AG Doctor Who cuz I was still working for a living and spent most of my spare time sleeping.  I was content to watch my collection of the 4th Doctor for quite awhile.  Now that I’m retired I’ve begun experiencing more and different Doctors and episodes. This includes the BG Doctors I missed–or, in some cases, avoided.  I’m glad to be a member of this forum and hope to enjoy the shared interest with all.  I guess I’ll tardis away for now. Later.

    Roger429 @replies

    @janetteb @arbutus

    Hello from Oregon (pronounced Or-gone)–if you care about such things.  I have notice the gap references and appreciate the heads-up on the AG and BG designations.  My undergraduate degree was in History, and I adore History stories.  But when it comes to scifi I prefer my history to be funny and irreverant if possible.  I refer you to the Red Dwarf episode when the writers had JF Kennedy be the shooter on the grassy knoll, thus killing himself; and the Futurama where Fry ends up being his own father after essentially killing the man he thought was his father (I believe that was originally a Heinlin plot–or maybe Asimov or Clarke?).  Good  plot twists in scifi settings are wonderful at times.  But frankly except for Shada I haven’t seen a Doctor Who that I  hated.  Even the original Peter Cushing movie with his granddaughter–which I believed started it all–was good enough to enjoy.  I agree that some DWs are better than others to each of us, as with the companions and storylines, but I am just enamored with DW in all its glorious variety.  I guess that’s me gushing a bit.

    Well, thanks for the welcome and see you there and later.

    Roger429 @replies


    Greeting to you both.  Emily Post wrote arguably the most famous guide on Etiquette in the world–circa 1922.  I appreciate the lesson on use of the hashtag.  You see I’m not on social media, never have been, and can’t see ever being on social networks or platforms.  That’s just me though.  I’m still in need of more instruction; when I’m posting to just anybody that wants to read my take on something Doctor Who what hashtag, if any, would I use?

    I stand corrected regarding the memories thread–which is not a different forum as you say. Thanks for the correction.  I got confused because the Forum bar has forums instead of threads as the label.  My bad.

    Turns out I have Doctor Who vhs’ and dvds with Tom Baker, Colin Baker, Tennant, Davison,  and Peter Cushing.  I am sorry to say I don’t have any Capaldi.  I quess I’ll have to correct that short-coming.   As to the music, I seem to like all of the Doctor Who themes I’ve heard.

    My wife died 24 years ago, but I will always miss her.  I still have one or three living step-daughters, but she lives in California and I’m in Oregon–about 600 miles away.  Don’t see her near enough.

    Thanks for your kind acceptance of my mistakes. I’ll try to do better.  Have a nice whatever time it is there.

    Roger429 @replies


    When I said I would like to see more special effects I didn’t necessarily mean CGI only; I believe spectacular stunts are considered special effects to the story line as well.  However, what I’m getting to is something to move along the story a little faster so it at least feels like we’re getting somewhere.  Special effects have a way of moving the storyline to another level or dimension if you will.  I would admit that not all stories are amenable to special effects.  Creative sets like the new inside look of the Tardis is a wonderful special effect that enhances the viewing experience.  At least I think so.  And outerspace, planetary, blackhole, alien spacecraft can all add to the ambience, even if only as background shots.  I’ve watched lots of Doctor Who stories that were helped by alien locations and background scenes.  But dialogue is also key.  I prefer glib and funny comments interspersed in the necessary dialogue, as opposed to lectures or moral platitudes–but that’s just my preference.  I’m aware others may like that sort of dialogue and I respect that as well.  Each to her own preferences.

    Now, if I crossed a line or made others unhappy with my responses I apologize hear and now.  I will endeavor to do better in the future.  Biologists say there are two life strategies–fight or flight.  I believe there is a third strategy.  Stand your ground (display a backbone) without resorting to shaking of fists or running away with tail between the legs.  This third strategy is how someone would respond to say a bully.  It is not meant to begin a confrontation.  I didn’t think I went to far, but apparently others believe I have.  So, please forgive my stiffnecked response, and thanks for the heads up.

    I’ll head over to the memories forum later to explain how it wasn’t illegal to put up the antenna until years later–when the law was enacted against such conduct.  Besides, the signal was going through my property at the time without my permission or recompense.  Why shouldn’t I use it?  Maybe I’m just rationalizing my conduct though. Well, thanks again for setting me straight and informing me of the other forum.  Have a spectacular day.

    Roger429 @replies

    Someone forget to take the Prozac? Good stone throwing though. Anyway,  I guess a low budget doesn’t produce a lack of special effects, which I believe was your rant previously. That would seem to point to the writer’s discretion, since Red Dwarf had plenty of special effects–my point. Dialogue can be fun to, like in Black Adder. I’ll consider your Emily Post after I reread my manual of etiquette. For now though I’ll consider the source.

    Roger429 @replies

    It’s nice to hear from you again.  May I ask what Syzygy stands for?  My handle is my first name–Roger, the answer to the universe–42, from Douglas Adams’ Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, and my late wife’s favorite nymber–9.  I remember my first experience with Doctor Who was having to “pirate” the local signal being sent from one radio tower to another by placing an antennae in the path of the signal and attaching the other end to my TV set.  In those days there was no cable tv, no internet, no dvds, but there was the beginning of satellite tv reception and the original VHS machines which played tape.  The radio towers received from the satellites and sent the signal to the local tv stations.  In those days we only got a 30 minute episode, but Monday thru Friday; and there would be four to six episodes to each story.  I’d race home to catch each episode and would be quite dejected if I missed an episode or even was late and missed the beginning of one.  I’m happy BBC America came to cable so I can dvr as many episodes as possible for a binge session.  I also have seen all episodes of Torchwood with Captain Jack.  But my next favorite British series after the Doctor is Red Dwarf. Have you seen Red Dwarf?  Can’t wait for your response and next bubbly essay.  Stay safe.

    Roger429 @replies

    I concur with every syllable of your diatribe. Maybe I’m just finicky about slow progression in a story line, and more interested in special effects action. I admit I find much of the Doctors before Tom Baker to be boring, along with their episodes. Overall I love the majority of the Doctors from Baker to Jodie. I completely agree with you that after the gap has great episodes, if not some of the best. I really like Tennant’s series for variety and special effects. So, I’m just a typical male addicted to action over dialogue. Can you forgive me? Thanks for your comments and insights. Have a spectacular evening.

    Roger429 @replies

    I think Rosa was good for what it was–a History Channel special Doctor Who.  My point was it would be nice to see the writers put in more special effects and new and creative ideas–not history lessons.  After all, Doctor Who is a fictional character and series, and not based on historical events.  At least that was my take on the last decades of  time lord adventures.  I’m aware, as you suggest, that budgetary concerns drive much of what can be produced, but Doctor Who traditions should also count for something.  Anyway, I appreciate everybodies feedback and stand humbled where I’ve offended anybodies sensibilities, sorry.  I prefer to play nice.

    Roger429 @replies

    So, let’s go back to more season 7 like content.  I realize we no longer have Douglas Adams to insert his wonderful imagination into the plots, but more planetary travel and way-out story lines could even boost the ratings.  I just think the writers are somehow being lazy by doing so much on Earth–after all this is not the Time Tunnel where the only movement is in time, there’s supposed to be space movement as well.  However, your points are well taken and I appreciate your input.  Thanks.

    Roger429 @replies

    I’m a new member so I would like to make some observations.  I’ve been watching Doctor Who since the 70s and I like the new female Doctor.  She’s great at portraying a time lord.  However, Doctor Who is about travel in space and time; but almost the entire new series was spent on Earth–did the writers forget the Doctor travels the universe?  Some of the previous Doctors endured cost limits that resulted in bad sets, but the story lines were always great, and mostly in outer space, on other planets, and with more action and less talk.  I hope the upcoming series of episodes will have more “space and time” themes, and less humdrum Earth history.  I know special effects cost more, but they make the story lines more awesome and fun to watch.  Could someone with connections to the writers please get them back on track?  I reiterate, the new female Doctor–Jodie Whittaker–is great, and I will certainly be watching the new episodes.  This is not a bash the Doctor or series comment–more of wish for more special effects.

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