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    @severusoswald: Yes it was. John Simm. More skulduggery from Mr. M.


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    @severusoswald  Great!  Always happy to see someone back here again!

    @mersey  Makes sense to me.  Except for perfection . . . an episode that seems perfect to me now I might see very differently a year from now, with or without arguments one way or another.  It doesn’t change; I do, and as a growth-oriented person, that’s a good sign to me.  In…[Read more]

  • @severusoswald I know she got on my nerves a bit sometimes too like her sas was a little too much sometimes. I didn’t know she had a show. I probably never heard of it due to me being in the US. Was it bad?

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    @severusoswald Well, yeah, I see where he needed to do that!  It’s just that he doesn’t have anything to move on to at the end, and no reason to keep being the Doctor.  The whole sad experience just goes to show why he shouldn’t be the Doctorbecause it will always leave him lonely, unappreciated, and unrewarded in the end.

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    @severusoswald; Very, very sad episode Face the Raven. Peter Capaldi plays it to perfection a does Jenna.

    Makes my eyes water every time. *grins*


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    River versus Missy?  I know who I’d put my money on.


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    @severusoswald; My favouite companions are/were;

    Rose, Clara and Donna, in that order, Amy and Rory had their moments, but Martha? She was all right I suppose, I didn’t not like her. Of course River.


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    Wondeful show isn’t it. I saw the first episode – yes, I’m ancient but young at heart

    You are in very good company here.


  • @severusoswald I used to believe she was my least favorite companion but then I went back and watched a bunch of episodes with her and it totally changed my perspective. I think it was because I missed Rose because I used to think no one could be better than her, what did you think of Donna?

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    The title relates to The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, a story in a ballad by Goethe. The sorcerer goes out, telling his apprentice to draw water from the well, but the apprentice thinks to spare himself the labour by casting a spell on a broom, making it carry the bucket and do the work.  Unfortunately he doesn’t know how to stop the bro…[Read more]

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    @severusoswald – haven’t had the chance to say welcome yet, but…. erm… welcome to the forum!
    (not that a welcome from me is particularly ‘special’ or anything, but just great to hear someone join)

    Not sure about @pedant ‘s answer but I can at least give you some insight into the ‘joke’ about “hey missy you so…[Read more]

  • @severusoswald

    It’s a reference to a popular culinary ingredient.

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    my teacher always encourages me to use words like ‘somewhat’, ‘therefor’, ‘whereas’, ‘moreover’ etc.

    All power to you and your teacher!

    Words are wonderful, and a large vocabulary and the skill to deploy it flexibly and appropriately are valuable assets.  Conveying your meaning simply and clearly does not mean restricting your…[Read more]

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    @severusoswald You are certainly allowed your favourite companions and we don’t all agree. That makes life more interesting. I am sure even Adric has his fans not sure Adam would but then he wasn’t meant to be liked.

    I think Martha was really let down by the writing. In some episodes she shone, but other times the character felt wasted. I think…[Read more]