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    @tommo:   “Will Capaldi regenerate at the beginning so the episode is an intro to the new Doctor or will they delay it EVEN more. I assume the Xmas episode will be Moff’s last one?”

    In all the other regenerations, the Doctor’s only changed right at the end of the episode. It seems unlikely SM would change that – but who nose? According to the ma…[Read more]

  • FiveFaces replied to the topic Thin Ice

    Just wanted to follow up on the reference to Midnight by @tommo @Thane15 @countscarlioni and probably many others.

    Apologies if this has already been mentioned, but in Midnight the Doctor makes a very explicit promise, almost a contract, with the entity that appears to have possessed Mrs. Silvestry.

    He says, ‘Whatever you want, if it’s life, or…[Read more]

  • IAmNotAFishIAmAFreeMan replied to the topic The Pilot


    What is in the vault?

    Something that needs a promise…

    Promise to keep (and miles to go before we sleep….?)

    Poetry and physics.

  • Hello, I’m Fell from New Jersey, USA and I’m a new fan who is new to…well everything! I signed up here with hopes of meeting fellow fans and more fanart artists 🙂  To start things off, I want to share a drawing that I did recently, posted on my Tumblr

    @tommo That’s some really nice graphite work! Can’t wait to see more art you do

    And @marisa…[Read more]

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    @mudlark  This: . . .  all the oblique and coded references in their conversation and their body language left me with a strong feeling, if not certainty, that the Doctor and Clara had reached a mutual, if unspoken understanding. When they parted he knew perfectly well who she was, even though she was no longer ‘in his mind’ and his memori…[Read more]

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    I was just commenting to a friend about how I had watched much of series 9 through the slight tinted vision of knowing Jenna was leaving and therefore there was going to be a sad ending along the way. In a way this is mirroring the Doctors viewpoint – as we hear him say a few times about losing her, and also the look he gives her at the end of The…[Read more]

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    I’m not so sure about the idea of it as a mini Tardis, bigger on the inside and able to contain the Doctor physically. @tardigrade agrees with this idea, but it seems to me to have a major flaw. As @ichabod says, if that is the case, how does the Doctor enter it? When the external dimensions of the Tardis shrank in Flatline, the Doctor c…

    [Read more]

  • Starla replied to the topic Heaven Sent

    Holy moly! That was really awesome. I cottoned on to the skulls being the Doctor’s when he came across his wet clothes drying by the fireplace, and immediately thought he was stuck in a loop. Great concept, and what an ending to leave us with!
    <p style=”text-align: left;”>@phaseshift & @tommo – I think there was ambiguity at the end there, could…[Read more]

  • Delta replied to the topic Heaven Sent

    Perhaps the hybrid is Dalek Cann,who will return to finish what it tried to do in Stolen Earth, and destroy the Daleks and the Time Lords

  • PhaseShift replied to the topic Heaven Sent


    so the time lords spend 2 billion years trying to torture information re. the hybrid out of the doctor, he breaks out and apparently confesses almost immediately

    Interesting that. Did he say ‘The hybrid is me’ or ‘The hybrid is Me’ (meaning Ashildr). I still think the hybrid is Clara though, and that is misdirection

  • Delta replied to the topic Heaven Sent

    There is no proof that the time Lord’s ever did this.

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    A little love for Puro everyone, she is back in the hospital and needs our warm thoughts.  Remember, she was in pain when she wrote that post.  Puro loves the show and this Forum and I’m sure it’s eating at her to be part of any disruption or hurt here.  I think she is just taking a break here because of her illness and stress.  I’m sure she wil…[Read more]

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    @bluesqueakpip  if Sarah Dollard has seriously written a script that says ‘Don’t try to be the Doctor, girls, you’ll only get yourself hurt. Your job is to be the companion,’ then she ought to be ashamed.

    Dollard has nothing to be ashamed of.  The message you see here would be, IMO, better stated this way: “Don’t try to be a powerful, quasi-imm…[Read more]

  • Kharis replied to the topic Sleep No More

    @tommo Oh yes!  I think River is still linked to Clara.

    If you go with the angel theory Rasmussen is like Angel Bob.  If you go with what we’ve seen, it’s just part of the story.

  • Brewski replied to the topic Sleep No More

    @tommo and @purofilion

    There is another (albeit tenuous) connection to Amy’s Choice.  The absurdity of the Doctor’s assertion that the monsters are made of eye gunk is like the absurdity of his assertion that they were near a “cold burning star”.

    I would not be surprised if in the sequel we hear him say “Eye Booger Monsters? ! Give me a break!”


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    @Miapatrick   Yes, for a teacher, and educated person generally, I would have thought she would assume that most people would know the genesis of “Morpheus”. But as @steve-thorp points out, she also didn’t recognize the Shakespeare quote. Hm. Have to say, the Clara as hybrid theory seems increasingly certain. And as others have pointed out, the D…[Read more]

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    @tommo   Yep, exactly.  From memory, what we get is her collapsing in The Doctor’s arms and then, whammo, that’s it.  Next we see of her, she’s riding a motorbike and teaching a storm and able to open the TARDIS with a click of her fingers.  And they’ve never really spoken about it since.  We have no idea what state she was in when she woke up,…[Read more]

  • @Tommo. You really captured John Hurt.  That is great.

    I am writing a Doctor fanfic and I have some questions. Does the doctor ever reference nasa designations for solar systems, planets, galaxies, etcetera or is everything up to the artistic license of the writers? In other words can you match the planets in the Who universe with actual pl…[Read more]

  • @tommo

    I look forward to it.



  • @tommo What an acuraste sketch. It looks so like John Hurt.


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